Sunday, March 4, 2018


Not The Only Tired One

Hi everyone!  It's me.  Thanks so much for your encouragement (and patience) as I get my life in order.  Lol. I also appreciate all of your supportive comments on Instagram.  I don't want to dwell on the health problems I've been having, yet I want to always be honest about what's going on over here.

The virus, which would ebb and flow, seems to have finally kissed me goodbye.  I get up with the urge to start the day,  I'm rarely tired, and I'm starting to do some of the organizing and spring cleaning that I would have started weeks ago if I had felt better.  Why do we beat ourselves up over standards we often set for ourselves, sometimes just to make others happy? 

 I think I've learned a lot about myself since this past ordeal with the virus and my back issues.  I simply stopped worrying about everything but my own health.  Many of you had said, as well as my own family and friends, just take care of yourself.  I listened.  I slept.  I changed into a fresh pair of pajamas's everyday.  Dishes piled in the sink.  We ran out of essentials.  It was interesting to see that The Husband didn't really notice the chaotic mess the house was.  He did notice there was usually not dinner waiting, and that we weren't stocked up on Doritos and Diet Coke.  After some grumbling, he'd go to the store.  I don't hold that against him, these are his creature comforts and it was an upset for him.  The main thing is that I learned to ask for help.  I've gotten so used to carrying the load that I forgot I deserved some attention.  I'm not patting myself on the back here, so much is about having a good revelation and hoping that you, too, know that you deserve to be taken care of.

Long story short, I made it through the virus.  I know it will hit again.  All I can do is get healthy, build up my immune system, and avoid others who are sick.  My back problems are another story; I have four herniated discs on each side of my spine, and a multitude of other degenerative diseases.  We are on our last choice of treatment before I have to have a spinal fusion, as in surgery to screw my vertebrae back together.  This past Thursday I had an epidural injection into the most inflamed disc.  I was so surprised that it was treated as a surgical procedure; gown, cap, wheeled into a surgical room, my spine on a screen showing what a complete mess was, and the four inch needle working it's way in.  Sixty seconds felt like forever.

Hallelujah, I'm feeling better with each day.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I have a whole new appreciation for the wonders our backs perform every second, every minute of every day.  

Geesh, that was looooooong, but I know many of you have had these problems and some, this procedure.  Feel free to share in your comments.

Latest Excellent Read

When I wasn't sleeping over the past four weeks, I was reading.  I was perusing my New Yorker magazine one day, and came across a book review by Joyce Carol Oates, one of my favorite authors.  A positive review by her is as good as it gets.  If you like drama and suspense, this is a book for you.  It's a new release and definitely a page turner.  At 400+ pages, you can imagine the twists and turns.  I'm a quarter of the way through it, and scramble for time to sit and read.  Check out Amazon for the description, reviews, and best price.

Good Friends:  Lake Geneva, WI., 2018

I mentioned we would be meeting up with my longtime blogger friend Cindy, and her husband Dan, in Lake Geneva, WI.  It's always good to see them, friends for ten years, but only seeing each other once a year.  When we both had started blogs ten thousand years ago, I suggested to her that we get together, I mean Wisconsin is just above Illinois, as the crow flies.  She thought it was a pretty cool idea, since Black River Falls is only five hours away.  Duh.  Still, we met in Galena, Illinois, which I think was pretty much an even three hour drive, total strangers, and we clicked.  

First meet: Galena, IL., 2010  (Look at my baaaaaaangs!)

As the years have gone on, we have met up in Galena and Lake Geneva twice.  Cedarburg, WI., (near Milwaukee) a few times.  Madison, Wisconsin.  And they drove six hours (!!!) to our lakehouse in Michigan, one summer. 

This recent meet up last weekend was fun of course, and Cindy was a super supportive friend to me.  It was before my epidural and because I knew we would be having cocktails, I didn't take any medication.  It was raining and sleeting and downright cold.  But she'd patiently wait while I leaned against a light post, or stop inside a shop to gain my momentum. 

 I can't tell you enough how I've learned that life can take twists and turns that lead to wonderful relationships and great times if you are just open to taking that chance.  We are already talking about them coming to the lakehouse this summer, hopefully for an extra few days to explore some of the towns along the lake, and hanging out on our beach or boat rides.  There is so much to do and I always wish; after emails, texts and phone calls, that we lived closer.  

Obvi:  Hogs & Kisses, The Bar Where Everyone Knows You Are From Chicago When You Order A Moscow Mule

Our Mad Mad

She gets beyond cuter everyday.  When I'm out and about, I check if Emily is home as an excuse to go play with this little darling.  They often stop by as well.  I have her to myself for spurts of time when Emily goes for a manicure, her hair appointments, and evenings out.  They come (including hubby Mike), for visits or dinner, and it's just so amazing to me how she knows where the toys are, where we let the dogs out, where the televisions are at, and where I keep the snacks and baby cups, plates, etc.  She is infatuated with our bedroom.  We have a huge four poster with steps to get up.  I tell her, "Let's go dance on the bed!" and she makes a beeline for the room.  And we jump, dance, and pretend we are taking a nap.  

I really do miss those days with my kids when they were little; playing fantasy and silly, exploring all things new.  Time goes on, and the days of potty training, the first day of school, washing baseball uniforms, watching baseball and basketball from bleachers, calling them in for dinner, giving them buzz haircuts on the front porch, and of course, complaining about their messy's all hazy sometimes, isn't it?  We had a huge role, not shared or shadowed by anyone else, and now so many of us are older grandmothers, we might be relieved and ready to pass the baton.  It can be exhausting, even to put all the toys away and reassemble your house after the grandkidlets are gone.  But we do it.  We are the pros.  We set the standards and we should revel in that time and this time of love and dedication.  

