Thursday, October 25, 2012


I don't decorate for Halloween, I haven't since the kids were little, but then I noticed something a few days ago...

I have other critter problems, too.  A mouse in the house (or as an exterminator once told me, if you see one, you probably have 20).  You see, we have an attached garage off the kitchen.  Usually I put a box of poison out there when the weather turns cold and we never have a problem.  Last week when I went to do that, there was a squirrel trapped in the garage, running around like crazy.  I found a hole at the bottom of the old wooden door that leads out to the backyard, that's how the squirrel got in.  I can't put the poison out until the hole is fixed or I will have dead squirrels!  Likewise, I can't have poison in my house as I have small dogs that may get it.  What to do...

Things have otherwise been quiet around here.  I am excited to tell you that I have (finally) joined a gym!  The Husband joined the gym at the university 3 blocks away.  After a week he convinced me to join as well.  It's such a relief to know that I'm working on getting healthier and more active, especially now that winter is closing in.  I went for my annual physical this morning and my bad cholesterol is up.  The doctor gave me some literature to read, but I was really sort of shocked.  I make a lot of chicken and we have many meatless nights.  As much as I joke about my love of sweets, I really don't keep a lot like that in the house, The Husband is happy with his fiber bars.  I'm really going to have to think about this.  Anyone have this problem?  Any suggestions?

I left you last week mentioning that we might get away for a long weekend, maybe to a rental home on Lake Michigan.  Well, I did a little investigating and it looks like we can get one if we want to pay $800 per night!  Clearly these homes are meant for families to share.  I thought maybe we ought to just treat ourselves to a weekend in a nice hotel downtown, but The Husband works there everyday.  I think I am going to continue to check out small towns along the lake and look for a B&B.  I need a break!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week,  The weekend is right around the corner!  Have fun! :)


Barbara F. said...

Oh, those critters need to stay in the fields where they belong! I take omega-3 and my cholesterol and triglycerides went down, good cholesterol went up a bit. You might want to try that. xo

Charlene said...

OK you have a friend in me for the bad cholesterol. Bummer. My doctor said walking/exercise & since you've joined the gym you are on your way. Also I heard about red brewer's yeast (at least I think that's what my friend said.... I'm going to google it & see what I think but,she swears by it). And fiber.... Oatmeal, Cheerios & such. LOVE your fall colors photo. I just posted some photos of the colors in Tennessee where we just got home from. Good luck on the B&B. HUGS!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jane,
I love your "ramblings" always make me feel so at home when I come here to visit.
I hate the thoughts of mice in the house...right now we are battling those awful beatle bugs that are swarming all over the place. They keep getting inside and it's impossible to keep them out.

I am struggling with the cholesterol problem too and I haven't been very good about my diet. I'm so stressed out with this move that I've been neglecting my health. Maybe I'll get back on track soon.

Hope you get away soon.


Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Jane, love your "rambling" post. your spider friend gives me the heeby jeebies, and I'd take down his web and give him a goodbye pat, I won't kill them, but don't want them near where I'm walking. Had to laugh about the dog wanting to take out the mailman, so funny! On the cholesterol question. some people (like me) make their own and not so dependent on what we eat. I've been on a new drug called Zetia which is NOT a statin, which I cannot take. anyway my cholesterol is now under 100, a miracle for me. and no side effects. you might google it to check on it. Take care and I hear ya on the Halloween Candy! xoxo

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

You could set mouse traps maybe? Or would the squirrels get their little paws snapped? We have lots of squirrels here. Before we bought the house, apparently one got trapped in the basement and gnawed all the windows trying to get out. I think he had fallen down the uncapped chimney. We capped it. Don't want any critters in the basement.

Lovely leaves. Get ready for cooler weather starting tonight (at least out here in the cornfields).

Lori said...

We bought little things that plug in that are suppose to emit a sound that will keep the mice away. I was afraid that it would bother the dog but she does not mind it at all. We will truly see if they work when we go down to close up the cottage! I love your ramblings Jane ~ hope you get your little break.

Olive said...

Glad you got your pretty leaf color Jane. Ours is not going to be so good because of our drought. If your LDL cholesterol is high exercise is the way to get that level down rather than diet. We use baited mouse traps if we get mice. We bait with peanut butter and put them in wee tiny places the cat and dog cannot get into. It works most of the time. I am appalled at our fat mice with their sleek grey coats. We only get them in February or March usually. When its very cold.

