Sunday, November 1, 2015


Halloween was a bust here.  I think I mentioned in my post last week that terrible weather was predicted.  Bingo.  It was gorgeous Friday and then today.  It was as if Saturday was somehow sandwiched in to be rainy and cold.  I can't help but wonder why this affects me so much, after all my kids are grown up and are busy handing out the treats instead of begging for them.  I do have memories of these not so fun days when the bad weather made it a terrible time for them, specifically one Halloween.   I let Emily and Abby walk to the corner to trick or treat without me (they were about 7 and 4 but I trusted our neighbors).  They came back drenched and cold and crying and spent the rest of the afternoon miserably picking through the meager amount of candy they collected in their plastic pumpkins.  Sniff.  I hate rainy Halloweens!

So when you aren't hearing the knocks on the door and the 110 bags of treats you've made up have dwindled down to 102, what can you do?  Make cupcakes!  White cake and whipped cream frosting tinted very subtly with orange (for autumn but not garishly pumpkin-like).   Then edible crystal sprinkles for bling.  I know it may sound weird but I've lost my taste/urge/compulsion for sugary sweets.  I like an oatmeal cookie or a simple muffin.  The Husband gets these outstanding almond 'horns' at a nearby bakery and they are so addicting.  Could this change be the end of menopause (no pun intended)?

I actually jumped on the wagon early and packed up everything Halloween related today.  It didn't take long because I prefer to decorate for fall and do most of the spooky fun stuff on the porch for the kiddies to appreciate (see my last post).  But it felt good to eliminate half of the stuff I had everywhere as I've been wanting to minimize my clutter, don't we all?  My kids and The Husband are brutally honest and I can't help but smell the coffee after years and years of them telling me I simply have way too much everywhere.  I've always made excuses, that this is their opinion and this is my house.  But I look at my rooms sometimes and I know, as much as I love and want to be surrounded by the books, candlesticks, mercury glass and baskets...well, it's just waaaaay too much for my tiny little home.  I definitely didn't wipe out everything today.  My other dilemma is my storage space (Emily's old room).  It's totally haphazardly filled up with stuff sorted into Christmas, Easter, summer, fall and miscellaneous.  I need to purge, organize and box.  Ugh.  I'm ashamed, and to be honest, I haven't been to Homegoods and the like in months.  I have run out of space and really have come to dislike this side of myself.  :(  Big revelations here.

I stocked up on more ingredient for granola (see my last post, I'm so sorry, I'm still trying to learn my way around this Mac and haven't figured out the highlight/link thing).  I really learned a lot from my first batch and if you Pinned the recipe you may want to take note.  I felt it wasn't as 'sticky' or holding together as it should.  It needs some clumping so I added a bit more maple syrup and honey.   I used dried blueberries and apricots instead of dried cherries but the apricots didn't meet the approval of the family.  You can't blow that off---to have someone not want to eat this mix at all because of a one ingredient, that's so understandable to me.  No more apricots.  But I added coconut and that was a hit.  I picked up some glass jars at Michael's along with some black and white gingham ribbon and stamped hearts to make them pretty.  Emily brought a few jars to work, The Husband will as well, and Abby and her roomies like it, too.  Fans!  Love it!  The pretty little packaging is not necessary but I love detail and unlike making cookies or treats for the family, this is going out to people I know and don't know and is making me so happy.  

I said earlier in this post that I've avoided Homegoods but I didn't mention Target.  :)  I actually went because i was admiring my sister in law's outdoor lights this summer and she texted me that they were 50% off this week.  Score!  $7.99 a box.  I'm all set for next summer.  I wish I could have bought a few boxes for the lakehouse but I'll just have to be patient for them to go on sale next fall.  

I saw this blanket on clearance on one of those end caps.  I nearly passed out.  I was just looking at it last month and really loving the plaid, the generous size and that plush backing.  I wasn't loving the price and to be honest, I have throws on almost every sofa and chair in the house.  As I've admitted, I don't need anything else to add to this house.  But the price, oh gosh.  I'm glad I nabbed it.  Milo is glad, too.  And it adds a subtle bit of color to my den.  Plaid is big, well, as Emily pointed out, it has been for a few years along with gingham and buffalo check.  I try to keep things fresh and avoid trends because I'm the girl who never wanted to be spotted in the same bikini on the beach as someone else. Then again, you can't let that stop you if you really like it.  Enough said.  

