Monday, July 27, 2015


Wow, I've been gone a long time.  Summer is flying by and in spite of all the activity going on here in Blondieville, I feel pretty good about everything.  Have I maybe accepted that my life will always be a whirlwind?   I do grab my moments of relaxation every afternoon.  Maybe an hour in the early afternoon when the sun isn't on the patio, or later--about 5:00 when I have dinner ready to pop on the grill and the dogs and I can relax outside with a glass of wine and a good book before The Husband rolls in from work.  So peaceful.  Looking from my patio west, the sun goes down behind our fence and the houses beyond.  I've been capturing this elusive 'Golden Hour' and plan to have my good camera at the ready next time I'm out.  I love this picture...Milo, looking so, well...Milo-like.  Doing just this is #1 on his Bucket List.  Can you see why?   Psssst...he is in his 'squirrel catching' mode.
Yay!  I have some Early Girls plumping up here.  SO excited.  I've enlisted the help of The Husband in helping me to turn this huge pot about half a turn every few weeks and I think this is a big reason why the tomato plants are doing so well in the container.  If you do any container planting (and man, that's the way to go for herbs and tomatoes and anything you love but don't have the time/room for), rotating the pots is essential for a good dose of sun everywhere.  I actually had some wind damage from a recent storm,  I used one of those tiki torch stakes to tie this baby up.  But the plants were fine...with just three I don't have much to lose but I would still cry! ;-)
I love that I can plan my days and I have plenty to keep me busy unless I decide to play hooky.  But I really love to get out, just for a change of scenery--it refreshes me.  So hmmmm...this week.  I've been making plans for the wedding of my brother's daughter down in Louisville on August 1.  I haven't been there in a long time and haven't seen my brother and his wife in over two years since Emily's wedding.  It's going to be a great 4 day getaway.  I spent some time last week shopping.  What is it about a trip---even a short one, to make you reevaluate your bras and undies?  Say what? The fates have kept me from having a car accident as the paramedics would surely abandon me the minute they saw my ragged underthings.  Really.  So I combined a recent shopping trip looking for things I needed for next weekend as well as Jeff's wedding which is in a few weeks   A strapless bra plus clear straps...sounds crazy right?  The lady that fitted me for my "Mother of the Groom" dress advised me that cups sewn into the gown would not give me support, as in I would sag.  Well, I can tell all of you something not too surprising, if you are sagging you don't have a whole lot of hope in holding the girls up in a strapless bra.  I think a strapless bra on a large breasted woman is simply a ploy to get one to look at her new high heels, because that is where you will find her fancy ass bra.  Anyway, I have an arsenal of 'support' pieces that have probably cost more than the dress.   Did I mention Spanx?  Oh, yes.  A good reason to get a part time job at a 7/11 before the big function. 
Recycled Sangria bottle with Hosta blooms
I'll give you a break on the wedding stuff for now because life is really wonderful if you pay no attention to it.  Just kidding.  My arm hurts!!!  I honestly only took the pain pills when I desperately needed them...not so much that I'm a purist but it cuts the pain so much that I want to trim the bushes or wash my car, and obviously that doesn't help the healing process.  Anyway, for the past two weeks I have been suffering from hives all over my neck and chest.  The itching seemed to come from inside and nothing topical on it would help.  Then I realized that the Tylenol with codeine was a new-to-me culprit.  Ahhhhh...relief from the hives.  And my pain?  Not much there to help, but we have to choose our battles. 

We had a BBQ at my sister in law's today for family who came in from Kansas City.  So much fun.  Here is our Elsie with Emily who's giving her multitudes of kisses (could you resist?).  We have reached a consensus that she does look like Kevin.  But not Kevin as he looked as a baby---the "now" Kevin.  And a "female" Kevin.  I have to get a pic of the two of them soon to illustrate this fact.  I have to again say, this little gal is so sweet tempered---never cries and loves everyone (and everyone reaches out to hold her---we should have raffles).  I can't hold her with the monster cast (which may I say does not look or smell too pretty after 16 days), but I get in her face all the time to make crazy faces and noises and remind her I'm grandma.

