Sunday, April 18, 2021


I miss all of you!!  I never thought I would seriously get anything out anytime soon.  You know--it's everything and nothing going on at the same time.  My biggest reason for absence has been problems loading my photos on Blogger.  I thought I would throw my laptop across the room if I couldn't figure it out after another try.  It's working...for now.  If anyone out there is on the new Blogger, give a girl a hand! I also found out that Feedburner is making changes and if you subscribe to my blog or anyone else by email, that's going to end in July.  We were advised to download our list of subscribers but what to do from there is questionable. Any idea?

I hate to start off all techy (or tech-less) but all of this just made blogging unappealing.  I'm going to do my best and hop in the saddle again! 

These tulips are from the grocery store and I actually bought them a few years ago.  Are they faux?  No-I just posted an old photo. 😂. I had to laugh at something I saw on Buzzfeed now that I just used that crying emoji.  They shared texts from people who thought their parents  were undeniably inept at  emoji's and how to use them.  One really made my jaw drop:

Hey son.  Your Uncle Mark died. 💀

And another from someone whose mother thought the "laughing til I'm crying" emoji was really crying hysterically:

Judy, I know you'll be sad, but my kitty passed away. 🤣

Ahhhh...we all need a little laughter these days.  You can subscribe to Buzzfeed on your phone apps.  I love it. 

I make this candy as an Easter treat (which of course, has come and gone).  I thought I'd share because you can use whatever little candies you like for holidays, seasons, etc.  I like to make an "adult" version with good chocolate pieces, some pretzels, and smashed up macadamia nuts.  Out. Of. This. World.  In a nutshell 🙄:

Place almond bark or white chocolate pieces in a large bowl and microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring as you go until melted.  Spread on a parchment paper lined baking sheet and then adorn with your choice of edibles.  Place in your fridge for about fifteen minutes.  Break into pieces and store in a plastic container for a few days or until gone, whichever comes first and I can make a good guess!


Have you tried any CBD products?  There are SO many out there and a lot of mixed reviews and misinformation.  I did a fair amount of research hoping to find something that would help me with my everyday anxiety and sleep issues.  I settled on this brand and I'm not disappointed.  I take the daily gelcap in the morning, and a dose of the daily drops in the evening before bed.  I do feel a sense of calm, nothing intoxicating at all.  I also use the natural oil for my face, hands and ends of my hair.  The gentle scent is heavenly and that alone is relaxing.  Anyway, in my humble opinion, if you are interested in CBD products at all, this is a good company.  I like that it's geared toward women, not to mention attractively packaged.  Check out Equalibria online.

Another share I have for you is my subscription for these energy bars from a company called Verb.  For a tiny little bar that can fit in the palm of your hand, they pack a lot of punch energy-wise.  The caffeine content is equal to a cup of espresso so it doesn't cause any jittery feelings, just a nice boost if you are having a midday slump or have evening plans when all you want to do is put on your PJ's and cuddle with your pups.  I've been getting my little monthly supply for well over a year now.  The flavors, like Lemon Raspberry and Salted Peanut Butter are awesome and change up quite often.  Maybe this is something you might want to try.  Go online to Verb Energy.  And of course you know I don't make money for endorsing anything, I'm just a very pushy person that likes to spread the word on good things.

My reliable daffodils are blooming wild and tulips are just starting to open as well.  I need to make a note of bare spots.  As this area dies down, I have coneflowers, phlox, sedum, and daylily that spring up for the entire summer.  I'm working on edging out another border with an excess supply of cobblestones and flagstone, adding flowers and plants as I go along.  Well actually, I work at telling The Husband where things go.

 I'm going in for surgery on my back(again).  Sometimes I feel like I'm ninety years old.  My back is miserably messed up.  It's only been three years since I had a partial fusion, and now an area needs to be clamped and screwed nowhere near the first fusion.  

