Monday, April 29, 2013


The Husband packed it up and headed to the lake Saturday afternoon.  He told me he was going on a sabbatical, he told Emily he was going on a retreat and told Abby he was going there to get some sleep! lol!  I personally know that he has been nurturing his love affair with his new fishing boat.  I think I mentioned to you that the old boat he bought last spring was too small for our rough lake.  So he found another bigger used boat on Craig's List and he is happily toying with it up there right now.  He'll get home tonight, exhausted I'm sure.  

I, on the other hand, had what I called my single girl weekend!  Saturday I cleaned, grocery shopped and made a terrific jalapeno popper dip for the Bachelorette party #2 that night.  I'm going to give you the link to this dip next was SO good!  While I was mixing and humming and dancing a little to some 90's music all alone in my house Saturday afternoon, I felt like I was twenty again!  I think we all need a little time alone once in awhile.  Outside my kitchen window I could see people walking dogs and kids playing ball in the street and I just couldn't help but think how good life can be!

SO, I'm going to get on with my day and find out when The Husband is going to tear himself away from the lake.  I'm ready to make a nice big dinner, after my weekend as a single girl I found I really don't like cooking too much for myself so it was cereal for dinner last night!

Have a great week everyone! :)


Thursday, April 25, 2013


Rumor has it that The Husband is going to the lake to play with his new fishing boat.  I wish I had a diversion like that right now!  He really needs a break right now and after this wedding I'm going to lock up the house, grab the dogs and head to the lake where I'm not going to do anything but float on a raft and sip spiked lemonade!  But for now, I have to get out and find new shoes, a bra and a clutch purse.  I have a fitting appointment after I get the carpets cleaned tomorrow and then there is another party for Emily Saturday night, sort of a bachelorette party for all the ladies invited.  The stripper party last weekend was just for the bridesmaids! lol!  Sunday is going to be my day of rest.  I mean that. :)

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Saturday, April 20, 2013


I busied myself with what I could accomplish in the meantime.  Remember those dried hydrangeas I found on eBay?  They came all the way from Seattle so I thought they deserved something nicer than a simple vase.  I dug through my baskets and containers and found this guy...I think it's from Wisteria, it came in a set of three.  I filled it with moss from Michael's and poked the dried flowers in it.    I think these are the prettiest hydrangeas I've ever found on eBay and you can't beat $7.50 for a nice sized bunch!

Things You Might Like To Know About Candice Olson

She is as sweet as she is beautiful.
She is super tall.
She played professional volleyball in Canada
She will not be coming here to give me decorating tips.

Back on the redecorating/organizing front here, I dragged the big area rug from LL Bean to the post office to return it.  Never believe it when a company says, "easy returns".  The post office really frowned on me using 10 rolls of masking and electrical tape to wrap it so I had to stand in the vestibule and redo it with packing tape.  Then I had to run back home because I forgot the address where I was sending it.  And it cost $30.00 to return it.  But I kept my chin up and spent a crazy amount of time this week organizing rooms and tossing junk.  All I have left is the den (our catch all room) and the office (another catch all room).  We will probably just close Abby's door as we always do when we have company.  

Well, The Husband and I are off to Homegoods to return the floating ledges.   They are impossible to hang so I bit the bullet and ordered two from Pottery Barn.  I also ordered and received (in 4 days!!) two framed prints from  I will share them after I have the monster, pain in the neck wall in my living room finished.   Where's Candice when I need her?

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Monday, April 15, 2013


Back to last Thursday, Emily and I went to the bridal shop for yet another fitting.  Sorry I can't reveal much more of the dress but you know how that goes.  If the process of lacing the dress up looks time consuming, you should see how the bustle is done!  Thank goodness she has a Maid Of Honor to do that!  The gown looks gorgeous, but she has to have more hemmed.  My dress...the neckline and bust is too big and I have to go back with the bra I'm going to wear as well as the shoes so it can be hemmed.  I suppose I should also bring along the clutch I'll carry, I'm sure they will find a way to alter that, too.  I despise dressing rooms.  The mirrors confirmed my suspicion that I have no waist to speak of.  And the dress looks more purple than plum.  Sheet.  We did hit Homegoods afterward, so the day wasn't lost.

Now this is the part where it gets ugly.  We laid the area rug down that I ordered online from L.L. Bean.  It was too small.  It's a 5 X 8 and I needed an 8 X 10.  The Husband thought it was fine but I was mumbling some very bad words.  I  wrapped it back up with bubble wrap and a ton of electrical tape and ran to the post office with it.  Just in time for it to close.  So I carted it back home and it's sitting here like a big mummy.  The Husband wants to wait until we get our credit back before we order the new size.  Grrrrrr...

