Friday, November 25, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Today I couldn't do anything but lie on the couch and watch Hallmark Christmas movies! I think I ate the house yesterday! And I feel so tired from all of the cooking and cleaning and shopping and getting things ready. Drained. But it was all so worth it and we really had a lot of fun!

This was my centerpiece. I found a rosemary plant last minute and thought it would be perfect. Believe it or not, the tray it sits on was something I have had for years and don't remember where I bought it. When I cleaned my kitchen out for the remodel, I was going to put it in the box with things I wanted to give away. I'm happy I didn't because it goes with my holiday dishes perfectly.
Yes, I know it's supposed to be Thanksgiving and this looks like Christmas, but I really wanted to use these Winterberry dishes and since we will be having Christmas away, I did the whole table like Christmas. But this is all I am showing as I want to be in some of the upcoming holiday parties {see my sidebar if you haven't heard}. My family thought I was nuts, but they do all the time, so I was just a happy little elf playing with my Christmas things.

Emily and Mikey were in charge of appetizers, little finger sandwiches, some with chicken salad and some with shrimp...they were quite good. Emily also made the mashed potatoes with sour and cream cheeses. Everything was delicious...the turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, asparagus tips and rolls. After we ate, I took a little catnap before company came for dessert.
We had our annual best dessert contest and the hands down winners were my nieces who made these little turkey guys. The body is cake dipped in chocolate and decorated with candy. They were darling. Runners up were my nieces, Liz and Grace. Congratulations, girls.
I made shortbread cookies with a chocolate center and chocolate cupcakes filled with a cream cheese mixture. I found this three tiered stand at a thrift shop last summer for $3.00.
Of course the dogs knew it was a special day...Layla likes to lie in front of the hot oven to keep warm and smell the food. We found her curled up in this pie plate that missed the garbage can. It looks like a pretty dandy dog bed in the perfect spot.
After company left, I found Milo sacked out on the couch. Yes, we dress them up on holidays! He, Layla and I went to bed shortly after.

I was going to take my fall things down today but I only got as far as getting out the big box and some tissue paper. So that HAS to be done tomorrow when I am a little more refreshed {and not near the TV and Christmas movies!}. The Husband hit the Black Friday sale at Macy's today so I am hoping we can go together to get the tree tomorrow.

Now I am back to visiting some blogs and then I am going to get a good nights sleep. Christmas is in 30 days and I want to start dreaming about it. Have you started shopping yet? ;-D


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful and those turkey pops? Definitely prize winning. In fact, I'm going to go pin that idea.

Sounds you like had a perfect day after Thanksgiving.

Julie Marie said...

Hi Janie, sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving... love the pics of Layla and Milo... I had no idea Layla was that teeny! How cute, in a pie tin! Loved the sneak peek of your Christmas dishes, so pretty!... I have almost finished my Christmas shopping... I get going early, I like to be organized... and my decorations are all up too... those little turkey desserts were too cute!... xoxo Julie Marie

Pondside said...

You must have had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jane. It all sounds so good!
I haven't started decorating yet, but tomorrow I'm going to collect boughs in the woods and make a wreath for the front door and maybe a garland for the gate - and then I'll go from there as the fancy strikes me.

NanaDiana said...

I'm with you, Jane. I got about as far as thinking about putting out Christmas decorations today. TOOO much going on in an already busy life. I brought Mimi, new baby & BBoyE home with me for the week. She can't lift anything because of her surgery and it has been so busy around here.

It sounds like you had a wonderful day though...and I LOVE those dishes...I always have.

Hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana

Debby said...

You sound exhausted. I always am after cleaning and hosting Thanksgiving. I didn't though this year. Still did alot of the baking and watched my granddaughters the day before. But it was so nice not hosting. Love those Hallmark movies.
I have some shopping done. It's going to be a slim year.
Hope you get alot accomplished tomorrow if not the next day.
No need to rush.

Sonia said...

