Monday, January 25, 2016


Are we ready for a new week?  I bet those of you on the eastern coast and any of us wanting to fly here or there are very happy to welcome better weather and sigh of relief.  We are okay here in the Midwest...temps are still in the upper 20's or mid 30's and that feels warmer than last week when we dipped down below zero.  Ah, the weather.  What a great topic of conversation.  But if I sound callous, please know I feel very badly for anyone who suffered in any way due to the blizzards.  

I was asked by a few people how to make the little prosciutto puff pastry appetizers that I shared earlier this month--it was something I made for my niece's baby shower.  It is very simple and quick but I recommend you make it shortly before you serve them or keep them in an oven covered with foil set at about 200 degrees just to keep them from getting chewy.  

*Prosciutto  Puffs*

1 sheet puff pastry
1 cup Butter Flavored Crisco
4 oz.  prosciutto, cut into 24 rectangles
2 T olive oil

Lay the sheet of puff pastry on a flat surface.  With a sharp knife or pizza cutter, cut vertically and horizontally to make 24 rectangles.  Heat up the Crisco in a deep pan with sides over medium high heat.  Drop 5 pieces of the pastry in at a time (be careful not to splatter).  With tongs, turn the pieces over after 1 minute and then remove from the oil after 30 seconds and place on a surface lined with paper towels.  Continue until you have finished with all of the pastry.  Brush each piece with a dab of olive oil and then place a slice of prosciutto on each.  Ta Da!  Simple, easy and very 'gourmet-ish'! 

I've been wanting a new area rug for our bedroom for a long time and I've really been loving the Moroccan style shags I've seen here and there.  When I started to price them I nearly passed out.  I think the high prices might be because they are hand tufted.  I found this on Rugs USA but it was way beyond my budget.  I signed up for emails then lo and behold, this baby went on sale.  Please know I'm not being compensated at all.  It is just a great company with exceptional sales and the rug arrived quickly and was wrapped perfectly.  

It's a gorgeous soft shag.  Very, very soft.  Milo and Layla were literally rolling on it.  The Husband is quite fussy about rugs (he hates the jute rug I have in the den) and he loves this.

I was so happy with the sale I couldn't help but jump on another one, this for Abby's old room, our new guest room.  I'm far from finishing it but I felt the rug gave me a bit more inspiration as far as curtains and blinds.  I have an old wicker dresser on the side of the bed that I want to replace with a nightstand and then I can move the bed over a bit.  Very small rooms in our old house.  Ugh.  Again, this is a sort of Moroccan type pattern but it's a softer sort of plush feel unlike the shag I bought.  A bit of a layered density.  What's really nice is both rugs can be interchanged as they are the same size.  We just simply can't say which one we love more. 

Abby came 'home' Friday for the weekend.  She's fighting a miserable cold; coughing, congestion, sore throat, her head aching.  I went with her to a small clinic Saturday morning and hopefully she'll improve quickly with antibiotics and a nasal spray.  Afterward we went to Panera for lunch.  It's nice to catch up with your children outside of the house.  It's rare that I get to do that with Abby.  Her schedule is full right now with teaching and coaching basketball.  She leaves the house at 6 a.m. and sometimes doesn't get home until after 9 p.m.  She might have gotten sick from being run down.

I sometimes feel guilty that I have the time to do what I please, go where I want to go and manage my own time.  I see my kids hitting the ground at 6 a.m. and constantly on the go.  I feel I've earned my free time yet I miss having that energy level, that purpose and drive.  During the winter I get very lazy and bored with a lot of things that usually give me pleasure.  Even writing this post-I'm having a problem getting my thoughts together.  I don't think it's that lack of sunlight depression, it's more a reaction to being cooped up and feeling a little lonely.  Does anyone else feel this way?

This brings a smile to my face, a cute little picture of Elsie having her first experience in the snow.  Can't you just eat her up?  We haven't had a lot of snow here and not many really cold days but for the deep freeze last week so it's great to see this little one have some fun.  Can you believe her 1st birthday is just a couple of weeks away?  Time really goes by so fast.  

