Thursday, August 6, 2015


I'll backtrack a bit before we get on to the beautiful wedding we attended in Louisville, KY, for my niece, Jaime. 

I was able to get my cast off on Friday.  Oh, how good it felt to run my arm under cool water and soap it up!  The electric saw they used to cut the cast sent me into a panic but I survived--truly scary.  And to be honest, I hesitate to say that I almost miss the cast--it kept my arm from moving so the real work/pain has begun since I can now move things around.  Again, I'll survive. 

We were on the road to Louisville at 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning.  We survived on coffee, Diet Pepsi, granola bars and Frito's on the drive.  I thought I was very organized but I wasn't.  More on that later.

Here is Jaime and Garrett after the ceremony on the rooftop of the 21c Museum (which is also a hotel, ours in fact).  It was a gorgeous day and the ceremony was officiated by a longtime friend of Garrett's who had us laughing and tearing up at the same time.  The couple read their own written vows that had us laughing and crying once more, a bit of classical and blue grass music was played by a guitarist and wonderful vocalist/friend.  My favorite part was when the minister/friend read Jaime and Garrett's favorite passages from their mutually loved book, The Incredible Lightness of Being.  And then it was over, with marital vows and a long kiss.  So lovely.

The rooftop looked out over the Ohio River on one side and the city on the other.  As you can see it was a simply gorgeous day.

The bridesmaids were Jaime's sisters, Mindy and Katy, and they wore champagne color dresses with red accents-- shoes and jewelry.  The flowers also had white and red blooms at the ceremony and the reception.  The men sported red ties and buttoniers. 

After the ceremony we stayed outdoors for  bit and then wandered in to a great space to mingle with guests and have a cool drink.  Wait staff made the rounds with gorgeous hors d' oevres.  We then went down to the atrium for the formal reception--dinner and dancing.   Again, everything was elegant and festive and had a wonderful original touch.

When the crowd broke up after the music ended, many of us moved to the hotel bar.  My niece, Katy, took this picture of me with my brother, John, the father of the bride.  He's such a great, smart and loveable guy, I'm proud to call him Bro.  He's on his 47th year of teaching high school and he has a long history of coaching H.S. baseball.  He was inducted into the Indiana Hall of Fame awhile back.  I often feel sad that he doesn't live in Chicago but it's extra special to get together.  The Husband went upstairs to retire early and I actually managed to carry on until about 1:00 a.m.  Those Louisville people are so much fun.  And they are so touchy and huggy---I didn't wear my splint for cosmetic reasons and I swear I had so many people grab and hang on to my arm I thought it had been broken all over again! all of the new friends we made. 

Does this not look outstanding?  My mouth is watering just looking and remembering how good it was.  Eggs Benedict atop a round of fried cornbread, a very healthy version, along with a handful of baby arugula and a drizzle of olive oil and some Parm.  The perfect brunch the following morning.  And conveniently just down on the main floor of the museum/hotel.  :)

The Husband snapped this of me and my mimosa.  The light is quite forgiving.

 Katy gave us explicit instructions on how to find the part of town we wanted to explore; something with boutiques, gift shops, bookstores, coffee shops and bars. She didn't disappoint and we found ourselves on Baxter/Bardstown Rd.  I loved the vintage clothing stores...I've bought and worn a few items in the favorites were a black silk dress I kept for weddings and funeral alike, and a dusty pink nubby wool coat that I wore for years.  Didn't buy anything this time but was drooling over a yellowish/brown wool, sleeveless A-line dress.  Our biggest purchases were in the two bookstores we found---I'll share more on my picks later.  We ducked out of the 91 degree heat into coffee shops, a bar for nacho's and a beer and finally a small place for a glass of wine and a quick Google of restaurants we might enjoy.  And that we found a place called Jack Frys.  Outstanding! then I was feeling the effects of the sun and was painfully aware of some sunburn.  Ugh.

Always a Mom, I picked up a few things for the girls.  I loved this T shirt for Abby. I also bought two sort of Boho dresses for Emily...haven't seen them yet so I hope they like their souvenirs.   

