Sunday, February 26, 2017


After temperatures in the mid twenties yesterday we are warming up.  It's very windy but sunny, and in the forties.  Love it.  I may get some extra exercise and rake up some of the sticks and dead leaves this afternoon.  Or not.  I'm really not good at prioritizing.  I look around now and I see breakfast dishes in the sink, a basket of laundry ready to go downstairs and a bathroom that needs a good scouring.  Yet I'd just love to curl up in a comfy chair, go through the stack of magazines that are piling up or finish one of the 3 books I've started. 

I stopped at Trader Joe last week when I was out in the burbs.  The flowers are definitely an attraction to reel people in. I bought these tulips as well as some yellow carnations.  I also bought some of their delicious salads and spreads such as the Taboule, tapenade, and babeleh.  These are great alone, spread on crackers or added to a green or pasta salad.  

I've been making a lot more salads lately.  I Pin a great many if you want to have a look at my Pinterest board.  The days of chopping up lettuce, adding some cucumber and tomato, and dousing the whole bowl with Italian dressing are over.  The more interesting, the better.  And they're not just for summer any more.  My doctor would like to see me eat less animal protein and since I keep my carbs way down, I can't have much pasta, rice, grains or beans.  The truth is, if I ever had a cheat day I wouldn't eat cookies or ice cream, chips or even bread, as Oprah craves.  I'd have a big 'ol bowl of rice and beans.   The other day Emily and I were heading out for some retail therapy and I offered to bring us a salad for lunch before.  It was simply a huge bowl of Romaine lettuce, finely chopped red pepper, onion, cucumbers, some shredded cheese,  a small handful of chickpeas and some black beans.  I made a light dressing of balsamic vinegar, honey and olive oil.  As we ate (and she loved it), I was thinking of other beans that would have been nice, maybe some chopped olives or a scoop of quinoa.  The great thing was we had two servings from this huge bowl and shopped for almost 4 hours.  Usually we are tired and hungry afterward but not this time.  It was healthy and full of protein.

If you are interested in some meatless recipes, I highly recommend the book River Cottage Veg by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.  He's a British writer and broadcaster and has written several cookbooks including River Cottage Meat and River Cottage Fish.   I've had the book open on my counter for the past two weeks.  I peruse the recipes, jot down the fresh items I need for a few and add them to my grocery list.  Very simple.  I've also taken to food shopping once or twice a week so the veggies are fresh.   Not everyone has the time but it sure beats canned or frozen.  I love the photography in this book, too.  The late great Charlie Trotter wrote in my copy of his book when I had the good fortune to meet him, "Food is love."  I also think food is art. :)


This is the first weekend in awhile that we haven't been to the lake.  We've done so much work up there and it was balanced out with a lot of reading and relaxing.  Friday I just wanted to stay home, not have the two hour drive there and back and maybe see the kids.  We did get together at a restaurant about 3 blocks away.  It was fun; we saw some friends and neighbors as well.  Life is slow and somewhat quiet at the lake (with the exception of summer with all of the water toys buzzing around the water and tons of people walking, biking, running, rollerskating...).  The Husband had missed his Sunday morning breakfasts with Elsie.  These two have really bonded.  She just adores him and of course, he loves that attention! I've also had the time to get caught up on some things around the house.  Can you believe I'm still finding Christmas decorations?  In a hallway I happened to notice my sign that says, "Happy Spring".  I guess it can just stay there now.  

The sunsets have been so pretty without the leaves of the trees to obscure the sky.   This is actually facing southeast but I love the reflection on the bay.  Last weekend the weather was in the 60's and I sat outside with the dogs while The Husband split wood for kindling.  A neighbor was burning leaves; it felt like autumn.  I'm glad it's not.  I'm excited to get back to my gardens and sit on a nice clean beach.  

