Wednesday, August 6, 2014


We never made our little weekend trip to the lake.  The Husband had a big trial coming up this week and thought he would do some of his work there.  Alas, Internet problems there, too, (hence no blogging from there lately).  So we were stuck at home.  In order not to rip my hair out, I made him take me to dinner Saturday night.  We went to a place I had never been to before called Mart Anthony.  A cool, casual place in an up and coming area in the South Loop.  Great Italian food.  I loved it and we had a really good time.

We have been talking about getting new carpet in our family room and office for what seems like years.  It's the only part of our house that doesn't have hardwood floors, that being because directly beneath it is the crawlspace (yes, the dreaded crawlspace I mentioned's truly haunting me).  The Husband believes the carpet and padding keeps the room warmer and I have to agree.  Finally I found a woman that Emily knows on a Facebook page for area mothers that does the whole carpet deal for you..  So I made an appointment and she was just the nicest lady.  We know some of the same people and love the same area restaurants...I felt like we were good friends.  So anyway, I picked out a very neutral, pretty sort of flat carpet, but very soft.  The price came in and it was sensational.  The Husband had gone to Home Depot and got prices to compare and we are getting such a great deal.  

Well, now is the fun part.  Everything has to be moved out.  They can work around my humongous sofa, loveseat and chair.  The office gives me chills to even think about.  Emily has stuff in there from when she went to school.  I have craft things in there from 10 years ago.  Books are stacked up on the floor and bins are filled with every conceivable thing but what they were intended for.  This is a room that has become what it is because each of us have been afraid to throw out something that is important to someone else.  I am SO not looking forward to this.  And I also have to have our blinds installed.  I picked them up from Home Depot well over 6 weeks ago.  It's free installation.  I don't know about you but I really dislike having someone fixing or installing or doing something in my home.  I have to put the dogs in the basement and then I feel like I'm at odds with what I can do while they are there.  It's irritating.  And for the love of God!  I have 16 windows!  They are going to be here til Thanksgiving!

I do have something to be really happy about.  We have finalized our plans to meet up with my favorite blogger Cindy from Applestone Cottage.  Many of you know that Cindy and her husband Dan have become our good friends since our first meetup in Galena, Illinois.  We absolutely clicked and this will be our 6th year getting together.  We chose Madison, Wisconsin this year.  We live bout 5 hours apart (Cindy and Dan in western Wisconsin) so this year we are closer to their neck of the woods.  One year they drove 7 hours to stay with us at the lakehouse!

So, that's it for today.  I am making ribs on the grill tonight, well actually soon because I think they have to cook slow.  This is my first time doing them on the grill.  I thought about inviting some of the kids (one couple, that is), but I'm worried that they won't turn out.  Isn't that silly?  Actually, it's more about my state of mind.  If it's just The Husband and I, at the lake for instance, I'd just throw those babies on, maybe remember to look at my watch, sit back with a glass of wine and read the lake newspaper while they smoked away.  But with expectations and worries go up.  We'll see.  I still have 45 minutes until I have to get them going!  Ha!

Have a great rest of the week! :)



Debby said...

The dogs sound like mine and our son's puppy. One plays with him and the other growls, hah.
I hate/dislike when plans fall through.
Have fun with the hubs and Cindy. Looks like a really fun place.

Simply LKJ said...

Sorry to hear about the internet troubles. Never fun, and always a pain to get it fixed. It sounds like you have kept quite busy otherwise. Can totally relate to the house stuff. We are finally done with the windows , exterior paint job and yard (for now). Sounds like the trip to Wisconsin will be a welcome retreat.

Gina said...

I love those place mats. It's hard to believe they're paper!

Enjoy your get together with Cindy! Sounds like fun!

Stacey said...

Internet troubles make us crazy, don't they? Well internet and computer troubles.

The puppy is so cute and looks like he will end up huge! I bet you have to keep an eye on him. Does he chew things?

