Sunday, January 22, 2017


Hello everyone!  Doesn't it seem like January is flying by? At this time last month we were down to that frenzied crunch of getting Christmas shopping finished.  Funny how our plans, worries and frustrations are so easily transferred to other things.  

It's been a typical Chicago winter.  Typically unexpected in a day to day way.  I've been doing the shoveling number.  When it snows it's easier for me...the Keeper of the Home Fires, to shovel that white stuff off the walks and then continue to do so every hour or so in an effort to look like I haven't neglected my neighborhood duty.   We do have a snow blower but since my vacuum cleaner often confuses me, I don't even want to deal with that thing.  

This is best I could do with a selfie (and without a speck of makeup) as I shoveled a little path for the dogs in the backyard.  We had a few days of below zero weather.  Parts of the old house were so cold a space heater was needed.  

  As I wrote this post in segments, the snow has now melted after days of rain, ice, more rain and now temps in the high 50's.   I've been able to not only open the blinds and curtains that we keep closed for insulation, but I have windows open a bit, too.  It smells so clean.  Heavenly.

This was taken before the lake froze.  Off in the distance is the island.  In case I've never mentioned, there are about 100 homes on the island and a ferry keeps people and cars going back and forth all day.  Most people get around by golf carts.  Over the past few weeks we have seen ice fisherman setting up camp on our little bay and ice skaters on the lake.  I love that because some winters we just don't freeze over.  The ice fisherman are special people to me.  Years ago when I was very new to the lake I attempted to cross a frozen channel on foot, it was super cold and it was a short cut.  As I neared the end of the dock I was trying to reach, I could feel and hear the ice creaking and moaning and the water puddling around my boots.  I was probably walking on about 15-20 feet of water.  I heaved my self on to the dock and ran to the home of one of my good friends.  She took me aside very sternly.  She pointed to the lake.  "Do you see any ice fisherman out there?"  I didn't.  "Then the lake is not frozen.  It's not safe."  I think about that cold January day.  So quiet, not a soul around.  That heavy coat, scarf and boots I wore would surely would have weighed me down.  Do you ever feel you have 9 lives? 

Up until last weekend we didn't have television or Internet.  I was finding it very cozy to curl up on the sofa with the warmth of the fire and plow through a few books.  I finally finished Isle of Dreams by Susan Branch.  I was really looking forward to the last book in her trilogy as The Husband and I  spent time on Martha's Vineyard for his 40th birthday.  I think she's a wonderful writer and she appeals to so many of us women with her warmth and sense of humor. And most of you know, I love (and envy) women who strike out on their own.  The part where a horrific Nor'easter hits the island and she lies in bed with the blankets up to her chin, I just thought, wow.  This would have had me packing my bags and heading back home to mom and dad.  What did puzzle me is that she was living on MV for a good six years before she met the love of her life, and she doesn't mention any friendships.  I'm surprised that she didn't make a slew of friends given her fun personality.  Other than her neighbors it seems like this was a very lonely time.  Have you read the book?

Another book I read was The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.  I devoured it in two sittings but I'm not sure if that's because it was such a page turner or that we were frozen inside the lakehouse.  Like many of the people who reviewed the book, it has a lot of similarities to The Girl on the Train.  A very flawed heroine who no one takes seriously and a plot that keeps you guessing until the end.  It's a little dark but is that a bad thing?

Ironically I did watch Girl on the Train last weekend and was really happy that it didn't disappoint.  Emily Blunt was perfect as Rachel.   She really put a face to the character in the book.  Loved it.  On the light side I watched Bridget Jones' Baby.  Not every one's cup of tea (har har) but I liked it.   

I can't remember how I came across this book, 52 Lists Projects, or at least what led me to order it from Amazon, but in trying to get back to some journaling I thought it might be a good start.  The book is sectioned into 52 weeks and at the start of each week there is a  little prompt such as, List All The People Who Brighten Your Day, or List All The Things That Make You Feel Powerful.  And yes, they are all 'lists'.  And then of course you can expound on these subjects.  I think it sounds fun and I really am trying to get back into the mode of writing, as with paper and pen. I get a lot of satisfaction out of using a plain old calendar/planner, too, as opposed to the Notes app on my phone.  The planners at Target are so darn cool, its hard to make up your mind which one to get.  I found a matching notebook that can be refilled with legal size tablets and now I have all my notes for my posts and newspaper articles in one place.  

