Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Have you ever thought your life could be a reality show on television? This occurs to me quite often. 99% of the time that I sit down to write a post, I have no idea what I am going to say. I can practically see you guys opening up my blog and scratching your heads, "Where is she going with this?" Well, I usually post around my pictures because my camera is really my window to my world. And I had lovely pictures to share with you this morning from my weekend at the lake. But, as I type, I realize I try not to look around me when I get up in the morning...I pour a cup of coffee, forever grateful that we have some, give it a few generous heaps of Coffeemate French Vanilla creamer and sit down to read blogs or maybe write a post. Today I went to get my camera out of my purse and...no camera. I really dug around a while for it because if you have ever seen my purse, you would know that I could pack a weeks worth of clothes in it and still have room. No camera. It has to be at the lake. No camera, no pictures, no post. What would I do?
I grabbed my cell phone and thought, there has to be something I can take a picture of, make a pretty vignette and join a party maybe. I looked around and realized it was post weekend {we came home yesterday}. I was in the land of semi~adult children. As I mentioned earlier, I head for the coffee pot with blinders on and after I have blogged and had what I feel is my only connection with the adult world, I look around, have a little pity party and start the clean up. Post Weekends are always bad because I'm either not here or I do very little if I am here. Cleaning and fluffing that is. So I told myself this morning, after a mere 6 hours of sleep, that I would post and keep it real. I grabbed the cell for pictures, only to find the battery was dead {and yeah, I have a few important calls to make}. After I scratched my head and swore a bit, I gave it a little charge and started snapping pictures. So... welcome to my reality show.

I took pictures in black and white to soften the blow. Above is the corner of my bedroom and underneath it all is a pretty quilt rack with pretty blankets and quilts we love to curl up with. Except Abby existed solely in my room for the weekend, eating and drinking and watching The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. I'd love to be on that show except I would be the one without make up and an apron on. After arriving home late yesterday and putting my bag in my room, I tripped over a half dozen water bottles and paper plates and attempted to re~fluff the bed, my sanctuary. With the crumbs and dog hair, I needed a broom...on the bed. After making the bunch a delicious dinner of pasta, shrimp, salad and bread {I add this so you can join me in the "Why's}, I crawled into bed.
They made their breakfast and lunches for school I saw this morning. I knew exactly what they had and would be eating. Maybe that's why they leave it out..."See, Mom, a balanced breakfast and everything on the Food Pyramid."
I'll let the pictures do the explaining, I am almost ready to delete this but I'm on a roll. When they were small, it was so much easier to feed them out of the jar, wash their faces and toss the remains in the garbage. I used to keep their toys in a pretty wicker basket in the corner of the room and now I'm looking at 3 open laptops, several remotes and a few cell phone chargers in the outlets where I usually have my Glade Plug In's.

To further the scope of my reality world, I know for sure that downstairs I have at minimum, 11 loads of laundry. The garbage disposal is stopped up and not running {do I call a plumber or an electrician?}and I haven't heard from the carpenter since last week {don't people want work?}. I have a ton of weeds in the backyard and hedges to be trimmed, with a graduation party looming over me in a week and 1/2. The kitchen garbage is overflowing and I am getting ants in the dishwasher. Finally {maybe}, Layla pooped in the bathroom. Close, but no cigar.

I know I can sound like a Pollyanna. To take this conception further, let it be told that I had an idyllic weekend at the lake, the skies were clear, the birds were singing and I hummed as I made The Husband lunch with home grown tomatoes and grilled chicken. I sipped wine while I watched him skim along the bay in the kayak and I was at peace. Then I came back to my reality world.

I can sing the praises of my kids, but I won't. Today is a pity party. Through my tears I told Abby, yes, she could use my car because she was out of gas. And yes, I told Jeff, it was no big deal that he hadn't returned the tux from the wedding two weeks ago even though it is $20.00 per day late fee. For the most part I have a gentle voice and a smile on my face. I think it has nipped me in the a**.

Feel free to vent as much as you want in your comments. I would love the company. ;-D


Rebecca Nelson said...

