Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I haven't been out of the house since last Wednesday.  That's unusual but it's happened, especially in the winter.  And then, as if being cooped up wasn't bad enough, I thought I had come down with malaria or something.  The Husband and I rarely get enough sleep, at least "good" sleep, he's an insomniac and I am a sympathetic insomniac.  If he doesn't wake me up with his getting up and down, I sometimes just get up to keep him company.   In fact, my good friend, Mel, asked me last week, "Was that you on Facebook at 4:00 a.m.?"  So this has been the score for a long time and then something happened.  I have been falling into bed at 9:00 for the past week and struggling to get up in the morning.  I feel very lethargic and downright sleepy.  I feel like a slug.

I'm not bashing these magazines.  Matthew did a fine job other than going on for four pages on how to make marshmallow snowmen (sort of a no brainer).  I love my magazines and I get so much inspiration from them, especially during the holidays.  I'm disappointed,  I didn't get my money's worth.  I know there are people out there that will say, "Yes!  I like this simple, calm and natural look.  I'm going this route this year."  I really hope that happens.  For me, I just want to jump into this picture and spread some color and glitter and sparkly lights and candles and maybe a few little elves around!  Is it just me?

Saute about 2 cups of cubed pork in 1 T. canola oil until browned.  Remove to a plate.  Add 1 chopped onion and 1 chopped clove of garlic and saute until soft and translucent.  Add the meat back in, 2 T. paprika and 2 T. of flour and stir to make a roux.  Pout in 4 cups of beef broth, 1 t. nutmeg, 1 t. cloves and 1 T cinnamon and bring to a boil.  Add 1 cup each of sliced mushroom, carrots and new potatoes.  Salt and Pepper.  Bake in 350 oven for 1 hour. Stir in a few tablespoons of sour cream. Adjust seasonings.  Serve with a dollop of sour cream over cooked egg noodles.  Enjoy!

Okay, I feel I'm out of my slump, at least a little!  It's still raining and gloomy, I'm still tired, I'm still &$*%@# off at that grass, but somehow I think I've touched base with you guys and you've given me an ear.  Thank you for that.  :)



Beth said...

I feel sluggish too. I think it is the time change and the rain and dreary sunless days. I don't like this kind of weather. I hope the sun shines for us both soon.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Sorry you're down - it happens to us all - esp sensitive gals - so hang in there.

Keep up your spirits with your awesome planning for the holidays - they'll be here before ya know it.


Balisha said...

We each have our Christmas the way we are most comfortable. Your decorating is one that I always look forward to...the magazines leave much to be desired now days. I remember when Country Living was THE magazine to buy. I have been so disappointed in it these last few issues. My English Country Living ...is so much better.
It is natural to feel the way you do when fall comes.It's a new way of living....we find that we stay inside more and now we can enjoy comfort foods, comfy afghans, fires in the fireplace, books to read, flannel pjs...Don't all those things make you want to curl up and take a well earned rest?
Winter is nesting time and with all the running around that we did during the summer...it's a good thing.

NanaDiana said...

Well, glad you were feeling a little better by the time you got this post off your chest. lol Our weather is miserable and cold and rainy here, too, Jane. I HAVE to go out of the house for a meeting tonight and wish I could just stay home in front of the fireplace.

I think once you get fully caught up on sleep you will feel a whole lot better. You just have a few pre-Holiday funks going on. lol

Hope you have a good night and I think you need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE for a little coffee or retain therapy or sumthin'! xo Diana

Beth said...

Hi Jane, I am sorry you're feeling tired and sluggish. The weather is a little gloomy; there is an actual disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder which has to do with the decrease in sunlight. Maybe this is a contributing factor; then again, lack of sleep also could be a big reason! I like your wool trees, Jane! They are beautiful! I haven't thought about decorating for Christmas yet but I've been thinking alot about the gifts I want to give. I am still thinking about what I'll serve for Thanksgiving too; and I'm enjoying the gorgeous fall leaves.
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Lynn said...

The holiday decorating does look a little light in the pics Jane. Seems that November's gray can make folks feel a little blah. The goulash looks great though:@)

Linda said...

