Sunday, January 18, 2015


I found a few cool things, I used to love to go through the piles of old linens at some of the antique stores we would find in little towns.  Pillowcases like these were snapped up without a second thought.  I have a few with the handkerchief closure.  Just buried and very musty smelling in this long overdo~to~be~cleaned out linen closet.  I washed everything twice.  With lots of bleach.  And I ironed a lot.  Well I did that because I left everything in the dryer overnight.  


I also felt I was coming up short on hand towels so I ordered a few from Macy's, which was having a "Blowout" one day only sale.  I think I missed all the white sales this month which is odd as I get every conceivable offer from every conceivable store in my email box every day.  Maybe I mindlessly deleted them. saw the closet "Before" picture here. And now we have this:

On a funny note, I was awoken this morning to The Husband banging around in his closet.  He had made an 8:00 a.m. trip to Home Depot and was in the midst of repairing his closet organizing system.  He has one of those kind that you spend all day putting together; wire shelves on metal brackets.  It's always falling apart.  I liked this...sort of a domino effect. :)

Jane x 

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SImple and Serene Living said...

I love a nicely organized linen closet with freshly ironed sheets. Would you like to do mine? LOL

Try drinking 8 ounces of tart cherry juice before you go to bed. It really does work.


Theresa said...

The linen closet looks wonderful! I still haven't done mine but it is on my list:) Your birthday getaway sounds wonderful! I hope you enjoy this day dear friend, HUGS!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Wow that closet looks amazing now, Jane! Great job, and washing them twice?! And ironing? That's definitely a project. As for your husband's closet, lol, bless his heart to try to be as industrious, but I'm sorry, those closet systems with the wire brackets just always seem to be needy, don't they?
I did the gel nails a few years ago, and they are amazingly tough, even when your hands are in water a lot, or gardening. The flip side of that left me wondering what damage I might be doing to the nails long-term, so I quit after a few times (any my nails are pretty strong).
I laughed at your play-doh cheese cut outs - that's so funny, and I can relate, but the board's super cute. Your birthday definitely sounds like fun because you're planning it to be! Woohoo, can't wait to hear of your escapade!

Anonymous said...

your linen closest looks lovely, I share you passion for old linens, that birthday get away sounds lovely!! I know my daughters love the gel nails, I can't stand anyone doing my nails so I pass on manicures lol, the color was lovely though, maybe you should try having some carbs at bedtime, protein is harder and takes longer to digest, maybe carbs would lull you to sleep, lol, I have trouble sleeping as well, it takes me forever to get to sleep, my husband's head hits the pillow and he's out like a light, I take an allergy medication for dustmites and it helps me sleep great since starting it,

Betsy Brock said...

Lovely closet! Do you find yourself walking by and taking another peak just to admire your work? Ha. I do that.

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I love that slate cheese board and you are too cute with cutting the cheese into shapes - makes me want a glass of wine to go with it just by looking at the photo ;-)

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Hi Jane,

Your first comment regarding the tart cherry apparently works ... Friends have praised the effects of ZZZZ's from it.

Congrats on your linen closet. Decluttering, cleaning and rearranging always leads to adding some new, It's like a reward for all the hard work.

With artwork and constantly washing paint off my hands my nails don't stand a chance with nail polish! I only wear it when it's an evening out. Jane ever try Biotin? This vitamin is a miracle for strong nails.

Your slate tray is cute ... I'm a mouse I love cheese. But eat more hard cheese than soft and creamy because it's less calories.

Happy Birthday early, enjoy!

Kathleen Grace said...

It's almost worth letting the linen closet get out of control so you can have that feeling of happiness and accomplishment when you give it an over haul isn't it? I just can't figure out how mine gets so bad between times when I get such a kick out of seeing it organized. ha ha
If you find some way around your insomnia please share. I am dealing with the same thing, have tried melatonin and just read an article this morning that says it is actually a hormone, doesn't make you sleep and should be used with caution. Since it doesn't work, I'm throwing the rest out!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Jane, great job on the closet, looks great. Love the candle glow on the table, so pretty. Pizza yum, I love it. Nice getaway for your Birthday, Blessings Francine.

Linda said...

