Tuesday, October 6, 2015


A view of our condo complex from our balcony, Asheville, NC
I have never been so psyched and ready and prepared for a vacations like this one.  And once home so totally happy and revitalized.  SAID NO ONE EVER!
We arrived in North Carolina in time for the monsoon season.  I shouldn't make light of that because  the whole lower East coast has been dealing with  treacherous rain and flooding in the past week.  As for myself and The Husband, it rained the entire time we were in Asheville and well, we discovered why umbrellas were invented.  It didn't stop us but I'll keep this short.  We did our much loved shopping in Biltmore Village very close to our place, and we ventured into downtown Asheville for so many wonderful meals as well as more shopping.  My favorites for food:  The Lobster Trap, LAB, Strada, Corner Kitchen, and  Rezaz.  Shopping: Tops For Shoes, Mast,  COCO & C, The Screen Door...well, I simply love all of the shops.  The Husband and I found a few books we loved, a few things for the house, but mostly little gifts for our kids---including spouses.  And our Elsie.  The Husband chose some darling finger puppets for her and a Christmas ornament.  He's really loving being a grandfather.
Pretty fall mums from the grocery store.  A great Pick Me Up!
It was finally Home Sweet Home Wednesday night.  We got in at 8:00 p.m. and were sound asleep by 9 (I must confess that I sleep like a baby on planes but still...).  And in the days that have followed I have not stopped moving until yesterday.  But that's my life story, right?
We found some 'off the beaten path'  places in Gatlinburg.  I so loved the artisan made pieces.  I bought this beautiful dish with a 'flower frog'.  I'll try to do a  better display when I have more flowers.  I just love pottery and it's so nice to meet the potter as well.  This area also has an abundance of artists who work in carving wood pieces,  I found some very cool Christmas ornaments for myself and the family.  The Husband found a shop owned by a photographer and absolutely fell in love with his work, most of which was done in rural Tennessee and the Great Smoiky Mountains.  He spent well over an hour chatting with the man and bought three prints. We ultimately ended up shipping our little treasures home via Fed Ex.  I was happily surprised that it didn't cost as much as I had expected and the big box arrived 2 days after we got home and everything was securely wrapped and packed just perfectly.  We will definitely remember this.  So many times I've fallen in love with something only to say, "But how will I get it home?"  No problem now. 