Morning Glory's going crazy

Home sweet home.  We met my brother for breakfast at about 8 a.m. Monday morning before we got on the road.  He had guests staying at his home and obviously had to be totally worn out but he met The Husband and I that early nonetheless.  As I always say, family is everything. 

I slept off and on all the way back to Illinois.  I never sleep well in hotels.  Saturday night I didn't pay much attention to my pillows and slept on one filled with down feathers.  I'm terribly allergic and woke up with red splotches all over my face and neck.  My make up powder did a great cover up but in the days since it has dried up and peeled like a sun burn.  Odd indeed.   Once we arrived home about 3:00 p.m., I washed my face and dove into bed with my dogs and slept a few hours like a baby.  I guess you can say I don't travel well.  The Husband woke me up about 5---he had ordered Chinese food and had it all spread out on a perfectly set table.  Love that guy. 

I can't say that everything was spot on and a bunch of roses.  Since I'm so "wordy" I thought I'd give you a different format for the glitches in our trip. 

1)  Driving down we underestimated the time.  I had an appointment for hair and make up (due to my lack of movement with broken arm). Admittedly, we were very, very behind in time.

2)  Tried to cancel with salon and found my credit card would be charged the full price regardless of whether I showed up or not.  WHAT???

3)  In trying to make my skin as soft and moisturized as possible for said make up application, I massaged jojoba oil into my face several times on the way south.

4)  Managed to get oil in both eyes and totally screwed up my eyes and contact lenses to the point of sheer blindness.

5)  Not remembering if I had an extra case or pair of contacts, I hysterically ordered The Husband to pull off the expressway at the next town to find a pharmacy/drugstore. 

6)  Found one 20 minutes later at which time contacts were rolling around my eyeballs and I was beginning to resign myself to wearing my nerdy glasses all weekend. 

7)  Found a new case in antiquated pharmacy which seemed like it was still being operated by Mr. Gower. 

8)  Removed contacts and proceeded to sort thorough duffel bag in trunk...found contact case as well as a new package of contacts.

9)  Made my way to salon appointment by the skin of my teeth.  Got out 20 minutes before ceremony, grabbed a cab, threw on dress, broke necklace and stumbled on to rooftop in time for the procession.


Let's skip ahead.  Happily got on the road back to Chicago Monday morning.  Was drifting off into a much needed sleep when I had a thought and bolted upward.  "Did you check the closets?"  I implored as The Husband hummed to the radio.  "No.  Did you?"  We are minus one man's suit, dress shirt, tie and two gorgeous dresses I had professionally altered.  One of which I had hoped to wear at son's wedding rehearsal dinner next week.  They will be shipped---I didn't bother to ask the charge.  With my luck it can only be unbearable to know. 

I sorted everything out yesterday. Started my physical therapy for the arm (the man has a torture chamber that could rival Christian Grey).  Did the grocery shopping and paid the girl who watched the house/dogs.  I watered the grass, weeded and made a decent dinner after a lot of (delicious) restaurant food.  I won't bother you with what I have going on tomorrow.  The Husband promises a trip to our place in Asheville in November and all I can think of is that cool mountain air.  Blame me?

Jane xxx


Bluebird49 said...

You are so hilarious, kiddo! (Sure hope you had your tongue firmly in cheek when you wrote some of this post! Your jojoba oil and contact story has me still giggling as I am commenting from the Outer Banks.)
I'm so glad you put a picture of you and your handsome brother! What a great picture--I know I don't have one of myself and my brothers at all. We are,(Okay--I am..), camera shy. So what if nobody knows what I look like, I think to myself. I don't want to know--so why should they? But, I do so love to see pictures of others, and I was glad to see two lovely pictures of you in this post. I don't think it was the "soft light" that made them good.
Wow--you really played that hair and make-up visit right down to the wire, uh, wedding! I am so glad to know you made it, since you'd have been charged anyway.
I know you were happy to see the Husband serving up Chinese food when you woke up back in your own bed on Monday---and I know that bed felt good. Surely your doggies were thrilled you were all back home, too. It will be quite chilly in Asheville in November---but after this scorching summer--doesn't chilly sound awfully good?
We didn't come down here until Tuesday afternoon, instead of Sunday--I wasn't too well the week before, so we waited until my sore throat had gone and I had been on an antibiotic a bit longer.
My little David turned 11 today, (Wednesday), and he and Katherine have been snuggled up under my arm ever since we got here. Pop's and my room are "snuggle-room central", and they've been on my bed with me anytime I'll come be with them in here, (and I'm glad to do that anytime they ask!)-- watching TV, drawing, playing iPod games, (snacking! ugh!), and gabbing with me--and it has really given me a bit of new life! Makes an old lady feel so good. :) Also, seeing and talking to my son, too--always lifts me up.
I owe you an e-mail and I will get to it when I get back home or sooner. I'm so glad you had an enjoyable time with your brother, although somehow, I thought you were going to St. Louis! (Oh, yeah! I am so with it!)
xxx Trudy