No Better Baby Model On A City Street

When Madelyn was born, Emily had a huge tug of the heart and wanted to be at home.  She was offered a job with The Husband, where she could work from home and only go into the office once a week.  It was a win/win for all involved.  She is an exceptional legal assistant; smart, organized, efficient, and she can stand up to her father!  But she has never lost her creative drive.  With a bachelors degree in interior design, she still does home consultations, but she has really zoned in on baby fashion.  I think she could have her own baby boutique.  She's a thrifty shopper, and belongs to a buy and sell FB group.  And that Madelyn, she's a natural model.  

Photo:  Source unknown

French Onion Dip Sandwiches

I mentioned that I bought myself a new and updated slow cooker.  I've finally gave it a test run yesterday after I couldn't stand to see it taking up space on my counter.  I'm not sure if you've had a good French dip; tender slices of thin cut or shredded beef, cooked in a salty, onion au jus and served on  crusty french roll   A side of the hot au jus is served on the side for dipping and dripping.  

I take no credit for the above photo.  Give credit to Fox Valley Foodie.  The recipe however, was definitely dabbled with, and I am so happy to say that this is a winner.  This is how I did it:

4 lbs. beef chuck, round, or rump cut roast 
1 10 oz. can of French Onion Soup (Campbell's)
1 10 oz. can of Beef Consume Soup (Campbell's
12 oz. Guinness Beer
2 T Worcestershire sauce
1-2 T dried oregano
1 T dried garlic powder
2 cloves fresh garlic, roughly chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

Add roast to preheated crock pot.  Pour the cans of soup over as well as the beer.  (I only had Bud Lite and that was just fine!).  Add the remaining ingredients, cover and set the timer for 4 hours if you want to get it going in short order, or 8 hours at leisure.  At four hours, shred the meat right in the pot, or remove to a cutting board and slice as thin as possible.  Taste the au jus for flavor and adjust.  The oregano is such a good addition, make sure you have that flavor going.  Add the meat back to the pot and continue to cook.  Meanwhile, toast French bread rolls in your oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes until just crunchy.  Serve the beef on the rolls with a generous amount of the sauce.  Have bowls of au jus around for dipping.  I picked up some french fries from a local restaurant carry out because I just couldn't match that addition.

You will have plenty of gravy left.  I refrigerated mine and will buy some sliced beef at the deli later in the week to heat up in this tasty as jus.  You can also freeze it.  I think you can add it to stews and soups as well, it has a bold, salty flavor.  


I have the pleasure of stopping into Target a bit more often, as that's where Em buys her diapers, and I can't miss an opportunity.  I, myself, have been slowly adding more toys to my arsenal, as these kiddos are growing so fast.  And I can't pass up the shoes or books, or cosmetics...I finally did see something I liked from Joanna Gaines' line, Magnolia Market.  I picked up this runner the other day.  Very simple, well made, with little black X's.  It seems I'm gravitating to black a little more since I added some accents here and there in the Great room at the lake.  I think it actually calls attention to your whites and more neutral colors.  I like this tabletop which will take me right up to Easter.  In fact, the next time I trudge downstairs with the last of my Christmas pillows and throws (yes, I found some items in Abby's room),  I may bring up some bunnies.  

I've done a lot more cooking in recent days and I'd love to share the recipes, maybe later, as this post is pushing long.  Last night I made crab cakes, super simple and quick; and tonight, chicken and dumplings.  When I'm stressed, I cook.  The more stressed, the more elaborate the recipe.  Stress over the unresolved little unravellings in my life can send me straight to the kitchen.  I do my best thinking there.  My problems, like everyone else, can make me reach a point where I'm are wasting my time and energy.  I'd rather put it into cooking, reading, writing, spending time with my husband, kids, friends, and huge 'ol family.    

---I've been snuggling up in my little den, watching, as always, Chicago Fire and PD.  My cousin (Hey Joanne!), had a good part of the cast and the firetrucks down her street, just blocks away from me, and posed with several of the actors.  They are soooo cool, not to mention handsome. There were some people in Chi town who didn't like the intrusion of streets blocked off with filming, but the number of people given paid jobs as extras totally shut down those voices.  And by the way, Happy 181st Birthday to Chicago!!!

---I'm still watching Blindspot, the Housewives dramas, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Property Brothers, and I recently hopped back over to the Food Network for Beat Bobby Flay and The Kitchen.  The last two are entertaining for foodies and cooks. 

---I'm looking forward to the return of Timeless and Imposters.  I also started to get into I.D., when I'm not home alone, and I'm taking The Voice with a grain of salt.  I don't watch many movies.  I have never been a huge fan of television at all, I prefer to read, simple as that.  I like a little mindless time, as I write and spend time online at the same time.  

---I finished off a few light books by Jenny Colgan.  She has a series about a young woman in England, heading off to an island after a bad break-up and job loss.  Only connected to land by a causeway which disappears when the tide comes in, she hesitantly starts life over in a tiny fishing town.  She finds peace and new friends, as well as a little bad luck when she opens a bake shop.  Again, light, but I love a novel set in a place I'd love to visit.  Jojo Moyes also has a new book out with a novelette and some short stories,  now sitting on my nightstand.

---My share of magazines:  Vanity Fair, People, Allure, Marie Claire, The New Yorker, Newsweek, Country Living, and Better Homes & Gardens.  I get all these by subscription for a song.  I just wish I could keep up with them.  Skim or let pile up until the articles are no longer relevant.  

---Downsizing my closet but not resisting shoes at Sole Society, Boheme, Jane, and 6PM (all websites).  Looking forward to getting out of the warm boots and the rain boots!