We are all here for you, Blondie!!
Glad you are feeling better! It must be raining all over the country! Leaves are still on the trees down here in the country.....but goodness gracious - it is SO muddy!!! As in REAL muddy!! Without our mud boots we would be stranded here in our camper! I will be decorating for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving.....spending time down here with LD's son has adjusted my schedule!

Julie Marie said...

You are too cute Janie!... I do not like the "sparse" holiday looks... Christmas is a time to pull out all the stops... I still LOVE traditional reds and greens for Christmas... and alot of trimmings!!!... I also get sad when I see some of the ladies change everything in their homes to fit the latest "trend or fad" in a magazine, when that really is not what they even want at all... me?... wait till you see my post tomorrow!... ALL my vintage holiday stuff came out today to be sorted so I photo'd all of it and will post it tomorrow... kneehuggers, putz houses, trees, elves, deer, you name it... I guess Matthew Mead won't be featuring my home!... which is fine with me... I am all about tradition as you know, especially at Christmas... I won't start to actually decorate until closer to Thanksgiving, but it takes me so long to do it all, I have to start sorting things early... I have been really disappointed in alot of the magazines lately... that's why I LOVE the British Edition of Country Living... so beautiful and so traditional... even though I am grateful and flattered to have been featured in Romantic Homes this past year, I am disappointed in that magazine now as well... and they don't even feature bloggers any more, which was always a favorite of mine... love your little wool trees, so cute!... don't feel gloomy anymore, 'k?... xoxo Julie Marie

20 North Ora said...

OK - Calm down and take a deep breath! I too, have been really disappointed with the Christmas issues of magazines this year. I always look so forward to them and they just don't seem to have anything I like this year. I'm like you and want a home to look like it's celebrating Christmas.

And the magazines have gotten so expensive!!

Its rainy and cloudy here also and I don't like it one bit. I think I have that seasonal disorder - whatever its called. I'm fine in Spring and Summer but late Fall and Winter just do me in. I do like to sew on days like this, so guess that's what I'll go do.

Cheer up!!


Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Jane, you had me laughing out loud at your remark about the "squirrel buffet." Hee! That really is nice of you to reward them like that. :) For some reason, when my boys were little, they named a squirrel they saw in the park "Phillip." So, to this day, every single squirrel we see, we refer to as "Phillip." :) Maybe you're just sleepy because you're getting caught up on all that lost sleep for so long. I know for me, when the weather turns gloomy, it automatically makes me sleepy. I'm with you on wanting a little color and sparkle in the decor. Every year after I'm done putting up all the Christmas decorations, I have to sweep all the glitter up off the floor. LOL! Hope you have a great evening!

Charlene said...

Hope you feel a bit more sunny. I know how that goes when the world just looks a bit "blue". I've been traveling, trying to catch up from traveling & working on unpacking stuff from the move... life rolls on but, I spoiled myself with a few blog reads. Happy Fall!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better. I love the wool trees. I'm sure they will stand out in your Christmas decor. Hope the rain stops soon!

Low Tide High Style said...

We all have weeks where things leave us feeling a bit out of sorts...hang in there! And just do what you want to do for the holidays, glam it up in spite of what you see in magazines! :)

xo Kat

Kathleen Grace said...

Sometimes you just need a good rant to get it off your chest don't you? All the little stuff can get you down just as much as the big stuff. I have been disappointed in magazines for quite a while. They cost a small fortune and some of the better homes and garden publications recycle articles and photos which ticks me off when I have just shelled out $7-$10 bucks for a new issue. Clearly, you shouldn't get me started! Lol minimalism is overated, lets roll out the holly!


As we enter this darker, rainier season ... I have to get out more candles and twinkle lights and pretend I meant it to be this way.

Maybe a few early Christmas decorations would be just the ticket.

Glad to listen. :)


Anonymous said...

Those Christmas photos are not Christmasy in that magazine at all.. that's really strange. :(

Kelly said...

So glad that you feel better now. It's good to get things off your chest. LOL! I haven't seen that issue of Christmas Cottage yet. I'll have to check it out. I understand why you're frustrated though. If you pay a lot for a magazine for the holidays, you expect to see some holiday decorating!