White Ironstone Cottage said...

A mouse in the house omg
Our cat brought us a present yesterday a tiny mouse she had caught outside I thought that was bad LOL
at least your house looks pretty
sending prayers

Anonymous said...

Hope the mailman and squirrels watch themselves!!!!
The view from your window is so pretty, just golden! I don't buy candy early because I would be the one in it!!!!I don't decorate for Halloween either, I did when my children were little and I did a little bit when my grandson lived here in Canada but we don;t have trick or treaters in this building, its all adults here, I hope your weekend works out for you, would be nice to get away for bit, I agree with that!!Take care, have a wonderful weekend,

Julie Marie said...
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Low Tide High Style said...

Oh Jane, you do have a few dilemmas on your hands don't you?! We had a mouse in our garage a few months ago, so we set out poison and felt horrible about it, but it had to be done. You have motivated me to start working out more, maybe we can be distant gym buddies?! And our trees are just starting to turn, but since a hurricane is headed our way we might not get to enjoy the color for very long!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and that you find a perfect getaway!


Elaine said...

I agree no poison. They have those have a heart traps for mice and squirrels but you will have to drive them to a new destination hopefully the woods somewhere.

My friends have squirrels between the walls of their very old home in New Hampshire and they use the have a heart traps and then they drive them a few exits up on the highway where there are woods. Works like a charm.

Gina said...

I'm glad you are finally getting so see some fall color. Many of the trees around here have lost their leaves already.

As far as the cholesterol goes, fish oil (omega 3)is supposed to do the trick. I hate all fish, but I managed to find capsules that don't "repeat." :)

Lee said...

I think you and your home must be so inviting that that is why all these little critters find their way towards your home. Sweet! Hee Hee. I never kill spiders either. I used to pick them up and cup them until one bit me last year. Never again. But I usually will gently break the web and guide them to go find another place. I hear they bring blessings. Just think of Charlotte.

Deserae said...

The cooler weather always brings those unwanted critters. At least you know how they get in so you can get it under control quickly! Walking 30 minutes a day will probably take care of your high cholesterol number.....
Have a great weekend!

Beth said...

Bad cholesterol is a problem for me too. One theory from my doctor is that it is genetic.

I think your working out will help you!

Melanie said...

We sometimes have problems with mice in our garage or basement, too. I hate to use mouse traps, but we do. I have to remember that those cute little critters (yeah, I think they're cute) carry a lot of disease. Cholesterol...exercise will help with that. And a high fiber diet ~ plus the Omega 3 fish oils like another person above mentioned. I would try all these safe, natural things first before resorting to any cholesterol drugs.

Looking for a place for a weekend getaway...what about Lake Geneva?


Something Nice and Pretty said...

Sorry, I think I would have killed the The squirrel I guess I would put up with until it left on it's own, mice we set traps for and always get them!.
I think eating a lot of fiber and exercise is the key.
Hope you find a great B&B!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My cholestrol is terribly high also and I am on the pills. I don't exercise enough and I am overweight because I am inactive.

And yes, we have the same problem. I won't join a Gym because I know I won't go. We bought a treadmill and it's very convenient and still I seldom get on it.

I think we eat too much butter. I've tried to cut back..
You are a lot younger than I am and it's really worth it for you to be really careful. I am wondering at this late age if I really want to work at it all that hard. :) Yes, of course I do.
The right food has always been a problem for me and I wish I had any idea's for you but I don't. I am terrible.
As far as the Halloween candy..I ate all of the Almond Joys in the first two days! :(
:) Mona

It's me said...

I am glad it is finally autumn their !..enjoy a happy weekend from

Karen said...

Cutting out treats and exercise (walking and yoga) has gotten my cholesterol to a good number. You're headed in the right direction, good for you! said...

I am scared to get my cholesterol checked, I am sure it is high.I need to eat more oatmeal, but after I add butter and sugar and salt and milk to it I don't know how healthy it is! LOL!

Hearts Turned said...

Ooooh...not a big fan of spiders...especially close to the front door! I have a bat that sleeps over mine at night, I guess we're both ready for Halloween!

Sorry about your cholesterol--not sure how to help you with that one, but it sounds like you're on the right track with joining the gym. Mine is high blood pressure...

