Saturday, February 13, 2016


Hello!  Happy Weekend although when I publish this it may be Sunday morning.  I have a tendency to proofread a thousand times.  How are you guys weather-wise?  Our warmest day was Tuesday at 28 degrees but the wind was so bad I felt like I had windburn on my cheeks walking from the parking lot into the grocery store.  The Husband has been so good about making fires...we have a ton of wood from the lakehouse piled up in the garage.  We also use a Duraflame logs to keep it going a little more effortlessly.  Our living room and the direction it faces gets a lot of the cold wind so the fire truly keeps  us warm as well as cozy.  We have snow predicted tomorrow--3-6 inches which is truly not terrible for us.  In fact, I'd love to see the beauty of the white stuff.  Still, not crazy about anyone having to drive in it.

In spite of the cold we had many sunny days.
 Milo and Layla usually play games with this chair in the living room which faces southeast and gets that mid morning sun.  I truly think they love each other, they share the same food and water bowl, sometimes at the same time...but Milo seems to have owners rights as he is two years older and was the king of the roost.  To see them on the same chair is quite a phenomenon.  Toleration?  Brotherly/sisterly love?  I have to grab it when I can.  They are precious and even more together.  And lets not forget that sun, it makes me smile.


Thank you for all of the compliments on Elsie's party and the pics.  She is so beautiful and with her walking...what a game changer.  I sometimes feel very far away from when my children made these milestones and at other times I still feel that instinct from having four kids so long ago. That instinct never leaves us.  I'm so glad I get to do this over again!

We celebrated her true birthday on February 10th.  Kevin and Mary Clare had both sides of the family over for pizza.  So fun.  I made a little, I need to stick with cookies and cupcakes.  I frosted the bottom layer on a piece of cardboard so it wouldn't smear up the cake pedestal.  My best and most honest critic, Emily, asked why the bottom of the cake was odd.  It was a chocolate cake and that was obvious along the bottom.  Well, I ended up tinting more frosting and fixing it but didn't take a revised picture.  Still, I'm a perfectionist and until I take a cake decorating class or simply practice, practice, practice...I'm leaving cake decorating to the experts.

I mentioned in my last post that we were making progress at the lakehouse and picking out so many new things.  I think it would be a big mish mash to show you little bit by bit things.  Just let it be said, I've chosen the kitchen floor and lower cabinets (see above and more about the stain below).  I'm doing reclaimed wood shelves above.  I am going to stay with subway tile for the backsplash but will use a darker gray grout to make it pop a bit.  I picked out a porcelain floor that mimics wood.

Above you can see the stain that will be used on my lower cabinets.  It's called 'Rye",  I want nothing with an orange or honey shade.  They will be glazed in a shade called Sable that will get into the grooves.  I'm going to have black hardware that will also be used in the brackets of the open shelving.  I have a bit of a rustic/country theme going.  I can't wait to share it all.

I had a little mishap, mistake, not too pleasant experience when I ordered this book.  I was really excited when I pre-ordered it and maybe I neglected to read the fine print.  I received it, even posted positively on IG, but once I settled down to read it, I realized it was all very familiar.  I have the original from 2011 and this is simply the same book with a different cover.  What?   Well, I could return it to Amazon but seeing how many people on IG responded that they'd love to read it, I'm going to give it away.  Yes, another giveaway within three months.  Just leave a comment to be in the drawing.  And spread the word around with a link if you'd like. ;-)

This week was a string of mishaps and although I was terribly frustrated, it's always great to look at it from the humorous side.  Here goes...

I feel like all I've been doing is going from one doctor appointment to the next.  Seriously.  My annual exam with my GP a few weeks ago, 3 visits with my audiologist, the second opinion with an orthopedic specialist on my arm.  Blood tests, bone density and a colonoscopy ordered (whoa boy...hasn't happened yet).  

So here's the real unadulterated poop...

~I was driving to the suburbs to one doctor and as I pulled into the parking lot, realized I was at the wrong doctor, 6 miles out of my way.  And wondering if I had completely lost my mind or just jamming to The Weeknd and Justin Beiber.  

~Went to another clinic (another day) a mistaken hour before my appointment.  After complaining a bit, I pulled the appointment card out of my purse, realized my mistake and of course felt guilty.  I directed my anger to the wall rack of magazines,  Parents, Highlights for children, Prevention and Woman's World.  It made the green vinyl chairs and rubber plants seem appropriate.

