Thursday, June 4, 2015


Door County, Wisconsin
The Husband and I met up with my blogger friend Cindy (Applestone Cottage) and her husband for the 7th year in a row.  This year our destination was Door County. As usual, we love to shop all the great local stores and shops in each place we visit and try out restaurants, but the treat this time was the sheer beauty of this northern part of Wisconsin.  We took a few hikes, albeit short ones, down to rocky shores and up wooden bridges to look out over bluffs.  The views were spectacular.  It really does fill you with a sense of wonder and peace inside.  I really loved this part of our trip. 
Door County reminds me much of Martha's Vineyard in a lot of ways.  You can travel from one town to the next around the peninsula and each one offers something different and special.  And there are always views of the water.
The Country Resort
We stayed at a small but very nice resort in the town of Sister Bay.  Look at the beautiful view The Husband and I had from our balcony.  We had breakfast both mornings at the inn.  I had read that it would be a continental breakfast but it was much more; waffles, French toast, bagels, biscuits and gravy...yum!  A little carb laden but perfect to start the day with.  And this region prides themselves on their cherries, we had those with a dollop of vanilla yogurt at breakfast.  I brought home jars of cherry pie filling, salsa and jam. 
I had a glitch with my cell phone and I had forgotten my Rebel so I was using The Husband's cell to take pictures.  I fiddled and fussed trying to download them last night so in order to keep my wig on straight, this is all I have.
Cindy & Dan
The weather dropped down to the mid fifties the second day and I had forgotten to bring a jacket.  Good excuse as any for Cindy and I to shop while the guys had a few beers at The Blue Ox.  My favorite meal was a dinner we had at a restaurant called The Cookery.  It was still warm so we ate outside on a balcony overlooking the town's main street.  This was in Fish Creek.  I think I liked this town the best.  So many tiny beach cottages dotting the shore.  I absolutely love beachy resort towns!

Backyard Flowerbed
Back to reality on Monday, again alternating between painting furniture and planting flowers.  When The Husband went up to Michigan last week, I asked him to visit our local nursery there as I wanted lupines.  Beth from Beyond The Garden Gate inspired me to search these out.  I love all of the beautiful flowers she grows but these are so unusual to me.  So he brought home five plants.  What a sweet guy!  That's one on the right, the purple cone shaped flower.  I spread them out here and there. 
That small beige panel on the right is the opening to our crawl space,  I'm not disguising it very well with my picket fence planter, are I?  Maybe next year I can get some sort of waterproof paint and do some wildflowers on it.  Anything is better than this. :(

This is a trellis on the other side of the yard.  I love honeysuckle and I think it's doing pretty well in it's first full season.  Another trellis further down had a trumpet vine started last year and it didn't make it.  I may try it again. 

