Thursday, April 29, 2021



I made this little cutie for my granddaughter with more requests from the rest.  Isn't it precious?  I was actually at Hobby Lobby with Emily and the girls and came upon the needlework section.  I saw three tiny kits to make this, as well as a sloth, and an owl.  I asked Madelyn if I could make this little lamb for her.  She said, "Yes, Grandma, but it's a unicorn."  Oh, well, I still think it looks like a lamb.  I made the sloth for daughter Abby because, fits.

I became very interested again in needlework since I'm pretty much off my feet several hours a day.  I rummaged through some of my half finished projects as well as  samplers, which I'm really not interested in doing.  I will say that Amalia at Handmade By Amalia truly inspired me to get into some of the whimsical hand stitching she does so well.  I have none of her talent.  She tells the most wonderful stories and poems on her blog and Instagram feed-give her a visit!   I have some online projects ordered.  I'm sad to say there isn't much at all to be found in Hobby Lobby or Michael's.  I drove out (into the burbs) to a Jo Ann Fabric and they had zero.  Nothing.  A few cheap counted cross stitch kits.  And they're selling clothing and jewelry now. What???  If you do any sort of this using an online shop, please let me know.

And this is my only photo for you, I still can't load them.  I have even searched You Tube and there was a video in which a guy concurred with the dumbass picture loading issues with Blogger and illustrated how he copies and pastes his images, but it wasn't clear from where.  This really doesn't bode well with bloggers who seem to be disappearing quickly.  I'm determined to keep it up.  I found blogging and blogging found me after my sister died.  Writing gave me the chance to escape from the real and cruel world, and forced me to look at the good things in my life.  I still go back in my blog which I started  in 2009, and although my photos are lousy, it brings back things I had forgotten, from people, parties, vacations, everyday happenings, and then the photos.  A written journal doesn't have that impact.  And I keep everything here clean and fun as opposed to my written journals!

If anyone uses Blogger, please email me with your advice.  

So this is a photo of Poppy playing in the daffs:


We've had a lot of rain so as you can't see, they are mud spattered and drooping.  I can see them from the house all along the fence and that's where they can stay.  The tulips are really coming up now-I cannot wait for their show!🌷
And this is a picture of a new garden bed:


I'm happy I got it mostly up and running last fall so there really wasn't any hard work to be done--I did the pointing and The Husband did all the digging.  I'll tell you another time what was planted, I've lost the stick markers. I still use that free phone app called Picture This.  Just snap a photo of your flower, plant, bush, tree, or weed and it will identify it and give you all sorts of info.  I also have some flower seeds planted; four 'o clocks, moonflowers, zinnias, and cosmos.

I don't really know when we will get back to the lake to just hang out.  The kids are coming up the weekend of May 15 to help unload all of the summer furniture, beach toys, and all things outdoors. The boat will be dropped off and we have The Beach Boys replenishing sand and weeding.  I didn't make a big mark in the cleaning of the house the last time I was there and that includes a ton of laundry and getting the guest rooms company ready.  I'm going to pick up some drop cloth from a hardware store and cut sections it to drape over the beds whenever I leave.  No one wants to sleep in a bed that has sat in a room undisturbed for weeks.  I leave windows cracked but I always wash my bedding and dust my room upon arriving or else my allergies would go bonkers.  So that's my lightbulb idea.  

Between my back issues and The Husband having new health problems, I'm doing my best to consolidate appointments into chunks so we can get away whenever we can, whether it be the lake, Asheville, a getaway vacation somewhere warm, anywhere.  I really hope so.  

My current read is Daughter's of Erietown by Connie Schultz. It had good reviews and I was having a real fiction mood.  It really is good so far.  

Well, I'm off for now.  I'll probably think of a zillion other things I could have mentioned but it's about time I was short and sweet!