~This goof up had to be the worst of them all.  I tried to prolong my gynecologist appointment for so long--I even rescheduled once.  And on Tuesday I was wallowing in self pity that I had to go.  This sort of exam for me is similar to how some of you dread dental appointments.  I'd rather have a tooth pulled.  So as I sat that morning with my coffee contemplating rescheduling my appointment, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, took a three hour long bath and headed out into the 17 degree weather.  I arrived at the office thinking the waiting room was quite empty.  Yay, no wait.  When I announced my appointment... well long story short, they couldn't find me on the computer and then voila, I was actually scheduled for the next day.  I had the date wrong.  What????  And I have to do this all over again???  So I rescheduled and now I have to go through the same anxiety, loss of sleep and three hour soak in the tub.  Shoot me.    

~And finally.  I had to renew my passport for our upcoming trip.   The Husband was nagging and a little inpatient about me doing this.  So I was in Walgreens one afternoon and it was quite empty.  Considering many of us do not want to pose for a picture in the busyness of a store, I seized this moment, had the photo taken, and had the proper papers printed.  Once home I methodically filled them out and then  smugly presented them to The Husband along with the photo of my beaming face.  And then he said, "Oh, Jane.  I forgot to tell you that I looked at our existing passports and we are good until 2018".  Again, shoot me.  

I'll end with a funny moment here.  One of our grocery stores has a promotion which involves getting little tabs/stickers based upon how much you spend.  It's sort of a Monopoly game where you stick those little babies on and you can win win over $500,00 dollars or a $2.00 coupon. Or nothing.  I never play and usually give my little stickers to the customer behind me.  When The Husband found out he shared warm and fuzzy moments about his father collecting S&H Green stamps  Remember those?  It was a part of my life, too, and I remember my mother winning a set of  pots and pans. is the man totally involved with the stickers.  My life was threatened if I dared to give them away again.  The funniest thing here is...The Husband can rock a suit and tie like nobody else, but little do you guys know, he dresses like someone from Archie Comics when he's relaxed at home.  Well, not always.  Hubby, if you are reading this somewhere in 2027, forgive me.  He is truly a man I'm proud to be out and about with.  And maybe you should see me on downtime! :(

Happy Valentine's Day to all.  I bought myself some cheap tulips yesterday...this guy is absent minded but that's just another thing I love about him.  :)

Jane x


Pondside said...

Another charmer of a post Jane. You draw us in.
Re buying your own tulips..... it sounds like our fellows have a thing or two in common and they are both pretty special when it comes to all the other things in life, so I buy my own flowers and enjoy the thousand little things he does as a matter of course.

Pondside said...

......and don't.worry about entering me for the book. It would cost a terrible amount to mail a heavy book to my neck of the woods.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Sounds like you really had an interesting week. I hate it when I have more than one Dr to go to.
The dogs look so cute all curled up together. Mine do the same thing only they are big dogs.

I heard on the news how cold it is there. I love Chicago, but not the cold harsh winters.
We have had high 80's all week. Feel guilty with our nice warm weather and everyone is freezing to death.
Husband looks so cute working on his Monopoly game coupons. I got a beautiful set of dishes with those coupons from Johnson Brothers over 20 years ago and they are still beautiful.

Like the colors of flooring and cabinets that you have chosen. They will look very nice.

Well Jane, good luck at the Dr's office and hope that all your tests are fine.

Have a great Sunday and rest of the week. Happy Valentine's Day.

Bluebird49 said...

I love Elsie's special cake. Baking cakes, except pound cakes, has never worked out for me. :( My kids liked the frosting best, anyway!
You've had so many busy days--- then only to get the dates mixed up! Oh, don't I know about that...
Can't wait to hear and see more about the lakehouse. It'll be ready for summer, I hope.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, dear!
Trudy xx

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Love the sun and shadow shots of the pups and your cake looks delicious :)

I remember the green stamps ...books of them at my grandma's and I think I did them in my early 20's / hope your hubby wins something!

Mereknits said...

I had to laugh at your week, so sorry about that but it is a week we all have. I am notorious for mixing up appointments, I did that with Little Buddy last year, missing his eye appointment by a day and then having to take two days off work that week. I also have to laugh at how many readers you do have!!!!!Wow! I am a little tiny blog so even getting near 300 is amazing to me. The cake is beautiful as is your home. I love that your husband feels very comfortable at home, you should see what I look like at work and at home!
Hugs to you,

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I remember those green stamps very well. It was a time of having less stuff and saving up my stamps for something I wanted. It was exciting when I reached my goal and turned my stamps in for my prize. Nobody waits for anything anymore and the most annoying thing is waiting more than two days for my Amazon package.