Love your table setting and the menu with chili sounds yummy too.

I understand about being nervous cooking for others. Even though I've been a pretty good cook for a long time, I always worry when it's for someone else. Today I'm cooking pot roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, and green beans for our next door neighbors. They just had a baby girl. I am a little worried because I tend to overcook roast. But darn it sure smells good!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big tulo has grown, oh my goodness!! A visit here is so refreshing, like a sit down chat,,

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Tulo is going to be huge!! I can't believe how much he's grown! Deciding on new carpet is daunting, isn't it? Luckily our installers moved everything, then moved it back afterwards (they even took apart the bunk beds and put them back together!) I totally understand how you feel cooking for others. I do the same thing. When it's just us, no problem. When we're having company, I always freak out a little. :)

Susie said...

Blondie, You are a people pleaser.. you worry the food won't turn out . I bet your kids have not starved. LOL. You are a very good cook from all I have read on your blog. The things you cook look very tasty. Oh boy , when I read you were getting new carpet...I thought, all that moving. :):) Don't hurt yourself. Maybe the young men in the family can help you. I will tell you, I love those paper place mats. What a great idea for everyday. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Brenda Pruitt said...

Jane, soon as you plant something in front of something else, you're going to have to move it. If it's not too big, get a big container and don't let it dry out cause it will probably go into shock when you dig it up. Have fun with Cindy!

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

I bought the same paper placemats for my sister don't you just love them?

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jane,
It's always great to hear what is going on in your life. I love all the great stories that you tell us. I really laughed about the cozy restaurant table in the dark...when we used to not care about the menu... only the sexy guy sitting across from us, but add a few years, marriage, kids and everyday life and it's eyeglasses for the menu!!!

I'm so glad that you are meeting up with your friend. Your plans sound wonderful.

Enjoy your summer.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I made chili, too, Jane, this weekend (Sunday). I was thinking I should have made some corn bread to go with it, but I never thought of garlic bread. I'll have to remember that for next time.

You had to know that once you plant something in front of the crawlspace entrance, something is going to happen that access is needed! That's how it goes! : )

Leslie Harris said...

What a pretty table setting Jane. And those doggie dynamics crack me up. I'm like you. I let our Stella everywhere, in fact she loves laying on the Restoration Hardware couch we got from the Outlet...can you believe? Only the best for her hahah I'll be the same kind of grandma, sneaking cookies too. And I'm so sorry to hear about internet problems, I've been plagued by them too. We move this weekend and hopefully all goes well.

Sarah said...

Jane, I've been having computer issues myself. Not certain it is resolved as yet, but they tell me it is. '-)
Have a fun weekend with Cindy and husbands. The inn looks to be totally charming.

jp@A Green Ridge said...

The B & B sounds like it will be fun especially after emptying the office...LOL!...:)JP

Betsy Brock said...

That puppy is adorable!

I love the tablet of paper placemats! how cool is that?!?

Shirley said...

Hi Jane, We are in for a stormy night. I got home and inside before it really let lose. Is Tulo a lab? If so he can be 100 lbs easily. We had a black lab that was suppose to be small or at least that is what we were told. Your B&B sound likes it will be an enjoyable trip. It would be pretty in the fall, my favorite time of the year. The ribs sound good. My son sooked some, started them on the grill and finished them in the oven. They were good. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

podso said...

When we got our new carpet it was like moving, except we didn't want to pack too many boxes. then more cleaning came as one thing seems to lead to another in such situations.

Barbara F. said...

I think your weekend in Wisconsin sounds wonderful! Have a good time, and I hope your internet problems are resolved quickly.

sweetvintageofmine said...

It will all be better in no time at all......your internet will be fixed, new, beautiful carpet and a lovely trip with friends to top it off!....and one cute puppy dog! Your food sounds DELISH and you know how to make a table pretty....I'll take some of that chili please! Blessings~~~Roxie

Elaine said...

I have that same napkin problem. Too many stacked up in the pantry so I use the same ones all the time.