Long on time and short on one arm, I found a great dip to bring to the BBQ.  This is healthy and was a huge hit.  It does spend 10 minutes in the oven to make things meld so you may want to consider this in the warmer weather.  Heck--stick it on your grill if you don't want the heat in your kitchen.  I felt it worked out great and then it was served as/is an hour later, it does not have to be hot.  Give it a shot---I had fun playing with the recipe. 
White Bean, Asiago Cheese & Onion Spread
1 15 oz. can Cannellini beans
1 c. shredded Asiago cheese 
2 c. diced yellow onion
1/4 c. plain Greek yogurt
4 t. olive oil divided
2 T. minced garlic
2 t. dried rosemary or 2 T fresh
Salt and pepper to taste
1)  Saute onions in 2 t. olive oil over medium heat for about 8 minutes or until browned.  Set aside. 
2)  In food processor combine beans and yogurt.  Pulse until smooth.  Add S&P, 2 t. olive oil, garlic and rosemary and 1/3 c. Asiago cheese.  Pulse until smooth and creamy.
3)  Transfer bean mixture to a shallow ovenproof dish.  Top with half the onions, half the remaining cheese and then repeat.  Bake at  450 for ten minutes.  Serve hot or at room temp with crackers, toasted bread or crudités.  YUM!!!!
I will be back soon, pinky promise.  I am supposed to get my cast off Friday morning and then literally take off for Louisville.  Say a prayer that the X-rays are good!  I will try to get a post out before Thursday.   Have a wonderful week, friends!
Jane xx


Linda said...

Your life is always a little crazy!! I love that about you!
You do LIFE well!!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

At least you have been caught up in fun things!!! Love that Milo pic!!...:)JP

podso said...

What a lot of good times going on in your life! And little Elsie is adorable … growing fast! It must be hard not to grab her up in your arms for some grandma cuddles… but soon!

Anonymous said...

you have the busiest life!! I'm so glad that arm is getting better, I know it must be driving you bonkers trying to do all you love to do with it all bound up.
I have never had spanx but I think they are a super idea, I could use them believe me!

that is a beautiful photo of Milo and of course the baby and Emily, and I have copied down that dip recipe it sounds wonderful!

Karen said...

That dip looks delicious!.. thanks for sharing - My grandmother's name was Elsie and she was such a delightful, smart, strong and inspiring person. Great name choice!

Theresa said...

I can always count on you for a good recipe! Thanks for this dip recipe, looks delicious! Planning a few trips myself, my Hubby's 50th class reunion, a Wedding ahead and I have some serious shopping to do! I LOVE looking forward to celebrating with loved ones! Sweet picture of Elsie:) What a doll! Have a blessed day dear friend, hope you heal quickly and completely! HUGS!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Sounds like you are keeping as busy as ever!

Kim said...

Busy, busy, busy! That's a good thing! :)

Mary said...

I'm copying your recipe for this dip right now - it sounds/looks awesome!
That is the sweetest baby pic.

Dear Jane, you are so busy these days - I know it can't be too easy trying to get into Spanx with a cast on your wrist, do you have to ask A to pull, haha! I know he would if asked, he's such a great guy! We're lucky gals with these special men, although I have to admit I'm glad to be this old and able to say to hell with items which might suck any remaining life outta me - Bob, if you read this, you're saved from this exercise!!!

Take it easy - go enjoy the wedding in your new undies!
Love always, Mary

Art and Sand said...

I am so sorry that your arm is hurting so much and the heat doesn't help.

I can totally identify with the sagging! I wore a sundress to a tea party on Friday and needed my strapless bra. I couldn't wait to get home and take that ridiculous thing off.

Have fun at the wedding.

Dewena said...

Oh how I've laughed reading this post. I hope the undies and bra situation is under control now and that no one will be looking at your pretty shoes for any reason other than that they're very pretty!