Anonymous said...

Oh, my poor Janie! What a time! You look lovely in your snaps and I'm glad you got your cast off. Hope you do well with the therapy. It has to help. Sorry about all of the mishaps. I think we all have them at times, you're just so honest to tell us yours! ;)
I wish the bride and groom many blessings and rest now, darling, you're home.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

There are no good stories when things go perfectly right. Easy days are boring but making it to the church (rooftop) on time after all the chaos, is quite an adventure.

Mary said...

Jane, I'm breathless reading of your trip to Louisville, all it entailed, and of course all that occurred! Thankfully everything fell into place, well kind of, eventually - but leave ALL those clothes behind, who did the packing and didn't miss them?????? All I was thinking about, as you describe getting to the wedding on time, was that fab movie, Three Weddings & A Funeral, you must have seen that one! If not, watch it……….really great and SO British!

Your pic with your dishy brother is lovely - I know it must have been great to get together for a while. Glad you got through the weekend, wedding, eating good food, and still had time to shop some, know you love that part!

Take care of your arm - PT may hurt for a while but hopefully you'll be back doing all the usual things soon.
Love and hugs - Mary

Theresa said...

Sounds like my "kinda" trip:) No need to get there too early, you screeched in "just in time"! Hope your arm heals nicely and OH YES, a fall trip sounds perfect:) Have a blessed day dear Jane, HUGS!

Vel Criste said...

Salon mishaps and delays aside, I am so glad you had a marvelous time at the wedding! The bride and groom look so very happy - that's all that matters on this special day. Good luck with you arm dear Jane, PT can be a necessary 'torture' really, but truly works wonders. :-) Keep Dreamin' of Asheville and time will just float on by... well, maybe after your other wedding. ;-)

20 North Ora said...

Sounds like a fun weekend despite all of the glitches! LOL


Scribbler said...

I do hope you get all those nice clothes back! This sounds like one of our adventures.

Deserae said...

SO glad you had a great time at the wedding and were able to get your cast removed in time :o) I forgot to check the closet at the hotel before leaving the last time we went on a trip too. I didn't have the stuff shipped home and just chalked it up as a loss. I don't travel well either......

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

You have such adventures!!

Terri Steffes said...

First, were you staying at 21c? It sounds like the hotel we stayed at in Cincinnati. It's a chain but not like normal chains. The wedding sounded gorgeous. GORGEOUS. I rather chuckled at your misadventures, I hope you don't mind! :)

Jacqueline said...

Oh, I just did the same at a stay in a hotel. Fortunately we were still in town and could pick it up. What a panic! Charges can't be more than the replacement, right?
Sounds like a crazy time, but glad you made it!

Barb said...

Hi Janie,

So glad you got your cast off. I remember that saw when I had my cast removed on a broken foot many years ago. Yikes.

Loved reading it all. Wow.


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Well Jane, at least you're honest about the glitches. Sometimes well laid plans aren't always so perfect, or at least not for most of us. I'm glad you made it to the wedding and it sounded lovely. Of course it always feels good to get home. Glad you had you cast removed and are on the mend.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Junkchiccottage said...

Jane you had quite the wedding trip lol! Glad you got there on time for your hair and makeup and got to the wedding ok and could see!!! Sounds like even with all the mishaps you made the best of the week end.