I haven't made much mention of the lakehouse.  We are in about our 8th week of work there, most of it was demolition.  The sub floor is now there when previously we looked directly into the crawlspace and The Husband couldn't even step in to look around on his last visit.  So now it's there and work has begun on the staircase.  It appears we are working from the bottom up.  We've made a lot of changes, the stairs will be stained dark and the risers will be white.  And we chose black iron spindles.  I've picked out my kitchen cabinets, appliances and light fixtures.  It really has been fun, at least when The Husband and I are in agreement. ^^

This is a partial view of the Great room with the kitchen on the right.  It feels so odd to look at our home this way.  I'm very happy with the progress and barring any complications this might be completed by April.  Then it's the arduous task of moving back in.  I have no idea how quickly we can do that.  

Emily and I recently spent about an hour and a half choosing paint colors for every room in the house.  I am doing mostly seaside colors; creams, tans, blues and grays.  For our loft I'm getting brave and doing an accent wall in navy and the other walls a light beige.  We have a sofa that fits perfectly in this small space from This End Up that goes back 25 years.  Do any of you remember that company?  Its great that we can order new cushions and fabric very inexpensively and I have fabric samples ordered in various shades and patterns of blue.  I'm so excited to create a cozy area perfect for getting out of the sun, relaxing and enjoying a little bit of a nautical vibe.

So this is it.  Last week was a mix of slow and busy.  I mentioned in my last post I had so many appointments.  I got my new hearing aid---Yay for being able to hear out of the right ear again!  And I met with a specialist for my arm.  According to the new x-rays and a wonderful doctor, I learned that my pain may be a reaction to a small bone chip just a tiny little space away from the bone, like a little asteroid.  She also feels that I'm restricting motion because of the pain and that has become a vicious cycle. I have to start using the arm and wrist instead of babying it.  I declined physical therapy for the time being.  I'm now spending every non active moment massaging and moving my wrist and arm at the elbow in a way that makes me feel the pain,  it's the only way to stretch the muscles and ligaments.  I slather on some sweet smelling lotion and work away at it.  I hope I feel better soon (and I do already!).

I just started this book over the weekend.  It's been out for awhile now.  I read the author's previous book, The Husband's Secret (bad title, even Ms. Moriarty admitted in an interview on GoodReads).  It was a bestseller and I gobbled it up-maybe you've read it and this one as well.  At 500 pages, it's keeping me busy.  

Well, I have a few piles of laundry to fold and a run to the grocery store is needed as Milo and Layla are out of their favorite bones.  The things I do for my firkids.   

Stay warm and cozy.  We have a lot of time to pass until warm weather!

Jane x


Jen Kershner said...

Oh I'm sorry about your health struggles. That can be so frustrating! I adore your new rugs. That room looks so cozy and inviting. I find choosing a new rug can be very overwhelming but you did great!

Anonymous said...

I m so glad you can hear from that ear again,, an although the recovery sounds painful for your injury its better than having another surgery!!
That baby is adorable, what a sweetie!
The Lake house is coming along beautifully!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the update, Jane. Glad you didn't have issues with the storm. I've been in sunny CA for the weekend, but TX didn't have any weather issues. Mild winter for TX.

Barbara F. said...

I am still snuggled in but dug out and our temps this week are in the forties so lots of melting (and flooding) is going on. One week ago Satirday, our temp was 54. 54! And then the nor'easter turned blizzard. Crazy, crazy weather.

Susie said...

Blondie, Sorry to hear your daughter's not feeling well. It's a wonder more people aren't sick with our crazy weather. Your little grandbaby is adorable. She growing so fast. Hope you get relief from your hand and arm. Your color choices sound very good for the lakehouse. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Karen said...

Thanks for the recipe! and I have that same miserable cold, bleh. It's going around for sure. The lakehouse....oh, you must be so excited. That beautiful babe!

20 North Ora said...

Jane - Everyone seems to have those nasty colds right now. Our temps go from below freezing to 60-70 in a week and we wonder why we are all sick. Add to that, being overtired and it really hits hard. Hope daughter is better soon. Elsie is so sweet. I know you enjoy her so much.

Do you crochet? My Mom broke her arm and they told her she would never have full use of it again. She sit and crocheted for hours and got to where she could use it to do about anything. It had to be just twisting and turning her arm when she was using it to crochet.

Have a great week.


Brenda Pruitt said...

Yes, that's a good book. I've read both. Sounds like you're almost getting a whole new house at the lake. Don't feel guilty about having time. Like you said, you paid your dues. Enjoy it.

Rue said...

I can't believe that baby is almost a year old! Amazing...

I'm glad the lake house is coming along. I know how much you miss it there. And I hope your daughter feels better soon and your arm as well.

