Monday, August 29, 2016


A floral arrangement by moi

I was driving home from my dermatology light therapy treatment the other day and I called Emily.  I asked if she wanted to take a trip to Michael's.  

"Nah.  I'm kind of tired".  She's 7 months pregnant now.  
"What are you doing?'
"Sitting on the couch eating pistachios."
"C'mon.  Let's go!"
"To look around."
"At what?"
"Okay.  Sure."

No persuasion whatsoever."

And what a lot of stuff.  Fall stuff.  We took notes.  We separated and when we met up it was sort of funny that we both had dried and silk flowers in our carts.  And that's it.  I've been loving this flower pail that I've had for years (I showed you a fresh floral arrangement in it in my last post).  I found a bouquet of dried flowers and the gorgeous fragrance came from eucalyptus.  Other than the bouquet which I arranged haphazardly in my usual inept way, I had a branch of some sort of white fuzzy blooms.  Maybe you can enlarge the photo and enlighten me as to what they are.  No matter, I'm probably allergic to the real ones.  This whole arrangement came to about $6.00 with my coupon.  I walk by this cabinet going down the hall to the right and swoon over that earthy scent.  I think it actually looks multi seasonal, don't you?

Alstromeria and Roses

I love having fresh flowers on the dining table.  I jumped at this $5.00 bouquet at my grocery store.  I thought they were just alstromeria (Peruvian lily) which last forever, but once home I found there were several red roses tucked in the middle.  So pretty.  I've been changing the water every day and they are all doing well.  I am really loving to use that vase I found in Asheville, NC a few weeks ago. 

Blondie's Produce

In some of the huge pots I have left over from when we grew palms and rose trees, I planted lettuce, spinach and carrot seeds.  The greens are gone but the carrots aren't as big as they should be.  Every once in awhile I pluck one out (best to do when the soil is dry), and the other evening this put a huge smile on my face. They definitely need more time and I'm waiting for some cooler, hazy days of the waning summer for another planting of baby lettuce and spinach.  

New Kitchen Open Shelving

Still not sure if we will be able to go up to the lake next weekend.  The moving people may not be able to deliver the van with our belongings by then.  All we really want is a bed to sleep in.  At this point~~~after 19 months, I'm no longer going to get my hopes up.  We just thought that a 4 day weekend would be great.  The crew will continue for a bit more but we felt they could work around some of our basics.  I'll keep you posted.

I decided to post some pictures of work that was recently finished.  I think it's better than bombarding you with a slew of pics later.  

I have never had a full on vision of the way I wanted a room to be until I planned this kitchen.   I wanted to mix a bit of the old and new, rustic and soft.  I've been loving reclaimed wood since I bought my kitchen island and I would carry out it out on my back in a fire.   The black hardware, never thought I would have anything 'black' in my kitchen but it simply works in my mind.   We kept the same countertops which were intact.  They are white Silestone with some little flecks of color.  The subway tile needs to be done and then I think we are good to go on the kitchen.  

Larger View of Kitchen

No one seemed to: A) Understand,  B) Like my idea of a shiplap ceiling.  I guess you need to know Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper.  Our Great Room already has a pine shiplap ceiling going back to 1978 when the house was built.  Yet white planks just seemed to make everyone either: A) Scratch their head,  B) Cringe.  The only guy that seemed to get it was our carpenter, Lee.  Love ya, Lee.   He got me.  He got me through texts and emails, photos from Pinterest.  I think he began to see it all unfold as he worked.  

Emily was a huge help in choosing light fixtures.  I opened up websites and roamed the aisles of the Big Box stores.  She knows me and she knew the look I was going for.  Boom, she sent me pics of about ten ceiling lights and the six pendants I needed.  THIS is what a designer does.  I would still be searching.  Trends come and go but I think you can work with and without them by making choices for items that you really love, those which will stand the test of time, and for many of us, increase the value of the home.  