---New Beggin' Strip Turkey treats for the hounds, which are healthier and super tasty.  Did I mention Milo is in remission?  I did on IG, and I mix that up sometimes.  We are so beyond happy.  He's acting peppy, has a ferocious appetite, and loves his crazy concoction  of cooked hamburger, peas and carrots.  I give him (and Layla, of course) this to disguise his meds.  He deserves it though.  These are the happiest times of our lives together.  Give your dog or kitty a big long hug today.  Every minute counts in their short lives.  

---New to me, Kind bars.  I'm grabbing the Nut & Spice variety, as they have about 4 grams of carbs each.  Super tasty flavors like coconut and chocolate; vanilla, caramel and almond, and many more depending on what you are focused on with your diet or taste.  Finally, something I can grab when I'm in my car or craving a midnight sweet.  With my lack of activity since early January, I was surprised to see I had actually lost a few pounds.  Just no appetite, and hours before I had the energy to make soup, salad or leftovers.  My primary physician had spoke with me about the value in letting your body go through a fasting period during which you use up stored fat as opposed to feeding your body more calories, fat and carbs.  It's an interesting concept, but there are always new and different weight loss methods thrown at us.  I research but also take it all with a grain of salt.  I do feel it's working a little for me, I'm not a huge eater until hours after waking up, and that leaves a good 15 hour window of fasting.  

So, off I go.  Another week of busyness ahead and I'm looking forward to it.  I have the wind at my back, and I'm letting go of everything that's been making me spin my wheels in life---as in forever.  I've learned over the past two months of trials and tribulations, you will find comfort in your husband, who might fumble around in the kitchen.  Your kids may be caught up in their own adult lives, and sometimes overlook that you are struggling, but have faith, you are more important to them than you think.  You deserve love and all the best when that is what you give.  My last word on blaming and feeling sorry for myself.  On to being proactive and hanging in there with the support of the ones I love.  The tide is out.

See ya soon!

Jane x

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Hi everyone.  I am trying to stay above board.  A few health issues, and work deadlines, life as I want it to go.  Most of all, despite what so many of you say, I still want to be a disciplined blogger, someone you see on your feed or in your emails in a reliable manner.  Sometimes I do wonder if you want to listen to my droning on and on, but you all continue to give me support day after day, it can't be as bad as I think  ;-D

That said, I haven't the time or energy to make writing a post happen. And I sincerely want to get  back to the good old days of doing a post there times a week.

I am giving you a copy of a recent newspaper column I wrote, hoping it will appeal to all of you, inform you, and make you feel it is coming from the 'same 'ol Jane.  Right now its the best I can do, and I think it's quite relative.

I'll be back soon with the trials and tribulations of Blondie. :)



This winter will undoubtedly be remembered as the one with the flu epidemic.  It's not just affecting our Chicago suburban area, it's entirely across the nation.  As I write this, there has been 126,117 confirmed cases across the country.  Experts believe we have not reached the epidemic peak as of yet, and we may exceed the numbers from 2014-2015, when there were 710,000 cases.  We must remember that these numbers do not include flu cases for those who have not sought medical attention.

At this time, there has been 53 pediatric fatalities due to the flu, one of which was reported in downstate Illinois.  The Center for Disease Control does not know how many people die from seasonal flu each year.  States are not required to report cases or deaths of people older than 18 years of age.

Health officials continue to encourage everyone to get an influenza shot, even now.  Manufacturers  claim there is a good supply, and doctors recommend that you try another pharmacy if your own is out of the vaccine.  On a personal note, I've been getting the flu shot every November since I can remember.  Yes, I do get a cold and sometimes the flu, however a much more mild type than I would have gotten prior to being vaccinated.  A majority of medical studies has shown this to be the case.

So, who does the Center for Disease Control recommend to get the yearly flu shot?  Infants, the elderly, pregnant women, those with diabetes, and anyone with heart or lung disease.

A lot of people tend to shrug off the flu under the belief that they have, "just a cold."  During this epidemic you may want to know the differences.  While both colds and the flu start out with similar symptoms:  Runny nose, sinus congestion, muscle aches, sore throat; cold symptoms come on gradually, as opposed to the flu which hits hard and heavy.  The flu will also cause fever, chills, muscle aches, headache, cough, and sore throat.

If you are diagnosed with the flu, there are some medications your doctor can prescribe to alleviate the symptoms.  Before using any over the counter medicines, you might want to ask your physician for recommendation.  Some meds should not be mixed with others.  People with high blood pressure might need to avoid certain multi symptom medication.  I might add, unless it is an emergency, your best bet would to be seen by your primary physician, rather than the emergency room.  Not only will there be a probable long wait, but you will be surrounded by all sorts of germs and viruses.  In some cases, you may be able to discuss your symptoms over the phone with your primary doctor and get recommendations for treating your bug.  And remember, get rest and plenty of fluids.

I think with any illness or disease, prevention is the front line.  Nothing beats what your own doctor can tell you, but with media, such as books, magazines and newspapers, you can pick up a wealth of relevant information.  Websites written by medical providers are extremely helpful as well.

So if we start at the very beginning of the whole flu topic, how is it spread?  I'll be the first at the head of the class raising my hand to share that once I had school age children, I picked up every single germ they brought home.  I was the one who caught the bug, and that's most likely because the kids themselves had been around germs day in and day out, and had built up somewhat of an immunity.

Germs are spread from person to person through airborne respiratory secretions, hence, cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze.  Unfortunately, the infected person may touch objects with their contaminated hands, and that surface can spread the germ to someone who touches that area, and proceeds to touch their own nose, mouth or eyes.