Be well 🌸

Jane x


Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Jane, I love your little lambie/unicorn! Sorry you couldn't find any needlework kits. You might have to search on-line for those. I had no idea that you lost your sis. Sorry to hear that. I started my blog when I lost my Mom in 2011. I used to share everything with her and then she was gone and I had nobody to share all those little things we used to love and do together and so I just started sharing it all on the blog. I am so grateful for all my sweet blog friends. I follow Amalia's blog, too, and she is so sweet and inspiring with her amazing creativity. I like your idea of covering the beds at the lake-house. Anything to make life easier, especially when you are dealing with so much right now. Sorry about the photo problem. The copy and paste method works great for me, but you have to download your photos into a file first. Sometimes these things can lead to so much frustration. Enjoy your beautiful garden, even if we can't see it. Sending hugs x K

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Good morning Jane. I loved The Daughters of Erietown that I read her book about her husband's campaign. So sorry about your problems loading pics. Hopefully someone better equipped with technology than me will be able to help. I noticed in your post that the font size changes midway. Did you do it on purpose? For some reason my blogger has a mind of its own and randomly chooses font size. Have a good weekend.

Mary said...

Enjoyed this post dear friend and wish I could write more but am having a flare of that darned Polymyalgia Rheumatica again (#3) and my hands are useless at present. Doctor visit this week and have started back on meds. this morning - hoping to have less pain and more mobility soon!
Thinking of you and sending hugs.

Vee said...

So sorry for your troubles with uploading photos. It has to be a frustration to the 10th power. The unicorn really does look like a lamb. Gotta love kid wisdom. I also admire your resolve to keep on going.

My current blogging problem is that I can rarely comment. Let's check this one...

Lorrie said...

Hello Jane,
Cute little unicorn/lamb. I want to make some little things for my grands, too.

It took me a bit to figure out how to load photos in the new blogger, but I haven't had any problems so far. Here's what I do.

I use a Surface Pro and I use either Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

I open Blogger and go to new post.

I click on the picture icon and click Upload From Computer. (I store all my photos on my computer). Then I go to Choose Files and I am able to choose multiple photos by holding down the Control button as I click on the ones I want.

Click Open (from the picture file) and the photos should appear in the box in Blogger. Then I make sure all of them are highlighted, then un-highlight all of them, and re-highlight them in the order I want them to appear in the post. Click Select at the bottom and they should appear in your post.

I then compose my post and enlarge the photos before publishing.

I'm happy to answer questions, if I can. Hope it works for you.

Kim said...

Hi Jane! Always good to hear from you. Love your needlework and yes, Amalia is super talented and inspiring. I use Blogger and I agree with Lorrie. It has been a bit challenging at times with the new interface. Do you belong to the Blogger on Bloggers Facebook page? Or the KimSix Blogger Support page? There are so many people willing to help there. I would check it out. :)

Scribbler said...

So glad to see you here, but I definitely couldn't deal with these issues. Brendan wants me to resume, but I told him no way unless there is an easy way to do it.

Kit said...

Hello there! You know I'm on blogger and I wish I could help you.But all I know,Is I click The little upload square and take photos off of my main computer.Wish I could help.It is very frustrating I agree.I'm keeping my blog But only doing it once a month. I have found Instagram Works for me right now.I hope you and your husband are feeling better soon.Have a good weekend and take care.Kit

It's me said...

Hi Jane....Nice to hear from you again.....I make my post on the iPad...I first make the text...then I put from end to above one picture at the time between my you understand what’s mean?....I took pictures who are in my photo map my iPad only works from the end to begin and when you have posted a picture you can click ooit and than choose the size...I also struggled a lot but so it works by me....have a nice weekend.....and stay safe...I have had my first covid injection...the next is on may 29....I am so glad for Ria 🍀💕🍀

Jeanie said...

I love Amalia's blog!

OK -- I just tried this copy/paste thing. Here's what I got so far. IF you are copying from your own photo files in your computer, I couldn't get those to post doing copy/paste. So, I went to one of my old blog posts, right clicked on the photo, which came up in a new window, then control c copy and went to my test post and clicked control v paste. It worked fine and published (which I immediately took down).

SO my guess is that if you are using an old photo, say of the lake house, that has been on your blog, it works. It will probably work if -- say, you are writing about a visit to some spot (let's say Notre Dame!) and you find a web photo.

Well, this wasn't suiting me. SO I found something for current photos that works. I think. It's clunky but is probably a fix.

