Wednesday, September 17, 2014


A big glitch in the whole process was getting the furniture moved out.  I did all the little stuff...lamps and accessories and what not.  We don't like to ask our sons for much...they both work and have homes of their owns.  Anyway, the furniture got moved out, the carpet put in and then we sort of stalled as to who could help bring the furniture back in!  The Husband and I don't like to ask for help, so...a few of my rooms were filled with a coffee table here, an end table there, a sofa table buried under lamps here and pillows tossed all around...for 6 days!  And of course in the middle, we had the plumbing problem which led us to use the back bathroom that then led us, mostly turning sideways to fit, into that far removed back bath.  Okay...the cute Irish plumbers finally made it on Monday.  Friday didn't work and we had to be at the lake for some other obligations.  All in all, it's a done deal.  My cute Irish guy recommends we put a new line in as we have really bad tree root in the plumbing lines.   "In 'foive' years it will be a mess"! Can I stand it?  The guys, not the roots.

 We have our longtime hardware store owned by a family for generations.  And our florist/gift shop.  Most of her profit comes from funerals.  A grocery store, God love them, but the bigger stores are a beacon, so we travel 40 minutes to a major grocery.  Very sad.  And it's happened to small town everywhere.  A friend of mine stopped in...she is a real go-getter, always involved in something.  She actually helped with building two home for Habitat For Humanity in our town.  She had me in tears.  And I'll be darned, an envelope arrived at my home here in Chicago this week with information on the program and how we can help.  I support two other causes and after learning more about this, I'm going to offer what I can.   I was very much  inspired by hammers and nails and hardhats being used by everyday folks with big hearts.  and the thought that maybe, just maybe, I could be  a part of that one day.  I want to help, especially in my "2nd" hometown.

Oops, I forgot about my picture that guides me through my posts so I don't go off on tangents (like I just did!), I found these chairs at a little thrift shop in town.  Originally $7.00 each, I got both for $10.00!  The guy is good...he's making a go of it.  I have that small picnic table I painted white in the spring.  It has 2 detached benches.  I always thought it would look cool with a bench on one side and two chairs (like these on the other side).  So...I am going to do three painted navy stripes down the middle of the table,,,something like you'd see on a grain sack...then paint the chairs navy.  Does that sound good?  I'm psyched!  And the extra bench...hmmmm?

As you know, you can find tons of recipes on Pinterest, and I have a few Pinned myself...but then I came across the book that Penny from The Comforts Of Home gifted me with when I was last in Asheville back in May.  Oh, Penny, I'm sorry that I have just now started leafing through this.  And I found this recipe for baked apples in a jar with the crust pressed over.  Isn't this just the best?  I want to make these this week for Susie and Mike, who gave me all the tomatoes and beans.  They won't have to fight over who gets the last piece of the pie! You can also make a regular  8 inch pie with the dough and ingredients but I just happen to have these jars!!  Yes!  If anyone is interested in this book, let me know.  It is written so sweetly by a girl who bought a house that just "happened to be on a farm".  And then it all began. :)

   So here is a pic of my granddog,  Rusty.  Remember him?  He is quite a Facebook celebrity according to his mother (my daughter Emily)  Everyone loves Rusty and you can see why!  Here he is falling asleep next to Mike while he awaits ONE tiny bite of that breakfast cereal!  Nope. Mike's not sharing and Rusty seems to have lost all hope waiting.

And that sullen face leads me to some not so great news.  I'm not one to complain (I can hear my family laughing hysterically).  I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome two  weeks ago after about 6 weeks of symptoms (pain, numbness and tingling in the fingers of both hands and weakness of both wrists).  I also have "trigger" finger in both pinky fingers which is a bit more separate.  I think there are some of you who have had this or know someone who has, so I'm not going to go into that.  I had an EMG today (not fun and I have a very high tolerance for pain).  I get the results tomorrow. Anything above mild will involve surgery.  Blah, blah, blah surgery.  It's the recovery I hate.  6 weeks of using your wrists or hands.  Dear God!  No hands?  I will keep you posted.  In the meantime, I wear these really attractive gloves...geez, I can't describe them...sort of wrist bands that resemble fingerless gloves that wrap around half my hand (with a hole for my thumb) and half of my forearm, secured by Velcro.  Apparently moving the wrists at night causes the most pain and is common with those with this condition. Let me vouch for that.  In the first stages I actually paced around the house and cried, not knowing what this was and what I should do.  We (The Husband and I) thought it would get better before worse.  Silly.  I get my results tomorrow.  It looks like surgery with six weeks recovery (as I have been told).  Honest to biggest worry is that The Husband will pack up and leave me if he has to "assist" me in the bathroom.


