Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Now I know you are all anxious to know about that little "gender revealing" party my son Kevin and Mary Clare were having last Friday.  I have a short video (I actually had to crop it to fit so you get the reveal but not the shots of everyone clapping and screaming). have to watch the video to find out if they are having a boy or girl!  Here goes:



So, Emily and I hit up Homegoods and she found some mercury glass pumpkins and gourds and I found that darling sweater for Layla.  She also had to return something to Old Navy and I found a pair of "Boyfriend" jeans I liked.  I was thrilled to bring them home and try them on only to find they were too big!  Yes, thrilled!  So I have to make a trip back and exchange them but I will be the happiest customer in the store!  The trips to the gym are paying off!


After days of texting Emily, "Will you be my hands?  I don't want to be handless!"  I went to my doctor yesterday and yes, the CTS is "marked", but I will have the surgery one hand at a time, the first one will be on October 6, that's about a week and 1/2 away.  Then I can have the other hand done as early as 2 weeks later.  I am so relieved, I really thought I was going to have to type my posts with a pencil poking out of my mouth!  Ha!  I can guarantee, they won't be long posts, and that's not just a threat!  And the housework?  Hmmmm...I'm wondering what The Husband looks like in an apron. 

And so now I am in the "I'm losing my mind" stage.  I never put the office back together as I want to paint it.  I'm halfway finished packing up and donating books in my den so I can start to redo that room.  I'm trying to transition my summer clothes to winter.  I need to reseed and fertilize the front lawn as well as plant some mums I bought last week at Home Depot.  Our oven died the other day, it looks like it may be the computer panel and although I love it dearly, The Husband thinks we've had it way too long.  So we have been ordering food in for a few days and I had to give my apples to Emily, no pie making happening here.  Oh, did I mention we are leaving for Vegas in three days?

We will be home Tuesday and I will be back in touch.  I can keep up to date with emails and comments on my post via my phone.  Oh, I wanted to thank you for all of those nice comments about keeping my blog the way it is.  I definitely plan on doing that.  If anything, I was thinking along the lines of shorter, more frequent posts...moving on to subjects I generally run out of time to write about.  We'll see, but I am truly flattered by what all of you had to say.  

Jane xx


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Congrats on the reveal - that was such a fun cute way to announce it.

I had two girls - they're the BEST!

God bless.

Julie Marie said...

Hello Jane... congratulations on baby girl coming!... mom and dad look so happy, and so do you two grandmas to be... sorry you need surgery, but glad to hear it will be sooner to get both hands over and done with... and I am sure from what you post about Emily that she will help you alot!... sad to hear about your friend, will pray for him and his family... yes, miracles DO happen... Layla looks adorable in her new sweater!... Tessy got a new Autumn jacket too... and look at you in your leopard pj's getting ready!... you look gorgeous!... have a nice time in Vegas... xoxo... Julie Marie

Balisha said...

Loved reading all your news. it seems that everyone is having baby girls right now. Congrats to all of you. That was a clever way to find out the sex of the baby.

A friend of mine, had both hands done at the same time, several years ago. She was miserable and wished that she had only had one at a time. Good to hear that you will have the use on one hand.

I enjoy those magazines too. it's fun to pick out projects to do. They keep coming up with new things....I wonder what the trends will be this year?

Have a nice evening....Balisha

Traci said...

Congrats on the baby!! So sad for you & your friends but you're right, you can pray for a miracle. Sometimes the prayers are the only thing that hold us together.

Carla from The River said...

Your video was so much fun. Thank you for sharing. :-)
Have a great time in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

oh boy!!!! A girl !!!!! ha ha, that was such fun, the video brought tears to my eyes, take care, enjoy your days away and heal quickly from that surgery,

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Oh my...wonderful baby news and sad news about your sorry :( Then I am glad that it's one hand at a time...I can't imagine having both at the same; it would be too hard on you!

This baby stuff is going to be fun :)

I can't get over that he ever going to stop growing, lol!

Sonny G said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaa a Girl.. thats terriicc news.
congrats to you and your family.