Love the chalkboard napkin rings and you have such a sense of humor. I'll bet Tom got a kick out of it.

Oh my how puppies grow! Still cute though!

That inn looks fantastic! Have a great time and takes lots of photos!

Maggie said...

Tulo is gorgeous, I would spoil him rotten if he were mine!
Great to catch up with your news, hope the ribs turned out o.k.

Art and Sand said...

We had a dog sitter stay with our pup when we were on vacation. The sitter brought her two little ones along and Lulu loved having little playmates. She was awfully spoiled.

I hope your internet service is up and running soon.

Have fun with your blogging friend.

SImple and Serene Living said...

Sorry that you didn't get to go to the lake, but sounds like your weekend wasn't too bad. I hate internet problems. I think my modem is going out too. xo Laura

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

oh my...I had to chuckle at the before and after pics of the pup! :)

I recall your get togethers with Cindy / always fun to read about.

I think you'd better move that rosebush asap before it gets any bigger : ) What a hassle,ugh :(

Maria Elena said...

We have also been having internet problems. So frustrating! Love, love the placemats and the puppy has grown sooo much:) That B7B looks like the perfect place to spend s weekend. Very pretty!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I've also been to a restaurant like that where the mood lighting is terrific, but these 50 year old eyes can't read the menu! Flashlights on iPhones are a good thing! Happy Thursday Jane.

Traci said...

We don't have a crawl space but we have electrical boxes in the yard that I want to plant around & Dean tells me the same thing - if something has to be worked on it will be a problem. I haven't planted anything yet but I'm always so tempted!

Balisha said...

Love the place you and Cindy and husbands will visit. Looks like something I would like.
That puppy sure has grown. A beautiful dog.
Sounds like a busy time is coming up for you. New stuff is a lot of work, but the outcome is so nice. The holidays are coming and you will be ready.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Planting that rose bush sounds like something we would do!! lol! I've got a new back porch with our kitchen addition and my landscaper might not want to plant anything in front of the "opening" for under the porch...ya right I thought....I may think about that and learn from your rose bush Jane!

RURAL said...

Jane, and that's your version of a quiet life..seems full of fun and action to me.

Love those placemats, I saw them a while ago at a store and fell in love with them. I'm so glad that you bought them.

Your dog, lol...well your fur grand, huge, better take down all of the knick knacks. But a total cutie.


RURAL said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, I think I have the post it notes that match your place mats...too cute.


Charlene said...

Jane, it's sooooooooo good to visit. Love getting caught back up. I've missed all my friends in Blogland but, this move/remodel about kicked my booty! I can so understand your dilemma about moving stuff out of the office for the carpet. Imagine moving & remodeling for 13 months. YIKES! One day at a time dear friend. But, lucky you getting to go to that amazing B&B. HUGS!

Susan Shull said...

Love the looks of that B and B! Enjoy your time with your blog friend and her hubs. I remember your post about your last get away. Has it been a year? Goodness.

Kathleen said...

Hi Jane!
Good luck with your projects. That sounds like a lot of work! 16 windows, wow! I just bought a new Waverly bedding set. You can get nice deep valances, but no drapes. I have tall windows. I am going nuts trying to find something, either fabric or premade. It is ok for the summer, but once it gets cold, I want something more. I don't think I will ever do this again!
Cute on the napkin rings, lol!

Rose Broadway said...

Hi Jane!
I mostly lurk and never say anything. It's been a long time since I've told you how much I love reading of your adventures.

Also, I'm very jealous of your beautiful lake house!

Rosie from Raymore MO

Marigene said...

Jane, I go nuts when the internet is down, when I call in I am sure my provider has me red penciled as the biggest pain the you know what.
We need new carpet, but I can't face moving everything, it is too much of a chore so I keep putting it off.
How did your ribs come out?
Have a wonderful weekend.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Jane, sounds like you have been busy. Good luck with your crawl space. I have two, one in the front closet and one under the back porch.
Your granddog is really getting BIG.
What kind is he?
Your B & B looks great and I know you will have a terrific time.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Poppy said...