June said...

Thanks for that yummy recipe Jane! This is certainly the time of year I crave comfort food. I just want something warm and filling in November.
I think it looks beautiful there. Our leaves are all gone here because of a 50 mile an hour windstorm we got the other day so things are looking a little bare here and everything I didn't get put away is probably at my neighbors :)))))
sending hugs...

Theresa said...

I am so happy to be here for you:) We all have those spells where there is just TOO much going "not right"! No problem! I haven't picked up any magazines yet but I have been shopping a good bit, some on-line and some in the store! It seems the earlier I shop, the more I buy! AND the earlier I start decorating, the more I put out! I like color with my Christmas, I won't change that! HUGS coming your way! Hope your grass fills in:)

Anita Diaz said...

I am sorry to hear you are feeling sluggish:-( I agree with you on the magazines for sure. They just want to be different. I sure hope you feel better and get some good sleep:-)

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I usually get into a slump in January after all the festivities are done and everything looks bare, and it is cold and gray etc, etc. So, I sympathize. I would be disappointed in the magazines too, I want to see sparkle and lights and decorations!!! NO, I do not want to pare back or be simplistic. I have worked too hard to collect my things and love to display them so I will do it til I can't!!!! Feel better and hope you can get out of the house!!!! If I lived close by I would come get you and we could go have lunch and just gab.

Lynne said...

Jane, I read your post at work today, at lunch. I was having a really tough day, so I needed a little escape. After I finished, I thought, if Jane lived close, I would stop by with two "real" peppermint mocha's and a hug!

I am sorry that you are feeling gloomy.

I think that you are younger than me. I started having sleep issues in my late 40's and 50's. I made the big mistake of not prioritizing sleep, and got up and did laundry and ironing and projects. Make sure that you get at least 7 hours if you can. Catch a nap to recoup. The Husband needs his sleep too. You are a wonderful wife to get up with him.

I rarely buy magazines any longer because my blog friends are so much more talented and inspiring.

Bravo for tackling the garage!

I just finished dinner and dishes and it's time to crash! Tomorrow will be a better day!

I wish you deep sleep with sweet dreams!

Unknown said...

Oh goodness, I hope you feel better quickly! We are so bad to stay in the house for days too. Yesterday we got out and went to some consignment shops, and for groceries, and it was so nice. We talked about we should do that more often. If I lived close, I'd come over and cheer you up! Maybe you will feel better soon!

I'm with you on those magazine pictures. I don't see any Christmas in them! What's up with that?

Tonight I've been sitting here, looking at You Tube videos of how to make various types of wreaths with decomesh, and how to use a tomato cage and decomesh to make Christmas trees. They would be really cute in the yard, or on the porch.

Oh well, I'll shut up now! Thanks so much for visiting me! Talk to you soon!!

Debby said...

I'm sorry you are a little under the weather. It worries me that you went from not sleeping to sleeping a lot. I remember back a few months ago that you were worried about your health. Maybe you should call your doctor just to make sure.
As far as the magazines.....I think since we can pick and choose what blogs we like, we get our fix from blogs and magazines are getting boring. I always love buying Christmas issues. Maybe others will suggest better ones for us to spend our money on.
I love those trees. I used to decorate every corner of the house. I don't as much but I still am far from being sparse. I am feeling the season approaching. Maybe it is a good idea to start early....less stress. Hope you feel better soon. I get in those moods often and it helps to vent. Take care of yourself. xo

Terra said...

It sounds like you are coming out of your slump. Don't be a sympathetic insomniac, sleep is too precious dear friend. I think your wool Christmas trees are fabulous and the only ones I've seen.

Donna said...

Hope you get a much deserved good nights sleep soon, Jane! I can understand so well, I just can't function without a good nights sleep! Maybe a little shopping trip would give you a much needed lift:) I am headed to Hobby Lobby tomorrow, that always gets me excited!!

Mumzie said...