Girls are the BEST

Brenda Pruitt said...

Congrats to the parents-to-be! And you look so good! You've lost quite a bit of weight. I wish I could, but with this damned ankle, I just can't move fast enough it seems. I'm so very sorry about your friend. Cancer is a beast and I know you know that personally. Have fun with the Hubs, relax, enjoy yourself.

Olive said...

Jane, I know all of you are tickled pink over this precious baby girl. What a sweet bit of news to contrast with the sad news about your friends cancer. I hope your surgery goes well. I am supposed to have shoulder surgery Monday but I have a terrible cold and may have to cancel it for now. xo, olive

Susie said...

Blondie, That was so exciting about the cake. :):) Now you won't be buying any little girls things will you? LOL I like the way the dog watched you, so funny. I was sad to read about your friend Bob. We must pray for him. Just doesn't seem right not too. Bless you and yours Blondie. I hope you can relax and enjoy your trip. xoxo,Susie

Gina said...

Congrats on the reveal of your future granddaughter! What a beautiful grandma you'll make!

I have a thing for Fall & Christmas magazines too. It's like a sickness, I see them and I have to buy them!

Congrats on the big jeans!!!

NanaDiana said...

Awww...there is nothing like a granddaughter! Happy that you fit in smaller jeans! Whoo Hoooo. You will do fine with your surgery! Just think by Christmas you will be all recovered!!!! xo Diana

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Yay! How exciting, Jane! I'm sure they would have been just as happy had it been a blue filling. I can tell you (and I'm sure you already know this) but grandmothers and their granddaughter's have wonderful relationships. I had with both of mine and I have one with my granddaughter. The day she is born you will be floating on air and wonder how you have never felt this kind of happiness before. Has the countdown started yet? : )

Too bad you have to have the surgery but good news that you can do one hand at a time. The 6th isn't far away and it sounds like you have a lot going on between now and then. Try not to knock yourself out getting it all done!

Beth said...

Love Layla's sweater! Josey has two sweaters and when it's REALLY cold, I put both on her. I had bought her a coat but she was scared of it due to the sound of the velcro!
So happy about the baby girl on the way! Congrats! Sorry you need surgery and wishing you the very best.
Enjoy your trip to Vegas! What a fun place!
Hugs, Beth

Debbie said...

I love the way you found out what the gender of the baby cute!! Now the fun really begins!
Have fun in Vegas. I've never been there.
I'm sorry about your friend, Jane. Yes...miracles DO happen.
Love to you.

Betsy Brock said...

You're too young to be a grandma! haha...but oh how much fun that will be!!! Yay!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Wheew, you're a busy lady. It wore me out just reading this post! We used to have a lake house and all we did was work up there, so the weather may have been a godsend for you. Those dogs are adorable. I love how the yellow one watches you put your make-up on. So cute! Oh, and pants too small. My very favorite problem!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I've been catching up with with your posts that I've missed while I took a break. First congrats on your new granddaughter everyone sounded so excited, my 1st grandchild was a girl too and she will be 13 in November...there is just something about the 1st one Jane♥

I love the tops you bought, I'm not really a pattern person either but have been trying to work some into my closet. I love jeggings/jeans and boots and sure didn't see the one top that you got at Khol's that would go great with them.
I'm so sorry about your friend but with prayer miracles can and do happen...I'll keep him in my prayers!
I have trouble with my hands too Jane, I'm sure it's arthrtis.
Have a wonderful time in Vegas!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the baby girl! Good luck with your surgeries. You'll do fine, I'm sure. Will be thinking of you.

Vel Criste said...

I have missed you last post I guess since I'm so surprised with all the things going on in your life Jane!

First of all, congrats to you, Nana-to-be must be exciting and a a bay girl too???! So much fun, you can tell right from all my pinkish and girly baby posts?! So happy for you all! Baby will be mighty spoiled from her to grandmas for sure!

Second, I'm sorry about your friend Bob... miracles do happen, so prayers and hoping for the best would be the only thing we could do right now... Hugs to you and his wife Sharon and to Bob of course

Lastly, surgery? what surgery, I'm guessing from the way you are writing about it, it's not that serious right? Praying for your safety come October 6 dear.

