Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I really, really want to thank all of you, how kind you are.  I was so touched and I am so simply amazed (and I shouldn't be after all these years of blogging!) by the love, compassion and spirit of my fellow bloggers after I posted about the birth of my first grandchild.   These congratulatory wishes were passed on to Kevin and Mary Clare and so appreciated.  :)


This little angel slept the entire time we visited.  So wonderful to just look at her and eat up how perfect she is, and to spend time with the parents as they relaxed and recuperated.  MC went through 16 hours of labor.  She needs a lot of rest...I think they were just happy to be home and settled and I think Elsie is going to be a very good baby as far as fussiness (fingers crossed). 

But this girl is moving to the Northside (we are on the Southside) of Chicago.  For reference...downtown Chicago is central  We are perhaps 40 minutes apart.  
On the way to her apartment yesterday, I took a few snaps of Lake Shore Drive.  No editing or filters at all.  I think it's beautiful, if not frigid looking.

have been rehabbed and that's the case with the building Abby is moving into.  

Abby asked if I would go with her to Marshall's last Friday night to find a comforter and a few essentials.  It was a little different for us..this is something I do with my daughter Emily quite a lot...not so much Abigail. Abby is a pro at shopping for clothes, shoes, etc., but home decor?  We separated, as Emily and I always do, but every few minutes I would hear Abby's  little voice call, "Mom?  Where are you, Mom?"  And she wanted my thoughts. 

I couldn't help but fall into the excitement of these girls.  They are going to have a great experience.  Finally seeing where Abby is going to live made me feel much better about her moving out.  Well, not so much the moving out part...but where she is moving  to!

I succeeded though at making reservations at a restaurant in downtown Chicago after researching and reading many reviews (as I always do).   I simply decided we needed to change up the routine.  Surprisingly, The Husband  loved the idea!

   I will hopefully find a place to wear them soon.  

I was in Pier 1 today, I was buying this and that for Abby's new home and without any plans...found myself in the making of an Easter basket for my new little one.  The salesperson doing my ringing up was very pleasant but not the talkative type.  As she did her thing I started to tell her about my newborn granddaughter, and my baby daughter leaving  within a week,  How everything I was buying was for them.  She did a lot of of "Hmmm, that's wonderful."  She was busy I know.  But still, I whipped out my phone and shared a picture of Elsie and then one of Abby.  "These are my babies."  I said, yet she had little to say.  It didn't matter, I still  felt the tears coming.  I guess that's life.  At least my life right now.  :)

Jane xx


JoAnne said...

Gorgeous shoes, Jane - love those! Congratulations on your sweet little granddaughter. She's going to bring so much joy to your family, I just know it! I totally get that it's difficult to see Abby move out but it does look like she'll be in a wonderful home with great friends. My son is a Junior , soon to be a Senior in high school so I know the day is coming when he'll leave for college and I'm not looking forward to that at all. Stay warm and let's hope for some warmer temperatures!!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Jane,

Your tears really do have to be one's of joy right now as there is so much happiness and love surrounding you and your family at the moment.

What blessings to have a healthy new born baby and children who gave the confidence and skills to make lives for themselves. Amidst your fears and sense of longing, you must feel proud of them all as new chapters are being written.

The shoes are fabulous. Your next plan must be for the great occasion when they can be on your feet!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

You have entered a very exciting part of life. Saying good bye and saying hello will bring you all kinds of wonderful adventures.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Two big deals in your life at the same time, Jane. Make sure you take some time to pamper yourself in the coming weeks. When my son went "away" to college (he was 1 1/2 hours away by car, still in NY) I would tear up without warning for a good two weeks!

I'll bet you are in heaven when you are with that baby! I was in labor for 17 hours with my first, so I feel for Mary Clare.

Love those shoes! Maybe you should take the time to figure out where you can go that you can wear them. Try to keep busy, it will help keep your mind off Abby.

Rita C at Panoply said...

Oh Jane, you must be going through a storm of feelings right now, but your daughter's building and the interior looks like it's going to be a really nice place for the girls. Hopefully, new shoes will fix ANYthing that troubles you! I love those shoes - Sole Society, I recognized them right away - they've been on my FB feed for a couple weeks now, lol! Just think, it won't be long before you can take little Elsie shopping with you - shoes, decor, plants - teach her while she's young to love them all! XO Rita

Theresa said...

