Sunday, November 8, 2015


I was at a little grocery store the other day that's just around the corner.  It's nothing fancy--no Starbucks or huge bakery.   The floral department is very tiny.  I was so pleasantly surprised to find these really neat flowers.  Three bunches for $12.  I usually look for the biggest, fullest bouquets to make several vases from but these just intrigued me.  I cleared the huge dough bowl filled with apples and pears off the table, gave it a bit of polish and a different runner and I'm so happy with the simple look.

If you follow me on Instagram, I hope I don't sound too redundant...I posted this shot last night.  I can't remember the names of the other flowers but the yellow ones in the forefront are called Kangaroo Paw.  I love it!  Even The Husband was smiling as we looked at the yellow blooms.  Has anyone ever heard of this plant?  I hope these last a long while...maybe they can be dried.

And speaking of drying flowers, I saved the roses from some of the bouquets the girls carried in Jeff and Deirdre's wedding in August (I'm pretty sure neither of them read my blog so I can share this).  I found a shadow box at Michael's that I'm going to line with some old sheet music and display the roses inside.  A Christmas present, their first Christmas married and a little remembrance  of their wedding.  I'll share it once I find the time to work on it.  Remember, I'm not too crafty so I tend to not  want to jump into this sort of stuff!

Another pic I put on IG this morning.  The sun was making this room glow very early as if there could have been little fairies dancing and hiding out of sight in corners.  I just love this sort of filtered sunlight that comes in through my windows during autumn.  My living room, dining area and kitchen face east so this is the brightest place in my house in the morning and it's always a warm and wonderful spot in which  to relax with that first cup of coffee.  

I have had such a terrible time shaking off this upper respiratory thing in my head and chest.  Some days I feel better than others and when I feel energetic I want to take advantage of it.  Saturday morning I had an incredible urge to declutter, I think I wrote in my last post a bit about my frustration with all the stuff I have everywhere.  How does one store away treasures and pieces that call out their name (and very loudly) while out browsing?  I actually cleared a few things off those shelves, and that crazy ivy I bought 2 months ago is devouring my old cabinet so I really don't have much more room to clutter it up.  I stored away a few pillows and simplified the mantel and hearth which you can't see, and I'm feeling sort of good about it all.  And as I peeled away the layers I scrubbed sinks, disinfected counters and changed the sheets on the bed.  As I cleared off my dresser, nightstand and vanity, I tossed out old magazines and catalogs in the basket next to my bed.  I also, encouraged The Husband to clear off the top of his armoire.  He did a pretty spiffy job I might say.  

I made barbecued ribs for dinner with sweet potatoes and broccoli and for dessert we had vanilla yogurt with my good 'ol granola on top.  A great day and believe me, I was actually a bit sore this morning! 

If you remember me writing in my last post how Milo discovered my new Target bargain blanket, well...Layla got her revenge this week and has no plans to give it up.  I tried to soothe Milo's hurt feelings by putting a comfy throw on another chair but he was't having it.  He now skulks off to bed about 9:00 p.m. with The Husband.  Both are rascals and don't appreciate the abundance of cozy pillows and throws I make available.  Ingrates.  ;-)

I was going to write a post last night and lo and behold, I stumbled upon the Hallmark Channel and holiday movies are well underway.  I watched two in a row and right now I have another on.  I think these are older and the new ones will start in a week or two.  Nothing gets me in the mood for Christmas like watching these happily ever after movies.  

Speaking of television, I actually made a point of trying to follow a series as I've always been super envious of people who have watched entire seasons of shows like Mad Men, Downton Abby, Blacklist and the like.  So The Husband and I started to watch Blindspot which is on NBC Monday nights.  I think it's an excellent show and it gets great reviews.  Does anyone out there watch it?  If you can get the previous shows it would be well worth your time to catch up.  It's a drama involving the FBI, bad guys and good guys (who often turn into bad guys).  I haven't followed a series since Friends 10 years ago.  Seriously.  What can I say, I've always preferred reading for entertainment but television has me sort of mesmerized lately.  I'm easily distracted though so it is never on until after dinner.  

