Saturday, October 17, 2009


Happy Saturday!! Today I am linking up with Christine of Christine's Home & Travel Adventures for Sightseeing Saturday, of which she is our gracious hostess. If you have any pictures you would like to post of a vacation or trip, this is the event to to link up with! Today Christine is taking us to Stockholm, Sweden, and I am taking you to Sin City!! I have to admit first, that these are the worst pictures I have ever taken in my life and that is because I just bought a new camera and did not brush up on the manual before leaving, so everything came out terrible. Please bear with me.
I mentioned that we go to Las Vegas every October with a group of people that are related to my husband's business. We have been having this get together for about ten years straight. Every year we stay in a different hotel and this year it was Ballys. Below is a picture of our room from the 22nd floor. Ballys is nice enough, but I have stayed places I have enjoyed more (and some less). After so many years you have pretty much seen everything there is to see as far as shopping and sightseeing, so that leaves shows, gambling and eating, and we did our share of that. So here are some pictures:

The mountains were wonderful to wake up to every morning, as well as the leaning tower of Bellagio (!). I warned you these would be awful pictures... It is on my agenda to stay at the Bellagio because one of my all time favorite movies is Ocean's Eleven. Oh, how I love that movie, I must have seen it ten times!

The grounds of Ballys.

Next door is Paris, where we stayed last year. I loved it. On our first day we had lunch here at Mon Ami Gabi.

The Husband frowns on me for taking pictures of the food, so I take pictures of the menu...

All of the wives went to see Cher at Caesar's Palace. It was a very good show. I have never been a big fan of Cher musically, but I have loved her movies and I loved the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour from the Seventies, from which clips were shown. And true to form, she wore elaborate costumes and head pieces in almost all of her numbers. She isn't much of a dancer, but the scenery was fantastic, as were the backup dancers. She's quite cute too. She said, "People are always asking me why I keep making comebacks..." Pause. "WELL WHAT ELSE AM I GOING TO DO???". Again, my pics aren't great, but she is really pretty, even with the surgical enhancements.

The Husband and I went to the Venetian for dinner one night at a restaurant called Buschon. Last year we ate at Mario Batalli's restaurant in the Venetian and after my stay at the Bellagio, this is next on my list. Then I will be satisfied not having to go to Vegas again. There are other places to see (ask Christine)!! The entire hotel is one big work of art.

The Husband in the entrance.

A terrible picture of an outdoor walkway.

Now these pictures are even worse because they are pictures of pictures. They are instamatic since my camera was doing so poorly. These are group pictures at some of our joint dinners.

I would be the blonde.

And so we arrived back home a few days ago and I am $400.00 up. I probably blogged more when I was there than I do at home just to pass the time!! I saved money that way too!!
I plan to be in some events next week now that things have slowed down again. I want to thank everyone that responded so kindly to my last post about my mother in law. I am sure she is up in heaven smiling right now at all of you. And I also want to let you know that my dad is being evaluated medically before starting radiation and they think he will be finished with the treatment by the holidays. I am so happy. His doctor says that he is healthy and fit and so I am hoping and praying for the best. Thank you again so much!


Lori E said...

Well I guess I know what movie you are going to write about for the next Writer's Challenge.
I am so not a gambler and my husband loves it. I don't know how we have stayed together for 34 years because we have nothing in common. Lol.
There is so much to see in Vegas but after a few trips it is more of the same. I agree.
Don't get me started on the smoking there. Oh Boy. It is illegal to smoke in any building or entryway in British Columbia.We are very used to that clear air here and suffer terribly when we travel.
There is so much food in Vegas. We like the better restaurants and there is no shortage of those there.
Cher is really something. She can't really dance much with those costumes on because they weigh more than she does.

Julie Marie said...