That sweet picture of your granddaughter, what a darling! Makes me miss my little 8 month old sweetheart so much.

I hope you have another golden hour with camera in hand!


Vel Criste said...

Despite your hives, you still manage to have a cheery disposition! You are blessed to be that way! LOL! Seriously though, it's a great excuse to take long oatmeal baths, so indulge . :-) Your baby is super cute, I could just pinch those cheeks! Your story on the bra was really funny, I am unfortunate/fortunate to not have that 'problem'! Have fun at the wedding!

Traci said...

You're cracking me up with the bra! I have the opposite problem - boobs aren't big enough to keep the strapless bra up! LOL! Sorry about your hives. That dips sounds great!

Lorrie said...

I laughed out loud reading about the bra advice. Yes. Sagging happens. I'll have to read back to find out what happened with your arm - I hope the X-rays are good and you can get the cast off. Sweet baby kisses are the best!

Beth said...

Busy isn't a negative, if you are enjoying it! It's only negative if you are running yourself ragged or stressing out with too much on your plate. I can identify with the running myself ragged; I placed my mom in assisted living about 6 wks ago (against her will); she is doing well there and I am running running running as I am working on her home, preparing it for sale. Things have come a long way and we have our own R & R coming up very soon. :)
Enjoy your weddings and baby! :)

Unknown said...

Hope the cast comes off! Have a fun visit with your family!

Susie said...

Blondie, Kissing baby could become habit forming.LOL. They are so sweet. Glad your dog is doing so well. Hope you get better too. Say with a big roll of duck tape I can getinto good shape and saty put too. LOL...just kidding..although I do think model use body tapes for such things. Spanx , yes that is good. The clear straps thing works. You are going to be looking awesome, I am sure. Did you try the dress over your cast?? I am wishing you the best. All of you. Be safe xoxo,Susie

Melanie said...

Aww, Elsie is so cute and sweet - I would love to kiss those chubby cheeks all the time, too! I have tomatoes growing in a pot, but they're more the cherry variety - and I've been picking a bunch every day for the past few days now. Nothing like fresh tomatoes in the summer. I've been dicing them and putting them in a variety of salads. I have a wedding in October so pretty soon I'll have to be dress and bra shopping too. Yuck. I've never worn Spanx...I hope I can find a dress where I won't need it! I definitely need to be professionally fitted for a bra though. That dip looks and sounds awesome. Will be pinning it. Good luck to getting your cast off on Friday and have fun in Louisville!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Lord have mercy you crack me up! As one big boobie woman to another, strapless bras are USELESS!!

I don't know if I ever asked you what kind of camera you have but I'm doing it now :). The pic of Milo is beautiful. What is it about dogs and squirrels? And what I really want to know is what will they do when and if they catch the squirrel? Not much, I'm sure.

Hope you feel better. You've had enough pain to last the next 20 years.


Lori E said...

You ARE always so busy but you handle it well. Now I have to dig back through the posts to see what the heck happened to your arm. Turn my back for a minute (or a month) and look what goes on.

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Jane,
Glad you are enjoying summer. Milo looks great and your granddaughter is really too cute. It is amazing that just when you think you could not love anyone more than your own children they give you a grandchild and your heart beats 10 times bigger. Enjoy her and enjoy the summer weather we are finally getting.

Stonecropsister said...

Hi Jane,
It must hurt you physically to not be able to pick up that baby girl and give her big smushes all over! She just looks yummy with those rosy cheeks.
I love underwear shopping IF I'm in the mood. I have to hit the right attitude and then it seems effortless. Otherwise nothing seems to fit right, there are bulges where there should never be any sign of flesh. Lately it's my derriere that has disappeared south. It's like it melted off me, and now I am like a shallow fry pan for omelettes. I went bathing suit shopping Sat and was in shock. Ah well, it's always something right? small problems to have. Enjoy your lovely sunsets with Milo, man I love that pic. xx Nancy

susan said...

What a face on that baby! I bet you could just eat her up. Glad you have a few minutes to sit with a glass of wine and a good book in the late afternoon - seems you're always on the go. Wish I had your energy. The bean dip looks delish - I may have to give that a try real soon.

