Monday, September 30, 2019


Poppy.  8 weeks old

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know by now that a little baby girl has entered into my life and stolen my heart.  Meet Poppy!

I have some really cute pictures to share, but I tell you, it's hard because she is growing at warp speed.  This first picture I took of her was on the first night she came home with me.

I had spent a whole lot of time at the lake this summer and I not only had time to really bond with Layla as an "only" dog, but I was slowly able to look again at videos and photos of Milo...just a little. The shift came when I started to follow some animal shelters on Facebook.  It wasn't always easy to look at the faces of these kittens, puppies, dogs and cats, behind a metal cage door.  But there was hope that they could and would be adopted.  And finally, I stopped thinking if I could ever have another dog, and realized it wasn't about me and my grief, it was about giving one of these innocent souls a home.  

Abby and Poppy. 8/22/19

There's a shelter in a rural area not far from where I grew up.  It was one that I was following on Facebook.  One night I looked at a video of three pups in a cage, and that's when I just knew...

This shelter gets by on a wing and a lot of prayers.  It's not fancy; it smells and the barking is anxiety invoking, yet the animals lie on piles of old towels and have fresh food and water, which is sometimes the best care they've ever had in their lives. 

I learned fairly soon that this shelter is transporting as many dogs and puppies they can up from Kentucky where they are used as cattle dogs on farms.  Litters are sent off to kill shelters there, and the caring people from the shelter I've been following has been working hard to take in these pups using the little money they have to do so.   

The Husband and Poppy at the lake

He is in love with her!

Poppy at the lake, 8/30/19

After seeing this cute and somewhat shy little pup on the video, I took a leap of faith and went the following morning after finding out she was still there.  She had arrived via transport from Kentucky three days earlier.  When they handed her to me, I knew there was some sort of preordained connection, and I would unconditionally give her a home and a life at the same time my own heart was healing and growing.

Poppy 9/25/2019

At 13 weeks now, she has a loving and crazy personality of her own.  Affectionate, playful, mischievous, and smart, she has stolen all of our hearts.  We are not quite sure what sort of breeds she comes from, but most of the people who adopted dogs that came from Kentucky agree they are at tops--hounds of some sort.  I think it's a little uncanny that from the neck down she is a black and white version of Milo with the long body and tail, and random spots. Terrier indeed. In the photo above, taken last week, I was bowled over that her ears stood up.  Even my vet predicted her floppy ears would never stand!  But they do when she hears or sees something that captures her attention.  

You'll be hearing a lot more about my Poppy girl, that's for sure.  It hasn't been all roses and
rainbows in getting her housebroken (about 75% there), and having her stop relying on Layla as a play toy.  😉


Fall pillows and throws at the lakehouse

We have a lot of fall cleanup and winter prep at the lakehouse, but for now I'm parked here in Chicago for various reasons.  I did enjoy two weeks at the lake with my new girl, but it was a juggling act in getting her outdoors every hour and needing to use a lead line so she couldn't make a run for it.  And I never leave any of my dogs alone outside on a lead.  Its absolutely heaven here in the city to have a large fenced in yard where she can roam, sniff, play, run, and her new thang, digging up walnuts and chasing the squirrels that store them.  Milo would be proud.

Before I left Michigan, I did a little fluffing and adding fall touches here and there.  I don't decorate much for holidays or seasons, except maybe summer, because I don't want the clutter in the one place I can say I don't have clutter!  And most of my time is spent outdoors or pursuing good times, I just don't need much to make me happy from season to season.

Throws and pillows come in handy and I actually use the muted orange color year round to balance out the blue I have in the sofa and loveseat.

Fall whimsy at the lakehouse. 9/15/19

The Elusive Red Fox

After I had Poppy for about a week, I was anxious to bring her to the lake.  I don't know why...maybe to acquaint her with the life she is going to have.  As I drove around the bend to our house, I saw a dog heading toward me from around the corner so I slowed.  As we got closer I knew immediately that it wasn't a dog.  Long legs, fluffy tail, a perky face, and large ears, even though I had never seen a fox in my life, I knew.  It stopped next to my driver side door, no more than ten feet away, and stared at me for a second, then it continued on like no body's business.  