Rita C at Panoply said...

Oh, how I love these scenes from real life, Jane! I've done the same thing with buying duplicates of republished materials - shame on the publishers, I say (and they KNOW it works). Yea, I'd have to say I'd rather go to the GYN than the DDS. Can't wait to see your porcelain tile that mimics wood. That's a trend I think will last - love the look. My hubby's like yours - rocks a suit but, get this (and we laugh about it a lot) - he wears what we consider pajama pants OUT leisurely now that he's retired - because he CAN. Hahaha! Granted, they're solid, heavy jersey with pockets, but still.... :D

Susie said...

Blondie, Oh yes, we are freezing here and I think the fireplace will melt down one day. I am always accusing Ted and putting as many logs as he can in the firebox and possibly shoving one in the chimney. LOL He gets it almost to 80 in here..that's too dang warm. I hate whenever I mix up a date or the time for an appointment. Usually happens when I have too many irons in the fire. :):) Oh your husband is a cutie pie. I know you love that man. :):) Happy valentines to both of you. Stay warm, 35 days till spring.:):)xoxo,Susie

Kim said...

Jane, it's always fun catching up with you!! I love the rye color...fantastic! I can't wait to see the finished product. I know it will be spectacular. I remember Green Stamps! My mom was obsessed with that book. I remember dreamily flipping through the catalog, too...and yesterday while grocery shopping, I grabbed two bushels of tulips, red (big surprise!) and white and glanced over the hubs and said, "Which color are you getting me for Valentine's Day?" "Both, of course!" was his answer! Good boy! ;) I told him his real gift to me was just coming shopping...a huge shop in -5 degrees. Ugh. Always good to have help! Happy V. Day! xo

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hello Jane, I do remember green and blue chip stamps. My Mom got me a baby high chairs with those stamps. You have some fabulous color choices. Hubby looks quite content playing the game. We have the little stamps, haven't done anything with them yet. Happy Valentine's day. xo

20 North Ora said...

Jane - My Mom always saved Green Stamps and we girls got to lick and stick them. We are having warm weather - thank goodness. Just wish we could slide right into Spring. I too went for an appointment this week only to find out it was next week! UGH!!

Thanks for the giveaway on the book. I don't have that one.

Happy Valentines Day to you and hubby,


Primitive Stars said...

Happy Valentines Day!!!! Love the fur babies curled up together...beautiful cake, like ve the fireplace grate too. Nothing like home sweet home!!!! Blessings Francine.

Unknown said...

Oh, I hate doctor's appointments. I have a different doctor for every part of my body, too! It really gets confusing. Your cake looks good to me. Take care, girl!!

Barbara F. said...

Jane, I think you have so much on your mind. I have to go read the baby birthday post. I seemed to have missed it. And as far as colonoscopy....I have had two, and please don't dread it. The prep is not fun but we get through it. I do the Miralax one. Never had a problem. I love the squeaky clean feeling afterward. TMI? lol. Happy Valentines's Day! I actually posted. 😉

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your mishaps this week, but it was so funny reading them! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

its always a joy to come visit you,, the only way it would be better is if I could give you a big hug!!
I thought no one else makes a few blunders like I do, lol,,I am in good company!!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Jane, the anxiety over the gyno visit is the same here on this end (pardon the pun)...I loathe them yet I must admit, at least I get the dates right! Did I ever tell you that one year I had 4 colonoscopies in 3 months????...LOL! Hang in honey and the colors you've selected for the cabin sound AWESOME!...:)JP

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Jane!

I can't believe your little one has celebrated her first birthday! I had thought time with grandchildren would go slower than the time with your own children, but it still seems to get away from you.

I had my "okay your 50, time for a colonoscopy" at 51. I have to say the worst part for me was the prep. I just hated it and the timing of taking the stuff. The actual colonoscopy was fine. I was out for it and woke up when it was done!

We are having snow today. I don't know if you got what we did already (here in Ohio), but I'm just thankful I have off for the holiday tomorrow. I'd hate to have to call out because I can't deal with driving in it.

Hope you're well!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Here's my colonoscopy may or may not know when you wake up they don't want you to leave until you fart. So I opened my eyes and very while still very groggy asked the nurse to pull my finger. True story :).

