Friday, November 20, 2015


Hello, everyone.  I have had a really quiet week since I last wrote.  I'm in the process of trying to organize a room I have downstairs that holds well, everything under the sun.  It's going to be a very, very long project but I'm not trying to set any world records.  As I weed through my Christmas stuff, I bring a little bit upstairs to get some holiday decorating going on in rooms we don't use so much.  I get sort of anxious to take things down on December 26th because I'm not only bored with it but tired of cleaning around it.  I actually keep these rooms very simple, some holiday pillows and throws and some little vignettes and poinsettias here and there.  I have white slip covered furniture in my family room so the bright colors really pop this time of year.  My daughter Abby spends a lot of time here during the holidays when school is out so the family room is her favorite spot.  So, I took some of my holiday throws (and clean tablecloths) out of storage and gave them a little fluff in the dryer and Milo decided there should be no postponement whatsoever in bringing on the holidays!

I start off every Christmas season feeling over confident when I've actually purchased a few gifts.  And I  give myself a super big pat on the back that I've actually wrapped them.  Oh, how we fool ourselves.  By Christmas Eve I have shopping bags all over the place and I'm tossing gifts into little bags with a few wads of tissue paper and then slapping bows on them!  Overconfidence is not always a good thing.

Monday I got to work on my newspaper column.  I really wanted to do something special for the holidays.  There is usually some extra space as some of the advertisements go down in the winter months considering they are usually for watercraft dealers, landscaping, dock installments...just a lot of things related to summer lake life.  I don't count my words so I'm assuming it's going to be taking up a lot of room.  I proofread everything about 5 times because once I email it to the editor, there is no way to correct anything.  I think I will do a blog post with the December column so you can see what sort of drivel I write about. :)

I also got to work on some serious exercise.  I read an article a few weeks ago that screamed, "9 weeks until Christmas and yes, you have time to get in shape!"  Silly but I needed a little push to get moving.  I get so sluggish once the weather gets cold.  So I've started using my 5 pound weights and also lay on the floor doing crunches and leg lifts, just about 1/2 hour a day.  And I had ordered this stair stepper thingy from Amazon.  If you've ever heard of step aerobics, this is what I'm doing at home.  At this point I don't want to renew my gym membership until after the New Year.  If I can be consistent at home, then I know I won't go for a few weeks and then slack of.  So I ordered the step thing from Amazon and it came Wednesday.  It's so cool.  You just step up and down on it and you get a much better workout then you would by walking.  I also use my weights in my hands to get more bang for the buck. That gets the old heart pumping.  Wow!  What a workout, I was so sore yesterday.  5 more weeks til Christmas...

I've actually been a sort of homebody for most of the week.  I did run out to get a carwash yesterday in spite of snow in the forecast.  We have such cold winters with rainy, snowy, slushy weather that I thought it would be a good time to get everything cleaned and shined up.  And I had my oil changed last week so I feel like I'm on top of things.    

I love my holiday movies, you all know that,  and I think The Husband actually likes to hear the holiday music I have playing non stop, even this early.  Last Saturday I forced him to sit down in the den with me (I bribed him by opening up a bottle of Cabernet and making a little tray of cheese and crackers) to watch Love Actually.  He was so into it!  I've seen it at least 5 times and it was so great to see him laughing and smiling and loving all the different scenarios going on.  He actually said he wants to watch it again as he was a little confused by who was who and how they were related.  Have you seen it?  What's your favorite story line?  I think my favorite is the growing attraction and then love between the writer (Colin Firth) and the Portuguese  housekeeper.  I'm a hopeless romantic.  Next---The Holiday.