Refrigerator and Newly Designed Cabinets

We were beyond fortunate to be able to have custom made cabinets for almost half the cost by way of the old sort of barter system involving a client of The Husband's.  I chose the panel style and kept it square and simple, the stain is called called Rye, and dark bronze cabinet and drawer pulls from Home Depot.  The cabinets are just slightly distressed.  This right side of the fridge is close to the sink area in the above photo.  We'd like to make a coffee station.  I pray we don't use the other side to drop our keys and random receipts and business cards.  ;-D

Newly Designed Staircase

A very nice change we made with the staircase was to change out the white wood spindles for black wrought iron.   We had the steps stained the same as the wood flooring but we kept the risers white.  I so love it!  We actually have a lot of black detail in the room: the old wood burning stove, the hardware that suspends the 4 beams from the 19 foot ceiling, the fireplace screen and the curtain rods...among other small details.  Again, I never thought I would like anything black or dark...but it seems to make every subtle color pop.  Are you noticing the paint colors at all?  We did almost two colors in every room.  In the great room we have opposing walls in light gray and cream and this extends down the hall.  We have wainscoting here and there and it will go up the stairs on an angle as well.  I'll save the other rooms for later.  

New Laundry Room

Remember when The Husband and I were quarreling over the paint for the cabinets in here?  I wanted white and he wanted a creamier color.  He felt white would make the room too sterile
 and I've always felt white meant clean.  I bowed out, you have to choose your battles and I think his choice is just fine.  I mean, it's a laundry room!!

On to the Fitbit Craze

A while ago Emily and I were bumming around the mall and I happened to pause at a Brookstone shop...not sure if you have these stores around your area, they are like Sharper Image; all sorts of techy, interesting and mind boggling products.  I wanted to stop in for a good pedometer and I walked out with a FitBit.  The Husband and daughter Abby had been encouraging me to get one for inspiration.  Inspiration for me is drinking orange juice in the morning instead of Diet Pepsi.  I haven't joined the gym again because I've blown the membership off so many times I can't see wasting the money.  

After buying the FitBit about 3 weeks ago I finally sat down and programmed it 2 days ago.  You can see that I am beyond excited about using this little device to reveal how lazy I am, er...psyched to get in shape.  

I have to say it's a game changer.  I set my goals yesterday morning and by noon I could see how terribly I was failing.  I didn't have any errands as it was Sunday, one of my many days of rest.  I didn't want to work in the garden with the heat and humidity.  As far as I could see the only dust balls had to be hiding under the furniture and I'm really lucky to have enough towels and linens (since I'm too cheap to toss them out even when they are see~through) to get by for another week.  But as The Husband had warned, it will become a war between you and that little calculator of activity.

Okay, visualize Blondie walking in place while she folds clothes from the dryer.  Dancing to a little hip hop while making dinner.  Jumping up and doing a few jumping jacks after the little beep tells me I haven't moved in a hour.  Creepy in a good sort of way.  Wish me luck.

Layla Manning the Back Door

We still have heat...I try to get out, of course you know I do it for the dogs,  I hate what it does to my hair.  And these darn dogs won't spend time outside without me there.  So sometimes I sit on the back porch steps and just do some deep thinking.  Or Instagram.  I turned around one evening when the sun was sinking behind the hills, er...houses, and got this great photo.

Another quiet weekend.  I've been trying to watch a movie every Saturday night. Sometimes The Husband joins, sometimes not.  I scroll through the romantic comedies.  God knows I'm a news junkie and I need the break.  Recently I've watched P.S. I Love You, Wedding Crashers, and this past Saturday night, Bridget Jones (the second movie, whatever it's called).  And now I have Under The Tuscan Sun  on and I know the lines word for word.  I have a thing for women who shrug off there fears (and terrible choices in men) and make life changes.   Please give me some recommendations if you like these sort of movies.  

I want to thank all of you for the kind words you had to say about my friend Traci in Baton Rouge, some of you eager to help or at least relieved to hear from someone right there.  You guys rock.

Happy new week to all of you!!

Jane x


Kathleen Grace said...

I love what I see of the lake house so far! The kitchen shelves are gorgeous and the grey walls and stairs absolutely beautiful. It will be so fun to see the little touches you add. Lucky you having a designer who knows you so well. Not only a treat to share decorating with her but to have that help when you are stumped! Fabulous :)

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

Oh I do hope with movers can come for this weekend…four days of unpacking would be great. I love the look and can't wait to see everything finished.

Junkchiccottage said...

Jane your lake home is looking so great. Ahhhh the kitchen is gorgeous. Love those open shelves. Keep those pics coming can't wait to see it with all your stuff moved in.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I've been soooooo looking forward to seeing some pics and was excited when I saw your subject line! Love the kitchen, but you know what I love the most? The laundry room! I know. I'm weird. But sadly, I have never had a proper laundry room, so I really love seeing pretty ones. Good for you for not making a big deal about the paint color. As you said, pick your battles.

