Saturday, March 28, 2020


My pretty pic starter, as always.  I decided to try out this trendy succulent garden thing and to be honest, in four weeks my plants have doubled in size.  Home Depot is really going all out with sales on houseplants with spring and summer coming.  I think I have my daughters motivated in having a few little victims of their own.  One of my favorite IPhone apps is Picture This.  Perfect for identifying plants, weeds, trees, what have you.  Download the app, it's free unless you want add ons.  Briefly, you can take a snapshot of said plant, weed, etc., and it will identify it for you along with added pics of it and some background info.  I LOVE it.  I thought I had poison ivy at the lake last summer.  Thanks to this app I found that I had random English ivy which I pulled out pronto.  I learned the names of all these little succulents as well as how to care for them.  How cool is that?

Of course, there is a pandemic going on.  I have all the same feelings as you.  Our state is on a stay-at-home order.  All non-essential businesses are closed except grocery stores, pharmacies, medical clinics, etc.  Chicago is one of the 'hotspots, which means we have a huge number of cases, deaths, and the numbers are rising.  The news is ominous and I've always been a news fanatic.  I'm getting better in staying away but still staying informed.  

Poppy is not facing anything different as I am a stay-at-home dog mom on a full time basis.  Some pets are overjoyed that their humans are home all day.  Layla sleeps, but Poppy is in full antics mode.  She loves to snatch my clothes out of my hamper, it must be my familiar "scent"!  She doesn't chew anything up, just leaves it all strewn about.  Here she is color coordinating herself with one of my bras. πŸ˜‚

Our fam keeps it going through text threads.  They are all funny and uplifting, lots of pics of the kids.  And we FaceTime.  We did selfies one day, so here was my mood.  Does anyone put on makeup anymore?  Or get out of pajamas?  So many small changes from everyday life.  Should we have the cleaning girl come?  Sounds a little like an oxymoron as far as germs.  Hair salons are closed, hence my disgusting roots and grown-out cut. I actually cleaned up a little and put on some makeup (lest I forget how) the other day to go out in the backyard to clean up doggie doo-doo.  I try. 

 I've taken Poppy for walks and she's getting super good on a leash.  It's amazing to see people out on nice days, just taking walks or walking their dogs (and staying very far apart).  Last Sunday it was raining like hell but still warmish, and people were out with umbrellas, laughing and having a very obvious joyful time of it.  

And I have these jarring thoughts once in awhile.  We need to replace flooring in our family room--I've got to make some calls.  Oops, no one coming in my house.  I have blinds on order from Home Depot.  Where are they?  Welp, doesn't matter, they aren't coming in my house to install.  Okay, we wanted to have a new backyard fence done in the spring.  No prob, it's outside work.  No, have to look at styles and material, fill out forms,, no one coming in my house.  

It's all small stuff actually.  

I made a quick trip to a small grocery store last week just before our mandated shelter.  Of course I have the freedom to go, yet I know better with my lung problems. I was defiant and really wanted certain things.  I wore a hat, buttoned my coat to the neck, and wore fingerless gloves.  I almost hyperventilated trying not to breathe.  I saw one person with a mask on, just one.  And there were people doing big shopping-full carts, and laughing and smiling and chatting like it was an everyday thing (and yes, Chicago is like that normally).  Not sure about that logic, but it was before the order to stay home.

My kids have been really firm about The Husband and I not leaving the house.  Both Emily and Abby have picked up items we need from the grocery store.  I try not to burden them with things I know I'm out of, like brown sugar or yogurt.  Maybe that's a sign of what's to come when I'm really an elderly lady, not wanting to put anyone out, being dependent.  It truly frightens me.  I did find a few stores that deliver.  Tonight I ordered online with a store I generally shop at.  I was actually looking for a delivery time tomorrow afternoon.  I received a text fifteen minutes later that they were on the way.  I texted back that my preference had been tomorrow.  The reply was that they fill and deliver orders in 1 hour.  And then there it was on my porch.

We are being vigilant in washing fresh foods and wiping down packagers and canned foods with antibacterial soaps, wipes, what have you.  My method for fruits and veggies has been to put them in a colander and with running water, soap up my hands with antibacterial dish soap, and wash them over the colander, turning and tossing the pieces. Probably not the right way too do it.  But--you can find more info on washing fresh foods here

Fruits and veggies that can be kept out of the fridge and actually stay fresher this way, can be so, so pretty.  I'm more inclined to use them when I have the visual.  I keep onions, shallots, garlic, and potatoes in bowls and baskets on another counter.  Looking for what to refrigerate or keep at room temp?  Have a peek at this link.

I climb into bed most nights about 9-10:00 p.m.  I read a bit, check out the news, Facebook, and Instagram.  It's all probably "stimulating", but when the words get blurry and my eyes are closing, I turn off the light and I'm out.  I have more books than I can read.  This is the stack on my nightstand.  Yes, I'm aware it's a lot of fluff, but I get caught up in books that are humorous and that's nice.  Next on my list are mysteries and thrillers, self-help books have always been interesting to me, and I try bestsellers often.  I usually have two books going at once, sometimes I want the drama, other times I want something light.  What are you reading?  I'll get back to you on that.

So, besides reading, I'm cooking.  I'm still not on board with taking and sharing hideous photos of my dishes.  Perhaps I can share recipes without the pics?  I'm also on a cleaning kick, I feel germy all the time.  The smell of Clorox is enticing.  I wash my hands after opening the mail.  It's a neurotic thing for a lot of us.  I read a funny, but pretty on the mark line somewhere...Another productive day: 8 hours of watching TV and 4 hours of thinking I have coronavirus.  

