Thursday, October 26, 2017


I have finally sat down to get a post out to you, and I've also promised myself I will be in bed by 11:00 p.m. tonight.  We'll see.

This has been a few weeks of ups and downs and beyond.  The personal challenges, and the fickle weather have me feeling there is nothing we can be sure of anymore.  I'm happy to say the landscaping project on the front side of our city house is finally finished.  I'm going to share pics and explain what we did in my next post.  Everything turned out beyond beautiful and what I had expected.  Removing the ivy that covered all of the brick (and some windows, partially!), as well as some overgrown bushes that were past their prime, made all the difference in the world.   

Sadly, we had to have a majestic maple tree cut down this week.  We were able to get financial help on the public walkway (which we are responsible for maintaining), if we agreed to have it removed, as it's roots were the cause of the walkway buckling.  We were a lawsuit waiting to happen.  The work on the tree went on yesterday and today.  When a large limb would come down on the street, my house would shake.  The workers said they believed it was the biggest tree they had ever seen in our area.  

***Stump of maple.  Note my wee feet**

This makes me beyond upset.  Our house is surrounded by trees, and we have had our share of damage after heavy storms.  We have all of them trimmed up every few years., and this guy was definitely as healthy as could be.  I'm going to miss seeing that maple when I look out the living room window, or feel that dappled sun in the morning.  My hands were tied.  

The sidewalk will be repaired in the spring and the stump removed.  We will choose another tree (or two).   I want something that grows quickly.  I like the shade and I don't like looking across the street at other houses.  I have heard that the non-fruit-bearing pear tree is a fast grower and very pretty.  If anyone is from the Midwest and wants to chime in, please do.  


Sometime after I wrote my last post I had a little 'incident'.  I've been suffering from extreme dry eye disease for years and it has worsened with the new meds I've been taking since July for the eczema.  One morning I was feeling my way to my dresser for my eye drops, trying not to open my dry, scratchy eyes, when I blinked and felt the most excruciating pain in my left eye.  I actually bent over and rocked back and forth.  When I could manage to get the drops near the eye, I couldn't bear to open it.  I called my eye doctor, and then Abby, who by the grace of God was off work that week, and she took me to the doctor.  She did remark, first thing after walking through my door, "You really need to learn to call Uber."  Uumm...what happened to family?!

The diagnosis was a large flap tear of the cornea.  My eye doctor is normally a really neat, slap happy sort of guy, and he was not acting very slap happy at all.  He said the tear was not pretty, when I blinked, the flap tissue was moving up and down.  I was started on antibiotics and pain meds for the first 12 hours and then I was back to see him.  The piece had fallen off and became an abrasion.  His biggest worry was that the scarring could cause me to lose the sight in that eye.  I can now say that all went well, and I have a tiny scar that didn't cause any permanent damage.  He is trying to get my insurance to cover the daily eye drops, they are over $300 per month.  If I don't get on these drops, I will continue to erode my eye surface.  Still waiting to hear, and using my little Refresh over-the-counter drops every few hours.  I keep the tubes on my night stand.  

So, I couldn't write a post if I wanted to.  Luckily I had a few newspaper columns in my files so I didn't miss any work obligations.  I managed to comment on a few blogs here and there when I could, without overdoing it.  

Emily and Mike had the most fantastic 1st Birthday Party for Madelyn last Saturday.  I had been on pins and needles for the weeks after she asked me if she could have the party in our backyard, since it's large.  Late October in Chicago is not pretty, and I had no room in my house for the amount of family and friends (and little ones) she had invited.  Thankfully, it was in the mid-seventies and not a cloud in the sky.  

Emily should be a party planner.  Her ideas are so unique and she spent many hours working on a lot of sweet and clever ideas to make it a party to remember.  Here are a few shots:

A pretty table with pics of Madelyn and a self serve popcorn station.  The sun is making my photo wonky, but see the cute pink boxes?

For guests coming through the gate, a table was set up with cute cards to fill out and put in a basket as a sort of 'time capsule'.   Beautiful words were written about Madelyn, at age 1, to be opened when she is 18 in 2034.   I'm not even going to do the math on how old I'll be.  As long as I'm there, I'm happy.  :) 

The food was provided by a local Mexican restaurant.  And they are excellent.  How cool is this?  Made to order and hot off the grill.  I think the neighbors were envious, the smell of grilled steak, chicken and pork filled the air.