Fab post! :) During our window fiasco I'm quite sure the ratings for my REALITY LIFE would have brought sponsors some big $. It was unreal.

I have no laundry to do but my entire downstairs looks like a tornado hit it. My studio, too! No one would believe it if I showed pics....NOT KIDDING!

Love to you~Rebecca

Julie Marie said...

Oh Janie, you are too cute!!! I love your version of a reality show, which by the way, I have never watched even ONE on tv nor do I want to... I won't ask why you made them all a delicious dinner, I know why... because you are an angel and could not be mad at them if you tried... take my new attitude since my surgery... "C'est la Vie"... there is not one thing I read that is worth being upset over... (tell the ants to fix their own lunch!)... love you!... xoxo Julie Marie

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh sweet Jane.....this made me laugh.....YOU are too sweet my friend. I was going to suggest that you put all the kitchen mess in each of the kid's rooms...but I know you would be the one cleaning it up.

Just remember.....THEY do finally leave the nest. The only problem is that often they return.....WITH THEIR LAUNDRY!!! LOL LOL



Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Oh my dear Jane! I live in that world too!!!! Believe me!! Seth called me today and asked me to put $5 in his account so he could buy some gas.....$5????? Seriously? Like, how far is he going to drive??? The end of the flippin driveway??? He goes to college, but he also has a job and has to pay for nothing except his "recreation"....I mostly hang on their leg and don't want them to leave me, BUT as time goes by....I am looking forward to going home from work and finding the house...just...as...I...left....it! Would that not be WONDERFUL?? NEVER happens! My boys CANNOT seem to find the garbage can either, nor can they make tea after they drink the last of it. Empty pitcher back in the fridge....cos they know, MOM will make more!! Lord honey! The list goes on and on!!! Oh and my cat Sadie? I adore her....she pooped in the corner of my bedroom!! Why??? Three litter boxes all freshly scooped....THREE!!!! I asked her if she was joining the ranks of the boys??? Pointed out that her happy little fluffy butt could live outside!

Alas, tomorrow is another day....Thank God for Febreeze....just sayin'

Lou Cinda :)

Sonny G said...

aww Jane.. I remember those days very well , and just how frustrating they were.. Thanks for keeping it real, as thats something we rarely see here.. Everyone's home always SEEMS to be so beautiful, so perfect and that surely cant be the case.
I just got done with 4 large loads of laundry, unloading and reloading the dishwasher- wiping the counters and emptying the trash. My lazy self is ready for a nap..
thanks again for a great post..

Theresa said...

You are right there with so many of us! It is hard to get it all done these days:) I love the black and white pictures, reality! Have a blessed day, Hope your world will return to normal soon! HUGS!

Debbiedoos said...

Awww...Jane that is what I call keeping it real! I would panic so bad if I could not find my camera! It would be a real reality check how I let my blog and daily blogging rule my world LOL! You done good with the cell phone. Have a better day tomorrow. Hope the carpenter calls back, your right what's up with that, we are in a bad economy!

Jacqueline said...

We call this "the backside of Disneyland"! Have you ever seen behind the facade in Disneyland - yeah, cement walls, no color, no beauty - just real life!!!!
Too funny.

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh Jane, you are not alone my friend! Yesterday, as I wandered around my yard, with my camera in hand, trying to figure out what the heck I was doing wrong to make my images blurry, the doorbell rang. It was the Verizon guy, here to check our phone. I was panicked because our house is a wreck, I forgot he was coming, and I didn't even have a bra on...so see, we are all living just like you are...crazy, crazy lives!

Hugs to you! xoxo

Kat :)

Daydream Living said...

Great post Jane! love it when its real, so pity party away, have some more coffee, take a nap and don't delete anything. Later when they are more grown up you will read this back with a smile (right?).
Hugs honey,
Maureen xx

Barb said...

Janie, I couldn't help but laugh...you wrote this so beautifully and it is something we can ALL relate to...honestly.

Do what you can and let the rest go....until tomorrow. The work will always be there.

Sending you a hug!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Oh goodness!! I hear you on all the pile up of laundry, the mess, the dust and crust!! Your post is great- thanks for keeping it real and sharing. Hugs, Courtney

Lynne said...


