Thursday, March 24, 2016


Happy Spring!  It truly feels like it here in the Midwest.  Yesterday was 65 degrees yet for some reason I was feeling a little lethargic.  I had bought some of my crabgrass/grub killer/fertilizer Sunday and wasn't looking forward to hauling those huge bags out of my car.  I nearly broke my back putting them in the cart at Home Depot and then my hatchback.  But it was warm and sunny with a prediction of rain.  Since my hoses are stored away, I really wanted to count on Mother Nature to water this stuff in.  So I rose to the occasion and got it down and as we speak, the rain is pouring from the skies. Now that's perfect Mother Nature love. 

I wanted to share a book I recently ordered from Amazon.  Do you have Amazon Prime?  You pay a set fee once per year and then all of your items are shipped free.  I love it.  I get all of my books there (and that works as there are so few bookstores anywhere around me now).  I also get a variety of other things.  The upholstered headboard for the guest room bed was delivered free.  :-D  Anyway, this book is so sweet, homey and inspiring, I've had a few minutes here and there to explore.  I'll let you know what I think later but if you want to check it out, as well as the reviews, you can go to Amazon.  

I'm going to post a few pics of my bunny collection as I write about other irrelevant things.  Above is a stuffed fabric bunny wearing a snappy little vest and holding his lunch and for the life of me I can't remember where or when I found him.  I think it had to be at an end of season sale, maybe Marshall's.  He's huge and I found the perfect spot for him to sit on a chair in my living room.

I've been crazy busy since my last post in that I wanted to get a current and timely blog post out to you guys and I also had a newspaper article due the 18th.  I write my column much like my blog, as if I'm talking to a group of people.  But for the newspaper I try to give more tips and tried and true experiences with my forays in cooking, gardening and all things lake related.  I don't believe I will ever have a post that has a title that starts with, "How to...".  And I will never do that to the country folk that read this newspaper.  Imagine me writing about the apple pie recipe I use when there are so many readers who have recipes passed down from their great, great grandmothers?  Silly.  I try to inspire with newer recipes, stretching the imagination.  This month I shared some of my spring cleaning ideas as well as a recipe.  I love writing and this wonderful little job I have.  It will be so great to get back up to the lake and ask my neighbors if they read the column.  As so many of us are on first name basis, it will be a great way to get an honest opinion.  Yikes! 

Simple bunny in the bathroom

Speaking of the lakehouse, it's been all about demolition, electrical and plumbing lately.  We picked out what we wanted for the baths and sent that on to the contractor.  I'm guessing that after this comes the dry wall, trim and floors.  We went with wide plank dark stained maple.  We have also ordered the new appliances and I've gotten all my paint colors chosen.  Tomorrow we are going to a cabinetry shop in downtown Chicago and I'm hoping to find the reclaimed wood that I want for my upper open shelves in the kitchen.  I'm very excited about all of this but I really can't imagine the end  coming soon.  I have to continue to be patient.  

I didn't bring out all of my Easter/spring decor.  I have limited space.  I spread out what I had over the whole house including the bathrooms and guest/Abby's room.  I didn't want to overload anything. And I've mentioned how creepy all of those staring eyes can be.   Ha!

I find it hard to change tradition and for years we've had the same holiday dinner menus.  There have been occasions where I've switched up recipes, for example my simple sweet potatoes.  I found a recipe that took them above and beyond my norm with maple syrup and walnuts.  A big thumbs down and a lot of whining.  One year Emily made the mashed potato casserole and added cream cheese and you would have thought the world ended.  This year I decided to do the tried and true but throw in some new ideas in addition.  No one will miss their favorites and maybe they will like my new dishes and request them for years on.  Or not.  

This guy is on my coffee table and if I can possibly say I have favorite, this may be it.  I love the sassy pose, sweet face and floppy ears.  :-D  I've been meaning to apologize for my pictures of late.  I get so harried when I want to post that I simply snap away with my cell phone.  And its also convenient to use it when out and about.   I'm going to do my best and dust off my good camera and be a little less sloppy.  

So my Easter menu this year is as follows and I added an asterisk after the new recipes.