I just planted some seeds of lettuc and spinach on Friday. Believe it or not the lettuce seeds sprouted by Sunday. I had planted carrots at the beginning of the season and they also didn't get too big, but they were good nonetheless and I will try again in the future.

(I don't know what those fluffy flowers are either, but they're cool looking.)


Anonymous said...

Jane I have posted before but always anonymously because I don't know how else to do it. I also have exema really bad on the bottom of my feet. I also told you how I was not going to go for treatment because my husband has cancer and we go the other way for his treatment. I did a bit of research and - you don't know how much I hate to type this - I gave up my ice cream because it said dairy products could make it worse. I'm still doing it because my feet are ssssssooooo much better it has to be that. On the other side my hubby is doing very well and the doctor is very positive about the outcome. If you are using your fitbit, I'm sure you are not eating ice cream but . . . . . Hope it helps.

Rita C. said...

Oh, I am loving your lakehouse! (that arrangement from Michael's looks fab too, and I love that price point!).
All the details of the lakehouse are great, and it's wonderful that you have Abby to help with those decisions like lighting that totally boggle my mind and leave me frozen in space. Can't wait to see the rest.

designchic said...

Your lake house is wonderful. I love open shelving in the kitchen and totally get the shiplap ceiling - it's amazing! Can't wait to see more! Happy Monday ~

Lisa said...

The bakehouse looks gorgeous! I love every single one of your choices.Keeping my fingers crossed you'll be able to move in soon!
PS I watch Pride and Prejudice every single time it comes on. It's ridiculous but I can't seem to help myself.

Vee said...

Things are looking very nice at the lakehouse. Chuckling over the fitbit comments. If I had one, it'd be beeping at me all the time. I haven't moved for three hours!

Kathleen George said...

I was thinking Pride and Prejudice too! Love that movie! Shiplap is perfect for The Lake House and letting your husband choose the color for the Laundry room, a good one. Having your daughter help with the lighting is wonderful, she knows what you like. Love the picture of your cute doggie, very pretty.
Maybe once the weather is cooler and The Lake House is complete, you'll start walking and building up strength for your back. Take care, Kathleen in Az

Linda said...

I am thrilled yo are so close to being in your lake house once again! It all looks absolutely beautiful!!!
I just watched Under The Tuscan Sun.....again.....and I know all the lines by heart now, too!
Have you seen Shall We Dance with Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon? It's really good.

Leslie Harris said...

Jane the lakehouse is looking amazing. I love your choices, I'm also a fan of rustic wood shelves. And I'm so glad you stuck to your guns on your design decisions. I know what you mean about having something in your head that just makes sense. If I had been there I would've totally supported your choice of shiplap on the ceiling, I love the look and I can't wait to see more. The stairs also made me drool mostly because they look fantastic but also because I would SOOOoo love to have ours redone. I got a basic quote when we first moved in and it was so expensive, we've had to put our ugly staircase on hold. So I will live vicariously though you. :)

Theresa said...

Oh Jane, your lake house is looking great! I think my FAVORITE part is that staircase! Love the white risers and the stained steps:) You are going to give that fitbit a workout on those stairs! Enjoy your day dear friend, sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh wow, the lake house looks totally amazing. Can't wait to see more.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

We are doing renovations on our home also so I related to your words, "choose your battles". It sounds and looks like everything is coming along nicely and your good taste will make the lake house a lovely place to escape and enjoy.

Linda Ann said...

Your lake house is lovely. You've made some wonderful choices! I will be interested to see how you like the FitBit as time goes on. I guess I really just don't get how it will get me moving! I have also blown off many gym memberships over the years. It's just nothing I can ever commit to. But I do need something to motivate me.
As for movies, my all time favorite movie that I need to watch in the summer is The Bridges of Madison County. I just love it. I usually watch it once every summer....just love Meryl Streep!
And don't get me started on puttering around Michael's. Sometimes I worry that they will tell me I've exceeded my time limit and need to leave!!

Deserae said...

Your bouquets are very pretty! I can't believe you put the one together for only $6!!!! Loved seeing the sneak peek of the lake house....the kitchen is gorgeous!!!! Love the ceiling and the open shelving. My dogs like for me to go outside with them too...they are so spoiled!
Have a great week!!!!!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I love all the choices you have made! Hopefully you will be able to enjoy some fall days at the lake when Michigan is at its prettiest.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I'm loving these little peeks at the lake house! It's coming along beautifully! I've thought about getting a fitbit, but I just can't stand having anything on my wrist all the time. Even when I wear a bracelet, it comes off as soon as I get home. I'm weird like that. Lol!