Today I had the urge to do something other than cleaning and laundry so I pulled out the flour and sugar and eggs and made some sugar cookies.  This was a different sort of recipe.  I had wanted to roll out the dough and use cookie cutters but as I was mixing it all up I couldn't help but see that the dough was really soft and sticky.  Comparing the recipe to a few others online I noticed that it involved much more butter and 2 eggs as opposed to 1.  So I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to have cute little leaf and apple shapes and ended up making little balls and flattening them out by pressing them with the bottom of a glass as shown in the recipe.  I was so pleasantly surprised when they came out of the oven crisp and buttery tasting, almost like shortbread.  The recipe is a keeper.  You can find it here

I'm going to wind up this post by saying that I'll keep the giveaway open for this wonderful book until my next post to give as many people as possible a chance to win.   I'm going to do the old 'throwing the names in a hat' or even better as I used to do with my giveaways in the past, close my eyes and run my finger down the comments stopping randomly.  With two posts and chances to win, I'll pull one of two number out of a hat to determine which post in which I'll find that winner.   Fair enough?

I'm doing a two page spread for the newspaper for the December issue.  There is so much to share.  Recipes and decorating, table settings and tips I've gleaned over the years, and I love to add my photos and they take up a lot of space!  I have until the 16th to get that in so I'll be plugging away on that.  And I think I'm doing better at visiting blogs---at least I hope so.

Have a good week, whether it be raking up leaves or being immersed in a great book.  The days are fleeting, let's savor each and every moment!

Jane x


Stacey said...

Jane, those are beautiful flowers! I am not familiar with the Kangaroo that what it was called?

I'm so impressed that you are writing the newspaper articles You do have a gift with words and I bet your neighbors in town love reading it.

Your house looks really pretty. I love your shelves.

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Fresh flowers always make the space, although your bargain blanket did the trick for me! Copied this recipe...yum!!...:)JP

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Thank you so much for the butter cookie recipe. Those are my favorite! I love the filtered early morning light along with a cup of coffee too Jane. A great way to start the day. I'm not watching any series at the moment. I like the voice and Hallmark movies of course. I hope you'll take a photo of your newspaper write up. That is so cool! You are a good writer. I could use a few pointers :-) Have a happy week!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jane,
I can see that you are busy as usual. I don't know where you find the about sending some this way??? I have not tried Instagram but it looks like I need to start.
Love your fresh flowers and the idea of the wedding keepsake.
Please share your newspaper article with us. Can't wait to read it!


Rita C at Panoply said...

I'd say you're quite the busy gal, respiratory crap or not (but take care, it's not even winter yet!). Love the light you share in that cozy room, and the tiff between the dogs is funny - like two old geezers (or married couple, lol). Have fun with your writing. I am trying so hard not to get caught up in the buying frenzy with Christmas - not necessarily for others, but for things in general that we accumulate for decor. It's just crazy, the amount of stuff I have. Purging is good, always.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

There is such a good feeling after purging clutter and other things that have be n sitting too long around the house. I started on the basement last week and will be doing a closet or two this week. I don't enjoy doing it but am so satisfied when it is done. Fall and preparing for the holidays spurs me on.

I hope you feel better soon.

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

I love the beautiful flowers! Never heard or seen Kangaroo Paw, but it sure is pretty and unique! I hope you'll soon be rid of the respiratory stuff, and feeling much better! Good luck on the newspaper article! Hope you'll share it with us! That is really awesome to have that opportunity! I know it will be amazing for your readers! :) ~Rhonda

Mary said...

Sorry you're still not feeling great Jane - but knowing you, you look wonderful, and are keeping as busy as always!!!!

I'm decluttering too - have to get some of the stuff outa here forever before it drives me crazy. Have gone through all my clothes and the wardrobe now contains organized Winter togs - rest have gone from the premises never to be seen again! I did buy a few new things in France and Spain where prices were so good, and have a new pair of Cole-Hahn boots due for delivery today (they just had one of their fabulous sales and I saved so much), so I'm set for cold weather! I'm good at purging, Bob isn't and he's driving me nuts with all his stuff. I've made a vow, no more buying Christmas decorations, have more than enough - even went to a neighborhood gift/ornament type show at the weekend - walked in, looked about and left, empty-handed! How's that for sticking to my promise? Staying far away from Homegoods et al - but may pick up a red plaid throw for the couch for the Holidays, IF I can find the perfect version at a bargain price - the white slip covers do look a bit chilly now it's getting cooler (and continues so wet) here.