For the most part, since the end of November, I have been spending less and less time on my feet and more lying in bed, taking pain meds, drinking tea, reading, watching a little TV on my laptop, and just appreciating the company of the pups.  Surgery is scheduled for May 24.  What a way to start out the summer.  🤦🏼‍♀️

I can do my thing for about six hours stopping to rest now and then.  Sometimes it feels like there isn't a darn thing wrong and then my spine shifts and boom, it presses on a nerve and the pain goes down my leg to my heel.  Anyway, I've been doing what I can to simplify things once I'm home from the hospital. I make extra large dinners so I can freeze a good potion for meals The Husband can make.  I've been organizing and tossing a lot of things.  It's just mundane stuff that will nag at me and wish I had gotten done before the surgery.  

In other news, I'm fully vaccinated and my family as well-it's so great being together again.  Illinois has done a great job with vaccines but I'm still keeping a low profile, doing as much as I can to stay out of the grocery stores, etc.  I know for the younger crowd, being stuck inside and not being able to socialize has been rough.  For me and The Husband, it wasn't a huge adjustment to stay home, we just missed family and friends.  Thank goodness for books!  I picked up my needlework again and even gave felting a try.  

I'll leave you with that.  Bring me up to date on how you are, what you have been up to, and anything else I've missed!❤️

Jane x



Helen said...

Hello there!! What a treat to see your blog on my Reader List this morning ... the new blogger thing threw me for a big loop at first, it’s better now but there are little quirks that can be frustrating.
Thanks so much for the CBD info and keep us up to date on surgery outcome ... I swear April has passed in a blurr. I have been fully vaccinated and my son gets second dose next week♥️
For now take care,

cindy hattersley design said...

Darn Jane you have had a time with your back. I hope this is the one that gets you back on your feet and comfortable. You are such a trouper. I am glad for the CBD info I am not a good sleeper at all. I may give it a try. Your recommendations are always good ones. Good luck I will have you in my thoughts pal.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I have NO idea if this comment will show up as I have found it’s not easy to comment on Blogger for some reason so I’ll make this short and sweet.

I’m SO sorry to hear about your back. Few things can throw us for a loop like surgery, but you’re a strong woman and hopefully this time is the charm.

(Tech stuff is such a pita. I’ve pretty given up on blogging primarily because of that. Well, also because it just sort of ran it’s course, but the tech stuff didn’t help).

Jeanie said...

First, I'm sorry about your back. Nothing hurts more than spine issues (unless sometimes headaches, but usually, it's the back that's the killer.) I'm amazed you do what you do.

Tech stuff -- kimsix blogger is a good source. I'm not sure if she's written on this. I have bloglovin' as a back-up sign-up for reading and I will be pushing that more and also adding blogs I follow by email to my own feed so that I'll get notifications. But I really love the email notifications most and I'll miss those. I don't know of a good replacement yet. But we should keep each other posted.

I've made a similar bark -- white chocolate with peppermint or with dried fruits, etc. but never with the candies and such. That looks really good and it would be fun for the kids, too. Thanks for a great idea.

Hang in there, my friend. Good luck with the back.

Nina said...

Hi Jane! Hope you're ok! A useful overview of Feedburner alternatives is It might help you figure out the next steps. All the best!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Hi Jane, what a treat to see a post from you! As always, so much to comment on. I haven't done a blog post since December, so........there's a new Blogger???? Who knew? I did just see an email from Feedburner. UGH. I just can't deal with it yet. Is it time to give up blogging? I keep thinking about it, but maybe all these techy hassles will force a decision.
I've tried a CBD oil for sleep, and I liked it, but may have to give your brand a try.
We are also vaccinated, and my son gets his second shot tomorrow. Yahoo!
So sorry to hear that you need back surgery. Fingers crossed that you feel better than new when it's all behind you.

La Contessa said...

TRY MAILCHIMP for your email delivery service!

It's me said...

Hi from me....stay love love -Ria 🍀💕🍀

Laurie said...