Some simple tried and true precautions are using antibacterial wipes.  If my hands are clean, it's unlikely I can get or transmit germs to myself or others.  I keep a tube of antibacterial lotion in my purse, and in several places around the house.  You might want to have some bacteria fighting cleaning products to use in the bathroom, and on items that are frequently touched, such as faucets, doorknobs, light switches, etc.  I also periodically wipe my cell phone down with a antibacterial wipe, as well as the bottom of my purse, and my car steering wheel.  Of course, no one is sitting in my car sneezing on the steering wheel, but I may have just picked up a slew of germs in a store, and that car is the first place I come in contact with.

Aside from using products, everyday habits to keep yourself germ free are easy to develop.  In public places, push open doors with the heel of your hands.  In elevators or at ATM machines, use one of your knuckles to press the buttons.  If you need balance on stairways or escalators, rest your wrist on the side.  If for some reason you have to rub your nose or eyes, use a Kleenex or one of your knuckles.  Some of this is common sense.

I hope that I have brought you up to date on any questions you may have had about this serious flu epidemic.  I certainly hope we have hit the peak and are heading down.  You can keep up with this on your local television news.

Stay safe, clean and warm.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


No Fuss Buffet

I love you ladies, and I know you won't frown on me when I say that I have 3/4 of my Christmas decorations up.  Still.  In fact, I think most of you will say, "Who cares?"  You guys are great like that.  I think I have truly entered this new year with a huge, "Who gives a care?" sort of mindset. That, on top of that disgusting virus that absolutely nails me, has me feeling C'est La Vie. 

***Since I wrote this, I'm happy to say I packed up tons, and only have a tiny bit to bring to the, basement. 

Okay, truth be told, I did feel bad about the lack of desire to be purposeful, to have all that Christmas stuff packed up by January 1.  But I blamed the virus.  The Husband wasn't so convinced.  We were ordering take-out dinner, I was very much in my P.J.'s all day, and we were out of toilet paper often.  I was to the point of jumping out of bed in the morning, throwing dishes in the dishwasher, pulling on sweatpants and a top, making up the bed, and climbing back in with a book and the dogs next to me.  All of this set the stage for the possibility of The Husband coming home early.  "Just catching up on my reading, honey."

We took a sledding trip up at the lake in mid January, and I stayed on an extra ten days.  I thought I could finally sleep forever with no guilt.  Ironically, the virus had run its course, and I was refreshed, and had nothing to hide.  Amen.  It was cold, rainy and gloomy during that time, but it was a good reset for me

Brooks & Madelyn

It was a fantastic family trip.  Three of the kids and two grands.  Madelyn had started walking two months before.  Brooks, about 3 months younger, finally made a huge go of it to keep up with Mad, as well as claim some toys or the occasional cookie or cracker.  He's walking like a champ now.

So we sledded- not, me to be truthful, and hung out in the warming house.  Another group created a nice fire in the huge stone fireplace.  I had packed a huge tote bag with coffee, Baileys, water, beer, wine, and snacks.  Sadly, it was just 26 degrees, and after a few runs down the hill, we had to admit we weren't up to those temps.  We headed off to a small ski resort for lunch, and it was so fun.  We were seated next to a huge window that looked out at the bigger ski hill, and the snow came down in heavy flakes.  There was a small stage with a country singer, who played 'Cryin into your beer' songs.  Brooks and Madelyn were infatuated.  

Patio at Lake, 2018

The young guy who takes care of our lawn cutting in the summer, also does snow plowing in the winter.  I called him and he cleared our long driveway and did a house check.  As you can see we had inches upon inches of the white stuff.  He shoveled a path to the patio doors.  He's also a bit of a handyman to make extra bucks in the winter (he owns a farm, I have to ask what that's all about), and he did some long awaited stuff for me.  If you know who Zayn Malik is, they are twins.  :))

Lakehouse, January, 2018

I had found this mirror, which looks like it was set in an old port hole.  I had been waiting since summer to get an idea--or a sign--of where to put it.  Emily suggested the wall going up the stairway.  I never wanted to put anything there, especially something heavy like this.  I think of all the people who come to stay, lugging their bags and whatnot down, and bumping the wall.  Finally, I had Gavin hang it in this spot, and I'm am beyond delighted.  Its perfect here.  And higher, which made me feel better.  I posted this pic on my Instagram, and so many commented that they thought it was an actual window.  I LOVE one of a kind pieces.

Great Room, Lakehouse, 2018

This is another find that goes back waaaaay back.  I found it on Ballard Designs.  Instant love.  The picture in the catalog and online showed it with two cut glass (or crystal) liquor decanters behind those rails.  It was definitely for a dining room area for me.  We have a huge open Great room, so I wanted it near the harvest table and kitchen.  At ninety pounds, with instructions for hanging, The Husband found every excuse in the world to not hang it.  Step in, Gavin, during my recent stay.  It wasn't easy.  A wall plug broke, so he had to make a run to the hardware store.  It took both of us to hold it up to see if it was level, and then line it up.  It's so cool!

I went to two antique stores in Dowagiac, determined to find decanters.  The owner kept leading me around to apothecary jars.  Remember when they were the big deal in the blog world?  Then came Mason jars.  Another overused item.  No decanters, but I did find two old bottles in tinted glass that will become perfect vases for the daisies I grow in the summer.  

Ultimately, I want on Amazon and found the perfect ones.  They are here, but I'm going to wait and show you when I get everything just so.

This wall stretches all the way down to the wall of windows, as you'll see in the next photo.  I have some pictures from way back hanging right now.  In my mind, I wanted something lake-like, as well as country-like, as we are surrounded by both. 

I ordered framed prints from one of my favorite websites,  They have a huge amount of prints to choose from, and it's so easy to narrow down your searches by categories, and then there are several options as far as frame type.  No affiliation here, I've just been so please that I can find what I want without a lot of going from website to website.  Again, I'd rather show you what I chose when its up.  Hey, Gavin!!