Would love at chance at the book - it does look lovely with such a pretty cover - and cozying up with a good read a cuppa is definitely in the cards this time of year. Just wish you could join me!

Get well dear - hugs to A.
Love - Mary x

Kim said...

I have never seen those flowers before, but I love the name!! How totally sweet!

Theresa said...

Beautiful flowers to brighten up a home... I love grabbing a bouquet at the grocery store:) Sometimes I buy the ones that are about to be thrown away! Great price and still pretty! Have a blessed day and save me some of those cookies:) HUGS!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I loved seeing that Kangaroo Paw flower on IG! So different and pretty! Oh, those Hallmark movies suck me in every single time! I watched a couple yesterday too and can't wait for the new ones!

Pondside said...

The flowers were a great find! I think that there is nothing nicer than a fresh bouquet. Good luck with the newspaper piece. I just know it will be wonderful.
I still have my fingers crossed for the book!

Pondside said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Hi Jane,
i am so sorry to hear that you're still dealing with the upper respiratory illness. i had one last year and had 5 weeks of misery with it.
I love Autumn bouquets because of the russet and gold color's and the texture and look of the flowers ... But I learned a new flower from your post - Kanagaroo paw. John and I too are watching the series Blindspot, it's very interesting. De-cluttering, YIKES it's hard. I've committed to this - something new comes into the home - something is donated or given away. Style's evolve and change and of course boredom sets in, my plan is working well for me, As far as all those precious memories items how about placing them in a chest or pretty case and when the emotions beckon a look, sit down and enjoy them fresh again. Over the Spring I made memory books for my Grands of their Dad and they can look at the photos whenever they want. You too can take photos of the treasures and make up a memory book and place it on your coffee table. Just sharing something that worked out well for me.
Sending healing wishes and love.

June said...

I love your advice Jane...savoring every minute and as I read this post, I know that you do just that!
Gosh, now all I want to do is make cookies :))))
hugs to you...

Susie said...

Blondie, I sure hope you get well soon. Drink lots of liquids. They that hang on can be scary. Loved your bouquets. Fun to be able to split them up into a couple vases. Funny dogs.. They are like spoiled children at times. daughter's two act jealous at times. I have watched couple of those movie too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Benita said...

That's right, make me feel bad that you made cookies from scoundrel you...LOL Love the flowers....Kangaroo's Paws? Never heard of those but love beautiful! Soooo, what movies did you watch? I'm trying to be good and not watch too many until December 1st, but they are making it difficult to stay away!! Hugs chickie!

Barb said...

Hi Janie,

I want a cookie! ;-)

The picture of your room is serene. Of course, I love, love the little doggie.

Happy day!

Barb xo

Lori E said...

I only seem to watch TV on a Monday night so Blindspot is one of the few shows I watch. Add to that Gotham and I am pretty much done with the TV.
That being said if you like those Hallmark movies see if you can find October Kiss. It was filmed in the Vancouver area and my friend's niece plays the girl Zoe in the movie. Her name is Hannah Cheramy and she has a few movie credits under her belt.
I am very excited for you and your newspaper adventure. People mus just love your articles.

20 North Ora said...

Those cookies look and sound delicious! That's such a cute photo of the dog - really likes that blanket, eh? Congratulations on the newspaper article.


Vel Criste said...

Those flowers are pretty indeed and I love the 'redunduncy' as long as they are all as pretty as yours Jane! Milo and Layla are just too funny, that blanket must be really something. Have to check it out, for me! Thank you for the great giveaway, I unfortunately don't have that book in my library yet, speaking of which, I just re-freshed mine, which I will share, soon. Also as for binge watching, I have to check on Blindspot, but absolutely love DOWNTON ABBEY (wathcing it now for the 2nd time, I'm in season 2 currently) and I also enjoyed Madmen.:-)

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I'd say you done good with those flowers Jane. Twelve bucks for three bunches is a great deal, and I can see why you were intrigued. I like flowers that are a little different too, and no, I don't know what they are. I'm lucky if I can identify a daisy! lol

Layla looks so cute under the blankie. I assume that's her? Great shot, and her expression says it all.