I am not a Fashionista!  Well...maybe I am, I do love shopping for clothes,  Heck, I like jewelry and purses and shoes as well.  I do. That's me.   I follow many fashion blogs and Pin lots of outfits I'd love to put together.  I don't need much for Vegas...the casinos are cold, really cold.  And the temps vary from year to year  We almost always go in October.  One year it was 115 degrees and a few years ago it was cold and actually snowed!  I think I brought that on...I'm pretty talented like that. have probably fallen asleep.   I went a little above and beyond my usual narrative and commentary.  I always hope that you get to know me a bit more with every post...that you see a sort of rhythm in my life...season to my recipes and decorating.  That it might tell a sort of story in the end.  I so enjoy writing.  I will never believe that I will fit into a certain category such as cooking, decorating, crafts; what have you.  But I have had discussions with my good friend, Brenda, from Cozy Little House.  We go back to 2009.   I asked her for a good critique of my blog...what I might do to get out of what I see as a rut of stringing you along on my day to day living,  For goodness sakes...who cares about my day to day life?  So, I hope to be making  some changes soon.  I hope you will offer your thoughts.  

One last thing!!!  My son and DIL will be finding out  whether they will be having a girl or boy on Friday.  I wish this were a short story...Ha!  MC goes to the doctor Friday for an ultrasound.  He writes the sex of baby down and puts it in a sealed envelope.  MC brings this to her baker.  He makes a cake with a pink or blue filling and frosts it in white,  We will be having  a small party at their house Friday night and they will cut into the cake for their big surprise and for all of us to see and celebrate!!  Isn't that cool?   I just may make a little video!  Shhhh...  :)

Talk to all of you soon! :)

  Jane xx


Lynne said...

I'm first!




Do you really wish to change your blog?
You have a very loyal readership.
Day to day, week to week, year to year...
You, your lovely GROWING family, your city house and the lake house, Layla and Milo, the Granddogs, recipe successes and failures...

The friends you have made and met!

Little chapters of life!

So, sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel. It sounds like it will be fixed in time to hold your new grand baby!

Can't wait until you share your that cake!

Linda said...

I'm with Lynn! Why change? If it's not broke - why fix it???
I like the journal mode - of course I do because that's what I do myself! I find blogs like ours are about relationships.

Loved catching up with you! I couldn't sleep so I came in here looking for you! I love that about blogging - I can go visit all my lovely friends and be entertained at all hours of the day and night without without imposing on anyone!!

My sister had/has carpal tunnel - she has had surgery and I am certain she can relate. Praise God I just have arthritis!! Ugly knobby hands but they still work!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

First, how exciting about finding out the baby's sex, Jane!

I had carpal tunnel but not bad enough for surgery and, in fact, it was helped with one of those wrist pads at work. My job before we moved was full-time and involved a lot of computer work. I would wear the brace you describe at night to bed as that seemed to be when I would wake up with a numbing feeling in my arm. Once I left work and we moved, it was fine. Is surgery a definite?

Stacey said...

Jane, I just adore you! You get your fashionista on girl! I'm right there with you. I love clothes and jewelry. :)

I've absolutely never been to Las Vegas. Don't really care to either.

Rusty is adorable!!

Do not change your blog style. The end.

Anonymous said...

Please reconsider changing your blog. I love it just the way it is! You always make me laugh. Can't wait to find out if the baby is a boy or girl! Kathy

Kathleen Grace said...

What a fun way to find out if you are getting a grandson or granddaughter! I think your blog is perfect as is, (do it your way girlfriend!)like a letter from a friend. The carpet looks so nice and I know it feels good underfoot. I have such bad allergies that it was actually a big relief when we tore out the old carpet and replaced it with hardwood. I do miss the softness underfoot though, especially in the winter. I love the chairs you found, what a bargain. I would have snapped those up too :>)
What can I say about Rusty? The picture of his poor little dejected face resting on the table after waiting so patiently for the bite of food that wasn't coming. Lol, what a cutie!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Oh Jane, this is you, why try to be anyone else but you?

I love the line "most of her business is from funerals". Hahaha in a town struggling to stay alive. Too funny.

Rusty is a star- that photo!