Your post made me smile..we all need a break after the extravaganza of Turkey Day! I have recovered but didn't start on my Christmas decorations yet! (After all tomorrow is another day!) My son was here from Georgia so I didn't want to be too busy...he's on his way home this evening so tomorrow I'll get busy! Your dogs are so cute...we had our two babies and my son's fur baby here and they pretty much ate and slept! I love your winterberry dishes...I have long admired that pattern. Oh my now I have to start thinking about table settings for Christmas! Those chocolate covered turkey treats were so cute!
Hope you have recovered by tomorrow!!
Miss Bloomers

Brenda Pruitt said...

I really don't do shopping for Xmas much. I know, sounds strange. But I give my daughter money for the kids (so she can make the decisions), and the girls and I stopped doing gifts for one another years ago. I said I'd rather it go to a charity. But I do enjoy decorating and making homemade things to give!

Sonny G said...

Sounds like you had a lovely holiday, and that nap sounds good too.

my shopping is done- so now its just decorating time.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Haha, your dog looks so cute sacked out on the couch, Jane! I only got about half done today as I had more people here than I anticipated. I'm usually on my own on Black Friday so I go to it and get it all done. Of course, once the baby is here, everything else takes a back seat! : ) I'll do some more tomorrow and get some more stuff on the tree. Right now it's at least put together and I put the lights on.

Unknown said...

The Turkey pops are so cute and look delish!! I love the rosemary! I cut my rosemary for a centerpiece also. I could not let it go to waste and freeze in the garden! It smells so good. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

An Oasis in the Desert said...

I love the Rosemary bush. I've gotten several of those over the years and always manage to kill! My opinion is that the Thanksgiving feast is a complete "labor of love." As much as I prep ahead of time, there is still so much to do at the last minute. I was totally exhausted last night. But, as you said, totally worth it! Glad your day was great.

Amy Chalmers said...

I enjoyed reading about your holiday Jane. Loved seeing the dogs too!~so funny they both were to me. I was exhausted too, just like you. Drained was the perfect word. I did very little the next day. I just finally got to do my thanksgiving post. I am ready to start dreaming about Christmas!

Sarah said...

Jane, the Winterberry dishes are holiday! I think they work for Thanksgiving just fine. They set a stunning table. Glad you gave yourself some time to rest today. It's an amazing amount of work to serve a group. ;-)

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Ok, I don't know which is cuter...the sweet turkeys or Layla in the pie plate...too cute!!!
Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Lynne said...

Putting on Thanksgiving at 59 is a lot different than 49, or 39...Mr D and I felt like we ran a half marathon when the last guest departed. We were in the kitchen for 2 hours post party and slept well!

Your Winterberry with Rosemary looked beautiful... I didn't photograph our tables with all the chaos. I did photograph the centerpieces...I'll post tomorrow!
Sweet Christmas Dreams!

raggygirlvintage said...

Sounds like a busy but fun day Jane. Just a normal day for us up north! Interesting to read about everyone's celebrations and shopping mania! There were even Black Friday sales going on up here!

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving Jane! Love your table and centerpiece, I bet the aroma was heavenly!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I was the same way yesterday...I felt like I was in a "carb fog"....couldn't think or function! I did however take my fall decorations down but collapsed soon Today I think about outdoor holiday lights. The weather could turn ugly after tonight so it is something I NEED to do. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!~Hugs, Patti

Sue said...

Janie, I think we were all on carb and sugar overloads! LOL I watched a couple of really hokey Hallmark movies in between working on some of my trees. Why did I waste my time?! Glad you got to use your pretty holiday dishes- I need to start using my sets for just everyday. Why do we save them for only special occasions, anyway? Off to the farmer's market this morning. Enjoy your weekend!
hugs, Sue

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Love your Winterberry dishes - they are so sweet! Sounds like your Thanksgiving was marvelous - love the idea of the dessert contest - how fun were those turkeys!! We still have Thanksgiving up at our houses...maybe Monday we'll stay home and put away & bring out Christmas things....then again, we might go shopping - lol!! Enjoy your weekend primping for Christmas Jane!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday to me. I have Winterberry plates also and love them. I can't wait to see more posts. I love the idea of a Rosemary tree as a centerpiece. I'm getting ready to take down fall and start on Christmas also! hugs, Linda

Theresa said...