Spinach salad with feta cheese, red onion, hard boiled egg and poppy seed dressing **
Chilled strawberry soup **
Ham with honey glaze
Mashed potatoes
Scalloped potatoes **
 Glazed carrots with parsley **
Rolls and butter


Hot Italian Dip with crackers and veggies **
Buffalo Chicken meatballs **



Trifle with Pound Cake and White Chocolate Pudding and Berries **
Three Chocolate layered Brownies


Signature Cocktail

Champagne with a scoop of Mango Sorbet **


The Bunny above sits on my mantel.  Its made out of a soft linen and is very huggable.

Bunny figurines on a ledge in 2nd the bathroom.  Little Girl Bunny lost an ear somehow and I can't find it to glue it back on.  :(

I've set the bar very high many times with my menus and have sincerely told you guys about my failures.  But you learn that way.  I suppose I might eliminate some of these dishes if I'm running short on time but I have every intention to try and with some planning, make many things ahead of time.  First, I'm sort of happy that there will be only nine of us...we can all fit around the table.  Secondly, I always find that making a ham is so freeing as opposed to making the Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey.  A no-brainer and no gravy...yay!  I usually make the ham early and keep it covered.  A half hour before dinner we carve it and keep it in the oven at a gentle 250 degrees.  I pour a lot of pan juices over to keep it from drying out.

The Gardeners~

Again, since we have a smaller group I can set a pretty one will be balancing plates on their laps in the living room.  So I can make a nice table setting while everyone is relaxing with appetizers in the living room.  The temps are supposed to be in the 40's so maybe we will have a fire.  I plan to have the soup and salad first and the rest as a buffet.  My memory was jogged for the Chilled Strawberry Soup when I read a blog posted by Rita at Panoply.  She did a beautiful spring tablescape and mentioned the soup.  The Husband and I had it at a B&B in the Shenandoah Valley two years ago.  I absolutely loved it and planned to make it one day.  Totally forgot.  I'll give you links for all of these new recipes in my next post.  

Abby is on spring break from the school she teaches at next week.  I hope we can get out to do some fun things when she visits.  I put this little angel bunny on her bed.  She'll always be my baby.  Abby, that is.

 I've done a bit of shopping for our trip to Vancouver but it's been difficult not knowing the weather.  I have a weather app on my phone that includes that region and they always seem to be about 5-10 degrees lower than Chicago.  I'm beginning to think flat shoes and cropped pants won't be a reality.  I'm good though...we are quite cold here until May so I'm going to have to forgo the T shirts and light sweaters and stick with what I'm wearing now.  I simply can't afford to pack the wrong things.

I wanted to show you guys a picture of Emily's living room.  She used to have taupe vertical stripes on this long wall which were quite cool.  Recently she decided to make a change and painted the stripes a soft blue/green color.  She wasn't happy.  She tried a few more colors...just along the edges and finally decided on this shade.  I think she called it Coffee Bean by SW.  I thought she was really brave, at least for me and my color phobia.  As an interior designer she has a keen eye and vision many of us don't have.  This is why she is so successful in her field.  Most of all she knows what she likes and can put a room together perfectly.  Anyway, I'm loving this.

The light changes and the color takes on putty shade.  It looks beautiful with her furniture and pieces.  She is not tied into any trend.  She goes with what she loves and knows what works.  I have gotten so much advice from her and I truly believe my home, with her help, is a reflection of what I love and can't be defined by any 'style'.  I truly enjoy decorating books and the many shows on TV that show how spaces can be transformed.  It's all food for thought.  I have a nice collection of decorating books and I pick up any one of them from time to time and get inspired by ideas I hadn't thought of before.   There is no 'one way' to do anything and fresh ideas are in abundance if you really keep your eyes open. :-D

So...that's all I have this week.  It was a busy week for sure.  You know that I do the light therapy every Monday and Tuesday.  Last week I had a teeth cleaning appointment with my dentist and as if a miracle occurred, the hygienist had to cancel.  I joked with the receptionist that this was sort of a happy thing but it seemed she didn't share that feeling.    

 Easter dinner grocery store trip is next after a shower.  It's thundering and there are huge puddles everywhere, maybe I don't need one!

I want to give a little mention to a few people who have commented recently on my posts.  First, Anonymous.  You gave me such kind and caring thoughts on my skin problems and followed up a second time.  Please know I appreciate it and hope you come by often.  Also, Kathleen George in Arizona.  I have no way to reach you but I want to thank you for your visits.  You really 'read' my posts and leave such great comments!  If you have an email address, please let me know.  