I'm so with you about the gyno. I'm embarrassed to tell you how long I let those appts. slide. Not as bad as mammograms, but as you know my last one was encouraging. How was yours?

I am not a fan of the orange toned woid either. Unfortunately that's what we have but I would totally love something different. I think the reclaimed wood you choose will be a stunner!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Here's my colonoscopy may or may not know when you wake up they don't want you to leave until you fart. So I opened my eyes and very while still very groggy asked the nurse to pull my finger. True story :).

I'm so with you about the gyno. I'm embarrassed to tell you how long I let those appts. slide. Not as bad as mammograms, but as you know my last one was encouraging. How was yours?

I am not a fan of the orange toned woid either. Unfortunately that's what we have but I would totally love something different. I think the reclaimed wood you choose will be a stunner!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I want to comment on everything you talked about but the dogs and the monopoly grocery store game gets the attention.

So nice to know someone else does and feels like me about all these check up appointments, looking at every opening of our bodies LOL

Happy valentine's day I'll go buy me some flowers tomorrow, seems they are less expensive the day after

I had snow and sleet this morning on my way to mass and it's still very cold here

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Adorable cake! Love your décor choices for the Lake House. What a pain to renew your passport to only find out it was still good. We have to renew ours and soon since we have travel plans soon. Sweet photo of the doggies laying together keeping warm. Today our weather reached all of 16 degrees. Yesterday at 7PM when John and I were out enjoying Thai food it was 7 degrees so I stopped into WholeFoods and purchased fresh pussy willows to force open. You know first signs of Spring... Anyhow my Simon has been stealing the pussys and playing with them!!! Yes I too remember S&H stamps but never saved or used them.
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones.

Sonia said...

I'm smiling at your post! It's amazing how much we do in a few days time! The book cover is very pretty and I can see why you were drawn to it! What a disappointment to find out you already have a copy, but nice to do a giveaway. Your cake looks delicious! So glad you bought yourself some tulips too! You know I have to have a few bloomers in the house at all store flowers or otherwise! Happy Valentine's Day Jane!!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Sorry, I laughed all the way through this. We could be twins!

Scribbler said...

You are too funny! I can't tell you how many things I have showed up for a day or a week too early. Oh well --

My husband looks like a model in a tuxedo, but try getting him into one!

I really do get upset with these publishers who reissue the books and "bookazines" or whatever they call them without being very clear that this is a RE-DO! I usually look through them now in a store, and if it looks familiar, I pass. Another thing if you order from Amazon, is that you can usually find the original copyright date somewhere on the listing.

So --you are in good company. We are all dingy I guess.

Lorrie said...

So many fun things to read in this post. I empathize with you on the gynecologist appt - I have to really give myself a talking to in order to get there. The dentist is the same.

I once purchased one of those special issues of magazines and discovered it was the same one I had purchased a few years before. So frustrating. Don't enter me for the book - I live across the border and it would cost a lot to send.

Your husband looks cute in his hat!

MJ said...

Sweetie, you sound just like me. Are you taking any meds on a regular basis?

I have to read the calendar every evening before bed to see where i'm supposed to be the next day...and what time..... This has been going on since i went on cardiac drugs and it's getting worse. Now I can't seem to keep up with or keep track of anything, nor can i sleep at night. I looked up side effects of one of the drugs and it seems I am so sensitive to this one that i have the side effects that under 2% of the test subjects have.

I knew i was really a princess at birth and my parents swapped me for another kid..(LOL)and now i know it's true, My siblings can eat rusty nails and have no bad effects. Not this ol' gal.

So check on your meds and see if they might be making you absent-minded and/or scatterbrained.
Or maybe it's just the weather or menopause, or too much to keep track of.. Whatever it is, i hope you figure it out and get a break soon....

And when you frost a cake, put a proper cardboard cake circle on the plant, then fold 4 pieces of wax paper and put them on the circle, fold side toward the center, and under the whole circumference of the cake. Frost it, then pull out the paper and run a line of icing around the bottom edge of the cake with a fancy icing tip. The plate stays
clean and the cake is not confused with the makeshift cardboard underneath.
But you knew all this, didn't you? And tried to short cut it in your present state of mind?

Not to worry. Spring will be here soon and all will once again be right with the world.

btw, my husband, who is now with his ancestors, wore loose fitting sweats for most of his retirement years, but never out of the house. Lucky women aren't we? Cheers, MJ

Melanie said...