I've been hesitant in giving you a tour of the lakehouse without the decor completely finished.  Another shot of the furniture we had reupholstered.  It's hard to tell but the settee has little diamonds of blue that pick up colors from the sofa and loveseat.  I had a round jute area rug here before but the sun seems to have yellowed it.  I would think if anything it would fade but it didn't.  I have been looking online at every style and shade of area rugs I can and I get so discouraged.  I'm so picky.  And there is not one speck of artwork on the walls yet.  I have a ton to sell at the yard sale in June that I simply have no desire to hang again.  There was a time that I hung pieces just to fill the space.  Now I'm thinking quite a bit before I put a hole in the wall.  The walls are expansive so I need large pieces or groupings.  I get really insecure doing that.  You can rearrange furniture, add, edit or move around small pieces and table toppings,  but rugs, window treatments, artwork or anything that means making a hole in the wall...well that's major

Not much to do in this area...the coffee table is a mess of books and magazines.  The left side of the sofa is where I park in the morning with my coffee or at night with a fire going, maybe sipping wine and reading with that cozy quilt around me.  I mentioned that the carpenters covered over the floor outlet where we used to plug in a lamp on this small table.  I took the advice of the ladies on Instagram to use a lantern with a candle on this table.  I found a set of three at a shop in town, this one being the largest.  Looking at it from this view makes me think I should go down a size.  Gee...looking at these pics make me feel a little homesick for the lake and wish we were there!

Back at the ranch, I continue to declutter.  This counter is always an eyesore (and this is the after!).  It's across the room from the stove and sink so I really don't use it a ton.  Some would put the mixer and food processor away as well as the flour and sugar but I want it at the ready.  I think the reason I don't use my slow cooker much is because its buried in a cabinet and it's heavy!   See the empty cookie jar?  That's why I have the mixer out.  Time to get moving.  

 How do we keep a nice balance between having a clean, organized home/closet/car...fill in the blanks if you wish, and time for relaxing and living in the moment?  It's hard for me to kick back if I have stuff to get done.  And there's always stuff.  So, my question you have a designated day for cleaning house or do you do it as needed, a little here and a little there?  There was a time when I had to have everything perfect, as if my mother was going to walk in unannounced with a white glove.  In fact I prided myself on being the Queen of Clean.  And then I realized how tired I was.  And I noticed my energy level for doing much else after I broke my bum picking up, organizing and disinfecting was nil.  Patterns change and sometimes I wonder if I'm being neglectful or just breaking free of  unrealistic standards I set up.  Just my thoughts on a Sunday afternoon, still looking at breakfast dishes while I ponder what to make for dinner.


I did a pretty good job simplifying the bedroom.  I recently bought this comforter from West Elm for the bed in the master bedroom at the lake.  Then I found another at Target that suited our room much better.  Loving this one so much I kept it for the bedroom here in the city.  The woven color is gray but I saw that you could get the comforter with red or blue accents.  The throw at the end is from Pottery Barn and a good five years old.  Abby even had it at her apartment for a while.  On really cold nights I layer it over the comforter which is super soft but not so thick.  Hello from Layla!  She turned 10 last week.  Like me, she needs to walk off a few pounds.  ;-D

So here's a little round up without all the unnecessary words:

From Blondie's Medical Journal:  An infection going on three months in my head and chest due to zero immunity.  Hoping the new meds are approved in March.  I stopped bothering to take OTC meds, so I just sleep as much as possible.  Probably the reason I'm agonizing over housework.

From Blondie's Library:  Just finished Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk (quite good), and starting Since She Went Away, a thriller that I found at Target.  "...a chilling novel of guilt, regret, and a past that refuses to die..."  I have the feeling this will be a page turner.  

From Blondie's Guide to The Laziest Form of Entertainment:  Never disappointed by Blindspot, Timeless and This Is Us, the latter making me very down so I may stop watching.  Hmmmm...

From Blondie's Guide to Even More Lazy Forms of Entertainment:  Tried to start the new HBO series based on the book by Liann Moriarity,  Big Little Lies.  Got further in the book, as in two chapters.  Interesting characters but boring.  A shame because these are really good actors.  A better choice for a series would have been her book, The Husband's Secret.  Loved that.  Started an excellent series on HBO called Imposters.  OMGoodness; mystery, drama, action, humor, sexiness and great acting.  Great storyline, too.  Just a few episodes in, you can catch up if you have On Demand.  I'm anxious for Tuesday nights!