I leave you with a few questions related to this pandemic,  please feel free to weigh in:

I'm staying sane at home by...
The biggest change in my day to day life is...
I'm stocking up on these foods and items...
We are under these restrictions/mandates...
I'm reading...
Hobbies that keep my hands busy...
I get outdoors and do...

If you have anything else to add or ask, feel free.

Sending love and good wishes to all of you, along with prayers that you and yours stay healthy, safe, and well.  Prayers going out to our whole worldπŸ™

Jane x

Friday, March 13, 2020


Hello friends!  Just me.  I'm going to have a lot of randomness in this post.  If I can find the time to write, all I can manage is the usual drivel about my mundane life.  So--I read a book about the late Princess Diana ages ago, written by her personal butler.  When she was driven up to the gates of Buckingham Palace after the divorce (but still her home), the security would ask by microphone, "Who is this?"  She would giggle and say, "Just me."  I would love to have seen how her life  progressed.  So sad we lost her when she was so young.

So anyway, its me,  Your long lost me.  I haven't been living under a rock but have been terribly busy, I just seem to do everything in bits and pieces.  So FYI, I edited my photos in mid January, uploaded them in early February, and started writing my post last week, at least the title.  Enough.  I'm a sloth.  

I love to start my posts with a purdy picture.  Above is a real bona fide hedgehog,  I met him at a birthday party for my grandson, Brooks, and granddaughter, Elsie, both whom share the same date.  My son, Jeff, and my daughter in law, Deirdre, arranged to have The Amazon Lady visit with a myriad of wild animals.  Not pictured is a chinchilla, a barn owl, an anteater, and a huge yellow snake (the species I don't remember).  

I thought the hedgehog was related to the opossum, and although they look alike, they aren't.  They are super cute but contact with their sharp quills, which carry a bacteria that can make you ill,  gives me no idea why people have them as pets. 

Here is Abby just loving a sloth.  A long time ago I called her a sloth in the spirit of how she lacked all sense of housekeeping and making things tidy.  She asked what a sloth was and I was at a loss for words.  It was a saying, but neither of us knew anything about sloths.  So we Googled it.  Maybe these were unflattering pictures but they looked pretty nasty.  Fast forward to this past Christmas, I was in Barnes & Noble and found a sloth calendar, some note pads, cards...seems someone thought the little grub was cute and made it popular.  So I gifted her with the calendar and notecards.  She didn't see the humor in these gifts once unwrapped and left them under my coffee table.  Lo and behold, when we met this sloth, we both had a change of heart.  They sort of look alike-seriously.  She should have hung upside down.  Adorable.

We welcomed Lucy June in November, this is a picture of me with the little cutie on Christmas Eve.  Look at that dress!  She and Madelyn were dressed the same.  You might remember my little fall on the back porch steps just prior to Christmas ( I'm absolutely fine), and  
you can see I'm lacking makeup on my left eye.  Through the miracle of photo editing, Emily was able to erase the wicked black eye.  Actually, it was a pretty shade of purple and I did matching eyeshadow on the right eye.  We had so many holiday parties, I had to adjust my makeup accordingly.  πŸ™„

Jumping ahead, we had our annual sledding weekend at the lake in mid January.  Alas, there was zip snow at the park that we go to.  We had had a ton of snow just days before, but the temps dropped, the rain came, and it was gone.  I wish it had happened sooner; when I arrived my driveway was blocked in with hardened snow and ice that the plow had created.  I felt like a climber in the Alps trying to get my bags, dogs, and provisions up to the house.  I parked on the road for several days, pioneer that I am.  These are our four eldest grandkids on our beach.  From left: Patsy, Elsie, Madelyn, and Brooks.  And not pictured is Baby Lucy, and another grandson, who arrived three days after Christmas, Bobby Sheahan, Brooks' little brother.  He's absolutely adorable.  I hope to post pics soon.  Anyway, we ended up going to a little ski resort for lunch.  We've aways wrapped up the sledding there.  After a great time, the kiddos were able to play in the snow, making angels and running around.  The snow here is machine-made, in addition to the 'real stuff'.  This does not imply fake snow, it involves a process using ice crystals and a whole lot of science to create genuine snow when we are without snow (which is rare in Michigan).  Lots of skiing and snowboarding.  My sons took lessons here when they were quite small.

When it comes to snow, kids need little incentive and often forego the necessities, like missing mittens on Madelyn here.  No worries, we keep a good eye on the kidlets. Once dinner was over (I made BBQ chicken wings and Emily made pulled pork in the crockpot), moms and dads put all of their children in one guest room, sharing beds.  Genius, except both my sons slept on couches, and Abby crashed on an inflatable bed in my room.  Most stayed up late playing poker...not me.  I like board games, lame card games like Crazy 8's, and I'm pretty darn good at chess!  No one cared for that.

The troops packed up and left Sunday and I planned to stay awhile as I hadn't been up since November.  I cleaned, washed linens, cleaned more, had visits with my next door neighbor, and pretty much just sat looking out at the semi-frozen lake.  When its frozen we have watched ice skaters, ice fishermen, and snowmobiles.  At one time, long ago, there were truck races!  I can't remember if we froze last year, I know we had a lot of spring rain.  I started coming up in late April and it felt like it would never stop.  We've had a mild winter and the Almanac predicts an early spring.  Anyway, I came back to Chicago a little earlier than planned!