I haven't watched that show. There are very few that I watch. Lately it's just Blacklist, but that's not nearly as good as it used to be.

Hope you get rid of that nasty cold soon. Sometimes they hang on forever!

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

That recipe looks really good! Thanks for sharing. I was in Homegoods today, and I certainly saw some lovely things, but when do we finally stop buying more and more stuff? How many sweet bottlebrush, twig, glass, and glittered trees do I really need? I already have a shameful number! It gets to be kind of laughable.
Hallmark movies already are NEW ones on Sat. and Sun nights. Then there is the Hallmark Movie Channel which also runs the holiday movies 24x7. I do put them on during the day when I am putzing around the house. They are here for such a short time, I do like to enjoy them while I can.
You have been a busy lady! Scrubbing sinks and counters probably isn't a bad thing after being sick. Sure hope they got the flu "cocktail" right this year for the flu shots!! The weather in No Illinois and Southern Wisconsin has truly been beautiful for November, hasn't it? Enjoy, and hope you are feeling 100% soon!!

Junkchiccottage said...

Pretty Flowers Jane. Love the pup under the cozy blanket too cute. Thanks for a chance at this fabulous book. Have a great week ahead.

Brenda Pruitt said...

You've been a busy girl! I feel so bad when one dog takes over and the other is so sad!

mary scott said...

I love the photos of your doggie, your flowers, & am glad you at least are having some good days & enjoying some TV movies. I have been watching the Hallmark Christmas movies since 11/1! This year I can't wait for Christmas season to get here after Thanksgiving which I enjoy immensely. Get well soon! thanks

Lorrie said...

So many lovely things in this post - flowers, sweet movies, your pets, and a giveaway! I hope you soon feel completely better. I find that it takes longer and longer the older I get. When I'm 80 I might just be going from one thing to another with little breaks in between. I hope not.

Vee said...

Well I gave up Dancing With the Stars this year for Antiques Roadshow so I am not the one to chat with about tv shows...under a rock is where I've been. You got a lot accomplished. Days like that are few and far between for me...shoot! The cookies look shortbread type cookies. Enjoy your flowers!

Unknown said...

Those cookies look delicious. I'm not much of a cookie baker, or any kind for that matter. :) Brownies or cake from a box works for me. Glad you are feeling better. I have lots of trouble with Upper Respiratory/breathing stuff! It can really zap your energy. Take care and have a great week!

Jenny S. said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. You write as though we were having a phone conversation. lol... yes.I have got hooked on several tv series lately and have started taping them to avoid sitting in front of the tv so much. I had to start only allowing myself a little tv time mainly at night. But what the heck! I think I am old enough to watch as much as I want! My respiratory problem is still going on also. One day I think I am better..then hits me again. Once this weather quits flip flopping fron hot and humid to cold and raining. Maybe I will get well. Hope you are well soon too.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! can't believe how inexpensive flowers are in the USA. I have red and yellow Kangaroo Paws growing in my garden here in Australia, they flower the whole year.
Thanks for your cookie recipe.

Blondie's Journal said...

Thank you so much, Anonymous--wish I could reply directly. How cool that you have the flowers everywhere...wondering if they dry well? You are welcome for the cookie recipe. Let me know if you make them and don't poison anyone. ;-D

Jane x

Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful flowers Jane and the cookies look great too as does all the food you prepare. I posted the US measurements for the sponge cake and custard if you want to try it out. Have a great day :-) Silvana

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Your writings, photos and recipes are always such a day brightener for me.
You do have such a way with words, when I visit you it is like reading a short story of a lovley woman's life. It is no wonder that you are writing professionally.
You take care of yourself and have a lovely day.

Melanie said...