From Blondies Love Of Music Meant For the Younger Crowd:  I actually love driving, the farther the better, just to crank up that car radio.  So loving Mercy by Shawn Mendes.  The live performance from SNL is insane.  I'm also belting out the words along with Rihanna to Love on the Brain, and dreaming  with the Chainsmokers doing Paris.  Finally, loving the new(ish) singles out by The Weeknd, Starboy, and Bruno Mars, 24K Magic.

Okay, I may have lost most of you on this last one.  

I'll be back soon.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the start of a brand new week!

Jane x


Linda said...

I am so behind with what's happening in your world! I will definitely be catching up over the next few days! Enjoyed my visit! Balance is hard for me. Right now we have been working outside on the kitchen patio and decks. February has been like spring here in Texas!! I have not kept up with housework since we have been outside so much!
I am sad to hear about you having such a long bout with infection! That just wears you down.
Wishing you renewed strength and health!

Bluebird49 said...

Hey Lady Jane! I'm so sorry you've sick so long. Ed's had bronchitis for two weeks---he wouldn't enjoy the thought of three months, and I know you are tired of it.

I love seeing snippets of the Lake House. I think I'd have been a bit disappointed if a socket had been done away with near my favorite "nestling place"! I have so few sockets in this GI house. (Maddening!)

Feel better, Ladybug!

xoxo, Trudy

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jane,
I loved seeing photos of your lake house, it's so warm and inviting. You've done a wonderful job pulling it all together. I always enjoy reading about your recipes, books and family. Sorry I haven't visited your blog and commented more often but I'm hoping you'll understand that my life has been put somewhat on hold with my son's illness. Anyway, I always love what you have to say. Hope you feel better too.


Mereknits said...

You are blessed to have two incredible homes. Hope you are feeling better soon. I was sick for three weeks with that blasted cold thing going around. Now my middle son has it and he is miserable. HUgs to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey jane! I love visiting your blog and catching up on what you've been up to. First of all sorry to hear you've been sick. There have been lots of little "bugs" around these parts as well. Can't wait to see the home tour. Just from these pictures the house looks great! Have a great week ahead! PS - I love Bruno Mars :-)

Jill said...

Hope you feel better soon! My daughter has been fighting an awful illness for over a year and doctor's not much help. I loved the book The Husband's Secret also and always thought it would make a great movie! I enjoy a good salad too! We were in Sam's club shopping on Saturday and they were giving out samples and we tried this delicious pre made salad with a strawberry vinegerette it was so delicious! Hope you have a great week!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your lake cottage looks so cozy! I have a day that I do the laundry and clean house and another day that I grocery shop. Then 5 days to play!

Susan said...

I enjoyed reading your post, this morning. I sincerely hope that your new meds help and you will get well quickly~

Vee said...

Yes, you lost me. I began to wonder if you were speaking English. LOL! Don't mind me, I'm very old and not one bit in tune with popular culture. As for wonder you're not feeling so great or much like doing that. Hope that the new meds are a much better help and that spring on your doorstep will restore you to increased energy. I used to clean all the time. It satisfied my need to be productive. If I went to work at a new job, the first thing I did was clean. Then I realized what I was doing so began my journey with FlyLady who helped me NOT clean all the time. So she helps those who need to get a handle on things and she helps those who have gone too far the other way as I had. I find her plan fun; I've been doing it for over a decade.

Keep looking up!

Poppy said...

You so perfectly expressed my own obsessions, (I mean, experiences) with cleaning/organizing over the years. My naturally Type A personality has eased up on this due to age, and let's face it, the older one gets, the more humble they become. I do tend to devote one day a week to doing the major things like vacuuming, mopping, dusting and cleaning bathrooms. Sweeping and touch ups are done daily, as a floor covered in crumbs still makes me cringe!