I sipped my coffee as I visited with you this morning. What a great job you did on that closet! I need to clean mine - soon. Maybe.
Right now I'm still taking Christmas down. Today is CLEAN that filthy kitchen!!! Since I've been ill, Louis Dean has done all the cooking. You KNOW what that means to the kitchen!
Now that I'm feeling better and HE is sick - I need to work in there and I simply cannot function in chaos.
I suffered from insomnia but asked my doctor for something to help me. It's actually and antidepressant that has a side effect of helping you sleep. It works beautifully for me. That or a glass of wine.
Happy Birthday in advance!!! Looks like you will have a lovely time!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

I have never tried the gel manicure but do get regular them!! Hope your mind quiets and you get some regular rest....:)JP

Lulu said...

As I've said before, I'd thoroughly enjoy being across the table from you sharing stories. I think we would have a lot of laughs. worst feature! I tried the fake route, but they got in my way and, like you, I didn't want to be bothered with the maintenance. I'm glad there are things in life about which we can be lighthearted!

Susie said...

Blondie, I would think you could sleep from being got that closet organized. I would love a manicure that would last that long. You might want to give Laura's remedy a try, for better sleep. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Wish you could see me, because I'm giving you a standing ovation for that closet! I knew you could do it, now keep it that way!!

Don't hate me, but my manicures last at least 10 days, even though I work with my hands a lot. Not sure why, but I'm not complaining. I know gels are huge and they last, but it's not worth the extra expense for me.

Do some yoga before bed, lie on your back, lift your legs up over your head as far back as you can. Stay like that for a minute. You can do it more than once and I'll give you bonus points :)

Bluebird49 said...

(Again--I love reading the comments! Tart cherry juice and yoga for sleep tips, and more!)
Oh me--don't you hate the "overnight in the dryer things"? I used to do embroidered pillowcases and runners in my teens, and wish I hadn't given them ALL away. I still love those things, too.
The linen closet! Smashing! And Mr. Blondie--redoing his closet--my heart is going "pit-a-pat"--I love a man who'll actually wield tools and accomplish something with them!
Your nails are so cute--I've wondered if nails can "breathe" at all under the hardened gel--plus layers of polish! Is it hard to remove? Like you, I don't have the patience to do, or go get nails done much---and I keep my nails clipped pretty short. Mine seem to break easily. I don't wear rubber gloves like I should when I actually clean. :( I see how the maintenance of manicures, after a few weeks, would be continual--and tedious--AND expensive! But they look great.
One slice of pizza=nothing---and see how Emily and Mike, (all of you, actually!), benefited from Abbie's idea -- with dinner at Mom and Dad's and that yummy roast and mashed potatoes and au jus? Making me hungry here. And that cute slate for your cookie cutter cheeses, or just regular squares with crackers--such a neat little addition to your kitchen. You are really a born entertainer, Sweetie---I love all your little "extra touches".
Mr. B did wonderful with reserving your birthday downtown--how very sweet of him! I know that will be really fun. And ooh---baby time right around the corner, too. Life is about to change--and it's so good!
I'm not a big hot tea (or coffee) drinker--but, I don't see Melatonin working that well for me either. Hope this tea helps you, dear Jane. My mind won't slow down at night, either. Write when you can, busy girl! xxx, Trudy

Marigene said...

Jane, looking at your neatly, organized closet almost makes me want to do mine...almost!
I have nights where I am awake all rhyme nor really irritates me as I get really cranky by the middle of the next afternoon.
Have a wonderful week, Jane.

Pondside said...

Well done with the closet, Jane!
I have trouble sleeping these days too and have found that one of two things works. I do deep breathing for a few rounds once I'm lying in bed or I take have a Gravol tablet. It helps........

koralee said...

Happy New Year to you faithful friend! I just wanted to pop by and thank you for visiting me even though I have not been around much. I need to get some gel nails as mine always chip and look so terrible. Hugs for now...hope to be around a little more! xox

Kathleen Grace said...
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The Charm of Home said...

Your organizing looks great! I am impressed with the no chip manicure! I haven't ever found one of those. LOL Happy coming birthday Jane!

Debbie said...

Your linens, and the closet look wonderful! Good job!
LOVE the nails!
Making dinner for the family is one of the things I miss living so far away from everyone. You are such a good mom, and wife to do all the things you do for your husband, and kids, Jane.
It sounds like your birthday is going to be exciting! Have fun, dear one.

Unknown said...

Your closet looks wonderful! I've been doing some organizing too. It makes me feel so much better to get things in order.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration. My daughter's birthday is tomorrow. She'll be 45! I know I'm not old enough to have a daughter that age :)!