The lake guest house/patio, January 2015

The weather people here in Chicago have been warning us about a huge snowstorm that was to have started about a hour ago, it's coming down but not really heavy.  The Husband is heading up to the lake tomorrow to finalize a few things on the house repair/renovation.  Yes, they are starting next week!  It's supposed to be a 5-6 month project but I'm praying the dust has settled a little and we at least have a bedroom and bathroom so we can start going up in April.  I'm going to have a lot of work  in my gardens and with the landscaping work I did in the front of the house during the summer of 2014.  It will be fun though, I love to be outdoors.  I imagine the wisteria has eaten the front porch and balcony by now.  And we have new neighbors.  Two homes just to the right of ours sold and I'm really excited to meet everyone.  The house right next door is a couple from Illinois, they are both teachers, or so I've heard.  I wonder if they have dogs for Milo to romp with?  And then the house to the right of them is a couple with 4 young children.  I think we are going to have a great summer.

I won a giveaway that Debra from Common Ground hosted recently.  These gorgeous velvet pumpkins were handmade by Becky of Timewashed.  The packaging was so cute, I left two of them in the pretty bags tied with jute for you to see.  And she included the sweetest card.  What a great Etsy shop she has, go have a peek.  Thank you, Debra and Becky! :)

Next Saturday The Husband and I are off to Cedarburg, Wisconsin to spend a weekend with my longtime blogger friend Cindy (Applestone Cottage) and her husband, Dan.  I don't even consider her a blogger friend, she's a true blue friend who I've grown very close to.  We've been meeting up since 2009 and this is a picture of us together on the very day we first met six years ago (look at my bangs!).  We meet all over the place, this was in Galena, Illinois, a very picturesque little town near the Illinois/Iowa border.  We've also met up in places like Lake Geneva, WI., Madison, Door County, WI. (just this past summer), and she and Dan also came to the lakehouse a few years ago and that was a drive of six hours for them.  We always have a great time and now we're going to get together twice a year.  

Today I went grocery shopping, I wanted to get it done so I didn't have to deal with 7 inches of snow in the parking lot tomorrow.  And then I couldn't help but grab my 22 pound turkey and some of the items I needed for side dishes and desserts.  I seriously don't know how I fit it all in the cart.  Once I got home I cleaned out the fridge to make room for everything and scoured ever shelf and bin.  I have so much food shoved in and balanced precariously, if you want something in the back you have to take about 20 things out to get to it!  I'm always more content when I know I have that turkey though.  Is that weird?

Abby will be on break from work next week and we have plans to go shopping at one of our favorite suburban outdoor malls.  It's done up like a little town with cobblestone streets, lampposts and at Christmastime, holiday music comes from speakers hidden somewhere.  I really love this place when I start my shopping.  

I don't know if I'll have a chance to post before Thursday so I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I hope you are surrounded by all of your loved ones giving thanks for a great abundance of food, family and friends.  

Jane xxx


Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Hi Jane! Just light snow here, an hour north of Chicago. Very pretty actually, and not sticking to the roads yet. The weather guys predict 6-9 inches for us! Yikes. You will love Cedarburg, such a quaint and pretty town. It reminds me of the tv show Gilmore Girls setting. Enjoy! Jane

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am very happy that the snow won't come here to the east although they say temps will be lower this weekend.. We have been having a warmer than usual fall and I am loving it. We have had two bad winters in a row and am hoping we get a break this year.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Linda said...

Snow??? What IS that??? Here in Texas we are 'bracing' for our first freeze of the season! Yes, 32 degrees tomorrow night! AND I can't find our electric blanket!

Love catching up with you, Jane!! Looking forward to reading your newsletter!!!

podso said...

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Debbie said...

We haven't seen any snow yet. It looks like you will get the brunt of the storm.
It sounds like you are ready for the holiday feast on Thursday, Jane.
Good for you on that exercise regime you are on! I wish I had your motivation.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Much love to you!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh how fun you and Cindy are going to get together. Wish I was there.

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

I love Holiday movies and Christmas music, too! I'm not sure my family appreciates them as I do! haha! I do hope you'll post your December Newspaper Article! That would be so neat to see and read! Hope you enjoy your visit with Cindy! ...and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :) ~Rhonda

Theresa said...