What a cute room for that little Angel! I know that they are enjoying being home! I have been where you are with the daughter leaving the nest! I know they will be happy in their new place and she will come back home often for a Mama HUG:) Love the shoes! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Lynne said...

...being in a room with others just staring at the newest member of the family. They hypnotize you with their presence. A B E A U T I F U L sense of
C A L M.

I LOVE Abby's new digs! How adorable is that foursome! The whole carriage house turned apartment concept is so cool. What a quaint neighborhood!

Jane! I both laugh at and LOVE our connection. Last week Mr D had an emergency appendectomy. It was one roller coaster ride. On Saturday, I found myself craving new black kitten heels. Yesterday, I returned to work. On the way, I popped into DSW ... used my $5 birthday coupon and bought the cutest black pointed toe heels. JUST THE LIFT I NEEDED!

I'm giving you virtual hugs! (Lot's of emotion happening in your world right now!)

Donna said...

What a sweet nursery for a sweet little baby girl! You will share many happy times with her: Sounds like your youngest is branching out on her own adventure, how fun for her:)

Julie Marie said...

Oh Jane, I know what you are going through, and everything will be just fine with Abby, perfect in fact!... she is a beautiful young lady and her friends look equally as lovely... and she is still close by!... my nieces lived in London for over two years, now that was a long ways away, and alot of worries for me!... but we all survived... your new shoes are just stunning, like you... and I am so happy you and Al enjoyed a romantic Valentines... I never want to get so old that I think Valentines is only for the younger people... I will always be a romantic and totally in love with my Prince Charming... as for the sales clerk in Pier one... she doesn't have a clue what life is all about... blow her off and think about your precious new granddaughter and the Easter basket you are making her!... life is too short... don't let the "vampires" out there suck your happiness out of your life, promise???... xoxo... Me

Shirley said...

Good Morning Jane, It is hard when the last one leaves the nest especially when it is a girl. She is across town and not in another state, but of course, we want them close to us. Your shoes are awesome and I am sure you will find a place to wear them. I think I would let the snow melt first. Where oh Where is our warmer weather. Your little one is so precious. Take care and stay warm. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend,

Kathleen Grace said...

I can relate to the anxiety of your last baby moving out. My own "baby" moved out when she married 6 months ago. I miss my girls so much, but the relationship changes and your life starts to, dare I say it? be about you and your husband again. If you can embrace that things will be easier. Not easy, just easier.
I LOVE the nursery! It is just beautiful, and I must say, I look forward to little arms around my neck again some day and a new little person to watch grow up. Some day. Maybe being grandparents is that second chance to have dear babies to love. It's got to be almost like having your cake and eating it too, we will get all the good stuff and the parents get the poopy diapers and midnight feedings. Lol
I love your Valentines date idea. I can't say that staying home excites me, but we live in a slightly more rural area than you do so we don't have the same selection of gorgeous restaurants and night life. And that WAS one gorgeous restaurant!

Linda said...

More busy days for you Jane...
Your daughter is in for a real adventure...
Great looking apt....
40 minutes? Not too far....
Chin up....
Hug the baby♥️
Linda :o)

NanaDiana said...

Love the shoes,Jane. I couldn't wear them anymore but I can appreciate them. lol

You will do fine once Abby has actually moved. I think the apprehension is worse than the actuality of it all.

I have found that most people are not as interested in our kids (especially our grandkids) as we are. lol Welcome to grandmotherhood where you will always find tears bubbling up for no reason at all when you think of that sweet baby. xo Diana

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Those shoes are proof that snow-less weather will come once again :)

Their apartment looks wonderful! I know it's hard to see her go, but what a nice place she's going TO! :)

Glad to hear that Elsie is such a contented little will enjoy her so much ! :)

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Jane, love the building your daughter is in, looks so historic. The shoes are fabulous too, beautiful. I am sure you will find just the right place to wear them. Blessings Francine.

Sarah said...

Jane, you make me smile each time I read Blondie's Journal. I feel as if we are just sitting and chatting over a cup of coffee. Love the Pier I story. My experience last week was just the opposite. The sales person wanted to tell me all about her new condo, her personal life, and on and on. Then she moved to another shopper with the same dialog. I think she is a lonely person reaching out for friendship. ;-)
Love hearing about Abby and Elise and seeing your new shoes. Fun girl!

Betsy Brock said...