Hope you find the perfect weekend getaway! Sounds like fun...


Susan Freeman said...

Milo is just like Bentley, except Bentley loves our postman. I did not know that you can freeze leftover candy. If I wrap it up in a bag, I can sneak it to the big chest freezer in the garage and David will never know. Otherwise the candy is gone in no time. I think you will really enjoy going to the gym and it should help to lower your bad cholesterol too. Old Fashioned oatmeal helps, but you need to eat 3/4 cup and not just 1/2 a cup every day. Find ways to add more fiber to recipes with beans and lentils. Now that you know this is an issue for you, you can. When I was young and living on the North Shore, we used to make weekend trips up to Lake Lawn Lodge in Lake Delavan, WI. So pretty up there.

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Jane....yes, I have the cholesterol problem. I have had it for years. I lost 30lbs and it went up even higher because it runs in my family so it's genetic. Been on meds for the last 5 years. A B&B sounds like wonderful idea! Especially along the lake...~Hugs, Patti

Unknown said...

Ramblings are a fine way to get a lot said in one post.

I've got a few of my own. Looks like you are about two weeks behind Northern Wisconsin in terms of fall color.

We had mice in the house back in early June. I think they came in while we were in France but did not make their presence known for two weeks. Yuck.

April said...

Ooh...not a fan of mice, spiders, or any other kind of critters for that matter! Good for you in joining a gym! I bet your bad cholesterol is going to take a nosedive before you know it!

myletterstoemily said...

800$ a night does seem like a family price!
sorry abut those pesky 'meeces', squirrels,
and spiders!

Theresa said...

Ewwwwww, spiders freak me out:( I don't do much Halloween decorating either but do just a few things for the Grandchildren! I need to work out too and just can't bring myself to do it!

Have a wonderful weekend! BIG HUGS! Oh and ramblings are fun:)

Pondside said...

The shot out your kitchen window is a keeper, Jane - beautiful!
Good for you for joining the gym. My doctor read me the riot act about 5 years ago and I have brought my bad cholesterol down by exercise and very small dietary changes. You'll do it too!

Sonia said...

Oh the color outside your kitchen window is beautiful! We are just starting to get a tinge of color.
Hope you find a nice bed and staying in them...we always have met the nicest people and enjoy the history of the homes. Hope your break is lovely!
Miss Bloomers

bj said...

Beautiful sight out your window. :)
Glad you joined a gym...I need to do the same. I have a treadmill and walk but probably need other exercise, too.
Poor little squirrel...he probably was scared in that garage. :)
Good luck on finding a nice getaway place...
xo bj

Vee said...

What a beautiful autumn view just beyond your kitchen window. I take a lot of pictures like that so I love them!

A bit of a dilemma with the mouse in the house. An old-fashioned trap perhaps? I've read that there is not enough poison to harm pets, but you could check with the vet. There are actually a lot of concerns to the pets with mice about. Just a thought.

Hope that you get your weekend away. A B&B sounds great!

Anonymous said...

I am working on lowering my cholesterol too, Jane. Back to yoga in the mornings (I LOVE it), walking 1.5 mi. 4-6 x a week, and saying good-bye to more of my favorite foods. Now we are eating salads for dinner twice a week, along with a lot of chicken and fish. I don't want to take meds, but that may be next... we'll see.
Take good care & have a great weekend!

Balisha said...

Hi Jane,
I have learned that statins aren't all bad as they help with many other diseases like strokes (which I am terrified of). Check out the Mayo Clinic website to research this drug.Hopefully through diet and exercise you can bring it down.
I probably would have killed that spicer...ugh!
I was going to a fitness center for a long time...then summer came and it was so I stopped. I keep meaning to go back, maybe you will inspire me to do just that.
Hope you and your hubby can get away...maybe Lake Geneva?

Privet and Holly said...

Jane, if you exercise regularly,
your bad cholesterol should
respond by going down. If your
gym has spin classes, give it a

Milo and Gracie would hit it off,
as she shares similar aspirations.
Only, she'd like to knock off the
UPS man : )

When we lived in Chicago, we
liked going to Ludington and
Grand Haven, Michigan. We've
always been on a budget, so I'm
sure that B&B's there have to be
more reasonable. I think we stayed
in a great boutique hotel in Grand
Haven ~ check it out.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

xo Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! Oh, those little boogers - I don't like them either. When it starts getting cooler here, the bugs want to come inside! I hate that!
Well, I had to break down and start taking cholesterol meds. But I haven't had any bad side effects so I'm good. Now pass me a candy bar! :)
Be a sweetie,
selia ;)

Ricki Treleaven said...

