Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Abigail graduated June 24, 2009. It was such a beautiful day. 80 degrees. A nice breeze. Had it not been this nice, the ceremony would have been held inside. so we were very lucky. There were a little over 300 girls in the senior class and about 2,000 in the audience.

All the graduates wore long white formal gowns with gloves, as tradition has been for over 50 years. Abigail's silk dress had a short train and bustle with hand sewn beading around the neckline, which you can see better in one of the following pictures.

Catherine McAuley was the Foundress of The Sisters of Mercy. These Sisters were responsible for opening the first "select school." St. Francis Xavier Academy for Females was the first school chartered in the city of Chicago in 1846. The original building was destroyed by the Chicago Fire of 1871. It was relocated and by 1956, in need of additional space, the "Academy" opened it's doors as Mother McAuley High School in it's present location (three blocks from our home). It is the largest, all female school in the country. Above is the graduation announcement.

The happy "grad!"

Here is Abby in that familiar posing spot in front of the fireplace!! I just seem to get the best light here and it is the best backdrop for my pictures. But I bet you are all tired of seeing the big old monster!!

The procession line...

"Okayyyyyy!!! Enough snapshots!!"

I meant to take some pictures of the campus as spring arrived. It is so beautiful! The school shares a 2 square mile block with St. Xavier University and Brother Rice High School, the all male high school which my sons attended. Emily graduated from Mother McAuley in 2005. Many of the older buildings have been added to, keeping with the traditional architecture. There are beautiful trails and a pond as well as all types of plants and trees that attract all sorts of birds. I PROMISE I will take some pictures for a future Outdoor Wednesday!!

The chapel.

"I did it!!!"

...and the final walk across campus toward home.
Happy Outdoor Wednesday!! Stop in and see Susan at A Southern Daydreamer, our hostess for today. I am on my way now to see the list of everyone participating. I hope to visit all of you by the end of the week!! :-)


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, Janie! Abby looks gorgeous in her beautiful white gown and gloves! I know your heart must be filled with pride over that fine young lady! That's a beautiful setting, too, and I'm glad you got these outdoor shots for us so we can see the grounds and the building of the academy. But Abby... she is just lovely! So is her mother!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday and much love to you, muy friend...


Sheila :-)

Pug1 said...

How exciting a new grad!!! Congrats! She looks beautiful you must be very proud of her! CHEERS! Michele

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

She looks simply lovely in her gown. Congrats to your grad. My youngest daughter will graduate on the 16th. Can't believe it. I really can't. Of course, I still have two young monster boys to keep me busy :0)

Lynn said...

What a beautiful graduation! I love the long white dresses and the white gloves.
Your daughter is beautiful!

ellen b said...

Oh what a beautiful girl! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Abby you have! Congratulations to her! I love her gorgeous gown and those gloves! She's so lovely! I know how proud you must be of her and her precious smile says it all!
Be a sweetie,
shelia :0

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Congrats to you and Abby. She is just beautiful. I know you are so proud. What a wonderful campus. Best to Abby in her life going forward!

Kat said...

Oh Janie, what a wonderful day! I just love the tradition of the white gown and gloves, how special. She looks so beautiful and happy! This really does look like a beautiful campus, I'm so happy that you were able to have the ceremony outdoors. I know that you are so proud of her, and I know the other mix of emotions that is going on right now. Just be assured that you have raised a wonderful young woman! Hugs, Kathy (ps - stop by, you've been tagged)

Knitty said...

What a beauty...like mother, like daughter!

Congratulations to both of you. :)

Unknown said...

Waht a beautiful young girl You must be so proud. A very special day. HAPPY ODW

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

She is such a beautiful young lady, and her dress is stunning. What a lovely place to attend school. Congratulations Abby (and Mom too)! laurie

Barb said...

Jane, what a beautiful girl and such a lovely dress. The pictures are wonderful. Congratulations to your daughter.


Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Congratulations!!! What a wonderful time of life!!!

Abby is lovely and she looks so happy!!!

Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday!!!

Maryrose said...

Congrats to the beautiful graduate. What a lovely tradition to wear white gowns and white gloves. We need more tradition in the world. Happy Outdoor Wednesday, and to the graduate .... the world is yours.

Unknown said...

Oh, she looks so beautiful! I've never seen a graduation where they don't wear cap and gown. What a wonderful tradition! Has she decided where she wants to go to college?

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday Jane! Abby is beautiful! Looks like a wonderful day... these kids grow up too fast! Where did all the years go? Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

xinex said...

Congratulations to Abby! What a lovely girl in a beautiful gown! I know you are very proud of her, Janie, and I am so happy for all of you. The pictures are beautiful!...Christine

Paula@SweetPea said...

Congratulations to Abby! Her dress is absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

And here is a one proud mama :-)

How nice for those girls to wear all white gowns with matching gloves. I think it's just lovely. And they also have roses!