What fun to meet a bloggy buddy:) I know you are busy and so am I... planning and thinking about Thanksgiving! Have a blessed week ahead dear friend, HUGS!

Beth said...

Hi Jane, I think you are doing a great thing to organize and purge - last summer we had to clean out my mom's house when she moved to assisted living, and areas of it (particularly the basement) were like a hoarder's house. We googled "hoarder cleanup" and got help - to the tune of $6000 (that included mold remediation too). We/they filled 6 dumpsters; we donated 24 large garbage bags of clothes and textiles, and we sold many, many well as brought some to our home. It was a huge project and we determined we will not do that to our kids...we started organizing and donating from our basement after that experience.
I'd love to see your lakehouse writings, Jane! I think it is very cool that you are doing that. :)
Glad you are working out; it's great for both body and mind! I use a stationary bike and treadmill - but I don't use them as much as I should.
So good to plan for being at the lake again, with a pretty much new house! Sorry it had to happen; but you've taken lemons and made lemonade. I know you missed it this summer.
Hope your arm is getting better, and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season. So much fun when there are little ones again. :)
Hugs, Beth

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Jane, Holidays are always a busy time. You seem to be handling it very well, good for you!! As for me the kids are coming home for Thanksgiving and then on Sunday, I fly out to see my sister in Reno. I'm getting motivated by you, to at least get the Christmas boxes down. What a nice Giveaway you won from Debra. Those velvet pumpkins are gorgeous! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving! Happy Holiday!!

Susie said...

Wishing you a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving sweet Blondie. I know what you are saying about stuffed fridge.. LOL. I think every home need two fridges and two dryers. LOL. It's snowing here. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Helen said...

Greetings! I love your updates .... (Hi Cindy!)

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Busy times Jane. I think it's fabulous you met up with a fellow blogging sister. How fun is that? You are so busy, getting organized. We still aren't sure is my sons are coming for Thanksgiving. Enjoy your weekend and the upcoming Thanksgiving. xo

Kim said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jane to you and yours! I always love reading about your weeks. You are one busy girl that is for sure...and snow??? Say it isn't so. Not yet anyway!! ;)

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Happy Saturday sweet Jane!
I know your Thanksgiving will be a joyful family event and the meal will rock! Your exercise program sounds well thought out. Jane I am going to Amazon after my comment and purchase the stair stepper. I've just always used my stairs, well have for the past 12 years. i had broken both ankles (at the same time) and in rehab they told me that twice daily the rest of my life I must do step exercises to have full range of motion. But stair stepping for anyone is excellent. i admire your commitment - you go girl.
I love, love, love the movie Love Actually. A cheese and fruit plate, a bottle of red and a good movie sure seems like a delightful Saturday evening while the snow falls. So far Philadelphia has remained snow free this season. Come visit and read my poem I posted.
Sending warm wishes for a joyful Thanksgiving with your family.

Michele said...

WOW- snow. I am so not ready! I want football season to be over first, haha! : - )

Your velvet pumpkins are AWESOME. Becky makes the most amazing things, and I adore Debra, too.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jane. Big hugs.

Kit said...

Glad you are doing good and getting ready for your holidays. My fav part of Love Actually, but it is also the most heartbreaking, is the husband who gives the necklace to his secretary. A great bit of acting from Emma T. I love the Holiday! Such a sweet story. And Jude Law is so yummy. You have a lovely Thanksgiving! Kit

susan said...