Since coming home, everyday brings something new.  I'm still working with my doctor in getting a new drug approved for my lungs which is an injectable.  Insurance doesn't want to pay because it's experimental.  I know we all have healthcare issues so I'm not going to make a big fuss here.  I have to have a pulmonary function test Friday and maybe this will convince them my problem is for real. I've also been seeing an optometrist for recurring corneal ulcers, and recently chipped a molar, in my sleep!  Three weeks later I had a lovely crown for about as much money as a down payment on a house.  Oh my gosh, I sound like I'm ninety!

I've been  going to yoga, well not so regularly.  In fact I thought maybe it wasn't worth the expense as other than a few poses where I found my balance off, I was never sore or anything.  Then I started to notice how much stronger I felt around my core, how I was standing and sitting straight involuntarily.  I go to the studio with my sister in law and after we have coffee so it really is a nice way to get out of the house early on cold mornings.  

I haven't been walking Poppy much, it's cold, sometimes too cold for me (πŸ™„). She's an eighteen pound dynamo and full of zest.  She did get her certification for six weeks of puppy training--  Yaaaaaaay!  The only thing she learned is that she loves all dogs.  I really had a ball going and getting to know all of the other dogs and owners.  It didn't go unnoticed that the trainer used Poppy a lot as an example of what you don't want your dog to do when on a leash, sitting, or lying down.  When we were learning how to control our dogs on a leash, I was chosen to demonstrate the way I walk Poppy.  The trainer asked, "So why are you letting your dog go all over the place rather than teaching her to stay at your side?"  I was at a loss for words for a moment, "Because I want Poppy to have fun! I want her to sniff flowers and fire hydrants, spot squirrels and wag at people!'  I think I may have stopped Mr. M in his tracks, " want that, too..."  So for the rest of that class I tried to keep Poppy on a short leash next to my side.  This involved slipping her little treats from my pocket every few steps.  

Look who is growing so fast!  Three months now and Lucy is looking more and more like her mama.  I think she's a really calm baby.  She's usually sleeping every time I see her or have her here.   That's okay because Madelyn is a whirlwind-- it seems like she just turned five instead of three.  She has incredible language and coordination skills. I pointed out to her one day that Layla had a new collar.  She replied, "Yes, I noticed that when I came in." And by the way, she can count to Spanish. Yup, three years old. She learned all of this from her grandma. ❤️.  Ha!

Spring Vegetable Jumble with Lemon-Tarragon Butter

I have been doing a whole lot of cooking as I tend to do during the long, slow winter months.  I wish I had kept track of a few dishes, maybe had taken a few pictures, but I'm the first to admit that my pics do not flatter the food in any way.  So instead of one of my own recipes, I'm posting one from Food52, one of my favorite websites for all things cooking and food.  This recipe is on my list for a comfort style Sunday dinner that has a bit of spring feel to it.  If you make it--let me know.  And follow this'll love it!

I'm signing off now.  I've been putting this post together for about three weeks.  I have a lot of irons in the fire and there are so many things I want to share.  I posted on Instagram today for the first time in over two weeks, and that's a cinch compared to blogging.  And my apologies for not visiting your blogs.  As much as I wanted to keep up, I felt that you would see my comment and stop by here where there has been nothing for what seems like forever. 

 I hope you've enjoyed catching up.  I plan to write about my bathroom redo which is a New York minute from being finished.  I'm so proud of bringing all of my ideas and plans to fruition, of course using a whole list of professional plumbers, electricians, and painters.  Not very DIY but my son commissioned many of his workers at no cost.  My family room project is well underway and I'll save that to share later also.

Lastly, I hope and pray we make it through this pandemic around the world as quickly as possible until it is under control.  Be stringent and smart.  Many prayers going out to all of you.


Sunday, December 29, 2019


I'm popping in--as they say on Instagram Stories-to give you a quick synopsis of the month.  I don't have much time so you won't have to read the normal drivel from me, maybe just a teeny bit.  We are leaving Monday morning for a New Years Eve wedding in downtown Chicago.  I love December downtown, I have beautiful memories of The Husband and I celebrating our December 14 wedding anniversaries there: our wedding was at the Palmer house, as well as our first date.  The Windy City is quite cold, but I'm used to it.  And I love cab rides. ;-D

This beautiful wall hanger is from the Hand and Hearth collection at Target.  I found it last year.

These cute little salt and pepper shakers were found at an antique store years ago.  Don't you love finding a cute collection when you're out hunting?  They are a sign of the times.  They just don't make them like this anymore,  but that's the beauty in collecting.

I kept Christmas decor to a minimum this year.  I am making a sincere purge to clear out and clean out every space in my home.  I belong to two Facebook groups in my area, one in which you can sell items, and another to give them away free.  All you have to do is post a photo and put your little goodies on your front porch.  My starting date is the 1st of the New Year.  

I found these cute lanterns at Hobby Lobby, and the flame-less candles at TJ Maxx.  I wonder why I never tried these candles before.  The faux flame flickers and I can set a timer for them to turn on at dusk.  I added cedar branches on the mantel and I was surprised that they dried up so fast and I had to toss them well before Christmas Day.  What mattered to me overall was keeping the decor simple so we could focus on family and festivities with little distraction.

This will always be one of my top Christmas ornaments, a mini shopping bag.  I actually saved a real bag and I pull it out ever once in awhile when I'm feeling nostalgic.   I have so many great memories of shopping at the old Marshall Field's on State St. in Chicago.  In fact, my desk in the law firm I worked in was in front of a large window that looked straight at the store.  I'd often check the time on the iconic clock which is still there after Macy's acquired the store.  I also wanted you to see the cute popcorn and berry garland I found at Hobby Lobby.  So cute and easy to wind around compared to tucking and wiring ribbon.  Very realistic, too.