All of the condiments were set out by the cooks to help ourselves to.  When they were ready to leave, and they stayed a few hours, all of the extra food was wrapped up as leftovers, and off they went, as if they had never been there.  No clean up, nothing.  This was genius!

And finally, the Birthday Girl!   Well her actual birthday is a little over a week from now-I bet there will be another celebration.  Hopefully not here!  That's Abby's old highchair.  Emily painted it at the lake a few weeks ago.  Pretty.  Back it goes for all the little beebies!

I have something I want to share even though it makes my throat ache to put it in words.  I took Milo to the vet this past Saturday after Abby had noticed he had a few more fatty tumors around his neck.  They weren't though, they were swollen lymph nodes and he was diagnosed with cancer.  Our veterinarian is great.  He was straightforward, but also stressed that I wait for the blood work.  Lymphoma in canines does not have a good prognosis.  Even though Milo looks healthy for his age, he had 4 to 6 weeks to live.  

I could dig not very deep at all into my heart, and write triple what you really don't need to hear.  I don't want to make this a drama, you all know Milo pretty well; we have a very special relationship.  He's my buddy.  My companion.  Every. Single. Day.

So the lab work came back absolutely positive.  Since Abby had found the lumps weeks ago, he seriously didn't have much time.  Canines succumb very quickly to the disease.  Of course I read everything I could get my hands on*, and my vet spoke at length with me.  It was decided we would start chemotherapy.  I know it's very debatable to do this with an older pet, I can't say I know anyone who has a dog or cat who has ever gone this route.  But it might buy Milo as much as 6-9 more months.  

He had his first treatment yesterday.  I brought him in the morning, he was slightly sedated, and received the meds through a catheter.  He was sent home with Prednisone and a medication to be given if he had diarrhea, vomiting, wasn't eating, or became dehydrated.  I think just the commotion  of being at the clinic made him tired, and I was definitely stressed out after 3 days of crying and grappling with decision.  We took a looooong afternoon nap--this is him in the photo after his first chemo treatment.  Today he is eating, following me around, and even chased a squirrel across the backyard.  

I've spent days feeling every emotion an animal lover can feel.  Part of me wanted to just let things follow their own course, how could I go through this pain twice?  I was about to do that when I asked the doctor, "If this was your dog, what would you do?"  He didn't hesitate.  "I'd want more time."  And then I made up my mind. 

 Sigh.  This was so hard to put into words.  

I'll keep you posted (of course), but I intend on being as upbeat as possible as we live out this time together.  And I'm going to make it the best time ever!  Please say a prayer for my Mister.

Jane x

*If you are interested in one of the many websites I searched related to lymphoma in dogs, here is a link.


Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh Jane, I am so sorry to hear this news about your sweet little Milo. I think we can all relate to how dear our pets are in our lives and how difficult this must be for you. I am glad that you had the joy of celebrating your baby granddaughter's 1st birthday to brighten up this sad time. She is just so precious and the party looked wonderful. Losing your tree and the scare with your eyesight must have also been nerve-wracking. I am glad to hear that you have no lasting damage to your eye. I have two flowering pear and they are wonderful trees with pretty, glossy leaves and white flowers in the spring. One of them even produced a couple of pears for me one year - strangely. I hope you will try and be good to yourself as you assist your little companion with his illness. He is a lucky little guy to have such a devoted and loving family. xx K

CJ said...

Jane, I'm so very sorry to hear your news about Milo. You are both in my thoughts, and I hope the treatment goes well and allows you to spend more time together. He is such a dear little dog, and I know how very hard it must be for you. Sorry to hear about your eye problems as well. I'm glad the tearing has mended well, I do hope you're able to get the drops you need. The party looks amazing. A time of ups and downs indeed. I'm thinking of you, look after yourself my friend. CJ xx

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

So sorry about your sweet dog. Any end of life decision about our so loved pets is one of the hardest things. I had a corneal ulcer a few years ago totally out of the blue when I was getting ready for mass on Easter. One of the most painful things ever, so I sympathize! And, finally - flowering pear trees are so pretty in the spring - get one!

NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry about Milo. That same thing happened to Kris's dog that they adopted--right after they got him. He lived for several months and Kris treasured the moments. I hope Milo does well with the treatments and can enjoy these last few months of his life.

Your little granddaughter is really cute-what a perfect first birthday!

That is awful about your eyes--and scary! Our vision is so important to everything we do.

Have a wonderful weekend- are you in town or back at the lakehouse? xo Diana

Lisa said...

Sorry about Milo. Its heart breaking , I know.
The Bradford pear trees are fast growing and beautiful in the spring, however, they do not last many years and fall. Japanese maples are pretty too but Magnolia trees are my favorite.
What a lucky birthday girl. I love the popcorn station. She did great!

Maria Elena said...

Hi Jane. I am sorry about your eye. I hope it heals soon. I am so sorry about Milo. We just went through the same thing with our little dog over the summer. She had been with us for 14 years. She passed away in my arms a morning in August and I still haven't recuperated from it. I am choked up just writing this. She was my baby girl and such a big part of our family and our daily routine. Since I stopped working outside the home years ago, we spent ever minute of the day together. Wherever I went, she was there with me. It has been such a loss for our family. I will pray for Milo. He looks like such a sweet dog. Look like the birthday girl had a great celebration. She is so cute! Take care, dear friend. xoxo Maria

Sue said...

So sorry about your eye, and of Milo, sending hugs and prayers.

You granddaughter is adorable, birthday wishes.


Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

Oh my but you have had so much to deal with lately. Thank goodness your eye is healed and your sight saved. Love that the birthday party turned out nice and she is such a precious little girl...adorable. You must be heartbroken about Milo, I hope you get as many pleasant days with him as possible. As to the pear tree, they are a fast grower, are beautiful when in bloom in the spring but they are a brittle tree and can break easily in high winds so they have both pros and cons when it comes to planting one.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my, so sorry about Milo and so sorry about your eye. This has been some really bad news. Praying for both.

Katie Clooney said...

Oh Jane.. You have had a few hard weeks. So sorry to hear about your medical setbacks. And then you had to deal with the sad news about sweet Milo. It breaks my heart. I will say a special prayer to St. Francis. Hope you have a restful weekend.

podso said...

Wow what a lot of news. Losing an old tree is like losing an old friend. But it is amazing how quickly you adjust to the tree being gone. So sorry about Milo, that's a great photo of him. And your eye--wow! I'm so glad it was saved. And happy birthday to Madelyn. What a fun party! And love the color of the highchair!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My son’s dog, aged 12, was diagnosed with lymphoma in the summer of 2016. They decided on chemo. She had very few side effects, (mostly tiredness) and is still giving joy to the family. Like people, all animals and their cancers are different. I hope you have the same outcome with your Milo.

There are a few types of non-fruit bearing pear trees. Stay away from the Bradford Pear. They come down quickly in storms or break apart. They are a soft wood. I “had” many (8) surrounding my house as they are so lovely in the spring. I have three left. I am sure a local landscaper could give you good advice.

I am sorry to read about all your sorrows of late. Your beautiful grand baby though must lift your spirits. I understand your malaise with so many sad events around. Hopefully your eye will heal and your spirits will rise.

Take care.

Deb from Frugal Little Bungalow said...

So very sorry to hear this about Milo! :( That on top of the loss your beautiful maple ; what a time you have had. And then the eye trouble !! I surely hope that you can get those drops and that the chemo helps dear little Milo.

The birthday girl is adorable and the party sounds and looks amazing. I love that time capsule cards idea !

Beth said...

I am so sorry about Milo, and also about your eye. Let me share something about expensive medications. This may not apply to your insurance, but check and see. My husband uses Enbrel (just like Phil Mickelson), which costs $4800/month. Once he has met his deductible, it, and ALL further medical care for the year is covered at 100%.
Also....I was on Restasis for awhile, and they provided individual vials. The dose is one drop each eye twice a day. They say to use one vial in the a.m. and another in the p.m. With my eye dr.'s blessing, I used the same vial in the a.m. and p.m. That way, a 3 month supply lasted 6 months. Half price. Best wishes. Do what you need to do for your health, even if that means biting the bullet and paying the cost. Your sight is more valuable than any amount of money.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Oh Jane, what a time you've had. I'm so glad to hear that your vision was saved in that eye. I hope you're able to start on the drops you need soon. And the tree...I'm sorry it had to be removed. I know from experience how strange it is to have an empty space where they once stood. Milo...I'm so sorry to hear of his illness. It made me cry...I have such a soft spot for animals. I'll pray that the treatments will give you a lot more time with him. He is in good hands with your loving care.
I loved seeing photos of the birthday celebration! Your birthday girl is adorable. I think the cards is a fab idea!
xx Cheryl

Val said...