It has taken awhile to get adjusted to being back at home.  The first few days involved cleaning and laundry and shopping...a party on Saturday and Abby staying the weekend (she requires a full time cook and maid).  Yesterday I decided to make a pizza as I had been wanting to try a recipe for dough from this cookbook.  This is a wonderful book, I'm not a vegetarian but I definitely try to keep the meat down and the veggies up.  It makes sense to me.  I hope you have time to look up
 this chef.  He's a British author and broadcaster and has written several award winning cookbooks that are not exclusive to vegetables..  He is all over the place~~~love that,
So I tried the dough recipe and not only does it make the crust for a pizza, but with a few tweaks, you can do bread, crostini, flatbreads and pita.  You can also freeze the dough (a great plus). How good can it get?
Basic dough after kneading
I know many of you are thinking, I have no desire to make my own bread, pizza, whatever.  I gave it a fair shot myself a few years ago and after covering every bit of counter space and much of the floor with flour, not to mention messy bowls, measuring cups and spoons to wash, I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. 
I would not post this version of bread dough if I didn't have the faith that it's simple, versatile and simply delicious.  I'm giving you the condensed version from the book but it's exact as far as measurements.  
2 cups all purpose flour
2 cups bread flour
1 1/2 t sea salt
1 t instant dried yeast
1 T olive oil
1 1/3 c warm water
Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.  Add the olive oil and water and mix to a rough dough.  Knead by hand for 10 minutes or as I do, use the dough hook if you have a KitchenAid or similar standing mixer.  I let it work away for 15 minutes while I prepared a second batch to freeze and cleaned up. 
Set oven to 200 degrees.  Once it reaches that temp, let it go for 5 minutes.  Turn the heat off and open the oven door keeping it ajar for 5 minutes to let most of the heat escape.  Take your kneaded ball of dough and place it in a large ovenproof bowl in which you have drizzled a little oil.  Roll the dough a bit in it to lightly coat.  Cover the bowl with a clean kitchen towel and place in oven for approximately 2 hours.  I let my dough rise with this method as it's foolproof.  Most recipes instruct you to place the dough in a warm spot of your home.  That's an impossibility in my drafty old house.  Try it this way.
2 hours later.  The risen dough
All you need to do now is gently poke the dough with your fingers, let it 'deflate', and then gently shape it into a log-type form.  Cut it into three even sections to make crusts for three thin pizzas, approximately 12 inches in diameter.  Simply roll out the pieces on a floured surface until they are 1/8 inches thick.  Place on a lightly floured pizza pan and fold and crimp the edges any old way.  Then create the pizza of your choice~~the possibilities are endless.
I made veggie pizzas.  A huge hit. On one I had a simple tomato sauce that I used sparingly and just barely spread around.  The second had just a bit of olive oil on the crust and then the same veggies.  Here you go:
1 T olive oil
2 T chopped shallot
2 large cloves of garlic finely chopped
1 28 oz. can whole peeled tomatoes
2 T fresh thyme
3 T fresh parsley
1 t sugar
1 T honey
Heat oil in a large saucepan. over low heat.  Add oil and once hot, add shallots and garlic. Cook on low stirring about 3 minutes...do not overcook--you do not want them limp.  Add tomatoes, herbs, sugar and honey (these last two ingredients will take away the bitterness of the tomatoes).   Continue cooking covered approximately 1/2 hour, stirring often and breaking down the tomatoes.  Meanwhile prepare your toppings...veggies, meat, cheeses, whatever your heart desires.
Assemble your pizza and bake at 450 degrees approximately 15-20 minutes or until you see the edges of the crust a nice healthy brown.   Each pizza serves 2-3. 
Use what you want but remember---all veggies are not alike.  I used sautéed garlic, shallots and sliced red onion.  Everything but the eggplant got this bit of action on the stove for about three minutes in a pan with a drop of olive oil.  This takes the 'edge' off the onions and keeps them from getting crisp in the oven.  Use what you want.  Eggplant and most squash should be salted once cut and left to 'perspire' on a paper towel for about 15 minutes.  They will otherwise get soggy when cooked.  Yuk. Root veggies and more dense sorts should be blanched to soften them.  So you want to think of this sort of preparation before you aim to pop the pizza in the oven. 
I wanted to share this picture with all of you.  This is my son who got married in August.  He got the hiking bug this past spring when he, my other son, Kevin, The Husband and several guys went hiking and camping near Boulder, Colorado.  It is now a huge part of Jeff's life.  He did some mountain climbing around Lake Tahoe on his honeymoon and here he is again in Colorado a few weeks ago where he climbed 3 of the highest mountains in the state.  I'm simply amazed and in awe.  He's so nonchalant about it.  The other day I saw these pics for the first time.  I thought he was away on business.  I asked him, "Why are you doing this?  Is this a new passion?  You and the wilderness?"  (You may want to refer back to my last post and my preoccupation with bears and vultures around our cabin in Tennessee).  He said, "No, Mom.  I'm facing my fears.  I'm going to face every one of them."  I was speechless but not surprised.  This is what makes Jeff unique.  He's truly his 'own person' and while he has tons of friends, a new wife and probably a lot of children in his future, he has a restlessness that I think he's really trying to unleash and this is just very exciting.  Of course I worry, I'm hoping he will find someone or a group to team up with and I'm sure he will.  We have so many wishes for our children...I may be a bit of a dreamer but I simply want mine to be happy. 
It's such an iffy time of year, temperatures going up and down, leaves changing a little slowly.  I know so many of you are in very hot climates and relish this time of year and others simply want summer over.  I was cleaning out my closet yesterday, sorting through sandals and summer shoes I could donate and then pulling out all the boots and winter shoes.  Contrary to the side of me that is a shoe fanatic, I'm happiest in bare feet.  I was sort of wincing looking at the leather and suede and thinking, "Oh.  Not yet!"  Some of us think that time slows down during the winter.  I find this time of year to be when I'm on my annual brink of insanity with the holidays just around the corner.  But I digress.  My gardens and yard are in desperate need of some TLC.  I mentioned to Abby that I needed to start tossing the flowers and storing the pots.  She looked almost tearful.  Why would I do that when they still had pretty flowers?  Because I've sometimes waited until mid November  and then froze my little fingers  and nose off doing it.  While writing this (long) post I went outside for a little stroll around the grounds.  The squirrels have made a mess digging up the lawn to bury the endless amount of walnuts we have everywhere.  In pots of mixed flowers, some of the less sturdy plants have died off from the cold night temps while others are just begging for a drink of water.  The morning glory and ivy are eating the house and with little rain here, I haven't seen any birds except crows. 
I simply don't know where time goes.  I've been a little grumpy the past few days as I feel a bit tired, sort of worn out and not really up for all of the chores, projects and ideas I have swimming around me.  I think I expect too much of myself (and others I might say).  I find making excuses to be a cop out.  Somewhere along the way I've come to equate relaxing with laziness and though I know that's just crazy, I simply feel happy and content when I've accomplished something tangible.  And the perfectionist in me wants everything done this minute.  I need to find some balance.  I don't think I truly know what relaxation means.  And I really don't think I found much of it on this vacation.
Okay, enough whining...I'm leaving you with a picture if little Elsie.  She is growing so fast!  I'll be back soon!
Jane x