So glad it's not snowing here in NY yet - as much as I love snow I'm just not quite ready for it.
I'm getting itchy to start a bit of Christmas decorating, but I've decided to wait until after Thanksgiving. I really enjoy the mums and pumpkins and colored leaves and I'd like to enjoy them for another week or so before I switch seasons.
Love that you're meeting up with your blogging friend - isn't it wonderful how we all become so connected through our blogs - it's a beautiful thing.
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thansgiving. And don't work too hard!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you are getting the Christmas Spirit! I am, too. I'm actually considering putting my tree up before Thanksgiving. We're eating at my grandson, Blake's house. He and Rachel got moved in back in September, and are anxious to entertain. We're all taking food, so it won't be so hard on them. Don't know if I told you, but he is now a pastor at the church where he grew up! So exciting! He's Connections Pastor, over small groups, volunteers, etc. He loves it, and it allows them to live nearby. Only about 6 miles away! Anyway, have a fabulous Thanksgiving and enjoy your family and sweet granddaughter!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Enjoy the snow and congrats on winning the velvet pumpkins!

Vee said...

Enjoy the snow and I hope that it is just the right amount...not too much! What fun to make good close friends with a fellow blogger. That means that you are truly kindred spirits. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Kane, snow here now, I am enjoying it so far.... How wonderful to meet a blog Hong buddy, so special... Been doing a little Christmas decorating, getting in the spirit. Wishing you and yours a cozy Thanksgiving...Blessings Francine.

Junkchiccottage said...

So happy Jane you won Debra and Becky's give away. I have a few of Becky's beautiful creations and love them especially her pretty pumpkins. So sweet you met a blogger and now have become good friends. So sweet. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family. Enjoy.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I so wish I had some velvet pumpkins. If you ever get tired of yours, just remember your friend out east would love them ;).

I hear you oh so loudly about shopping ahead of time but still not getting caught up. I used to feel like that every year. Actually, it is one of the reasons why I stopped shopping ahead of time. I would only end up spending a lot more money because the closer to Christmas it got the more I got into the spirit and felt like buying more stuff. So might as well wait and spend less.

Have a great Thanksgiving Jane. I'm sure your day will be full of love and laughter (and great food)!


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Sounds like you had a great week. I have all the turkey and trimmings. I am not having Thanksgiving here at my house, but I am going to my best friends daughters house for dinner.
So will be making my dishes to take on Tuesday and Wednesday.
I am so proud of my self, I have three trees decorated and only one more to go. I want to set up my Christmas Village, as this will probably be the last big hurrah for me one in this house. I am in the planning stages of moving into an apartment before the holiday's next year. It is becoming to much for me to take care of. My son wants me to move up to Northern CA to be close to him and my granddaughter. But I will be missing my friends down here.

So glad that you will be able to use the Lake House next Spring. I know that you really missed it this year.

I remember all the snow we had when we lived in Chicago, but Cleveland, Ohio was much worse than Chicago to me, as we got the full effect of the Lake effect.

I love all the old Christmas movies also and love and laugh so hard at Home Alone.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Hugs to you dear friend and congratulations on your beautiful velvet pumpkins.


Bluebird49 said...

Wow, you're getting your holiday groove on, kiddo! Milo is definitely into it, is he not!
We'll leave Mon. to go be w/the kids and kiddos for Thanksgiving--staying through next weekend. I've got to carry the ham, (and a jar of homemade pickles a lovely friend gave me last night.) Oh yes I'd love to keep that jar in MY fridge and hoard them--they're that good!-- but my son loves them as much as I do! His birthday's the 27th, and he'll love getting that wonderful surprise! See, only a very loving mom will give up her jar of pickles for her child! ;) (Sounds like the title of a bad country song, huh!)
You've been so busy since our last exchange!
Oh, I --and my son and his wife --absolutely adore Love Actually! Hubby can (umm..WILL!) only watch Westerns and football....(Sigh, I know!)
I know your article will be very good, so please share it with us here! And more of your Christmas-y home, too! Sounds so peaceful there, and neat and clean! (Yeah, I'm jealous!)
Enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving, Jane. Even with all the turmoil in the world, we still have so many blessings, don't we! Let's catch up soon and share them---'cause I'm so thankful for you and the friendship we've forged this year!
Love, Trudy

Linda said...