Take care of yourself, my sweet friend and enjoy your book :)


Stacey said...

Your new rug is so pretty! I'd love to run my toes through that shag carpet. :)

I'm with you...the winter can get boring. I hate to say that out loud because some people don't feel that way. I miss working in my flower beds.

Michele said...

Ah, winter blahs - yep, I understand it completely.

But my oh my you have such wonderful things in your life - and that little Elsie is just too sweet! Those cheeks ARE munchable! ♥♥♥

Love your new rugs - I was just thinking of replacing a couple myself just this morning. It's always something needs to be updated, yes?

Good health and happiness to you, Jane!! Hugs!

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh Elsie is so precious, and that little hat with ears! What a doll! I too feel blah this time of year. NO energy, very little interest in anything. My typical winter attitude I'm afraid. Sunshine helps a great deal, but when it's grey outside I'm pretty blue. Love that there is progress on the lake house. I am certainly looking forward to seeing how you decorate it as it gets done :)

Unknown said...

I'm happy you can hear better, my sister wears hearing aids too. Hopefully using your arm will help with the pain.
Keep your eye on your lake house and think relaxing by the summer water.
Perhaps your daughter is worn down, she is certainly busy. You raised wonderful and achieving children.
Kathleen in Az

Vee said...

The restored lakehouse will be so beautiful. I can tell just looking at those stairs. Your beach colors sound very pretty. Elsie looks as if she could take or leave the snow. She's rocking that snowsuit! Hope that your daughter is feeling much better very soon.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

So glad things are moving along on the lake house. It is going to be wonderful when it is done. Elsie looks so sweet in the snow!

Scribbler said...

That's a wonderful book -- I have enjoyed all her books.

Hope you get your arm working 100% again. I now how it feels to be restricted.

Leslie Harris said...

I think it's natural to get the blues when you've been struggling with health problems and lack of sunshine. It happens during winter more don't you think? You're such a sweetheart for sharing so openly about your feelings--whatever they are---I think you're awesome.

podso said...

I see why you like your new rugs! And the lake house looks promising. You will enjoy it so much when it's all finished.

Bluebird49 said...

I love those fluffy-looking rugs! I'm so glad you could get both. :)
It's so nice to be able to be with your girls. That's something I've really missed all these years.
I know the lakehouse is going to be wonderful place to "get outta town!" to! It'll be so much work, but in the end, you will have your own masterpiece/hideaway/home. :)
Well I can't put my finger on my dark days... but I'm hoping something will change soon for us both.
I loved The Husband's Secret --- (yes, unfortunate title!) Let me know what you think.
Take care of you, elbow and all!
Trudy xx

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Jane hope Abby gets well soon. Look how cute snow bunny Elsie is, turning one already! What a deal on your pretty Morroccan inspired rugs. They look stunning Jane. Enjoyed seeing the pics of the construction at the Lakehouse and how excited you must be having made your kitchen choices, soon you're be enjoying weekends there again. Guess what? We got dumped with 30 inches of snow, Yikes!
Stay warm and you've earned your leisurely life, no guilt should be felt.

Marigene said...

Jane, I really dislike the many grey days of winter...they are so depressing. Spring can't get here soon enough.
Love your new area rugs...very nice. Milo looks like he is sunning himself. My kitties line up in the kitchen when we are lucky enough to see the sun.
It will be so much fun to decorate the lake house once it is done. By then your arm may feel better, too.
Cheer up spring is only about weeks will go fast!

Linda said...

No pain no gain....isn't that what they say? Louis Dean and I have just finished Day #5 of doing our Karate exercises! At first Louis Dean could barely do them! It's several basic exercises repeated 10 times. As of this morning - we were going right through them! Still, by the time we were through we we panting and happy to be done!!!
I have thought about you and your beloved lake house. Glad to see you are making headway and how wonderful for you that you will be in there by the end of spring!!!
We are not having much a a winter here in Texas! A few freezes and that's about it! 50's tomorrow and up to 75 over the weekend.