I have been on a Pinning frenzy lately, especially soups and salads.  Both leave me wide open to interesting possibilities and I usually just do a quick grab of anything in the fridge and throw together one or the other.  Since they are healthy and relatively low in carbs, I've been having some fun.  If you'd like to have a look at some of the recipes I've fallen in love with, you can look at what I've Pinned here.  I have a category for Healthy Soups & Stews, and another for Not Your Everyday Salads.  You can also click on the Pinterest icon on my sidebar.

One of the ways you can start incorporating the use of new recipes into your week (or month) is what I usually do.  On the back of my grocery list I write the name(s) of the new recipes and the source (a cookbook or Pinterest), then I list the ingredients I don't have on hand.  At some point you may find that it's second nature to have certain ingredients on hand like boxed broth, beans and other canned or packaged ingredients (aim for preservative free).  Picking up fresh veggies at the grocery store is your best bet but since I have the propensity for buying much more than I came for, sometimes its best to first make the meals that require the very freshest veggies.  Onions, carrots and potatoes can hang out for a while.  And never feel that every day you need to try something new.  I alternate recipes for meals that take some time and thought with those that even a monkey could do:  Grilled cheese and chips, pasta tossed with olive oil and cheese, a simple chicken Caesar salad.  

I came across this recipe somewhere on Pinterest and wasn't going to make it as I've been eating Buffalo Everything for every gathering in the past three years.  But I had all of the ingredients and I spiked things up a little here and there.  I found it was quick, simple and delicious.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

2 large boneless chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
2 T butter
2 T olive oil, divided
3/4 to 1 c Frank's Wing Sauce
1 T celery seed
3-4 green onions, green and white parts, chopped
2 4 oz. cans of green chile's
4 oz. cream cheese
4 oz. crumbled blue cheese
2 c shredded iceberg or Romaine lettuce
8 flour tortillas
Salsa and/or Ranch dressing (optional)

Heat the shredded chicken in a skillet with 2 T butter.  You can use a store bought cooked rotisserie chicken or as I do, bake the chicken breasts up to a day ahead.  Stir and warm through.  Add the olive oil, wing sauce, celery seed, green onion and chile's.  Combine and cook over low heat, covered for about 15 minutes stirring occasionally.   Adjust ingredients for taste as you go along.  I'm not crazy about super spicy so go easy on the wing sauce at first. 

 Finally, stir in the cheeses, incorporating well as they melt.  When mixture is creamy, remove from heat and serve with tortillas.  They may be topped with the lettuce before or after the chicken mixture.  Drizzle on Ranch dressing and a scoop of salsa.  Roll up and serve with plenty of napkins.  I garnished mine with cilantro and limes and this can easily be added right to the chicken mixture.  Adding black beans and a handful of cheddar cheese ups the protein.  I think you can have a lot of fun playing with this.  Serves 4

The melted snow is nothing to get excited about, Milo.  These have been really lazy days for the dogs.  The house at the lake really wears them out.  We have floor to ceiling windows in the Great Room so they are always watching, on guard for anything from a chipmunk to Big Foot.  They take their jobs seriously.  As you can see from this picture, access to windows here in the city aren't as easy to maneuver.

 Final details are happening.  I had our settee and glider rockers reupholstered and they were finished up last week and delivered.  These pieces make up a little conversation area in a corner of the Great Room near the windows.  We can have our coffee and look out at the lake in the morning or sit with a group of friends and chat.  So I'm so psyched about seeing the 'new' furniture.  The contractor is finishing up little details like shelves in the kitchen cabinets and toilet tissue holders in the walls. Before we know it the weather will be warm and we'll head outside to work on the gardens and spiff up the boats.  I just felt a wave of fatigue come over me!