Ack! That's too much, Jane. 'Sending you love. I'm sorry for all the stress and heartache. And happy for the bits of happy. ♥

Karen Ann said...

My dog Bailey had lymphoma when she was four years old. They gave her either six months, or it would work and she could live a long life. It was 50/50. She is 11 years old now. The treatments made her tired but not overly so. It has not returned.

Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart.
So very sorry about your little dog.
What a wonderful birthday party.
And yes, book give aways on the blog work well for thinning the book shelf.

Scribbler said...

Your posts are always so real. That's why I love you.

Dry eyes are a pain -- dealing with this for years, so -- yeah -- I understand.

Poor doggie. I understand this, too.

Hang in there.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Your heart must be so heavy right now. Few things are as stressful and sad than to learn our beloved companions are sick. I hope the chemo helps and Milo has many more months with you.

It must have been terrifying to go through that with your eye! I'm sure it makes you never take your eye site for granted.

Little Maddy looks picture perfect in her pretty high chair. So glad the weather held up for you. At least one good thing happened!


Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, between your eye issue (which had me wincing in sympathy pain) and the heartbreaking news about your precious pup, this was a hard post to read. I am so sorry for what you're going through with everything. It is so hard when our fur babies are older and sick. My Zippo is 18 and is having medical issues now, too. It's heartbreaking.

I have no idea if this will even remotely help your eye dryness at all, but I thought it would be worth mentioning FWIW: my eyes used to be very dry, too (not as bad as yours, I don't think). I used to rely on eye drops and then learned they're not good for your eyes. So I asked my eye dr what else I could do and he said I could try taking Lutein. I started doing so and bingo! I never have to use eye drops anymore. I see better with night driving, too. I also take Omega-3 supplements (fish oil) which is good for dry eyes, too.

That's really sad about losing that maple tree. My neighbor right across the street from me has a gigantic maple in his front yard. It's my favorite tree in the neighborhood.

Your beautiful granddaughter...can't believe she's one already. What a great party!

Kathleen George said...

Happy 1st Birthday Miss Madelyn! A fun party for all, the food looked delicious. I'm happy that your eye is getting better and pray that your insurance will approve of the medication. Dang! The tree stump is huge! Good luck in finding a fast growing beautiful tree next Spring. Oh Jane, I hope Milo has a lot more time to be with you. Our Xena had 8 extra months and we treasured every moment:).
Looks like Winter is coming your way, stay warm and safe, Kathleen in Az

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh Jane where to start. First I am so sorry about Milo. It is so hard when you get that kind of news on our sweet pups. We had this happen with our Cooper we adopted. They only gave him a few weeks to maybe a month and he lived for over a year. Our vet found a drug that is used to treat lameness in dogs that was showing promise with his cancer. It did not cure it but slowed down the agressivness of the cancer. Cooper was never sick a day in the year he got with us. So we felt so good that he was one of the dogs that did do well on this treatment. It is not a chemo drug so there was no side effects so his last months of life with us were great. You would not have even known he had this aggressive cancer. I am praying the treatments will give you more time with Milo and he will tolerate the treatments and his quality of life will be good while being treated. I guess that is the bad part about choosing treatment. While it does well to take care of the cancer it also has big side effects that can really effect the quality of the dogs life. I am so glad you decided to try the chemo and I really hope it gives you more time with him. They are part of our hearts and it is hard to see them sick. So sorry about your eye issue too. Boy you have really had some hard times of late. Your granddaughter is so sweet. Glad the weather was great for her birthday.

Rita C. said...

