Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

We woke up Saturday morning bright and early (5:30 a.m.) the day of out Christmas Cocktail Party and took our coffee in to the living room and sat looking around. The room was bare. Devoid of any holiday decorations whatsoever. Procrastinating Blondie spent yet another Friday night cuddled up with the dogs watching the Food Network chefs doing their Christmas thing. Poor Mr. Tree was still tied to the top of my car. Anytime the dogs barked during the night I was convinced someone was trying to make off with it. I was so proud that I went to the nursery and got this tree on my own. Usually The Husband and I go together and by the time I find a tree I like he already has one tied to the car! So finally said Husband dragged the poor thing in and did the lights. Then I proceeded to do the rest. Needless to say, I was just coming out of the shower when our first guests arrived for said party. And what a party! I advised The Husband that I had heard all parties should have a Signature drink. So we had Mojitos. Wow!! What a hit (in more ways than one!). The little blonde elf was so exhausted from her decorating antics all day that she just stayed slumped in a chair sucking on the strawberries from her Champagne and nodding in agreement to all that was being said. That's the thing about having your own party. You can't leave! I would've gone and curled up on my bed but someone might have found me when they went to get their coat. It was fun though and I recovered Sunday night curled up on the couch under a big quilt watching Lifetime holiday movies with just the twinkling Christmas tree lights. The following is some of my elfish work.
The living room unveiled! In spite of the frantic rush to get things done for the party, the blonde summoned up some of her left brain creativeness and here we are! I refrained from my usual habit of putting ugly ornaments in the back because this tree was so big! She might be asking "Do I look fat in this?).

I agonized over how to make my "mantlescape". I wanted simplicity and elegance. So, I layered evergreen and white pine branches and then came up with the brilliant idea of adding fruit as they did back in the day sort of to economize. So I have apples and pears and clementines and lemons. Then I found a few bags of imitation cranberries in one of my boxes and voila! I had to put in my Christmas geese and I used cake plates to put candles on so I wouldn't have a fire in and out of the fireplace! The canvas prints above are from The French Garden House. I hope Lidy is visiting today!

Oh, and who in Chicago can forget that wonderful store Marshall Field on State Street. When I worked downtown a few years ago, my desk was at a window that looked out at the corner of Washington and State and that big green clock on the Fields building. I used to practically drool waiting for my lunch break so I could go over and and practically turn comatose looking at all the makeup and purses and shoes and...Well, it's now called Macy's but I have my little green shopping bag to remind me of that great place .

I love looking at the old ornaments on my dad's tree that bring back so many warm and fuzzy memories. I found these reproductions at the Vermont Country Store (you can find it online). My dad has the real thing!

Does anyone remember these sweet little candle choir singers from way back?? I remember them from when I was a little girl. My mom would never burn them and neither will I. Once again I found them at the Vermont Country Store.

And finally this little folk art Santa pillow that I cross stitched and sewed back in 1995. Hard to imagine that I made six of them with four little monsters running around. They take center stage on my tree.

Well that is about it for today. We are expected to have a ice storm starting this afternoon. Say a prayer for all those out on the roads here. I hope you all visit again for the trials and tribulations of Blondie. Peace


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Blondie -- your tree and mantle look wonderful! You did a great job on them! And yes, I remember those candles, and I didn't burn mine either. LOL! I love the Vermont Country Store. It's a great place for really neat, nostalgic things.



Kathleen Ellis said...

Hi Blondie~
Thanks for stopping by!
WOW! You sure pulled all that together in record time...good job! Hopefully next year you'll do that the day before your party so you can really enjoy it (awake)! ;-)
Merry Christmas!

savvycityfarmer said...

Hi hon, I'm from the burbs...would be fun to meet someday...tell me all about your lakehouse...we know the Michigan side well, too.

Family in GR and Muskegon!

Your home says "come on in"!!!!!

Meadowsweet Days said...

Hi Blondie, I just found your post. I couldn't believe when I saw those little choir candles, it was like my childhood came rushing back! We never burned them either. My mom would bring us to the local 5&10 store (where are they now) and we would get a special candle for every holiday. Thank you for the memory!
Come visit my blog! Love to meet new friends.


kate said...

I miss Marshall Fields!!! Frango Mints...yumm and we had those
caroling candles when i was a child
thanks for the memories