Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The Husband and I took the scenic route to the lakehouse on Saturday morning, driving around Lake Michigan and stopping at one of our favorite restaurants, The Stray Dog for lunch. After having a wonderful taco salad, I took some pictures of the harbor. 99% of the boat slips are empty. Everyone is preparing for a long cold winter.
The Halloween decorations were still up. These were so cute, I had to take some pictures.
Isn't the baby darling?
It really was a gorgeous weekend, sunny and in the 60's. The weekend before our friends, Craig and Snow stayed here for their 18th wedding anniversary. As a gift they left me this little bird sign. I love it. Discover.

Needless to say, we didn't do much. Everything has been cleaned up and put away...we are actually ahead of the game. The Husband spent a lot of time watching college football and I spent my time lying on the couch reading and napping. Since the patio furniture is put away, I sat on the porch steps for awhile breathing in the crisp lake air. Somewhere, someone was burning leaves..it smelled like fall.
My daisies just won't quit. They are like me, a little stubborn when it comes to the seasons changing.

We ate at a steakhouse Saturday night. They really know how to load up the food. A bread basket and a basket of crackers with cheeses, Soup and salad. I had prime rib and The Husband had barbecued ribs. Turtle cheesecake for dessert. All in a rustic, farmhouse atmosphere. What a feast.
Sunday was even more quiet as it turned gloomy and rainy. The patio looks so empty and lonely. It's hard to believe that we had 26 guests crowded here having a ball on the 4th of July!
I made the simplest, most satisfying dinner for us on Sunday night. All you need is sausage, onions, potatoes and carrots. I adapted it from a recipe by Jacques Pepin. Cook the onions until soft in a little oil, throw in any kind of sausage {brats, Italian, breakfast sausage}, what ever you have. Stir in chopped potatoes and carrots and cook all until done. Add a little water if the food starts to stick to the pot. It should evaporate. I season it with salt and pepper and sometimes a mix of Italian seasonings. You can't stop at one bowl!

Our temps are supposed to go down this week and we may even have a few snowflakes. I am still working on putting together the kitchen, Jeff hasn't moved out yet so my living room is a catch all for all of his new things. I'm slowly packing up my fall decorations, everything is looking so crowded. I just need some space! I'd like to start Christmas shopping, but where will I put it?

So...tell me what you have planned this week. Any big projects? Just relaxing with some good books and magazines? Tons of laundry {that would be me}. Thanks for popping over! :-)


Unknown said...

Oh, yummy! I can cook that!!

Beautiful drive, it truly is a scenic beauty up there, which we have enjoyed many times.

TY for your sweet note & wishes, Janie. It is truly appreciated.

Have a beautiful day.

Lori E said...

Now that is the way I cook. Very little recipe, just a method and suggestion of ingredients. This is a favorite type of dish for us too and I also do it with left over prime rib for a big Sunday breakfast.
I love the fall and can only imagine how nice it is at the lake.

d e l i g h t said...

The daisies are so cute still trying to make it through the season change. Lying on the couch napping sounds like a perfect Saturday!

Divine Theatre said...

You write like a poet. Even without the photos I could see your world!


Babs said...

The Halloween decorations are darling and the baby scare crow is just the cutest idea. I don't envy you with winter coming up. I'm a Southern gal and not a fan of long,cold winters. But, I'll bet it's nice to have a white Christmas.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Janie! Is fall gone yet? No! Don't say it! We haven't had it here! LOL!

I always love going to the lake with you. Some day, I hope to visit it in person. :-)

Hope it doesn't get too cold too fast. And I loved seeing the daisy hanging in there. We have that in common, too. I tend to hang in there hoping for the warm weather to linger!



NanaDiana said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I am so glad that you were able to do that and enjoy that last bit of Fall. Your sausage and potato meal sounds great. One I will surely try. We like fast and easy on a busy day/night.

I am waiting for a call that my daughter is in labor. Once that happens I am on my way to Milwaukee....keep us in your prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby! xo Diana

Sue said...