Dear Jane, I want to focus on your title rather than the sorrows, but know that my heart hurts for you with Milo's dx, your eye (too scary!) and even the felled tree. I have a neighbor who opted chemo for her dog and her baby did gain about another year! He went into remission, and I'm certain that time allowed her person to grieve properly and adjust to her new normal (she now has a new furbaby she loves). So, celebrate the time you have with Milo and know that you're helping your buddy feel the best he can. Snuggle a little more and look for squirrels to chase. :)
Madelyn's party - oh my! I'd like to do that for Christmas, lol. Just let the cooks come and do it all, and just be the guest in my own home. I can help with the styling, lol.
It was good to see your post come through in email, and I hope your eye completely heals without further issue.

Lynne said...

dear, dear Jane . . .
Bumps bruises, changes, repairs . . . celebrating . . . and Milo . . .
My heart aches . . . look at that sweet pea . . .
Best ears ever, loyal to the core . . .
Yet, . . . off he went chasing a squirrel . . . and some hope is in the air . . .
Really no other love like pet love . . .
You have my heart . . . Milo has my heart as well . . .

Little miss M . . . is soooooo adorable.
Love the chair, paint color ??
My oh my . . . Happy Birthday precious!

I hug trees . . . so the loss of that pretty Maple is understood . . .
Hands were tied though, as you said.
I wonder if a local arborist could advise you best about “what next?”

And your eye . . . come on insurance, help out here . . .
Happy the pain and tear are in the past but do take upmost care . . .

You have spice style empathy dear girl . . . I love reading you . . .
I am hoping for some gentle, quiet, cuddling days for you and your dear companion . . .

Susie said...

Blondie, You have had a hard week. I hope and pray your eye has healed, and you never have that again. Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl. Glad the weather was good thru the party. Great idea of having it catered to perfection.
I am so sorry about Milo...I know he's your constant little buddy . Hope you have some good times left with him. Even sitting and holding him to find your peace. Sending hugs to you. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Kit said...

So sorry for your troubles. I hope they all resolve themselves and you can be better again. I am glad you had a good birthday for your grand daughter. She is lovely! :) Kit

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I am so sorry to hear about your health issues and your sweet puppy. Sending hugs.

It's me said...

O no!...this is no good news about Milo....i hope she Will be with you for a longer time....i Will pray for your poor from je Ria x ❤️

Mereknits said...

Jane, you have had so much on your plate. I am glad you had that wonderful party to lift your spirits during these tough times. I am so sorry about your eye, that sounds horrible. And of course dear Milo. After putting Max down just one month ago I know how you feel. I am still so sad. There is a big hole in our house. Stay well my friend.

Kim said...

Oh Jane, how terribly scary. Not being able to see is just awful and eye pain is the worst. It is disorienting and nauseating. I am glad that you are feeling better and I hope that you continue to without further complications. I am sorry to hear about your pup. Losing a pet is so hard and watching them suffer can be intolerable. Looks like your beautiful granddaughter was the bright spot. Thank goodness for those delicious babies. xo

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh Jane, I am so sorry to learn about Milo. I know exactly how you feel. As long as he is not in pain, I would keep him. Prayers will be send for Milo.

So sorry about your eye, please take care of it.

Your little Maddy is so cute and it sounds like she had a wonderful Birthday party. I just went to a 1 year old party today. She was a little princess. It was held in the park.

Jane, I am so very sorry about all the stress you are going through. Just keep the faith and I know everything will work out. Just love little Milo and spend time with him. You will know when it's time to let go.

Lots of hugs,

Donna said...

Hi Jane,
I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet Milo. Only you can make the decision to pursue treatment or not. We lost two sweet pups in 3 years, very unexpectedly, and I never thought our hearts could break so much. Enjoy the time you have together, our fur babies are like our children, aren't they? Also sorry to hear about your eye! Glad you are doing better. Sending you a big hug.

La Table De Nana said...

Geesh Jane:(
Too much..too much happening..the eye..the doggie the tree..
I feel for you..yet here you are blogging and sharing Maddie..amazing the parties Littles have nowadays.

Everything was minimal when I was 1..62 yrs the tail on a n od donkey in the hallway of our walk up in and when my girls..42 and 40 had parties growing up..they were humble parties too..I noticed a change when my girls started having children..but now they are older so it's an outing w/ friends etc..

But what a change in birthhday venues..

Your daughter did a great job!

So easy to be happy and upbeat and cheerful when all is well isn't it?