So this is what we do for now between the trips to Michigan and my daily running around.  I have little Madelyn here on Mondays when Emily works downtown.  She's actually a wobbly little baby now, looking around and smiling.  I have a cradle type thing in my bedroom for her to nap in (I can't begin to describe or give names to this paraphernalia that is out there for babies now).   Emily and I went to Buy Buy Baby last week and I stopped dead in my tracks.  The entire place smelled like baby.  Fresh out~of~the~bath sweet smelling baby.  And its true, stores have scents added to the ventilation systems in stores.  Sometimes you might smell a musky cologne scent in the men's section of Macy's.  Stores that sell sweets often pipe in that fresh baked smell.  This baby smell though...I would have easily added #5 to the family if I was still young and frisky.  

Last night we went to daughter in law Deirdre's baby shower.  It was held at her and Jeff's home and it was a nice crowd of about 50.  Maeve made all of the food; Chicken Tetrazzini, salad and garlic bread.   She does beautiful appetizer boards with meats, cheeses, dates, nuts, olives, crackers and bread sticks, and it's as beautiful as it is delicious.  The baby's room is almost finished.  This is such an exciting time.  Deirdre is due February 14.  They don't know the sex and that makes it even more fun.  A lot of guessing going on.

I finally had the surgery on my front tooth, well actually the tooth just to the left of my front tooth.  Well hello!  Isn't this interesting people?  There was a fracture way up near my nose, so it had to be pulled and I needed an implant.  I so wanted to be knocked out for this, and that's odd because I've never been nervous in any way, shape or form when going to the dentist or even a doctor.  But this was surgery and I rescheduled the appointment twice.  I have no idea how this tooth fractured but it has been terrible experience all around.

The Husband might have been feeling a little guilty that I was going alone but seriously, I'm just not one of those people who asks for help or company.  He kept insisting he'd go downtown to court and then zoom back to meet me at the dentist office.  In spite of my pleas that he just stay away, I was sitting in the waiting room when I felt a whoosh of cold air and the the door opened.  There he was, trench coat billowing, hair a mess, looking wildly around and then clasping his hands to his chest in relief when he saw me.  

"Oh!  Thank God I made it in time.  How are you?"

"What are you doing?  Just go home.  I'm fine."

"No, no.  I want to be here with you!"

"Please, I'm not having a baby."

"No!  It's much worse!"  

The man has clearly never given birth.  And I believe he has all of his teeth.

So they call me into the little surgical area and lo and behold, he's following me.  I'm shooing him away like he's a stray dog as he asks the nurse if it's okay for him to be there.  As she's saying yes, I'm saying no, and soon all three of us are in a debate in this tiny little room that has now caused me to start shaking by looking at all the sharp tools on the sterilized tray.  Somewhere in between the time he was asking the nurse how long the procedure would take and how long she had to go to school to learn what she was doing, she was leading him out and telling him my medication had already been called into the pharmacy and might he not want to amuse himself perhaps by picking that up while he was waiting?  I was stretched out in the chair, swaddled in white paper, gripping the armrests and praying he'd go get that pain killer ASAP.  I just wanted to get home and heavily medicate myself by that point.  

So that was the fun part.  After a lot of cutting and blood and sutures, as well as  something in my mouth that resembles my mother's upper dentures, I arrived home to The Husband sitting in a chair with a Big Mac and fries, watching a hockey game.  

"Did you pick up my meds?"

"No.  I thought you'd get them on your way home?"

"But you did find time to stop for food."

"Yeah, I was hungry.  I got you a Quarter Pounder."

"I can't eat!!!"

Hysteria is rising somewhere in my throat because I know my mouth was too numb to move.

 I went to lie down and kept feeling those darn stitches with my tongue.  Two weeks?  And then the pain started coming,  I felt it spreading over the left side of my face.  I touched my mouth and felt dried blood on my lips.  Man, they could have cleaned me up a little before they sent me home.  I felt like Donald Duck.  Finally I called out to The Husband as best I could:

"Are you going to Walgreens soon?"

"Yeah.  We're in the 2nd quarter."

"But I'm sort of in pain now."

"Yeah, about 45 minutes."

I can't repeat my dialogue here.  I consider this a family blog.

"Okay, okay.  I thought you said you had given birth."


Well, I'm sorry this is so long.  It's what happens when I'm gone for over 2 weeks.  You stop having conversations in your head and just start to share them on your blog. 

