Thursday, March 16, 2017


Looks relaxing doesn't it?  This was last weekend at the lake, just relaxing with my coffee, looking out at the sunlight glinting off the lake.  As the sun moves over our house to the West, and you are on the actual lake as opposed to the bay, there is a magical time in the late afternoon when the whole lake seems to light up with diamonds.  Hence, the name Diamond Lake.  There is actually a book written about the lake, Diamond Sparkles, and you can find it on Amazon if you'd like.  

I pretty much finished up this corner of the Great room.  You may know we reupholstered the furniture, which was in super shape.  The glider rockers may be 80's 'country-ish', but if you ever had the pleasure of sitting in one of these babies...heaven!   We have to oil them pretty regularly, its second nature to rock and look at the water.  This is my favorite reading spot in the summer (in the winter I'm in front of the fireplace).  The details...the reproduction railway lantern from Target from their line of Farmhouse decor, Beekman 1802.  I also bought 2 additional, although different lamps  from this line for our bedroom.  At about $30, they are perfect for my budget and decor.  You can only find these online, by the way.

The last thing was looking everywhere for an area rug, getting discouraged at the lack of round ones, and so undecided if I wanted a natural or shag, beige or gray, or just use the one I had before.  And then while I was looking at the lamps online at Target, lo and behold I found this, The Eyelash Rug! If you look at the fibers up close they look like little eyelashes, or in my case, the faux kind that I've been known to use Elmer's Glue to reapply for social functions.  Since the furniture is angled, a 5x7 rectangle worked fine.  I was happy, The Husband was happy, and of course the dogs.  Funny, The Husband was very much wanting to have a say in everything I chose in putting the rooms back together but I don't think he really had much patience and he now lets me have my way.  :)

All we have left now is to hang the curtains for these humongous windows.  We have them but whenever I look in that direction, The Husband busies himself with something 'important'.  It's really only the winter nights that creep me out sitting here.  One night I saw the moonlight reflecting off a huge opossum ambling along the shore.  Another, a few pairs of eyes glowing at me, I'm sure raccoons.  

I'm off and running with buying flowers at the grocery store again.  It is just so dreary out and I don't really have many plants.  I did buy some shamrocks to put in  pot last Sunday.  The Southside Irish Parade always takes place the Sunday before St. Paddy's Day just a few blocks away.  It's actually the largest St. Patrick's Day parade outside of Ireland, beating out the one in downtown Chicago.  We always make our corned beef and cabbage the day of the parade.  On the 17th we'll probably have lasagna or Wiener Schnitzel.  ;-D

I really wanted to share this picture so you can see my glass coffee table which sadly, I have to say goodbye to.  I've only had it about 3 or 4 years but if you looks closely at the corners, they are lethally sharp.  When Elsie started walking we covered the whole table with a heavy quilt.  I understand you can find some sort of thingies to attach to corners of furniture at stores which cater to little ones.  We still aren't reassured.  What happens when the kids decide to jump on the couch or have a pillow fight?  And so, the old domino effect started.  I wanted a fabric ottoman to replace the table which could double as seating, but what sort of fabric?  I'd been wanting to reupholster our 15 year old floral sofa so I really needed to work on that fabric first.  Sounds like I do a lot of recovering furniture...what can I say?  You can't beat a quality piece.

I found a family owned business here in Chicago a few blocks away.  And this is the fabric I chose for the couch.  It's hard to tell the color but the owner, Manuel, kept insisting it was gray.  Perhaps since I had said I wanted gray.  And it should be done any day now.  In the picture with the coffee table you can see the club chair, a sort of light beige. I'm flipping out over an area rug.  This whole decorating/redecorating/designing stuff is not for me.  If I were an artist I'd definitely be a starving artist.  Nothing would get done.  I'd pick up a paint brush, put it down, and then sleep on it a few more weeks.  

I'll keep you posted.  

Madelyn turned 4 months old on the 10th.  It is amazing how fast she is growing.  And while we thought she looked like Emily so much in the first 4 weeks, she has totally morphed into her daddy, Mike.  She is being christened this Sunday.  Her gown was made out of a part of Emily's wedding dress.  I can't wait to share pictures.  