Your salads sound refreshing and satisfying. I need to replace some of my spanakopita (spinach/Feta cheese/dill/green onion pie) and Greek coffee lunches with salads!

Hope you are feeling better, Jane. Take care!

Poppy xx

Karen said...

LOVE that fireplace at the lake! We've just got a gas stove at "Stella" but we did install a firepit, which I am looking forward to.

Feel better, that's a long time to be tangled in a cold/infection.

A Joyful Cottage said...

I love your lake house fireplace. Just beautiful. We eat a lot of veggies at our house. I could live a vegetarian diet quite easily. My husband, not so much. I've been reading a lot about keeping the gut alkaline and the health benefits that come with that. Very interesting. I wonder if you've looked into natural ways to boost your immune system. I've been loading up on Vitamin C this year and I've done really well through the winter. One cold, but it was pretty mild and only lasted 14 days, as opposed to others around me who suffered through 3-4 weeks. Our cottage is so small that cleaning is pretty simple and takes very little time. I have certain things that I do daily: make the bed, clean the bathroom sink and mirror, and the commode if it needs it. I make sure the dishes are done and the kitchen sink and counters are clean. Dusting and floors I do, as needed. Usually about 1x/week. Monday is laundry day. Always. xo

Unknown said...

Jane, so neat to see shots of your lake house. Sorry to hear you are sick. i hope you get better really soon.

When I was younger, I cleaned every day BEFORE going to work!!!! It's an illness, I tell ya! Really, I vacuumed, dusted, every morning, mopped after dinner, and changed the beds 3x a week! I know it sounds unbelievable, but I think I was trying to get my first husband's approval. I felt inferior, shy, and like I didn't measure up for some reason. Anyway, those days are long gone. I have a lady that cleans every other Friday. In the time between, I keep up the laundry, change the bed, occasionally I'll dust or vacuum the area rug in the family room. Nothing major. We keep a clean house, but we live in it too. Years ago, I couldn't hit that balance. Oh, and to add to all I did back then, I also kept the yard and pool. My first husband worked hard, everywhere but home. I had him spoiled, and couldn't break the habit.

So glad I finally got over it. I love cleanliness, but I no longer go overboard. Most of the time, no one sees the house, except me and the hubs. My daughter lives next door, but doesn't come down very often, because I'm there every afternoon when she gets home from work, with Rheagan. WE chat then, so she doesn't feel like she has to visit, and that's fine.

That's enough about me! Have a wonderful week, and feel better really soon!!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Your fireplace caught my eye Jane. Love the rocks, and the staircase is so pretty. Good job!

Since I owned a cleaning service back in the day, our motto was 'life is too short to clean your own house' lol. Seriously, I don't get crazy about it. Truth be told I'm more of a neat freak than a clean freak. (Some may say I'm just a freak, but that's another story altogether).

I've been eating salads too. Unfortunately I've been eating ice cream as well :(. Hey...when in Rome.


Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I am so sorry you still are not feeling well! UGH! Do NOT worry about the cleaning. Life is too darn short and it wills till be there tomorrow so do something you enjoy!!! I haven't had time to read one bit this winter, always seem to be on the go or here at the computer. We have had some wonderful, spring like temps lately, then it plunges again and the same thing this week. 74 Wed. then we could get snow on Fri!!! The poor flowers and trees are so confused. Have a beautiful week. XO, Pinky

Dewena said...

Wow! This post is full of interesting plums! I loved seeing pictures of your lake house, Jane. What a gorgeous fireplace!

It is hard to be balanced in work and play--and I know we need that playtime. And when we're sick we have to sleep and read and watch movies and just be still and quiet. But then it was fun reading about you flying down the road when the music cranked up high.

Jane, I think you must be a balanced person, really. Your posts show that there is lots of variety in your life.

Scribbler said...

Interestingly enough, I am watching Big, Little Lies, two episodes of which have been recorded. I think it is quite good, but I guess that is a subjective call. I read the book a long time ago, but I really don't remember it.