Moving on the the floating wall ledges I found at Homegoods.  A no go.  The hardware was crazy, even after a trip to Home Depot.  We tried for 2 solid hours and all we did was scratch the new paint on the wall.  Another no go.  And then I spent most of Saturday evening looking at art online until I thought I'd go blind.  I finally found 2 framed prints that I like a lot.  Sigh...something went right.  Oh, I digress.  I hung my newly cleaned curtains back on the windows and they are hanging sort of funky.  I'm just ready to throw in the towel.

So, I guess it's back to cleaning closets.  I hope to have something more cheerful to post about later in the week.  :)

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Good new chairs are being delivered Saturday, my area rug was shipped, so we should be hanging curtains and putting the living room together over the weekend.  Other than the gallery wall, I still have a lot of decisions to make for that big open wall.  I think it will come to me once I see the furniture in place.  Now, I'm off to paint!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013


Last week I made a trip to Homegoods and I found two white washed wall ledges for my gallery wall.  I think this is a better way to go then trying to figure out how to hang the pictures and putting a zillion holes in the wall.  And they were half the price of the ones I saw at Pottery Barn.  So the next step is to choose some frames and I'd like to paint some myself, and then of course, go through my photo files to find pictures.  I also paid a visit to good old Tarjay and walked out with a lampshade and a loaf of bread!  That is a first for me! lol!

Not much else is new.  On the wedding front, Emily's bachelorette party is being held up at the lakehouse.  They have booked a bus and are spending the day touring vineyards and wineries.  What a great time they're going to have.  And it's nice for me, too, because Emily, Abby and a few of the girls are going up early to open windows and do a little spring cleaning.  Yes!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.  Is the sun shining for you?  We are already 54 degrees and I'm loving it! :)

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hello!  It looks like we are back to our regular routine again...wishing and waiting for spring.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  All that preparation and it's over in a blink of the eye.  First off, did you notice my new blog design?  I had been toying with the idea for awhile and Friday night I decided to bite the bullet.  So here it is, courtesy of Sara at Sadie Olive.  I told her what I wanted in great detail and she had it up and running for me yesterday.  She did an excellent job!  If you ever need any design work, you have to contact her.

An update on Emily/Mike news.  They moved into their new home on Friday and worked all weekend unpacking, painting and getting rooms in order.  Emily wasted no time in getting their bedroom outfitted and cozy.  The bathroom across the hall is just gorgeous and her kitchen is well stocked with all the great gifts she received from her shower.  The Husband and I went out on Saturday morning and did a grocery shopping for them as a little present.  They are so thrilled. She told me, "Mom, it was so awesome to get up Monday morning for work, take a shower, make a cup of coffee and get ready in my own bathroom!".  It really is those little things that matter.  She asked me if I was happy or sad that she was gone could she even question that?  I guess she hasn't read my last post where I was sobbing on all of your shoulders over losing my girl!  But she is SO happy and I am, too.  I'm going over there tonight to look at some of the recent changes.

I liked the way my table turned out.  I can't for the life of me remember where I got the salad plates from but the glasses are from Pier 1 and I used my every day flatware.  The kids took a stand against my antique silver plate until I shine it up.  They don't share that awe we have in wondering who used it way back when!
These are the appetizers, Buffalo Chicken Cups.  They were a big hit.  They are made in won ton wrappers and very simple to throw together.
And finally, my trifle.  I received the dish as a gift over 15 years ago and I did nothing more than display fruit in it.  This trifle consists of layers of angel food cake, strawberries, vanilla pudding and whipped cream.  It was so delicious and simple, I will definitely make it again. 
I totally vegged out on Monday and then yesterday I met Melanie from Comfy House at the Cheesecake Factory out in the burbs.  In spite of my getting lost and ending up 15 miles past the restaurant near O'Hare airport, Melanie was very forgiving and we had a nice long lunch and never stopped talking!  She is incredibly nice and bubbly and since we have been emailing back and forth for months, we were like old friends.  I can't wait to get together again.

The next few days are going to be slow and relaxing.  I am going to hang some new curtains in the kitchen and paint some shelves for the bathroom.  And no, I haven't arranged those darn cookbooks yet, but at least I'll have something to share in my next post.  So off I go.  I hope all of you are having a great week, we have had so much sun lately, it actually looks like spring weather is on the way.  Yay!