Well, good 'ol red has been spotted  all over the lake.  And its likely there are more than one, including little ones.  I'm on a lake Facebook group and like the above photo, which isn't mine, they've been spotted everywhere. I won't share all the pics.  One man took a video of a fox carrying a rabbit into the woods.  Like many wild animals, they won't usually attack you or your pet unless threatened.  They do however, sometimes attack small pets in confusing them with smaller animals like rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.  So I'm always vigilant about keeping Layla and Poppy safe.

I found this quote awhile ago and it resonates with me.  After spending at minimum, three months at the lake on my own this summer, I've learned a lot about this good 'ol life of mine.  Sometimes I feel like that young girl in her early twenties, flying off to California to stay on the ocean for the very first time, alone and very happy.  The same girl who flew to Boston several times a month for a whirlwind long distance relationship.  The girl who packed up her clothes, pillows, and cartons of journals to live alone in a studio apartment in Lincoln Park.  I feared nothing.  I was curious about everything.  

I'm not young anymore, but I still long for adventure and new journeys.  A phone call or text, a weekend visit from The Husband or kids makes my day.  Sometimes I get a little lonely and then I know it's time to head home.  For me, it's not that life is short, its that the world is so big.

Sending love to all of you,



Joy@aVintageGreen said...

A new family member - those ears are so 'alert'. Lots of training and lots of love.

Vee said...

Poppy is just the pup who can help heal your heart. She is such a love and I admire you for reaching out to her when she needed you most. I do love the orange blue combinations at the lake. It looks perfect for autumn.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

She's lovely! Time to build a new set of happy memories. Foxes are spotted more and more in 'urban' areas these days. Yes, likely it has young ones. -Jenn

Kit said...

Good Morning Jane! It warms my heart to see you and Poppy. She is so cute. You two were meant to be. 😊 Have a wonderful fall! Kit 💕

Lorrie said...

Good morning, Jane. I'm glad you have Poppy to help you heal. Your fall touches are similar to mine - quite minimal!

Dewena said...

Blondie, I'm so happy for you and even happier for Poppy! She is in high cotton with you to care for her. It's nearly two years since I lost my Milo and then his brother Otis soon after. And I still cry when I look at their pictures so I know how you feel. But to know you have saved one small puppy and will give her a wonderful life will help, just as she will help you every day by her presence in your home. I'm so glad you took this step!

Debbie said...

Congrats on your new pup! I'm so jealous! I want to adopt but I work outside of the home and so does the hubs so the poor baby would be alone most of the day. When we had our old dog one of us was always home or as the kids got older they always had a buddy. For now it's my cats as they tend to be happier left alone! Your little Poppy has landed in a good place!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Congrats on Poppy! If you look up the definition of "lucky dog" I bet it would say Poppy!!!!So happy for all of you! Especially Poppy.

CJ said...

How lovely, Poppy is absolutely adorable. And bless you for taking in a rescue dog, that's a really wonderful thing to do. I hope you and Poppy will be very happy together. CJ xx

Susie said...

Hi Blondie, So nice that you found Poppy and gave her a nice home. Glad all love her . Hope you and the family are all doing well. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Lynne said...

Poppy had my heart at first look . . .
Love her zip, ears on alert, nose a-twitching . . .
Oh my she is a love . . .
I guess you found her, and she found you!!
Thinking of you as you weather these first training days, you’ll get there . . .
I am sure Milo thoughts are still close to your heart but
what a cuddle for you to hold, guide and teach.
Let us hear mor3 and more Poppy Love!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your newest baby.

Bluebird49 said...