Our kids have always (sorry about the English) "done a number" on our house as well.

The reason I love to visit you is because you are a MOM like me, through and through, and your house is a HOME!

When the kids are home,everything is on overdrive...so we cook WITH LOVE!

It's what makes us tic and ticked off, but we LOVE it!

I know that you are not complaining...your just feeling real!

The irony in all of this, is when they marry and keep their own homes.

My daughter tried to initiate a shoes off policy in her home after Holland was born. My husband said, "this from the girl who put a permanent pink stain on our living room carpet?" He always says that he cannot believe that our perpetual mess maker keeps such a lovely organized home! I have to admit, I too, am amazed.

Thanks for always being REAL!

White Ironstone Cottage said...

Love you Sweet Janie
You made me laugh out loud {again}

Lori E said...

I stayed home for 28 years with my kids, working from home in different capacities.
My time was my own and I cleaned and cooked and visited if and when I wanted to.
My kids have always had to help out. They have always, since grade 5, had to do their own laundry.
My house was for the most part pretty clean and tidy.
Fast forward to today, my day off work from my full time job. I only have a 24 year old, my husband and myself at home. Not even a dog any more.
My house is a freakin disaster area and they both help. We rarely have groceries in the house. The laundry, though clean, is never put away let alone ironed. My beautiful garden has not even been weeded this year.
I just had my son clean the entryway for me today. It was so dirty I was sickened by it. Nice and clean now. Just don't go up or down the stairs or you will likely disappear into the mess of newspapers, groceries, shoes, papers, books, dust, ..... shall I go on?
I long for the days when my house was clean, just not enough to get off the computer and go clean it.

Amy said...

I must be your twin. Sounds like my life.

Debi said...

My plumber just left. I just gave up. He had to go into every room there was a sink. I was freaked. Its over. I feel defeated. He saw how the bed was not made, the dog hair, my orange Halloween stuff everywhere, etc. You know what I told him? I said "Man - This is Vegas! If you breath a word of this - You're Fired"!

Anonymous said...

For the most part women soldier on through the days, happy seeing their family all together well looked after. Reality is always there with us chasing it's tail to keep on top it all. We're all entitled to have a pity party - it's what we do that enables us to regroup and keep going. Loved this post. We can all relate. I could list things as I look around the room, but there's just too much - ha!


Always Nesting said...

Uh, may I please join you in that pity party? I see the photos and I read the story and it's somehow, vaguely familiar. I adore my kids but some days, just some days I'd like to do bodily harm after ______fill in the blank offense to mama Marla. And when it rains why does it have to pour. Why did my water heater go out with a house full of people visiting? Yep, I hear you. A glass of good Oregon Pinot Gris may not cure all but it at least takes the edge off. Big big hugs!!

Melanie said...

It's easy to get overwhelmed with all there is to do, isn't it? Does it help to know that most women have all the same "problems" that you do? Seems like I am constantly cleaning and picking up and de-cathairing furniture and doing laundry and fixing meals and running errands...all while working outside the home 3 days/week at a job I hate! I do have to point out a couple of things though - first of all, like another blogger/commenter said, I hope your kids are at least doing their own laundry. My boys started being responsible for their own laundry at about age 11-12. Secondly, I know it's hard sometimes, but try to be "grateful" for the mess that your kids leave, because when your house is empty, you're actually going to miss it. I've heard this from countless older women.

As you probably already know from my previous comments or my blog, I only have one son left at home now (he's 20 & a commuting college student) because my oldest son passed away 2 years ago. I would give anything to have him back here with us & leaving dirty dishes & other messes behind.


NanaDiana said...

oh..I don't have time to write much of a comment now but I KNOW what days like that are like! LOL I say...go back to bed with that cuppa coffee and watch Jane Eyre...it's good for what ails ya! xo Diana

Babs said...

Well, bless your heart, you are having an awful day. At least you know how to get the photos from your cell phone to your blog. That's more than I know how to do. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. :)

Linda said...

I am in a sad state of blahs myself! Thank goodness these 'moods' do not last forever! I heard someone say once, "It's OK to have a pity party. Just don't invite anyone!" Well, I say it makes a nicer party if we all stick together!