Last week I showed you the pink clematis I'm growing and now the purple is taking off---sorry, I don't know the varieties.  The two are in fact, growing on the same trellis.  I'll get a better
shot soon.
And when I'm not in the garden I'm painting my little heart out in Abby's old room.  I finished the tall chest of drawers.  It was originally part of a bunk bed grouping for the kids way back when.  I did it in a soft white from the American Heirloom line at Home Depot.  I also used their clear wax and then lightly sanded parts to distress it a bit.  I wasn't going to keep the wicker furniture, it's old and it was faded and had stains.  Then The Husband mentioned he liked it so I thought--what the heck, I'll paint that dresser, too.  It's hard to tell but the color is a very, very pale and soft green.  We have a matching vanity and seat in Emily's room.  I'm thinking of painting the seat and making a little cushion for it.  Maybe as a sort of ottoman?
We are buying a bed frame and mattress this weekend and the headboard that I told you about from Pier 1?  Well, it wouldn't fit in my car.  I got a refund and then found something I liked better on Amazon and it has already shipped.  Next week I will be looking for bedding and then I think I'll know what to do next.  I am looking for a simple, cottage look.  Something faded with touches of pale floral here and there, like you might see at an inn in the English or French countryside.  I'm such a dreamer! lol!
Emily and I were up early today and off to the Farmer's Market.  Not much in the way of veggies yet...a lot of greens but that was it.  Emily sprung for some honey and a soy candle.  I found some infused vinegar and olive oil.  Then we came upon the farmer who sold us our hydrangeas last year at a steal.  Without much persuasion we each grabbed up one and I also chose a lilac bush as I've been wanting one for so long.  The beauty of buying from this man is that he sells 3-4 year old plants so you have quite a head start and they are all super healthy.  
I know summer is unofficially here when the bats start to swarm over my yard at dusk.  I used to think it was sort of fascinating to sit on my patio and watch their ten minute show of swooping and diving for bugs.  That is until the time one flew right under the table umbrella where I was sitting.  I could literally see the furry little face.  Ewwww...  Now I watch from the safety of the family room windows.  And, marvelous news!  I saw my first hummingbird yesterday afternoon, and I mean first time ever at this house at least.  I was so psyched. This morning I made Emily take a tour through Home Depot with me and I bought a bright red hummingbird feeder and I am ready to sit, camera in hand, for hours if I have to in order to see or get  snap of those wondrous critters! 
On to some quieter days.  Hopefully.  How are your June days going?
Jane x


Anonymous said...

what a great time you had away!! Such a beautiful area,,

your flowers look great and I hope the humming bird comes back quickly,,

Kim said...

My June days are cold too...and the bats, yes, swooping over my pool lately. Ewww is right. I am content to stay inside until they go to bed! ;)

Simply LKJ said...

What a lovely getaway! Your flower garden is gorgeous. I miss honeysuckle. It used to grow wild near our home in NY when I was growing up. Nothing smells sweeter.

Linda said...

It was wonderful to catch up with you and all you have going on!!!
Loved every photo and hearing about your trip, friends, flowers and family!
Here in Texas June is playing MUCH nicer than its sister, May, did!!

Stacey said...

Your trips together always sound like so much fun!

Sarah said...

Lovely get away. So much beauty in our country! Thanks for taking us along.
You are a busy girl. I admire all of you girls who can use a paint brush. Ha!
Have a great wekend!

Doreen@househoneys said...

I'm so glad you kept your wig on straight ;). I totally hear you about the frustration of downloading pics if your computer doesn't recognize the phone.

I've never been to Wisconsin. For that matter, i have never been anywhere near it either. It does look lovely. It's wonderful that you've made a 'real life' friend from a blogging friend. I should finally go check out her blog and say 'hi'.

I love your flowers! The pink and white ones in the front are adorable. What are they? Clematis never does well here. My friend said the nursery told her there is something in the soil around here that kills them. Who knew?!

Enjoy your weekend my friend, and I'll see you in the trenches ;).

Debby said...

Sounds like you had fun with Cindy and her hubby. Your flowers are beautiful. We are on our way to Hilton Head and will be with our kids and grands. We had a hard time leaving our dog behind with just looking his best buddy. Hoping he will be ok. HAppy June.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Sounds like that country air filled you with bliss. I enjoyed reading about your get together, wow 7 years meeting up with your blogger friend.
Whatever the what Cha call it flowers are they are pretty and grow well for you.
Sanding hugs your way.

NanaDiana said...

I am so very glad you had a good time in Door County, Jane. I love Fish Creek (Crick as they say), too. My kids all worked summers in Door County. My oldest son worked at a motel in Fish Creek and the other two girls worked in Gramma's Swedish Bakery.

Have fun getting your room all fixed up. Looking good so far. I don't know what you did with your font but your blog is SOOO much easier to read now. I don't even have to squint!

Hope you get some regular hummers. We have not had much luck attracting them here at this house. xo Diana

Bluebird49 said...

