Monday, July 19, 2010


I went to the farm stand bright and early Saturday morning and picked up some corn and blueberries and this stunning sunflower. Plopped it in some cold water in the kitchen and admired it. I've always wanted to grow sunflowers, we used to have a field of them nearby.
Isn't it beautiful? We tried to make the most of our day but it was SO hot, in the mid 90's. We went for a boat ride, anchored and floated around in the water which was so warm. We came back and I put ribs on the grill and sat on the covered patio. Very little breeze so I moved to the Summerhouse which is filled with windows and a ceiling fan. Still too hot. I gave up and went into the air conditioned house, wilted but pleased that I made it until 7:00 p.m.
Sunday was not better. I moved Miss Sunflower outside and she couldn't seem to handle it.
Poor girl. I feel like I killed her. Oh well, so much for the saga of Miss Sunflower.

I have had some new wrought iron furniture for almost 2 years. I bought it from Overstock at the end of the season, a coffee table for the furniture on my front porch and a bistro table which I had planned for the balcony off the master room. Well, the garage was cleaned out a few weekends ago and the boxes discovered by the husband. I think he was motivated to put them together just to get them out of his clean garage. Men...
After he had the bistro table assembled, he shopped the garden and found some pretty flowers and a table runner. He was pretty happy with himself.
And I am happy to say that Sunday afternoon a thunderstorm rolled in and we had some much needed rain and it also cooled off a bit. The weekend ended on a good note. I hope it did for all of you as well. See you later in the week! :-)


Paula@SweetPea said...

It must be hot everywhere. Hopefully we'll all get a break soon. At least you could get in the water to cool off!

Your sunflower is so pretty. I'd love to grow them but the deer find them tasty!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jane,
Poor little pitiful sunflower. I hope you had a back-up.
By the way your kitchen is beautiful.

Keep cool.


Lorrie said...

I can totally relate to that sunflower. We have had temps in the 80s-90s with high humidity here in NC for weeks. I am completely wilted...

Stacey said...

Hot here too! Yesterday I think it might have officially been over 100degrees. Ick.

Your sunflower is still pretty. :)

Kim said...

I feel like that sunflower Blondie. I'm giving up - my plants are going to have to fend for themselves. The worst thing about this heat is that I can't even get outside to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I'm done!

Julie Marie said...

Hi Jane, love your new patio furniture! And your sunflower is so pretty... do you still have it? If so, take it out of the water and set it out in the sun... it will dry and the birds can eat the sunflower seeds!... It is hot here too, 100 degrees almost every day now... lots of sweet tea at our house! xoxo Julie Marie

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Well that's just lovely! Your husband sure is getting the knack of things! I can't believe you had these in your garage for 2 years. LOL! Sorry about the sunflower, I think we all can relate to it though!

Marigene said...

I have had sunflowers do that every once in awhile...wonder why?
Cute bistro set!

PAT said...

We are wilted here, at the lake, too, Jane. Had some thunderstorms move through, though. I am looking at the temp on my computer, for home and it says 77. We heard on the radio they were having storms up there. It's around 90 here, I believe.

When we were out this morning, we stopped at an Amish produce stand. They had red and yellow tomatoes so we bought both...they also had black diamond watermelon. Those are so good. We sampled and we were not disappointed. We do what we have to do to get through the dog days of summer.:-)

I love your sunflower. I used to grow different varieties. We also have had volunteers from the bird feeders.

Jane said...

Isn't it a shame when it gets so darn hot that we can't even enjoy being outside? I just got home from work and feel as wilted as your sunflower. I hoping for a little cooler weather but it looks like the 90's all week.
Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing weekend....just what weekends are made for.
Enjoy your week.

Olive said...

I will be that sunflower in a few minutes cause it's 100 degress outside and I have stuff to plant and apparently I am crazy. Have a lovely week sweet Jane! olive

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

We got rain yesterday too and it was much needed! I could hear my grass sighing......aaahhhhhh

Hot as heck down here too!

Love the sunflower, even if she did give it up!

Lou Cinda :)

Linda said...

I like the glimpse of your kitchen behind the sunflower! Loved your post!! Sorry about your flower! said...

Hi Jane,
Did you know you can dry that beautiful sunflower? When mine are done 'showing off;) I tie them together with jute, trip their stems and hang them on the beams in my kitchen. I love how they look when they are dried too. Your kitchen is beautiful!!!!And I love your outdoor set. Such a pretty place to relax:)We are having some sort of storm at the moment. Maybe it will cool things off a bit.
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

From the Old InkWell said...