I'm not playing show and tell nor promoting Target (wouldn't it be great if they were compensating me?), but I found this pillow cover.  Yes, you heard me, pillow cover.  Am I wrong in saying this is a first at Target?  I think pillow covers are the best thing since sliced bread.  Since I can't sew I've always bought, well, whole pillows.  And wow, they take up a lot of room when you want to store them away.  So pillow covers are the way to go for the lesser expense and that you can wash them, fold them and tuck them away in your linen closet.  While Pottery Barn and the like are selling covers at $40+, this was a mere $8.99.  And I have tons of pillows that can and did fit right inside.  Let's see more of this, please.

Abby was home again this weekend.  Although I cook pretty much every night, I try to make something a bit special when she's home.  Tonight I made a recipe called Chicken Chorizo Casserole that Emily gave me, source unknown.  I will never be recognized as a food blog, not that I want to but I think it will all come down to the fact that my food always looks miserably ugly (or maybe it's my photography).  I actually thought of editing this pic to black and white.  Still, what casserole really looks good?  And truth be told, most of the pretty photos you see of food in glossy magazines are taken before it's cooked.  The color is vibrant and beautiful and so carefully arranged.  Sorry, this is the real deal.  The flavor makes up for it in this dish.  Feel free to Pin.  

Chicken Chorizo Casserole

1 1/2 lbs. chicken thighs, trimmed (abut ten pieces)
2 lbs. Chorizo sausage, in 1 inch pieces
6 medium sized yellow potatoes cut in 1/4 inch slices
1 large red onion sliced into 1/4 inch rings
1 T oregano
1 t salt
Zest of one large orange

Arrange chicken pieces in an oiled/sprayed 9 X 13 baking dish.  Layer the sausage over, then the potatoes and onion.  Sprinkle the oregano and salt over the layers and grate the orange zest over last.  Bake covered with foil at 450 degrees for 1 hour.  Ta Da!  Done.  And so delicious!!  But disgusting looking.

The backyard is not looking so inviting with all of my fun and decorative pieces stored away.  Today I was going to enlist The Husband's help in putting away the patio table and chairs.  Then the temps hit 65 and I thought, let's give it awhile longer so I can have a place to sit and relax.  Knowing my luck it will snow this week.

Hard to tell but I tried to get a close up of the Morning Glory seed pods.  I have so many this year.  I mentioned awhile back that I'd be happy to send off an envelope of seeds to anyone that wanted them.  I always find the seeds of an established plant to be better than something you can purchase.  Anyway, I wrote something to the effect of "...for the price of a postage stamp".  I meant, my cost!  I got emails from some of you ladies asking for my address so they could send the pennies for the postage!  Oh, how sweet all of you are.  I am happy to send these seeds out to you, just email me with your address and off they will go.  At least when they are a bit more dried out.  

I'm not seeing too many giveaways these days as opposed to the days when I first started blogging, at least those that are not sponsored by merchandisers.  But...I recently ordered this book on Amazon and somehow received two for the price of one.  I hope Amazon is not reading this and planning to add the charge to my account.  It's a great book written by a popular blogger.  I hadn't visited her blog until I saw her on Instagram  recently and really fell in love with her posts, her sense of humor and style.  I was curious and the book doesn't disappoint.  I'm loving that bloggers are having books published.  It's a fresh and real look at lives of the not so rich and famous.  And we need to support each other   My feelings on the subject at least.  So...I have this extra book and I'll send if off to anyone that 1) leaves a comment, and...2) follows this blog.  No big hoops to jump.  For those who like to read my blog, you can follow by clicking on that cute icon on my sidebar with all the pretty faces, or you can type your email address in another space to "Follow By Email".  I want to thank all of my new friends and readers and want you to know how you can easily get my posts.  Good luck!  

Isn't this great, free seeds and a book?  I'm feeling super good! :)

Off I go.  Have a great week and let me know if your Halloween was as miserable as mine.  ;-)

Jane xx


Jenny S. said...

Halloween was miserable here too. I usually go watch my grandchildren trick or treat, but this cold...flu...allergy...CRUD!!! is still hanging on.Oh well. Maybe we will have a better time next year. Your little gift bags look so nice. Good job!

Linda said...

Our Halloween was nice! Rain BEFORE and AFTER but perfect for all the trick or treaters!!
My Amber just loves Target! She shops there a LOT and is making a convert out of me!