I wish I could remember the name of this online website that features all things for dogs.  I saw this little dog angel topper and it really spoke to me as it looked somewhat like Milo.  So it replaced our usual angel and I am sure, will remain our Christmas tree topper for many, many years.  

I really enjoyed hunting down our tree this year.  My favorite nursery was chock full of every type of tree.  I've always seemed to come away with a tree that is way too large for our tiny living room.  Last year I found the best skinny tree ever and it looked darling in the corner.  Everyone called it the Grinch Tree.  This year was a runner up.  My son Kevin helped me pop it into the stand and after two days of letting the branches drop, on went 900 lights (I don't skimp) and a good amount of ornaments.  I wanted to keep them playful this year for the grandkids to see, so I didn't add any from vintage collection.  Who knows, maybe I'll get a little tree for another room to hang them on next year.  

In my last post I shared the arrival of little Lucy June.  Emily gifted us with a canvas print of her in my arms less than twenty four hours after she was born.  She is absolutely beautiful and such a good baby, I can't get enough of her.

Madelyn loves her baby sister and is so gentle with her.  

My daughter and granddaughter.  I look at this and feel such joy and pride in the fact that the legacy (and genes) of my mother, father, siblings, the cousins, my grandparents-it's all here. Links to treasure and remember.

I came upon a super recipe for whipped sweet potatoes.  I can't imagine a holiday without them and this version was new to me and it's a winner.  In a nutshell, and you really don't need to measure, boil about five peeled sweet potatoes until fork tender.  Drain and add to a mixing bowl.  Add 3/4 of a stick of butter, 1/2 to 3/4 cups of brown sugar, and a teaspoon or more of vanilla extract.  Whip them up with your mixer until smooth.  Add a bit of salt and pepper and adjust the other ingredients as desired.  I made these the night before Thanksgiving and Christmas and I think everyone loved them. :-D

It's a little ironic that since I've been finding the best Grinch trees lately, that I would stumble upon a cocktail recipe called The Grinch.  It's sweet and spicy and fizzy.  I think the fruit juice makes it acceptable for brunch.  I love the blog Half Baked Harvest, go for a visit.  Tieghan shares the most insanely delicious recipes and her own photos, like the one above.  Pay her a visit.  The family consensus was that this drink is a keeper, even for summer.  

So this is about all I have...except for a teaser I left on Instagram.  It all started with Poppy chasing a raccoon that we believed was living under our shed.  This pup can see, smell, and hear for miles.  And she can run.  We tried to barricade the back of the shed as well as we could, but worried when we let her out at night.  I talked with our neighborhood animal control and believe it or not, she dropped off a coffee can with small bags soaked in coyote urine.  I know, gross, I made The Husband place it around areas we thought the raccoon was coming and going from.  So the reason behind this is small animals smell the urine and are scared off.  It doesn't attract other coyotes as they believe the territory is marked and taken, and believe me, coyotes, fox, and raccoons are taking up life in the city at an alarming rate.  

One evening about two weeks ago after a light snow, I let Poppy out in the yard at about 11:00 for her last run.  The first thing she did was tear off to the shed which she hadn't done of late.  I slipped into my rubber boots that I keep at the back door and went flying down the back steps.  Boom, I slid and in order to not land on my back with all it's metal and screws, twisted around and caught myself on the wrought iron railing. The first thing to hit it was the left side of my head, I actually bounced off it a few times.  I was on my hands and knees and tried to pull myself up the steps and all I did was slip and slide and bang against that railing.  All in my jammies and no coat.  In looking back, I really think I was very confused by the trauma.  I should have sat down on a step, gotten up, turned around and up into the house.  But I didn't.  I tried to climb on all fours, whimpering and crying thinking I'd freeze to death out there with everyone sleeping.  But I made it in with Poppy and hobbled to the bedroom where The Husband was off in dreamland.  I must have scared the heck out of him.  My face was covered in blood as well as my hands and the front of my top.  Upon inspection I had some deep gashes on my forehead, left arm, and legs.  The bruises, black eye, and aches and pains came in the following days.  

I just keep thinking that Clarence or someone was looking out for me that night.  If I had been knocked unconscious, it could have been hours before I was found.  The head injury could have been worse, the cuts could have needed stitches, and I might have broken something.  

I went to all the Christmas celebrations with that gorgeous black eye.  I simply matched it with purple and blue eyeshadow on the other eye.  I do have pics but I just can't put them on here-they are pretty gory.  But I'm very much healed, the bruises fading.  I catch my breath when I think about it.  The Husband found smears of blood on the back door, porch, and railing.  One of my boots was at the bottom of the steps and my glasses were in the snow on the patio.  I don't remember losing them.

Whew, this all sounds dramatic, maybe I just needed to let it out.  I've escaped from a lot of minor incidents, but this one really shook me.  

So we are hoping that the coyote urine will continue to keep critters away.  I ordered granules from Amazon and I really want to pass this on if you have have the same sort of problems.  I know a lot of gardeners use this and I'm going to share with the people in Michigan where rabbits and deer destroy veggies and flowers in a single night.

After the visit downtown I'm hoping to drive up to the lakehouse for a week or two.  Just hunker down in front of the fireplace or old wood stove with Layla and Poppy, and plow through a stack of books.  Who knows, maybe I'll keep up with blogging.😘

Happy New Year!


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Saturday, November 23, 2019


I always love to start my posts with a pretty photo, usually flowers, but today I have the best ever beginning...welcome Lucy June!  Emily gave birth to this little nugget November 15.  She weighed 5 lbs., 13 oz., just a peanut.  She's absolutely beautiful and she looks so much like her mama.  And Emily was also small, 5 lb., 2 oz.  Holding Lucy for the first time was like deja vu.  So tiny and perfect.