Hi Jane, I've been away from blogland for a while and was wondering if you have redone your kitchen while I've been away? Looks wonderful behind that pretty sunflower.

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

HI Jane. It has been very hot here too. IN the 100's. That poor little sunflower! Bless its heart. Boy our plants are suffering here too!
Love your bistro is perfect. Your hubby did a great job. That little table will be nice to sit at....when it cools down...oh about midnight! Hahaha...

Unknown said...

I love Sunflowers! They grow wild here in Utah. I would love to grow some. Sorry it did not last!
Love the Bistro set! Oh Your kitchen is beautiful!
I like it!

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Jane......we are traveling the country and it IS HOT everywhere. Currently we are in Park City Utah and it is a " cool" 93. Love it that you can get away to the water tho.....that must help a little.


Sue said...

It seems as if I've felt like that little sunflower for weeks now. I can't stand to be outside until after about 5:00 p.m. Oh well, thank goodness for air-conditioning!

Love the bistro set:)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Jane,
I love your new bistro set, it looks so pretty with the table linens. It's been hot and humid here too but I am not complaining because I know winter will be long.
Your kitchen is so charming at the Lake House, love it!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

The bistro set is great. We had a big storm roll through here this afternoon, tornado warning and all. No damage in our little town that I know of, but got some good rain.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Saturday was awful here, too. I'm over in the NE. But Sunday was actually nice, minus humidity. And it's the humidity that gets me. More so, as I age.

Oh that poor little sunflower. You had better be *ashamed*!<--Kiddding!!!

Yes, your kitchen is charming!!!

Oh and of course, it's hot again today, Monday. I read it's El Nino or whatever. And this El Nino has changed, so it will eventually get cooler. So in the end, this year may not go down as so very hot.

Wish the temp changes would hurry up!!!

Terra said...

We have a bistro set too, they are very useful and pretty. How sad your sunflower and you wilted. I plant sunflower seeds each year of all different kinds and colors. You could even dare to plant a packet this week, they love heat and sun.

Sarah said...

Jane, I've just had the most enjoyable visit scrolling down and reading through all your recent posts about the area around your lake house. How nice to have enjoyed this home for so many years. It looks like the perfect spot to just hang out and relax, and a wonderful retreat for family and friends. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. I feel like I've had a little get away to the lake. ~ Sarah


Hi Jane, Awww your sunflower looked so pretty in your kitchen! I have always wanted to grow them too and never seem to get around to it! My sister in law does a great job with hers...maybe next year! I love that after your hubby put together the table and chairs he did his own tablescape, so sweet, tell him I said he did a great job! I hope you have a great week!

Sarah said...

Jane, I've had you on my blog roll but just realized that I wasn't among the list of followers on your sidebar. Not sure why. I thought I was a follower. So I'm there now. ~ Sarah

Kat said...

What a lovely weekend. Although right now I feel about like that poor sunflower. We've been busy setting up the showroom and it is WAY to hot to be moving things up and down stairs. Thank goodness for Sonic :) Kat

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Loved this post! Yes, it is hot, i hope we get some rain too.
Oh and your kitchen is beautiful! Love the hutch.

Heidi said...

Hi Jane,
I don't know how you stand the heat. I have a chance to head out to Boston for a few days next week, and that's the only thing stopping me from jumping on it! I wilt just like that sunflower when I get overheated. But I don't look nearly as good. Just red-faced and drippy. Not a pretty sight!
Your husband's "decorating" is pretty good, funny how they pick up signals from us on how to do things (the runner and the plant, both so wrong, and yet, because he did it - so right!!)So sweet of him!
Enjoy your week, hopeit stays a bit cooler for you.
Heidi - Heart and Home

xinex said...

Lol! That's funny, you got Alan decorating now too and tell him he did a good job. Love the iron bistro. I am always partial to wrought iron. I fell so sorry for your sunflower, it looks so sad when he was so happy in the beginning. I am going to CA and really sad cause my classmate's 28 yr old son died after a seizure (didn't even make it to the hospital) and he was a perfectly healthy guy before that happened. Have a nice week too, Janie!...Christine

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Wow! What a guy... not only assembled but decorated it, too! We got a little rain yesterday & there is a chance of storms for Tues. We're keeping our fingers crossed!
Karla & Karrie

Theresa said...

Oh Jane, Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love sunflowers too! I have been driving by a house with a huge garden with nothing but sunflowers! I kept saying that I was going to stop and take a picture. After a week on vacation, when I drove by this morning they were all wilted. I was upset with myself that I had not taken a picture.