I never really declutter! My motto is MORE is always BETTER and as long as I am able to decorate and clean my own house - I'm keeping all my STUFF!!! My kids all have lovely homes WITHOUT so much STUFF and my son in law cautions my daughter when he tells her, "Um, this reminds me of your mom's house!" To each his own! I simply can't live without a lot of things to look at! I often tell people, "This is a nice place to visit - but you wouldn't want to LIVE here!"

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

So sorry your Halloween was a bust. Our little trick and treaters don't come out until dark.
I had about 50 kids and they were so cute. I put away all my Halloween decorations today and left up the Fall.

I think as we get older we realize that we have so much stuff and need to purge some of it. So Jane, you are not alone.

Your casserole sounds very good.

Thanks for your offer for Morning Glory seeds, but here in CA they take over everything, because we have such warm weather they don't die off. My friend planted some from her yard and it took me years to get rid of it. It was like that Kutuzov (not sure that spelled right) in the Southern States. I also have a vine that is like a daisy, small yellow flowers that goes crazy also. My gardener has a fit and is always pulling it up.

Yes, Target has some great plaids that they have been advertising on TV.

I have a bad habit of stuffing into my guest room and have been trying to keep in order and not have it as a store room.

Really enjoyed this post, always so glad to catch up with your adventures. So glad that you are feeling so much better.

Have a terrific week and hopefully the weather will warm up for you.

Art and Sand said...

Amazon won't do anything to you! Whenever they have sent me the wrong thing or too many, they say just keep it. One time, it was the wrong perfume and the bottle they sent incorrectly was a $75 bottle.

I follow @theinspiredroom and have been seeing the book on IG so I would love to win it.

And, all of my Halloween stuff is already back in the attic. But no Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Great post Jane! I'm sorry you had crappy weather for Halloween! I'm sure your leftover candy won't get thrown away. I really enjoy reading your recipes so keep posting them. Pictures aren't everything... I've read so many recipes online with great looking pictures but when I tried them they were terrible so, yes they are important, but not the most important thing if you know what I mean. Have a great new week!!

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Hello Jane, I always admire your writing skills. I need to purge and reorganize too. It never ends especially if you like to shop like me... Your recipes sound delish, love the idea of winning the book :-) Have a great week!

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Hello Jane, I always admire your writing skills. I need to purge and reorganize too. It never ends especially if you like to shop like me... Your recipes sound delish, love the idea of winning the book :-) Have a great week!

Suzanne said...

I like your philosophy. When life gives you rain, make cupcakes! I know what you mean about Halloween. It's just not as much fun now that my girls are older and we don't get ANY trick or treaters. Have a good week!

Theresa said...

Well it is a rainy morning here! Love Target and you will always find me looking thru the end caps:) Such a pretty book, I would love to read it! Our Blog friends amaze me with their talents! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

NanaDiana said...

We live just far enough out that we did not have a single trick-or-treater except for our one grandson. I do miss those "old days" when the streets were filled with little goblins and witches and kitties, OH MY!

Sounds like you have cut way back on purchases- me, too. I have SO much and need to start GETTING RID OF some things.I am liking things with a more "clean-cut" look nowadays.

Fun to catch up with you this morning- xo Diana

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

Good Morning, Jane! We made it through Halloween with no rain. In fact it was nice, the temps very pleasant. But we've had rain since Sunday morning, and predicted for the next few days... ugh! I was just looking at all my fall stuff this morning, too, and thinking, maybe when it's down and Christmas goes up, I should minimize it a little! ha! You found a couple of really cute pieces at Target! You asked about my mountain trip. We actually stayed the first night in Asheville! Love Asheville, I can only imagine how you enjoy have a home there! The leaves were gorgeous, but they weren't nearly as pretty when we crossed the TN line. Weird, huh? We live in Whiteville, it's about an hour from the coast, and half way between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. ...Hope you have a great week! Take care, Rhonda :)

Lynne said...

Hi Jane!
I am easing my way back into blog land once again! August, September and October were out of the "norm". The finale being tiny Cameron Lane's early entrance last week. Her scheduled delivery date was to be today!

I believe that Halloween falling on a Saturday, along with the inclement weather drove most of our "trick or treater's" to the malls, church carnivals, and a local amusement park that was embellished for the occasion. A newer trend out here is called "trunk or treat". It's a play on tailgating. The activity is organized in a parking lot of a church or school. Participants decorate the back of their cars with activities and hand out candy. Sadly even the trunk or treater's were driven inside the gymnasiums and church halls to improvise because of the nonstop downpour of the day and evening.