Big sister Madelyn had been anxiously awaiting this day.  She was actually practicing feeding and diapering her baby doll in preparation.  She is so gentle and loving with Lucy, I wish I could show you so many more pictures of her with the baby.  But trust me, I be sharing when I can.  Isn't she beautiful?  Aren't they both?

Switching gears here, I was really wanting to go to some fall festivals but it simply didn't pan out.  I've joined a few Facebook neighborhood groups and it's amazing how you can find out about all the great events going on in your area.  This recent holiday shopping weekend was called Christmas At The Barn.  It's a genuine barn that was repaired and renovated for seasonal events like this.  Abby and I went last Saturday to a nearby suburb (where my son, Jeffrey, also lives, but further west and near some beautiful forest preserves).  I couldn't help but think what a perfect day it was both weather-wise and in this gorgeous wooded setting.  


I loved this old bike with a basket filled with evergreen.  Not something cute and flowery like we usually see, but looking like it's been suspended in time.

The shopping didn't disappoint either.  It was a mix of old and authentic, as well as new and loved.  Some vendors were local artisans so it was a good feeling to see handmade items.  Abby, who is in the midst of decorating her new home, was pretty restrained.  She is loving plaids so she picked up a few cute pillows.  There was a lot I was really wanting to buy but how could I do that when I'm in the middle of tossing and giving away holiday decorations I've collected over thirty five years?  All in all it was a fun afternoon.  I love spending time with my daughters.

Last week I was writing a holiday column for one of the newspapers and I wanted to share a recipe I came across on Pinterest.  I've always use my own recipes and photos in my articles, but try as I might, I simply can't photograph food to make it look appealing.  So I am using Pinterest once in awhile as well as recipes from my cookbooks.  If I tweak them, I share them as my own (hideous pics and all), but some recipes are just perfect as they are.  

I can't break tradition when it comes to holiday meals, The Husband and kids can be really vocal about that if you know what I mean.  To satisfy my love of trying out new recipes, I serve the usual corn but then make another side dish that looks gross to my non-vegetable eating kids/guests, but a hit with others.  

So I stumbled on this recipe for Brussels sprouts done up in a wonderful way.  I'm going to make them as a side dish on Thanksgiving.  Here is the recipe and for your convenience a link to the original.  

Parmesan Prosciutto Brussels sprouts

I think this is such a pretty dish although maybe not for everyone.  It makes me curious to dive into and discover some new tastes.  I've made a few converts with this side dish!  Finally--I hate starting a recipe only to find I didn't take note of the cooking time.  Allow yourself an hour for these and I don't recommend reheating them.

1 lb. Brussels sprouts

2 T butter
2 cloves of minced garlic
1/4 c grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and Pepper
2 slices of Prosciutto, chopped into small pieces * 

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.  Trim ends of Brussels sprouts, remove loose or brown outer leaves.  Slice each one in half lengthwise and place them in a large bowl.  

Melt the butter and pour over the Brussels sprouts.  Add the Parmesan, garlic, and a generous amount of salt and pepper.  Stir to combine.

Spread the seasoned Brussels sprouts over a parchment paper lined baking sheet, trying to keep some space between them, they crisp up that way rather than steam.  Place in the oven and let bake for 40 minutes until they are just starting to brown.

Turn the oven temperature up to 350.  Chop the prosciutto and scatter over the veggies and gently push them around with a spatula.  Shake the pan and return to the oven and roast an additional 10-15 minutes.  Serve immediately or cover with foil and keep warm in oven.

Layla and Poppy are really becoming good friends.  I had my doubts at the beginning as Playful Poppy has a ton of energy and was pretty much pouncing on Layla every chance she could.  I was trying to keep them separated so Layla could have some peace and quiet but then I noticed that she was actually enjoying the play fighting and having Poppy nuzzle her.  All that worry...and then things worked out on their own.  

I wish I could say it's been cool watching Poppy grow, but she's not growing.  I guess this is it, fifteen pounds of long body and legs and big 'ol floppy ears.  A lot of people ask what breed she is, I mean she really has this sort of "look", like a purebred something or other.  I can't figure out what she is but I know for sure she inherited all the traits of a cattle dog that is ever-present in her genes.  She is insanely fast, and as a friend said, she could easily be a horse rustler.  Thoughts of keeping her off-leash at the lake are feeling less and less likely.

On the medical front, whatever cold or flu I had that was making my nose and chest insanely congested seems to have passed.  The asthma isn't so great, my lungs tighten up just going up and down the stairs to do laundry. My doctor has prescribed some new meds and we are awaiting the analysis of the little germies that were scraped out of my lungs and are currently growing under a petri dish somewhere.  I also have to go for more blood workup, at this point I don't even  know what for.  I'm just happy to say that I'm writing this from a better place than the last time.

As if being sick, having a new puppy, the huge celebration of having a new grandchild, planning for Thanksgiving dinner (for which I will host dinner for a small group and then dessert for a crowd), tossing out long ago and unwanted Christmas decor, making a list and checking it twice, finding a caterer for Christmas Eve, which will also be at our home for The Husband's side of the family and easily amounts to about thirty guests including little ones...I'm in the middle of redoing one of the baths that I touched on in my last post, as well as our family room.  I'm having an anxiety attack just writing this.