I've been really down for the count health~wise, and I had so many of you wish me well that I thought I needed an explanation.  

For almost a year I have been taking a powerful medication to suppress the immune system.  Primarily used to help rejection of organs in patients who received donated organs, it was found to help in a lot of other diseases, in my case, severe and advanced eczema that hadn't responded to any other treatment over the past 25 years.  You can read more about all of this in my post here.  The main reason I'm telling you about this medication is that it suppresses the immune system in an effort to keep it from attacking good cells, and it leaves you wide open to infections.  

In January, what was thought to be a suspicious lump in my left breast, was diagnosed as an enlarged lymph node among many others, after a mammogram, ultrasound and needle biopsy (no walk in the park).  And then finally, given my fatigue and the nodes indicating signs of infection, I was tested for Mono.  Bingo.

I hope I haven't gone on too long.  I think when we share experiences we can feel connected, and in some cases, give others the courage to seek out answers and not give up.  I know that I was trying to put on a happy face a lot, not only on my blog, but in my everyday life with family and friends. 

 I was so incredibly tired, I simply could not go on telling myself it was because I wasn't twenty anymore or that it was the doldrums of winter.  The truth was I had to set my alarm for noon.  Yes, 12:00 p.m. or I would sleep all afternoon.  12 hours a night was not sufficient.  I would jump out of bed at 9:00 a.m., get dressed, straighten up the house in flash (and a terrible job at that), and meticulously make my bed.  Then I would crawl  back on it under  a throw with a book next to me, all in an attempt to look like I had drifted off while reading in case someone popped in.  I slept for hours on end.  I stopped answering my phone, I didn't have the energy to speak.  I did my grocery shopping at a little 'Mom and Pop' store nearby where I could get in and out in 15 minutes (and you know that grocery shopping is like Disney World for me).  I would pick up sandwiches, chicken dinners or any sort of entree the store made up fresh.  

I don't think The Husband really suspected my lack of activity but this was at the time that we didn't have a diagnosis.  Before I was diagnosed I was just filled with shame.  Watching him go to work everyday, hearing my kids talk about the stresses of their jobs.  I would go to the doctor or the post office or whatever and I would stare at the workers and ask myself, "How does this person get up at 5-6 a.m., shower, dress, eat breakfast, commute and start to think at that early hour?"  It all seemed unreal, surreal.  I'm sure I was/am bordering on clinical depression.

Well, I'm seeing an infectious disease doctor now.  He's not so sure it's mono, which he explains is an infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus.  It could be any type of infection in any part of my body.  And it can be reactivating itself over and over.  I donated a ton of blood last week and I hope they have more answers.  He believes some of my symptoms can be treated.  I'm very grateful for all of the wonderful, emphatic doctors I've had but I am so tired of needles!

I'll keep you all posted.  Feel free to share any of your experiences, we can all certainly learn something from each other.  Moreover, let me know what you think of the furniture!  Please...I didn't write about this for so long because I didn't want a lot of attention or drama.  Now that you know the whole story I'll give you updates but other than that, I want to focus on fun things...if I can stay awake that long!

Jane x


deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Oh my that photo at the lake with the sparkling diamond water is so pretty, as is the adorable baby picture. I hope that the doctor can help sort this out !! Take care and get all the rest that you need.

Linda Ann said...

I love what you've done in your living room! I have a glider I got from an Amish furniture store in PA many years ago. While I love the rocking/gliding motion, I find the chair just a little hard on the butt! I've bought regular rocking chair cushions but they still aren't quite enough. Did you have your cushions custom made or did you find them ready to buy?
I really feel for you and the fatigue. My adult daughter has been going through something very similar for over a year. She was diagnosed with Celiac and went totally gluten free, but the fatigue has continued. We saw a specialist in December who did blood work showing active Epstein-Barr. She is currently on an anti-viral drug and the doctor also suspects Chronic fatigue syndrome. I know from her experience that the fatigue is life changing and others don't really seem to get it. They tell her "just get out and do something and you'll feel better" and she can't get her head off the pillow. Take good care of yourself and please let me know how you make out when you get the blood results back. I'll be saying a prayer for you!!!

Poppy said...

