Thursday, August 22, 2019


Hello friends!  I wanted to share more of Abby and Tom's wedding, and then I'll be back on track with more of the normal and yet crazy posts expected from me.  So...this is our ground floor room at the Abbey Resort where the three day "destination " wedding took place.  Located in Fontana, WI., just 15 minutes west of Lake Geneva, it was a beautiful setting for a wedding, and we had the most perfect weather.  Our room faced the harbor and had a great view of the gorgeous boats and yachts docked there.  And even better, the pavilion where the actual wedding took place was a stone's throw away.  The block of rooms booked by guests either faced the harbor or the pools (there are three).  I really enjoyed sitting on the chairs outside our door reading my latest book and just enjoying my view.  Funny how my life seems to be wrapped around lakes and water.  

Guests in the wedding party, as well as close family and friends, arrived on Thursday for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  After the practice round we headed over to a large patio where a spectacular Midwest barbecue kicked off the first night.  Later many of us headed to one of the bars in the resort, and then back outdoors to the fire pit.   So much celebrating and overall fun.

Early the following morning my niece, Lizzy, led a yoga class under the shade of the trees.  She recently got her multi-style certification in yoga after a month of hard work in Bali, no less.  Oh, how I wish I had that confident sense of adventure when I was her age.  

The rest of Friday was spent poolside, and we mostly gathered at the one that was child friendly.  So many cute kids, too many to count, including the four ring bearers and four flower girls.  Chairs in the sun and tables in the shade offered something for everyone.  There was a little hut where simple fare was available as well as cold drinks. Sitting with my feet in the water and sipping a Corona with lime was true indulgence.  Most of the guys, and maybe a few ladies--not sure, hit the golf course for eighteen holes.  Here's Abby, the bride to be with my granddaughter, Elsie.

Here's a shot of daughter Emily, Mike, and that little cutie, Madelyn.  Have I mentioned that their baby girl due in November will be named Lucy?  I just love that name.  

Dinner Friday night was outside one of the inn's restaurants.  A sweet family shot.  We had friends from Louisville, Canada, and England make the trek to see Abby and Tom marry.  And there is Papa on the far right.  The highlight of the three days was seeing him have a dance with Abby at the reception.  We all stood around clapping, and Papa even got a little fancy with a some twirling!

 On Saturday morning we met in the bridal suite to have our hair and makeup professionally done.  Abby had gifted me, my sister in law Megan (who was the ceremony minister), and the eight bridesmaids with monogrammed pajama sets and robes.  A huge breakfast was brought in which included eggs, ham, potatoes, bagels and cream cheese, and fresh cut fruit.  A mimosa bar was set up on a dresser.  It's so great to feel pampered like that, and of course, bond with all the ladies.  

Abby received a beautiful gift of jewelry from her Godfather, Jack, who came all the way from Vancouver.  So much family love all around.

Some candid shots just prior to the ceremony.  Here is son, Kevin, with his two precious girls, Elsie and Patsy.  I really need to update my sidebar with more recent pics. 

And this is my grandson Brooks; son, Jeff, and his wife Deidre's little guy.  He and Madelyn look like they are up to mischief, or at least doing that terribly shocking thing of showing what they've eaten, in this case, veggie straws.  Jeff and Deeds are expecting another baby in December.  Our family is growing at an astonishing rate.  

Pics from the ceremony were shared in my last post.  I love this photo of my girls, Emily and Abigail. They are as beautiful inside as out.  I'm beyond happy and blessed to have them and that they have found really wonderful people to marry.

My brother and his wife, Mary Jane, came up from Louisville.  They made a little wrong turn and ended up driving through downtown Chicago during rush hour.  This made their trip over eight+ hours.  Like the troopers they are, once they arrived we took a long walk, had cocktails and dinner, and then mingled.  They got to see some my grandchildren which they had only seen in pictures, and met some of the super nice people in Tom's family.  My brother is a retired high school teacher and coach.  He taught sociology for just over 45 years and coached baseball and football.  He's in the Indiana Hall of Fame for leading his baseball teams to an insane amount of championships.  So it's a happy coincidence that Tom is in high school education and a football coach as well.  It's hard to believe John and MJ are in their early seventies.  No way, right?  They have a tons more energy than me, that's for sure.  

I'm going to end with the father-daughter dance.  I get a tear in my eye just looking at this.  The Husband is the best father I could have ever imagined for my kids.  They look up to him for his values, beliefs, warmth, and wisdom.  Look at those smiles!

So this is it.  Again, if you missed Part I of the wedding, go here.  

I can't believe that I've been such a lazy bum and I haven't written about this pretty great summer I've had (so far).  I'll share some of that in my next post, and some very exciting news!  

Take care,

Jane x 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

A JULY WEDDING: ABBY & TOM I'm popping in really quickly because I am always waiting to write the most perfect post, and this especially, about something so heartfelt as my daughter's wedding.  But I'm not going to postpone a lot at this point.  My blogging habits are sincerely going to change.  And that starts with photos of this happy day on July 13, 2019.

It tugs at my heart that Abby and Tom met just after high school after living in the same neighborhood in Chicago all that time.  To their credit, their relationship was on a steady course throughout college...hundreds of miles apart, stints living separately in the city while stretching their wings, and then together in an apartment with their rescue dog, Squall.

The wedding was a culmination of ten steadfast and loving years.

Abigail was surrounded and supported by her friends and big sister as bridesmaids.  There is so much more to share about the days before the wedding, and on the very day when these girls prepared and helped prepare Abby for her big day.  I'll share that soon.

The gowns were simply lovely.  I loved that they were long, silky, and so flattering on all of these pretty girls.  The flowers were spectacular against the simplicity of the dresses.

Finally, a little peek at the tables at the reception which was held inside the grand dining room of the resort. 

There are so many details I want to share, as well as candid pics.  But I'm always on a writing deadline crunch and I really have to get some discipline going here.  I know you understand. We also know how well that works in summertime! ;-D

I'll be around soon.  Just wanted to share a bit to all of you lovely friends!

Jane x