How perfect is your "B"! ( Also love the colors in the bedspread or throw beneath it.) I have been seeing a lot of cuteness pop up from Target in blog land of late. I haven't been since I too have been trying to declutter and purge. ( I am very weak when I am in the home decorating area of that store!)
Have a great week!
Thank you for popping in!
oh! would LOVE to have a chance to win Melissa's book! (She is a Pacific Northwest girl!)

Primitive Stars said...

Oh yes Jane, when raining, bake cupcakes, little happy baby cakes. Was dreary here for Halloween but didn't stop the kids, had 120 at the house. ..The Targets closed up here, to bad, I do love them.Have a great week, Blessings Francine.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

We had a very rainy Halloween too. I felt so bad for all the trick or treaters. Did you buy the whipped frosting or make it? I'm curious if the store bought kind is good. I've always wanted to try it. Don't you love those Target end caps? I've scored many good deals there. :) Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Melissa's book. I've heard wonderful things about it and would love to read it. xoxo

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I remember when my boys were growing up, I think it rained every Halloween! They would be mad at me because I made them wear coats over their costumes. Baking cupcakes is always a great idea! Love that throw. Thanks for the chance to win the book!

20 North Ora said...

I did not have one Trick or Treater this year. So, I had to eat the popcorn balls and Snickers and Reece's Peanut Butter Cups. LOL When my son was small, we had 30 some kids on the block and there were always lots of cute costumes. Not so much any more.

I follow your blog and would love to win that book. It looks amazing.

Thanks again for offering the seeds.


Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Oh those yummy cupcakes, now that was a real Halloween treat, love the crystal sprinkles and the cup cake wrapping papers are gorgeous.
Our Halloween greeted us with mild weather. We lucked out, sorry yours was a wash out. That crazy Mother Nature, hope you gave her a talking to over those 102 bags treat bags left ;) John had made late dinner reservations at one of our favorite Lambertville restaurants so we gave out candy to the early young treaters and then went out and enjoyed a yummy meal.
Yup love buying pillow covers, old row- home means limited closet space so to just need to store covers is a space saving benefit. Got to share this cause I laughed and after laughing thought it was a brilliant idea. I recently purchased a 15x15 cute Reindeer feed grain sack pillow from Décor Sreals. A Christmas item. It arrived in a plastic bag (pillow was stuffed and sewn closed) when I cut open the plastic the pillow grew to full size. Well I thought it was funny or maybe I need to get out more, HA HA.
Ya know they say to not judge a book by its cover ... BUT .... That cover is so pretty and I'm sure it's lovely inside too. Count me in on the giveaway.
Sending love your way.

Kathleen Grace said...

I have been following Melissa for about as long as she has been blogging. I've been dying to see her book, please do enter me in the give away! I have been trying to box up a lot of my stored décor for Salvation Army. Lets face it, sometimes we just get tired of it, and in my case, I have too much too! I found it so hard to actually make the choice of what to get rid of. I have these things because I like them. I stood in the basement not knowing what to do until I figured out that just because I like something doesn't mean I need it or should keep it. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but the clutter is getting to me to the point I don't even WANT to put any of it out. Too much visual junk! So I'm giving a lot of it away and allowing myself to replace it with new things, but maybe with the understanding that if something comes in, something has to go out. It's kind of freeing to let it go.

podso said...

You could promo for TG !! Great stuff. Sorry about Halloween but your treats look cute. Yes I follow your blog, and I believe this is a comment, so throw my name in and thanks! Have a good week.

Melanie said...

We met up with Tim for dinner on Halloween night, so I took the leftover candy to him. This was the first year ever that I didn't touch a piece of Halloween candy! It's amazing how since I quit sugar, the candy didn't even tempt me. I do keep a bar of Theo organic dark chocolate in the cabinet and have one square of that if I get a chocolate craving. Love the blanket and pillow cover you got. I was at Target just last week and didn't see any clearance blankets nor pillow covers! But yet they had a ton of pillows. Go figure. I was aware of The Inspired Room book from Instagram and also taking a peak at that blog once in awhile. Looks like it'd be a wonderful book. Thanks for the chance to be included in the giveaway! said...