All fun stuff! Hard to let the baby go, but the four of them look so cute and the apartment is wonderful!

Sweet baby...glad she's not a fussy one.

LOVE the know me and heels...I wear them with jeans...very fun.

I see you're cold and snowy like's beautiful, I will say that!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Jane,
Life changes and it's hard. The nursery is just darling! And Abby has a grand apartment too.
Oh and cute shoes...I don't know if me feet could take them but they are wonderful!
We stay home for Valentines day..Dan had to work. Your's sounded wonderful!
I've been checking my regular email to see if you sent me a note yet. I haven't found one. Oh maybe you sent it to the other. I have such a hard time getting into that one.every single time. Well I know you have been very busy too.
Hugs friend,

Traci said...

The nursery is so pretty! It looks very calming. Love that. Very pretty shoes!!! Maybe that new baby can distract you from your baby leaving.

podso said...

Good for you on the Valentine plan. And you are busy with all the changes in your life. Enjoy!

sweetbriardreams said...

Such exciting times for you Jane! Both with the new grand daughter and also the new journey your daughter is going on with moving to another area. I've been fretting just with my son starting to learn to drive, I don't know what I will do when he leaves for good! Oh and the shoes, just gorgeous!! xx

Karen said...

Congrats and best of luck to your daughter in her new home - what a fun place to live as a young person. And, those shoes are definitely the bomb.

June said...

The nursery is beautiful Jane! I really love the sign. I know how hard it is to have our daughter's move out of the house. I remember when Haylee moved and I thought things would never be the same, and they weren't, but having her only 20 miles away made it easier on me. Abby new home looks beautiful and she will make it hers I know. It seems so big and she will love fixing it up.
many hugs...

Susie said...

Hugs to you sweet Blondie. I know you will miss your baby girl. I love the area she is moving to. So nice you could shop together for her decorating items. I love how you described your new love...your sweet Elsie. Blessings to all. xoxo,Susie

Bluebird49 said...

You have so much going on, dear! I'm so glad you went out for Valentine's Day. With the weather, I wonder if you got to wear those smashing shoes? They're so beautiful...something this old lady can't wear anymore though. Never could, really. :(
Elsie's room and sign Emily made are so cute.I know they need Elsie to sleep all she can so they can get their rest! Infants are wonderful but wearing.
Abby's new adventure! So many emotions with that move. I know---I've been there. It takes awhile to get used to that "empty nest" feeling, but there are rewards, too. Just wait. I'm sure you'll always think about her new drive to work with a little prayer for safety--as for all your children. She'll be careful, I'm sure. This is kind of a tumultuous time--or it was for me, anyway.
In these winter days, things seem a bit darker, but Spring will soon be here. The lake house, gardening, traveling, more grand-baby and family time --and more sunshine --will all get the world turning at a good pace.
The 5" of snow we got has gotten everyone into a panic here, of course---the inch we're predicted to have will craze the town, I guess. The below 0 temps are more concerning, though---freezing pipes, icing the roads, and all that. We're just not as prepared here as the more northern areas. Something the electric and gas companies will be smiling about, I guess--but not our poor checkbook! ;) I just feel so sorry for those that have so many feet of snow and ice! I guess you know all too well about that.
Don't worry, sweet girl---things will even out. Ups and downs are our lives, anyway. "They" say that the valleys make the peaks even sweeter. So, breathe deeply, grab your favorite beverage, get those knitting needles or a good book out---and think of flowers and loamy soil under your nails!
Hugs to you!

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Jane,
Congrats on your new grandbaby. Ohhhhh so fun to have a granddaughter!!! My younger daughter Kimmie lives in a coach house in the city and loves it. Hope your Abby will love living down there too. City life is so fun for these younger peeps!!! Love your pretty new shoes. I hope you find some place fun to wear them. Gosh I can't remember the last time I had heels on lol! Have a great rest of the week my friend.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

There are so many thoughts I want to share with you right now my friend! First and most importantly, Abby is going to be fine. And so are you! The picture of her and her friends is precious. For some reason it made me feel very nostalgic for my youth. I look at their young beautiful faces filled with hope and enthusiasm for the future and it truly makes me happy and sad at the same time. The building sounds fabulous! Love all those details in older buildings :).

The nursery is darling! Not over done but oh so sweet! And those shoes...well, all you need are those and some good quality chocolate and you're good to go.


Fox and Finch Antiques said...