Cutest little turkey desserts:) I agree they should win! Hope you enjoy this weekend! I have started doing some shopping... now the wrapping and decorating!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

just ask beth said...

Ok first layla in front of the oven..presh!! I use my Christmas dishes beginning Thanksgiving day! we have had a wonderful week, my Uncle and cousin on my side came down from Pa., which is so much fun! I think I am still stuffed!

Karen said...

You have me cracking up. Because I think that is all I got done too! Just the Hallmark Channel. My favorite is "The Holiday". OMG I love that movie. I need to buy the DVD because it has turned into an annual favorite!
Looks like you had a wonderful day!
But now it's...
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yes, I am dreaming already (course, that's cuz I've been sleeping a lot!)
Have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

Hi Jane....I felt the way you do last weekend after time at my dauther's house with all the kids and grandkids! Today I'll be putting away the Thanksgiving decorations(not many), and maybe bringing out just a few Christmas things.
Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday with family.
Have fun finding a tree with your honey today, sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. That dessert contest sounds like a lot of fun!

Wow, exactly how big was that pie? I doubt even my chihuahua Holly could fit in a pie plate with that much room to spare. Either your dog is teeny, teeny tiny or that was one huge pie. I'll be polite and guess Layla is just really tiny. :)

I can't call you nuts about the Christmas plates. Although we used fall seasonal plates, we also had a Christmas tree and gingerbread houses set up in the kitchen. Therefore, if you are crazy, then I was really crazy....which in my case would probably be an honest statement!

Have a great day!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Sounds like good food to me. Glad you enjoyed the process, because everyone in your family is sure to have wonderful memories due to all your hard work!

Marigene said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jane.
I love the way animals find something weird they feel would make a good place to take a nap!
Enjoy the rest of the long weekend...

Lori said...

What a great day Jane and those cake pops are so cute! Looks like the perfect dog bed to me ~ I betcha she was toasty warm. My shopping is almost complete and I am pretty happy about that. Enjoy your week-end. xo

Barb said...

Hi Janie, so glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Your rosemary plant is soooooo lovely. I love those things!

Everything looks so heartfelt and sweet. There is nothing like being thankful, is there?

Loved your post.


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

So glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Me too! I started decorating the day after and no shopping yet for me...Did more decorating today.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I was done with my shopping on July 1! I start buying in January and get a little each month so by the time July comes around I am done and have paid for everything in cash. YIPPEE!!

Those little turkey pops were darling and I LOVED seeing the pics of the pups!


Heaven's Walk said...

What fun, Jane! I love the idea of having a dessert contest! lol! Loved seeing Layla and sweet!!! :) Hate to tell you this....but my shopping is done and the house is all decorated. lolol!

xoxo laurie

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Sounds like a fun day! Love the pictures of your pups!! Bella (our little chihuahua) LOVES to sit right in front of the oven when it's on too!! :D I am behind on my decorating but delving into it this weekend!! :)

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Hi Janie, I'm back too to commenting it's been a busy week hasn't it? Now it's time to decorate, I wanted the tree up today but Nicholas was baptized today and than we both got real lazy once we got home! The picture of Milo crackes me up, it's exactly how I felt too!

Deserae said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all....including your cute little pooches!!! Your little Rosemary tree is so pretty...I bet it smells heavenly too :o)

Charlene said...

YOU frightened me with the reality of Christmas in 30 days!!!! I am like you, a bit hung over from the Thanksgiving stuffing (me, not the turkey). OH MY! I am so tired. LOVED the pictures of the dogs... one passed out & the other in the pie pan. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. HUGS!

RobinfromCA said...

That picture of Layla reminds me so much of Chloe! We had to keep her away from the oven every time the turkey needed to be basted because we were afraid she would burn her nose. When that oven door was closed she sat right in front of the heavenly smell!