La said...

I feel like you are looking in my windows. Let's see...linking kitchen sink, bad balast on the kitchen light, overgrown weeds, kitchen patched and waiting for paint....It never ends....

Thanks for keeping it real. Tomorrow is a new day...La

xinex said...

You are so funny and so good with words, Janie. Isn't that a reality? Life with grown up kids in an electronic world!...Chistine

Vicki said...

I'm glad you are keeping it real. Give a good scream and then dig in. I would charge those grown kids of yours hard labor and give them each a list of chores you need done for the party. Give them a deadline too. Time for their reality show to kick in. You deserve it. Hopefully the home repairs will get on track. I'm sure that is a worry. Hang in there sweet friend!

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

Pass me the coffeemate, would ya?

Elaine said...

Ok, sounds like you have good reason for the pity party. That re-entry into your real home must be tough. The lakehouse sounds like a dream, but, at least you do have an escape.

I'll join in the pity party. I am working so many hours at work and then running to vist my mom in the nursing home most nights that the laundry is piled up, I can't remember the last time I vacuumed and I saw dust bunnies on one of the cat's whiskers. The litter box needs to be emptied and I forgot to put the trash and the recycling out. Now I have to wait another week for pickup. I haven't grocery shopped in two weeks and I've been living on take out. I've taken only 3 vacation days all year. That's my reality show!

Lynn said...

This is the best post I have ever read! Reality! My daughter once drove all of the cars until they were out of gas while we were gone on a trip. Yeah, it gets better. Like when they move out and you move far away!!! (jk)

Lori said...

I love this post Jane!! I think we all concentrate on the pretty ~ the good ~ the clean ~ the fluffed that we never mention the reality! I have had baseboards sitting in the living room since May ~ well I stained then in May ~ it's been so long I cannot remember when they were picked up but they are still there. Yes some got installed in July but anything since ~ nah! We picked up the flooring for the master bedroom 3 weeks ago ~ I am aiming for Christmas ~ the rest of the baseboards ~ who knows!! xo

Tricia said...

I feel your pain, Jane. Sometimes it would be so nice to live alone wouldn't it? I feel like I spend my days constantly picking up...I just get done and then a see there's a new mess that someone made. You can only do what you can, I suppose. I've been getting my son to do more things around the house. I don't want him to grow and a expect the woman to take care of everything. Hope everything comes together for you and you'll get a little bit of a breather :)

bj said...

haahhhaaa...o, darlin' girl...don't you know we have ALL been there...done that !!..?
And there is NOTHING wrong with having a pity party..I have them ever so often, myself..and all my kids are grown..even the grands are mostly grown.
You are so precious...Now,...go fill up your tub with bubbles,light as many candles as you can get in your bathroom, eat chocolate..and LOTS of it and have 3 or 4 glasses of wine. Then, go sleep IN THE NUDE and by morning, you will feel like a new woman.:))

raggygirlvintage said...

Yup Jane, that's the real world many of us live in, right, we just don't always see that in our blogs! My motto is, it will still be there in the morning....but yes, it can be overwhelming at times. Hang in there, after all we are women, hear us roar!!

Pondside said...

Another voice here to chime in 'you're not alone, or crazy - it's my life too'. Always keep it real, Jane - everyone appreciates it a lot!

Maggie said...

Tell the truth and shame the devil, my Nana always used to say!
Bravo, Jane for telling it like it is, you certainly deserve your me time at the lake after dealing with all this!

Marianne said...

No kids here, but between the two of us we are really quite good at making a mess like that ourselves. Hang in there, don't forget that teaching your children how to clean up after themselves is being a good mother too, and keep your mind at the next weekend at the lake.
Loved this post, we all lead real lives in real homes and not in fancy catalogues with photoshopped people.


Your last line . . . seriously made me chuckle. Great post.