Enough for today.  If I don't get back soon, I wish you a happy and blessed Easter!



Brenda Pruitt said...

I can't believe anyone complains at your table, for you go so out of your way to fix new and innovative things to eat. Just think: it's like getting a whole new cabin at the lake. But I know it broke your heart first.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

All of your bunnies are so very sweet and go very well with their surroundings. That book looks like something I would definitely like. Please poor me a glass of champagne with mango sorbet while I'm teaching you to crochet. :) Happy Easter!

Kathleen Grace said...

I had to smile as you described how the family howls if they don't get the traditional dishes. My girls are the same way, and we can experiment with a few things here and there but their father's various cheesecake masterpieces for dessert are non-negotiable! Pumpkin chocolate swirl for Thanksgiving, White Chocolate raspberry for Easter, nothing will do but those desserts! It's good to know how much your family loves the hard work you have put into making happy family memories centered around the holiday table though isn't it?
I'm pretty excited for the reveal of your lake house. I know it's a long wait, but I still like the anticipation. I know it will be beautiful! Happy Easter Jane! By the way, can you provide a link to your article that you write for the paper? I would love to read it!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

We are having a small gathering for Easter this year, too. My husband has had to work the last several years, so I am just grateful he is off this year. Ham is always on the menu here, too! Your little bunnies are so sweet looking...hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Hi Jane I agree 9 for dinner is manageable. Plus I think it's enough people to let personalities shine and entertain while the hostess and host is busy with prep, drinks and serving everyone. Ours will be a quiet Easter just us and Grand Gabrielle. So different from the days when my family still dwelled on planet Earth. But things change and we make the most of our holidays and find fun in them.

When Amazon Prime first started up I swear my John was first in line and with my brother and Grand in Florida you know we take advantage of free shipping and honestly anymore I buy as much as I can from Amazon from beauty lotions and potions to spices, books, sea salts, spices, hot sauces and everything in between. Plus we even save 5% on everything. Win, win!

I love your bunny in the bathroom such an enchanting vintage feel and love his nose. Also I so want those papier mâché carrots that the gardeners have. :-D

Putty is a delightful color and one I love to combine with a cream. Jane if I do not get a chance before Easter ... I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Easter.
Bunny kisses and love,

Vee said...

The decor is charming; the menu sounds terrific, most especially the strawberry soup; and it is always lovely to have visitors who read. Happy gardening...don't overdo.

Kim said...

I love your bunny collections Jane and strawberry soup?? Are you kidding?? Wow...yum!! I love how your talk about writing your newspaper pieces. I write for a local saver paper and they wanted me to do the How To...pieces and I told them that's not my style. I like the conversational tone, like you said, what makes me the expert? There are so many crafty people out there. I try to view it as a chat with friends, a way to offer inspiration and ideas. I know that every expert out there will tell you to get great SEO and hits on your site How To and 10 Easy Ways To...are the best kind of title, that cute and pithy are useless. Well, that's ok, I like my useless pithy titles. That makes me happy, feels more genuine to me and I know that's how you feel, too! Happy Easter my friend!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Hmmm, The Year Of Cozy; that sounds like a book I'd enjoy. Anything "cozy" catches my eye. Your menu looks wonderful, and Strawberry Soup reminds me I have a cold raspberry soup recipe that I've served in the past; I think I need to make it again. Your bunnies are sweet. My favorite is the one with the shabby chic choker around her neck. Emily's living room is very stylish. I love it. Nice that the rain came after you treated your lawn. We had blustery winds and rain here today. Have a happy Easter, Jane. Hugs, Nancy

20 North Ora said...

Jane - Love all of your bunnies!! Your Easter menu sounds delish! Happy Easter!


Lorrie said...

Your Easter bunnies are all so cute and have me wanting to make at least one - maybe for next year. What a yummy menu you are planning - I can't imagine anyone would complain.

The Year of Cozy sounds like a great book - I think it's the name that appeals to me the most - like a warm blanket wrapped around someone for comfort.

I agree with you about the ease of cooking a ham. Into the oven, a bit of glaze, and it's done. But I always have to make two sauces - Raisin Sauce and Sweet Mustard Sauce - because that's TRADITION!