Lakehouse Great Room, 2018

Looking out at the fog the day before I left.  The lake and our bay were frozen solid.  Ice fishermen, and even snowmobilers were on the lake.  It's been awhile in seeing that, so its proof positive what a cold winter thus far.  

On the left side in the photo, you'll see the wall I am referring to when I write about the art prints.  They've arrived here in Chicago, but I don't think I'm going back to the lake for about two more weeks.  I'll share when they are up on the walls.  I know---its hard to be patient about these things.  

Creamy Chicken & Gnocchi Soup

I bought a new fancy smancy slow cooker.  I loaned my older model to Abby, and she loved it.  I told her to keep it because I felt it was time to upgrade.  Last week I searched recipes on Pinterest, added the things I didn't have in my fridge or pantry on to my grocery list, and have everything I need for three meals.  Alas, my mornings are consumed with writing for the papers, and wandering around considering if I can put off a shower another day.  I'm serious, the virus is really draining me, and if I can play my violin a little longer, I have something in my already whacked out back doing something to a nerve.  At least I can escape the pain by sleeping.  Check.  Check.  

I had also Pinned some one pot meals and this one, pictured above, is a hack from Olive Garden.  Follow the link here.  Pretty simple to make,  and super filling (mostly with calories).  You may want to counter effect the deliciousness with a bland salad.  

Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Bake

I Pinned this recipe from one of my fave food bloggers, Marie Rayner.  Her website is The English Kitchen.  She recently published a cookbook which you can find here.  This is an incredibly delicious casserole that goes together easily.  I substituted a few ingredients, as I had them on hand.  Still, the flavors of Marie's recipe came through in such a comfort food sort of way.  Put this on your winter meal repertoire, and give her blog a visit.  Find the recipe here.


So that's it for now.  I promised a blog post on Instagram (click to find me here), more to keep me on schedule.  I downloaded pics and wrote over a few days.  I'm off a week from the columns, so I'm trying to put together another blog post right now.  Do you agree that they are too long?  You can be honest.  I know it's difficult to comment on all the different ways my writings cross the board.  I'm determined to fix that.

We are almost on to February.   From that month on to about April, I get a little stir  crazy.  But--I have no excuse not to flood your email accounts with my ramblings!

Stay warm and dry!

Jane x 

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Our Bay At Dusk

I think I last left you at June.  Aren't you happy I divided this into two parts?  You can read my Part 1 Year In Review here.


I love how the calm water reflects the light, and provides a mirror for the boats and docks.  It is so, so peaceful here during the week.  Weekends are pretty wild with people having company that fills the roads with parked cars, strollers being pushed, bicycles, joggers/walkers, and cute dogs on leashes.  Honestly, I appreciate all seven days of the week for what they bring.  

Niles, MI Antique Shop Find

It was so fun having the time here to myself.  I explored towns with wonderful Main Street vibes, and many antique shops.  I was so excited to score these old Beatrix Potter books.  I may have to look back at my original post--I think they are copyrighted 1949.  They look very well loved.  It's so fun to have weekdays to bum around doing things I could never do on Saturdays and Sundays.  Even when we took 2 weeks in August for a long stay, so much time was spent on tasks, and many lazy days, just not wanting to get off the boat even to have dinner out.  

Master Bedroom Balcony

For the very first time, I fixed up the balcony off our master bedroom.  It looks out over the big lake.  I found canvas sling chairs which fold up---great for storing in the winter months.   The canvas can be wiped cleaned.  I added some plants and citronella candles.  The dogs loved walking out to sun themselves every morning when I made the bed and tidied up the room.  Now its empty and carpeted in snow.

Mango Guacamole 

I came across this recipe, and it was a hit all summer long.  My grocery store in Chicago makes a mango salsa.  This is just another take with avocado.  If you want to make it ahead, reserve the pit of the avocado and squish that down in until you are ready to serve.  This keeps the avocado from turning brown.  Find the recipe here.

Tropical Luau Drink

One morning I was fiddling around in my garden when I happened to see something hanging off the driver's side mirror of my car.  It was a cute invitation in the shape of a pineapple, inviting me to a luau that weekend.  I didn't recognize the name, but I did know the street was directly across the bay.  I talked to my friend Diane, who lives three houses down, and she knew the lady a bit, and it was a party for our whole bay. 

That weekend, The Husband came up, I made a Hawaiian Salad, and off we went.  It was an absolute blast!  Good food, meeting neighbors who had been here as long as us, but just a body of water separating us.  Oh, how we laughed.  There was karaoke, a photo booth with crazy tropical props to dress up in,  a bon fire on the beach, and dancing.  This beautiful lady who held the party with the help of her sweet sisters, is just so fun.  I hope to get in touch with her this summer---I'd love her friendship.  She also lives full time in Illinois, but very far north from me.  

Papa and Madelyn

The Husband loves nothing better than to take everyone out for boat rides.  He takes his role of captain very seriously.  To think Abigail was this little when we moved here.  I like to drive the boat, too, but The Husband freaks when I bring it into our shore station.  It's a sharp right turn, as we are in the corner of the bay, and then you have to cut the engine and rely on the waves to let you drift in.  If your boat smacks against any metal parts, it ain't purdy.  Sometimes I love the freedom of the wave runners.  You just the gun the engine and cruise onto the beach.  