Boo, for the bad weather !!! I live in Amish country so Halloween is NOT celebrated :(( when I lived one little town over and my son was young (now 18) they just had a little parade and gift bag's. What happened to the going door to door and your kid's bringing ton's on candy home ???? ( then picking out your favorite piece's when they crashed from their sugar high ) Btw, I think of you as a food blogger , many time's I've tried one of your recipes , all good !! Especially your cheeseball. I told Benita and she pinned it :) The book sound's lovely, I follow you on my IPhone and iPad , I added you a few year's ago to my home read screen save. Thank you for the chance. I would of purchased the throw also !!!!! You can NEVER have TT

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness. I think we are getting all of the rain that you were getting on Halloween. It has rained here since Sunday and has been grey and yucky all weekend. I always hate it for the trick or treaters too. We don't get very many anymore since we're in the back of the subdivision and most of the younger kids are in the front. I did have a good time on Halloween because it was my birthday and our neighbors invited us over to hang out with them. So we took our pumpkins and candy over there and had a good time. Your chicken dish looks good. I'm not a very good food photographer either. I share recipes every now and then but always feel like my photos are laughed at from real food bloggers. LOL! I would love to win that book! I'm starting to see more and more bloggers getting books published. So exciting!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

So sad that your Halloween weather was not what you wanted after all your work and preparation but look just how busy you've been, Jane and then look at what you accomplished!...:)JP

Unknown said...

Hi Jane, Your casserole looks and sounds delicious! I know my kids would like it - they come over (son, d-i-l, grandson) every Sunday for lunch and this would be a nice change.
I love to read and your book looks good. I am always ordering books (and other things!) from Amazon; I've gotten some good deals but never have I received a BOGO! Good for you, Jane. Please enter me in your giveaway. I am a long-time follower.
Thanks and hugs, Beth

Beth said...

Hi Jane, Your casserole looks and sounds delicious! I know my kids would like it - they come over (son, d-i-l, grandson) every Sunday for lunch and this would be a nice change.
I love to read and your book looks good. I am always ordering books (and other things!) from Amazon; I've gotten some good deals but never have I received a BOGO! Good for you, Jane. Please enter me in your giveaway. I am a long-time follower.
Thanks and hugs, Beth

Brenda Pruitt said...

Well, I didn't get any trick or treaters, and haven't since I came to Tulsa. Maybe parents think it's too dangerous, I don't know. So I don't bother to prepare any more. In terms of the purging, for me it really got easier the more I did it. And I can do more. I thought about that book, but another blogger said it was mainly just a redo of her blog posts. Glad to see you like it. But then if you weren't familiar with her blog, you didn't see her blog posts anyway!

mary scott said...

I'm happy you are feeling well now. But sorry the weather ruined Halloween for you all. I love to browse Target too especially the clearance end caps. Hope you have more temps/weather to enjoy your yard longer!

Gypsy Heart said...

Hmmm, the cupcakes and the casserole both look and sound delish! Did you use real whipping cream or Cool Whip for the frosting? Great idea to tint it. No trick or treaters here even though the rain stopped in the afternoon. What did you do with all those cute packets you made? I've always loved seeing the little ones and join in their excitement! It's just not the same anymore, at least in this area.

I am a Target addict! :) So many unique items and when on sale it's a win. I've seen the pillow covers but have never purchased one. I know I'm weird but I'm not one for a lot of pillows everywhere! My daughter adores them and has some beautiful ones. I always think of something else I could spend the money on.

I've decluttered SO MUCH the past 2 years and I have to say, it feels so good! There are so many "things" and clothes that have felt excessive to me. I kinda feel a bit hoardish so have adopted the mind set that if I don't love it or not using it, it will go to bless someone else. I've met the sweetest young Hispanic maintenance guy here and he and his wife do so much for their church. They recently brought an abused woman and her children into their fold. The church helped get them a place to live and some household items & clothes. I went through again and have donated blankets, throws, kitchen items, clothes for the lady, lamps, etc. Perhaps find a family in need and that will spur you on to clear out! :)

I haven't read the book but I'd appreciate being included! Of course, I'm a follower.


Junkchiccottage said...

Halloween was so miserable here too Jane. That rain just sucked the fun out of the night. We still had kids come all bundled and covered up to the door. Abby enjoyed the night trick or treating even with the rain. She only went up the block because she was cold and wet too. I think she had more fun having pizza all together at the restaurant after trick or treating. So many families and kids were at the Pizza place in their costumes having dinner. So the kids had fun showing off their costumes to each other over pizza with their families.
The book looks great. I follow you by email so thanks for the chance.
Have a great week.