Did you get a lot of snow today? We only got a couple of inches out here.
I think you should pat yourself on the back for that's really pretty! And hey, if it tasted good, that's what really matters, right?
I am so sorry for all those mix-ups with your appointments. So stressful.
Your hubby looks just fine! I never "dress up" when I'm at home. I'm always in yoga pants, tshirts and hoodies.
Those reclaimed wood shelves will look gorgeous on your walls with subway tile. I can't wait to see all this when it's done.

Unknown said...

I love your weekly letter with photos! Our grocery store has that game too, good luck to your husband. I hope you receive good results from your Dr's appointments. Love, love the picture of your little dogs together, sweet:)
Kathleen in Az

Gypsy Heart said...

Well, you've had your share of mishaps! I'm hoping things will level out for you. I think the cake is adorable! We are our worst critics aren't we? Hope you're continuing to have a warm fire and staying cozy.


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, you MUST start taking a second look at the appointment cards:) I know you are enjoying planning pretties for the NEW lakehouse! Enjoy your day dear friend, I'll take that book off your hands:) HUGS!

Kathleen Grace said...

I had to laugh about your gyno appointment, gosh I hate those too! I hate when a book or magazine uses different covers, I have been fooled by that too and purchased something I already had. I think that's why they do it, and I don't think much of the practice. At least some lucky reader will be able to enjoy it. I already have it, in fat I dug it out to look at again after you posted about it. I'm afraid I can't share your enthusiasm for fresh snow, I'm just so over it by now. Spring is on the way, it's supposed to be 49 Friday! Hope you have a better week.

podso said...

I've done a few of those things lately that you describe so well--arriving on the wrong day or missing one. Actually a day early is better than a day late. Oh yes I remember my mother saving those green stamps and pasting them in those little books, and off we'd go to the green stamp store.

Hope you have a great week! (I bought tulips too.)

thistlewoodfarm said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you! Love the stain color you used and it sounds like a fun project!

Happy day friend!

Shirley said...

Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway! Loved your doctor appointment experiences. Think we can all identify and have been there - but maybe not in a row like you did. Stay warm. (

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Bless your heart about all the mishaps! We've all done stuff like that, haven't we? I had to resort to putting a reminder on my phone the day before an appointment, and another one the day of, so I don't forget. :) I dread the dentist and try to put it off just like you put off your appointment. :) One time they called me a couple days before my scheduled appt. and said they had a cancellation and I could come in right away for my dental cleaning if I wanted to...I told them they caught me off guard and I didn't have enough time to psych myself up for it. Lol!

Linda said...

HI Jane....
1. Elsie is a living doll! Love the pic of you and her....
2. Laughed at your app't stories....hahaha!
3. I have not been to the gyny for YEARS! Hate it!
4. Love a man in casual dress....
5. Have a wonderful week....
Linda :o)

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Jane,
So glad I stopped by, your generous giveaway will be welcomed I am sure and I too almost made the same mistake in the purchase, I knew it was the same book right off, but also was made aware that it had Been revised and added new photos were in it...I am glad I read from you that indeed it is the same ole book just a new jacket, and indeed a wonderful one would you not agree.
You can skip over me in the giveaway, I already have her first one :)

As for the market game Monopoly ??? Funny to see you caving and helping in the playing .... Our market here in southern Calif is doing the same promotion with the Monopoly and you gain extra stickers by buying the bonus sticker items, so of course extra this and that that we don't need is mounting up due to my college daughters addition to this game, and I to tell her all about my grandmothers addition to the blue and green stamp pasting where I too would go through that book to see what could be purchased with the amount of books all pasted up.

As for the Monopoly ? We are like one sticker away from several big gift items..
Perhaps you have that one we need? I am sure my daughter would split the grand prize with you if you were to send over that one she so desperately needs LOL !!! .?
All kidding aside it was fun to you guys here are excitedly hoping for the same big prizes I am sure!

See you soon,

Blessings on you big win.


Benita said...

So, should I go ahead and send you my mailing address for the book??!! ;-) I will confess that I've done that in the past...ordered a book I already had because I didn't recognize the redesign...oh well....a spare copy for someone else later on, right?! I love having a fire in the does keep things warm and cozy on these cold winter days. We have a gas fireplace but I so love a wood-burning one. But, I will not look the gift horse in the mouth...LOL. I think the cake is adorable and I cannot wait to see the lakehouse!! Love and hugs sweet friend...stay warm!