I no longer have a schedule for anything, especially cleaning. I just go with the flow, and try to stay one step ahead of the health department! Actually, when I see something that bugs me, I try to get it done then, so I don't have to look at it any more.

There are too many good books to read and other pleasant pastimes to pursue to worry about a little laundry or cleaning. I doubt anyone ever said on their deathbed, "I wish I had spent more time scouring the toilets." Just relax and feel better!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Hi Jane, your posts are always chock full of info, and I'm tempted to comment on all of it, but then my comment will be as long as your post. So, I'll just answer your question, which is, no, I don't have a particular day to clean. In fact, I have no particular day to do anything, which means I procrastinate daily, and never get anything done! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Jane I enjoyed reading this post. I honestly feel like I sat down with you over a long lunch and caught up with you. Ever try CoQ-10 to boost your immune system? Salads balanced with proteins are excellent soul and tummy satisfying meals, so I will check your pins, thanks. I think perhaps we all find keeping our houses spotless an impossible task. Enjoy your leisurely activities because in the end they are what provides much joy, too bad we all do not have a self clean button on our homes to press each night!!!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

I definitely need to eat more salads. I've been lazy and have been in a rut, making the same things over and over. I go through times of being very good at keeping the house in order and clean and then I have times of being a total slacker. I am in the slacker mode right now. It seems whenever the sun comes out, I am inspired to clean, but when it is gloomy and dark, forget about it. I just want to do the bare minimum and my energy level goes way down. The lake house is so cute and cozy. Finding that perfect rug is so hard, and finding art is even more so. Sometimes I wish I lived in a house decorated like 'Fixer-Upper' where 'art' is an old window or a chicken feeder. Lol! My house is already rustic enough. Your book selections sound great, but you lost me with the music. I am so not up to date on all of that these days. I am reading 'Bella Tuscany' by Frances Mayes, right now - the sequel to 'Under the Tuscan Sun', and I can tell you, I am ready to pack it up and move to Italy right now. It's cold and snowy here and I am tired of winter. My family won't let me go, though, darn it. Hope you find some more time to cook and read those magazines. Who cares if the rugs are vacuumed - right? xx Karen

Rita C at Panoply said...

Hi Jane, and Happy Fat Tuesday! The glimpse of your lakehouse and city dwellings look cozy and homey to me, and I love seeing those. Me? I'm being forced to work every single day, reorganizing 'stuff' in prep for all this work going on in our house. When I'm not doing that, I'm cleaning, just to keep the dust & dirt at bay. Not fun, and I'd rather be enjoying my time reading, piddling outside, or playing at the antique mall, shuffling furniture. I have a stack of magazines that've piled up since Jan, when I last binge-read and caught up on all the fall and holiday reads. Every day is stressful, as we are mostly here, but so are a cadre of workers. To me, it's like getting through dental work, that's how much I dislike the situation.
I watched the first episode of This Is Us, and could get hooked, but if it's depressing, I don't want to watch it. I'd rather watch Walking Dead for that. At least it's not really real. I like happy endings and rainbows and unicorns, lol.
Your post was relaxing for me. Thank you.

ann said...

I am so slow to get around these days. I haven't even written my post for the week. So much of what you write resonates: the desire--need--to eat healthier, winter fatigue, for it seems to be dragging on and on this year; decluttering and cleaning. I cheat. I have a house keeper who comes every three weeks. I got used to having help when I worked because it was just too much to clean and grade papers. I always ended up cleaning on a free day or worse grading and getting nothing done. So I got help. Now I can't give her up. And much like you, I don't like punching holes in walls. My dad taught me that so I minimal wall decor. I like the clean uncluttered look. Walls are easy to declutter. Closets and counter tops not so much. Loved you post because it hit home.

Melanie said...