Stacey said...

I understand the need to be productive. My husband and I often talk at the end of the day about what we accomplished as if that's a really important measurement of our worth. I guess sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't.

Too bad that it rained the whole time on your vacation but it sounds like you made the very best of it. ;) You could be a vacation planner, you know.

Your son the hiker sounds like a really neat guy!!

20 North Ora said...

glad you had a great vacation getaway! That Elsie is a little doll.


Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I SO get what you mean about being productive. I think most creative people are like that. It's not necessarily a bad thing, we just have to learn to relax a bit more (emphasis on 'bit'). ;).

I'd like to visit Asheville someday. Friends are building a house there now. They live in our neighborhood in the summer and plan to go to Asheville for the winter. It's taking a very, very, long time for their home to get built. Long story, but the builder turned out to be a thief.

Anywho...I posted about pizza today too! Great minds...

Elsie is way too cute Jane. Seriously.


Kathleen Grace said...

We have so much in common Jane. I am happiest in bare feet, feel the holidays racing toward me, and tend to feel like I'm being lazy when I actually (horrors!) relax. So I don't do it nearly often enough. Your son is so handsome, what an adventurer! I would say he is already brave if he aims to face all his fears. I tend to be pretty comfortable with some of mine as long as they aren't something I need to avoid in daily life. Sorry about the rain on your vacation, but be glad you weren't in South Carolina where they flooded!

Linda said...

Hi Jane....good to see you back!
I am just like you...always thinking of something I should be doing....or tidying....or cleaning....or....you get the message!
Your son is such a cutie! You are so lucky...what a lovely family♥️
I am on my own for a few days...then the cottage...then home for our Thanksgiving! Phew!
Have fun in the garden! Mine will wait until after we close the pool...cottage is still green and lush...
Enjoy your week...
Linda :o)

Barb said...

Hi Janie,

Sorry about all the rain but it sounds like you had a good time anyway. The mums are gorgeous and Elsie is totally beautiful!

I get it about being productive.....that is a big thing with both Ron and me.

Have a wonderful week!


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh Jane, what a great post. I think we all want everything perfect. I know I feel guilty if I don't accomplish a lot of things in one day. then I wear my self out and can't do anything for a couple of days.
The pizza sounds great - I'm keeping that recipe.
You have great looking children and spouses and that granddaughter is beautiful and happy.

So sorry that it rained the whole time you were in Ashville. It is a stunning little town and I love the Ashville Estate. I toured that about 12 years ago and it was simply stunning. It was around Christmas time and everything was all decked out. I loved Nashville too, and enjoyed the time I spent there even though I was working.

Great post Jane. Have a terrific week.

Susie said...

Blondie, I loved the pictures, especially the last one. :):) The pic of your son was wonderful too. Aren't you proud of your kids...they are great. I wish it had not rained on your vacation....but thank goodness you guys just made to most of it. I know when trips are over...the work begins. We did some winterizing here yesterday. I did not know we had gotten so far behind on things. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

You busy little bee! You inspire me so much with all your energy!! Sounds like you a had a good trip, despite the rain. The pizza you made looks sooo delicious!!! Have to try your recipe! Your son, is accomplishing amazing goals. Good for him!! You must be proud! Elsie is just precious, the camera loves her! Happy Tuesday!

Primitive Stars said...

To bad about the rain but sounds like a wonderful holiday. Yum pizza, I love it.....Elsie is so adorable, what a doll.Blessings Francine.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

First of all little Elsie is ADORABLE!!! Isn't it just the BEST thing when you become a grandparent?? What will she call you? I am Gigi!!! I love Asheville, and the mountians etc. We have been to several time share vacations in that area and it is always beautiful. How nice that you have a place there! Now, be kind to yourself!!! We all try to "do it all" and then end up exhausted (and grumpy:):):) Take care, Pinky

Anita Diaz said...