Dewena said...

First of all, the cute little bunny cake is definitely not a mishap but adorable!

Oh how I feel for you in all the doctor appointment mishaps! Been there, not only for myself but one infamous occasion when I had my husband prep for his colonoscopy only to arrive and discover I had the wrong week for him. He was not a happy camper and I don't blame him.

I've also ordered the same book twice, and almost did on the book you show! Luckily I caught it when reading the reviews before ordering and several reviewers mentioned it.

Your kitchen at the lake house is going to be lovely!

Carla from The River said...

As always, you make me smile.
I love the cake. :-)
Oh my, the story about your sweet husband and the passports. And to top it off with the last photo and story.
Love, Carla

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Jane.You did have a few "oops' moments didn't you. I've been there many times. The dr. one would be the worst though, to have to get yourself in the right frame of mind to go again. That book is one that I haven't had or seen before so I would love to have my name added to your give away if it's not too late. I am constantly going into the store and buying the same magazine over again. I have to put it in the recycle soon as I get home before hubby sees it. Don't know why he frowns on those type of things!! Don't forget to look at your calender before you go to bed so you know where you will be tomorrow! (That's what I have to do)..Happy Tuesday..Judy

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! OH, you're always such a busy gal. I think the little cake is cute and I'm sure it tasted wonderful! Fun doctor stuff! :) Glad there's progress going on with your lake house. It'll be beautiful! Thanks for popping in to see me and your prayers.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

chateau chic said...

We are so much alike when it comes to those pesky yearly So disappointing to hear the book is the same with a new cover. Take my name out of the hat since I have the original. It's still a great giveaway!
Loving your choices for your lake house and can't wait to see it when it's done.
Always fun to visit, Jane, you never disappoint.
Mary Alice

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Jane, I thought I'd commented on this post already, but checked and it apparently didn't publish. That happens sometimes. Like that interesting week you had, those happen to me sometimes, too. I did manage to get one appointment out of the way without mishap. I need the dreaded colonoscopy, too, and keep "forgetting" to make the appointment. :) I don't know why I dread it, I remember feeling great for days after the last one. I must have gotten a good rest while I was out!
Your hubby looks cute sitting there and I can just picture him telling you "oh, by the way...". lol! I probably would have yelled if my hubby did that to me.
What a great post! Have a nice week!

HWIT BLOGG said...

What a lovely post to read! Interesting! I´ve been looking for that book for a while now, hope I´ll find it...
Have a great day!

Seawashed said...

Just heard about you Giveaway and would love to win since I do not have this book. I never bought the first printed edition and have been considering purchasing this one.

What a week you have had. I hope your days have gotten better. Thank you for the kind Giveaway.

Art and Sand said...

I am sorry about all your mishaps - hope the arm is doing better.

I wondered about the book - I have it already and someone else said it's just a different cover to the book - glad I didn't buy it.

I laughed when I read your comment about cold weather and fires. We have been having hot days and cool nights. We have had fires most nights because it gets down to 60° at night!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jane,
I just read 4 posts and I'm all caught up! I loved seeing Elsie first b-day pics and all the fun decorations. She's a doll! And your going to Vancouver! That's so exciting. I'm jealous. I also enjoyed seeing pictures of the lake house renovations. I love your paint color ideas. And don't forget to pencil in a trip in to see us. I've shooed all the bears away and I can't wait to see you. Not much going on here. Had fun in Arizona but it went by too quickly. Big hugs friend, Cindy

Debbie said...

Great post, Jane! Sometimes I think I need meds for my forgetfulness. I worry that my mind is going when I end up at appointments at the wrong time, or wrong day....I'm glad to see it happens to other people...LOL.
LOVE the sweet!
Happy to hear the lake house is coming together.
It's really great to see a "down to earth" photo on blogs once in a while, and I must say....the picture of your hubby is really down to earth!!! LOL.
Have a fun weekend!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha-ha! Whose calling who absent-minded? :) I usually forget where I'm going or what I wanted to do just from going one room to the next, but not appointments or the big stuff. My mom used to always collect those grocery store stickers and would win lots of nice prizes like dish sets and glassware. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend.. Your fish recipe sounds delicious! I also don't eat meat during Lent (only Friday's though) so I'm always on the hunt for a good fish recipe. Like you, my hunny is away probably 4 days a week so I am used to alone time. But then when we see each other it's extra special! Have wonderful day and great week ahead!

Unknown said...

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