Foive yrs is not that long - better consider that line it sooner rather than later. You don't want to have to replace a line and pretty new carpet!

I hope your surgery, if necessary, goes well. But you better get somebody to post in that 6 wks cuz that'll be one long post otherwise, lol!

Love ya Jane, you crazy thang.

Anonymous said...

oh so much going on!! Sorry to hear about the possible surgery but your husband married you " better or worse so he might just have to do the umm, worse, lol!!!!! The grand dog is sooooo cute, what a honey, its very exciting about the baby coming and I love the way they will reveal the sex of the baby!!!You will look lovely in La Vegas, I have never been so have no idea what its like, visiting you each post is like a sit down visit, please don't change that! I wish I could be more open and personal about my life on my blog, its a struggle for me, your blog is perfect as it is, I love it,

April said...

Hi Jane! You sure stay busy! My goodness! Love that sweet dogs face and I can believe why he'd be a FB celebrity. I've been to Vegas twice and loved all the glitz and glam. Hope you have tons of fun!

Traci said...

You're so busy you make me tired! I'm one of those that love Vegas. When we go we go in Oct. too. We've been lucky with the weather but we've only been twice! How exciting to find out what the baby is!!

Art and Sand said...

I love those chairs you found.

I think we need to make a road trip to the midwest because chairs like that in a shop near me would be $50 at least per chair.

I love your Grand dog!

Primitive Stars said...

I agree, why change Jane?? Very nice chairs, love them...awww, what a sweet Granddog, cute picture.. Love those pumpkins, I need to go get some....Blessings Francine

Debbie said...

Jane, I love your blog just the way it is. It's personal and real. I love the baby announcement cake idea. What a fun party that should be. Best of luck with the carpel tunnel surgery. May you have a quick recovery and hopefully your husband will only have to help type your blog posts and make dinner.

podso said...

well I hope you enjoy your time in LV. At least you have figured your wardrobe out. And you will want the surgery soon so your hands /wrists will be in good shape for holding that grand baby! I had surgery for a trigger thumb. It was driving me crazy. It wasn't too bad.

Melanie said...

I just bought some apples at Marianos...couldn't believe I found organic Honeycrisp there - my favorites (for eating). Just bought some mini pumpkins today. I like the ones you found - very pretty. Rusty is such a cute pup. I love his big ears. I'm so sorry you had to go through that EMG...I've heard from others how painful they are. And sounds like surgery is looming, which is always really yucky. Will they do both hands at the same time? If so, how would you bathe, dress, go to the bathroom? Or, do they do one hand at a time? I have mild Carpal Tunnel in my right hand; have for years. So far, it's manageable.

I'm with the others about your blog...I think it's great just the way it is! You have nice, friendly chats with us and it's fun to see what you're up to around your homes and gardens. I don't think there's any need to change it unless it's not working for you. Are YOU feeling a need for a change? Talk to you later! xoxo

Bluebird49 said...

I am guilty of not always commenting, I'm afraid! I liked your blog so much when I first visited, I spent a week going back to the beginning and "reading up"!

You do so well to share as much as you like and I know you've lots more that you "hold back" for many reasons. I just love this little corner of your world---I surely hope it doesn't change so much.( This post was so perfectly balanced, I thought.) Anyway, I'll still read. )
I hope you can do without surgery somehow...maybe some sort of physical therapy? Oh, and your grand-dog is precious---just wait 'til you have that grandbaby! Can't wait!

Debbie said...

I've never been to I have no idea what I'd pack. Lounging by a pool would do for me, because I don't gamble at all.
I like the chairs you found for your table. I like the idea of the paint job you are planning for it, too.
That cake to find out the sex of the baby is the sweetest idea ever, Jane!! How fun! Enjoy the evening with your family!!
Love to you, dear friend.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Oh, I love Vegas! I'm jealous you'll be going there! :) We were there in December once and it snowed. We've always loved our hotels too. Such good service there. Could Rusty be any cuter? He's just darling. Sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel. Maybe it won't be nearly as bad as you think. I've heard people say they were all prepared to have lots of pain, etc. and it wasn't anything like that. Oh, and I think the baby is a girl. Can't wait to find out! I think your plan for the table and chairs sounds great!

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Rusty made me laugh

I had carpal tunnel surgery on one hand years and years ago and it was a pain in the butt not using it / not getting it wet, etc. The other one goes numb a lot but it usually is stemming from my neck and I just deal with it / anything to avoid! :)

Can't wait to hear about the baby!!