Happy Easter to you and yours, Jane.


Rita C at Panoply said...

Hi Jane, first off, thank you for the mention. Your menu looks fabulous, what time should I be there?! Lots of work before you sleep! I make my ham in the crockpot - so EASY, and my picky husband loves it! Ham, brown sugar (1.5C on bottom, 1/2C rubbed over top), foil teepee over it before lid to keep juices in, and BAM! It's done in about 4 hrs (8-9#). Your life sounds very exciting right now - the lake house, the writing, the garden (the rain and good temps prompted my first chores too), and your upcoming trip. I'll be looking forward to hearing your review of the Cozy book. Abby's latest looks very cozy with her choice of color. I hope your Easter weekend is a wonderful one!

Dewena said...

Hello Jane, I've enjoyed viewing some of your special bunnies, each one with a different character! I do love reading about your Easter plans. You menu sounds delicious, wish I could taste your trifle!

I loved reading more about your Emily. that room with its new Coffee Bean wall is intriguing and those chairs are fabulous! Isn't it wonderful when daughters grow up and become such fascinating women?

Best of luck on the lake house progress, the time will pass all too quickly, I bet.

A happy Easter to you,

Sarah said...

Jane, it's a good feeling when the planning is such that Mother Nature helps water in. She gave us a much needed downpour in the early morning hours. Your Easter menu is ambitious. We'll serve Easter brunch here, but our menu is not so extensive. I do love seeing all your sweet bunnies. I've given most of the soft stuffed bunnies to the little girls in my life, but there is no lack of other bunnies here. I like their smiling little faces. ;-)
Happy Easter to you and enjoy spring break time with Abby.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jane,
I'm loving all of your cute bunnies and I love how you've scattered them around the house. Now I don't feel so bad about all the bunnies I've collected over the years! I can say to Mr. Sissie, "Look, she has bunnies all over the place too. I'm not the only one!"

Your Easter menu sounds yummy and quite elegant. Love your daughter's pretty living room.

Have a wonderful Easter!


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I know what you mean about having the same menu all the time. I like to try new things also, but we always go back to traditional menu's.
Your bunnies are darling and I love all of them. Everything looks so good.

I so enjoy your post telling us all about what's going on in your world, books, menus and the progress of the Lake House. I know you will be so excited to get back out there this summer. Do you think it will be finished? Your posts are like a letter from a friend and so enjoy them.

Sounds like a great trip to Canada and I hope that the weather is kind to you.

Your daughter's living room looks so good and she has excellent taste's.

Wishing you a Blessed Easter and I hope that the weather is good.


Anonymous said...

Always look forward to your blog and after today I am going to get busy and
get my bunnies out of hiding, wherever in this messy house they might be.
Happy Easter!

Linda said...

I'm VERY interested in that Strawberry Soup!!
As always, I get to the end of your post and feel like I have had a very satisfying visit with you!! And in speaking of comments, I want to thank you for the kind ones you always leave for me! However, the last one you wrote has to be one of my all time favorites!! It just made me feel so good!
Love you, Jane!!

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

Your menu sounds wonderful. So true about traditions and how they need to be followed less we disappoint anyone. As Mom's, we want everyone to be happy and have the holiday they think of as their special day with all of the memories.
Love your bunnies! I have several too, and it is always fun to take them out and enjoy them for a few weeks. I am glad that Easter will come in the middle of April next year. I have felt quite rushed this year with it falling so early. Not to mention the ice and snow we received today. ugh.
Can't wait to see pictures of the Lake House. I bet you are all very excited.
Hope your Easter is lovely and your new menu items are celebrated!! Have fun!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Jane, it feels like we have had a little chat over a good cup of coffee while you show us around! Love all your sweet bunnies and your menu for Easter. Strawberry soup and white chocolate trifle sounds wonderful. I know what you mean about changing traditions. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This year, my daughter introduced us to her rosemary scalloped potatoes at Christmas, and now we can't get enough of them so we are asking for them at every occasion. Your daughter has excellent style - the wall color is beautiful and highlights her lovely furnishings. I wrote a column for our newspaper, too! It was a wonderful experience. It is stressful to remodel and I hope it all goes smoothly. Can't wait to see your cottage! Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter weekend! xx Karen

Mereknits said...