All I can do is sit until my shoulder is better so I envy your decorating and baking! But, my hubby did the cooking for Thanksgiving and everything turned out wonderful!

Love your nieces turkeys and am very impressed that your hubby went shopping on Black Friday!


Anonymous said...

LOL.....the dog sleeping on the sofa is priceless! I got out early Friday morning with the other crazies but I wasn't heading to the malls but Big Lots and Lowe's. Got stuff to do a white and silver tree this year, my fresh wreath and roping. No crowds at all. I even went to Walmart like a fool but that wasn't bad either. Like you, today I am taking down Fall and getting ready for the blog parties. We actually have a real Christmas party to go to this Saturday. No idea what I will wear. Have a wonderful week Jane. xo

Leslie said...

I love those dishes.. it's no wonder that you wanted to use them.
Looks like a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Maggie said...

What a great time you all had together, it sounds like the perfect family Thanksgiving that I've read about or seen in movies!
Love the dog pix!!
No decorating going on here yet, I don't seem able to get into the mood, must be all this mellow fall weather we're enjoying at the moment.

bj said... the doggie photos. so cute.
And the treats the kids made are adorable.
So glad you had a good time..we did, too. Had 16 for Thanks. dinner and those paper plates sure did come in handy. It was nice to throw them away, all the red solo cups away and had only silverware and pots and pans to wash. :)) I am getting sooo lazy in my olden age. :)) Lazy but blessed. :)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I can relate with Milo!!

Anonymous said...

such a sweet post, the dishes are lovely and I love Rosemary plants at the holidays, great for handy heb needs too!, Your little dogs are so sweet, they make my heart happy just to see them, I'm not sure if I tiold yuou but I had to satrt a new blog and I just realized I didn' have you on my readers list, thats why I have had to go searching for you, we do follow at lot of the same blogs so I found you that way, I would love if you would follow me at my new blog, happy sunday,

Monica said...

Love your rosemary as centerpiece, I might borrow the idea sooner or later (well, when I have a table!LOL).
Hugs and enjoy this day of rest!
Monica xo

French said...

Jane, your Thanksgiving looks wonderful, especially your dogs looking so cozy! Your nieces should do a tutorial for us on the Turkey guys, they look soooo cute! Thanks for stopping by today; I use the $1.99 tree preservative from Home Depot; best deal on trees I have found....enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! Oh, I hope you get all rested up as you've got to get busy with the decorating! :) I love your dishes and don't blame you a bit - I would have used them in a heart beat! Those little turkey chocolate cake balls are the cutest little things! Sounds like a great day and I almost peed my pants when I realized your little doggy was sitting in a pie tin! :)
Thanks for popping in to see my tree.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Hi Jane, I love Hallmark movies! Have you seen November Christmas? A tear-jerker! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Those turkey treats were so cute. Linda

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Jane.....What a wonderful Thanksgiving post....and NO....I haven't even begun shopping. IN FACT....just thinking about it makes me tired LOL LOL LOL....Think I'll join Layla on the sofa. (O:(O:



Alison @ The Polohouse said...

No shopping under my belt yet, Jane... but that is normal for me! I will get my decorations all up and then I can start shopping.
Love the pooped pup and the pup in the pie pan!
I also love the turkey cake pops. I am thinking about buying my nieces a cake pop baker for Christmas!
Thanks for sharing this.
I better go order that thing now!

Unknown said...

You had a truly wonderful warm holiday celebration Janie ... & so did the pooches! Too cute! How clever the turkey pops! TY for sharing this idea for the kid-lings next time. Alyssa made S'more cupcakes with Ashley ... yum.

Never go to bed without everything being washed, stored & put away after dinner.

Today dying fabrics ... a few pieces of fudge & a lovely walk while the weather was conducive

Have a lovely week

Unknown said...

oh, love your pics! looks like your Thanksgiving was wonderful!
the dog in the pie tin, how special!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! I did the same thing as you on Black Friday! LOL!!! Watched Hallmark movies until 3:00 p.m. then got dressed and went out with the hubby to do some things around the yard!