Have a good week!

Beth said...

Hi Jane, The closet looks great! Good job. Your manicure is lovely too. I always do my own nails - but much of the time they are natural. Polish doesn't last long on me either. Enjoy your birthday - looks like a great place. By the way, I saw on the Today show that there are many coyotes making their home in the suburbs and the city of Chicago. They said that coyotes usually are not nocturnal, but they have become nocturnal in the city because they don't wish to encounter people. Enjoy your birthday!
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Elaine said...

What a great job you did on the linen closet. You have inspired me to do mine now.

My wire closet shelves always break too! I would love to change them out and then re-do the pantry too.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jane, I am impressed by your linen closet and your pretty table and nails. The hotel for your birthday looks pretty intriguing. Something about Jan. that is always hard for me. Too long and too cold I guess. Can't wait to hear about the baby,it could be any time now. My daughter is starting to look pretty pregnant..10 more weeks for her. She is rather cranky about it too. Maybe we can do a getaway this spring, let me know what you think. Hi to Al too. Hugs friend, Cindy

Maggie said...

Jane, you did a grand job on your closet, when are you coming over to do mine?
BTW am I supposed to believe that when celebrating your birthday Downtown at the end of the month there will be no shopping or retail therapy of any kind? Pull the other one as we say in UK!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I have the same problem with fingernail polish. No matter what it says, it always starts to chip almost immediately. I guess I'm pretty rough on them with all my gardening, crafting, etc. My mom sometimes takes a Benadryl when she can't sleep. She says it puts her out like a light (not that you want to use it continuously though) I don't know why, but that stuff never makes me sleepy. Anyway, have fun on your birthday!!!

farmhouse-story said...

the closet looks great, jane! i've never had my nails done, but, yours looks pretty--maybe i will:) enjoy your bday trip and happy birthday to you!

Low Tide High Style said...

I cleaned my linen closet last year and it's still clean and organized. :) I love your nails, and they do grow fast! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, it sounds like a lovely way to spend your special day.

xo Kat

RURAL said...

That is one very tidy linen closet, congrats and well done. What a good feeling that leaves when you look at it now I bet!!

Yes...the nails look lovely BTW, they really do.

Mmmmm to the roast, and of course the pizza!!


Poppy said...

Kudos on the closet clean up, Jane! It looks amazing, and must smell wonderful, too!

Your roast sounds scrumptious - I would have served it, since I can't resist that aroma of the veggie infusion, but pizza is tempting!

I have never been into manicures, (no patience for the post paint peeling!), but yours looks lovely!

Can't wait to hear about your birthday celebration; it sounds like a lot of fun, with family and good food in a fab hotel!

Until then, have a lovely Thursday!


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Jane! Great job with the linen closet.. I've cleaned my linens too.. packed them all up and dropped them at the thrift store. I'm gonna be sorry when I need an extra blanket or curtain. lol.

Love the mani! : )

Have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! Happy Birthday to you and I know you'll have a great celebration! Now that's a lot of work cleaning out the linen closet. I have one and it's a mess. You're motivating me! :) Maybe tomorrow. Your nails look cute with the little flower. I stopped getting mine done years ago - you know the fake tips and they made my nails so thin. Now I love a roast supper and I would have come over and helped you eat it in a heartbeat! Thanks for popping in to see me and your sweet words.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh my goodness! I love those linen. At one time I had a near closet full and then used them to spruce up my booth and sold them all. Now I must start from scratch since I closed my booth for now. Time to start over. I do love to wash and iron and makes things crisp and glass sparkle.

Carla from The River said...

I am excited about your birthday!! I visited Chicago for the first time in December for my birthday. :-))
Looking forward to a post about your birthday adventure.

xx oo

Linda said...

Closet looks great! Good job Jane..
My nail polish always chips too...geesh!
I wear a very pale pink...just makes my old hands look better...Right!
Switching up the shower curtain is a great...and cheap... way to change the look of your bathroom...
Much easier than painting!
enjoy the rest of your week...
Birthdays coming up!!
And..of course...the new addition!♥️
Linda :o)

Melanie said...