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Hi Jane - so many wonderful things in this post. First, I am so happy your ear is improving and hopeful you continue to feel better! The recipe looks delicious and I love how easy it sounds with just a few ingredients. Your rugs - beautiful. How fun you can switch them between two rooms when the mood strikes. The cold and yuck your daughter has Is circulating around my part of the Midwest as well - boo. I have a daughter who burns the candle at both ends, too. She thrives on it! Not sure how she does it, lol. I guess it's called being 24, lol. Your lake house is really taking shape - how fun to start from scratch. Your color palette sounds lovely, nice& soothing for your getaway. And lastly, sweet Elsie - cute, cute, cute. Jane

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jane, so nice to catch up with you early this morning. Love the rug design and the texture. Looks so pretty in your guest room and look at Milo enjoying the rug. So cute. Speaking of cute, your grand is adorable all dressed in her snowsuit sitting in the snow. Too precious.
Looks like a lot is being accomplished at your Lakehouse. I know it has to be encouraging and looking towards spring to enjoy it. Yes, some time before that right? However we aren't having much of a cold winter here. Very mild and this weekend coming predicted to be up to 75 degrees. The garden is a little confused!!

Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. So fun to catch up with you today, Have a great week. Enjoy the book and thanks for sharing. Looks interesting. xo

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

I think I'd roll on that rug too! Little Elsie all bundled up...yes I could eat her up for sure; she's such an adorable little girl!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Can't wait to see the finished lake house! Your colors sound lovely. I have read all of Lianne Moriarty's books and I like some of her earlier books before she was a bestselling author just as much. Big Little Lies is going to be a movie with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon!

Theresa said...

Oh I know you are excited to get that lake house finished:) Sounds like Summertime will be fun again! You'll be hanging pictures on those newly painted walls and placing rugs all over the place! Enjoy your day dear friend, stay warm! HUGS!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I saw that rug when I was in the market for one and was tempted. I know it's fluffy which I love, and apparently Milo does too ;).

I know what you mean about winter. I think that's why so many people head south if they're able. I'm not complaining, but the weather hasn't been super warm here in Florida either. We're expecting thunderstorms AGAIN tomorrow and Thursday with possible tornadoes.

That's interesting about your arm. Sounds like a catch 22, but at least now you know what's wrong and can deal with it.

The lake house is going to be beautiful, and it sounds like with any luck you'll be able to enjoy it again this summer.

(Oh, and yes, I definitely want to eat her up!)

Mary said...

Oh Jane, I sure could have used sweet Elsie's fluffy hat, and that flowery snow/ice get-up the past few days - it's been horrific here and we haven't left the house since last Thurs. Warming up today and lots of sunshine so hopefully we'll get down the street later without taking a fall or skid! So bad, even the mail truck has shown up since Thurs., that's a first!

Glad to see great progress at the lake house - looks lovely so far. Know you will enjoy decorating come Spring.
Love your new rugs - we don't have any loose rugs other than the IKEA one in front of the fireplace for the Winter, just in case ashes fly out despite the fireguard. At this age we'd probably be tripping over them so they'd be a danger - they worn old people about them - but you wouldn't know about that YET, haha!

Hope your arm continues to improve - keep up the exercises despite the pain, it will be worth it eventually.
Stay warm - love and hugs.
Mary -

Jill said...

Hope your daughter feels better soon, so much going around. Your home looks lovely. Have a wonderful day.


Carla from The River said...

Hi Jane,
The Lake House is coming along. Yay! I love the ideas you shared.
Best your daughter, hope she heals quick.
xx oo

jp@A Green Ridge said...

You grabbed my attention at Elsie in the snow, Jane, although I am concerned about your daughter but glad you got her some medication!!...:)JP

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Those puffs look yummy! I hope your daughter is feeling better. I love the colors you're using at the lake house! It's going to be beautiful. I know you'll be glad to get that part of your life back to normal. New stuff is exciting though! That's a pretty baby! Hopefully your arm will be better soon. I'll write down the author. I need some new books to read. Have a great rest of the week Jane!

Pondside said...

That little snow baby is just adorable!!
The puffs look like they would be yummy. I love a recipe that sounds like it might not be a whole lot of work!
That feeling that gets you on yet another, dark wintry day? We call it Shack Whacky.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Jane. The rugs are gorgeous. I have ordered rugs from there before and have always been happy with them. Little Elsie is so cute. Hang on to all the special moments because they grow so fast. Our's is 22 years old now! Just since yesterday, can you believe it? My daughter works at a school, as it sounds like yours does too, and this time of year she always has a cold and sore throat. It's passed on from the kids, I think. Your lake house is coming along and looking like a wonderful place to spend your leisure time. I feel just like you when the winter weather comes around. It's the gray days that do me in..Happy Tuesday..Judy

Mereknits said...