Our Lake at Sunset

I actually found this gorgeous photo of our lake on Facebook.  You can see how large our lake is, the largest in Southwest Michigan.  That's the island in the center--it has about a hundred homes.  A ferry takes people and cars back and forth.  These home aren't accessible in the winter by ferry, but back in the day, when the lake froze, people would get there by snowmobile.  Another activity was truck racing on the ice.  For the brave I guess.  If you can enlarge this photo you can see few specks, which are boats, in the lower right corner.  If we cruise the entire shoreline, and you must go counterclockwise, it takes over an hour.  

City House Outdoor Renovation

This huge project took at minimum 4 months to complete.  It was my baby.  We started out having a new porch and driveway done.  Then the shutters were painted, and that was a huge improvement.  Then I worked with a great lady on the landscaping.  I told her the bushes and shrubs I liked, and she chose the placement.  We also reseeded and the new grass came up thick and lush.  I have never seen this with seeding before.  We get so many compliments from our neighbors, and sometimes people taking walks pause and point to some of the bushes and flowers they like.  I am super excited about planting some flowers next summer, maybe some red geraniums. 

Fall Centerpiece

Autumn seemed to come and go in a flash.  I think it is becoming my favorite season.  Everything seems to slow down.  The crisp air and the trees changing from green to brilliant colors, really makes me happy.  But I knew my time at the lake was winding up.  By mid-October,  I had a lot of yard cleanup, and wanted to really give the city house a good cleaning after not being there so much all summer.  I could also sense the holidays approaching.  I think the last time I was here was the end of October.

Miss Madelyn

All the grandkids continued to grow at warp speed.  Emily has an Instagram account that is simply pictures of Madelyn.  It is so cool to follow as she grows and changes.  I think this is one way technology is used nicely.  I remember my father having his old leather wallet with the plastic photo inserts.  He had pictures of all of us kids, and when he was fluffing his feathers for someone, he'd pull it out, give it a shake, and then, with what seemed like magic-- the yellowed plastic would unfold with blurred pics of all seven of us.  I was always in awe of that.  It's a vivid memory I have of him, along with Old Spice aftershave, and Lucky Strike cigarettes.  Anyway--our lives can be shared much differently now in a compact and portable way.  And who knows, maybe in future our kids will be telling their kids about iPhones, Instagram, and Snapchat, and it will sound very simpleminded and outdated.    

Tom & Abigail

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Abby's longtime boyfriend, Tom, popped the question.  He had her engagement ring made from his own design, and that evening his father put together an impromptu party for their family and friends.  We knew they were going to get engaged soon---they've been together for eight years!  They are planning for a July wedding in 2019.  They are now, in fact, house hunting, and I'm so happy it is back in our neighborhood.

Christmas 2017

The rest of 2017 for me is probably somewhat fresh on your minds (ha!).  Christmas stressed me out incredibly, try as I might to cut back and streamline everything I plan and do, I'm simply too fussy.  When its over and done, and I have a family hangover, I vow to do it differently next Christmas.  But that rolls around and the festivities spark my over thinking everything again.

We had several celebrations; I hosted one two days before Christmas Day, and I never had the joy of doing this annual family Christmas party.  Even with catered food, I was spread thin and worried constantly that something wouldn't work out right.  When I have parties, I try to make it so that the work is done ahead of time and I can be part of the party.  But it never turns out that way.  Some hostesses get that down right and I envy them.  I have learned that if you are going to have over thirty people, you really have to delegate your kids or friends to help in specific ways.  And I now realize, too, that my sister in law Meg, had this particular holiday party at her house for many, many years.  I always brought a dish and offered to help in any way I could and she always said no.  But I really applaud her now...she made it look easy.  I should have been a little bit persistent when I saw her more in the kitchen than with the family.  I do however, have a fantastic family and they really enjoyed themselves at this party I had, and gave me more "thank-you's" than I deserved.  I'm rambling here, but I think this was the extra on my plate that really made everything too much.  

We had Christmas dinner at the home of Megan, her husband Declan, and their kids.  Another brother in law,  Jim, and his wife Gwen and kids, were in from Kansas City for the holiday as always, and of course we had Papa.  So it was a long dining room table filled with great food, love and laughter.  I think this was the first time I just sat and soaked up the blessings of our good family.


I was pretty happy to say goodbye to 2017.  It was a good year with a lot of personal growth.  But there were many ups and downs which are only natural.  Physically I was fighting the CMV virus, dealing with more and more back problems, and trying new and more experimental treatments for my eczema.  I tried a medication just recently passed by the FDA; it involved giving myself bi-weekly injections.  The only known side effect was dry eyes and irritation.  That hit me hard, and at one point my eyes were so dry that one morning I opened them and tore the cornea of my left eye.  This promising drug, which had already relieved so many people from severe, chronic eczema, failed me and I was at square one again.  

I can say that we had a great year at the lake.  The Husband and I finished up a ton of work inside and out, and had another beach area created on the opposite side of our dock.  I'm hoping he will decide to clean up his old fishing boat and keep it on that side, he sort of lost his love of getting up at 5:00 a.m., and getting out on the lake at dawn.  I think times like those are good for the soul, just as my time here alone is.  Still, we enjoy weekends cooking on the grill, having drinks with our neighbors, having company up, or just sitting on the beach watching the waves.  

As much as we want January to start  off on a brilliant new path, sometimes you have to drag some of the old baggage with you.   Its inevitable.  Right now I'm focused on the health of my husband, and of course Milo.  He is still getting chemo, and I'm not sure how long we will continue to do this if he doesn't go into remission soon.  We have to say goodbye at some point as much as it breaks my heart, and I swing back and forth with the mind set of enjoying every second we can buy, to seeing him decline.  Sometimes I see him staring at walls or struggling to get up the steps, and I think that I really need to decide if it's the cancer or old age that's making him go downhill.  He's not in pain, so I can't see doing anything different then I am at this point.  It's simply so much weighing on my mind.   