Wow, Jane, when you say lake house, you really mean LAKE house! What a marvel it is to indulge in that sparkle every morning, with that first steaming, hot cup of coffee, covered in warm, sunlight. Your furniture redos all look fabulous; aren't you glad you took your time? Gifted artists, stand back and review their subject every so often, too, I bet!

I hope that you can finally get to the bottom of this health challenge you have been facing; it must be very trying for someone like you who has so much joie de vivre.

Sending positive thoughts and prayers,
Poppy xx

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

You did a lovely job with the room. I have just redone my family room so I know how hard it is and all the second guessing that goes into it. You nailed the feeling of comfort, serenity, and femininity. It is definitely a place that I would love to sit in and rock.

I am sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope the doctor can find the right medications for you and that the spring will help your energy level and the blues you feel. My problem is not being able to sleep and all the effects that can bring. It sounds like you have excellent medical care and with that and time, you will feel better. I wish you "well".

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hello Jane,
You look so comfortable sitting there and looking out at the beautiful, sparkling lake. Just seeing you looking well in your photo just shows how well a serious illness can be masked because it doesn't show on the outside. I had no idea you were going through so much and I hope and pray that the doctors will get you on the right health care plan that will lead you to wellness. Infections can be a very difficult thing to manage. When Jeff was diagnosed with a bone infection due to the Crohns, his Infectious Disease Doctor was absolutely wonderful. He was able to pinpoint the infection and made sure that Jeff received the right kind of care and medication for the bacteria. I'm hoping that your ID Doctor will be the right one for you. I can't imagine that tired feeling and how it zapped you to the point of not being able to function normally. I know how active you are with your home, family, cooking and shopping. I know you are tired of Doctors and needles, etc. but in time you will start to feel better.
I love your reupholstered furniture and the sofa fabric looks perfect. I'm all for redoing furniture too and I've had many pieces recovered. You are so right about keeping quality pieces.
Your little one is so precious and I can't wait to see the photos. What a wonderful idea to make her Christening gown from your daughter's wedding dress. Love that.
I loved reading your post today. Please take care of yourself and let us know how you are doing. You've got lots of friends pulling for you and I'm hoping you get better soon.


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Sorry to hear you have been feeling so bad. Take care of yourself Jane. There is no shame in being sick; your body knows what it needs and it sounds like it needs sleep. P.S. Your granddaughter is beautiful!

Stacey said...

Jane, I agree with you that sharing experiences like your exhaustion and illness can definitely help others. You never know who might be reading and recognize those symptoms in themselves or their loved ones. I do hope very much that you are able to get some relief and feel like your old self again. Being that tired must be a drag!!

Your little ones are so precious. Those little girl faces are just beautiful.

Your lakehouse looks great! Being back there must be just a little slice of heaven and redoing things is always fun.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Jane, what a beautiful, peaceful place to sit. I love what you've done with the room. the little one is absolutely adorable, miss my grands like crazy even though they're 16 and 26. Praying a trip to the East coast is on the agenda for this summer. I pray they find answers for whatever is going on with your sweet body, I cannot imagine what you go through on a daily. I so appreciate you swinging by to leave sweet comments. The past 3 years have been a challenge for me, my projects keep me on the level. I'll be saying loads of prayers for healing sweet gal.... lynne

Beth said...

Hi Jane, I adore your living room at the lake! So beautiful. You have a decorator's touch for sure. I am sorry you are feeling so bad. I know of several people who have had chronic EBV and/or CMV virus; also chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Hope you can get over this very soon. After all, you have 3 soon to be 4 little grand babies to spoil!

Vee said...

Jane, your doctor sounds as if he knows what he is doing. You must be feeling positive that he is going to get you back on track. Sounds like the adrenal failure that my sister dealt with last year. So much can happen to us! Praying for improving health all around.

Thank you for mentioning the lamp found at Target. It would be both beautiful and meaningful for my sister's new room. She has selected an awful red thing that is driving me bonkers, Ha!

Your little granddaughter is beautiful!

Rue said...

Well, since you want to focus on fun things, I will ;) I love the new material you've used on all your furniture. It's very serene looking and the rugs are beautiful too. The new lamps are great! Everything is really coming together and you're doing a beautiful job :)

Your new grand baby is adorable!