Deb from frugal little bungalow said...

You had me laughing through a lot of this one!

Looks like the lakehouse is coming along wonderfully and I DO hope that it all works out for your weekend there! :0 )

This has been one long heat wave after another, hasn't it but you are probably going to get hte same break that I am in a few days....forecast says weather in the mid 70's for a few days before it heats up again.

Carla from The River said...

Hello Jane,
As always, I love reading your posts. They make me smile. Fitbit, I just loved that part of the post.
Sending you Labor Day weekend hugs!
P.S. We watched The King's Speech on Saturday night. I loved it.

Susan said...

Leap Year is a wonderful romantic comedy. Most of it is set in Ireland (Oh, that scenery!) and the two leads have great chemistry.
Enjoy the lake house - it looks beautiful!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Really enjoyed your progress tour of the Lake house. You must be so excited. I LOVE the rustic wood open shelves in the kitchen. The staircase looks fantastic and draws the eye upstairs to discover all the delightful design choices you will make. I see lots of pottery and rustic charm enveloping you with the beauty and peacefulness of living lake side ... You lucky girl. Been loving your garden-Jane shares... There is just a magical experience growing veggies to nourish and feed the family.

Summer said...

I love the floral arrangement and the shelves in the kitchen ♥

Mitzi said...

My children gave me a Fitbit for Mothers Day. It has changed me life! I am not a morning person, but now get up very early to get my steps in before it gets super hot. I try to walk three and a half miles each morning, and am proud to say I have lost 25 lbs. I do watch what I eat-no more morning doughnut. Walking and weight loss has become addicting in a good way.
We drove through Chicago on Saturday and I thought of you.

ann said...

I go to Weight Watchers where many of the women have Fitbits. My daughter has one. And now you have one. I can't even get on my treadmill next to my bed. Perhaps a Fitbit would help. The Lake House looks amazing. It has to be so much fun to plan and follow through with a dream . I hope your friend in Baton Rouge is recovering. These stories are always really big in the news during the flood and right after then nothing afterwards. The news people seldom cover the struggle to cleanup and rebuild. We had a major flood here years ago where so many lost their homes. The rain started in the high country, causing 3 major rivers to flood miles and miles onto the prairie. Our friends had to rebuild after their home had 42 inches of water. So I do hope your friend has help to meet her challenges ahead.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

So enjoying your fun shares of your Lake house, there is nothing quite as wonderful (except a new grandbaby) as a house project. I actually miss the building process of our completed home and I am ready to build another one!
Take care Jane!

Pamela said...

Jane your new kitchen is looking amazing! I personally love your your ceiling. I hope to be bale to do the ceiling in our new home that way later on down the road. It will be tricky since we have such a large open space. I am going thru the lighting issue with our house. I refuse to pay the up charge for lighting from the builder so they are just installing the basic lighting they do. I have our outdoor lighting picked out and some of the kitchen and then then boys bathroom. Still so much more to go. I know you can just not wait to get in there!

podso said...

Your new kitchen is looking good. I'd be impatient to get settled in there, but you sound pretty good about the wait. I love the paint colors too. Enjoy your fitbit!

Stacey said...

Your lakehouse looks amazing!! I know you must be chomping at the bit at this point. The cabinets, the stairs, the laundry looks great. You'll want to move there when it's all done.

I need to wear a fitbit I guess. Anything to motivate is a good thing.

Mereknits said...

The kitchen in the lake house is amazing and I have to admit I like those cabinets int he laundry room. I bet you just can't wait to get out there for a few days. I am not getting a Fitbit, no way no how. I am busy but due to work am often sitting on the floor for several hours at a time. I have no need for a reminder I am not moving! My behind is reminder enough.

Kim said...

Wow, wow, wow, Jane!! The lake house is fabulous!! I love the ceiling, the open shelves, the wood color and even the cabinets in the laundry room! ;) Your flowers are pretty, too!!

Jody and Stan said...