My son came to my aid in offering a "jack of all trades" that he has for work on the various properties he owns.  While I thought I was going to have the tedious work of painting trim and doors, and then hiring an electrician and plumber, I now have a weight taken off me.  And I will get excellence as this guy works for Jeff and he is a hawk with his employees.  All I have left to be shipped are the light fixtures for the family room and to pick out hardware for this and that.  I found a granite dealer way out in some far flung suburb which I never would have gotten to without my GPS, and I picked out a pretty vanity top in quartz.  I look forward to sharing the finished bathroom soon.  I'm so proud that I designed (if I could actually say that), and sourced out everything and everyone I needed by my own little self.  

I could blabber on forever, as you know, but I'll cut off here.  I have confused even myself with this hodge podge of what is going on.  I actually thought Thanksgiving was the week after next.  Lists.  I need to make lists.

Thanks for visiting.  You are all such great girlfriends.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!


Saturday, November 9, 2019


Halloween 2019 In Chicago (no editing)

Hello Hello Hello!  It's always good to be back in a somewhat timely manner.  I'm hoping we are all past Halloween and looking ahead to Thanksgiving although it makes me shudder.  In all my years, whenever I host holiday dinners, I have never learned to not stress it out.  I'm a huge reader and eat up books, magazines, and websites that promise ways to handle hosting a party or simply holiday stress.  No matter, I fret over whether all the food will be ready at once, if everyone has a drink, a refill, a little tidbit,  And those that wander into the kitchen asking for the odd beverage, extra napkins, a hand towel for the bathroom (gulp).  And there never seems to be anyone around to say to, "Can you please help this person out?"  I feel my holidays have become so relaxed for my company, and perhaps routine, that everyone is happily chatting away while I'm sweating away in the kitchen and acting like a traffic officer at the same time.  The worse thing is...I apologize profusely.  We're out of ice?  Let me run out to a convenience store.  You're allergic to nuts?  Let me whip up some liver pate.  You're gluten free?  Really?  Really?????

I write for the Michigan newspaper and I'm a cross between Dear Abby, Martha Stewart, and Joanna Gaines.  No, I'm not in their league in any way but my column is geared toward encouraging readers to be the best cook, gardener, home decorator, gift wrapping professional, and above all, organizer.  No one has any idea how little I follow my own advice.  I'm really not much better than the writers of those self help-don't stress it out pieces.  So yeah, I'm not prepared and even if I were, something always goes wrong and maybe I ought to just ban guests from the kitchen.  

Christmas Inspiration

I'm definitely not planning for Christmas right now, but I do love to Pin ideas, and I came across an article on the Apartment Therapy site: "Beautiful Outdoor Christmas Decorating That's Not The Least Bit Tacky".  The Husband is not so keen on hanging outdoor lights or wreaths on windows.  He frowns on blow-up snowmen and white wooden deer sculptures (believe me, I'm open to everything).  So the outside of the house is pretty much non-Christmasy unless you count the lit up tree you can see through the living room window.  Anyway I digress, I saw this lamplight idea and I knew it was for me.  Simple.  Classic.  Beautiful.  And even though I have a phobia of climbing on ladders (thinking back to 2016 when I fell off a chair and broke my arm in three places), I'm doing it.  Nothing is going to stop me.  I may have eight people holding on to said ladder and an inflatable snowman to block a fall, but I'm decorating the porch and garage lights.  If you'd like to see some of the ideas I've Pinned, go to my page.  I have lots of good things on my boards--holiday cooking, baking, gift ideas, something for everyone.  

Lifetime Movie Calendar 2019

Maybe it's cheesy, maybe I should be watching Fleabag, Jack Ryan, or The Crown, I just can't help but feel the allure of a sweet, sappy love story set in a big city or a little town with snow and carolers, hot cocoa, and the inevitable widow/widower with children who instantly fall in love with The Love Interest.  Most times one or the other Love Interest gives up their present life to join the other Love Interest forevermore.  And all those interrupted kisses, we finally get to see one in the final thirty seconds. ❤️.  Sigh.  Just gotta love curling up and watching these movies to get away from the world.  Or your husband, kids, and needy, drooling dogs.

Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Calendar 

You can Pin these calendars if you so wish, or download and print them.  Maybe not.  Perhaps you like Jack Ryan... John Krasinski is awfully sexy.

I had a lot of fun passing some on some info about moisturizing your skin as the really cold weather begins.  A few ladies asked about foundation that didn't make them feel like they had a mask on, so I wanted to move on to what I've learned about this sort of coverage.  

I had a rude awakening this past spring when I had been wearing Nars Natural Radiant Long Wear Foundation for a good couple of months. I love their radiant concealer for under my eyes so I thought the foundation would be a win as well.  And then I happened to see myself in a mirror in bright, natural sunlight and I couldn't believe how thick and caked it looked.  In spite of feeling I knew so much about makeup products and applying them, I hadn't really discovered the difference between full coverage and light.  I was telling the girl who does my hair about it and she recommended Bare Minerals Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream.  Back in the day I used something similar from Lancome that was a tinted moisturizer and it was prefect but I've never found anything like it since.  Long story short, although I felt that the Nars foundation was making me look line free, smoother and more radiant,  it was actually the opposite.  So I tried the Bare Minerals gel cream and I could not be happier.  When you apply, it feels like silk...I just smooth it all over my face with just my fingertips much like a moisturizer.  It evens out everything such as red spots or uneven tones, and your skin glows (and not in that bright highlighted way).  Best of all, I've come to love my freckles again (thank you, Megan Markle) and I feel fresh faced.  It is super hydrating which I love especially in the colder months, but if your skin is on the oily side, you can most likely skip your moisturizer and just use a primer before you apply it.  Good stuff.