Bluebird49 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bluebird49 said...

I'm already a follower by email and on your sidebar--so please enter me for the book, too. Loved this great post!
I wish we had a Target nearby! So many cute things... loved the blanket and pillow cover.
Oh Jane, I am so terrible about decluttering. I want to but the Fibro keeps me from doing it enough to tell a difference! I'm afraid I'd be considered as hoarding, rather than collecting! Gypsy Heart has the right idea, and someone to pass along to. The fall is here an I haven't boxed up a thing :(
There's an email or you... thanks for checking on me, as and as you've felt!
Trudy xxx

Pondside said...

Those cupcake/muffins look scrumptious! I love the papers you used for them.
We had a lot of rain on Saturday afternoon, but it miraculously cleared up for the evening, and we had about 100 trick or treaters. We get a lot because there is a bonfire at the end of the road.
I would love to win the book - it sounds so very interesting. Funny, but I was thinking the same thing - that there haven't been any giveaways like there used to I put one on my post too! Snap!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

To think that you stuffed all the bags for almost nothing :(. I remember when Sarissa was little how one Halloween was so miserable and I felt so bad for her and her friends. They look forward to it so much! I can't say we were disappointed with Halloween this year because we would never get any kids where we live.

I saw a throw like your new one at HG's. Plaid is classic and so 'Fallish' looking, so I don't blame you, and besides, Milo needed a new bed ;).

Thanks for the opportunity to win Melissa's book!


Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

I spent the week in Oklahoma with my youngest daughter and Molly, but you already knew that, came home and went directly to my oldest daughter's home to celebrate a short Halloween with her and the family. tricker treaters for this Mimi.
Your bags are really adorable, but I am sorry that they weren't put to the intended use.
I also think that in certain regions of the country people are participating in Trunk or Treat?
Your giveaway sounds great, I'd love to be included-you know I follow you:)

Unknown said...

I didn't have a single trick or treater! But that's not unusual living out in the country. In our area, there are quite a few organized festivals where the children can trick or treat which helps the parents. They just go to one place, and the kids can have a blast. The merchants in the small town near us (they are "on the square") all dress up and the children just go door to door. Makes it quick and easy for the parents. I'd love to be a part of your giveaway. Hope you have a fabulous week!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Well how generous of you to give your second book away.

I didn't even turn my porch light on this year for kids and none came either, usually they will knock on the door anyway.

Love the plaid blanket from Target makes me want to jump in the car and try to find one for me however I have a throw for every chair and bed in this house.I think it will look good on my round kitchen tablet ?


I already follow you

Curtains in My Tree said...

But just in case I'm not in your long list of followers I put my name on the list of followers again LOL

Debbie said...

Hello Jane....first...I love the photo of the seeds. There is just something about it, with the yard in the background. It's award winning.
The weather here for Halloween was miserable, too. The poor kids were soaked. I'm sure some will be down with colds, and flu.
I put away most all of the decorations, but left out the pumpkins, gourds, garlands, and some twinkly lights for Thanksgiving.
I agree with you about Target...they have some great deals! Your throw is awesome! The pillow cover idea is a winner!
The sunflower dishes are wonderful for this time of year!!! You always have the perfect touches for every season.
Enjoy this warm up!
Love to you, dear one.

Lori E said...

Our weather was the opposite of yours. Miserable before and after but Saturday was windy but beautiful. That being said we had 11 kids come by. Oh well. Husband took the remainder of the candy to work with him. Whew.
We purged so much stuff when we moved and now I am really careful about what is coming into the house. I suggest for you that for every new thing you bring in something the same size has to leave. Gift it. Donate it. Trash it as a last resort.

Carla from The River said...

Hi Jane,
I am hosting a giveaway this week too. Stop on by. :-))

I always enjoy that you post your recipes. Thank You!!

I love your new stuff.

Thank you for the giveaway too.

Debbie said...

Love your blog and would so love some morning glory seeds. Thanks so much.


patio garden furniture said...

When life gives you rain, make cupcakes! Ha! I love that. The book looks great. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for years, and I recently started following you on Instagram. I love when you share recipes, and I have even tried and few and loved them. Thanks for the giveaway...I would love to win!