Jane, This was an thought-provoking post and led me to thinking about what it must feel like to have a new baby and to have a baby move out of the house. There are so many life altering topics here including what it is like for your daughter to move in with three old friends. Your life is packed with emotion right now. But, dang, at least you've got those shoes.

Melanie said...

Elsie's nursery is so pretty and feminine! Abby's new place looks awesome and my mama heart goes out to you with your baby moving out...I know how that feels! It takes a long time to get used to. Wait a minute...I'm still not really used to it. :-o It's just very different. I think the kids do a lot better than the mamas! And wow, can I ever see in the photo of Abby how much she looks like her dad. Absolutely love your new shoes and I am so envious that you can wear narrow toed and high heeled shoes like that still. My feet hurt so bad in most shoes these days, let alone high heels. I have to have soft bottoms and lots of support. Glad you guys chose to do something different for V-Day. Nothing exciting here!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh how great Jane. That beautiful little baby girl. Will get the package off tomorrow. Just a little something for a beautiful baby.
I know how you feel, when my son got married and moved out, I thought I would die of a broken heart. But I was happy that he found his wife and he loved her so much.
You will always be on the look out for things for Abby and Elsie.
Love the shoes - I loved heels before I got olden. Especially beautiful shoes all colors and styles. I would probably break my neck now LOL.
Surprise your hubby, get all dolled up for a night on the town and go dancing in your new shoes.
Stay warm and be careful out there.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

I guess I'm the odd mother out, because I was quite happy when our kids moved out. I was just happy that they were moving onto a new phase of their lives, and they were sure about that move and were so excited. Abby will be just fine!

Unknown said...

Isn't it the way life is. We kinda rock along for a while, then suddenly there are all kinds of life changes. I know Abby will have lots of fun in her new place, and that you will spoil little Elsie as I have both of my grandchildren. They are wonderful blessings. Take care, and I love the shoes. I need to show what I will wear to my grandson's wedding in less than a month. :)

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Once you become a Grandmother you earn the right to tear up at the drop of a dime with emotional joy ... I still do, it's amazing the depth of love we are capable of. Embrace your feelings, express them and share all the photos you want.

Abby's photo in front of her apartment building showed a young woman proud as can be. Nice sweet place. But YIKES, 1 bath + 4 girls = bathroom chaos!!!

Jane, WOW sexy shoes, bet hubby will love you in them. Need to plan a Valentine's evening part two out on the town ;-)

I love the sweet little sign, enjoy your shopping trips, how cute an Easter basket for the baby.

Susan Shull said...

Jane! Congratulations on the new baby! Love her sweet little self and hold her every moment you get the chance. She will be out of the "baby" stage before you blink twice! Being a grandmother is one of the best gifts ever! Abby and her friends are going to have so much fun-what a great area this must be.

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Love your new shoes!! So pretty! The nursery is just perfect for little Elise. Changes are sometimes good, and at least your daughter is only 40 minutes away.
You have a very close family and I'm sure you will all see each other more than you think! More memories in the making!!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Looks like Abby has a nice place! I know you'll miss being so close to her though. This is definitely a new phase of your life, but I think it's exciting! You'll have so much fun with that new granddaughter!

Town and Country Gals said...

I know how you feel about Abby moving out! When my boys left for the military, it was one thing, but when Kate moved out it was a lot harder, maybe cuz we were so close, that mother, daughter bond thing! What a great apartment, looks fabulous! It should be a wonderful experience for her!
Congrats on little Elsie's arrival, she's adorable! You are gonna have so much fun with her! Our little Sarah Kate is 2mos, 10 days old and sleeping peacefully upstairs while Kate and Josh are at the movies seeing American Sniper. Be prepared, she will grow so fast your head will spin, it seems like they are out of the newborn stage in a flash but it just gets better and better!
Have fun!
Rebecca @ Walnut and Vine

Unknown said...

A new baby (Elsie) and your baby moving out. You have to be a whole bag of emotions. Abby moving in this weather wow. If she can do that she can handle anything. A new chapter in your life that I can't wait to read about.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Congratulations on your new granddaughter and her nursery is just adorable!

farmhouse-story said...

it's hard letting go of the youngest, isn't it... i have a feeling the baby will pick up alot of the slack:) her room is darling and those shoes rock!!

Carla from The River said...

I loved the tour of Abby's new apartment. Keep us posted on how the girls decorate.