And finally, I wanted to share an update we are doing on one of our bathrooms.  It's almost embarrassing that we still had the 1980's linoleum flooring and outdated light fixtures.  The vanity counter is pink.  The first thing we did was have the linoleum removed and the floor retiled with what you see above.  This is my actual bathroom with an overlay design board (courtesy of my interior designer daughter, Emily).  I ordered and have received the light fixtures and faucet gadgets from Home Depot.  I want to give the wall's vertical shiplap a fresh coat of white paint.  And I'm making trips to a few granite dealers to pick out a vanity top, I'm thinking something white with a little gray marbling.  The gold rimmed mirror is from Target.

My question is--- I don't want a completely black and white bath, nor a complete vintage vibe that the flooring leans toward.  I do have a bad way of mixing up too many elements in rooms that aren't  cohesive.  I'm thinking of adding rusty brown, bronze or copper colored pieces and a little bit of natural elements; plants, dried flowers, grasses, stems, or herbs, tucked in an urn, basket, something on the wall.  Please weigh in with your ideas or tips.  More to come...

Thank you all for your well wishes on this never ending bronchitis or whatever.  I saw a specialist after a chest CT scan and had a bronchoscopy of my lungs yesterday (not for the mild or timid).  A lot of bad stuff was sucked out and part of my lower right lobe has collapsed.  When, how...unknown.  Nothing to be done and it shouldn't present any problems.  So far the consensus is I have a bacterial infection in my upper left lobe and I'm getting a heavy dose of antibiotics.  My throat is a bit sore from the tube but I'm feeling much better all around.  The fluid and tissue lab results come in this week.  What a mess.  But I'm in good hands and I'm pretty tough!  So again, thanks for your thoughtful words and prayers.

Off I go now.  Hope you are having a great weekend!


Friday, October 25, 2019


I've Fallin a Little

Hello, hello, hello!  I spent three hours last night choosing, editing and loading photos.  After that I had no energy to write so here I am 24 hours later and feeling in the groove.  Except...I have had the worst sort of flu/bronchitis/asthma thing going on for almost three weeks.  In fact, all summer I was having allergy issues, sinus congestion, sore throats and then asthma.  It hit full on a few weeks ago and I've been on antibiotics, prednisone, and several over the counter meds.  I had a chest x-ray last week and it's showing some shady areas in the upper right lung lobe so I'm having a CT scan tomorrow.  My doctor said it could very well be some pneumonia settled in that area.  

In spite of feeling like my head is going to burst and my lungs sound like a bubbling brook, I have to get out of the house.  Don't get me wrong, I've spent a lot of lazy days napping and reading, and then I get spurts of energy, get myself showered, makeup and hair full on, and I feel like I'm back in the land of the living.  Sometimes its a trip to Target for Halloween candy, A grocery store stop for fresh veggies and fruit, or Home Depot (I picked up some spring bulbs for a song and actually planted them today while I wheezed and coughed.  I'll be grateful next spring).  Actually, the cold air clears out my lungs a bit.  

Cousin Love

Another fun night, I met two of my cousins for apps and drinks at a little pub near our homes.  Left to right: the three J's: Judy, Jane and Joanne.  Our fathers, now gone, were brothers.  When we were young my parents moved west to what became a Chicago suburb, and the rest of the family stayed on the Southside.  I came back when I married The Husband, as ironically, this is where he is from as well.  All of my cousins live so close, and these two, my faves, live just a few blocks each from me.  And it's also funny, the house that daughter Abby and Tom bought is diagonally across the street from the pub so we can park there and not use a valet (of course in the summer we can walk!) or look for street parking.  One of these days as the young couple get more settled in I'll see if she lets me take some pics of their home to share.  

Poppy Girl, 16 weeks

Poppy has gained five pounds since I brought her home.  And she has grown long; a long body and long legs--long and sleek like a greyhound.  And she can not only run like the wind, but she cuts sharp corners and does flying leaps over anything in her way.  Thankfully we have a really large backyard.  I'll try to get a video of her one day.  She's got that cattle dog gene, no doubt. She loves everyone, she plays with Layla in a way that Layla may have missed earlier in life.  
Milo was always more of a 'people' dog, and he just tolerated his cousins Tulo, Squall, and sister Layla.  

Lake Girl Maddy

Madelyn, her mom and daddy, as well as The Husband, went up to the lake recently to put away the outdoor furniture and such.  I was in the midst of this 'whatever-I-have sickness, and stayed home.  I started feeling a little envious when they started texting me pictures of the festivals and farms they visited, picking pumpkins, playing games, hayrides, corn mazes.  Wow, fall in the country is incredible.  The wheels in my mind are turning fast and I think we should make a good weekend out of it next year for all the kids and grands.  

Madelyn striking a pose

I had to share this second photo of Mad.  She is a true model.  I love this outfit.  Emily finds the cutest clothes on Etsy and little known shops on the Internet.  She's also in a buy/sell group on Facebook and gets bargains on some of her favorite brands.  Lately Madelyn has been sporting these pretty braids.  Em said she's been learning how to do them on You Tube.  Well this little girl loves the glam life as you can see.  Sister Lucy will be inheriting all these cute outfits, she's arriving in about three weeks.  I am beyond excited!