Don't change anything :)

Susie said...

Blondie, I like reading of your everyday would we know of the cake, the nice new apples, or that cute dog falling asleep at the table. As for that carpal tunnel...yikes...I can only imagine what you will have to go through. I will pray for you a quick recovery. Do you have to have both wrists done at once.?? Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

Hopefully the surgery won't be necessary but if it is I know your sweet husband will help you all he can. Love the photo of rusty asleep at the table…it gave me a real chuckle.

Julie Marie said...

Hello Jane... wow, where to start to comment... so much news today... first, good luck on your test results... hopefully no surgery needed!... love your basket of apples, so Autumny!... I am actually baking an apple pie today too... yum!... LOVE Rusty so much!... doggie kisses sweet puppy!... your new sweaters are gorgeous, I especially love the Aztec design one... can't wait to hear if baby is a boy or a girl?... what a fun way to let everyone know!... would love an email from you!... xoxo... Julie Marie

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Dear Jane,
My newest blog friend who left me a sweet comment that I adored. OK, first up - oh how the smell of freshly baked apple pie makes my senses dizzy with delight!!!

Cute Irish plumbers and no pictures??? :-(

Oh how I felt your recount of brick and mortar stores closing in a down market. Full of aspirations and dreams .... Only to end up failing and closing shops.

Yes - Love, love, love Fall... Mother Natures rustic painted leaves and the crackle beneath our feet. Yup bring it on in lovely shades and cool crisp evenings.

Jane your pumpkins are really cool. Save the stems and make velvets next year. On Tuesday I will post a bunch of things but reveal my salvaged stems into lush posh velvet beauties.

OMG - Rusty!!! P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S. Please give Grand dog a hug for me.

Carpal Tunnel???? Yup I was diagnosed 14 years ago, bi-lateral, lucky me!!! Too much usage of my wrists, too much artist crap... Now I'm a poet and only do artwork for me. Hey Jane - surgery? Say no, I asked if I would lose my talent and they said perhaps nothing is a certain with the surgery. Now I just wear on both hands wrist immobilizers to bed. Not great for spontaneous sexual adventures but saved me from waking up with dead, numb fingers and hands,

Never been to Vegas, we have a cheap imitation an hour away in Atlantic city, but we never go.

I adore, hear me ADORE the cake-sex-baby cake iced in white. My first Grand was supposed to be a surprise but I knew Gabrielle would be a girl. My son always said I want to have a girl first and yup he did!

Happy weekend Jane, be well, be happy!

deb said...

You write the best posts jane ♥
Rusty is adorable - what a cute photo of him asleep at the table!
Best wishes with your test results xo
The baby cake idea is so cute. I know you will be just as happy no matter what colour the filling is ♥
have a wonderful weekend

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Jane, Inhardly know where to begin...other than try to enjoy Vegas, congrats on the baby, awesome tops, great recipe book and jars, adorable pumpkins, sorry about the plumbing, moving furniture when you're older sucks, and have a nice day!...:)JP

Beth said...

Great apple dessert, and great clothes for your trip! Enjoy! Hope you dont have to have surgery. I have had carpal tunnel symptoms/diagnosis for over ten years now. I had cortisone injections in both wrists (twice on the right). It helped tremendously. I wear the right brace at night when it's bothering. This has worked well for me.
I am intrigued by the cake method of finding out the gender of the baby. What fun!
By the way, I like your journaling format.Don't change a thing!

Doreen@househoneys said...

I don't know where to begin so I guess I'll just start at the beginning.

It's funny you said tomatoes are out and apples are in. You would have never guessed it yesterday if you were in my kitchen. I canned 19 jars of tomato sauce! But I suppose you're right. Apples are everywhere now.

Your granddog is so adorable and seems full of personality. Oh how I miss my sweet granddog :(.

So very sorry to hear about your CTS. I agree that the recovery is the most difficult part of most surgeries. And six weeks? How are you ever going to keep us up to date on your shenanigans?

Which I suppose brings me to you changing your blog. I guess you're not totally happy with it or you wouldn't have brought it up to Brenda. I'm wondering what it is you're unhappy with? You have a strong following and we all adore you! Whatever you decide will be fabulous, I'm sure.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!


Mary said...

Oh dear Jane - everyone has already said all the things I would say regarding your blog - please don't make huge, glaring changes, it's so great the way you've always done it - we love both it and you just being you!!!!