Every time I see your lake house, I want one. Maybe someday. I don't want one on the small lake we have here, so I have to wait! I'm just happier and more relaxed when there is water in sight.

I'm not ready for winter. I'm in a funk over the time change...too dark too soon.

As for my week. Everything is all about the puppy right now. I'm working around her schedule, so I guess she is starting to train me!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Sounds like a divine weekend Jane...and that recipe sounds fabulous! I will definitely make that! I'm not quite ready for Fall and yet another season...the busiest one! I have actually done a little Christmas shopping! I would like to be done by the end of the month, but I don't see that happening....I don't know what anybody wants!

Have a great week!!

Lou Cinda

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jane,
The thoughts of a cold and gray winter depresses me, but we do have the holidays coming up to make us smile.

I know it must be hard leaving the lake house. I do love the pumpkin people.


Anonymous said...

We are having cool rainy days here at the lake and enjoying every bit of it. The gulls have returned. I always look forward to their return. They don't come near the condo but do sit on the dock roofs now and then. Most of time they are out over the water or on the shore across the cove. Love watching them and listening to them.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful weekend, sounds perfect, you made me so hungry!!!

Lynn said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend Jane, love the pumpkin people! Your sausage and potato dinner sounds good too! Hope you have a fun week:@)

Olive said...

Jane, that pumpkin baby is so cute. Your weekend sounds very restful. Joe has a three day weekend and who knows what trouble we will get into but we will enjoy each other. hugs♥O

Heaven's Walk said...

What a nice weekend you had, Jane! Kinda sad to wave goodbye to autumn, isn't it? I know you're not looking forward to winter any more than I am. :) Thanks for sharing that yummy recipe! Definitely saving this one!

xoxo laurie

April said...

Snow already??? We're still having 70 degree temps. here in Georgia! Your recipe sounds perfect for a chilly fall day...if we ever have one!

Barb said...

The recipe sounds yummy, Janie. I will have to try this.

Your house sounds active. I am going to start putting the Fall decorations away also. Kinda dread it....I have so much out. Yikes.

Happy Tuesday!

Barb ♥

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos Home said...

Sounds like a great weekend... a scenic drive and lots of yummy food :) I'm not ready for Fall to end, but we've been spoiled with temps around 70 for the past few days. If only it would last...

Marigene said...

Your dinner sounds delicious, Jane. Great picture of the marina...it looks cold, even with the bright blue sky, though!

Honey at 2805 said...

What a nice relaxing weekend, Jane! Your daisies clinging to life is like clinging to the last moments and memories of the season almost past.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I always enjoy reading your blog post so much. I hear it's going to be a bad winter, just like last year. ugh! I bought a few Christmas gifts this past weekend. I am so far behind but I am buying less this year so maybe it won't matter. I spent so much time in N.C. visiting my sister that I am way behind on stocking my website and booth so that's what I am working on this week. Christmas Open House coming up. :)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love meals like that! I'm addin it to this week's meal plan...sounds so delicious. Thanks so much for visiting Jane, it's always a treat to see your name at FrenchGardenHouse. xo Lidy

Melanie said...

Hi Jane ~ sounds like you had a relaxing time at the lake house. You're right - the patio looks so empty! Sad, isn't it? I love summer and being outdoors. I've been busy with the usual homekeeping and tons of laundry here myself. Unpacking winter clothes, so 7 loads today. Stayed home from work because of back pain. Going back tomorrow.


xinex said...

I love weekends like that, Janie, just relaxing and eating and doing anything at leisure. I have been busy doing lots of things, getting ready for the floors to be installed by having to empty all the cabinets and boxing my dishes and you know I have lots and lot of them, lol. I am also child proofing the house cause stepdaughter Kerri and her 3 kids are flying in on Thursday. I hope it does not get cold yet....Christine

Daniella said...

Sounds so lovely! Such delicious food and wonderful scenery too!
Your daisies are stronger than we think!! Super neat!!

Debbie said...

Ha! those pumpkin people are just so cute...especially the baby!
So happy to hear you and Mr. Blondie had a good weekend.
Sounds like some good eats were enjoyed!!

The Moerks said...