That said, I hope you find out what's wrong and start feeling better real soon!


Jill said...

Madelyn is so beautiful, what a precious little one! Your view and room look amazing and it seems like the dogs are enjoying it too!

As for your health, I can relate to your post so much. I had mono twice as a teenager and was very ill. It affected my liver and my spleen and my tonsils, etc. no one could even hug me because my organs were enlarged that much, it was awful and the tiredness I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I can remember my parents walking me up and down the hallway because I had no strength and I couldn't eat, I lost a lot of weight and I was already very thin at the time to start with. My heart goes out to you with your health issues and I understand... my oldest daughter is 15 years old and has been suffering from constant hives, facial swelling and more recently hair loss. We have been to numerous doctors, allergists and this coming Tuesday seeing a dermatologist as this has been going on for over a year including emergency visits to the hospital. Still no answers and numerous medicines prescribed. I've put my foot down lately when they wanted to put her on a medicine that they give to kidney transplant patients along with strong shots to try to stop her hives... all the medicines are making her worse and I'm not adding more, plus she has asthma. I was so upset with them I told them she wasn't a science experiment. I get upset just thinking about all she has been going through and it's affecting her teen years. It's so frustrating to not have answers and I can relate to what you are going through. She also has joint pain and extreme tiredness, and for whatever reason since she is a teen they limit the doctors she sees and her visits take months to schedule with a specialist and no answers. So upsetting. I will keep you in my prayers that you get some answers and I'm happy you shared, there is a lot we can learn from one another. Sending big hugs!!


Karen said...

I bet you have already, but on the off chance - were you tested for Lyme? And sometimes Lyme does not show up positive in a test but you have it regardless. It's very prominent around here and your symptoms sound just like it. The symptoms are many, and they can be vague and come and go.

Unknown said...

Not drama, your have major health issues and I'm hoping this Doctor can diagnosis and treat you with meds (why is that meds can helpful, but yet dangerous). I'm sure your family understands and with all the Blessed Grandbabies, you need your health and energy. My daughter is receiving a glider for her nursery and boyo, I would be memorized staring at your beautiful Lake.
you take care,
Kathleen in Az

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your room looks lovely and I love the fabric you picked out. I am so sorry you have having these health issues! I hope they discover the problems and find the cures soon!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Your room looks lovely and the view is breathtaking! I hope you're feeling better. My chronic illness sometimes makes me very tired and when that's the case, you souldn't feel guilty. Sometimes the body can't take it anymore and needs to rest. I hate the feeling that the day goes by without me makig any "use" of it, I'm sure you know what I mean. Take care of yourself!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh Jane, that view of the lake is so pretty, I cannot wait to go to ours but still frozen. The wee one is so precious, living dolly..... Prayers for your health my friend.Hugs Francine.

It's me said...

Madelyn is so sweeeeeet love her.......happy weekend love Ria x ❤️

podso said...

It's nice to see your lake view from the house -- and I know what you mean about that sparkle time. Really glorious! I hope you get to the bottom of your not feeling well soon and can get on with things. What a beautiful granddaughter. Nothing quite like a baby's soft smooth skin!

Mary said...

Dearest Jane, I'm saddened to hear you have been going through so much with your health issues. Praying all will be well soon, and that your doctors are caring and diligent in their quest for the correct diagnosis and treatment. Be well dear friend.

Your view of the lake from that lovely comfy spot is, I'm certain, a perfect place to get back to good health - hope that by summer you will be there enjoying every sunny moment. Your furniture looks really great. . . . . . . and that adorable little Madelyn, yet another beautiful member of your ever expanding family!

Hello to A - tell him we said to take good care of you - know he will.
Love to you both xx

Linda said...