FIrst of all it is so nice to see what you have been busy with. Special time with our kids, no matter what their age is priceless. I loved that book and I think I have read all of her other ones, she is a great author. I need two hearing aids! I have been putting it off which is stupid I know. I need to get on that this year.

Alicia@eco Friendly Homemaking said...

Boy you really have had a lot going on! The rugs are so pretty and Elsie is just so adorable. I agree the colors that you are using at your lake house are really great. I hope that your daughter is feeling better and I sure hope that your arm will be feeling better really soon!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Wow - major work on the Lakehouse. It looks great!!! And little Elsie? ADORABLE!!!
Have a happy Wednesday.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I am so happy that progress is coming along on your Lake hose. i know you will be so happy when you can spend time there.
Glad that you spent time with your daughter. I also wish that I had that energy level that young people do. But, we had our time, now I just go with the flow. If I get tired, I rest and if I don't feel that good, well things are put off until the net day. I feel I worked all my life and now I am going to relax.
We are still waiting for the rain to come ha ha. Bet we never get it like they say.
Your little sweetheart is so pretty and looks so cute in her snowsuit.
I like your new rug very much. I need to find a couple for my house.
Well my dear Jane, I so love your post and catching up on your busy schedule. I was so happy to hear that nothing is wrong with your wrist. Just do your exercises and hopefully you will be pain free.

We have had beautiful weather here, in the high 70's, but that is going to change this weekend.

Found out that my Waldo has a liver problems, but will be okay (he's 10) so it's special dog food and no treats.

I'm off to the Casino tomorrow with a few girlfriends for a little fun fun fun. Maybe I'll win some money LOL.

Have a great week.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I love the new rug!!! Looks like the pups love it too. :) Hope Abby is feeling better. Those are some long days she's had. Looks like the lakehouse is coming along nicely! I know you're looking forward to spending weekends there again.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hello Jane, Spending time with your daughter is always precious. Sweet Elsie is adorable. The rug is so pretty. I love using rugs to warm a space. Lots going on at the Lakehouse. Can't wait to see the finished results. xo

Helen Philipps said...

I always enjoy your posts Jane! Love the rug and funny how your dogs discovered how nice it was to roll about on! Elsie looks so adorable in her little snow suit. I hope you keep cheerful and cosy this week and the winter blues are banished.
Helen xox

Melanie said...

I love the rugs! I have seen those on various sites (including RugsUSA) and have always liked that pattern and colors.
Elsie is just so precious bundled up in that snowsuit. What did she think of the snow?
Very cool to see pictures of the lake house renovation. It will be beautiful when it's all done. I know you can't wait to be there again...such a lovely respite.

Val said...

That photo of Elsie is one of the most beautiful baby pictures I've ever seen. Goodness! ♥

Decor To Adore said...

So much goodness in this post! It looks as though the lake house is coming along and little Elsie is just a cherub. I need those puffs in my belly RIGHT NOW! :)

Have a wonderful, sunny weekend!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Really nice post, Jane. The rugs are very pretty, and they look so soft. The pile in the second rug looks similar to our bedroom carpet. Initially I was going to have hardwood installed there, then to save money I went with carpeting. Turns out I didn't save a dime because of the dimensions of our bedroom. They charged me for the whole roll. It's such a small room and actually I do like the feel of the soft carpet on my feet when I get out of bed in the morning. I love the furnishings in your guest room and I'm looking forward to seeing how you bring it all together. It's going to be a very pretty space. Elsie is adorable. Babies are so sweet at that age. So glad you saw the specialist and found out the problem, and now you know what to do and how to gain more mobility. Keep at it, girl. I'm praying for you. Hugs, Nancy P.S. Your lake house is going to be aMAZing!

Benita said...

Okay, we are going to have to chat on the phone. don't even know where to start. .lol. I just love that recipe and thank you for sharing. The hubster loved prosciutto! And my MIL is always looking for new appetizer recipes. This is perfect!

Like you, I hate to see the kids running all over and wearing themselves out. We did it also, still do sometimes, but it is part of the circle of life. still hurts my heart though. When I win the lottery they won't have to work so hard. :-)

Love that gorgeous rug. ...amazing! I meant to ask you....remind me where you got the headboard. ..I love it! ! I also love the paint color choices for the lakehouse and cannot wait to see it! ! So exciting! !

