Thursday, June 11, 2020


Well, hello my blog, and all of you great friends!  I'm here to get some relief from all the world events, as important as they be. I keep well aware of all the happenings, clearly spending way too much on TV, social media, newspapers, and alerts I get on my cell phone regarding anything and everything in my area. I see protests which make me afraid and other times relieved.  I hope we all continue to be diligent in staying safe during this time of contracting or spreading Covid19.  Many of us have the okay to go ahead into the world, and I can't say much more than make it safer now than we did before we were sheltered in place.  It matters a lot and will help us stay in a more normal way of living.  My thoughts anyway.

And the death of George Floyd. I was sick to my stomach to watch the footage.  I am 100% for major change.  We had peaceful protests and violent. I don't think the people who were looting and destroying property were actually there to be part of the message. This happened recently a few blocks from my home in Chicago.  Stores and shops were evacuated and closed, some boarded up.  Businesses and gas stations were shut down.  I've been in Michigan but I was worried sick about my family.  The violence is uncalled for.  Peaceful protesting sends a better message.  I'm not here to preach-just my personal feelings and what I've experienced.   

Above is a picture of my little Poppy who was  recently spayed.  She did really well but was absolutely miserable and frozen with the cone on.  My niece saw this pic and thought we posed her with  little chef's cap on!  She survived and is a happy camper now.  She always delights us.  Now 8 months old, she's maturing but some of her puppy antics have us laughing, and some--not so much.

I was really happy to zoom in on this little family of three.  Swans are majestic and I like that they spend time on our little bay.  I've always had a little info on my blog,  based on personal experience that they can be very aggressive and people on the water need to steer clear.  Never mess with nature.  They guard their little babes like all get out.  With a wing span of 6 feet, you never want to get close to them on the water.  I have been able to touch their beaks---okay, I've offered them little bits of our meals or snacks when they swim close to our guest cottage near to the water.  Surprisingly, they are quite gentle in taking a bit of food.  But I'm sincerely not a fan of interfering with the ways of nature.  

French Yogurt Cake

I'm jumping in sooner than normal with a recipe.  I'm still cooking up a storm and I find it super comforting right now.  I'm also working on gardening here at the lake and getting some herbs and veggies going, albeit somewhat later than usual.  I've been here since mid-May and and I'm chipping away everyday at the indoors and out.  But--I keep telling myself, it always gets done.  And I carve out time to sit outside, read some of my current book, and just enjoy the beauty of the lake.

So this is a recipe I found on the blog, Rosie The Londoner.  I found it unique because it not only calls for yogurt, but all of the ingredients are measured in a yogurt container.  But beware, the ounces of said yogurt container was not included in the recipe, and I found our American size was a bit smaller,  so reduce the ingredients a bit in our American yogurt cups. But it was a wonderful cake and we all loved it.  Doesn't it look good?  I used blueberries but you can always do the berry of your choice.  I was so proud as I'm not much of a baker and my pics never really look this delicious! The cake was very dense and moist, and not very sweet...the powdered sugar made it a bit more so but I would have loved it without.  This is the link.

In the city house, I recently bought a new set of stainless steel pots and pans by Calphalon. My cookware was all mismatched and pretty beat up.  Some of the cheaper pots caused my food to stick and burn so I knew I needed to make the investment.  As much as I cook, I wonder why I waited.  I do have a few heavy duty ceramic pieces of Le Creuset and I treasure them.  When I arrived at the lakehouse a few weeks ago, I took a good look at what I have here and it was dismal.  I didn't want a whole lot, just essentials that I use most of the time.  

Above is the dutch oven from Target in the Chrissy Teigan brand.  I have one of her pieces and love it.  This dutch oven is ceramic and goes from stove to oven.  I love the color and pretty copper handle.  

I have two Calphalon skillets that can go from stove to oven, but I wanted non-stick skillets as well.  These are also from Chrissy Tiegan's line. They are so easy to clean up.  Just a note: always let your cookware cool before you add any water to soak or wash.  I also pay attention to the handle and the screws as they can get a buildup which is hard to remove.  These areas are often overlooked.  