I love the table and chairs, great find! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Privet and Holly said...

Poor little
sunflower ~
how sad is
that??? A
perfect metaphor
for those really
beastly hot days.
We haven't had
a lot like those
here at home,
but when I was
in Savannah,
xx Suzanne

Debbie said...

Wow Jane!!! your kitchen is fabulous! I love the ceiling in there!
Did you give the sunflower a fresh cut and put it in warm water? Sometimes that brings them back.
The husband did a great job on the bistro set and little table arrangement.
I'm so glad you had a nice weekend.
WE had a tornado on the north side of the lake...minimal damage..thank the LORD!

Painter's Place said...

I love your kitchen! I bought me some sunflower packets this year and didn't even plant them. It's so hot here, they probably wouldn't have made it anyway, but I'm going to next year.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Jane! Awwwww...poor little sunflower! I can understand why it wilted though. Love your bistro set. I have been looking for one myself. Stay cool!~Hugs, Patti

Lori E said...

Oh you have to connect this to Tablescape Thursday giving hubby full credit.

Terri Steffes said...

Poor flower!

Love the furniture and the fact that hubby did the table design. Shows that the world is really out of whack with the heat and all...

Anita Diaz said...

Love the sunflower! I am trying again to grow some. They look like they have buds, so I can keep hoping! We are having a lot of humidity and heat here also. Not fun, but it beats the snow we had ALL winter!

The Barnett Family said...

Loved your lake are sooo lucky to have a lake home. Don't you just love sunflowers. They just SCREAM summer to me. There are some local fields in our area just full of them. The farmers grow them for the oil. Thanks for sharing and stopping by.

Pondside said...

The weekend here was perfect...not as hot as yours, though. Poor little sunflower - were you as wilted as she?

Cass @ That Old House said...

What a gorgeous kitchen! I have enlarged the picture 3 times to look at it. (Is that creepy? Nah.)

Poor Miss Sunflower... gone but not forgotten. At least she got a chance to shine on her own, fulfilling her calling. I am finding it hard to keep cut flowers looking good in the house in this heat, even with the AC on!

My family used to have sunflower growing contests each year, which my dad usually won with HUGE flowers, but Howard and I lived in NYC at the time and had no way of growing any sunflowers -- I would cheat and buy one to enter in the contest!

Looks like it's lovely at the lake this summer, even if it is hot. Thank goodness for those occasional thunderstorms.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Sad sunflower! ;(
But lOVE the new furniture. So pretty!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I love your sunflower. I am growing them in my cutting garden. Both tall and short ones. The bistro table looks great! Here is wishing you some cooler weather. We need some too.

Sue said...

Hey Janie girl!!! Hope you aren't quite as wilted as that poor little sunflower! It's been hot here too, but I think we are getting a little reprieve this week. Loved seeing the pics of all those gorgeous lake homes. My niece who just got married is going up to some lake at the end of the month. Her in-laws, who are from Chicago, have a lake house. She and John are now living in Chicago since he works for the big 10 network. I gotta find out where they go. I was telling them about you and your little corner of the world. Wouldn't it be funny if that is where they are going? Hope all is well in your world. hugs, Sue

The Charm of Home said...

Oh, I love your bistro set. It looks wonderful the way you set it up. Your sunflower was very pretty. We planted some of these, but they aren't thriving. May have to buy fake ones. Thanks for stopping by. Sherry

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh yes, it's hot everywhere! I love that sunflowers, that one was beautiful, sorry it had such rough time! Great patio table and runner!


Heaven's Walk said...

Hi Jane! Wow! LUV your kitchen, girl!!! I'm so jealous! I adore the open shelving and the mix of gray, white and brown. Beautiful!!!

Lucky girl that your hubby would put that together for you - AND decorate it! lol! Do you have a special place you're going to put it, or is he in charge of that, too? LOL!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I have a big love for your kitchen!! ;)

Brenda Pruitt said...

What an adorable bistro set, Jane! I wouldn't have been able to bear knowing that was in the garage and I couldn't get it out. That's impatient me. And get this. I can't seem to grow of all things sunflowers! I plant them and either they don't come up, or they barely come up and then die.

Pamela said...

Hi Jane!

I love sunflowers one of my favourite flowers.
I really love your kitchen!!
It doesn't get that hot here on the west coast. My cousin just came out to visit me from Ontario to escape the heat and bugs!
Stay cool!
Pamela xo

Shirley said...