What a nice way to end your photo with your little girl . . . I mean young lady walking. Not necessarily walking away but going on to her new life. She's grown up :-)

Congratulations to Abigail. And also, congratulations to you too Jane! Why you've mold this child to turn into a lady!


Chandy said...

Did all the grads were a white gown? How pretty! Did you mean May 29th, because it's only June 3rd today... ;-)

She is lovely Jane and I can just imagine how proud you are of her... Lovely school she attended!

Thanks for sharing your pics!

Happy OW!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to her!

She's beautiful. I love the girls all in white dresses. I've never seen that before.

The grounds of her school are so pretty, nothing like that around here.

Happy OW and thanks for sharing!


April said...

Your daughter is one gorgeous young lady...congrats on her graduation! You must be so proud of all of her accomplishments! I wish her the best very as she begins a new chapter in her life.

The Stylish House said...

Congratulations to Abigail who has both beauty and brains! Thank you for sharing this important milestone. I am sure you are very proud.

Domestic Designer said...

Your daughter is just beautiful! What a special day. I know you are very proud of her! Have a great day!

Unknown said...


The dresses are a nice rather than gradutation regalia.

Mary Bergfeld said...

She looks beautiful and your photos of her special day are wonderful. I graduated from Mercy High School so I'm familiar with the Sisters of Mercy, St. Xavs and McCauley high school. Have a wonderful day.

Sharing with Sherri said...

Your daughter looks beautiful in her graduation gown! You must be sooo proud of her!

Btw I love the pitcher and bowl on your fireplace mantle!

Take care,

Lynn said...

Second comment: Tell me about that beautiful Leslie. Every time I see her picture I wonder...

Beth at Aunties said...


What a fabulous graduation! The whole line of girls in white must have been stunning!
Abby looks so gorgeous in her beautiful white gown and gloves!
How fun to graduate from a liberal Arts high school! Give her our congratulatiosn and good luck and her next adventure!


Blondie's Journal said...

Whoops!! I did it again!! ;-)

Please take note that I am not a psychic~Abby graduated on May 24, not June 24th.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused when you again contemplated how fast time goes by...

Becky K. said...

That all the girls wore long white dresses makes my day!

How charming and sophisticated!

Beautiful post!

Beautiful girl!

Four Paws and Co said...

Wonderful pictures & Abby looks simply radiant! ☺ Diane

bj said...

O, Blondie....she is so pretty it just nearly makes me cry. She has her whole life in front of her and my prayer is that she will always be as happy...alwys able to smile that beautiful smile, as she is in these photos.
I love the tradition of long white dresses and gloves. That is one I've not heard of before...but love.
Thanks so much for stopping by my place and leaving such sweet words.
xo bj

Amy said...

what a beautiful girl and how proud you must be!


Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! OH, my goodness! Did I type Starfish dishes!? I'm humiliated! I meant Seahorse! I guess I was excited! :) I'll have to go change that right now! Thanks for keeping me in line! lol
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a stunning young woman! I wish her all the best on her journey through life!

Kathy said...

Congratulations to Abby, she is so pretty and her dress is gorgeous. You all must be so proud of her.
Happy Wednesday well it's nearly over so happy Thursday too :-). Kathy.

RobinfromCA said...

What a beautiful graduate and such a lovely tradition of wearing white gowns with long white gloves!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!
Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

Crystal said...

Hello Janie, What a gorgeous day you had for such a wonderful celebration. Abby looks beautiful in her gorgeous white gown and gloves. My son will graduate next year. Boy, the years do fly by!!!

I glad you were able to get such great shot of this wonderful campus and share them also.
Thanks for stopping by to visit and your wonderful comments.

santamaker said...

Abby looks stunning in her graduation gown and gloves. What a gorgeous day and setting. I know how proud you must be.
Enjoy the time with her this summer.

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Hello Blondie, Janie! Thank you for coming by my blog and visiting my front yard! It led me to your wonderful blog! Your baby is beautiful! What a great tradition! Your blog is beautiful! Love the sparkle! I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you! God Bless! Lauralu
P.S. I noticed on your profile you're a Mrs. Pigglewiggle fan! I love her! My 2nd grade teacher read her books to us and then I found them to read to my kids when they were little.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Congratulations to a lovely Graduate!

And thank you Blondie, for stopping by two of my blogs, and leaving comments. We think alike, on many things. Always nice to learn.

Amazing! There still are all girl and all boy private schools. I say amazing, since they've disappeared from around here. I did my College Practice Teaching in one in the city where I went to college. A whole room full of neatly dressed boys, all referring to me as "Miss B _ _ _." Nice memories.

Now, we're trying to keep our regional Catholic HS open. -sigh-

'Aunt Amelia'

Stacey said...

What a beauty!! Congratulations Abby. :)

The Muse said...

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was that you stopped by...of course, I had to come visit you straight away!