When I hear people complaining about a cold..I cringe:)

Take care Blondie...hope family comforts you♥

Ginene Nagel said...

Wow, Jane, you have been on a roller coaster of emotions: the joy of Madelyn's first year celebration, learning Milo is ill and then decisions to make, and then the old tree. I wish you strength and it would be wonderful to meet you someday. I won't forget to pray for Milo.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Lots of life happenings going on there, Jane. First of all, Happy Birthday to your little sweetheart...the party looked like a wonderful family time!
I am so sorry to hear about is so VERY hard to go through. I pray he does well with the chemo, to give you more time. xoxox
I have severe dry eye as well, and have had corneal fun. Restasis really helped me get things under control. Luckily my insurance covered it. Hopefully your doctor can get the medication you need!

The French Hutch said...

Dear Jane, do sorry you've been faced with so many emotional decisions. To have to have your beautiful maple tree cut would be terrible. Of course you had no decision there, it had to be done. And, my gracious, your eye must have been a very scary experience. I have to use eye drops for dry eye and I know how uncomfortable the condition can be. I am glad all is well now and I do hope you're insurance will pick up the medication. Sweet party for adorable baby. I'm so sorry about your beloved pet. I hope he does well on his treatment. Hope you have a better week...,

Jill said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog and you rough go with your eye. I scratched my cornea once and to say the pain is excruciating is an understatement. Here you had a flap of it?! I will pray for you and your dog. That grand daughter will bring you such joy to help at this time.

baili said...

Oh dear Jan
i am so sorry about your precious Milo ,my heartiest prayers for him to have perfect health and long happy life with you,i am glad he chaesed squirrel ,it means he is getting better and back to his active routine.
i am also so sorry for your eye pain who gave you quite tough time but by the Grace of God you are feeling better now .

I can imagine your pain for you loving pet and misery by having eye problem my friend.
i am happy that your new house garden project is done and you got joy at least from this side .i hope things will get better and you will feel more refreshing when your new tree will grow front of your eyes dear

baili said...

sorry for missing letter "E" in the spelling of your name my friend!

Carla from The River said...

Hi Jane,
So much going on for you. I am happy Abby did take you to the doctor appointment. I agree with you, do not call Uber, call family!!
The birthday party looks like a grand time.

Praying for you and your sweet Milo.
xx oo

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your eye; I hope it's getting better. I'm also sorry about Milo too. That tree stump is amazing! Can't believe a tree that large was in your front yard!

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

I am so sorry about Milo, it is never an easy thing when your loved ones become ill. Enjoy every minute with him, he knows how much you love him and the wonderful thing is his love is ten fold.


NancyB said...

Janet - so sorry to hear about Milo. I think you made the right choice and pray it gives you more time with him. About your dry eye - have you been tested for Sjogrens? It's an autoimmune condition that both me and Chrissy have. Check it out when you have time. It's dry eyes and dry mouth. Very hard to live with.
Happy birthday to Madelyn!

Andrea Nine said...

I can very much relate to having your heart break with your dear companion, Milo. We made a decision for our 13 year old Daisy and it has given her good quality of life despite being expensive. My husband said no matter what it takes! So sorry about your eye, you poor thing!! What a fabulous first birthday party for the sweetest girl!!! I will continue to pray for Milo and may this week be much smoother!!

Kathy Moreland said...

It's so painful to lose a pet. We lost 2 in a year and it was so, so hard. While I was in the hospital, Rheagan's dog, Nova, was run over and killed, and it just absolutely broke her heart. She has a new dog now, Max. He's the same breed, but very different. They got him at the Humane Society where his owners had split up and just dropped him off.

I hope your eyes improve quickly. Take good care of yourself. Oh.....sweet party for the baby, and a great idea to have it catered!