Layla looks pretty fab i her sweater, 40F??? it's still runnin 70s-80s where I'm at, its hard to imagine we live in the same state! :-)

Doreen@househoneys said...

That's going to be one lucky little girl to have you as her Grandma!

So much has been going on with you Jane (as always), but I'm so very, very sorry to hear about your friend Bob. Cancer is such a horrible disease I can't even imagine what they're going through.

Surgery is never fun, but you'll be fine and you'll recover quickly and all this will be behind you.


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I hope you have a wonderful time in Las Vegas. Need to go as it's been over 6 years since I've been.
The doggie sweater is so cute/
Congratulations on being a grandma, your going to love it.
So sorry about your friend - hope he doesn't suffer.
Good luck on your surgery - my friend had both of her's done at the same time and she had no problems.
Sorry that you are getting cooler weather in Chicago - sure wish we wold get fall here. 92 today.
Take care of your my dear.
Hugs your way.

Stacey said...

I sure hate to hear about your neighbor having cancer like that. It's such a sad thing for all of you.

On the other hand, the baby is such a huge blessing! Soak that up. :)

Mary said...

I loved the way that was done - have never heard of finding out the baby's sex like that - so much fine for all!

Very sad news about your friend - I wish him well and will hope for a miracle.

Glad it will be one hand at a time - much easier for you. Does this mean Oct. is out for a trip to Asheville Jane? I'll be sad going out there and you and A not making it. Always another time though, so we won't give up having another fun get together in the not too distant future hopefully.

Take care dear Grandma-to-be - you'll love buying all those girly things!

Hugs - Mary

Barbara F. said...

Congrats on the baby grand daughter! And have a great time in Vegas. Good luck with the hand surgery. I am sure you will get all the help you need. I am glad there was a photo of the cake with pink filling, I did not see a video?

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

The reveal that Kevin and Mary Clare had is nothing short of being absolutely adorably clever. BTW my brothers name is Kevin.
Layla and her new sweater ... total fashion statement. Tulo appears to have a playful loving personality.
We too are feeling Fall in Philly. Tomorrow will be windy and rainy while I had planned to give a 2014 final trim and manicure to my boxwoods - Fifi and the Pips.
Enjoy your getaway and I'm sending healing wishes for the surgery. I waited too long for my bi-lateral and just deal with it the best I can.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

The reveal party was so sweet...such a lovely part of life. Hope your surgery makes you feel better soon! I will keep you, and your friend in my prayers...xo

Marigene said...

So exciting to become the granny to a little girl...congratulations, Jane!
Prayers for a successful surgery and speedy, uncomplicated recovery.
Have a fun time in Vegas!

Bluebird49 said...

Oh, Jane! Such wonderful "pink" news!! They are ALL fun, girls and boys-who would know any better than you!? :)
I know you will be a wonderful "Grammie"--or whatever you want to be called.
I was sorry to hear of your friend who built the lakehouse--how very sad for him, his family--and you, his friends. I'm just so saddened that everyone is always touched by this awful "C" disease.
Oh--I wonder if they even have Homegoods stores on the East Coast? I've not seen one--but they sound fabulous. Of course, I do not travel much, and I'm not "out" very much anyway. Please, Jane, you and hubby GO as often and as much as you can! I miss going a ot..not that we did it on a large scale, but I miss what we did do.

AND..I was hoping you would NOT have to have surgery! You'll have to beg (or command--whatever!) the girls, or the hubby, (or Layla, maybe?) to blog for you, lest you have to type with one hand. We'll want to know what's up, even with your hands "on hold"! I'm glad to hear it won't be long between surgeries...and by, well--- even Halloween, you should be so much better!
I love your newsy blog posts--but you should do them however you feel. THis is "your place", YOUR journal! If you don't feel very "vocal" on certain days, then just do it whichever way it feels right to you!! I just love seeing a new post up when I come, and for me, the newsier, the better!
Peace and blessings, Jane

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

So happy for you all!!! Congratulations!

