Monday, June 30, 2014


The lake fireworks show is Friday night.  I think I've told you, everyone goes out on the lake in their boats and anchor and the fireworks are shot off from the island.  We used to have a pontoon boat in addition to the speedboat but it was just too much to take care of so we sold it a few years ago.  But when we had it we could get all of our guests out on the lake.  Now The Husband makes sure he gets the kids out and the rest of us sit on the shore.  As for myself, I sit on my upstairs balcony with 2 shaking basket case sort of pups.  Even the random firecrackers going off now scares the daylights out of Milo.  And another thing we have that is so fun, a live band plays on the shore of the sandbar and everyone anchors and gets into the knee high water to dance and float and play Frisbee.  My sons actually drive our guests over on the boat group by group to drop them off.  Oh, it's so much fun!

Well, that's what I did all weekend.  I was smack dab in the middle of the garden with no shade but definitely my sunscreen and I got a little color.  The Husband worked on cleaning his grill and worked even more on the beach (he is obsessed with having the PERFECT beach).  And Milo met a 
few visiting dogs (not only do our neighbors bring their dogs, their friends bring their dogs so we always have a menagerie of hounds running around).  Milo promptly met a golden retriever,  "Edie" five minutes after we arrived Friday night and actually leaped through the creek to get to her.  It would have made for a great little romantic  video captured in slow motion with the Theme From Chariots of Fire playing. When I jogged over to drag his butt home, he wouldn't come back  via the creek.  I had to walk down the road 1/4 of a mile.  He did double duty on the lead line that night.  

So we are back home and dealing with the rain...more thunderstorms early this evening.  I was able to pull some crabgrass before it backyard garden looks like a jungle and I just don't want to deal with it until next week.  

Well, I'm glad I squeezed in a post.  I still don't have internet at the lake and I may be going as early as Wednesday morning.  So I'm wishing all of you a wonderful and safe Independence Day.  Wave that flag proudly and celebrate!! :)

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Thursday, June 26, 2014


So it was back at the lake last week and all I had left to do was clean up the little Summerhouse (or guesthouse), and that only took an hour.  We hung out with our neighbors a few houses down, they are sort of new friends,  They moved in about three years ago but it's hard to get together with having company or missing each other while on boat rides, etc.  Finally Diane and I exchanged phone numbers so we can text each other instead of yelling across the bay and over a creek, "Come on over and have a beer!"

And this is what's blooming in Michigan.  These are my Eden roses that are supposed to be climbing up the arbor but instead are flopping all over.  I need to pick up some of those fabric ties and coax these pretty roses upward.

With my extra time I made a pretty little tablescape on the patio.  We grilled on Saturday as it was turning to dusk and just as The Husband was taking the food off the BBQ, a storm blew in that almost took everything off the table.  Chicago and northern Illinois were hit much harder by this storm.  Abby had girlfriends over and they made a beeline for the basement when the wind picked up.  My friend Melanie from Comfy House posted pictures of the damage in her area northwest of us in Illinois.  And that's just how the weather has been around here for the past few weeks.  It can be sunny and bright and then 15 minutes later, the skies darken and a storm blows in.  One thing that is constant is the humidity.  Though we rarely go over 80 degrees and the nights are cool, the humidity just hangs in the air making it feel warmer.  Well, enough complaining, I'm happy it's not a drought.


And speaking of Snow and hubby Craig, The Husband and I were invited over to their place for dinner tonight.  They live just up the street but we never seem to get together as much as we want.  Snow is a real estate agent and Craig is a busy lawyer.  Anyway, they just added on to their deck off the back of their house and want to show off a little with dinner al fresco at sunset.

Tomorrow, back to the lake.  I think I'll decorate for the 4th this weekend as people will be coming as early as Wednesday night. Abby grabbed one of my new flags yesterday and popped it into a potted plant on the front porch.  I told it was too early and she wisely said, "It's never too early to be patriotic!" 

 I may hitch a ride with someone depending on The Husband's work schedule.  And this year he is eagerly planning the 2nd Annual Rocky River Kayak Trip.  Just for the adventurous types.  I will be on my (imaginary) hammock sipping a Bloody Mary. 