Can you imagine those reality tv cameras in your home. . . no thanks.


www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Oh Jane, if it makes you feel any better it happens to lots of us. Poor Nicole and her family were flooded again with Irene and they lived with us for a week. The three little ones,2,3, and 6 were like a tag team. lol But I love them:)I have a huge party of almost 200 people coming next week and my house is a disaster, mostly from ME. I'd show pictures on my blog but I would lose all of my followers. lol Take care Jane, it's all good:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Anonymous said...

I have been in your shoes many times...believe me! My kids are older and have moved out, for the most part anyways, one of them comes back more often than the others. But my house always looks like a bomb went off, and it's just my husband and I! How can that be? I always blamed my kids because everything was such a mess, but I can't even do that anymore. LOL. It's OK. I'd much rather live this way than to be constantly cleaning. I'll save that for my maid when I win the lottery.

Sue said...

I really do think we would be friends in real life! I love the honesty and posts like this just make me feel as if I know you better. It does get better, they eventually leave and don't come back. However, my son still lives in town and when he comes over just for dinner it is as if Pig-Pen from the Peanuts cartoons has been here and he is 29.

I hope the camera is at the lake...I hate losing things. Don't you wonder sometimes about the bloggers that seem to have perfect
houses, perfect menus and perfect decorating all the time?? How do they do it?

As for my life being a reality show? That seems to be our new normal. Sometimes we just look at each other and say, "how did we end up here"?

just ask beth said...

the wedding pictures were beautiful.. I feel the same way lots of time..I am in a constant cespool!! Let's go get a drink!!

Anonymous said...

This post is wonderful Jane. It is a look inside your real world. I appreciate and can relate to your world, even though my kiddo's are in their 40's now. The memories are still there.:-)

Honey at 2805 said...

Now this is a "Real Housewives" show! This is funny and real and I feel your pain.

The lat two days have gone like this: It was 107-degrees (I know everyone is sick of me talking about the heat) and we have a area wide 6 hour power outage. Then my computer started throwing a temper tantrum, my cell phone has given up the ghost and it's old so it's time for a new one. Then after washing a load of clothes, the dryer stops working. Can I join you on that new reality show?

Heaven's Walk said...

You poor girl! If I lived closer, I'd be over there in a jif to help you, sweetie.... :) Now, chin up. Go throw a load in the washer, call a plumber, and then start packing for a weekend at the lake. You need one.... lol!

oxo laurie

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Blondie, this is a fabulous post. We all have these days. I like BJ's idea! Hope things are better tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Sending big hugs your way, Janie! I remember these days - and cannot (CANNOT) believe my "kids" are now 36, 34, and 28 with busy lives of their own. I miss them. I miss the messes and chaos... but most of all I miss the hugs and laughter.

You WILL get through it all! Glad you can get away with your sweetie from time to time for a little break. :)


oldgreymare said...

oops missed this one..I was wallowed in Annie Hall trying to recover from my own PP..
We all have em..days, weeks like this...
Today I had to call a friend across town to stay on the cell phone with me while I climbed way up into a tree to saw down a huge dead branch. If I didn't say anything now and then she was to call 911. No money to hire anyone for help and no one who would come to help. Almost started crying ( OK I did a little) while I was cutting the huge thing off, for my life of living alone now...so yes we are all in the same leaky boat at times. How lucky we are to share it all in bloggie world. :D

Glad to see you rebounded as I will tomorrow.

lost my sunglasses 2 months ago...in the HOUSE!!!! Never showed up and I had to buy the cheapest prescription ones I could find..200.00 sigh

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Oh Sweetie, this was hysterically funny, and so true.. reality just isn't fun at times. I know you wanted to run away to the lake again and have some quiet peaceful downtime....you hit the nail on so many heads you are a brave woman to put them out there for all of us to read, take in, sit back and say YES THAT IS MY LIFE TOO! Love ya girl.. hope you're having a better week... hugs ~lynne~

Mary said...

I have never watched a reality show on TV - why would I need to when I can enjoy reading such great posts such as this one! You hit the nail on the head here - I laughed, I felt a tear fall, I loved your honesty as always Jane, and I remembered similar days when our family was different - in age and around more! Enjoy these somewhat difficult days while you can - it will all change much too soon and you wish to have them back in spite of all the work!

Hang in there - and hope your camera shows up.