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Jane, hope your eyes are getting better and that the insurance comes through. Some of those companies are a piece of work! Little Milo, so sorry to hear about this. When Buddy had cancer in his leg we were faced with amputation, but due to arthritis in his back end, he had to use his front legs to get to a standing position so that would not be feasible. We kept him as long as we could until we noticed his pain, then had to let him go. You will know when the time is right. Just enjoy him now. He is such a sweet friend to all of you..Take care, xxoJudy

Anonymous said...
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Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh. You have had a plate full of sadness! I️ was just diagnosed with dry eye myself, and your story is sobering. Yikes! I’m doing the over-the-counter drops myself and trying not to wear contacts every day. I’m so sorry about your little buddy. Will be sending good thoughts your way. 😘

handmade by amalia said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sorrow. Sending a big big hug.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Hi Jane, I wanted to thank you for discovering my blog. I will be following yours! I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Having pets is wonderful, but making those hard decisions is not. I hope things go smoothly and you have some nice time together.
That is very scary about your cornea! My husband had eye surgery (not lasik because his corneas were too thin) and one of his eyes had trouble healing because one of the pieces wasn't laying flat (kind of like yours). Very painful but it did heal eventually. So glad that your eye healed and all is well. -Jenn

Decor To Adore said...

Oh my sweet friend where to begin!!! I am so sorry about your cornea tear and thankful that you did not lose sight. I think you know how I feel about my sweet pets and I believe that you too believe you are family. We will be praying for your furry family member.
Lastly, it truly is such a shame that you had to remove the maple.
May your upcoming days be filled with only sunshine.

Maggie said...

Jane, my dear friend, my heart goes out to you and Milo. I know just how you feel, it's 5 years ago exactly since I was in the same situation with my darling cocker spaniel Ben.
Thinking of you and sending both of you lots of love,

Laurel Stephens said...

My heart goes out to you over all you're coping with. I hope your insurance comes through on your eyedrops and there are no more threats to your eyesight, and I hope you'll have your precious canine friend to gaze upon for months to come.

Birdie said...

I was blog hopping and read the part about your eyes. I have dry eyes as well and have been told they are the eyes of an 80 year old. My optometrist recommended a fish oil formula that helped a lot. It’s a specific formulation especially for dry eyes. This article might be helpful. I’m from Canada so I looked up an article that was writen in the US because we would have different products here but the information is the same. Or maybe you already know about this. :-)

Sorry about your dog.

Stacey said...

Jane, you've had a lot on your plate lately! I hope your eye heals properly and will say that I have a newfound respect and fear of dry eyes. I have dry eyes too and didn't realize that could happen but it makes sense. I'm going to talk to my dr. about this.

The birthday party looks like it was an amazing event and little Madelyn is beautiful! How fun it will be to look back and read the time capsule cards.

The would have just hurt me as I know it hurt you to cut that tree down. We just don't have enough huge trees in the world these days but sometimes we just have to let them go for safety reasons.

Now about Milo, I scrolled through and saw the Kris commented. I hope that gives you some hope to know that her Cooper lived quite a bit longer than they thought he might. We'll pray for Milo too. Paul and I love our Belle so much ...we talk about it all the time like she's a child. I know you feel that way too.

Linda said...

Hello Jane....
How did I miss this powerful post?
What a party!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
And your eyes.....Geesh.....and Milo....darn it....
Where are you these days? Things working out?
Email me anytimeπŸ’“
Linda πŸ’•

Ruth said...

This is my first time seeing your blog, so I haven't read much yet. About your maple tree - it's a heartbreak beyond description, and I truly sympathize. It's a different loss from loss of life, but it can be nearly as devastating. Please look up ornamental pear trees - they're invasive and not a good replacement. Wishing you all the very best!

bj said...

I'm so sorry about your eye troubles...glad you have a good doctor.
also sorry for you to loose a magnificent tree....but more sorry about your precious dog.Life sucks sometimes but the saying, GOD opens other doors when ones close always made me feel better.
So much love....

Poppy said...

You've had a lot to deal with, Jane, first with your eye, which sounds very scary, and then with your adorable Milo. I hope he starts to feel better, soon; he sounds like such a strong sweetie!

Madelyn is already 1 - wow! Time sure flies (and faster, I believe after 40!;)) Happy birthday to the cutie pie!

I've always dreamed of having a house covered in English ivy, but my husband, who's a contractor made sure that I understood that that particular dream would never come true, since he made me understand that climbing vines cause damage to exterior walls. Did yours? I'm glad you are happy with the redo.

Prayers being sent your way for you and your mister.

Take care,


Michele said...

Oh my, dear Jane- what a post - your eye, your sweet pup, such horrible news! And then that sweet one year old's adorable face. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions.

Please know you are being thought about and prayer for - and your family and furry friend.

Hugs and love. ♥