On a good note, there is no reason to not look at 2018 as a new slate.  In fact, everyday is a new start.    Maybe we have to learn to be accepting of taking the good with the bad.  A good enough sign of wisdom and maturity as any!


I am always so grateful to all of you ladies who have been with me since the start of my blog, and so many of you new friends.  I get so much joy reading your comments and popping into your blogs as much as possible.  My blogging has taken a terrible slope downward.  In 2011, I posted well over a hundred times in the space of that year.  In 2017, I was at barely forty posts.  Egad!  It's not easy to keep up when my day job is writing as well.  Sometimes I really long to hide my laptop and sit with a good book or a crossword puzzle.  I try to remember life before my Mac.  I'm forever grateful for what I have, but I have to figure out a way to make all of this run like a well oiled machine.

So...onward and upward.  Next week we can move on to adventures in the new year!

Jane x   

***A note:  I keep meaning to let all of you know that I am having problem or glitch with responding to any of your comments by email.  This has been going on for several months.  My emails sent through the address in your profiles get returned to me. It's definitely something on my end, and when I know who to ask, I will.  In the meantime, know that I'm reading your comments and appreciating all of your kinds words.  I'd much rather visit your blog than send an email, but sometimes I'd like to touch base more thoughtfully.  I'll keep working on it.  ;)

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Welcome 2018!  I've been lolling around all day thinking about what I'd like to accomplish this new year.  And when it's 5 degrees below, lolling is a good thing.  Resolutions, not so much.  In spite of stocking up at the grocery store Sunday, with good, healthy food, how could I say no to Abby when she walked in last night with Culver's burgers?  With a mouthful of fries, she said, "You've got nothing to worry about, Mom, tomorrow I have to fit in a bikini."  And yes, the lucky duck is heading off to Key Largo for a wedding.  Eight days in the sun having fun.  And we here in Chicago, are stuck with no higher than fifteen degrees for at least another week.  

I have been meaning (and promising on Instagram), to post a Year In Review.  If I get this done by Friday, I will have fulfilled something I was only halfheartedly planning to do.  See that book above in the photo?  That was in my first post of 2017, a year ago.  And guess what, I don't know where the heck it is.  Furthermore, you can bet I didn't write one word in it.  I also picked up two magazines in the grocery store, one called Real Simple, and it was chock full of organizational ideas, "More calm, less clutter."  I was feeling really good until I started to fall asleep reading it.  Another was a British magazine aimed at wellness, kindness, mindfulness..blah, blah, blah.  I'm the sort of girl who thinks if I just keep buying a new shade of lipstick, it will magically transform my life.  But sometimes when you read articles cheering you on to a new goal, dream, inspiration, or way of living--you fully believe its possible, and 5 minutes later forget it.  

As much as I try to journal, write in notebooks like the one in this pic; keep a food diary, even make a grocery list, it takes time and discipline.  I wonder if I'm just in love with the idea of documenting stuff that will spur me on?  I get a great feeling of fulfillment when I see these little helpers, looking like they are going to transform my life.  I don't plan to micromanage everything, but I'm not a spring chicken.  I want to accomplish a lot, and I want to live life to the fullest.  I need to have a record of the checks and balances.  So, as I free write after skimming through some photos from 2017 that I feel could tell a story, maybe by the end I'll be able to figure out what it is that I want to do this year.  

Let's begin!

January 2017

Most of you know how ecstatic we were to be back in the lakehouse the fall of 2016 after the flood.  It was all about gratitude (and unpacking 147 boxes of our belongings).  January and the first few months of 2017 were all about adding new furniture and pieces (and believe me, we purged a ton), and re purposing some items we had.  I had a vision of how I wanted each room to look.  When I chose paint colors the year before, that was that was the beginning, and at this particular time, I was to carry out my ideas; a sort of garden room in the girl's old bedroom, and a salty sailor sort of theme in the boys room, as well as the loft.  It wasn't an overnight thing, and still isn't.  I add and subtract.

The Great Room was fun.  After twenty-five years of with the same dark furniture, we finally got serious and bought a new couch and love seat.  Same old rustic coffee table, a great Pottery Barn find that we brought from the city house.  It's about twenty years old.  The little table between the sofa and love seat is an old nightstand I painted.  I'm just so happy to have beachy colors; it's happy and bright when the sun shines through, and the cushions are so soft and squishy to sink into when you want to relax in front of the fire or read.  

As I went through my pictures I realized I hadn't shared a lot of photos, such as the mudroom or bedrooms.  I'll get on that.  

Our First Grandson

February was such a blessed month in that we celebrated the birth of our third grandchild, Brooks Patrick, on February 10.  Is he not precious?  Son Jeff, and his wife Deirdre, are the proud parents.  There's a more recent picture of him on my sidebar.  He is really a lot of fun; never sits still--much like his father, and has the beautiful eyes and smile of his mother.  

We also welcomed Patsy, later in May; daughter of son Kevin and Mary Clare, little sister to Elsie.  I've said before, we need to get more snaps of her.  Patsy looks very much like Kevin, while I think Elsie has her mother's pretty features and fun disposition.  I'll keep you posted!

Beef Stew

In the colder months I tend to cook a lot.  Sadly, I didn't post much about my cooking endeavors.  One of my favorite and most loved one-pot-meals is beef stew.  We know it's winter around here when I make it.  Feel free to add or subtract ingredients, omit the meat if you want.  The basics are a solid start for a great meal.  Find the recipe in this post.