Like you, I love to have fresh flowers year-round, especially on the kitchen table. I get a new bunch at Trader Joes every time I go since they're only $3.99! Have never seen or heard of Kangaroo Paw - unique and very cool!
My cats are always overtaking my throws, too. Bought a new one at TJ Maxx yesterday and the first thing I said to Brian was, "The cats are NOT getting this throw!" I was reading last night with it over my lap because I was cold. Zippo would not stay off my lap! I kept taking him off my lap and trying to distract him with a cat toy, but he wouldn't have any of it. He wanted to lay on my new throw. Now when I'm done with it, I am folding it up and putting it in my closet so the cats can't use it! They have other (older) throws to curl up on.
Not familiar with that TV program you mentioned, but as you know, I rarely watch TV. The only programs I watch are on Wed night - The Middle and Modern Family.

Dewena said...

Hi Jane, I hope you feel better and better before long. But that spurt of energy was a gift in the midst of trying to get your strength back. I liked reading about all the things you accomplished. Those homey details make me happy. I used to tell my mother, when she would say that she hadn't done anything exciting to email about, "Just tell me about your day." That's what I love to hear.

I'm so glad to hear a blogger say she watches Hallmark Christmas movies! You mean we don't all sit down at night to read War and Peace? My husband knows that the television in the living room, mine, will be set on either Hallmark or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries from now to Christmas. And the stack of old Christmas videos will be in the family room where we will watch those together. Hallmark movies are just not his thing! But these slightly sappy Hallmark movies comfort me, even if I'm also making out Christmas cards or blogging or making out menus and grocery lists.

It is so exciting to think that you will be having a 2 page newspaper Christmas spread in December! Golly! How I wish we could see it when it's out. Is the newspaper online?

You take care, get well completely,

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

I've never seen those flowers so I am glad that you had the name of them; so unusual! :) This was a nice long newsy post as usual and I am glad that you are getting better though it sounds up and down, still.

Hey...I have a great cut out cookie dough recipe from my's no fail. Going to email you ! :)

Bluebird49 said...

Hope you are feeling as chipper as you sound! The kangaroo paw is a new one to me, but then, I don't know about flowers much. I can identify a few, but just the usual ones.
I can't imagine doing a newspaper article. The pressure of having to have it in by a certain date would overwhelm me! Just the thought of the holidays coming on is overwhelming me...sometimes the thought of getting up is overwhelming lately. UGH! TMI!
I love to hear you are feeling better and getting out and doing.
I used to watch a lot of series, but hubby's not interested, so now it seems we turn off the TV by 10:00. I didn't even watch the final year of Mad Men--they take so long between seasons, I just plain forget what they did the year before1 So, I find I like to read blogs for my entertainment lately. I like the pictures of other people's lives. It gives me hope that I will get out of my slump and feel like I, too, have a life--yes, even a wonderful life, although that seems distant right now.
Thanks for the uplifting post! I know it takes a bit of time to pull it all together. Maybe I need to turn the Hallmark Channel on and see if I can get into the spirit. I very much need that.
Love, Trudy xx

Esther Zimmer said...

Hi Jane!

What a lovely post! I'm originally from Australia so I'm familiar with Kangaroo Paws - those flowers are so unique and beautiful. I love your home, it looks so cosy and inviting, just beautiful. I'm sorry I haven't stopped by for a while, I've been studying and I'm afraid that no only have I not been visiting other blogs, I haven't really been blogging. Oh well, onwards and upwards this week. Sorry to read that you've not been well but I hope you're well and truly on the mend now.

Best wishes from London,

Esther xx

Kelly - Talk of the House said...

Good grief! You made me tired just reading all that you have accomplished! I have never heard of Kangaroo Paws, but they are lovely yellow flowers that look wonderful on your table. I hope you get over your November respiratory illness. Mine hung on a long time last year...turned into pneumonia by Thanksgiving and bronchitis for Christmas. Hoping to stay away from all germs this year! Ha. Congrats on your 2 page newspaper spread! That is a lot to write! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier this week. :)

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Jane, sorry I haven't bee here sooner. I was busy working on some blogs. I guess I am not the only one busy. You have accomplished many things. Good luck with the newspaper spread. That's quite the honor. Enjoy your week. xo

Carla from The River said...