Happy Weekend! :)


Friday, June 20, 2014


We were downtown (Chicago) today.  The Husband had some medical procedures done at his hospital here and everything came out A~Ok.  So we spent some time wandering around the city. Please bear with me as I share some of the things I treasure about my city.   I have always loved the flower beds surrounded by classic wrought iron.   And these repeat up and down the streets in this area in unified succession. So pretty.  Renowned gardening and landscaping people have designed our sidewalks for years...they are works of art.


And me?  I'm hanging out working in my garden beds whenever the sun breaks through these random thunderstorms we have been having over the past five days.  The rain is great for the grass and plants and flowers, but also for the weeds.  I've gone out between downpours and weeded a's endless, I think.  I spend the rest of my waking hours with those summertime reads...I lay on my bed and pretend it's the beach!  And speaking of we go bright and early!  The hard part is done and we will be getting ready for our 4th of July bash!  Just some fun in the sun with my (healthy) guy and that's all I need!  :)

Happy Weekend to all of you!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I had a bit of time to post on Friday but I thought I would bore you silly.  The week consisted of a little grocery shopping, a little shopping spree with Emily for her birthday, and a lot of puttering in the garden.  The battle continues with the squirrels.  They now know they cannot reach the bird feeder so they scramble around the patio eating seeds that my sloppy little birds drop.  Then, and I don't think they are trying to tuck away the seeds for later, but they have been digging in my pots and popping flowers out left and right.  This morning after being at the lake for several days, I found dead little flowers all over, they had just dried up.  The feeder was empty and I thought maybe I just wouldn't fill it again.  Seriously, I may have to move it and then I'll never hear them or watch their little antics.  I did have a tray of flowers I brought home with me so I potted them up in the poor old pots and I have them spread around, just not on the patio where I like the pop of colors.  Sigh.

A funny thing sort of happened...serendipity~like.  Every year we get a truckload of sand delivered.  It's a long and back breaking job for The Husband to shovel and wheel barrow it into the lake, going out about ten feet so we have a sandy bottom rather then muck.  It takes an entire day if he does it alone, a half day if he has another guy to help.  And this year we actually had it delivered when we weren't there so instead of the guys dumping the truckload on the beach, they dumped it in the driveway, not close to the beach at all.  About 4:00 Saturday afternoon, The Husband laid down for a little nap.  He was tired and sunburned and hadn't made a dent in the sand.  I worked on the patio cleaning the table and chairs, sweeping and arranging everything...just trying to make it livable, when a stranger appeared.  He said he was working on a beach a few houses down and it looked like we needed help.  I was like, "Sure!  When can you start?"  And he replied that his crew was in between jobs and they could start that minute and be done in an hour or less.  I nearly fell over.  Within 5 minutes I had eight guys there with 8 wheel barrows making the trip from driveway to water and back and forth and each time one went by me I was beaming!  The Husband came downstairs and outside after hearing the commotion and I thought he was going to keel over. And you want to hear what's funny?  These guys call themselves The Beach Boys!  And the Husband made sure he got their card!   Darn, I should have gotten pictures of the whole thing.  I hope I didn't bore you, but this whole weekend ritual of getting this place in shape is just something else.

I promise to get back soon.  


Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Anyway, I have been up to my ears in gardening and a lot else has gone to the wayside as a result.  I'm spending hours outside weeding, planting pots, watering, sweeping up birdseed. That bird feeder has become a battleground.  The sparrows scare the wrens and the cardinals scare the sparrows.  They line up on my porch railing waiting their turns.  I'm filling the feeder everyday and what I sweep up I toss into the grass.  They are everywhere!!  The Husband politely suggested I move the feeder near a tree and I said, "No!  I want be able to hear them!"  To which he replied, "I don't think you want to hear what they are saying."

Take a close look at the sign above.  It's attached to an old hoe.  I'm trying to nail it to the house, but it's really difficult to hammer nails into brick.  I've done it before though, just have to hunt for the right nails.  Again, The Husband sighs at my outdoor decor and swears one more nail is going to make the house crumble down.

So I brought him inside, I figured he'd do less damage there.  Well at 8 weeks you can pretty much figure he's not housebroken and he proceeded to relieve himself on my living room area rug.  By the time I came back with paper towels, he was doing #2 next to the spot.


Well, I'm off to get some reading in before bed.  Now remember, if you read my blog and were never able to comment, now you can.  And you can leave your email address if you want. 

Have a great week all! :)