That book looks wonderful. I have yet to do the Amazon Prime thing, but I really should it would save so much money in the long run. I love your bunnies, so gorgeous each and every one. Good luck with all the decisions with the lake house and of course on your trip. Have a wonderful Easter.

Theresa said...

I was wondering about the lake house, thanks for the update:) Hope it will be finished in time for you to enjoy this Summer! LOVE your bunny collection, you could add a hat to the bunny girl missing the ear:) Enjoy your day my friend, BIG HUGS!

Unknown said...

Be yourself with your treasures in your home. Sounds delightful and cozy having a fire going in the late afternoon while preparing a delicious meal. Haha Bunny eyes are a watching you too! Hope to see The Lake House ( I always think of the movie ) this summer all fixed up, sounds beautiful. How helpful and wonderful that your daughter can give you ideas in your home. Deciding paint colors can drive you batty!
Thank you for mentioning me in this post. I think your love for your family and home is so important. And you do keep it real too, with health issues. From reading the comments, your readers connect with you.
Happy Easter! Kathleen in Az

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your bunnies are all so adorable! Your Easter dinner menu sounds great too.

White Lace and Promises said...

It is definitely Spring at your house. I once collected bunnies. Maybe I should have kept and put them out only at Easter and Spring. I tend to purge too much. Happy Easter.

TiffanyJane said...

Looks like a great book from Amazon :) I wanted to try Amazon Prime, wasn't sure if it was worth it or not??
Love all the bunnies, I love bunnies and collect them myself :) Yum, strawberry soup sounds de~lish! I have never had it.....would love to try something different like that.
I will have to look at Rita's blog as well.
Emilys living room is beautiful! Love the paint color and decor :)
Happy Spring!

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, I love all your adorable bunnies, very sweet. What a beautiful living room, so cozy and welcoming... Easter Blessings Francine.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

That book looks luscious! Just the thing to sit in a favorite chair and get engrossed in. We have Amazon Prime, but rarely use it. I'm typically not one to buy books. I suppose if I had a library I would, but unless it's a reference book of some sort, once I'm done I'm done and I want it out of the house.

I think your favorite bunny is mine too, although the linen one is a really close second.

The color of the wall is lovely. I've come to realize that colors that can't be pegged easily are the most neutral and the least likely ones that you'll tire of.

Home renos are exciting, but also trying. Just remember before you know it it will be finished, and boy will you have lots to blog about! Everything sounds beautiful!

(We just returned home a few hours ago, and I'm exhausted, I decided to plop in my favorite chair and am trying to catch up.)

Carla from The River said...

Happy Easter Jane,
Yes, I love Amazon Prime too. :-)
I love all your bunnies.
Your Easter Dinner sounds yummy, I would love to try the soup.

shortybear said...

really nice.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

I am wishing you and your family a blessed and happy Easter.
We celebrated Easter last Palm Sunday with some wonderful homemade potato salad with fresh dill from the garden and a smorgasbord of other goodies.
Followed by an Easter egg hunt and a Birthday, I enjoyed each and every moment of it, although I was very tired the following day.

Your bunny collection is very sweet!

podso said...

Your menu sounds delicious and your daughters room is beautiful. She had to have learned it from you! Have a good family time tomorrow.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Wow, your Easter menu sounds fantastic, Jane, but all of the food you post about sounds delicious! We thought we would have another couple over for Easter, but she texted me a short time ago that she is very sick. The Man and I will cut back on the amount we prepare, but we plan to have our traditional ham dinner.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!
Warm hugs,

Melanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful meal you have planned for Easter. My extended family is all being ornery this year, so we're not getting together. I bought a small ham (I found an uncured, nitrate-free one at Trader Joes) for Brian and I, plus I'm roasting sweet potatoes and steaming asparagus with lemon. Now my mom is coming over in the afternoon to join us. Tim has to work, so he can't come home.
We have Amazon Prime, but the only reason we've had it these past couple of years is because of Tim needing supplies for school at the last minute. We even get his photography paper from there. So easy and quick to have it delivered right to his house within two days.
Hope you were able to find the reclaimed wood you were looking for. Using that for open shelving will be beautiful.
Happy Easter to you and your family!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

My family has a fit when I try to change up our traditional recipes too. So funny! Love all your little bunnies. I love hearing about the progress at the lakehouse and can't wait to see it in all its glory! Happy Easter!