Sorry about your wrists - I know what you mean regarding pain in the night - and sleep problems. I'm having it with my hip/leg and have to start physio next week, with pain meds which I hate to take - am pain free on walking but sitting and lying down is awful. Guess I just need to stay on the move! Hope you don't have to have surgery but if so can't it be one at a time?

Enjoyed All your news - have a wonderful, fun weekend - love the pic of A on the truck with his wood - throw some our way, we burn a lot all Winter!!

Our love and hugs as always - enjoy Vegas but don't forget Asheville!!!!!


Kit said...

Don't change! I love the way your blog is. That's why I come in and visit. I feel like I know you and your family. :) Enjoy your baby party. And good luck with the wrists. Kit

bj said...

hi, blondie...sorry about the carpal tunnel. i think i have it, too. no pain, really...just the thumb on my right hand goes numb all the time and getting worse. BUMMER
i love both your new cute with leggins and tall boots.

TexWisGirl said...

rusty is adorable. :) good luck with the carpal tunnel syndrome!

Gypsy Heart said...

I don't see any reason to change your blog! I love how you write and the photos you share. I haven't been able to visit as much as I'd like recently but hopefully that will change. Long story ~

Please, please be very cautious about having the surgery for Carpal Tunnel. I've seen a lot of it due to the nature of work I was in ~ some great successes and some horrific failures. Ask for references from the Dr and speak with those people.

I'm not a Vegas fan either. Have friends that live there, actually in Henderson. They rarely go to the strip. Your tops are gorgeous! You'll look lovely whatever you wear.

You can Fed Ex one of those pies to me any time! :)


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Jane, I love your fun chatty posts! I'm trying to catch up on my friends after a summer of surgery and taking care of my son as he recoups.
I love the way you write!!! It's your voice!!!!
Thanks for sharing that great looking cookbook... I'm going to try to find it on amazon!

Theresa said...

What a fun post! Love the way they are going to announce BOY or GIRL:) Great idea! I love carpet and after 12 years it really needs to be replaced... perhaps next year! Enjoy your week dear friend and you Vegas plans! We found some fun things to do outside while we were there:) HUGS!

Decor To Adore said...

That Rusty is completely adorable! I like your new chairs too.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Kelly said...

Oh that carpel tunnel syndrome sounds awful! I'm so sorry to hear that you're dealing with that. I guess you won't be able to blog during your recovery then. You may have to do shorter posts too. Isn't it mostly caused by typing? I try to keep my wrists even with my hands when I type too. I heard that helps prevent it.

Sue said...

Always love reading your ramblings, Janie-girl! So real and from the heart.... Hope you have a good trip to Vegas-go explore. You must be over the moon excited to find out about the new baby. Enjoy your celebration! hugs, Sue

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I know how you feel about wanting to change the blog up a bit. I've done it twice and am tossing around about doing it again. But I think our readers get use to a "look" and when we change it up, it throws them for a bit. Brenda is the perfect friend to give you advice. She will be honest and helpful.

LOVE that idea for the cake. How fun! And do you know I nearly bought that same Chaps sweater at Kohl's? Maybe I will go back and get it.

Have a fun trip!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Jane. Don't change anything and what a great way to find out the sex of the baby. I'm so anxious to hear..Happy Monday..Judy.. Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn!! Have a good day..

Carla from The River said...

Thank you for the fun post. It was fun to catch up with you.
I love the idea for the cake. Be sure to blog it. :-)
Have a fun trip.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

I have a confession to make -- I seldom read bloggers' posts word for word, but I always do with yours. Your posts are like we are just sitting having a conversation, and I love that. I don't know if it's typical of all women, but it's true for a lot of them I know, we can cover a multitude of topics in a very short span of time and not miss a beat in completely understanding what each of us is talking about. I try not to do that with my hubby, because I will typically get the "glazed eyes" look to which I generally reply, "Just catch up, will ya?" We SHOULD be running the country, we are experts at multitasking!

I like carpet in the bedrooms, too, but I would love to have hardwood with a few area rugs everywhere else. We have LOTS of tile, so it would be a huge job and expensive. Hubby has promised to put wood floors in my craft room, but I have to pack up all my stuff -- hmmm, you've seen my craft room, right?

Well, I hope you get some good news about your hands. Many years ago, when I ran a sewing workroom out of my house, I was having such trouble with my wrists. Xrays showed that it was arthritis, and my doctor had me wear gloves similar to what you are describing. They really helped a lot.