I have been longing for a piece from Staub.  It's very high end and I really couldn't find a a need---until I came to the lakehouse. I actually only have one casserole dish and I used foil to cover food in the oven.  Then one of the handles chipped and it was dangerous to use.  I was beyond happy to find this piece at Target.  Who would have thought?  I had spent so much time pricing everything from this brand at Williams-Sonoma and Sur-la-table, and it was always way above my budget.  It's a thing of beauty and it still sits on my counter: I hate to put it away!  Does anybody out there get excited about cookware?  Would you like to share what you have and would recommend?

And finally, we pretty much knew we needed more for than just the kitchen refrigerator, especially when we have company who usually brings a lot of food which we later have to refrigerate the leftovers, and because I love fresh food and veggies that take up so much room.  I found this refrigerator/freezer at Home Depot.  It's from the Unique line and a retro style which  comes in several classic colors, mine is a light minty green.  It's smaller than your conventional fridge and takes up very little space. It fits just perfectly in our laundry/mud room.  Some of my neighbors and friends who stop by go gaga over it!

So...this is it for now.  If you read this before I go back over it tomorrow, forgive any typos.  I'm too tired to edit!  But I will.

Take care all,

Jane ❤️


Lynne said...

Awakened during the night . . .
Sleepless . . . happy it doesn’t happen often.
Thanks for “the spark” you gave me.
I have been so lax in reading and creating in my blog world.

I need some new cookware pieces, thank you for ideas.
And new fridge freezer, love the retro look.l

Poppy looks adorable . . . sad he was “so cone freaked.”

Reflecting on “all” happenings of these past months has left me
lacking peace. Watching Oprah’s two night OWN piece
brought clarity to a new surface.

Memories of the sixties returning even more.
Thinking of my grands and greats.
And Peace . . .

Jeanie said...

Love your back-up bridge. Never seen a tall skinny like that -- very useful. And you remind me I need to add a non-stick skillet to my list, especially crepe or omelet sized.

Sweet poppy. Glad she's back to normal!

Mary said...

Hi dear Jane, so happy to know all is well - it's has been a rough time on top what is already a long tough time with COVID! We too had a lot of devastating damage both in downtown and near the house at the mall - I was probably the most frightened for my safety as I've ever been with the choppers circling overhead and the riot Police nearby! Life has certainly changed, and not for the better.

Love yogurt cake - and really love your new cookware pieces. I leave a white (with black knob and handles) IKEA Dutch oven on top of my range always - use it mostly for my bread baking! Your frig is so neat and compact - I would love one for additional storage but have nowhere to put it - you know only too well how small our cottage is!

No travel is becoming tough now - we should have been in UK this Spring but now don't know when we will get to go over. . . . . . or go anywhere!

Stay well and be safe. We're good and don't go far from home.
Love to you and A.

Theresa said...

I watch too much TV and am trying to turn it off more often. I believe in peaceful protests but NOT the looting and rioting. I am for all of the business owners who are just trying to get back to making a living and seeing their places destroyed. I always enjoy reading what you are up to. We are still staying in a lot and wearing masks when we have to get out. Wearing the mask is really getting old, but we are doing it anyway:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Helen said...

Your personal feelings align with mine, Jane. These are tough times we live in, at 78 I have lived through many. I do have faith in our younger generation to make things better. Our grandchildren and beyond deserve it. Cake looks yummy and I am going to try this weekend! Stay happy, stay well.
Love, Helen

It's me said...

That cake looks delicious I wish I could taste it.....there are a lot of things in our world right now..I hope you are okΓ©...please stay from me Ria πŸ’•πŸ€πŸ’•

It's me said...

I am glad for you puppy....I hope she recover Ria πŸ’•πŸ€πŸ’•

Susie said...