Kit said...

Happy Easter! I just know your family will be having a great time and enjoying the meal you have cooked up for them. I hope the weather behaves for you. We had a lovely day with sunshine yesterday but today it is overcast and cold. Spring in Montana! :) Kit

Saimi said...

Your bunny collection is darling, each one is so cute! I'm sure your Easter dinner was amazing as the recipe looked wonderful.

Bluebird49 said...

I'm here Ina strange uncomfortable position (the only "upside down" I can be in), so I'll ask your to forgive me for kind of 'jotting my comments down, Jane!

1. I love you Pushing on to 'get it done!'

2. I do have and love Amazon Prime, indeed!

3. Just love that vested bunny!

4. You could ask lake readers to send their favorite pie, salad, and have a little contest, or giveaway for them--then it would asking of, instead of telling them. :)!

5. Any Ideas when you can show us a bit of lakehouse?

6. I rather like the carved "creepy eyed" white bunny! Goodness, could that mean I'm also "creepy-eyed", too?

7. May I comment on the creepiness of the gold collared bunny’s EARS?

8. I so hate changes to the extreme, but sometimes they've made the best, lasting traditions for the next generation to enjoy.

9.Love the sound of spinach salad w/feta/poppie-seed dressing (High Five, girlfriend!) AND, Strawberry Soup. (WHOA!)

10. Emily’s living room is beautiful, and comfortable; and neither "early or olde style anything"---just a wonderful "Emmy-Style". Maybe she'll have her own brand one day! (One can dream!)

Katie Mansfield said...

Cute bunny collection. I love the color of Emily's living room.

Lisa said...

I love all your bunnies and your Easter menu sounds divine! I'm sure it turned out beautifully. I know what you mean about fitting everyone around the table. Glad you could set your table like you wanted and hope you had a Happy Easter!

Linda said...

Hi Jane...
Once again...I thought I commented...apparently not! hahaha!
Everything looks very festive...your menu sounds delish...
I'll bet the wee one had a ball!!!
Have a great week...crazy weather ,eh??

Linda :o)

Maria Elena said...

Jane, I hope you had a great Easter. Lovely post! I can not wait to see your "new" lake house. I know it is going to be beautiful. Love Emily's choice of paint. Beautiful color. Enjoy your day! Maria

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Jane, I've been trying to catch up on visiting with everyone. So happy I stopped by. I love all your bunnies for Easter, so cute!!
You are the busiest blogger I know. I'm so inspired by you!! Sounds like the lake house is going well and your newspaper column is doing well! Have a wonderful week!! Hugs, Jody

Lori E said...

Always so busy my friend.
Your bunnies are adorable. I am sure your dinner was devoured. I like the ham idea too. So much easier than turkeys. I even buy the spiral cut hams so I don't have to slice it!!!

What you may find chilling in Vancouver is the dampness more than the temperature. That is what make our guests cold.

It is 7:30pm here right now and my doors are wide open and the furnace is shut off. Trouble it that changes real fast.

Suzanne said...

Everything looks so festive, and I'm sure your meal was delicious. Also, love the color in your daughter's home. Very, very pretty! I look forward to seeing pictures of your lake house, too.

Diana said...

Hi Jane! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today to see the post about your friend, Lidy :) It was lovely to meet you and then come over for a visit. I love your bunnies, especially the bathroom bunny, and hope your Easter celebration went off as planned!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

You have such a cute bunny collection. My favorite one is the one I think is on the coffee table. Love his cute pose. Hope your Easter dinner went well and I'm looking forward to the strawberry soup recipe. Take care!

Helen Philipps said...

Your bunnies are all so sweet.....I enjoyed seeing them so much Jane! I always love reading your posts too, and as well as making me smile they give me ideas for cooking and lots of other lovely things. I hope you had a happy Easter and that your delicious dinner went well (am sure it did!)
Happy Spring!
Helen xox

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hello Jane, thank you for the sweet birthday wish. Love your sweet bunnies, each one so cute and cuddly. Loving those Lady Banks. Can't wait to see what you are working on at the Lakehouse. I love Amazon Prime. Have a great weekend Jane. xo

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Jane I loved seeing all of your lovely bunny collection while reading this. They are all adorable!