Critters!!!! Oh, no....we've had that problem, too, and terriers are in heaven when they are about!

I have no idea what to do about cholesterol because mine has always been good (so far).

I hope you're having a great weekend, my friend!


chateau chic said...

The trees outside your kitchen window are beautiful, even though they're probably bare by now. Good for you for joining a gym. I started back on my elliptical last week. Now I just have to keep it up. Takes discipline!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

You crack me dog is tormented by the squirrels too and thinks our mailman is Jack the Ripper! Loved your rambling. Happy Sunday Jane!

xinex said...

Eeeeowww! I don;'t like that kind of decorations, Janie, lol. Love the tree outside and I like your ghost bowl....Christine

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

The view out your window is spectacular! I've been off the blogging radar for a while, but I always enjoy paying you a visit. Happy Halloween!

Susan Shull said...

Jane-Do you do yoga? Highly, highly recommend it! Hope you find a place for your get away with your hubby!

RURAL said...

Try putting the mouse poison in a closed margarine container, with a few holes in the sides, that just mice can get into.

Good for you for joining the gym, way to go, now inspire me to get outside more's cold here, and it snowed again.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

My Little Home and Garden said...

I hope you're able to find a nice place for a little autumn break and good luck with the mouse problem!

Kelly said...

Well you know that I already have our candy sitting out for Halloween! Of course, it has been dwindling too. Oh well, from here on until the end of the year there will be extra treats for us to enjoy. It's just the nature of the holidays. I have (had) high cholesterol too and am now taking meds for it. It's now normal. I try to be conscious of fatty foods now too. I really need to join a gym. I need to lose about 10 lbs. This is just the hardest time of year to do it though. I commend you for taking the steps towards a healthier lifestyle. The toughest part is getting started and you're already there!

An Oasis in the Desert said...

My theory about cholesterol (and this is based on knowing quite a few people who have very high points) is that it's much less about what you eat and more about genetics. Now you have my 2 cents worth!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Hi Jane,
I do hope you find a B&B for your getaway - sounds like just what you need, after big spider & mouse-finds and a bad cholesterol report. My sister has high choleseraol (and blood pressure), too. She's trying to get healthy on weight watchers. Good luck with the gym and getting healthy - hang in there. I know you can get where you want - you've got such a positive spirit.

wendy said...

OH NO....not mice. Those pesky rotten critters. Lucky for me, living in the country as I do, we have NOT had any get into the house. But they are everywhere. If you leave your shoes out on the porch, butter check them before slipping them on...JUST IN CASE. Give me the creeps.
I used to decorate quite a bit for halloween as it was fun to have the grandkids get excited about it. But now, that I live far away, and we DO NOT even get any trick or treaters out where we live....I have "limited" decor.

wendy said...

Oh, and you asked me once where my "follow" button was. I don't use one.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Ewww...that is one creepy spider Jane...I'd move it for sure!! A mouse is no good either...squirls in the garage ~ oh gosh poor thing! Hope the hole gets patched up soon so you can move out the mice as well :)

Holly @ Down to Earth Style said...

Our fall color was late this year, too. Well, this is my first year living in the South so maybe it is typical. Your view out your kitchen window is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by today - we are hanging in there for the storm. Hope you are too. :)

20 North Ora said...

Our dogs have the same goal in life - get the squirrels and the mailman. Our Bella also does not like the UPS man. I wonder if it has something to do with the uniform - but then, the squirrels don't wear uniforms. ha.


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love the view out your window Jane! And you always make me smile with your thoughts on life! I think especially since I know you in person too, so I can hear your voice.
Good for you on joining a gym, I need to find a way to exercise more too.
There is a town outside of Milwaukee about 20 miles called Cederberg that is so charming! Maybe check that out they had a spread in Midwest living on it this month.
We were there once a long time ago and it is really a charming little spot.
Big Hugs friend,
And thinking of you and Al and sending prayers.