Your linen closet looks so nice and neat! Mine isn't overflowing and I don't have a big collection of bedding or bath items, but it is kind of messy with some cleaning products in there, as well. I found a very organized linen closet on Houzz the other day and Pinned it on my Organizing board. One of my goals for this winter to re-do my linen closet. Closet system...Brian bought a wooden one at Menards a few years ago and installed it in our bedroom closet - it looks really nice and has held up wonderfully. So sorry to hear you're still struggling with insomnia. Yes, exercise during the day should help with the sleep at night. I took a mile walk outside earlier this afternoon...not much, but enough to energize me and take away that afternoon slump feeling. And it actually felt good to get some fresh air, even though it's cold. It was good to hear from you on my blog...I was wondering where you'd been! My flu bug was actually short-lived - I was very lucky compared to a lot of people who've had this flu. I felt cruddy for a week, but the part where I was truly sick (the high temp) was only 3 days. It just felt like forever when I was in the thick of it! I can't remember where I got the ladder or overstock, can't remember which. I've tried both Swiss chard and broccoli rabe...I don't like them on their own, but I liked them in soup or a casserole. I found the curtains online at World Market. We do have a store close to us, but these were only available online. Have a lovely day!

Melanie said...

PS - I was just skimming through some of the comments, and I saw someone mentioned yoga before bed and that's great if it's relaxing poses and stretches. However, I would not recommend doing that pose mentioned where you put your legs back over your head. That's a rather advanced position and if you have any back, neck, or shoulder issues, you could be in a lot of trouble with that pose. A pose that's relaxing, easy and safe for anyone, even beginners, is "legs up the wall". You can Google it if you're interested. :-)

Curtains in My Tree said...

well where do i start? first love all your pillow cases and linen you have washed up and it's smelling good i'm sure.
I see one piece that I have with the blue bows on it?
and I have just started getting my nails done this winter with shellac and it stays on 2-3 weeks if I wear rubber gloves where hand washing dishes and cleaning the tub out.
I would love to stay at either hotel you mentioned

Debby said...

Imagine my surprise when we moved into this house and realized there was no linen closet. Grrrrrr. I use an armoire and its not pretty inside.
I love the gel manis. Just make sure you go bck to get the gel off. They can really mess uo your nails. My friend sells Jamberry. Alot like gel but you do it youself. You apply like stckers, kinda, trim them then use a hairdryer. Really cool designs.
I have the same sleep problem. I drink that tea,with honey. I have started staying up later after hubby goes to bed. It helps. Our dogs get us up Two or three tmes a night. That's a nightmare.
Looks like a beautiful place for your b.d. And a grandbaby for your special day. Hugs

Privet and Holly said...

I'm a firm believer in
a mug of whole milk
warmed in the microwave,
with some nutmeg, cinnamon
and cardamom sprinkled
on top, before bed. The
whole milk is low carb and
the fat that's in it helps to
keep me asleep. Try it : )

In April of 2013 I spent my
birthday weekend with two
dear friends, including my
late friend Kathleen, at a
boutique hotel downtown,
not far from The Drake. My
yoga friends here in Mpls
treated us to high tea at the
Drake, and it's a special time
and memory I won't forget.
When we were newlyweds
and living in Chicago, my
hubby treated us to a night
at the Knickerbocker, and
we loved it, too.....

xo Suzanne

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

A fun read as always. I am having bran flakes cereal for breakfast and craving roast beef, juices and mashed potatoes,lol.

Maria Elena said...

Jane, I just wanted to stop by and let you know you are the winner of my Valentine's giveaway. Please email me so you can tell me where would you like me to send your gifts. Congratulations! Hugs, Maria

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Hi Jane,
Your linen closet looks amazing. Thanks for the inspiration. Putting the last of Christmas away, I need to organize the whole house. With both of our daughters living back at home, I'm having fun spending time with them. Unfortunately I'm neglecting the cleaning. Your birthday celebration sounds like so much fun!! Hope you're getting some well deserved sleep! Happy Friday!!

Sandy said...

How nice to have the linen closet all freshly laundered and put away so nice and then have your hubby want to do the same thing lol we are kind of like that around here with different things. i love the competition too. love the play-doh cut-outs of the cheese too lol

oh and i love your s&P shakers in the post below too!

have a wonderful week-end! xo

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Hi Jane! Your linen closet looks amazing! Great job! I've always wanted to try gel polish... and I've recently started taking Magnesium before bed and it's helped me sleep all night.. you could google it to see if it might work for you. Happy weekend friend!