Well, I do love your furniture grouping! It loks homey and comfy and perfect for you!
I am so happy you got a diagnosis and I hope you feel vindicated in how much effort it took to press and push forward all those months!
You know, my sister, Deanie, suffered for YEARS before finally finding out how dreadfully sick she really was. It will still take another year or two to regain her health but she is doing better. And all that time, she thought she was lazy! It didn't help that all through childhood, Mother had called LAZY! So naturally, Deanie thought that must be what it was!
Oh how careful we need to be to not damage our children with words. It took Nita a long time to get over being called 'STUPID' for years and years. Even good words don't always work though. My mother told me I was beautiful and yet I felt like an ugly duckling and thought Mother just couldn't see very well!
At any rate - I'm proud of you for sharing - and for getting medical help!! Please DO keep us posted!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh Jane, I am so very sorry that you have been going through so much illness. I know how you feel, I have COPD and when I have a flare up I can hardly do anything. Sleep and just lay around. I do hope that this DR can give you some relief and find out what it is.

Madelyn is beautiful. You certainly have some beautiful granddaughters. Looking forward to seeing pictures of her baptismal on Sunday.

Your Lake House is stunning - the view looking out to the Lake WOW. I would be setting there also. I think you did a terrific job on decorating the Lake House. It looks so warm and inviting. The doggy's like sitting there and looking out the window also.

Like the fabric you picked and I think it will look really good.

I wouldn't feel guiltily about sleeping, you need it to function. If friends and family don't understand - to bad. Take care of yourself.

Enjoy your weekend and be well.


Doreen@foxdenrd said...

You really do have the most beautiful grand babies I've ever seen Jane, and Diamond Lake is stunning!

Health issues are no joke, and you've had more than your fair share. I am so sorry, and I'll be thinking about you and hoping the docs can get to the bottom of this.

I remember when Mikey was about two he hit his head on our glass cocktail table. He still has the scar. Good for you for addressing the problem.

Your living room looks so lovely and comfortable. A perfect place to relax!


Scribbler said...

The christening will be very special -- my best to everyone at this memorable time. Hope you are feeling better, and they come up with a diagnosis (and a fix) for you sooner rather than later.

Have a great St. Pat's -- it will be quiet here I am sure. It's turned cold here (go figure) and I am not sure when the parade is locally. We have never been. The one in Savannah is a very big deal, too!

Junkchiccottage said...

Your grand daughter is just the cutest at 4 months old. Ahhh just precious. Happy St. Patty's Day.
Your relaxing at the lake looks heavenly.

Marigene said...

Your lake home is gorgeous, Jane. So is your little Madelyn!
I am so sorry you have been suffering so long without a diagnosis. If you haven't checked your pituitary you might want to. I hope the tests they did will give you a definitive answer.
Enjoy the weekend.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Your great room corner is lovely, Jane. Obviously, your pup approves. Madelyn is simply gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing her christening gown made from her mommy's wedding dress. What a neat idea! I'm really sorry about your ongoing health problem. I'm sure it's so discouraging. I had a friend who was so fatigued she could barely make it through the day. It was really, really awful and the doctors kept giving her meds that didn't help. Eventually her sister-in-law started researching her symptoms and found a specialist on Candida who tested her and sure enough, that's what it was. Once she got the proper treatment her health was restored. I hope your doctor comes up with answers that will help you. You're in my prayers. xo Nancy

Lynne said...

Oh my, oh my . . . Madelyn is so precious . . .
Beautiful baby . . .

Love the way you decorated the living/family room.
I like the angled look . . . and the "eyelash" rug . . .
comfy, rocker chairs . . .as you said, perfect for reading . . .
and for gazing out on Diamond Lake too!
You have the touch . . . and to do all this and not feel tip top, I am amazed.

I hope the blood work holds some answers for you.
I liked listening to you explain what has been going on with you health wise.
Not that I like you feeling tired and miserable . . . absolutely not, but it makes you REAL,
like the Skin Horse says in The Velveteen Rabbit.

I wish I had some help and answers . . . .hopefully your friends above can add
some answers/ideas for you to ponder.
Felling physically exhausted plays into feeling depressed.
I would say that sounds par for the course.

I will keep you in my caring . . .
and hope your medical professionals find some answers for you.

Unknown said...

I love your reading corner! Looks so comfy and like a fabulous spot! Sorry you have been so sick. I had something going on about 3 years ago, that was never solved. I diagnosed myself with ARD or Bacterial Pneumonia. I got to the point I was unable to walk across the room. 18 hours in the ER solved nothing, just cost $12,000.00. Still to this day, no idea what it was. But once I got better, I realized how very sick I had been. That's when we decided to get help with the house, and I still have her. I suffer constantly with depression. We've had some very difficult times in the family for several months, and the Dr. gave me a 4th prescription today to try to fight the anxiety and depression. I hope to get some relief. Some time I might send you a private email to tell you about some of the things going on. I just don't want to have them here where everyone can see.