Poppy said...

Hi Jane,

Your post today is a very good example of life's many happy and unhappy moments. Firstly, congrats on the new baby girl on the way! Judging by the shouts of excitement, everyone sounds very excited! All the very best!

So sorry to hear about your dear friend's predicament. I sincerely hope that he and his family will find the strength to deal with this challenge.

And speaking of challenges, at least you will have one hand to help you maneuver your way around your day's chores, while the other is healing. You will be fine; you're a smart cookie!

Until then, have a wonderful time in Vegas and hope you get dealt an 'winning hand' in video poker!


awal.ny said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. Good luck with surgery, my co-worker is having the exact same one in October also. I have heard from another worker that it is not bad and you do recover fast. Have a wonderful week. Alaina

Maria Elena said...

Congratulations on having a baby girl! How wonderful! Loved the video! :)

Theresa said...

Congratulations on the pink in the cake! What an awesome way to share the news:) I will be praying for you as you go thru both surgeries! I know you will enjoy your trip, we ate at Margaritaville at the beach this year:) Enjoy your day dear friend, hope it is a great one! HUGS!

Leslie said...

Oh... that grand-dog is soooooo cute!!!!! Congrats on the grand-daughter to be~ so exciting!!!!
I love Layla's new sweater.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. prayers sent!

Have a wonderful time in Vegas!!! I've never been.. it's on my bucket list! : ) Win Big!!!

Have a great Thursday my friend.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Congrats on the reveal! Hope you surgery goes smoothly.

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Girls are so fun! Have fun in Vegas and no worries :-)

Babs said...

I enjoyed hearing all the news from your house...both happy and sad. Congratulations on the soon-to-be grandbaby. How much fun a little girl will be.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Oh my goodness, Jane, you are going to have so much fun with that baby granddaughter! It was absolutely adorable how they did the reveal!

I'm so sorry for your long-time friend and his wife. The older I get, the younger 75 sounds. I would be honored to add him to my prayer list, which is sadly long these days.

I'm so glad that now you have an answer to your wrist pain, and that there is a "fix" for it. I'll pray for your speedy recovery.

My son was a chef at Caesar's Palace for a short time about twenty years ago. He was hired to update and breath new life into the menu of their high-end restaurant. What the owner & management forgot to take into account was their clientele were older and very stuck in their ways -- did not want change, even when it meant the food was much better tasting. Going back to that old, no-taste food, didn't cut it with Michael. He moved on and up to a much better position and much nicer restaurant in San Diego.

Good luck, sweet lady, with all the things on your plate. Hope you have fun in Vegas -- remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

A baby girl!!!! How fun! I just know you're going to spoil her! :) Try not to worry about your surgery. You'll be good as new before you know it. I'll be thinking of you over the next few weeks. I honestly don't think your dogs and grandpups could get any cuter! They're adorable! Have fun in Vegas and try to relax. I know I've said it before, but I LOVE Vegas! We ate at the Bellagio buffet once and it was wonderful! I even ate shark! What?! And you know what...I ate shark and I liked it. ;)

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Girls rule!!! And so does your surgery one hand at a time which I thought they would doctor is that mean to perform on both!!! LOL. Great cake and yes, keep up the workouts at the daughter just gave me a pair of skinny boyfriend jeans with fancy bak them!...:)JP

bj said...

ahhh...a girl. how cool is that !!
So sorry about your friend. 75 is young in today's world. But prayers are powerful.
I love Layla's new sweater..
and you look amazing, standing there putting on makeup. You have an adorable figure...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Leslie Harris said...

Jane what a busy life you've had lately. I'm just so sorry about your friend's cancer. My gosh that was so sad thinking about him sitting there saying he was only 75 years old. My gosh, what a reminder that we have nothing to complain about. I'm sending prayers for your own hand surgery too, I'm so glad you've got such a big support system. I know your recovery will be quick. And that gender revealing party was the best! Loved the video!! what an exciting time for you all..there's no bigger blessing than a new baby!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jane,
A baby girl...yeah! You will be in little girl shopping heaven!
So excited for you.
But so sorry about the carpal tunnel.
Oh Jane, let me know more when you get a chance.
Worried about you dear friend.
I love your posts of course.
Your always witty and lovely just like you are in real life.
Sending hugs and prayers,

Suzanne said...