The beautiful rolling hills and farmland of Western Illinois

I kind of skipped over a trip The Husband and I made to Galena, Illinois in late September.  Most of you know we meet up with former blogger, Cindy, and her hubby, Dan every year for a weekend getaway.  After Cindy and I got to know each other through blogging in 2009, we just took the plunge to meet up, ironically in Galena, which is an equal three hour drive for each of us.  Other places we have met are Lake Geneva, WI., Madison, WI., Cedarburg, WI., Chicago, and our lakehouse in Michigan (a seven hour drive for them).  It's a unique and genuine friendship we have that has stood the test of time and miles.  Cindy and I pick up where we've left off as we walk, shop and talk.  We often say how we wish we lived close to each other.  She is in Western Wisconsin, not far from Minneapolis.  But we text and talk on the phone.

The Galena Renaissance Riverboat Inn

I don't know how The Husband and I got this suite, Cindy made the reservations and for a little bit less, she and Dan just got a regular room with a bath.  This was jaw dropping.  Not only did it have a spacious living room as you can see in the above photo, the bedroom was large, it had a giant whirlpool tub in its own room complete with plants and a tropical ambience, a kitchenette, and separate bathroom.

The Bedroom

Fabric, rugs, paintings and just about everything depicted lions, tigers and zebras.  The heavy drapes and over abundance of pillows made it cozy yet almost to the point of feeling suffocated.  

The Spa

This room consisted only of a gigantic whirlpool hot tub.  It was pretty opulent with the whole safari thing going on, plants and wild animals baring their fangs.  We never got around to using it.  It was situated off the hallway to the kitchenette and bathroom, and across from the bedroom.  And it had a large window in said hall looking right in.  We couldn't quite make out what it was about.  


It rained the entire weekend.  Even with umbrella's, it put a bit of gloom over our rare time together.  But the Zebra Suite saved us.  We saw a magician who also doubled as a comedian at a small, intimate theater Saturday evening.  The Husband and I had made an earlier trip to a nearbyWalmart and bought cheese and crackers, various other tidbits, some craft beer and wine, and we settled in our 'living room' to chat, watch CNN, and then Saturday Night Live.  We stayed out of the rain and The Zebra Room paid off!

Sooooo, now I want to head off into a different direction with the blog.  I want to take some varied ideas and format.  I'm feeling a little stagnant in simply sharing photos and snippets of my life.  I want to talk about other aspects of my life and the things I love, the trivial info I pick up in my never ending search for living my best life, doing the best with what I have, sharing thoughts and feelings on life, love and family. 

A long time ago I wrote a post about makeup products I used. I realized quite quickly it was not for the audience I had. Long story short, when I asked readers what their makeup routines were like as well as what products they used, I had a small handful that identified with me and my love of makeup and products, and a large percentage who rarely wore makeup, simply owned one lipstick, and had no desire to fuss with anything. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.  This time around I want to have more discussion.  I hope all of you ladies open up about your lives, wants and needs.  I'd like to cover subjects like self care, health issues and management, mental health, and of course, some lighter habits, finding the best deals, organizing your home, thoughts on decorating and trends, what we do in our downtime to, I'm excited to start.  Give and take.  I hope you are up for it.  

So firstly, I'm jut going to start with some skin care products I have been using that I'm absolutely loving and feeling the changes they have made in my skin.  Please note, I am not affiliated with any of these products.   

REN Flash Hydro Boost

This product came as a sample from Sephora with a purchase.  It was a generous size and lasted for a good two weeks.  Please note, when you are browsing through Sephora, you can ask for samples of any of their products, free and unlimited.  One day I decided to try out this little tube and I was glad I read the instructions.  It's an emulsion so it needs to be mixed with water to thin out the concentrated product.  Just a pea size amount dotted on your face, some water on your fingertips and then you just gently massage it into your face.  The smell is fragrant but in a natural way, the gentle massaging makes you feel relaxed and your skin stimulated, and skin felt like a baby's bottom.  It claims to plump your skin, I'm not sure if it did but I know that as I ran my fingers over my face after it felt changed, very smooth.  There is no greasy feeling, no waiting for it to settle in.  This will be my go-to for a very long time.
Ever Calm Recovery Balm

When we sleep our skin cells are busy renewing, repairing and dividing.  And that's the best time for your skin to receive the multiple impact from the products you put on your face.  I have always felt that the heavy creams I slather on at bedtime are just rubbing off on my pillowcase, but this night balm is a whole different ballgame.  It goes on easily and you just massage a little bit in, it's very spreadable and non greasy in spite of being a balm.  In the dry weather, I feel like I wake up with more fresh and moistured skin.  This is a keeper for me.

REN also offers cleansers, treatments and products for oily skin.  The prices are on the high end so it's definitely something you have to consider.  I highly suggest you check out Sephora to get samples, and then you can find the best price either from REN, Amazon, or Sephora.  

CereVe Moisturizing Lotion

This lotion as well as the large jar of cream are long time standbys for me at good prices.  Found at just about any store, you can even go online for coupons.  The name stands for ceramides which maintain the skin's moisture barrier, and hyaluronic acid which plumps the skins cells and replenishes lipids.  I have been on the hyaluronic acid bandwagon for quite a while.  When I was having terrible eczema, which I can happily say is now in remission, I went to one of the world's top dermatologists based in Chicago.  A Harvard Medical school grad, international speaker. and author of many textbooks on dermatology, he recommended CereVe products.  You can't beat the price.  The cream is heavy, I use it on my body after a shower.  On damp skin it spreads really well if you pat it on as well as smooth it out.

 I hope this isn't too long and boring.  And jeez, it's only three products.  Sometimes I feel so strongly about something I want to emphasize why.  

So...comment on those cute little pics of Madelyn, or the odd weekend we had in Galena, but also share your skincare routine and thoughts on new products..  We'll see if my branching out of my box is going to be receptive.

If you missed my last post, I featured a lot of great recipes.  You can find it here.

See ya soon!