Please get better soon. I hope the Drs. are able to find out what the problem is and can treat it. Take care, and have a nice weekend!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Oh, Jane, I feel for you, trying to overcome what's inevitably got you down and out. I have watched family members suffer with autoimmune illnesses. Sometimes the hardest thing is coping with the family dynamics resulting from those who have no inkling as to what you're going through. You are not alone! I hope your ID doc can help you. I don't know how you've managed all you have through it, but it's amazing.
Madelyn looks like an angel. The lakehouse looks like a true place of respite. Despite the agony of making choices for the rug, fabrics, etc. you seem to be able to keep comfort at the top of every list. Trust me, I feel the pain of making choices for my kitchen and now bath every day. I've actually lost sleep over what should be ordinary no-brainers. My husband is like yours - wants a say - but then defers to it being my project (in my case, code for when anything goes wrong, it's my fault).
Trust your body instincts, Jane. When sleep is needed, sleep needs to rejuvenate your body. I ope your good days far outweigh your bad.

Linda said...

OH my dear Jane...
Hope you are well enjoy all life has given you.
Your lake house is looking super cosy...just the way it should be.
That dear baby is a doll...hugs to her.
Take care...
Linda ☘🎩💚

Mereknits said...

Dear Jane, I am so sorry to hear about your intense fatigue and infections. I suffer from adrenal fatigue after getting radiation for 9 weeks 16 years ago. I, too was like you just looking at people thinking how can they be working, this productive or even worse how can they even think. I went to a great doctor who helped me with intense vitamin therapy and after a while my life returned. Now if I am really stressed it comes back and it takes me a while to recognize it but then I tell myself to take it easy for a few days and I give myself permission to do it. My son also has had mono twice and will test positive for it the rest of his life, not that he has had it but that he currently has it. He is a rare case. I hope you find the answers you need. It might be several things and that intense medication might be part of it. Best wishes to you and I am always here if you need to chat.

Jill said...

Such a sweet baby! Your home is beautiful.

Jill said...

I understand you not wanting the focus on yourself but please don't ever be ashamed of these symptoms! Oh dear, I'll say a prayer for you.

Helen Philipps said...

Love the sparkling water views and the name Diamond Lake. I too so love watching the sun sparkling on water, one of my favourite things. Your furniture and rug look lovely....the upholstery fabric is great.
Your little Madelyn is so sweet and perfect, she looks delicious in her little floral outfit. I would love to scoop her up for a cuddle!
You have been coping with your illness so well, Jane, and been so brave trying to keep going despite the intense fatigue. I hope you will find the help and treatment you need to recover....but in the meantime never feel bad for taking the time to rest whenever you need to. Sending love and a big hug.
Helen xox

Brenda Pruitt said...

I'm sorry about your health struggles. I had eczema for awhile, but it calmed down. I'm so glad you've been able to enjoy your lake home this year!

Kim said...

Jane, your lake home is truly gorgeous and that view is amazing. I can see why you love the house so much. I am sorry to hear that you have been dealing with some health issues. It is beyond frustrating I am sure. I do hope that you are able to get to the root of it soon, so you feel better and can enjoy your home, your kids and your beautiful grandchildren. That said, while you are figuring it all out, listen to your body. Rest if you need...Take care my friend and prayer and positive thoughts are coming your way xo

Deborah Montgomery said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I certainly hope that the doctors will be able to find out what's going on and help you. In the meantime, don't apologize for feeling so tired. It's not like you're just being lazy, you're dealing with an illness!
Your lake house is beautiful and looks so relaxing. I think if you love your furniture it's wonderful to reupholster. You're saving a piece of furniture that has good memories attached to it, and giving local craftspeople work. Win/win!
That grand baby is just adorable!
xo Deborah

Carla from The River said...