I fear, dressed in my overalls, this Muse is a far cry from the lovely white gown and angelic beauty you have shared with us today...but I am hear to certainly give my heartiest congratulations ...!! And very best wishes~How happy and proud I know you all must be!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. How proud I know you are. I love it that they dress up for graduation. So many graduations in recent years have lost all sense of dignity. I say that but actually it has been quite a few years since I have been to a high school graduation. My kids graduated in '78 and '81. Boy, that has been a long time.

Charlene said...

HOW VERY BEAUTIFUL SHE IS! And I know you are each so proud & thrilled! What a wonderful time in each of your lives. I smiled when i saw the green grass & read you talking of the pretty weather. Everytime I see you on a comment or blog post I remember back when we first met & I showed photos of flowers & you always would comment "It's still cold & frozen here" LOOK AT YOU NOW! I told you that you would be sending me flower photos when we were all roasting down here. Well, not yet but, it's coming. Congratulations!

Fifi Flowers said...

Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! How pretty to wear white dresses!

FF is always about FASHION... but it is about DIFFERENT fashionable things!

BTW... I'm a little back logged on painting.. my oldest had to undergo major surgery sooooo I'm playing nurse... I will get back on track next week... sorry for the delay.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Oh, Jane! What a great post! Lots of excitment ahead as she has her future in frontof her. I too had one graduate May 21 (I wrote a letter to him on my blog, in case you missed it, called "a letter to my son (bama graduates). bittersweet moments.
Your daughter is beautiful!!!! And I love the dresses they wear. I also love that "monster" you speak of. Your fireplace is gorgeous!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Shoot, I remmebr I alsready share with you that post. I am so forgetful! Sorry! I can relate though. GREAT pictures!

Anonymous said...

Abby is a doll, and you must be just so proud of your beautiful daughter. She looks radiant in her gown and you can just see the happiness in her eyes. Your eyes must have been brimming over with happy tears. Congratulations Jane, you obviously did your job very well.


Joyce said...

Beautiful daughter and pretty dress. Best wishes.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Oh! Your Abby looks absolutely radiant. What an exciting day, I know you locked that in your heart forever. You must be so very proud of her. I love the white dress tradition, too!
xo Lidy

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Jane! What a beautiufl young lady! Your Abby looks like such a sweetheart! I love the "no more photos" shot...remeinds me of my own daughter! lol It is a day for mixed emotions, isn't it? The grounds of the school are so pretty! I know you must be so proud! Congrats to the grad!!...Debbie

SmilingSally said...

Oh she looks like a beautiful bride!

xinex said...

Good morning, Janie! Thanks for the info about the seeds. I bought some but have not planted them. I am waiting till they finish the pool cause it is so dusty everywhere and people are working everywhere. Come join me in celebrating my 100th post. If you have any scenery pics, why don't you post them for Sightseeing Sat (even old ones resposted, like your trip to GA or NC or the lake will do) and get 5 entries for the drawing of the giveaway. Just copy the button from my sidebar. I hope you are having a nice weekend!...Christine

xinex said...

Good morning, Janie! Thanks for the info about the seeds. I bought some but have not planted them. I am waiting till they finish the pool cause it is so dusty everywhere and people are working everywhere. Come join me in celebrating my 100th post. If you have any scenery pics, why don't you post them for Sightseeing Sat (even old ones resposted, like your trip to GA or NC or the lake will do) and get 5 entries for the drawing of the giveaway. Just copy the button from my sidebar. I hope you are having a nice weekend!...Christine

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh, what a wonderful moment to treasure -- and your daughter looks so beautiful and YOUNG! I love when the girls wear white dresses and gloves for graduation; some of the public high schools still do that here.

I love these milestones -- my Anne graduated college on May 15th. Time whizzes by!

thanks for your input on the beach house project -- I like your ideas, and I think IKEA will be the place to go for much of what we need. But a "That New House" blog? Oh NOOOOOO.... I spend enough time "talking with my imaginary friends" (as my daughters put it) as it is, with one blog!

Have a lovely weekend! -- Cass

Decor To Adore said...

Sweet Jane! What a beauty! That dress is perfect loveliness. I love the tradition of white dress and gloves!

The very best of luck to her!

sunnymama said...

Abby looks so beautiful! Congratulations to her for graduating, and what a lovely outdoor setting too :)

Mary said...

A special day and a very special daughter....looking radiant. What memories here......your Abby is lovely.

Deanna said...

Abby is lovely and what an accomplishment! I loved that photo of her walking away...so sweet.

Deanna :D

Deb said...

Congratulations to Abby!

Rhondi said...

Hi Jane
What a happy day for all of you! Your daughter looks beautiful.
Hugs, Rhondi

Regina said...

congratulations to Abby.Nice dress. Beautiful post.

Kathleen Ellis said...

Janie...your daughter is beautiful! What a fabulous way to do a graduation with all girls...in long white gowns and gloves...how elegant! Oh, how I long for more of that in our society!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Just beautiful! I love the white gowns...very lovely tradition. And your daughter...stunning. :-)

Congratulations, mom and Abby!

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