Hi Jane...
Thanks for the update...
Happy Thanksgiving!
Will the wee cutie pie be visiting?
Great news about your cottage...can't wait to see pics!
Linda :o)

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

It's good that you went grocery shopping...I just read on the Net that Chicago ended up with 11 inches!

Gypsy Heart said...

I just can't believe Christmas is so soon! Always seems like we have more time ~ Aren't we blessed to have full fridges, a warm home, throws, our pets and on * on. Enjoy your holiday!


Brenda Pruitt said...

Jane, I always enjoy reading the narrative of what's going on in your life. And I read it slowly to take it all in. I wish I had a blogging friend I could see once a year, but then, I'm not much of a traveler. I stopped giving gifts, except for the grandchildren, years ago. It just got to be too much and really, what do we need that we can't get for ourselves? I find it makes things more relaxing. But then, some people, and I am guessing you are one, just really get into wrapping gifts and all that. So do what makes you happy! I could never do that stair stepper thing. Walking up steps is really hard on my ankle. But I hope it gives you extra energy for all that you do for the holidays for your family and friends.

Art and Sand said...

Well, maybe we can meet up some day!

Barbara F. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Would love to read the column you write. Love your writing style.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I'm knee deep in Thanksgiving prep over here too. I'm actually looking forward to the baking part. Sounds like you are doing pretty well with already having bought some gifts! You're way ahead of me in that department. Stay warm with all that snow and hope you and your family have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Dearest Jane,
You and my youngest daughter are such savvy souls. She too has purchased and wrapped many Christmas gifts and already has them under her tree. One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving and Christmas is the baking and the warm fire glowing in the fireplace. Just something about it all which soothes my soul.
How nice to have met a blogging friend-I am looking forward to meeting some Texas bloggers next month when we have a Christmas cookie exchange.
Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving with much love and joy,

20 North Ora said...

Jane - Sounds like you have been pretty busy. I love doing all of my Christmas shopping early and out of the way so I can enjoy the holidays. Here's wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving,


Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Me again. I responded to your email but it was returned.

Sarissa et. al. were here since Thursday and left a little while ago. We will see her again Thursday.

I'm pooped! lol


Carla from The River said...

You are a busy girl, I love hearing all about it. :-)
I will be taking a blog break for the holiday.
Wishing you a great Thanksgiving.

P.S. Keep us posted on your new step exercise. I am interested in how it works. It can get so icy my walks can be hard for me to do in the Winter. Thank You!

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

Aren't you the good one to start exercising now instead of at the beginning of the next year. I'm sure you will look stunning for Christmas and New Year's as a result. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

Kelly said...

I know this time of year you must hate the weather! I can't imagine having snow this early in the year. It would shut down Georgia! LOL! I feel the same way as you about getting the turkey though. Gotta have that thing ready and waiting (if I'm hosting)! I used to do step aerobics at a gym. It was offered as one hour classes. I loved it! I haven't done it in years but I used to do it before I had kids. It will give you great looking legs! Do you use a CD or something to follow? Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jane, Comgrats on your beautiful win. The first snowfall is always so pretty. Something we don't see much of here. So fun to meet up with a blogging friend. I just met one in my town this week. We had a great time. I'm meeting 2 more in 2 weeks.
I have an air stepper and love it but I think I'd enjoy a stepper like you have even better.
Enjoyed your post and all the adventures of your life. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving. xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! Great post. I've been so busy decorating this weekend that I just got caught on reading the blogs I follow. It looks like you've been busy as well. Congratulations on winning the pumpkins! They sure are beautiful. I have seen the movie Love Actually before and it is a great one! Very romantic <3 I'm sure you and hubby had a lovely evening. I love it when my sweety watches a movie I like with me. I recently got him to watch Cinderella the 2015 movie. He side eyed me in the beginning but then I noticed him getting really into it lol. He would kill me if he saw me writing this lol. It's really a great movie. I would love to read the column you write! Please share :-) I wish you and your loved ones Happy Thanksgiving my friend xoxo Silvana

Unknown said...