Hello Jane, wonderful post! Of course you are the blonde! You are more beautiful than Cher! And I am sure alot sweeter... you sort of have to like her though, she has really hung in there all these years... I used to love the Sonny and Cher show as well... I have all their old, old albums... Glad you came home with the $400 winnings! Any Elvis sitings??? Love to you! Bisous... Julie Marie PS Hope your family is all doing ok... prayers to everyone...

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Janie, so glad you had a good time and that you took lots of pics for you and for us! :-)

I've never been, and it looks like a fascinating place. Cher looks GREAT! I think the blonde hair works for her. She's something else, and she is funny. I've had friends who have seen her in concert and enjoyed it very much.

I can't get over the insides of the hotels. What posh places they are! I've heard the Bellagio is amazing, and you confirmed it with these shots.

Love to you...


Sheila :-)

Michelle said...

Glad to hear your dad is doing better! Looks like a fun trip.

niartist said...

Oh Jane, the one place I've never been but have always wanted to go! Thank you for your beautiful pictures! :) Felt like I was there with ya! Speaking of, hope you can check out the first of the many interior shots of the house now that I'm having better luck with my camera. The first of the series is up now! Thanks for stopping by the blog! :) I'm glad you read ;)

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi Jane,

Sounds like you had a nice time in Vegas despite your camera troubles, I think your photos are just fine anyway!
So you won $400 thats great! My biggest gambling win I think was $45.00 at keno, whoopee!

Ya, Cher probably was afraid to dance around too much, at her age she could fall and break a hip or something! But she does still look great and I hear her shows are really something to see!!

Also want to tell you that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your Dad through his chemo treatments.

My sister has only two more rounds of chemo left and I pray for her as well, that there will no more necessary after that.

Btw, I'm having a giveaway!! if you're interested, Come on by!


xinex said...

Hi Janie! I love Venetian and Bellagio, love walking through the shops. I would have loved to see Cher's concert and I think that alone would have made it worth your Vegas trip. I watched Jersey Boys with my classmates the last time we were there and really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for participating in Sightseeing Sat. and I really enjoyed your pictures even if some were blurred. You had a big group and lucky you for being ahead of the game....Christine

xinex said...

I forgot to mention how happy I am about your dad's progress. I'll keep him in my prayers...Christine

Sherri said...

Went to Vegas this summer for the very first time, took my teen daughter. We had fun touring all the hotels. Was way hot though then.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Janie,
What cute pics of you! Dan and I were only in Vegas once and it was in July, the temps were averaging 113 degrees and we had 2 testy 13 year olds with us. Enough said. I think going with adults would be oh so much more fun! The thing is I am not a gambler and the shows are so expensive. I would like to see Cher though, she has such a great sense of self! It's cool here today but at least the sun in shining! Take care my friend, Cindy

Helen said...

Mornin' Miss Blondie!
Thanks for this roam through Sin City ..... enjoyed it thoroughly.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

And betcha' you were glad to be home. :-)

Thank you so much for giving an update on your father. I wanted to ask, but.... Thank you for telling us. Best wishes to him.

Tee said...

I'm unbelievably jealous that you get to go to Vegas every year. I've only been once, for my 40th b-day in 2007, and have been trying to figure a way to get back since then. We stayed at the Mirage, but my dream is the Bellagio, too. Go easy on yourself- the pictures are better than you think.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Bright and early Monday morning, please check with your doctor, concerning the further flu shot stuff. Please...

And have you had the anti-pneumonia shot?

Aunt Amelia is checking up on you, you know! :-)

Laura said...

What a wonderful trip and that Cher is something else.

Enjoyed visiting- as usual!


Deanna said...

Hi Janie,
I so enjoyed your photos of Vegas. We haven't been back since 2000 and I'm sure that it's changed a lot since then!

Glad to hear about your dad.

Deanna :D

Kat said...