Hi Jane,

How lovely to get together with so many of your blogging buddies! The B & B looks beautiful, and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

Last year I was without my laptop for a week, as it was being repaired by a friend, and I can't tell you how much I got done around the house and garden! It was a blessing in disguise.

Have a happy weekend!


deb said...

love the paper place mats ~ such a pretty table scape. hope you have a wonderful (internet problem free) weekend xo

Beth said...

Hi Jane, Sorry you are having internet problems. What a pain! The restaurant looks fun - like the setting/atmosphere. And Tulo - oh my! Love your placemats. Very cool. Have fun with Cindy and Dan and be sure to show us some pics!
Hugs, Beth

Melanie said...

I can't believe how much Tulo has grown in two short months! He's going to be a very big dog. Your poor little doggies. When my mom's little dog comes to visit at my house, she and the cats all get along perfectly fine...probably because she's about the same size as the cats! (Actually, my cats are bigger, lol.) But if a big dog came to visit, my cats would be terrified.

Your tablescapes are always so pretty and creative.

With getting new carpet in the office, what a perfect time to clean out all those old books and crafts! :-)

I checked out that B&B online and oh my gosh, it looks so nice! We have still been deciding on a place to go for our anniversary in September, and we've never been to Madison, so I think I'm going to show this place to Brian and see what he thinks. It's only a 2 hour drive for us, so not bad. And I'm sure there's a ton of stuff to do in Madison. Have a great weekend!

Leslie said...

Puppy puppy puppy!!!! He's getting so big! I love your new tablescape. I'm getting antsy to make some changes around this house.

It is so wonderful that you get to meet up with your blog friend.. sounds like great times!!
Have a great weekend.

Theresa said...

Oh you have ALL the fun:) I know you guys will have a great time on your trip! Cute table and place-mats/napkin rings:) Have a blessed weekend! Hope your internet gets to working better! Sending HUGS across the miles!

Doreen@househoneys said...

Your fur baby has gotten so big, and he's sooooo adorable! Everyone keeps telling me I need to get a dog. I have got agree. I miss my grand dog so much. I just don't know if it's the right time, but I think pets are like children...there's never a perfect time, you just have to DO IT!

Comcast isn't known for their great service I hear. Can you switch companies? Computer issues are the worst!

I love the look of that B&B, and how nice that you've made 'real life friends' with a fellow blogger. :)


Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

Internet problems in both your homes…that's not good but slow cooked ribs on the grill is a good thing. :)

Unknown said...

Internet problems are so frustrating. How did we ever live without it? One of my sons also has a new puppy and I love seeing how big she is getting. The B&B getaway sounds like such fun especially with great friends

Debbie said...

I hate having problems with the cable!! Our computers, and tv are on the same router! grrrr.
Your son's puppy is so cute. What a
The B&B sounds like so much fun for you guys. Enjoy!!!
Love your table setting! The paper place mats are awesome! I need something like that for the grandkids.
Lots of rain going on here. Hope your weather down there is good.

Bluebird49 said...

Sorry all my comments are on the same day-I've been so busy, and missed so much. I just love those place mats--must find some.
I do wish we could get new carpet in our living-room/den--it's so old! I'd even ake hardwood floors over what's in here.
The B&B---oh! IT looks so peaceful-you'll have a wonderful tine. ISn't it great to have friends you can meet and feel like you were just with them the week before?

An Oasis in the Desert said...

The scenario of the dogs is too funny, Jane! Your reference to spoiling grandkids is so true. I have a sign in my hall gallery that says, "Nana's the name spoiling's the game!" It's perfect!

It's so great that you and Cindy and the hubbies are all good friends. You just never know where this blogging thing is going to take you. That B&B looks wonderful, and I'll bet you had so much fun!