Hello Jane! :)
I don't think that I have seen Love Actually...I added it to my list of things to find this week! ;)
I love the picture of your pooch under the blanket, so, so cute!
Those pumpkins are so pretty, congrats on such a nice win!!
It is so special that such a sweet friend has come out of blogging, isn't it funny how life connects us with people! I think that it is amazing that your husbands go to! Enjoy your time with your blogging friend!
I have been wrapping presents as I get them to...but I know what you are saying...I always have so many elaborate plans for gift making and it seems that the time escapes me...
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Vel Criste said...

I love LOVE ACTUALLY, one of my all time faves! My favorite lines/scene is when Kiera answers the door for her hubby's best friend! Makes me want to cry! Anyhow, homebound is good in Chicago especially with the kind of weather your getting. Here it's gonna be 60's on Thanksgiving (are we even on the same state?!!!)! Anyhow, take it easy, Christmas decorating is supposed to be fun and not a chore, although if you see my home now, you'd think it is! LOL! You know I go Xmas crazeee! Enjoy your trip, good luck with the reno, keep us posted and have a Marvelous Thanksgiving!

Traci said...

I have a room like that too & it needs to get cleaned out soon! I'm so happy for you that the renovations are starting! Wishing you & your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

emily barlocker scott said...

Your gift wrap is sooo cute. How come everything you do is so amazing? I want to grow up and be like you.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

You've got me making a list so I can check it more than twice to prepare for the holidays!! I love outdoor mall shopping at this time of the year...have fun!
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

A Joyful Cottage said...

The velvet pumpkins are gorgeous. Congratulations, Jane! It's great that you have an opportunity to meet up with Cindy. You mentioned Galena, IL, and that has to be one of the prettiest little towns in the country. Friends gave my late husband and I a bed and breakfast stay in Galena for our anniversary (that's when we were living in Illinois), and we just loved it so much that we went back at a later date when we could stay longer. Door County is on my bucket list, though when I'll get there now that I live in NE Oregon is a mystery. But, you never know. Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving! xo ~ Nancy

Bohemian said...

I had to Smile about your mention of Overconfidence, that is so very Me and then Reality sets in later once I'm typically running way behind! *Smiles* Those Velvet Pumpkins are Gorgeous, I have been amassing a Velvet Pumpkin Patch over the years and am loathe to put them completely away even after the Autumn Vibe is long gone. I use them to hold my Vintage Brooches as an Excuse to keep them visible year-round usually. *LOL* Meeting our Blog Friends in Person is always a Rush, and yes, many of the Kindred Spirits we meet in this Wonderful Community we become so close to, even those we may never actually get to meet face to face. Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Alicia@eco Friendly Homemaking said...

Wow snow already! Your wrapping paper is so pretty and those pumpkins you won look adorable.

Lori said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Jane ~ been fluffing and putting out decorations here this week and doing some baking. Aren't the friendships we make through blogging amazing ~ blessed to the tips of my toes! Happy Friday. xo

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jane, stopping back by to say hello. Thank you for visiting me and your kind comment. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Have a nice rest of the weekend. Be Blessed my friend xo

Melanie said...

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and a wonderful time in Cedarburg. I want to go there before Christmas but I don't know if we'll have the chance with Brian's crazy schedule. Movies...I can't remember if I've seen Love Actually - I thought I've seen just about every Hugh Grant movie there is, but yet when I Googled it and read about it, it doesn't sound familiar! I'll have to see if it's on Netflix or Amazon Prime and watch it. The Holiday is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I think I have a thing for those British men. ;-)

bj said...

So glad to hear from you, Blondie...
brrr snow already ? We had rain and wintry mix this weekend but it's supposed to warm up thru the new week.
I am sooo ready for Christmas...
Glad you are getting the lake house work started...our girl and her hubby bought a lake house this last summer and it's sooo nice. They are on a big big lake...Possum Kingdom..near Dallas.
Hope your holiday was good.

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