Sweet Blondie girl, So good to see a post from you.I agree about the protesting. Broke my heart about George Floyd. Glad there's been changes already. We need to rework the police depts. Praying we all can stop judging entire groups by the actions of a few.
Your new pup looks pitiful...but glad she is doing well. Blessings to you and yours, hope you can enjoy the lake life this summer. xoxo, Susie

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I envy you being at the lake Jane. It’s so lovely there!

I recommend all clad cookware, but only for serious cooks as it’s pricey. I also think good old farberware is a great value. I actually still have some pieces that were given to me for my bridal shower in 1983!!

Stay well


Bluebird49 said...

It looks lovely and peaceful at the lake, with the swans. Glad you're having a peaceful time there and I know your night's enjoying your cooking. That fridge is so cute and so is that darling puppy!

jujupage1 said...

I feel sorry for you having to experience looting so close to home. I do sometimes think that some people have gone out of control with this George Floyd incident but you're right, the people who do this are not staying true to the message. I hope you continue to stay safe!

I love your yogurt cake as well. I like how it's all measured in the pot even though its not very specific. The end result looks delicious. πŸ’œ

cindy hattersley design said...

Hi Jane

We are hoping to spend more time at our lake as well. We are heading there with Little Summer today. I am hoping for change as well. I am 65 and find it hard to believe these events are still happening in our lifetime. I look at Summer and think maybe she will be the change. We have not done such a great job of it. The looters are just thugs black and white who are staining the message. Enjoy your time at the lake friend.

Kit said...

I love hearing how you're doing. Glad you are at the lake. Love your cookware! I hope you have a good summer and get to see some family. Kit

Rita C at Panoply said...

Love your new fridge! And yes, I get excited over things in the kitchen, especially these days. I've been doing a lot of cooking and baking, and my latest favorite thing is the MacKenzie Childs fluted cake stand in the Oddfellows hand-painted pattern! Even Mr. P. comments on it, and I leave it on the kitchen counter. I also found an adorable floral enameled teapot and stockpot at Aldi's. The teapot stays on the cooktop, and the stockpot gets used quite a bit for pasta. I've made a Greek orzo salad at least 8 times since March, not to mention spaghetti and lasagna.
So glad you're enjoying lake time, Jane. I have thought of you and your family through all the chaos, knowing you were in and near Chicago. Just glad you all are safe. Stay well.

Mereknits said...

So many fun new things, especially that amazing fridge. I agree with you so much, these times lately have been so difficult. I hate the looting and the damage but I think peaceful protests , which I prefer, often don't have the same impact. I don't want anyone hurt or damage to anyone's property. I just think of the Women's March, so huge and peaceful, but nothing has changed for women. It has only gotten more oppressive. Stay safe and enjoy beautiful Michigan.

handmade by amalia said...

Nice to catch up, Jane.

La Contessa said...

I have ALL the same pots that YOU DO!EXCEPT THAT LAST ONE that sits on your COUNTER!
Thanks for the TIP of letting PAN COOL I had NO IDEA!
THE GEORGE FLOYD MURDER was HORRIFIC.IT was young girls it looked like who were filming it........I hope they get the PRAISE THEY DESERVE!
I agree the LOOTING is not THE PROTESTORS.
How wonderful you have a LAKE HOUSE and can RELAX!
BE WELL and keep on BAKING!

Karen said...

Love that fridge! Glad to read all is well in your world, considering what's going on out there in the actual world. Your little poppy is so adorable -

Teen! said...

^^^the people who were looting and destroying property were actually there to be part of the message.

Yes Jane
Thank you for saying this! It is so important that people understand these looters are not representatives in the peaceful protest movements.

judia said...
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Anonymous said...

I had a recipe once that a friend gave me. It was her Portuguese grandmother who had measurements I was not at all familiar with but muddled through it as well. The cake looks delicious but not as good as that retro frig, Jane!! I love it and would love to replace our old spare frig in the garage with something like that....hmmmmm. Stay healthy and keep enjoying life at the lake...:)jp

Kim said...

That cake look de-lish!! And the new fridge is amazing. Home Depot huh? I am impressed!! Stay well and enjoy that sweet pup. xo

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percale bedspreads said...

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