Hi Jane, Your sunflower reminded me about the ones that we saw while we were tootling as I call it last fall. There were fields of them and they were beautiful. My husband and I like to just get in the car and go with no particular destination on two lanes roads to see the countryside. I don't care where we go as long as I get home at night. I love your sharing pictures of the beautiful countryside because it is my way of traveling. We have got down in the 70's after the storms. They looked like they are headed your way. Take care.

Sandra said...

I love cheery! Glad to hear you got some of the Phoenix valley have had a cloud burst but no rain for us. By the end of July I have to question our sanity and why we live here...only three more months of heat!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I'm soooo sorry... I know I shouldn't have laughed about your fear that you had killed your sunflower...but it cracked me up. She was cute in the beginning though! :-) Love them too.

Warm huggies,

Barb said...

Hi Janie, I love the sunflower. They are so regal and stately, aren't they?

The patio set is just adorable. The perfect place for a quick summer drink!

Stay cool....sweet one.

Hugs, Barb ♥

Karen said...

Good morning!
Why do sunflowers do that? It's almost like you need to wire them to stand up straight. But they are a sunny happy flower - who doesn't like a sunflower!
Just love visiting your lake house. I'm laughing that your dh cleaned out the garage and did his own little vignette! You are rubbing off on him! Fun!
Have a wonderful day!
:) Karen

Mary Lou said...

Hi Jane, I'm coming to you from Podso. I've taken the last several mins to scan your blog and enjoyed it so much. Every day I am amazed at something from blogging. Today it is the fact that Mr. Lowe made zillions from kitty litter and his wives share the same view..
I am likey our wilted sunflower. We are officially in drought in VA.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Oh my, that droopy sunflower is such a sad sight. But hey it's probably just doing what most of us want to do in the heat. I think your bistro set is absolutely charming.

stefanie said...

maybe he is just sad because you didn't take him on the boat...hahaha

Rettabug said...

You have a wonderfully kind & caring husband, Jane! I think its great that he would do that table & chairs for you. It looks pretty sitting there in the grass & I just know we will see at least ONE special tablescape set on it before the summer is over. ;-)


Donna said...

Those sunflowers touch my mother who died 5 years ago, just loved them! So- whenever I see sunflowers, I am reminded of her very sunny personality. Yours are very lovely!!!

Unknown said...

G'morn, Jane ~ Love the outdoor setting, so relaxing & inviting.

Sunflowers are so lovely ... our are enjoying lots of gold finches, so we are enjoying the entertainment as they all flit up, down & about.

Have a beautiful summer day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

We are wilting over here too, just like that sunflower. Too hot for me, I'm excited for fall to arrive. And people wonder why Halloween is my favorite time of year! lol
That set is so pretty, a perfect place to sit with a lemonade.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

It's hot here, too, Janie, and I thought I would roast alive over the weekend in Central Florida. I mean HOT! I like to be an indoor face in the summer.

Getting ready to go to St. Augustine for the weekend. Lots of family goings on and two parties. So if I'm MIA you'll know why. I have been MIA this past week as I noted in a post because my computer was on the blink. Found out it was having two sets of virus control, and I must have hit a button or something that stopped me from accessing the net. Several trips to Best Buy (Mr. Magpie forgot the power cord once), and the problem is over.


Sheila :-)

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Poor little sunflower :) I love a good thunderstorm. We don't get them often but love them when we do!

Debbiedoos said...

Awwww....that was so pretty to sunflowers myself...the heat is unbearable here too...and we just came home from a vaca in Florida...needless to say I am enjoying my cool indoors. Debbie

Ashley ~ said...

Your Sunflower looks about like I feel on some days, but the sweet comments and prayers from sweet friends like you feels like a refreshing summer rain to my soul, and I keep hanging in here. Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers ~ (((Hugs & Love))


Anonymous said...

Oh crazy HOT here, too! We've been stuck inside pretty much all week. I wait until sunset to go outside to do anything, otherwise, I just melt in the heat. Glad to hear it cooled off for you a bit.
Your sunflower looked so beautiful in your kitchen, which is awesome, BTW!!
Have a wonderful weekend!
~ Jo :)

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I think we all feel like that SUNFLOWER in this HEAT!!! Take care and I hope you have a FUN weekend:)


Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

LOL...I can't believe you had boxed up furniture in the garage from two years ago. Love that kitchen! We planted a field of sunflowers when we first moved to the farmette. It was just gorgeous in late summer. The following year we did the same thing and the deer up everything. I have tried a couple of times since then but to no avail. I miss that gorgeous field of sunniness. Have a beautiful weekend Jane.

Karen said...

70 comments!!! Wow Jane you are very popular.