Living Room, Chicago

As we were rounding the corner into spring here at the city house, we decided we couldn't toss out our beloved sofa, so we had it reupholstered.  It was old and faded, but I had hung on to it because I loved the pretty floral pattern---it actually looked better faded.  Finally I admitted it needed a facelift.  Reupholstering is a wise investment considering the cost of the same sofa at present day cost.  I really, really love how it looks and feels.  In fact, I'm looking at this photo and scratching my head--I miss those curtains.  We have something different now and I've never been truly happy with them.  Do I feel a change coming?

Sitting Area With a View, Lakehouse

Here again I have an example of how upholstery can make a big difference, but lets you keep the style of your pieces.  The settee is quite unusual but elegant with the camel back.  It's a juxtaposition with the country style glider rockers.  Still, there is nothing like sitting on one of those in the early morning (my fave is the one on the left), with a cup of coffee in hand, watching the birds come to my feeder and birdbath.  I found the ottoman for a song at Pier 1, and daughter Emily, a designer, who worked at a high end furniture store, was amazed by the craftsmanship and detail.  She felt the same about the furniture, which was covered by a family owned business here in Michigan.  The only other new thing we added was the 'eyelash' rug from Target.  It's no longer available.  It is so soft and durable, I wanted to have it in our master.  Alas, never coming back.  

Madelyn Elise, 4 months old

Need I say more?  As we transitioned into summer, she became our lake baby.  :))  Oh, how she loves the water.  We have to keep an eye on this little fish!


As spring arrives in the Midwest, we move away from heavier foods.  I particularly love preparing more seafood, interesting salads with artisan bread, and the quick, easy, and ever changing quiche.  There is no limit to the ingredients you can add to the egg mixture.  My recipe is light and fluffy, can be served hot or at room temperature (which makes it great for company), and goes well with a summery salad.  You can find my recipe here.  

May Tulips

Yay!  It's getting warmer finally and although its muddy and raining a lot, I get out into the garden to see my daffodils and tulips.  The green stems of my day lilies are poking up, and the forsythia is blooming.  Finally-- we can stop buying cut flowers!  Almost every fall I plant about 100 bulbs.  The old tulips die off and their babies mature, a little too slowly for me.  It sounds like a lot of bulbs but I plant them in groups of 10 to 12.  

I'm super excited that since we had the front of the house landscaped last summer, and had the porch totally redone, I can add some new flowers here and there.  And I'm going to add some no-fuss flowering shrubs to the backyard.  I'm just spread so thin with two homes.  Last summer the city house looked like the Addams family home.  Take a look at this post.

Master Bedroom at Lakehouse

I've read in design magazines and websites that couples tend to place their master bedroom last on the list to fix up.  It may sound like we care about every other spaces before ourselves, but I think it's all about the idea that our bedroom is private and off limits to company.  I hadn't done much at all with our bedroom, but in May I started spending weeks on end at the lake alone.  That gave me time to shop and really get the ball rolling on the house.  I really wanted our bedroom to be tranquil and cozy.  After all, I would be (and did) spending many nights there alone with just the hounds.  The bedding is from Target, the area rug from Overstock.  My lamps and a few other items were found at various stores and websites.  You can read more here.  The sliding doors lead to a balcony, and although I'm not going to give you a link just now, I fixed it up with an outdoor rug, sling chairs, tables, candles, and plants.  I loved reading out there before the sun set.  It has a spectacular view of that, as well as the lake.  

Bad, Bad Layla

Layla and Milo were great company over the summer when I was alone.  Milo is pretty much deaf, but has a mean bark.  Layla is fearless, but too small to do any harm to anything or anybody.  Let's just chalk them up to pals.  

They were happy as clams, but always getting into mischief.  Milo is off
leash, and chases any dog being walked past our house---a great icebreaker.   We also have renters next door, and he acquainted himself with every family, leaving a little 'gift' near their deck.  He tends to do this when he's excited.  I met a lot of new people this way, but also learned to keep plastic bags in my pocket.  

Layla has a tendency to roll in anything that has a funky smell, mostly dead birds or their droppings.  She sleeps in bed with me, so I really have to toss her into a bath ever now and then.  The kitchen sink works well.  Not sure if she likes it, but she sure smells better.  

Milo, Summer 2017

I love this picture of my boy.  Every evening about 8:00, we would head out to the patio for a glass of wine.  Milo would play sentry on the porch, surveying the bay for ducks, geese, swans, who knows.  I think I'm going to frame this one.  Good memories.  

Guest House, Lake

I didn't make any changes to the guest house other than a natural rug (the dogs had really snagged the previous wool rug), and faux wood blinds.  To the left you can somewhat see a closet door.  We have two of these and they hide Murphy beds.  Someday I'll get a picture of when they are down and made up for guests.  There's everything you need in here; a TV, heat, fan, and privacy.  We were thinking of calling it the Honeymoon Cottage.  The bad thing is there is no toilet, so you have to make a run for the main house in the middle of the night if need be.  

Getting the Beach Ready

It takes a lot of time and muscle to get the beach ready for summer.  Not only do we need a nice thick layer of sand upon which to sit and play, we spread the sand out as far as the end of the pier.  A lot of lily pads take over, and the bottom is mucky.  The Husband used to spend an entire weekend doing this himself.  Then a new company started up around our lake called The Beach Boys.  It was just what we needed.  It is a huge break for The Husband, and we've become great friends with the company owner.  He's getting more business that he can handle lately.  We are very happy for him.  


This is going to wind up Part 1.  I hope I didn't bore you.  I'm fighting a cold and spending a lot of time in bed.  Not too bad though, I vowed to get more reading done and I'm already half way through a new book.  

We had a great Christmas and a quiet but fun New Year's Eve.  I'll include that in my next post.   I'd also like to reflect on last year, and add some thoughts about what I'm hoping for in 2018.  

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful and deeply felt friendship.  All of you are my rock.

Cheers to a new year!

Jane x