I love the stubborn daisies. The pumpkins are very clever. I am starving now I have read your post.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jane,
It does look so lonely at the Lakehouse now. Seems like a week ago when we were there.
Sounds like you had a nice weekend though. My favorite part is the nap thing! hehe. I need naps nowadays!
This week has been stressful. My daughter is breaking up with her very nice boyfriend and hanging out again with her very un-nice ex.
We are supposed to get snow but I don't see any yet. Take Care and hugs to you friend,

Unknown said...

When I see your photos, I realize how quickly running out of time. Yesterday spring, today fall and tomorrow winter. That's going too fast! ;)

Thank's so much for your comment and 've a nice the day!


Maggie said...

Sounds like you both enjoyed a lovely relaxing fall weekend, I could easily spend time that way!
Nothing much happening here this week, just raking leaves (constantly) walking dogs, making soup and reading.
Come to think of it that sounds pretty relaxing too!

Tricia said...

I love all the pumpkin people...the baby was my favorite. It looks so nice up at your lake, Jane. Do you go there during the winter too? We have a little lakehouse up North and my husband actually goes there more during the winter than the summer since he loves ice fishing. Hope you're having a good week :)

Lynne said...

My eyes and my tummy are filled with charming homestyle goodness!

Unknown said...

Hi Jane,

I love your lake house and the drive looks so nice. I love the brisk temperatures of this time of year. Before it get's too blustery. I like the way that meal sounds. Have a beautiful day.


Dreaming of Vintage said...

Hi Jane, I'm NOT looking forward to the cold weather, especially after that horrendous storm we had in February! ICK!

LuLu Kellogg said...

That meal sounds delish!

Working like a madwoman here on some new things and I hope to take Friday to do absolutely nothing but wrap up in a warm blanket and watch movies all day. *fingers crossed*


Unknown said...

I am planning fun things to do because the kids are out for 3 weeks. YICKS!
So we will be doing lots of crafts. I am on the search for a small Christmas tree.
Anyways, getting colder too here and i always love your pictures and what's happening.

The Single Nester said...

I love fall. I cannot get enough of it. Today, it was near 70 and that is way too warm for me.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh girl...love the daisies!!!

I love simple recipes, don't you? I love this type of meal! I've never been to Michigan...maybe some day. Many more earthquakes and I'm OUTTA HERE-AHHHH!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi Blondie!
I know just what you are feeling. I have boxes everywhere and just don't know where to put a thing. I'm feeling the urge to Christmas up the house but where in the world do I put it??? haha. Your weekend looked wonderful!!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

It sounds like a bittersweet weekend. A restfull retreat but preparing for the cold. I enjoyed your post. It looks like you have a wonderful place to spend time.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

The recipe sounds great and easy!I'll have to try that!
Yes, I hate to look out back and see the pool all covered up and the dead plants that I should really get rid of, maybe I'll do that tomorrow since I'm off, I drag my feet with the seasons too:) The weather here the past two days has just been beautiful but looked out the window tonight and it's now raining! I think winters coming no matter what!

www.raemissigman.com said...

So wish I was there to see all of the beautiful sites...I am jealous!...oh and p.s. I am boot happy too! My newest faves? Two pair of super pointy toe cowboy boots...one pair with a tapestry top and one pair that is turquoise! So super cool! Take Care!

Debi said...

So wonderful you and hubby have a get-away place. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Love the recipe; sounds like my kind of quick food. Temps are supposed to cool off here to, but no snow thankfully. Love your playlist. Listened to it for a long while this evening. Deb

Jacqueline said...

It does look lonely now! I love the fun and joy of the summer but I guess I like the change in seasons too (for a little while - just so I can wear cute boots and sweaters!)

We have another college football game this weekend and I have started Christmas shopping and wrapping. Want to get that done by Thanksgiving so I can enjoy December!
Have a great week.


Loved the pictures of your lake place. It has gotten so cold today. Rather a shock to the system.

I have had a busy month and have had no time to read blogs. I have missed you.


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

The dish sounds divine! I'll have to try it. Hubs (with his German Wisconsin roots) would probably adore it.