So glad you got together with old friends! It's so beautiful--even with Hubby's cell pics.
We both got the sicks from the grandkids, and both of us are still down for the count! Whew. And. Yuck.
I'll be in touch as soon as I can sit up and not "up-chuck!"
xx Trudy

Melanie said...

Glad you had such a nice time in Door County! Brian and I really need to get back up there - we haven't been since our honeymoon, over 30 years ago! Your flowers are looking so pretty. I love honeysuckle, but have never tried growing it myself. Have never seen bats around here, thank God! They would freak me out. There's a lot of them just a few miles away from our house, near a bog. They can stay there. ;-)

Jenny S. said...

June days here have been busy with replacing A/C and heating unit.(ughhhhh!) , grandchildrens baseball games, yard work, dental work (aughhhhh) etc. I?NEED?A?BREAK!!!!!!!!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Jane, sounds like a wonderful trip, I love Wisconson. Your flower bed is gorgeous, such pretty blooms. Bats are great at eating mosquitos, we watch them fly around in the open fields at the lake.Blessings Francine. ,

Decor To Adore said...

What a wonderful trip! I feel as if we truly now only have one degree of separation as Cindy and I have met on several occasions when I lived in Phoenix.

Happy June and have a lovely weekend dear one!

Kathleen Grace said...

The trip sounds marvelous. Isn't it great the friends we find online? I would have never thought I would say that, but I have found some real kindred spirits here :)
I think your garden looks beautiful, I have always wanted lupines, so pretty. This year I found a deal on foxgloves though, so it's the year of the foxglove here, maybe next year it will be the year of the lupine. Isn't it such a treat to see those darling little hummingbirds!? We have a feeder in the garden but they seem to love the petunias and fuchsia hanging baskets just as much. I saw one sipping from the Siberian iris yesterday! I hope your little guy comes back, they are so fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

We've stayed in Door County many, many times. There is a unique bio system in Bailey's Harbor with incredible flora. And don't forget the Vikings Restaurant!


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Your trip to meet your friends sounds so nice and the place you met must be beautiful. Your photos were great. So nice to meet a blogging friend and see each other every year.
It looks like you have been busy painting and working in your garden. Your flowers look so good. Your guest rooms sounds like it is coming together and I like what you are doing. Can hardly wait to see the finished product.
Have a great weekend Jane.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I love honeysuckle too. I had some at our last house and now I think I should buy some for this house. Oh, the hummingbirds are so pretty! They love my bottle brush blooms and esparanza. They're so neat to watch!

Rue said...

Hi Jane :)

It sounds like you had a fantastic trip. It certainly is beautiful there! Love all your additions to the yard. I need to get more flowers myself this coming week. I have some very lonely, empty pots in the back.

Funny thing... I'm putting a bat house in my backyard LOL

I hope you have a beautiful weekend :)


Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

The first photo from your trip looks like a painting…just beautiful. It sounds like your days are full but in a good way.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh what a fun weekend is was!
Great post Jane, oh how I love Door County!
Your flowers are gorgeous, you do have a green thumb.
And I love ,love your painting projects.
This weekend will be rather dull.
I babysat Ryker yesterday and Addison is still here today.
I think she is staying over.
Katie is having some post partum depression and it just really hit her.
Hugs friend,
Love ya

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a beautiful trip, Jane. It's so great to get away for a while, and having a friend along makes it all that much sweeter. Good luck with your plants, and happy June! Xoxo Lidy

Nancy's Notes said...

Sounds like you all had wonderful trip and with Cindy and husband too! Door County sounds like a place to spend some time. Look at you Miss, so busy! Painting, planting, name it! Keep having fun! Hummingbirds...ahhh, can't wait to see your photographs of them playing around!

Beth said...