Hi Jane,
The photo of the lake with your cute feet is lovely. :-) I love the diamonds of the lake.
I am excited to see your grand daughter all dressed for her day. What a beautiful blessing.
Praying for you. Rest, take care of you and enjoy your family.
Love, Carla

Bluebird49 said...

Oh Sweetpea! Such a great post. But now I am only sad about how bad you've been feeling, and yet, you're managing to decorate the Lake House. I love the "quiet" of your rooms and the lovely decor. Sort of a 'pared down', yet cozy look. Choosing the 'railway lantern' lamp, the precious eyelash area rug, and reupholstered furniture which was made to last! I just wonder how you've felt well enough to do it all. I have Fibromyalgia, and that keeps me in a state of exhaustion. (That gets nothing done around here, but makes me feel as though I've done nothing but work around the clock---with no results, is very depressing!)

Bless Madelyn's little heart!That face!

At least, listen out for good books, Netflix, and Amazon Prime everything! It "takes your mind" off worries and hurts and thoughts that bring us down. If I literally cannot do anything because of the Fibro---I'd at least feel better reading, doing crosswords, etc. than lying down feeling so very blue, and kind of wondering what has happened to me...
Love you Ladybug!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Aw! I'm so sorry, Jane, to hear what you've been going through. I sure hope you can find some relief soon. My daughter was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis a couple of years ago and they put her on Methyltrexate (I'm sure the spelling is wrong), which shut down her immune system and made her extremely tired. The Dr. weaned her off of it over several months and she is feeling a bit more energetic. It kicked her arthritis for now, but she is dreading the idea she may have to go back on it someday, because she was just dragging herself around. Be good to yourself and just take those naps without feeling guilty. Love your beautiful soft and classic decorating. Everything looks so calm and welcoming. I laughed when you said you could never be an artist....It is so hard to redecorate. I guess that is why interior designers make so much money! Little Madelyn is so precious! Such beautiful eyes! Take good care. xx Karen

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

OH, Jane, I hope they find a true diagnosis for you soon. It must be terrible feeling so badly and really not knowing why. Your furniture is so pretty. I know those rocking chairs, my daughter got one when Jake was born and when I could, I never wanted to get out of it. Sitting in one of those, looking out the window at that beautiful lake must be the ultimate in relaxation. What a beautiful spot. I love the fabric for the sofa. Your little grandbaby is precious and so beautiful. Please get to feeling better and take care..xxoJudy

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Jane, your little grandbaby is just precious and so beautiful! I enjoyed seeing your view of the pretty with the diamonds sparkling. :) I'm glad you're getting to enjoy your home there now. Everything looks fantastic! Love the fabric you chose for the sofa.
I sure hope you start feeling good again soon. Take care of yourself!
xo Cheryl

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Diamond Lake is beautiful! Love that relaxing pic. Oh how cute little Madelyn is! I know you adore all those sweet babies. I hope you find answers soon and start feeling like yourself again. Sending love, prayers and hugs your way. xoxo

Leslie Harris said...

Jane I love what you did with your room, it's warm and cozy and I personally love to sit in rocking chairs, I find their motion to be soothing. Great choice on your fabric too, can't wait to see it when it's done. Boy Jane, I can really understand why you love the lake house so much when I see your view. I imagine depending on the weather and where the sun is in the sky the lake is constantly changing. It's how I feel about the ocean, I find it's energy so replenishing. Although I also don't have chronic fatigue, which can zap the joy out of anyone. I know you mentioned that you don't want to focus on your physical problems right now but I did want to thank you for sharing your vulnerability here, I know it must be hard not having a diagnosis yet, but I applaud you for getting yourself to on the path to getting those answers! In the meantime, listen to your body and rest. Keep reading good books,
You have the most beautiful grandbabies

Theresa said...

Oh dear Jane, that lake house makes me drool:) I would love to sit in one of those rockers and read! Sweet Madelyn is adorable, I know you love her to pieces! I hope you figure your health issues out and get to feeling ALL BETTER! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS from my heart to yours!

Traci said...

Been there done that with the mammogram, ultrasounds & needle biopsy. Definitely no walk in the park. Glad to hear it wasn't more serious than swollen lymph nodes. Although, it sounds like it's really taking its toll. I sure hope they find some answers quickly & start treating you.