I hope you are feeling better. I too seem to be in a slump or something. I was just telling my husband this morning how nice it used to be to have my Play List work again. Plus my blog...I just can't figure things out anymore, seems I have too many photos or something. I've just sort of given up on it. I really miss hearing the music though. Yvonne

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I think your seeds just went deep into the ground and will come up. And I think around this time change alot of us get whacked out with our sleep...I know I do. It goes opposite with me..I lose sleep rather than gain that hour and it takes awhile to get normal again.

Not into super simple christmas either. Bring on the tinsel and elves yes :)

I just posted about a glorious fall day with lots of sunshine and beautiful clouds and on and on but it was just about the only day like that in a series of dreary rainy or cloudy days / the sunshine keeps us happy! :) It also shows the house dirt more as well as my wrinkles, though :)

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I felt that way yesterday. I thought I had the whole day to get caught up on things, but it ended up quite differently. Maybe there's something in the air.

I have a confession to make. I rarely buy magazines. Guess I'm too cheap, but I find them so expensive so I just go to the library if I need a magazine fix.

I hope you're feeling better today. Sometimes we just need a good night's sleep. And maybe we should tell Mother Nature to shed some sun your way too!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I adore your little trees. Those are a great find, and I miss a lot of things that the mags used to showcase. I love a glitzy Christmas mag whether I go that way or another.

I am blah, too, and was sick as a dog yesterday. Trimble headache that made me queasy and sick at my stomach. Felt better when Mr. Magpie brought me a mocha frappuchinio. The caffeine and chocolate really worked. I had to sip it in stages. That was the hard part. ;-)

We won't talk about yards. Come see ours, and you will feel much better!



The Quintessential Magpie said...

Terrible headache NOT trim le headache. This IPAD is insane.

Susie said...

Big hugs for you Blondie girl. I can understand...but get to the dr. if you keep feeling extra tired. This is Dr. Mom advise..can't help myself.
Yes, those photos did look sparce for a Christmas magazine. But on this cheery note, that stew looked very good. Take time for yourself, with all this holiday stuff coming up, you want to be healthy. Blessings blog sister, xoxo,Susie

emily barlocker scott said...

Next time I feel like a slug (which will probably be later today), I am definitely going to use Christmas as my cure! brilliant idea.

Traci said...

I'm with you - those houses look boring. Hope you're feeling better & get some good sleep. I've been thinking a lot about Christmas. THere's so much to do!

Melanie said...

I am so sorry that you are feeling so gloomy and out of sorts. This gross weather doesn't help any, that's for sure! Even Tim was telling me today (via text) that he felt so blah with all the rain and it getting dark at 4:30. I don't buy any Christmas magazines, but I agree with you that the picture you posted from the magazine doesn't even LOOK Christmas! Nothing wrong with paring things down, but that room at least needs a little more "glitter" and at least some pretty white lights. Too bad you can't return magazines! lol Now one thing that looks wonderful is your goulash. Yum-yum! I'm sending you a warm, happy hug. xoxo

Melanie said...

Oops, PS...I meant to ask you about those wooly trees.They're really cute - but where do you use them? I'm assuming since the tallest one is about 2 ft tall, that you keep them on the floor, maybe in front of the fireplace?

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! I'm sorry you're feeling all gloomy. Rainy weather can do that sometimes and lack of sleep is not good for you either. When you catch up on your sleep you'll feel better. Thanks for popping in to see me and take care, sweet friend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jane,
Your so cute! Even when your blue, you sound upbeat and fun.
It's the time change I think. And November gloominess.
And what saves me is lots and lots of Christmas color and lights, coming soon.
I don't like the sparse look at all. I am decorating with a little one in my mind and I want her to see the magic!
When I was about 5 my Mom took me downtown Chicago to Marshal Fields and all the the wonderful displays. I will never forget how in awe I was. Now that's Christmas to me, through the eyes of a child.
Wish I was closer we could head downtown Chicago for some cheer. Hey, I want to do that at Christmas time. Hang in there sweetie.
Hugs friend,

koralee said...

Sending you oodles of love and a huge HUG....and lots of happy Christmas thoughts. Your trees are stunning love the knobby wool used. xoxox

The Single Nester said...

I hope you are having a better day! I hear what you mean about a few days of everything going wrong. I am having the same week (and month).