My oldest will be taking Driver's Ed this Spring. Change is coming for this mom too. I appreciate reading the love you have for your family. It is very special.

Keep us posted on where the shoes take you too. :-))

Low Tide High Style said...

Even as one chapter of your life is closing, another amazing chapter is beginning. I think those shoes are perfect for this new, exciting chapter!

xo Kat

Low Tide High Style said...

Even as one chapter of your life is closing, another amazing chapter is beginning. I think those shoes are perfect for this new, exciting chapter!

xo Kat

Helen Philipps said...

Your new grand daughter is absolutely beautiful, Jane! Such a time of joy for you all. I know it is hard when your youngest leaves home, but what a lovely apartment your girl has found to live in with her friends....and not too far from home! Love those shoes...and your Valentine's Day sounded just right!
Happy weekend.
Helen xox

Unknown said...

Dear Jane, This post has me in a sniffle by the end. You have such a way of sharing the emotion and the humor of life. Congratulations on your adorable granddaughter. Her nursery is darling. Your daughter is beautiful and you captured this exciting chapter in her life, just as you let you....oh the heartstrings that are being pulled. BRAVO to you for taking the mr. out on the town for Valentine's Day!! There is nothing like mixing it up to keep things fresh. Love those new kicks-really fab! We know a blondie loves a high heel!
Love this post, darling!

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

And a nice life it is Jane! Loved your post…a new baby granddaughter coming into your life, your "baby" daughter starting a new life and a romantic dinner on Valentine's day with your sweet husband. Our lives continue to grow and change but it is all good.

A Joyful Cottage said...

I'm sure all this is bittersweet for you, Jane. You are fortunate, though, that Abby is only moving across town. All of our kids are in other states. Which means the few grandchildren we have are in other states, too. :( Enjoy that new baby and helping Abby with shopping for her new home. :)

Debbie said...

What joy for you, Jane! That new little girl arriving, and bringing so much excitement, and new beginnings for all of you.
Abby leaving home is a heart breaker, but one you will come to time. You will become closer, I bet. For she will realize just how much you did for her before she left.
I'm glad you had a nice evening with your hubby. Now that the kids are all on their own, your life is about to change for you and your hubby. Some of it
LOVE the shoes.

Elaine said...

I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.

Congrats on the granddaughter. I can tell by your post you are already over the moon in love with the little one.

Abby is going to have such fun in the City. What an awesome time in her life, living with friends in a place she can call her own. And you will get to visit often and experience new places to shop and eat. Don't be sad. It's going to be great!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Isn't it amazing how instantly you can fall in love with a little baby! The baby's Room is beautiful.

Abby looks like she's off to such a great start, in a great apartment, and more importantly, with great friends!

I love the shoes, you will be the talk of the town when you step out in them!

bj said...

bwaaaaa...I still remember when my little boy moved off for college...and when my little girl got married and moved 20 minutes away...I wanted them both, in their rooms, near where I could just look at them.
Look at us now...we are in son's back yard and only 10 minutes down the road to daughter.....I am IN HEAVEN !!
and I just wish I could wear shoes like that again. :(

Rue said...

Annie keeps talking about moving out too and I'm not ready AT ALL. I hope she stays just a little longer. She's only 19.

It looks like they found a great place and I can imagine how nice it is to know that she'll be with her friends in a safe place.

Hopefully you'll be able to wear those beautiful shoes. Stay warm!


susan said...

Very exciting time of life for you, Jane. Becoming a new grandmother and having your "baby" leave to strike out on her own. It was a good idea for you to make those Valentine dinner reservations because now it's time for you and your husband to enjoy it all!
Emily did a beautiful job with the baby's room and Abby's new home looks lovely. I have a feeling you're going to be very busy!

Unknown said...

Oh man! I sooooo get it! :)

So much to be grateful for. Happy tears my friend.
Congratulations on the sweet baby news!!! I'm a little
jelly right now. :)


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jane, so nice to catch up with you and all that is going on in your world. Congrats on the little bundle of love. So so sweet!!
Best wishes to your daughter on her new place. I remember how I felt when our son moved to his first apartment. It was joyful but sad too.

I adore those gorgeous shoes. Perfect for the weddings I have coming this year.
Wishing you a wonderful week and much joy in all of your life adventures.
Blessings to you!!
Sending Hugs, CM