So much work to get ready for the winter. I'm just a wimpy Californian and I wouldn't have the slightest idea what to do to get ready for the winter. Glad you're ahead of the game.

Linda said...

I love your journal!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a beautiful way to spend the day, Janie. Those pumpkin head people are too cute! :)

Always Nesting said...

Love that way of cooking and last night made a similar dish, with chicken sausage and threw sweet and sour sauce into it at the last minute and it was delicious over brown rice. Now that it's just hubby and me, cooking is so much easier and he eats everything. Seems like my leaves are never ending. Already spent two days raking, with many more to come. Picked up a few gifts and like you, where to put them among the mess in the rooms. The craft room, still not painted because I can't decide on a color. What a mess! Seems like fall forces us to change as we head into Christmas.

Evi said...

it lookes like you had a wonderful relaxing weekend and the food sounds delicious. The lakes is pretty and I can picture it being even more beautiful during the summer.
I am happy to see that you did not have snow yet.
All of our 18" have melted and some of my toad lillies are still blooming.
Have a great weekend, I am doing a show on Sunday.

Unknown said...

Yes, I'm very happy to found the old crate. And the contrast between weathered wood and white lace is really great.

Thank you so much for your dear comment!

Have a nice evening!


Decor To Adore said...

I cannot get over the daises!

Love the pumpkin couple too.

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

Blondie, you're making me want to curl up with a blanket somewhere. The food sounds wonderful, and I know it may be silly to some, but I love cloudy, gloomy skies occasionally. I have always heard how cold it gets on lake Michigan in the winter's. I use to work with a lady that lived there, and she said your bones would hurt it would be soooo cold!

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

Please don't say it's so about a long cold winter :( It was way too cold here in the Carolinas last winter for me. We are enjoying nice weather so far ~ a few cool days here and there and the weather is supposed to warm up next week.
Sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

Debbiedoos said...

mmm...that sausage recipe sounds delish, and easy too. What a great drive up to the lake house it is Jane. Our temps are getting cooler here too, but tomorrow the high of 65 and sunny, I can handle that all winter long. Your Paula Deen Apple pie recipe sounds great, you must share that with us sometime. Enjoy the weekend.

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

That baby scarecrow is the cutest thing! I'll have to remember that. Your recipe sounds delicious. I may just make it tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a day when I can just scooge (that's what I call it!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! Oh, it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! The little Fallen decor is adorable! Glad you had such a restful time too. Your dish sounds so good. I'll have to try that!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

No snow for us here in Southern California..but rain is on the way and should hit about midnight.
It just sounded like the neatest weekend..quiet..comfy with books to read. Nice!! REALLY nice!
You live in the most gorgeous area, Jane..

myletterstoemily said...

isn't it a melancholy feeling to put the lake
house to rest for the winter? i loved your
comment about feeling like the daisy and
resisting the season's change.

Lori said...

Love the recipe ~ sounds like a great one to whip up after work some night. I was just looking at your last post too ~ they are all great! One last relaxing week-end at the lake sounds perfect ~ I cannot wait for a day to read and nap ~ I have not had one of those for awhile! Happy Saturday.

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Hi Janie!

The views around the lakehouse are breathtaking! I wish we had that around here - but I will have to settle for the coastal views instead! :)

Looks like you had a nice, enjoyable weekend. This weekend you can find me relaxing at home with the kiddos...well, we will also be working on some of our ongoing fixer upper projects too! :)

By the way, thank you for dropping in on my last post and leaving such a kind comment. I'm glad I could inspire someone with it. :) It has been a tough 2 weeks, but I see things so much better now! Take care and have a blessed weekend!


Unknown said...

Beautiful post! Love the baby ! Joann

podso said...

Loved hearing about your quiet weekend at the lake--maybe the last for the winter. The older I get the more
i savor the passing of seasons and take note of them and all such changes behold--such as the beautiful leaves we are still enjoying! Have a good weekend.

Jeanne Henriques said...

I love how you get around Jane...thanks for taking us along. :)

Jeanne xx