Tops for Shoes for sure, lol!! Hate I missed seeing you while you were here, and the weather sure was crazy. Glad you got to do some shopping and eating:-) What a doll Elsie is!!

Benita said...

I've pinned that wonderful pizza/bread dough! Love those easy recipes like that! I totally know what you mean about the need to be productive..to get something accomplished...to FEEL as though I've gotten something accomplished. I have an organizer and check off my "to do" list. I feel better that way. Silly, but it helps me feel like I'm staying on top of things. Life gets us sidetracked so easily and like you, when something needs to be done, I want it done now and I want everyone else doing what they are supposed to be doing...right now also...LOL.

Elsie is so beautiful and looks like she has quite the personality!! And your son sounds like he's got his head on straight...facing his fears. What an awesome accomplishment! I know you are so proud of him!

The artisans in Gatlinburg are amazing and that artisan loop has so many interesting artists along the way. The pottery is truly gorgeous...it amazes me to watch them work! Vacations are tiring and do make us grumpy...when we return home, we see all the things left undone while we were gone! It is difficult to find the "happy medium" sometimes...I feel as though it eludes me...LOL Hugs!!!

Scribbler said...

Darling baby! I like making pizza crust, too. It is so much better than the os-called fresh stuff from the grocery.

Kate Eckman said...

I absolutely love your blog, Jane! I need to stop by much more often. Thank you for all your love and support. Hugs! Kate :)

Bluebird49 said...

So good to see this post! I'm going to try the bread recipe--easiest one I've ever read about. :)
Oh how I admire Jeff..."facing his fears." Wow, what a lot he has accomplished in his young life. My husband used to tell me that I wasn't "afraid" of things I should be. (Me, the daredevil, huh!) His parents made their children a bit too cautious, I think.
Now we are "old", and the thing I believe I fear most is that his "time" may come before mine. I don't fear death, but I do think I fear living without him. We, two children at first...next year we celebrate 50 years of marriage. Hopefully we will see it together. Perhaps I've been reading too many bloggers who are now facing life alone?
Glad you are home, mommy-ing Abby and the pups. ;) Elsie Jane is a beauty!
Love you
Trudy xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! I will be trying that pizza dough recipe it looks very easy and the pizza's look great! I'll let you know how it goes.
I really enjoy hiking as well. This past summer we went to the Alps for 2 weeks and we hiked every day. It was a wonderful vacation and now I really enjoy hiking. It's also a great work out! Best to you and your beautiful family. PS - Elsie is such a cutie pie!!

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Jane those pizzas look absolutely wonderful! I may be back here for that recipe down the line! :)

Little Elsie...so adorbable...she's growing fast!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Oh my goodness, that baby is beautiful, Jane! If there's any comfort in company, I feel much of the same agitation you are feeling about lack of projects accomplished, garden in desperate need of attention, etc. You, on the other hand, have been through a few things I have not this year, so try to give yourself a break. Your wrist, your daughter moving out, the wedding, becoming a grandma - those are big life events, Jane. They are all big deals, so I'd say you've accomplished a LOT.

Kim said...

I need to move closer to you Jane so you can teach me how to cook like that! I think you should start a restaurant, your recipes always look great. That baby is just too cute...what a face and I admire your son. What a great way to live life...jump in with both feet. Wonderful!

Maria Elena said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation, even if the weather didn't cooperate. Another yummy recipe! Thank you for sharing it. Elsie is getting so big. She is beautiful! Have a great week. xxx Maria

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I am sorry because of all that rain that we didn't get together. The sun finally arrived here on Monday. Your pizza looks great!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

How many times you hear people quote the old expression of "you need a vacation after your vacation"! No truer words! It is always difficult to settle back home after being away. I believe I told you I went to Gatlinburg on weekends to sell my pottery I made in school. I went to college in the South. Gatlinburg is such a tourist haven that I used to make lots of money from them. I always loved it there, but haven't returned since my school days. Seems like a lifetime ago, well OK it was ;-)
I love making thin crust pizza. My dough is made with Semonlina and Durham wheat flours (yes also used to make pasta). We also use the pizza dough and make Stromboli's that are out of this world. Love veggie anything and roasted garlic is like heaven smeared on the bare dough crust before anything is added. I use a soapstone pizza stone I purchased from Amazon and bake directly on it at 400 degrees. I know you live near Chicago in the land of deep dish pizza's ... East coast is more thin crust but I looked at your photo of your veggie pizza and had a total yum feeling. I would love spending a day with you cooking up a storm, discussing our latest book reads and solving world problems and décor ideas between sharing photos of family.
Happy hump day,
Sending love,

podso said...