So...have you read anything interesting recently?  Have you seen any good movies?  How's the weather in your neck of the woods as Al Roker would ask?  Were you watching reruns of Full House and Frasier on Friday afternoon as I was?  

I'll be back.  Thanks for being patient with me!

Jane x


sweetbriardreams said...

Hello my lovely Jane! Your writing about the dentist episode had me laughing! They are so tentative one minute when you don't want it and then as soon as a game's on, everything goes out the window and they wonder what the fuss is all about and why we are screaming! :) We haven't been as cold as you, but sometimes in the morning that little nip bites!! Nothing reading at the moment, just trying to write and get out with the camera but I do like the look of the journal book you have bought. Sometimes the prompts help to keep positive. Have a wonderful Sunday and week xx

It's me said...

Hi Jane...owww i hate the dentist....i am always affraid for going too...have a Nice sunday love Ria x

Courtney@Golden Boys and Me said...

Hi Jane. Your dentist story had me chuckling (and cringing as I despise the dentist too) and the rest of your post had me nodding along. We are so similar! I love that smell in Buy Buy Baby too. I always appreciate your book reviews and I am adding the Susan Branch to my list. My boys still love buffalo chicken everything so I will give that recipe a try too. Have a great week! Courtney

Simply LKJ said...

Good to hear from you sweet friend. I do remember my first time out on the ice with the fisherman. Not my cup of tea! I feel for you as my sweet hubby had a similar trip to the dentist years ago. I don't mind my routine stuff, but they can keep the rest! I just posted a yummy soup recipe if you are interested.
Have a great week.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Yikes about your tooth surgery! I hope you heal quickly!

Unknown said...

Hope your pain has subsided!!! I hate going to the dentist! Husbands!!! They just don't think like us, but that might be a good thing.

We've been having warm weather, and today have tornado watches all over the area. Don't like these kind of days! I'm glad you got to visit the lake house.

Take care!

Karen said...

HA! I just had the first dental implant surgery procedure three days ago! I had a tooth that had two root canals, two crowns, and finally broke. Thursday I had the tooth removed and bone added, then stitched up - that needs to heal and then back for a second surgery to put the implant in. Good lord. I opted for being knocked out, however. I don't remember a thing during the procedure - and yes, that same throbbing pain after. Today I am stomach sick from the antibiotic and pain killer (Amox. and Tramadol) and haven't taken anything. BLEH.

The Books - I read all - Loved Susan Branch's book Isle of Dreams, and now that you mention it, you're right about the friendships.. she talked more about the California girls than any on island. Amazing story, took courage for sure. Her house and marriage now are just a dream come true - you already know how I love the island.

The Woman in Cabin 10 - I thought is was OK - kinda frustrating in the way that Girl on the Train was. You're right - the movie was better than the book I think, and the actress really did the part justice. There wer still times when I wanted to slap her and say SNAP OUT OF IT!!.. lol...

reading Hillbilly Elegy now.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Jane ... your story about your Mister and your dental surgery is priceless. It sounded very close to home. I read Woman in Cabin 10 and enjoyed it. If you like thrillers, The Marriage Lie is very good. I didn't realize that you live in the Chicago area. I have a very good friend who is a blogger that lives in Glenview. Are you anywhere near there? I went to college in Lake Forest and lived in Northbrook and Algonquin. Hope your mouth is healing quickly.

Susie said...

Blondie, I would rather give birth ...even here in my old age than go thru dental issues. The last root canal took care of my sensitivity. Hooray. I could almost feel your pain ...then the conversation trying to get meds. Yikes. If your husband had gone thru what you had...he would have swore he gave birth. LOL. Love our men...but they always get good attention when they are sick or suffering. I would like to know more of Susan Branch's live on the island. I love her blog and pictures. When I think of you walking on the lake...that is so scary. I have heard of people driving cars on a frozen won't catch me doing anything like that. I do not like to be I don't think I would even walk on the lake frozen. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie

Rita C at Panoply said...