Hello Friend,
You have been busy. :-)
I had the baking bug too. I baked pumpkin muffins, a chocolate cake and made an angel food today with strawberry sauce. HA! Now I have a taste for pumpkin pie.
I am so happy for your two page spread in the Newspaper! You Rock, is what my son Sam would say. :-))
Enjoy your week,

podso said...

It sounds like you have a un challenge with a two-page spread! Can you show us when it's done? Sorry you are still under the weather a bit. Seems a lot are saying that with this respiratory thing going around. Take care of yourself.

Karen said...

Catching up on blogs today. Those cookies look like just the thing for tea this afternoon. We had our first snow of the season last night, about six inches of it.

How cool that you have a two-page spread!

I always enjoy stopping here at 'your place.' So warm and cozy.

Rue said...

Congratulations on your two page spread, Jane! That's really great :)

That picture of Layla cracked me up. Mini always loses out to Bubba. Funny how the little ones are always the boss.

Love hearing about your days, my friend.


Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Hi Jane! Those darned respiratory things are tough to get rid of. Hope you are 100% soon. It looks like you have been keeping busy though. The kangaroo paws are very cool; I've never seen anything like them! It's very exciting to hear about your two pages , hoping you'll be able to share! Jane

Decor To Adore said...

Oh Milo and Layla your antics always amuse me! Please get well soon dear Blondie.

Kathleen Grace said...

It looks like you are enjoying your Autumn, although I do wish that upper respiratory thing would go away, poor thing! I have never seen the kangaroo paws, but aren't the simplest flowers sometimes just the prettiest? We watch Blindspot too, love the show. I'm definitely going to try the sugar cookies, more butter is always a good thing ;)

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Hope you are feeling better by now! Love those kangaroo paws, and I'm hoping your urge to de-clutter is contagious - I really need to do a major purge!

bj said...

Jane, you sound like you ARE feeling better. Lots of work going on there, it sounds like.
Your cookies look wonderful. I am looking forward to having our grandgirls over for making Christmas cookies...we've done it for years....and I am hanging on to the tradition with both hands. As they grown up and marry, it's harder to get them over here. :) We have one married, one working in a town a couple hours away from us..
3 will graduate this coming year and Deeds is our youngest. She will be 14 in Jan.
Time IS passing so quickly.....

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey girlfriend,
So sorry your still fighting that respiratory infection. I sure hope it's knocked out for good soon. Finally getting caught up here. I love your new throw and the flowers too!
All I have done lately is babysit. And my body is feeling it. Little Ryker is crawling and he is a lug to always be lifting and moving to a new spot. I am really looking forward to our weekend away. I truly need that time and so does Dan.
Hugs friend and talk soon,

RURAL said...

I love those little kangaroo paws they always signified the heat of summer at the garden center. They would only show up as plants when it was super hot out...and of course everyone loved them.

I hope that you feel better soon, that's not good.

And what a beautiful book...the cover especially is stunning.


Stonecropsister said...

Hi Jane,
I am shameless at the amount of TV I watch, so i am always on the lookout for good recommendations and will tune in for Blindspot.
I hope you have had a good week preparing your material for the newspaper. I can't imagine being able to write for a newspaper, that is really wonderful Jane.
I've been so lax lately about everything, I just seem to work and come home, make dinner, and then go to bed. i definitely want to check in with more blogs, and take walks, and find some other interests. It can be difficult though to drag myself out of the doldrums. Not sure what causes it. I always come to your blog first though, you remind me of my sisters. xx Nancy

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Elsie is just adorable! Your DIY for the newlyweds is beautiful! I'm sure they'll treasure it. How awesome that you got to meet Kris! I love her blog!

Gypsy Heart said...

Busy girl! :) I'm trying to catch up reading blogs. Thanks so much for sharing the cookie recipe ~ sounds wonderful!


Traci said...

Sugar cookies are my favorite!!! Now I want some! I sure hope you're feeling ok by Thanksgiving. That upper resp. crud isn't fun. I get it regularly.

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