Jane I'm so sorry you had rain for the entire time in Asheville. Of course we here in the south were happy about the rain--at first-- as it was needed, but then it got a bit carried away. It sounds like you made the best of your time. Little Elsie is a doll and growing quickly. The first year goes by so quickly; well they all do! The pizza recipe looks great.

Melanie said...

Sorry it rained the entire time you were in Asheville - glad it didn't stop you guys though! That homemade pizza looks sooo good. I will have to try it before I decide to go on the Whole 30 eating plan (IF I do...I'm debating)!
Very cool about Jeff - I like his philosophy. But, of course you are worried. I would be too if he were my son!
And that Elsie...oh, my goodness. She is just beautiful! I want to kiss her beautiful fat little cheeks, lol.
I totally feel you what you wrote about how you're feeling right now. I've been much the same way lately.

Carla from The River said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your trip even with the rain.

I love the cookbook, I have it too. ;-)

And is the Autumn weather great or what. We have yet to have a kill frost way up here in Northwest Wisconsin as well.
Have a blessed week,

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

I know just how you feel about being productive. My husband and I are the same way, just one of the many reasons that we decided to build on 2 acres. My Mother's philosophy was that she didn't want to rust out, she wanted to wear out. I am the same way-give me projects, let me dig in the dirt, keep me busy or I fill restless and lazy.
I am sorry about the weather, that happened to us once on a beach trip.
Your son has a great attitude and it will serve him well, always-I just bet that he got this outlook from you. You are a seize the moment sort of gal and you make the most of every thing that comes your way.

Courtney@Golden Boys and Me said...

Hi Jane,
I am so glad you posted the pizza recipe. I have been thinking about it since you posted the delicious pictures on Instagram. The info about preparing the veggies first was especially helpful. My husband is the pizza maker here but I am going to work on getting more creative with the toppings.

Wow, you are right to be so proud of your son. I love that picture you posted! There is just something about getting out in nature and climbing those mountains that makes you learn so much about yourself and life. It is why we enjoy our time in the mountains so much. It is good for the soul.

Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation. I always find this time of year to be busy too. It makes me look forward to the quiet winter days that follow Christmas. Time flies and we will be there before we know it.

Take care,

Theresa said...

Oh the rain and you were there:( SO sad for all of those people in the flooded areas! That pizza looks yummilicious! Enjoy your day dear friend! Cute little one:) HUGS!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh dear Jane ........ not the best holiday when it rains most of the time..... sounds as if you still managed to enjoy yourselves a bit though !!
Handsome, clever son and beautiful grand daughter. XXXX

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

You had me at pizza.. and then a precious baby face!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

That pizza looks so good! I could eat pizza every day of my life, hot or cold from the fridge, doesn't matter. :) My hubby makes a wonderful deep dish pizza with home made dough too. So good! I love that your son is hiking! I wish we had cool enough weather to do that here (well, and mountains too..lol!) I love getting Christmas ornaments on vacation too. It's nice to bring back a memory like that.

Traci said...

That pizza looks so amazing!!! That's so cool that your son is facing his fears! The picture is gorgeous!

Barb said...


I wanted to just pop back over and thank you for your comment to me. You truly touched my heart and you always make me smile.


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Jane, Elsie is soooo adorable and the pizzas look delicious ! Sorry it rained during your trip but it sounds like you had a great time.

Geneva said...

Your adventures are always entertaining. Loved reading about your vacation ... the good and the bad. xo

Barbara F. said...

I missed you! Glad you were able to be out and about on your vacay even with the rain. I feel so bad for the folks in South Carolina. They are just inundated there. Your grand girl is so adorable, and yes, getting big so fast.

Sustainable Furniture said...

Your son is such a cutie! What a lovely family. I loved the pictures. Sounds like you had a great vacation, even if the weather didn't cooperate. Thanks for sharing!

Lulu said...

Your energy astounds me. It seems that you are always on the go, have 1 million projects going on yet you have time to write these lengthy posts that make us all feel like we are sharing breakfast with you. I know you must take time out just for you but I'm wondering when that is. Pizza has become one of my favorite dinners as it is such a great way to be creative.

Lori E said...