Oh girlfriend! You're going through what I experienced a couple years ago (that just ended Jan 2016), remember? Oh dear, a front tooth. Tell me, did they actually implant already? I went by myself when I had my extractions.....and didn't have anesthesia. It was highly traumatic, something I'll never forget. My process took almost 1 full year, so I'm so curious about your steps. I know it varies. I drank many, many protein shakes throughout that period (good nutrition and food value, and tasted good too!).
I loved the story of the frozen lake...I would have never known that simple gauge of when it's safe, not safe. I cannot wait to see the full blown details of your lake house decor. You certainly are keeping us waiting with bated breath!
Take care sweetie.

podso said...

I can't believe you drove yourself home from the dentist! You described the weather so well I was right there with you. Exciting days ahead with the little valentine on the way!

Scribbler said...

Fabulous post! I can't pick a favorite part, so I will just say I thought it was all wonderful. You might be the next Erma Bombeck!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Seems like you touched a nerve with that Dentist story (pun intended). I had an implant a few years ago. I went from a B cup to a small D. J/'s a C. lol I did in fact have an implant on my front tooth, and while I'm VERY use to going to the dentist, that was not an experience I wish to repeat. I hope yours won't be such a PITA.

Do you remember when I met Susan about 3 years ago? Lovely woman, but as nice as she is, I will say that the Cape might be a difficult place to meet friends. I read the Woman in Cabin 10. Eh. Took me a while to get through it. I just didn't empathize with her for some reason.

I find it funny that you think Branch has cajones, but you walked on ice!! That's a big no no, unless you're 100% sure it's safe! But you lived to tell the tale :).


Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Jane,
Oh so sorry about your tooth stuff. Been there myself so I feel your pain. Hope you feel better. Loving these Spring like days we are currently having. Just wish some sun would come out. Happy New Week.

Benita said...

Bless your heart Jane, I'm so sorry about the dental problem. I hate going to the dentist...nothing good ever happens in a dentist office! I would have definitely had a few precise "unfamily-like" words to say to the hubster also...I would have been hysterical and in tears!! Good book suggestions. I love Susan Branch but haven't read anything but her cookbooks...LOL. Will definitely have to give them a try. The ice fishing reminds me of Grumpy Old of my favorite movies! Love and hugs to you sweet friend...hope you are feeling better!!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Hope you are feeling better by this time, Jane! I've never had a dental implant, but did have gum surgery last spring which was not fun, and I know it's nowhere near as intense as an implant. I haven't read a book since the summer (funny, it was one you recommended -- Lunch in Paris. I have seen a couple of good movies, though - loved Lion, and Hidden Figures. Hope the weather stays mild for you. We, too, have been in the 50's the last few days.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

The dentist visit didn't sound fun at I hope you are feeling much better now!
The ice has definitely been different with the temps this year...your walk sounds a little scary!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh my, that implant experience does not sound fun at all. A friend recently had one and said it was fairly easy. But then again, it wasn't a front tooth -- I think that makes a difference. Hope you are healing up nicely and not feeling so much pain. Your pups sure are cute. I can imagine how all those big window at the lake would keep them on high alert with everything moving outside. Good advice about the frozen lake.

Maria Elena said...

Jane, I hope your dentist nightmare is over and you are feeling better now. I have had so many dental problems and I am scared to death of going to the dentist every time. You are a brave woman. :) I have never read Woman in Cabin 10 but now I am curious about the book. You little dogs are sooo cute! Ours is getting very old and she doesn't care much anymore about what is happening outside. I can't believe you walked on a frozen lake! How scary! Good thing you got out of there fast! Our weather has been crazy, Saturday we reached 82 degrees, today is 47 and I have now the worst sore throat in the planet. :) Body just can not adjust to this temperature changes.
Hope you have a wonderful week! Maria

Deb from frugal little bungalow said...

Jane this was such a nice post to read...cozy fire, curled up with books, food, babies...and then at the end I just about spit out my coffee; he got you a quarter pounder after a dentist appt. OMG that is hysterical!!! :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love so many of the same books that you like. And winter is a good time to read although I read more in the night time hours. Hope your tooth is all better now. Sending you boo boo kisses...they are very gentle! Hugs, Diane

Stacey said...

Oh my gosh, I was all stuck envisioning you trying to cross that ice years ago and shivering in my seat when the dentist story started. I'm dying!! I need a root canal and I'm so scared. All of the things that your husband did absolutely could happen in our house. It's all good until football comes on and then the house could burn down around him. Cracks me up!