1 create a word document and add your photos. Keep it open on your computer.
2. Open a new post
3. Return to your word doc. Right click (I think) on the photo Copy (cont c) the photo you want.
4. Return to your blog post and past (cont v)

You might be able to block the whole word doc and paste it directly into the blog post -- I didn't try that. Then you could just move the photos around and resize with blogger. Otherwise, you could keep the word doc open and do one at a time, placing them as you go along.

I'm glad you brought this up. Now I know what to do when I have a problem!

Lynne said...

Love seeing your post . . .
Your Needlework Interest . . . Inspires me a bit . . .
I need to post, my posts get further and further away.
I will try posting right now and check the picture thing.
Will let you know . . .
Sad you are having pain, discomforts, hurts . . .
Sad for your husband too . . .
Sending better wishes . . .

Lynne said...

I just did a quick, good morning post.
I use my iPad . . .
I go on blogger dashboard
You will have to enter email and a PW
All my posts,(from the beginning of time almost) are located there.
I click on “New Post”
And basically you just follow the screen icons . . .
I click on computer pics, and albums . . .
Click on a bunch of pics, takes me to another screen
and then I can pick and choose.
Lately I write my post
and then put my pictures after.
I can do it the other way . . .
Write something
Write something
But it takes me longer doing it one picture at a time.
Read Jeanie’s comment above, she has helped me a bunch!
Hope this helps a bit.

Debbie said...

Blogger is a bit of a pain. I have problems with the font....choosing the size, and the style I want. I had so many creepers leaving crazy comments for a while, I had to wipe everything out and start from scratch! I love your little unicorn, Jane! It's so sweet! This winter I was doing Tilda designs. Her books have so many patterns...but you have to like her style. It's a little quirky. I am so computer NOT smart....I hope you can figure out how to get your photos loaded into your posts. So good to be back blogging again. xxoo

Dewena said...

These granddaughters know a unicorn when they see it! You made a lovely one, Jane. I just came from Amalia's before coming here and you're right, she does make me want to do needlework again. I was never as creative as Amalia but I did used to spend hours on embroidery.

Jane, I'm really confused about what you wrote about loading pictures and about the comments left on how to do it. I don't do any of that, I just load pictures on Blogger the way I always did and it always works. I click on the icon and scroll down the list of pics it shows are on my desktop, click that and it appears. And I never load the pictures before writing the text. I load a picture, write the text, load another picture, etc. I hope you figure it out because pictures are so much fun, aren't they, for us and for you.

Hoping that both you and your husband will continue to heal and be well. And I saw your post on IG about remembering Milo and wept with you. They stay in our heart forever.

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baili said...

i am sorry about your sister i actually don't whether it happened 2009 or now dear Jan!

i loved the unicorn you made for your granddaughter .

how nice that your kids are coming to you for summer vacations :)

i hope that your backache goes away soon amen!
and i wish your husband a speedy recovery too!
I too love Amalia " art and poems :)
my hubby does all the garden work by himself along with plant pots renewal .
your read sounds great
best wishes for all you do my friedn!

Helen Philipps said...

Just a quick visit to say thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today. Blog friends are so special. I will be back again soon to keep in touch. Take care my friend. Xxx

handmade by amalia said...

The baby unicorn is seriously adorable, Jane, no wonder the other grans want one as well. Hope you feel better soon, back pains are the worst.

R's Rue said...

Feel better. Blessings to you

Ankit Ron said...

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La Contessa said...

BLOGGER HAS TONS OF ISSUES........I could never comment on BLOGGER until I used CHROME!!
SO I COPY and PASTE the blog into CHROME!

I Like the BLOGS TOO except the ones with TOO MANY ADS!THAT sends me RUNNING.......I'm NOT THERE TO SHOP!




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FrenchGardenHouse said...

Jane, what a darling little animal! So cute! I hope you feel better soon, dear friend!! Xoxo Lidy

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Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

I was sorry to read on an earlier post that you were having to have surgery on your back again. I do hope you are recovering well from it. I also hope that your husband is doing better as well. Even if you can't get photos to post because of Blogger problems, I know we all enjoy your updates. Take care my friend and hope to hear from you soon.

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Mary in Colorado said...

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Preppy Empty Nester said...

Jane... just checking in on you. Hope all is well.

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