I love the seating arrangement at your lake house - it looks very cozy and welcoming. I am very picky about rugs, too and have a hard time finding just the right one. Have you looked at HomeGoods? They change their inventory all the time and the prices are wonderful. I saw a couple last week that I wish I had bought in the first place for our bedroom instead of the cheap one we did at Ikea! Oh well, priorities...we need a headboard first.

I hear ya on the art work, too. My walls in the living room and kitchen are still empty since the remodeling (except for the mirror in the entryway). I'm still hunting for just the right things, though I don't know exactly what they are, lol. I will know when I see it.

Cleaning...I do it as needed. No schedule. I do light cleaning every day...picking up, cleaning the kitchen counters and table and the bathroom sinks and toilets. Scooping cat boxes. Running the dishwasher. I do laundry every day, too. We generate a lot...mostly Brian as he wears a work uniform, has workout clothes, plus everyday clothing.

So sorry to hear you've been sick for three months. I hope you are working on building up your immune system. Eating healthy like you mentioned with the salads are one great way to do so. Take good care of yourself!

Unknown said...

I love tulips and chubby little doggies:). Most of all I hope the new meds will help you feel better. So take care of yourself and give lots of love to all your little Grandchildren and they will remember that gift from Grandparents forever. Your husband missing those mornings with his Granddaughter, so sweet:).
Be well, Kathleen in Az
ah, This Is Us, last week's episode, I cried like a baby, then I watched Nashville and cried again.....
Led Zeppelin and The Who reminds me of my teenage wasteland years:).

Pondside said...

Whew! That post was quite a ride with lots to take in! The Lake House is looking gorgeous. You have been through such a lot with it. I love how you are enjoying the special relationship your granddaughter has with your husband. I see the same thing here, and three and a half years on it is really lovely!

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve said...

I adored seeing photographs of your lake house, it's so warm and welcoming. You've made an awesome showing with regards to pulling it all together. I generally appreciate perusing about your formulas, books and family...

Leslie said...

I love Blondie's tips!!!!! The lake house looks amazing. AMAZING!

When I was working I was so much more on the ball. I sometimes wonder how I did it, worked full time, took care of the kids needs, the house, the blog and I even found time to do fun things. Now, I don't have a schedule and I slack off A LOT. I have the "Iwilldoittomorrowitis"

Happy March!!!!

podso said...

Loved the pictures of your lake house. It's looking good. Sorry about the ongoing infection. Maybe spring will help.

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

The lake house is looking really nice, I know that summer will be especially enjoyable there this year. I clean whenever needed, not a special day for any particular activity. I remember when I lived at home, Saturday was the big cleaning day. Take you time with cleaning when you don't feel well…one thing about it, it is always there the next day or the day after. :D

Carla from The River said...

I always enjoy catching up with you.
I went to Trader Joe's yesterday. I live in a rural community. I have to head to the Twin Cities area to visit a Trader Joe's. Yesterday we took the day off to visit the Conservatory in St. Paul. It was just what I needed. Green, warm and flowers. ;-)

We stopped at Trader Joe's on the ride home. I agree about the flowers, I do love that they have so many. They even had eucalyptus.

I love the lake house ... I want to visit someday.
Love, Carla

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I like the photos of the lake house too. And I's hard to find that balance. That's why I don't get projects going sometimes. I hate to be in a big mess with an ongoing project. I want something quick and easy that I can control. I'm working on Spring decorating today so I better get back to that box on the floor! lol Hugs, Diane

Benita said...

Food is definitely art! We are always told we eat with our eyes first and that is so true for me! The more beautiful something is...the more I want to eat it! LOL Salads are always great to have and there are so many things you can add to make them delicious! Protein is a biggie for me also...I seem to never get enough into my diet and I'm always looking for different ways to add it! Love the lake photos....those views are absolutely spectacular! I can never balance work and life lately seems to be about all work and stress and little play! Thankfully, I do take some time to look at everyone else's homes, which is sort of a break from work...LOL Love and hugs!!

Kathleen Grace said...