Big little lies is an awesome book. .I love the author. I read The Husband's Secret and What Alice Forgot. ..both excellent. You will be shocked on the ending of Big Little Lies....that's why we need to chat on the phone when you finish it. .lol

Gorgeous Elsie. ...would love to just hug her up! ! Take care of that arm and yourself! Love and hugs to you! !

Benita said...

PS...doing this on my phone so forgive typos :-)

Kim said...

Oh your poor daughter, I hope she feels better soon. I remember those days of teaching, I got every cold that came down the pike for the first few years. The lake house looks great. I don't think I ever saw it before the flood. Looking forward to the big fix! And I have purchased from RugsUsa and I have been very happy, too!! :)

Elaine said...

Love the rug with the dog on it. It's funny because the dog matches the rug especially with the collar she is wearing. It matches the lines of the rug!

I hope Abby is feeling better by now and that you are too. I mean that you have less pain.

I do remember This End Up. It was a cool company.

We missed the Jonas snowstorm and have had only 2 storms of 6 inches of snow. We were buried last year so I am not going to complain. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Hey Jane, haven't been by in a while so when I did I Read lots of your old post....and it's always fun. I was in Chicago for Christmas and got caught up in the snow that hit which delayed our flight twice. Believe don't want to be at O'Hare with 5 zillion other people trying to rebook and book a flight out in a snow storm. Never again! Anyway...we did enjoy our time up your way with family so so much. So sorry about hurting your arm/hand. My wrist and lower arm had been hurting for a good year and I finally broke down and went to a specialist. Arthritis...just as I had expected but he said I had also injured it badly at some point....huh? surgery for now...just a shot and it's much better now...not dropping stuff all the time like I was. Love your new rugs and happy to see the renovation on the lake house coming along. Drop by and visit more...I miss you. xo

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Elsie is just adorable! The rugs look great, as does the lake house. Enjoy your leisure time - you certainly earned it!

An Oasis in the Desert said...

I know what you mean about how busy and fast-paced our children's lives are, but they seem to thrive in it. I like to think that we, as parents, prepared them for this.....maybe, maybe not. I don't feel guilty about it, because I remember how hard we worked at that age and feel like we've paid our dues!

That little Elsie is adorable, Jane! If only we could keep them little for an extended period of time. Our youngest grand just celebrated her 5th birthday on Saturday.....makes me a bit sad, because no more babies until older teens get married and have kiddos.....hopefully in that order and more than a few years down the road!

You must be so excited about your lake house. That fireplace looks amazing, and the colors you have chosen sound perfect. Here's hoping you make that April completion date!

Warm hugs,

Linda said...

I could have sworn I commented!
Love everything!
Love that you can hear again!
Love your carpets!
Love your progress at the Lake House....
Oh you! Hahaha!

Ps....that child is a dream♥️

Linda said...
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FrenchGardenHouse said...

Jane, as usual your post is filled with all sorts of things. I love your appetizers, your rug, your family and YOU. Your Elsie is pretty much adorable. love, Lidy

Deserae said...

Love your new pretty! Sorry to hear your daughter is sick, hope she feels better soon!!! Elsie is such a cutie pie too!!! Your lake house is really coming along nicely. I can't wait to see it all finished!!!! Hope you arm feels better SOON!!!

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Hi Jane, I'm finally getting caught up on visiting some blogs. Yours was on the top of the list. I'm always amazed how much you have going in your life, I'm so envious of your energy! I absolutely love your new shag rug for your bedroom, it looks so soft! Hope your daughter, Abby is feeling better. I ended up being sick for 3 weeks the first week of January, bronchitis. Better now...Elsie is a little doll! Excited to see the finished photos of the Lakehouse! Have a wonderful week and hope your arm is better!!
Jody said...

Loving your new rugs! Those are the kind of rugs that you see and immediately want to walk barefoot through. The people at Home Goods don't find it so amusing though. Some people have no sense of adventure. I can't wait to see what your lakehouse looks like done. The view on Lake Michigan is so pretty!

Stacey said...

It's always such a treat to get glimpses of your life at home. I hope your daughter feels better soon. We've had rain here too the past few days... Love, love the rugs! Have a great weekend!

P.S. Thanks for your visit:-)

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

I know you have to be excited that work is progressing on the lake house. You will be making new memories there before you know it.

Maria Elena said...

Oh, Jane, she is sooo pretty! What a great celebration you all had. We are getting ready for our little JJ to turn one next month. Time sure goes by fast. xxx Maria

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