Jane, Love all the changes to the lake house. You have been working really hard, and it shows!! The lights, kitchen ceiling, cabinets and open shelving in the kitchen, Fantastic!! The new laundry room and new staircase, WOW!! Lucky Girl!! You're inspiring me to wear my fitbit. I was very good in the beginning and then got lazy wearing it. It shows on the scale...
Have a wonderful, fun Labor Day weekend! Hugs, Jody ♥

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Wow, Jane, the lake house is looking beautiful. More so than most regular houses that I know. I bet you can't wait to have it done and be able to relax and enjoy the time spent there.I really like the open shelving and am trying to talk hubby into doing some in our kitchen. He thinks they are just dust catchers. He is no Chip Gaines, that's for sure!! I can't wait to see when it is all furnished and everything. I think those little white puffs could be pussy willows that have fluffed out?? Pretty anyway and add to the gorgeous smell of eculyptus..Have a great week..Judy

Helen Philipps said...

Loved reading this post, you always make me smile Jane. The lake house is looking wonderful, and I love the kitchen ceiling and the open shelves!! Good luck using the many people I know are very good at using theirs and love them :) Lovely flowers, they look so pretty. Have a great week.
Helen xox

Susie said...

Blondie, Thank you for a good laugh....that little hairy carrot. :):) You are more of a gardener than I am . I loved all the photos. I think the lake house is going to be a wonderful and fun place. Let me know if that fitbit counts belly crawling to bed after a day of hopping, skipping and jumping. Bless your sweet heart girl. I am sending you a squeezy hug. xoxo, Susie

Beatrice Euphemie said...

The kitchen is wonderful and I'm glad that your carpenter got your 'vision' because it is perfect! I tried to grow salad veggies in a tub one year and it was a strange little jungle that I didn't dare disturb. Lol! I see you have some strange goings-on, too:) I do like your floral arrangement and vases, although I don't know what the fuzzy things are. It is pretty enough to carry into the holidays, too. That is the cutest photo of your little pup, keeping watch. If you are on a romantic movie kick, 'Sleepless in Seattle' and 'You've Got Mail' are two I love. Oh, and 'Sweet November' - sad, but so charming, especially the little house. Can't wait to see your finished Lake House. Looks like we are going to have grand-babies around the same time :) Hugs xo Karen

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the flower arrangement and would love to go look at one of the craft stores. And the open shelving in the kitchen looks very nice! I've been thinking about getting a fitbit but I was looking at a 'knock off' and realized it might not be worth buying. I need to do some more research. I mean...if it gets you to dancing...that's gotta be FUN! We are just having a little light rain so far. Sweet hugs, Diane

Anonymous said...

I think the kitchen looks amazing! I'm a fan of open shelving and I love the reclaimed wood you used. Very rustic! Dark colors are great if you use them right. I really like the sort of spanish wrought iron look in a home and as you say dark accents are able to bring out other colors more.

Ahh the fit bit craze... my husband has one of those and he's crazy about it. It helps him keep in shape though becasue you are more conscious of the actual physical activity you do during the day. I might have to get one as well!

I love your floral arrangement. I was fascinated with the selection Michael's has when I was back home in the States. What a great store. I sure do miss shopping there.

Have a great day my friend,


Katie Clooney said...

Your flowers are gorgeous, Jane! And your lake house is stunning. Love the open shelving and your laundry room is to.die.for. I know every word to Under The Tuscan Sun too!! One last thought, this time last year, I didn't even know what shiplap was!! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Curtains in My Tree said...

You can chat about a lot of different subjects in one post and it all keeps me reading and interested in what you will tell next haha
Love the flowers
love Michael's
Love the laundry room color choose
love the open shelving
love the lake house wish I had one

Melanie said...

I am loving what you have decided to do with the lake house so far! Love the open shelving (that's on my wish list when we re-do our kitchen someday) and the staircase is stunning. Glad the Fit Bit is motivating you! Hope you're enjoying the cooler weather for now...feels good, doesn't it? Though I'm in no hurry to rush fall.

Jen Kershner said...

You sure packed a lot into your post! The lake house is looking so great! Where is it, by the way? How exciting it will be when you finally get back there. This weather has just been too much! We finally had a cool down today. I've had the windows open all day and even took the dog for a walk to return a library book in the middle of the day! Normally we only do that sort of thing first thing in the morning. I too have a fitbit that I'm obsessed with. I've had it since spring and it really does make a difference. Even though I walked to the library today I'm still failing in the step department and my goal is only 8k a day. I am friends with my daughter so we can see each other's step counts for some friendly competition but that does nothing but make me feel like a bum. I should unfriend her! ;)

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse said...