Kim said...

Jane, you always make me laugh! I love how you recounted your weekend and how you referenced Mr. Gower and 50 Shades! Hysterical. One day I have to write about my wedding, lots of glitches, but in the end, it was all ok! Glad it was all ok for your too. Glad you are free of your cast, too...and you look beautiful!!!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Leaving clothes in hotels, btdt.

Almost missing a hair appt., btdt.

Looking fabulous through it all? That's where we part company.



Susie said...

Hey sweet frazzled Blondie.....Bless your heart. Sounds crazy at points but my gosh you looked there. I bet you loved being with your family. When we do not get to see them much it's great to hug them and have time together. Thank goodness the hotel will ship your things. Hope your PT works well and that you will be brand new in no time. Rest up for the next wedding...isn't that next Saturday??xoxo,Susie

Rue said...

Oh honey! What a time you had... I'm glad you at least had the cast taken off. I wear contacts, so I know EXACTLY what you went through. I want to get my eyes done, but I'm chicken.

At least you got to have a good time at the wedding and spent time with your brother. By the way, did you notice the 3 pairs of boobs behind you, in that picture? LOL



Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Leaving clothes in hotels, btdt.

Almost missing a hair appt., btdt.

Looking fabulous through it all? That's where we part company.



Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Leaving clothes in hotels, btdt.

Almost missing a hair appt., btdt.

Looking fabulous through it all? That's where we part company.



Jenny S. said...

Girl. You crack me up. This sounds like "my" life.... You looked good despite all else. You are also blessed with a thoughtful husband. Glad you are now home. Rest up before the next wedding. Can't wait to hear what happens next. Lol

Linda said...

Never a dull moment! I love how you roll with the flow!!
You MADE it all WORK!! Good job!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh Jane, your weekend was not dull. Love reading your posts, you should write short stories or a book. It would be great reading.
Sounds like a lot happened, but everything did work out good.
The wedding sounds so special and I can see why you had such a great time.
I know that you are so glad to get that cast off. Be sure you do your therapy as you want your arm to heal properly.
So glad your home and getting ready for another adventure. I am sure this wedding will come off without a hitch.
Enjoy your weekend dear friend.

Debbie said...

Even with all of the glitches, you made it work.
Never a dull moment for you
I'm glad you had a good visit with your brother, dear girl.
Good thing you remembered the closet, and your clothes at the hotel!!
Have a nice, quiet, weekend.

Sarah said...

Jane, you look great! Glad you are out of the cast.
Family weddings are the best. Despite the mishaps, you obviously had a lovely time.
Take care and get that arm back to 100% soon.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Oh Jane, you had me chuckling through this post! I had to laugh at your Christian Grey remark too! So funny! I sometimes get flustered when traveling too. I'm always afraid I'll forget something. Love the pic of you with your brother. I can't believe how long he's been teaching high school! Wow! I bet things have changed a lot on the high school scene over the years. Enjoy your weekend!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

It looks like it was a beautiful wedding, the bride and groom look so happy! You had some nerve wracking moments to get there, but you made it! And looked beautiful, too. That is a wonderful photo of you and your brother.
Take care and I hope your arm heals nicely!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

What a trip this was and I was feeling nervous as your described the sawing of the cast and then I felt apprehensive when you got the oil in your eyes! I felt so much relief when those things were over and that you made it to the lovely Wedding. It was a beautiful day for a Wedding and it sounds as though you enjoyed yourself so much, even though it was exhausting.
Such great photos of you and I am thankful the items that were left behind are on their way to you now.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You had me laughing, Jane...sounds like a sitcom! Stuff happens when we rush lol! Sounds like a wonderful wedding even with all of the misadventures!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Hi sweet Jane,
I really missed you in Blogland and your posts which I always enjoy. Breaking from blogging is harder than I thought, glad I'm back!
I am so sorry you are having pain with your arm. I hope you are back wearing your splint or maybe the doctor should immobilize it in a soft cast while it heals from the trauma of the trip.
I can relate to glitches galore. I love your ability to share your journal in a humorous way. Personally I think glitches make memories more enjoyable recalling the event, it makes the memory more vivid in ones mind's eye. The view from the rooftop for the wedding with the Ohio River must of been spectacular. I always enjoy seeing pics of you pretty Jane and your hair looked amazing.
I wear mono vision soft H2O contacts ... Oh how I related to your contact story. Although Jane I did chuckle thinking about the oil and the eye ordeal, like I said I so can relate.
I loved the photo of you and your brother. He's very accomplished. Me too with wishing I lived closer to my brother Kevin who lives in Palm Beach Florida. I adore him and cherish our visits.
I'll be back in an email later on today. Enjoy the weekend and all the adventures it brings.
Sending love,