"Breakfast dishes in the sink, a basket of laundry ready to go downstairs and a bathroom that needs a good scouring."? Are you sure you aren't at MY house? haha. I have come to the conclusion that creativity, and relaxation sometimes have to come before the house. Believe me, I know when it's time to bite the bullet and clean, but most of the time I just give it a lick and a promise. Especially if you are battling illness, you absolutely must rest or you will never get better.

I will be looking us those books, they sound good and I'm always in the market for recommendations.

The lake house looks beautiful, I love the lantern you chose for beside the sofa! I remember how upset you were when things were all ruined, I am glad that is nearly behind you and the house is usable again. Take your time with art and accessories. I have found that I have a basement full of things I found to decorate with that are now passé or I'm just tired of them. Our tastes change, and they should! My mother in law's house has looked the same since I met her 37 years ago. When she repaints she uses the same colors, (a mustard yellow!) on the wall. Believe me, we all need to make sure we don't get caught in the past in our decorating!

It's freezing here in Michigan and I think your weather is usually about the same but we have some sunshine and warmth coming :) Yay! Enjoy your weekend :)

baili said...

i always enjoy your details through your smooth way of telling it like a beautiful story !
being single woman in the house i know how hard it is to manage everything in right manner on right times alongwith attending guests and paying necessary visits to relative according to tradition here .
attending parents meeting in school and above all supervising kids in their studies.
remaining energy after doing all these chores is hardly to relax or to preserve favorite hobby.
i liked the way your hubby expresses his love for his loveliest daughter[she is super cute]

love recipes about meatless food!
salads are my favorite too

Kit said...

How to balance the two? Remember most folks will not notice if your floors are not clean enough to eat off of. I find, as long as my home is straightened, and the bathroom is clean and the dishes are in the dish washer. It is fine. Then I have time for my old movies. But I have to be careful, if I watch too many it saps the life out of me and I slowly "only" want to watch movies and do nothing else. So I limit my reading and watching and get moving thru out the day as much as possible. An even balance. Have a great weekend! :) Kit

chateau chic said...

I can see why you miss your lake house when you're not there. It looks beautiful and cozy.
I used to be OCD when it came to cleaning, but since the kids are grown and gone, I'm much more relaxed. Not sure hubby recognizes that I am, but I don't clean as often. I do like keeping things picked up and the kitchen clean. Like you, not sure I want to spend time cleaning an already clean house instead of spending time with family and friends.
Mary Alice

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Jane, I enjoyed seeing more of your lake house. It's looking great! About cleaning, I used to clean religiously every Friday so the house would look good for the weekend or if we had company drop in. Now I don't worry so much about having a little dust. Some days there are just too many other more fun things to do rather than clean. :)
I hope you're feeling better...that's a long time to have an infection and I hope they get you the right meds to help knock it out. Take care and enjoy your weekend!
xx Cheryl

Susie said...

Blondie, I am late catching up . I enjoyed your post. I too love the quiet relaxing times...I always worry about the house....cause honestly as wonderful as Ted can be's all left up to me to cook, clean and do laundry. I clean a little each day. So it's on going. LOL. I love your new things the way you have decorated. Poor doggie, sad the pets gain daughter's dog looks like one more milk bone and it would explode. :):) I have been eating less trying to lose some weight myself. It's absolutely lack of exercise. Blessings to you and yours. Spring is so near now. xoxo, Susie

Linda said...

HI Jane...
Everything looks carrots! Hahaha!
Only a few days left at the beach...
How are all your grandittles?💜
Cheers !

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I have cut out steaks, bacon, most pork over time. I also found that having less meat and lots of veggies at meals helps. For instance our local store had small chickens for 98 cents per lb. I roasted one. Dinner was a small chicken portion with some BBQ sauce, and tons of oven roasted peppers over that, with about 3 or 4 more servings of other veggies.

I'll freeze most of the chicken into little baggies. I love sweet italian sausage with peppers and pasta. What I did the last time, though, was just fry up ground beef on sale, then divide into small baggies. And then I did the peppers thing again, only I used about 2x the amount that I normally would. A handful of ground beef to about 1/2 lb of pasta and tons of sweet peppers and I was satisfied and didn't miss the sausage at all.