What a great trip, Jane! Did you by chance see the restaurant with the goats grazing on the roof? It's in Sister Bay and it is called Al Johnson's. Fun to see. I enjoyed reading about your trip and I think another trip to Door County is long overdue for me...It's very cool that there are such neat places to visit that aren't that far away from where we live. Your flowers are looking good - I like the lupin! Thanks for the shout out, too. Your garden is looking great and so is your guest bedroom; I look forward to seeing it when it is all done. Hope you are having a great weekend!
Hugs, Beth

Carla from The River said...

Hi Jane,
I always enjoy reading your posts. You have such a fun way of writing.
Door County is amazing. It is so beautiful!
Did you visit the restaurant with the goats grazing on the roof? We have friends who loved it.

bj said...

Hi, Blondie..sounds like you had such fun with your friends.
Hope your summer is getting off to a great start.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jane, so glad you had a grand time on your getaway. Looks like your painting projects are coming along great! Your flowers are gorgeous. I have that same purple clematis. Hope you see the hummers soon. Happy June!
Hugs, cm

Susie said...

Blondie, So glad you have a hummingbird...quick get a feeder. Fun that you met your friend again. You do keep busy. I like your flowerbeds. Can't wait to see your finished room. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Helen Philipps said...

What a lovely trip with your friends, it sounds wonderful. Love the sound of all your painting and planning...your ideas sound lovely. The bit about the bat's furry face made me LOL....we have them swooping about here in the summer, but I don't like too close an encounter! The hummingbird visit is so exciting, I hope some more visit you soon (now that is a type of bird we never get here...though I wish we did!)
Happy new week.
Helen xox

Debbie said...

Love the bat story! but I HATE the critters!!
Your flowers look great, Jane!
What a wonderful trip with your blogging friend! Lake Michigan is gorgeous, any time of year, isn't it?
Your spare room sounds like a winner. Can't wait to see it finished.
I recently put up a hummingbird feeder, and an oriole feeder. what fun to watch them!
Enjoy the new week!

Barb said...

So glad you had a good time, Janie.

The flowers are lovely!

Barb xo

Terri Steffes said...

Hey there! I love Door County. Went there years ago when life wasn't being very good to me and I found peace. At least for awhile. Another story. I loved hearing your descriptions, my computer isn't loading pictures for some reason. Sigh. That's ok, my imagination had to do a little work!

susan said...

As always, it looks like you've been busy, busy, busy!! Sound likes you had a wonderful time with your friends - it's always so nice to get away, isn't it. Can't wait to see what your guest room looks like when you're done - you've got such great taste.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Jane, Your trip sounds like fun and the scenery looks beautiful! I am glad you had a good time. You are one busy lady.

Art and Sand said...

Oh, dear, bats?

I can't wait to see the bedroom.

Debbie said...

I love your blog first off and foremost. I just wanted to ask you a few questions about
Door County. We reside in St. Charles, MO and have wanted to go there for years. Is their
enough to do for five days meaning great restaurants, night spots, and nature hikes. We
have been vacationing in Estes Park, CO for years but just want to try something different.
I like renting a cozy cottage for five nights and staying put except for day excursions. I
do not mind cooking on vacation either. Any input and help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks you!!!!

xinex said...

Oh how fun meeting with Cindy and her hubby again! The place looks wonderful.

Ricki Treleaven said...

I need a road trip with friends! I can atoll y'all had a great time. U adore hummingbirds. Do you have a feeder because they will entertain you for hours!

We have bats, but we also don't have any mosquitos thanks to the bats. But I haven't had one swoop under our umbrella yet….that might change my mind about bats if that happened!

I've missed you and my blog friends. It's good to be back!


DD's Cottage said...

What fun to go for 7 years with your friends! Beautiful countryside. I bet the room is going to be great when you are done!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Summer sounds lovely there! Your trip looks beautiful...and how nice you have made it a tradition! Your flowers are blooming so beautifully...only my annual baskets have color right now...looking forward to lilies soon, though!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow / Sacred Eclectic said...

Oh the bat / I would have screamed or something.

Nice to see you having a great time each year with your friends. The countryside is beautiful in your shots : )