The big "reveal" on Friday is going to be so much fun, Jane! I absolutely love the many clever ways, couples are sharing "expecting" news and the gender. You should definitely make a video! This will be your first grandchild, right? It's is just such an amazing feeling to see one of your babies having their own babies. It's truly hard to explain, but it's not like any other feeling you've ever experienced. I am so happy for you!

Please post about your apple pie in a jar! I keep seeing those, want to make them, but haven't yet. They are just so darn cute!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jane, love your newsy post and all that has been going on in your world. Sure hope your test results are okay and you do not need surgery. I have this too and when I have a lot of painting to do I have braces to wear and it really helps to heal the area. I have not had surgery so I pace myself and so far, I have escaped the procedure.
Your grand dog is precious. Love your sweaters for your trip and the pants sounds like they are darling with the little gold buttons on the ankle.

So glad you are enjoying your new carpet. It looks so pretty in your room. I too love our carpet in the bedrooms. The rest is wood and tile here so that underfoot is nice.

The party to find out about the baby will be so much fun and I love the idea of the cake. Take pics!!

Sending Big Texas Hugs.
Happy fall.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! Oh, you busy gal! Sorry about your little wrists and pinkys.Hopefully there will be a solution for you. Poor little country town. I know that is happening to lots of little places. Your granddog is so cute. I love Bostons as we had one for 15 years. They're so animated! Pretty new clothes too. I'm with you, I've been to Vegas so many times, it's not too much fun. Well, except the food! :)
Thanks for popping in and you're always a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Karen Huelsmann said...

I agree with the others on not changing your blog. Your blog is unique that's what makes it so great. If you change it, then usually your search engine rankings will go down. You already have Google page rank 4, which is awesome. If you change it, then try to keep your content the same. Just change up your design or images. Please, search for "SEO redesign" and read up on it first, before you make any changes.

Karen H.

Jane B. said...

Hi Jane, I love your sweaters! I'm so jealous of your trip to Vegas, I wish my husband had clients in Vegas. Instead we goto Ohio, lol!

I love popping over here. You always have so much going on! My kids are in high school. But when I'm a grandparent, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Poppy said...

Hi Jane,

It's been so lovely getting to know you these past few months via our blogs. Whenever I visit you, I make sure to have topped up my coffee or tea, and then get comfy in my not so comfy swivel chair, all in an effort to devote a few minutes to catch up with your latest news! At this point, I'm pretty confident that I could probably ID your text amid several snippets of others, solely based on your unique voice, self- deprecating humour, variety of subject matter and sweet persona! Having said all that, if you feel that you need to change things up, do so, as that, too, will ultimately, also be a part of who you are.

Rusty is a real cutie, your apple adventure sounds appetizing, and your colour coded baby cake party promises to be fun! Re: CTS, I, too, have bouts of it in my left hand, which started this past winter, is episodic, sometimes extremely painful, and I believe, was brought on by too much blogging/typing! I wear the exact glove that you describe and have found that it helps a lot. Best of luck with your results!

Happy first day of Fall!


Linda said...

Hi there Jane....
I love getting to know you better!
Sorry about your those sweaters.....carpet looks great.....pumpkins are perfect!
Perhaps your friend could give me a few tips...think I am in a blogging rut! Help!
Enjoy your trip...I am not a fan of Vegas either!
Enjoy your week....
Linda :o)

cathy@my1929charmer said...

I'm the kinda girl who likes change. Maybe two posts a week instead of one l. Try it out, gosh if your not happy you could change it out. It's your blog.... Sorry about the carpal tunnel hope surgery goes well for you. Enjoy Vegas. I don't think change means you are not you? A little change couldn't' make someone not be themselves. When you change you decor in your home it's still you home but freshness can be good too. Congrats on it being a girl. don't ya just love the weather.

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I can't stop looking at the pic of your grand dog Rusty. Even my husband chuckled. Soooooo cute. And hopeful! Re the Irish plumbers. Do whatever they say just of you'll have them around. Having a man with a brogue around will make your plumbing problems worth living through. Those chairs would look darling painted navy and with the grain sack stripe. I can't wait to see them when they're done. I'm so sorry about your impending surgery but hopefully it will make you feel all better!

Tammy said...

Hi Jane, that picture of Rusty is just too cute. So sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel syndrome. I watched the video reveal already -- a baby girl. Congrats to all. Best wishes, Tammy

Tammy said...

P.S. I don't think you could really write your blog any other way and stay true to yourself. This is your style and everyone seems to like it. :)