I read The Woman in Cabin 10. Maybe we talked about this already....I felt the same as you. Just watched The Girl on the Train on pay per view the other night. Lordy mercy!! It was disturbing and not my kind of story.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Your retelling of the conversation between you and your husband in the dentist's office had me laughing. Then I felt bad because you didn't have the painkillers when you needed them. Hope you're okay now. Have you ever seen the movie "Rugged Gold"? If you like movies about women who survive unbelievable situations, you would love it. The Nightingale is a book I read last summer and really, really enjoyed. Have you read it? xo

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Jane, you should write a bok, it would be the best seller. Loved the post and all the things that you did.

First, let me say, I am so sorry about your tooth and I hope you are not in pain and that you ahe your new one. Husband, probably had you more nervous than if he didn't go. They can be a challenge, can't they? Hope that he got the painkillers for you. Now, if that had been him you would have had to have the painkiller there before he got home. LOL

So glad that you did fall into the Lake, you were very lucky.

The shower sounds so nice and I hope you get a little grandson. You don't have to much longer to wait. They sure have so many new items for babies now than when I had my son. So different.

I haven't read either book, but will put them on my list to read. I love mysteries and just finished James Patterson's lates book about Alex Cross.

I'm so interested in Victoria on PBS station. Have you watched it? Now I want to read about Queen Victoria. Love history books also.

Well my dear, I need to get busy ... took neightbors son to school due to rain, as his dad leaves very early in am and it was raining to hard for him to ride his bike. So I have been up since 5:30 a.m. and I need a nap already. LOL

Have lots of clean up to do in the yard from all the rain we had. It was like a lake in the street. Water from curb to curb.

Wishing you sunshine and warm weather. Have a wonderful week and take care of yourself. Hope your not in pain anymore.


Penny said...

Good one Jane. Sorry about your surgery, but it was kind of funny too. Bless Al's little heart. (That's a Southern thing). Glad you had time to spend at the lake.

Debby said...

Sorry to laugh about your husband and the pain medication. I would have been mad. Sounds painful. I have had a couple teeth pulled and it is awful.
It is unreal the things they have for babies. Our new baby doesn't even have a crib. I feel bad that she will never have what our other grandchildren have. We have given them so much $ for housing that we could have purchased 10 cribs. Long long story.
Your lake house so wonderful. All brand new and cozy.
Well stay warm as the temps are headed down. We have been in the 60's for several days.

Kim said...

Oh no, Jane! I am so sorry about your tooth. That sounds just awful. I am a total baby about going to the dentist. I have a small cavity and I have canceled the appointment twice. I have to go. Your story, although I am so sorry you were in pain, had me laughing. My husband would probably react the same way...

Helen Philipps said...

I loved reading this post, Jane. You have such a way of observing life and describing events that I relate to...and also make me smile. The dentist experience.....and your hb....LOL! I am reading books by Elizabeth George on my Kindle at the moment....and am reading Long Live Great Bardfield the autobiography of Tirzah Garwood which is a Persephone book I got for Christmas and am trying not to read too fast!
Have a great week.
Helen xox

Unknown said...

The next Erma Bombeck, Scribbler is right:). There is always a excerpt of your blog that I can relate to. How exciting, a new grandchild around the corner and I cannot believe the new swings for babies! Hoping you feel alot better and
keep warm with your pups,
Kathleen in Az

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh my goodness, the story of you walking on the ice and the thought of how close you probably were to a disaster! I'm glad you made it off safely. You are certainly being blessed with grandbabies! Makes me a little jealous, I want grands now! But I'm being a good mom and not harassing anyone about it. Ugh, patience may be a virtue, but I'm not virtuous in that area!
The implant sounds horrific. I hope everything heals quickly and the rest of the procedure goes well. The weather here has been grey, grey, grey. Blah. Makes me want to do absolutely nothing and then I feel lazy and hate myself for getting nothing accomplished. Hopefully we will see some sun soon!

Jill said...

The ice story makes me squeamish. We have a pond and I'm so afraid to ever trust the ice. And, the tooth story makes me a bit squeamish too, ha! So funny he was so concerned about you and then ditched the one thing he could do to help. :)

Vee said...