I have no problem relaxing. Sure I like to accomplish things but I never beat myself up if I don't get something done. It won't say on my tombstone that "she always accomplished stuff". It should say that I enjoyed life.
I am contemplating making this a "foodie" Christmas by giving my 2 grown sons lots of prepared dishes. Pizza crusts would be a welcome addition.
Doesn't matter how old they get we still worry about our kids. Good for him for facing his fears.

Jen Kershner said...

Maybe the key for you is requiring less tangible tasks of yourself in a given day. Also, I think for some of, learning to relax is a skill! But definitely one worth learning!

Babs said...

Jane, you have me wanting to head up to Asheville for a long weekend. We haven't been there since we did the Christmas candlelight tour at Biltmore. We really liked Rezaz, too. and I can't remember the other places we ate. It's been a while. I'm sorry you had to be there whne the weather was so awful. I loved seeing the photo of Elsie. She's absolutely beautiful. Glad you had a good trip.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Elsie is super adorable Jane!
I enjoyed this post, getting caught up with you a bit.
And the pizzas look just amazing!
It's been a hard few weeks and I am hoping things will settle down a bit now.
My mom is home, but so many decisions about where she will live now.
Katie is home too. Having them both in the hospital was a double whammy.
I know it's kind of late but Dan has off 2 weekends in a row after this one. Are you open either one?
Let me know and maybe we could meet. Hugs friend, Cindy

Picnic Benches said...

You have a wonderful family! You're blessed. Loved reading about your vacation. Glad you had a good trip. Thanks for sharing!

Ricki Treleaven said...

Elsie is such a pretty little baby! She's making me smile this morning. I love Asheville, and I haven't been in along time, BUT we will be visiting this Christmas and again during the spring. My best friend moved there in January, and I have missed her so much! I'll email you for some pointers. My friend Ellen actually lives about 20 minutes out of town on a mountain, but I want some ideas of things to do when we're not @ Biltmore.

Y'all have been traveling! One of my favorite drives is through Cade's Cove outside of Gatlinburg.

I wish I could come to your kitchen and you give me a private tutorial on making pizza. I've always failed at it....don't know why.....we tried cooking one in the Big Green Egg....what a hot mess! What a fiasco!!! :/

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jane, so enjoyed catching up with you and this wonderful post. Elsie is adorable. What a little darling she is. Your vacation sounds like it was the perfect recharge. Nothing better then coming back home rested and revived.
I'm like you with the need to be accomplishing something all the time. I try to back away a bit from this, but it's very difficult.
Thanks for sharing the recipes. Looks like the most delicious pizza!
Best wishes to your son on facing his fears. That is to be commended!!
Have a wonderful weekend and sending hugs your way. cm

Something Nice and Pretty said...

What a beautiful granddaughter you have Jane! Congrats to your son for facing his fears too!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

What a cutie she is! Oh my goodness!
How nice to have a place south -- where the winters are much milder, Jane!
That's on my someday list too. :)

Your pizza looks amazing -- Im on a strict diet right now so no carbs for me right now.
I will bookmark the page for later reference.

You asked about the green "hedge apples" on my photographs today! They are also called "osage oranges: and I've heard "monkey balls" too!

Not sure what the growing range is but I do know they grow in the east and midwest. I will have to look into that further! :)

Have a nice weekend.

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

Sorry that it rained the whole time you were away in North Carolina but I'm sure you made the best of the situation. I bet that those two pizzas disappeared quickly, they look good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! Oh, little Elsie is so adorable. I would just love to hold her and kiss those little fat cheeks! Now you're always so busy. Those rains! Sorry you got some too. Sounds like you had fun shopping and eating. Your pizza looks wonderful. Now you rest up and thank you always for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Helen Philipps said...

I loved reading this post. So glad you had a great vacation in spite of all the rain. It is hard to relax when you are a creative person.....there always seems so much to do! I hope you do find some relaxing moments this season though and just enjoy some peaceful cosy times. Little Elsie is absolutely adorable!
Helen xox

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Jane, so glad you finally got your vacation. You have been a busy little bee. The flowers look lovely and little Elsie is adorable. Homemade pizza is an added plus. Looks so good. I am sure my hubby would love this! Take some time and relax. You deserve it. xo

frenchGardenHouse said...

Love this post. Mostly because of Elsie. 😊 what a joy it is to be a grandmama Jane. And your son, facing his fears, amazing! This post just has so much to love from your corner of the world, and then vegetable pizza too. ❤️Lidy

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