We had a house for for dinner and dessert! Entertaining is exhausting! But I loved it!

I love the photos of your pups! Too cute!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

This sounds like a great Thanksgiving. I love your china. And all the deserts sound wonderful. Now...onward and upward for Christmas!


Such a fun idea to have a dessert contest.

Desire Empire said...

Wow those Turkey guys look amazing. Glad you didn't throw the rosemary out either as it looks lovely. The fragrance is wonderful too I bet.

Sharing with Sherri said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. What cute, funny pics of your pooches! The one sitting in front of the oven reminded of my kitty who also waited in front of the stove for her special serving of Thanksgiving giblets. She was so anxious to get them, she knocked the plate out of my hand as I was sitting it down for her!

I never go out on black friday... Even as much as love great deals, I'm not big on fighting all the mobs of people or long lines. But I am looking forward to checking out a new Hobby Lobby that recently opened nearby very soon!!

Btw, I went back and checked out your kitchen remodel... It looks REALLY great, LOVE the new countertops!!!! I'm sooo happy for you Jane! I keep dreaming of the day I can remodel mine too...
Hugs, Sherri:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving Jane!

I love the shots of the pups.

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving Jane!

Debbiedoos said...

Hi jane! I am so behind in visiting it is ridiculous. Your Thanksgiving looked fantastic. I am still feeling the after math of food hangover LOL. Your dog has the right idea.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Evening Jane Sweetie...
Oh wow what a gorgeous share today. Your table looked so beautiful and I love the winterberry dishes. Just gorgeous. I think they could be used for any holiday.

Loved the turkey pops. I can see why they won hands down. Aren't they the cutest things ever? I bet they were tasty as well.

Love your 3 layer dish. What a steal that was. Perfect for the holiday occasion. SO many uses.

Layla looks sweet in that pie tin. She must be tiny. Fits her to a "T". I loved the photo of Milo. He was all tuckered out. A busy day indeed.

30 days to Christmas. Can it possibly be? We have started ours. Have several things bought, and a few more to buy. I will be finished long before Christmas. No more last minute shopping for me. Nope, can't do it anymore. I hate the crowds. Do need to get some wrapping paper though and start wrapping before someone finds the hidden stash.

Have a glorious week sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. All the cooking exhausted me too. Love those turkey cake pops! How cute are those!!
I've done some shopping but have a lot more to go. Time is flying.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! Amd napping with the fur babies just makes it perfect! We had a wonderful day too...I did not do Black Frida sales, but did venture out to Design World to get a few things for my tree and darted in Hobby Lobby...I was brave to do that!

Love the fabric on your sofa! And I know you enjoyed the new kitchen on it's first holiday!

Have a great week!

Lou Cinda

Unknown said...

Love your photos! Love your plates and dogs! Thanks for sharing your lovely home.JoAnn

Kathleen Ellis said...

So glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving, Janie! Looks like you pups know what to do on Thanksgiving afternoon! You said you'll be away for Christmas...are you going to the lake house? Do you decorate that for the holidays, too?
Have a wonderful holiday season....dream on!!!
xoxo Kathleen

Ricki Treleaven said...

Jane, I love your plates!!! :D I think your nieces did an amazing job with the turkey cake pops. They are too cute!

We are spending Christmas away, too, so I usually decorate more for Thanksgiving than Christmas.


koralee said...

What those turkeys...happy Tuesday to you my dear.

Knitty said...

Love the pup pictures! Thank goodness Layla didn't have drumsticks, she might have gone inside the oven! Milo looks like the rest of us after a big meal.

Your nieces did a great job on the dessert turkeys. I bet they were gobbled up in no time.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

I am so enjoying looking at your Thanksgiving photos! Those turkeys are adorable!! I had to laugh...our tv has been on Hallmark and Lifetime all week. Can't ever watch too many Christmas movies! LOL! Thanks for sharing your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Yum. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I'll stop by later for a longer visit. I found you through Marty's blog.
Much love.

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Those turkey cookies are too cute!!