Now I thought that first photo was after dental surgery. Instead, it's after shoveling, but I am still getting the sense of the dental surgery. I am not laughing about your husband. He needed a swift wop upside the head. =D Hope that you won't give him a taste of his own behavior some day when he needs pain meds. Yikes! Having had some intense time in the dental chair myself, you made me feel your pain. Is everything good now?

Traci said...

Our weather is ridiculous as usual. The high was 25 degrees a few weeks ago & a week later it was 80. It seems to have calmed down a bit & we're hanging out in the 60's during the day. I HATE the Dentist. I guess it goes back to when I was a kid. My baby teeth wanted to hang on forever & they eventually had to be pulled. Like 8 at one time. I totally feel your pain. I recently read The Couple Next Door. Really good! Hope you're feeling better!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

You're the second person who has recommended The Woman In Cabin 10 lately. I might need to check it out. I read The Girl on the Train, but almost couldn't finish it. It just didn't pull me in for some weird reason. I will definitely watch the movie though. I just read Lauren Graham's book "Talking as Fast as I can" and being a GG fan, I loved it. Sorry about your dentist problems. I'm laughing at the "giving birth" reference. Lol! I can't even imagine weather below zero! It's funny because we're the opposite, we can only have our blinds/curtains open in the winter, because it's finally cool enough and doesn't heat up the house like in the summer.

Jill said...

Hi Jane,

I love Susan Branch but haven't read that one just yet. I do have the other book on hold at the library. Currently I'm reading See Me by Nicholas Sparks. I love to read! I just watched Girl on the train also and read that book.. pretty good, they stuck to the book fairly well. Sorry to hear about the tooth, that does sound painful and I hope your husband got the pain medicine for you ;-) Have a great week.


Linda said...

Hi Jane....
You and your husband crack me up!! Did he really go home, and make you wait for your meds??? Too funny!!
Enjoy your sun here yet!!
Linda :o)

Melanie said...

Funny that you mentioned The 52 Lists Project book - I had it on my amazon wish list and happened to order it today!
Your buffalo chicken wraps look really yummy.
Not too long before another grandchild arrives - you must be thrilled with all these grandbabies!
I was so sorry to hear about your tooth surgery. Sounds absolutely awful. I hope you're recovering well.

Carla from The River said...

Hi Jane,
Oh my, I just loved your story about your tooth. So funny!!! You are so fun. You really do have a talent of writing what happens between you and hubby as well. LOVE IT!

I also read all of Susan Branch books. I too wondered the same as you. What a brave girlfriend indeed! I do love her art.

Love, Carla

Bluebird49 said...

Lovely, funny post, Jane! I could just see The Husband rushing to ( watch? )... be there for you at the dentist, looking rather like a mad scientist, or a character from Dickens! Hair flying about as he forced his way into the heavy office door, then swooping down to to hold you---assuring you he'd be there the whole time! Then, after a nudge to go get your meds...he skips by the window of burger joint to get dinner. (for him!) I would have about died, had I been there.

But I would have tucked you into bed with a cup of broth, pain meds, ice pack for face and heating pad for your aching, tense. You wouldn't have felt like reading, so I would've tip-toed out to VA!

I had a tooth that was fractured to the root end. Unfortunately, my bone ridge was too narrow to have an implant. :(

I know my hubby couldn't live a weekend without internet. Yesterday, we came home to no internet. He just lost it. I remember here was a moment he threw the TV control at the storm door. Thankfully, I was at the opposite end of the room! He's serious about his internet---and at 70, his childish ways are just so silly. I'm afraid will affect his heart. Nut! smh


ann said...

Will you find me here, Jane, way at the bottom? I don't like the dentist. I'd rather have my eyes worked on. I have had cataract surgery on both eyes--far less traumatic than the dentist. Is your snow melting? I hope so. Seems to be a cold winter.

Annesphamily said...