MY trouble is that I am not a bean is the texture or something. About the only beans that I can stand are a few kidney beans in chili or baked beans / Northern beans in soup.

Maria Elena said...

Hi, Jane! I finally have a little time to catch up and visit my favorite blogs. Loved this post so much. I always enjoy seeing the pictures of your beautiful lake house. I have also been eating lots more salads lately, or trying to anyway. :) BTW, I love your kitchen at the ranch. Beautiful cabinets and counters. Like you, I like to have my mixer on the counter. Why not? There is no way I am going to be carrying all that heavy stuff in and out of the cabinets. If that was the case, I probably never use it.

I am at that same point now with the whole house cleaning situation. I also can not relaxed if there are things that need to be done, but there is always so much to do around here, that by the time is all said and done, my week has been nothing but cleaning and cooking and like you said, no energy to do much of anything else. I am now starting to break free of those unrealistic standards myself. I am just a very tired girl. LOL Loved your post, Jane. Enjoy the rest of your week. Maria

susan said...

I too love Love on the Brain and I'm a fan of anything Bruno Mars sings. I may be 100 years old, but I still love all the popular music.
I no longer have a spotless house - my kitchen is usually pretty clean and downstairs is vacuumed and dusted. I make the bed everyday but I definitely don't kill myself anymore. I have things I'd rather be doing.
Love Trader Joe's tapenade.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Your Lake house looks really nice and you did such a great job on your decorating.
Sorry to be so far behind in commenting on blogs. I have been so busy and will send an Email explaining what is going on in my world.

We had 8 degrees today and i worked on planting flowers in my pots.

Great post Jane and that grandson is beautiful Congratulations grandma.

More later.

Anonymous said...

Too much in common here Jane...the love of staying home, enjoyment and cranking up the tunes on a drive, whether long or not, loving the lake and yet loving home too!...:)JP

Mary said...

Jane, so glad you are using the VEG cook book - I need to make more of those great recipes. Just been too busy around here to try new recipes - plus have been eating out more than usual with different friends and the family, different celebrations and such!

Here's to a happy weekend dear - we're off out of town for a few days - will catch up more soon.

Love and hugs - Mary x

Rue said...

Awww.... Happy Birthday to Layla! I loved those pictures of her. Bubba is 6, so he's a younger man ;)

The lake house is looking great! I'll bet you're happy that it's almost finished. Soon you'll be able to just kick back and enjoy it.


Helen Philipps said...

The lake house is looking lovely Jane. I think you inspired me as I have sent our favourite old sofa off to be reupholstered this week! Love to read about what you are cooking, and what you are reading and watching too. Hope you are feeling better. Have a great weekend.
Helen xox

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I think expecting everything to be perfect is definitely overrated. Most everyone here has maids and if they didn't, they certainly wouldn't have spotless homes because I can't imagine any of them actually lifting a finger to clean. I, on the other hand, have opted to keep things orderly but not worry so much about keeping things perfectly clean. Because lo and behold, a dust storm can come along and wreck havoc anyways. Day three of our dusty weather so I'm watching videos about tiny house living and permaculture. I don't watch tv shows, sometimes maybe a movie, or the news (which is depressing). Food is medicine but we've kinda gotten out of sync with the seasons and natural way of growing things because of industrialization. Very sad about Charlie Trotter ... I remember hearing about his sudden death.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Jane. The lake house looks lovely. I love the new upholstery. I can imagine how much you must miss it when you are not there. Your bed looks very inviting. I always have so much wallpaper in bedrooms that it is beginning to look and feel very busy, but that is hubby's preference! Only because he doesn't want to remove it! I have tried getting pictures all together and drawing an outline on a piece of brown paper, or whatever, and then taping those pieces on the wall until you like how it looks, then put your nails. It is a little extra work but does the job without lots of nail holes..Have a great week..Judy