Janie I'm so glad you had a good trip. I've never been to Vegas. DH has been several times on business but it's just not something that's ever appealed to me. Guess I'm more of a fuddy duddy than I want to admit lol. Glad you made it home safe and sound (and 400.00 up - that's great!) Kathy

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hey Jane - we stayed at Bally's last year when we went. The Paris looked great - we almost stayed there. It was the first time we went to Vegas - for a suprise birthday party for a friend - had a great time, even got time in at the Hoover Dam. Looks like your group had fun!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Fun post! I love Las Vegas! I don't gamble very much but I love to see all the casinos and see the shows. I'd love to see Cher ...I loved her's and Sonny's show when I was a young teen.

From the Old InkWell said...

Looks like a fun trip! I've been to Vegas once and was so impressed with all there is to do and see even without gambling!! Thanks for sharing!

Signing Out said...

What a fun post! I enjoyed your photo tour. I've never been to Vegas, but it looks like you all had a really fun time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! I'm hoping for the best for your dad and pray all will be over and he'll be better before the holidays.
Oh, I love Vegas too! I don't gamble but love to eat and see the shows. We saw Cher too and it was great wasn't it! I think she body and face love to be chopped up, because she does look good.
I've never stayed at the Bally! There is just so much to see and do there!
Now, Jane, you are the most beautiful one of all your friends! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Dana and Daisy said...

Looks like you had a great trip!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Looks like you had a fun time, Jane. No worries about the pics...I struggle with that too! My husband and I got married in Vegas and stayed at the Hilton, which was real fancy at the time! Thanks for sharing.

Fondly, Carrie

Lorrie said...

Hi Jane, I've never been to Las Vegas, so I enjoyed your photos and descriptions. The Bellagio is really something! Sounds like you did have a nice time.

Glad you enjoyed Cher. I think she's quite a character and she does look great, surgical enhancements or not. Like Sheila, I think that blonde hair works for her!

Glad to hear that your dad's treatment is moving along and that he's doing well.

Unknown said...

These pictures are fabulous!!! I have never been to Vegas! It is so weird to see the desert hill backdrop to the big city!! I would love to see Cher in concert, I bet she puts on a great show!!

Natalie Meester said...

Just getting back to you about the burlap.

You can find it in the sewing section at Walmart, or Hobby Lobby BUT I prefer JoAnn Fabrics or Hancock Fabrics...theirs are just a little bit better quality with not as many flaws.

I purchased my last batch at JoAnn's for $2.99 a yard BUT had a 50% off coupon for it so it ended up being around $1.50! You can't beat that!

Hope this helps you out.

I have never been to's on my someday list.

Fall Hugs & Blessings,


Deb said...

Getting together as a group each year sounds like so much fun! What a fabulous time you had ~ loved seeing all the photos.

Anonymous said...

I never think of mountains when I think about Las Vegas - what a great picture :)

It looks like you had a lot of fun, and I'm jealous that you were able to see Cher!

One of these days I'll make it out there...

Melissa Miller said...

I just LOVE Vegas Jane and have been a few times over the years!!!! LOVE it sooooo much!
How fun! Your pictures are AWESOME and you look beautiful sweet friend.

~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! I've always wanted to go to Vegas and now I feel I have!lol Looks like a lot of fun even if you have been doing it all these years! I've gone back to read what I've missed on your posts! You have such an incredible writing skill! I am sorry about your mother-in-law and wish the best for your Dad!! Glad you had a second to stop by! Enjoy the rest of the week - Sincerely, Jeannette

KarenB said...

Did you have a good time with The Wives? And were you out here during our most recent heat wave? It may have been different in LV, but we had over 100 last week. I agree that there is only so much to see and do in LV. I'm not a gambler so that REALLY limits me. I also pretty much only window shop there too. I'm so glad you had a good time. God bless your Dad.

Coloradolady said...

Hi Blondie!! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet really makes my day. I love Vegas as well as my are right, there is so much to see there, and do, it offers something for everyone...loved your pictures....makes me want to book a flight!

Fifi Flowers said...

I think I need a trip to Vegas... have not been in YEARS!!!!

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