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Oh'll have many memories to talk about for years to come! Congrats to your niece!

RURAL said...

Oh Jane, that sounds like a whirlwind of activity, and stress...and fun, and family.

You poor thing, and most of it at the last minute....giggle.

Thank goodness you made it to the wedding and the stylist on time..but not so good that you forgot your clothing in the closet. Sigh...

Be gentle to that arm.


Linda said...

Oh Jane...I thought I was the only one who had ridiculous things happen to them!
You were a trooper....and pulled it all together!
Hope you had a nice dance with your husband♥️
Have a great week....
Linda :o)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Jane, it sounds like you and I had the same kind of trip.;) thank goodness you made it, and had a good time at the wedding. Always such a special time watching two people start a life together.

Lynne said...

How nice to see you with your big brother, Jane!
It's always interesting when drama and little tension precede a wedding ceremony. The vows, scripture and /or sermon seem to soothe the soul and put things back into perspective.
(The 91 degrees and the humidity would have been challenge enough for me. )
I am happy you are back home and healing. I hope that your belongings arrived safely!
Have a good week!

Rita C at Panoply said...

All in all, sounds like a great trip and family time, but I hate when crap like yours happens! Traveling is not all it's cracked up to be, is it? If driving, I like to take my own pillow but, like your departure, I usually forget to grab it. My husband's been known to forget clothes too, and had them mailed home.
Hope your PT strengthens your arm. We southerners are huggy people, that's for sure. You gotta get yours ready for Asheville. :)
The picture of you & your brother is a keeper. Sweet.
Have a good week, Jane.

White Lace and Promises said...

Please excuse my laughter, but what a hilarious crazy day! Mr H has a better memory than I do and he's constantly reminding me, Did you get this? Did you do that? My whole family thinks I'm demented. BTW, your hair is beautiful!

White Lace and Promises said...

You are beautiful!

Stacey said...

Jane, I'm so sorry but you had me laughing out loud on this one. So were you putting the jojoba oil on your face while riding down the road? I'm just gonna are prone to accidents lately and maybe you shouldn't have done that. :) I'm so glad Mr. Gower was able to help you out and hopefully he didn't slap you while you were there.

You look so pretty in the pictures! Nobody would ever guess about your oily mishaps.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Wow, Jane, you really did have some issues. I hope your arm is ok. You look beautiful! So sorry about the jojoba oil and the pillow epsiode. The mishaps kept happening, but you pulled through it all. Such a beautiful wedding and memories to share. xo

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jane,
It was fun to catch up! What a trip girlfriend!
It sounds like it all came out fun in the end.
I can so relate to the contact lenses incident.
The pic of you and your brother is so nice.
You look beautiful!
I know the arm thing is going to be painful..I feel for you.
I am looking at dates for this fall, I will email you this morning too.
Hugs friend,

Melanie said...

The wedding sounded like a lot of fun, but sorry you had some glitches along the way. Hooray for getting your cast off! Yes, PT can be torture...I've been through it four times! Once with my ankle, twice with my back, and then my shoulder. Hang in there!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Hi Jane, forgive me for laughing, but all I can think of is calamity Jane! The good news is you made all your appointments, even if it was by the skin of your teeth!

Oh, your brother does not look like he could be teaching that long, what a baby face!

ann said...

Congratulations on getting your cast off. I broke my ankle very badly some years ago. Physical therapy was horrible. My therapist was a bitty tiny girl who had the strength Hercules when it came to working with my ankle's mobility. None the less, therapy is necessary so good luck.