It's so good to hear you found Poppy! Not ever a replacement for Milo, because thete wad only one Milo, as thete will be only one Poppy!
Good hearing about your young woman's dreams, and your comings and goings. You are still that young woman, you know! She'll always be with you.

Theresa said...

Oh what a precious Poppy! I know you are loving having this new baby in your life. I am now 65 and still love a good adventure, wink. Enjoy each day, I move a little slower but still going and for that I'll be thankful! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

Jeanie said...

I love every word and photo in this post. Poppy is such a gentle, lovely, fun "gift" from the universe. And I love that I'm reading "healing" in your words. How lovely.

I think our cottage days -- or mine -- are over for the season. I love your autumn touches on your lake house.

Cindy said...

You and Poppy were meant for each other, sweet!!!

It's me said...

Oh Poppy is so cute 💕💕 i am melting sweeeeeet !!! your poppy !!...enjoy your time with love love 💕💕💕

Kim said...

Oh so sweet!! Congratulations!

Leslie Harris said...


First of all I have to say the reason I came directly here from my post is because you told me you "got off my ass' and did a post. So with an invitation like that, who could resist? hahaha I'm so glad I did too, because I am officially in love with Poppy and what a great little story, I loved hearing the slow, winding journey to find him in that shelter. So heavenly when a dog gets adopted! We're such dog lovers over here and what a sweet picture of Poppy with Abby and you Hubs.
I look forward to hearing more Poppy adventures, and I just know Milo is happily watching too.
Your home exudes warmth and coziness Jane. I enjoyed your comment on my post. And I can't wait to see your bathroom. I do agree that you should follow your instincts on your final design decisions.I'm way behind you with mine, it
s going to be awhile. I had to reorder my tub yesterday because the plumber told me the one that came was defective. Apparently the holes weren't lined up, something he told me he rarely sees.
oh well. another lesson on patience.

Rita C at Panoply said...

I love your Poppy puppy! She does resemble Milo. Lots of love coming tour way with this new found bundle, I'm sure. It's always good to see your posts pop up, Jane. Love your fall touches. Happy Fall!

Mereknits said...

Welcome Poppy! You are one very lucky girl to find such an amazing home. I am so thrilled for you Jane. I still miss my Max so much but the boys have helped to fill the space in my hear that was so empty with his passing. Best of luck with puppy training, the boys are still into way too much!

Karen (Back Road Journal_ said...

Poppy is so cute and what a nice addition she will be to your family. She will certainly be loved!

Little Wandering Wren said...

Oh, Jane, I'm loving this post so much. Thinking of you and your blue toes having adventures and going exploring with Poppy. I'm grinning right back at you - keep those toes blue and live, love, laugh with Poppy. She is one lucky pup to have chosen you!
Wren x

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

What a love Poppy is! Her face is so sweet! We had a fox den in the woods behind our house on the elementary school's property! I would see the fox roaming around, and it did scare me when I was out walking my dog, because I wasn't sure what it might do. I feel exactly like you do - yup, the world is so big! I want to see it all!

Terra said...

Poppy's markings on her face are just the cutest ever. She is such a darling, I love those spots. I like your last couple of paragraphs about aging, and thinking back to fearless younger years and also enjoying the present. Me too.

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I like your sofa, it looks rustic.

pillow sham pattern said...

Good morning, Jane. I'm glad you have Poppy to help you heal. Your fall touches are similar to mine - quite minimal!

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I love every word and photo in this post. Poppy is such a gentle, lovely, fun "gift" from the universe. And I love that I'm reading "healing" in your words. How lovely.accent pillow case baby burlap nursery

accent pillow case baby burlap outdoor said...

Poppy's markings on her face are just the cutest ever. She is such a darling, I love those spots. I like your last couple of paragraphs about aging, and thinking back to fearless younger years and also enjoying the present. Me too.accent pillow case baby burlap outdoor

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A new family member - those ears are so 'alert'. Lots of training and lots of love.accent pillow case baby canvas decorative

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