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Oh you had worked so hard to have the perfect treats to hand sorry about the rain. We managed to get through trick or treat time here, Saturday early evening, before the rain started.

Looks like Milo has approved the new throw :) So cute!

Susie said...

Blondie, I had no kids come here...too far out. I did not buy candy it's not here for me to snack on. LOL. I loved your pillow cover and plaid blanket. I like plaids for fall and winter. We are having great weather right now till Friday or Thursday night. Hope you are enjoying some outside time. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Traci said...

Our Halloween was nice but only because Trick or Treat was moved to Friday. It started raining Saturday & I swear it didn't stop until Monday night. Talk about depressing! Love the blanket & pillow cover. I'm a sucker for plaid. I've always loved it! Looks like Milo does too!

Michele said...

Hi Jane! Well you know I am a long-time follower of your blog.

Thank you for "sharing the bounty" and sharing this book giveaway! I'd love to win it! I collect books like this and don't have it - would be awesome to add to my library! Thank you for the opportunity! Hugs!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

We live right at edge of the city limits, so we don't get trick or treaters this far out. I'm sorry the rain messed up the fun day in your area.
I think I need to visit Target, the pillow covers are a great idea! I keep thinking I'll make some, but never get around to it.
Your recipe sounds delicious and I'll have to try it. Take care and have a great day!
Oh, I almost forgot! I'm a follower and I'd love a chance to win the book. Thanks!

Benita said...

If it makes you feel better, I can pretend that my Halloween was miserable. ;-) I love HomeGoods and haven't stayed away...I'm a bad girl...because I also visit Target regularly. It is very difficult for me to go into one and not the other, as they are side by side. A visit to one DEMANDS a visit to the least that's what I tell the hubster! :-) Target can pay you if you want to sign up for their affiliate program! I just signed up and was accepted and have got to get some posts up because I do shop there quite a bit...they have such wonderful new things. And I can never find a pillow cover with the letter "R" in a color I want....THAT is frustrating..okay, I'm done blathering...hope you are having a great week! Hugs!! PS..I'm not a robot! :-)

Leslie Harris said...

Oh my goodness. That chicken chorizo casserole looks perfect for the guys in my family. I will definitely try that. Visiting here always makes me smile. We didn't have many trick or treaters either---we did go to a party as a pair of pirates but I had to leave earlier than I wanted to get up for my training course the next morning. I was scheduled to teach a portion which always stresses me out. thanks for the reminder about Target. I love that place.

June said...

I so feel your pain about the thinning things out in the home. I have such a hard time getting rid of anything, and I do mean anything. If I buy something, it's usually because I love it and it's easier for me to store it and then bring it out at a later time and enjoy it again.
But my kids (or a couple of them at least) thinks I need to get rid of my stuff. I do have to say that I did send lots of clothes to goodwill though. Do you think that will count with the kids? I have no willpower when it comes to staying out of a certain couple of stores too.

I think Milo thinks the new blanket is perfection Jane. Such a darling pic. Your recipe sounds
so good. I almost find the uglier the better!

It's so good to get to catch up with you. You asked about how I dry my roses. I do like you do sometimes (hanging) and other times I leave then in the vase until they are wilting good and they I drain the water from the vase and let them continue drying.
I do follow you and the book looks awesome, so could you throw my name in the hat?
sending hugs...

emily barlocker scott said...

I would trade my first born for more storage! Well, maybe not my first born, but definitely the second born.

Debra@CommonGround said...

I hear you on the storage/decorating/stuff dilemma. Thank goodness we don't have a Homegoods nearby. I still have boxes of "stuff" in the basement storage that I need to go thru. yuckie. I've been seeing the book around blogland. I don't have it yet, and I'm a longtime Blondie fan, so please enter me in the Give Away! xoxo

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

The weather was perfect on Halloween but we only had three little ones come to our front door. I think the older children must have gone to organized events at their schools and churches. I'll be packing it up and taking it to my grandchildren over the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope that cold of yours is long gone. I had to do forced decluttering when we moved…our new house in Florida is so much smaller and no basement or attic to store anything in so I can relate.

sweetbriardreams said...

We had perfect weather Jane on this side of the pond and lots and lots of 'trickle treaters' as my daughter calls them! We came close to running out of sweets but managed to let everyone have something. I love what you said about 'their opinion and your house' my thoughts exactly when any decisions need to be made! Have a wonderful decluttering weekend xx

Scribbler said...