Congrats on the wonderful baby news! The party sounds like such fun. So sorry to hear about your dear friend.

Maggie said...

A baby girl,yay, great news. Sorry to hear about your friend, it hurts so much to see lovedones in pain and be unable to make things better for them.
Have fun in LV. We're in Edinburgh, Scotland this week, no margaritas but lots of scotch whiskies to sample.

Lynne said...

A...B A B Y...G I R L !

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!

I can't wait to share grandbaby stories with you, Jane!

I am writing on the weekend. I hope that your are resting and soaking in a healthy dose of vitamin D before the darker fall and winter days arrive!

I am sorry to hear about your friend.
I get angry when I hear about (and see) another family devastated by that horrible disease.

How long have we been seeking a cure? I stopped donating to the national foundations when I started to read that my money was not going to research.

There! I am off of my soap box!
As I work in the field of healthcare, I am up on the box quite a bit!

A very good thing about healthcare is the success of Carpal Tunnel surgery. You know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Joyful for YOU..."Grandma of a baby girl to be!"

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Jane, I've been so absent in blogland and as I'm reading your post I realize how much I miss it! Your posts always inspire me to get up off my chair, do a project, cook, garden and make my hair look as pretty as yours. You truly inspire and I love what a warm, family-loving heart you have. Congrats on your new grandbaby girl on the way and I hope your CTS gets taken care of for good. xo, Susan

Kit said...

So sorry about your friend. Yes, 75 is too young! Glad you will be able to get away for a bit. I hope your surgeries go well and you will be able to get back to doing the things you love. Kit

Elaine said...

Congrats to the future Grandmother! I know you are so excited.

Your granddoggie is adorable! What a pretty boy.

So hard to receive the news about your friend I am sure. And I know you have been through this before.

Good luck with your hand surgery. Glad your daughter will be there to help you.

Enjoy your weekend. It is like summer here. Crazy!

xinex said...

Congrats on the grandbaby to come, Janie. Sorry about your CTS troubles. Sorry too about your friend. I hope he can still be cured and I believe in prayers. Have fun in Vegas and you need to rest and just have fun. Thanks for the prayers for Rea. They are working.....Christine

RURAL said...

You sound like a whirlwind has gone through your life, leaving wonders, and sadness.

I'm so sorry for your friend, this is a very difficult time for all of you.

And it seems to be balanced by the joy of a new addition to your lovely family.

And best wishes for a speedy recovery, carpal tunnel in both wrist? That's a double whammy...heal fast.


Unknown said...

Hi Jane!
How wonderful that you are going to have a grandbaby! I'm jealous!!! In a good way. :)

I'm so sorry for your friend. It is hard. I know. What to say, what not to say... and ...
Yes, we can always pray for a miracle.

LOVED the pic of you getting ready. It takes a village for me too. :P

Hope you are having a great weekend! :)

Kathleen Grace said...

You have A LOT on your plate! Good heavens, I know you weren't crazy about the Vegas trip but that cabana by the pool with a good book sounds like just what you need with all that is going on in your life. Praying for a good outcome with your surgeries. Thank you for sharing the video of the reveal, so fun!

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

Congratulations…how exciting. Granddaughters are just the sweetest things ever. I think the trip to Vegas turned out to be great timing…just what you needed. Don't worry about all that you want to get done, when your hands are well that is when it will happen. In the meantime, I'm sure your family and friends will lend you their helping hands.

Melanie said...

So exciting to find out that you'll have a baby granddaughter! Ohh, you'll have so much fun shopping for baby girl clothes and accessories...I always say that I'm going to be in so much trouble if I ever have a granddaughter. ;-) And on the other hand, sad news about your friend, Bob. Heartbreaking to see someone like that. I just now read this post and see that you have already been to Vegas and are due back today - and I think you already have a new post up! Will go check that one out now. xoxo