Oh I’m so sorry to hear you’ve toga everything surgery again, I remember your last one! You certainly have suffered with your back. I’ve struggled with the new blogger, I have help with my blog fir the most part, my lack of eye sight requires some help but it’s asking a lot of someone who doesn’t blog to figure all this new stuff so I struggle along best as I’m able. I’m going to look into the CBC products you’ve shown. Take care, thinking of you, Laurie from Canada,

Lorrie said...

It's so nice to see a post from you, Jane. I am very sorry about your back issues and will pray for your upcoming surgery. Chronic pain can sure wear a person out.

I retired from teaching at the end of January and have been spending a lot of time at home, reading and getting used to this new way of life. Covid doesn't help. I go for walks with a few friends - outdoors is fine, we're told, and see my grands a little the same way. I'm glad for the warmer weather and am spending more time in the garden now.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Hello Jane - lovely to see you here in my in-box. Hmmmmm I have to dust off my Blogger blog (I am mostly on my WP blog these days) and see what you are on about! What a good incentive but will keep this post to hand as you have had some helpful replies - thanks, everyone!
So sorry to hear about your next back op, and wishing you a speedy recovery and better days ahead. Congrats on being fully jabbed here's to that great summer I'm thinking freeze-dried strawberries would be amazing in that chocolate, don't you think?
Wishing you all the very best, stay safe
Wren x

Mereknits said...

Jane, so sorry to hear your back has been such a painful trouble for you. I am sending you positive healing thoughts for your surgery at the end of May. No idea how to deal with the changes to Blogger, I just sort of go with it all. Stay safe my freind.

Dewena said...

Hello Jane, I am so sorry to hear that you need another back surgery! I've written down May 24 and will be praying for the doctor's hands and your perfect recovery. I know what being forced to be less active does to someone plus the pain when you're too active. With me it has been tendonitis in my legs and feet, wearing a brace, etc. The less active I am, the less I am able to be, a vicious circle. But at least I won't be having surgery. I know you are doing everything you can to prepare for post-surgery and please do let family and friends help all they want to afterwards!

New blogger wasn't too hard for me but the Feedburner issue is one I haven't tackled yet as I am the proverbial head in the sand gal.

I do use some CDB products faithfully. I use a Calm CBD Roll-On by Young Living every night before bed, it's pricey but helps. And I use their Joint & Muscle Balm on any painful muscle and within 15 minutes the pain is gone. It also is very pricey but worth it and I try to make it last as long as possible by only putting it on the most painful tendons. I haven't tried anything else but have written down your Equalibria brand, also the Verb Energy bars, so glad you recommended Salted Peanut Butter--hello, that's my flavor, I'm sure!

Try to keep us posted as you can, Feedburner or no Feedburner. You're on my blogroll and I'm going to try to do better to look at it. We'll be expecting and hoping for good news from you!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Jane, so nice to see your post! But sorry to hear you are still dealing with back issues and I will be sending positive thoughts and prayers that this surgery gives you relief. Constant pain is no fun at all. I have migraines and arthritis...not fun getting older. I wrote down the CBD info, thanks for sharing. I have terrible anxiety lately, guess it comes with the times. Definitely will look into trying these. Your garden looks and sounds so pretty. I like that you have a succession of blooms. The candy bark is so cute. The whole Feedburner thing gives me a headache. I need to look into that. I'll be thinking of you. Sending hugs x Karen

Karen said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about your back issues! My fibro has been flaring and I'm working on destressing (ha!) I tried a CBD product that felt like it did nothing, maybe I should try a different brand, perhaps the one you are using. I finally switched my blog to my own, was tired of worrying about Blogger and not "owning" my stuff. I hired someone to switch it over for me because I hate techy stuff, and she did a great job. I haven't been blogging that much, now and then I pop in to write a post. I enjoyed catching up with you here!

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handmade by amalia said...

Nice to catch up, Jane. I've been struggling with time management of late (and with blogger). We've gone from lockdown to almost no restrictions so quickly, I guess I've grown used to a gentler pace and now I'm behind on so many things. But it is nice to finally be here and say hi.

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