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Hey Jane, thanks for your safe wishes. We didn't have the worst of it like was predicted thank goodness and I am with power this morning but my youngest lives in NJ and it's a mess up there. He has 7 huge trees down in his yard right now and no power of course and we are supposed to travel up there to visit him on Thursday. Things are really topsy turvy right now. Like you, we didn't have much of a Fall either. Not fabulous color and it seems like the leaves all just dropped off the trees at the same time. Take care and see ya soon. xoxo

Kathleen Grace said...

If you are getting the wind we are getting right now those leaves are a goner!
I think cholesterol is such a common problem, I know mine is a bit off. The spider? Yikes, that is husband duty, all spiders must die. No exceptions!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

HI Jane, I had high cholesterol a few years back and my Dr, suggested the diet change and excercise. We tried that for a year and it didn't do a thing. So, I had to go on medication. She said that someof it is just heridty and you can't get away from it. The meds do work, and I don't have any side effects, thank God. Loved your pretty picture out the window. Hope you find a place to go and GET A BREAK:):) XO, Pinky

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I would rather have a mouse in my house than a squirrel in my garage. They are so cute from afar... but not trapped in a garage!
LOVE the spider web though... I think they are such works of art!
Have a happy rest of your week!

Karen said...

Mice! oh no. I am so afraid of them and its entirely irrational. I hope your able to get rid of them soon. It cracked me up when I read about your dogs two goals! I hope you get a break soon.

bj said...

Happiest Halloween, dear heart...

Betty@SouthernGrace said...

What a beautiful pic right out your window! We don't get much color here in FL either :(

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Janie, I love the leaves on your trees. SO pretty. And ouch about the cost of the houses on the lake.

We had squirrels do MAJOR damage to an eave. They are destructive so get them out ASAP. I hate mice, too. EeeeeeeeeeK!

Have fun on your romantic getaway! And don't think about the critters. Let your kids take care of it while you're off for the weekend relaxing. Send Milo to come help me. LOL



Lynn Wood said...

How about that natural Halloween decor that just presents itself on your front porch! That is one giant spider!! Good luck with the mouse. We have a super smart one that we haven't been able to catch. We've just about ready to borrow the neighbors cat.


Desire Empire said...

Sorry to hear about the cholesterol. No real solutions except meds I think. As for the spider. They can be a pain if you walk into the web, but as they are part of the food chain they are worth leaving. They also catch bugs so all round they are pretty good to have.

Hope your Halloween was fun.

Have a great weekend

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I never see it as 'ramblings', Jane. I really enjoy reading the things that are going on in your life. You have such a lovely way with words, and a really warm writing style that just invites me in!


Joey said...

Hi there, I guess you could consider me a lurker as I rarely comment on the blogs I read but I read your post and regarding the high cholesteral, may I suggest you read Wheat Belly and also check out my naturopath's website? This man has had amazing results for MANY different problems people I know have gone to him for. I am not suggesting you go to him as he is in CT! But he has some interesting reading about many physical issues including cholesterol. I am a true believer in his eating program which removes all carbs and sugar from your diet. My goal in life is to stay off pharmaceuticals for life. Statins are reputed to be deadly and I fear for people when I see them go on drugs for cholesterol. If nothing else, the recommended reading will educate you! I enjoy your blog. I am a friend of Karen from This Old House 2 (just so you know I'm not a crazy!!)

Facebook Page for Dr. Aieta:

website for Dr. Aieta:

Helen said...

Another great post! I have struggled with high cholesterol for years, on meds and off meds and over again. Now I am off and will never take a statin ... I agree with Joey regarding their danger, even without obvious side effects they are doing damage. Go for it the natural way, with exercise and diet and healthy supplements.

Heaven's Walk said...

Hey Jane ~ I've had high cholesterol for a gazillion years. Tried the diet thing first. Nothing. Discovered that my high cholesterol was heredity. No diet was going to help. Then tried Lipitor. Great stuff! More than one doctor I spoke with said that if they could put it in the water we drink everyone would be healthier. Statins are good to prevent heart problems. And the Lipitor dropped my total cholesterol significantly, along with raising my good HDL - which was 80 last month!

I do exercise pretty regularly 3-4x/wk, and don't eat junk food except for an occasional treat. I don't eat red meat except for venison, and have salmon twice a week. I have a blood draw 2x/yr to keep tabs on liver function which has not been a problem.

Hope this helps, sweetie!

xoxo laurie