Jenny S. said...

My grandmother on daddy's side was named Elsie. Your granddaughter is the first person I have heard of with that same name. She has got to be a very special little my "Big Mama". Wishing you a great week.

Barbara F. said...

Elsie is so adorable, Jane! I hope that cast can be removed soon. Sounds like you are not letting it hold you back! Great! Dip sounds wonderful. Have to save the recipe.

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Elsie is the sweetest little thing...what a lovely photo...I bet that you can't wait to get that cast off!

thistlewoodfarm said...

So cute! And thank you so much for the recipe!

Barb said...

Hi Janie, what an amazing life you have. Hope your arm is feeling better. You make me smile.

Sending you big hugs,

Carla from The River said...

I love that photo of Milo.
And I enjoy catching up with you.
Had a good chuckle about sagging :-)

Rue said...

Hi Jane :)

Milo is so stinking' cute.

The strapless bra... I haven't been able to wear one since my boobs grew in at 16. And you're right, they're not made for anyone that actually has them LOL

I hope you get your cast off!


Debbie said...

I had to laugh about the sagging true!
Your little baby girl is adorable, Jane. No wonder you feel you need a raffle to hold her! She will grow fast....hold on to her....tight!
Have a great trip for the wedding. Bring yourself a little fan to wave on your pretty face....I fear it will be a hot one.
Love to you.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh well, at least you've got plenty of support now! ;) That is something I need to look into, because "sag" isn't even the word for it here! Let's not even go there!
Elsie and Emily look so sweet together. Nothing like that perfect baby skin. I do think she looks like her daddy.:)
Oh, I hope that, when the cast comes off, they'll give you something to support you poor arm! Sorry about the "codeine hives", too. You should have asked the doctor for a replacement drug, sweetie. You may need a little something to take with you on your trip--- you don't know how it'll feel when the cast isn't supporting you.
Hope you have a wonderful time, Jane!
xx Trudy

Blogoratti said...

You have so much going on in life, enough to keep you busy and content which is a good thing. Best wishes with everything and greetings!

Nancy's Notes said...

Jane, I'm so happy to be back and hear all about your busy life! Take care of you, Missy! Aww, that sweet baby face, what love.
Hope you have a great day!

bj said...

I love a busy being involved in family and friend affairs.
Cutest little baby...

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh baby Elsie is just so growing, so cute and so sweet looking too!
Oh Jane, I hope your pain is gone very soon.
I have a toothache today and need to get in.
Fair starts tomorrow and I have a bunch of stuff I am taking.
So I have to finish that up.
So excited for you and your trip to Louisville..can't wait to hear all about it.
Would the 3rd week of September work for you and Al?
Love ya friend,

Sarah said...

Your life is full, Jane. Makes me smile thinking about all the fun you share with your kids.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Milo is a cutie in his little squirrel catching mode! You are going to love having home grown tomatoes to enjoy this summer! There's nothing like the taste of fresh tomatoes from your garden. Yum! Elsie definitely has some kissable cheeks! She's an absolute doll! Good luck getting your cast off tomorrow. I know you'll be glad to get rid of it. :)

Alicia@ Eco friendly Homemaking said...

Milo is so cute!! Sounds like you have a lot going on these days. I think weddings are so fun and I hope that you all have a great time this coming weekend. The dip looks really delicious and I plan on making it very soon!

June said...

Hey beautiful girl! It looks like you were able to sit a minute, but I bet it was just a minute! You always have so much going on and to be able to share this recipe with us means a lot sweetie.
Have a great weekend...which I know is full :))))
sending hugs...

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Just sitting here on a hot Summer afternoon enjoying your blog.
You know, you really "get," how to make the most of the snippets of life. We all could take a leaf out of your book. I wish your arm hadn't been such a hassle and painful, I know it just had to get on your nerves so badly. Your life is full, abundant and beautiful-you make it that way and it's really a cool thing.

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