Ha! Sorry your Halloween was wet. We ran away from home to Destin, FL, and it was wet there, too. We have decided we are just not doing it any more, because our little neighborhood gets invaded by a lot of people who don't live here, many of whom are grown. I am not opening the door to a total stranger in a face mask -- my mama didn't raise no fools!

I have been staying away from HG too, for the most part, unless I need something like a spatula. Slowly I am trying to weed out things we don't need, and after that experience with the area flea market, I am going to just donate from now on. It's much easier!

I would love some of your seeds if they are not all spoken for. I used to plant those in Texas, but have not tried them here in Alabama.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jane, Sounds like Halloween was not as good in your area as some. We had rain right up to the day and then it did dry out long enough for the kiddos to get out. We had about 150 kids this year down from 200 or more. I don't know where they all come from but it was a busy night.
I understand about storing all our treasures. I did a clean out a couple weeks ago and felt so good about that only to then go junkin and find things to refill. You should see my store room for my shop. It's filled and I have standing room only! LOL But most of that goes to good homes so that I can justify! LOL
Love the plaid throw you found and the pillow is awesome.
The book looks so good and I have been a follower too so I would love to enter your giveaway.

Thanks for stopping by sweet friend and your kind comment. Have a wonderful weekend.
Blessings xo

Vee said...

Sweet Melissa's book...she was the first to welcome me to blogging. You know how you feel about the first to say howdy! (Please do not add my name...this book is on my short Christmas list.)

I was so excited about seeing your comment, Jane, so I could find you again. I hate losing bloggers.

I'm with you on pillow covers...what a concept! As for "clutter," I am feeling a bit sensitive about it all now that my house is filling up again. LOL! I try to think about the homes I enjoy visiting and there's not a minimalist home on the list.

Deserae said...

Sorry you had a dreary Halloween.....our weather was okay but we didn't have a single trick or treater. We dressed our dogs up in costumes and they were VERY disappointed when no one showed up!!! I might have to make a run to Target to get one of those pillow covers because that is a bargain!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Barb said...

Hi Janie,

Everything in your post just screams it.


Susan EvelynAndRose said...

I always enjoy reading what you're up to Jane, and you don't disappoint! I'm with ya on avoiding Home Goods for a while, I always end up spending moola there. And I don't like rainy Halloweens either! The books sounds great, I'll check out her blog. xoxo

bj said...

Hi, Blondie...I so remember those cold wet Halloweens....this year it was a great night.
When we moved a couple yrs ago, we were able to get rid of so much that cluttered the house and the attic...I am very careful what I buy now.
Thanks so much for the chance at that great book....

Unknown said...

Hello darling Blondie--Yes!! My husband was recovering from shoulder surgery the day before so we were hunkered down on drugs (him) and wine (me;) with the lights out watching a movie. It was fine but we only had one old chocolate bar to share.
I love target too. Now that they've added groceries I think I could live off only target shopping for a year. You definitely scored girlfriend! Your recipe looks fabulous--as usual.
I remember my two years of living in southern Michigan and the snow was endless. I know why it's more difficult to keep your spirits up with the weather!
What a fun book and giveaway!!
Happy Sunday my dear!
xx, Heather

xinex said...

Love the blanket and throw pillow case, Janie. You know, we did not have any trick or treaters at all, not 1 and the weather was excellent. And I turned the lights on. Strange! Going to Natchez this week and will stay for a month or so. Hopefully, I can organize and make a final move soon.....Christine

Kim said...

Halloween was actually a really nice day here, unseasonably warm and that equally about 400 pieces of candy given out...yikes! We made it just under the wire with a few lollipops to spare!

Unknown said...

Hi Jane,
I found you through Benita's blog!
My first time here! :)
We had a rainy Halloween too, but we had a lot of kids! Last year we had rain too and I made a gazillion treat bags and hardly any kids...this year rain again so I decided to only make a dozen bags and bam - tons of I was scrambling to make loot bags up on the fly. Fun! ;)
I only learnt of that book a week or so ago, and I just recently visited her blog too. The book looks like it is full of some great tips.
Have a wonderful week!
Kimberley ;)

Kit said...

Howdy! I just had to tell you, your post had me up and heading to Target. I just loved your pillow but alas they didn't have my letter, but it was fun to browse. :) Thanks for the tip. Kit

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