Love that furniture, I need something like this for our back porch..will have to check out Overstock... it's a great site for lots of things and I always forget about it till someone reminds me.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen. Great colors..nice vibe.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Jane,
Miss Sunflower was very pretty. They don't seem to keep their heads for long, or at least mine don't here in the garden but I still love them even when they're "resting" their heads a bit!
Cute bistro table and the set up turned out so cute!

shabbyfufu said...

Hi Janie.....I can tell you that it's just as hot down here in Florida, and will be for months to come! Sunflowers are something that I never now I know why. Love your "new" little bistro set! ~xo~Janet

FranE said...

I have felt totally like the sunflower when I have gone out to the garden.
Beautiful setting.
Hope you have a great summer.

Kathleen Ellis said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! It's been sooo hot here, too...too hot for my tastes! Hope you are enjoying your summer! Happy weekend!
;-D Kathleen

Elaine said...

Cool bistro set!

Oh it has been way too hot lately. I have been a shady lady myself..staying in the air conditioned office, or car, or condo. I can't wait til Fall or my August trip to the Vineyard!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday Jane,Oh my ..I love your bistro ..I am looking for end of summer clearance then I am going to shop!

Deanna said...

Hi dear!
Well, I felt so sad about your little Sunflower girl! I can understand how it wilted though. So far I've managed to kill two lavender plants, one gerber daisy pot and two rose bushes! Well, it really wasn't was the Texas heat!

I absolutely loved the tour of the houses on the lake and that sweet little cottage was just plain adorable. We should all have a little cottage like that to relax in don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! I'm feeling like the poor sunflower right now! It was 103 at 10am!!! Too much!!! BUT your lake pictures cooled me right down! The first house w/gazebo is outstanding - love the way the shingles flair out (the left side of the pic)and I'm glad you didn't fall off the boat!!!lol the little art studio I fear is more in my price range!lol Hope you had fun/still having fun at the lake! Keep cool - Sincerely, Jeannette

Heartfelt living said...

It has been hot here too! I'm sure once it cools down you will enjoy sitting at your beautiful patio set. The veiw is just perfect!
I know how you feel about your sunflower. They are such happy flowers. I have tried to grow them but haven't had much luck. Maybe next year.
Try to stay cool.

koralee said...

Oh it is sooo hot here too my my parents home it was over 100...thank goodness for ac.
Wishing you a great new week...maybe with some cooler weather? xo

Judi said...

Hi Jane
Nice that you could be out on the water to keep cool...but I know if its hot and there isn't much of a breeze only the a/c will help.
Your poor sunflower...the same thing happened to my daisies last weekend..

Your new furniture is set up and ready for some outdoor dining...nice.

Hope you've been well and managing to keep cool...hopefully its cooler for you is here this morning.

have a great one!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Good Morning Jane,
I just wanted to stop by and say hi! Did you have a good weekend? I also want to invite you and Al up to our place anytime, the door is open. Would love to have you!
Summer sure goes fast doesn't it? Winter seems to creep but summer just flies!!!

Melissa Miller said...

Whew! That is one hot day Jane. It's sooo hot here too. The sunflower is such a happy flower. I just love em'. Beautiful!

Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Maryrose said...

Hi Jane,
I feel like such a stranger...I have missed my visits. I hope to be a bit more regular for a while. Love the saga of the sunflower, they are such happy flowers. The lakehouse sounds heavenly as usual and I "do" so much enjoy hearing about your adventures there. Try and stay cool and I will back to visit soon.

GwendolynKay said...

I thank God for air conditioning... I wonder who invented it? He should have a national day of celebration in the summer! ha!
Love your bistro set.

Shellbelle said...

Well, deadlines and Mrs. Magpie kept me busy last week, so I missed this post. Next time you get a sunflower try making a nice fresh cut on an angle and then put it in a vase with lukewarm water. This way the stem will absorb the water and stay pretty for a least a week. The trick is the lukewarm water.

Love your "new" bistro set!

Susan Payton said...

Your kitchen is abosolutlely gorgeous. We are remodeling ours right now. I'll be glad when the project is completed. Tired of the house being torn apart.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

You and I have left comments near each other on other blogs so I just wanted to say hello to you. I have just become a "follower" of your blog too. I love this sunflower post because I think that is how we are all feeling these days! You have a fun blog and it's so nice to meet you. I'd love it if you would come over and say hello to me.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

PS. My little icon has disappeared so when I became your follower I'm sure it just shows up as a little silhouette...sorry. I haven't been able to figure out how to get that little rosebud back again!