I LOVE the new kitchen. And the shiplap. It's gorgeous, Jane. The open shelving is stunning, what fun you will have once it's all done.

Ginger said...

The best movie I've seen in a long time is "Brooklyn". I promise you'll love it

Kathy Moreland said...

Your lake house is going to be beautiful! My daughter has a fit bit and wears it constantly.
since April 4, she has lost 70+pounds. She walks around 4 miles per day, goes to the gym, and eats less than 50 carbs/day. At her last Dr. appt., her A1C was high, and both her father and I are diabetic, so she got her but in gear. She's gone down about 5 sizes in her clothing and is looking fab! She lets nothing stop her now. So proud of her. I hope she can keep up the stamina and keep it off. She says it's a way of life now. She has will power galore. Her house is at the top of a hill and some mornings she is out there at 5 AM going up and down the hill. So many trips up the hill = about 25 flights of stairs, so that has helped tremendously. Good luck to you with your fit bit. I fixed my cell phone so it would count my steps, but I don't put it in my pocket very regularly. Some days it says" Congratulations, you've walked 233 steps today!! cracks me up! Take care and let us see more lake pix if you get to go.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I love to go to Michael's and "look around". It gives you inspiration! My husband loves his fitbit...I gave up on mine!

Maria Elena said...

Jane, I am so happy your lake house is almost finished. It looks gorgeous! I love that staircase. Can't wait to see it finished! Btw, I love the open shelving in your kitchen.Beautiful home! Take care, Maria

Linda said...

Hi Jane....
I always read your posts, and leave to try and digest everything and create a comment...I sometimes think about this for days! And...I come back to read it again! Then...the weekend happens, and all my good intentions go to hell! Hahaha!
Your "new" lake house will be absolutely gorgeous! All fresh and new...I envy that....a LOT!
Your kids and grands will reap the benefits of yours and husbands hard work....
Your floral arrangement is perfect...I always used to do dried flowers...guess they are back in style!
I am a bit under the weather...a crappy cold....and due to continuing stress, I am on meds for high blood pressure....after 2 visits to emergency at the local hospital at the cottage.
I continue to struggle with sibling problems...oh well...their loss,right?
Did not mean to be a downer..I am very excited to have found THE dress for my son's wedding in October!
I have a few crochet projects going...rained overnight...still nearly 100 degrees...think we'll enjoy the a/c for another day!
Now I have rambled on far too long.....geesh....sounds like I am writing to Dear Abby!
Have a great day Jane...drop me an email if you want yo chat!
Cheers my friend!
Linda :o)

Traci said...

Everything really looks good! I LOVE the color of the kitchen cabinets & the laundry room! I know what you mean about the fitbit. There are days that I find myself just walking around the house in circles at night to get closer to my goal!!

Annesphamily said...

Hi! I have missed visiting you! I have had a couple rough weeks like back pain. Finally up and around again! Getting ready for our Bronco vs. Panthers game tonight. Just staying in with tacos and tostadas. Had to buy protein crumbles for my baby girl, our little veggie lover. Our son decided to find tickets to the game so he and a friend are going while his wife is sharing her folks season tickets with her dad tonight. Our middle daughter had an appointment to see if she is lasik approved. Now she will convince her dad to drive her there because he can watch the procedure! I worked in the medical field for 32 years! No thank you!
Love your vase and the flowers. Oh my they add such a smile don't they?
I am so happy I stopped by. Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Anne

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Love all of the photos of your lake house, especially the wood shelving in the kitchen and the staircase. I once read that every room should have a little black in it to ground it. As for the Fitbit, I JUST bought myself one a few days ago! Looks like you got the Alta, too. I'm loving/hating it, but will save all that for a future blog post. Are you using the sleep feature? I'm wondering how accurate it is. Not so much, I'm thinking. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and here's to 10,000 steps a day!

Bluebird49 said...

I didn't have any idea the Lake House was so near to being done--nor did I remember it has been 19 months! How could that be!! I know it's going to be something else, from the little glimpses of the kitchen and stairs....and hopefully more in the next posts.

I can just see Miss Elsie Jane plus cousins and friends down there, with sunblock and straw hats and sun suits all around. And Milo and Layla licking all the sunblock off them! ;)Making awesome memories.

Did you get my e-mail? I hope so, and that you'll wrote me soon!
Love, Trudy

Vel Criste said...

I'm loving every detail of your newly-renovated Lakehouse!!!! I can see you living here for real and forever! Love those open shelves!