I don't like the dentist either! I came by to wish you a beautiful New Year 2017! Have a great week!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Jane, I love your story telling. I would rather go by myself to certain appointments too, but my hubby wants me to be with him for whatever type of appointment. He will go into the office by himself, but wants me to sit in the lobby and wait! Whatever for, I don't know! I really like Susan Branch's writing and will put that book on my list. Right now, I have been reading books by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Her books are only usually 4.99 on kindle and she is a really great story teller. I think you would enjoy her stories..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Jane, ouch! Dental surgery is the worst. Mostly because you can't eat and that is like the world's worst punishment to me. Hope you are all healed by now and that it is all a distant memory. So nice of your hubby to show up to rescue you, but so typical when it comes to the follow-through. I think I would starve to death if mine had to take care of me for any length of time, although, maybe not because he likes to feed me a steady diet of English muffins, morning, noon and night. So exciting that you have a new baby to look forward to and new upholstered furniture and the finishing up of the lake-house. You certainly took a risk crossing the ice and hopefully you tell this story often to warn of the dangers. We rarely get enough cold here to freeze things over, but I grew up in New England and remember seeing the poor dogs who fell through and washed up on shore in springtime by the lake near my home. That was enough to keep me off the ice. I have wanted to read the Susan Branch books, but weren't sure if they were worth reading. So glad to have a review of one. I have a couple of the cookbooks. Your little dogs are so cute and must be looking forward to spring, as I know you must be, too. Thanks for the Pinterest links and the recipes. Now that the holidays are over I am feeling a need to eat some decent salads and healthy meals. I am reading Alexander Stoddard's, 'Things I Want my Daughters to Know'. It's wonderful - published in 2004. I hope you are done with the snow for now and the rest of your week is full of good things. xx Karen

baili said...

Having temp below zero is quite hard even in listening.since childhood we belong to hot part of land though in our northern areas get temp below zero in December and January but southern area where we live get rains only and temp below 10 maximum .

i liked that island and how interesting way of travelling for people!
reading about your walk on cracking ice was scary and my heart felt for you dear friend ,thank God you were all safe!
how nice to feel like in days when people lived without any rushy lifestyle that brought electricity along.
reading such wonderful books while laying on sofa near you fire place is heavenly feeling .loved the name of book Isle of Dreams so fascinating !
i liked the trailer of girl on train and it was nice i will see this soon ,i liked the gone Girl too .
i loved the feeling you had when you opened your window to get some fresh air .
i cannot live happily until i don't feed my lungs with the natural air .
thank you for lovely post .

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

I'm a real baby when it comes to going to the dentist or doctor's office…I always get my husband to be there to keep me calm. I cringe just thinking about what you went through…hope you are healing well.

Linda said...

What a delightful visit!!! You are the cutest gal and I always feel like we have sat down over coffee or tea and chatted away!
Love visiting with you!!

CoCo said...

I always love your pictures of the snow and ice because you can barely even tell it's winter in Florida so I feel like I get one every time you share your pictures with us. I'm so glad you're on the mend with your tooth and dentist visit. I can't even imagine how scary the whole experience has been. I'm keeping you in my prayers full a speedy recovery. The book 52 lists is on my Valentine's list this year so I was excited to see that you like the book too. Hugs, CoCo

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! How are you!! Look at your snow! We've not had as much as we'd like. I know we're crazy. Poor thing, glad your dentist visit if over and hope you heal quickly. I've spent so much of my life in the dentist's chair and I'm a white knuckle patient. One of my dentists asked me why I was holding on so tight to the arms of the chair? I told him it was my job! I have always been so nervous going to the dentist! Another book to put on my list! Take care and have a great weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I hope you've recovered from the dental surgery. I'd rather have a pap smear than go to the dentist. My gyn is very quick and it's over in no time. lol!
I'm glad you lived to tell the tale of your adventure crossing the ice! That was scary just to think about. I'll often see some feral cats on our pond with just a thin coating of ice and they scare me to death until they get back on land.
Susan Branch's trilogy was very good reading. I'd love to be half as talented as that woman! I remember she had lots of friends when she lived in CA, so I'm thinking people must be a bit more standoffish on MV, although she seems to have lots of friends there now from what I read on her blog.
Great post! Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Theresa said...

Oh Jane, I hope your mouth is better and better as each day goes by! Men just don't get it! The lake picture is beautiful but I can GUARANTEE that I wouldn't walk on ice even if there were a village of fishermen out there:) I am afraid of lakes! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!