Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Layla is sick as, well, a dog.  Remember Tulo, my granddog coming over and spreading his upper respiratory infection to Milo and Layla?  This was a good week before Christmas.  Milo recovered very well, but Layla had to go on a second course of antibiotics.  She finished that up last week and then over the weekend she kept pawing at her left ear and whimpering.  Yesterday morning I was at the vet as soon as they opened.  Major ear infection, raw throat and fever.  She had to have a chest x-ray and fluids.  My heart was aching for her.  So she has ear drops and two meds that I give her every morning.  This pic was last night...poor thing.  Today she is much better.  I hope this is the end of animal flu season.   

So I worked on the mantel yesterday, adding only some mercury glass for a bit of sparkle and lots of votive holders so I can have the soft candlelight on dreary days and cold nights.  

Since space is limited, we decided to have the shower in mid afternoon so we wouldn't have to do a full on meal.  It's all finger foods.  I have a great selection of tea sandwiches to make, as well as small~bite appetizers.  Emily is getting a few dozen petit fours, tarts and small pastries from a local bakery.  Then tea, coffee, pop and wine.  We collected all of our cake plates and tiered stands, stocked up on candles, vases and a few odds and ends from Michael's and The Dollar Tree.  We are so budget savvy!  I'm so excited.

So...the house is as clean and organized as it's going to get.  Tomorrow I have a trip to the grocery so I can start on some of the fillings for the sandwiches and some little sweets I'm adding to the bakery items.  We're going to get little white tea roses to scatter around in bud vases.  I'm so happy that Emily has had so many money saving ideas, she did this with her wedding, too, and it was simply lovely.  I'm very excited.  

Kevin stopped in tonight.  The baby may be arriving sooner than the due date of February 11.  She is estimated to be over 9 pounds already.  This is one healthy girl!  So she may be coming as early as February 3rd or 4th depending on the doctor's schedule.  The  3rd is my birthday...wouldn't that be something!

I'm off now, a busy few days ahead.  I will get as many pictures as I can on Saturday.  And then...I have nothing but free time for a few months!  I think I might just go into shock with that!

Stay warm!

Jane x 


Elaine said...

Oh poor Layla! Sorry she is sick. I did not know there was an animal flu.

Good resolution to be more creative in 2015. I did not make any resolutions.

Enjoy the baby shower.

Maggie said...

Hope Kayla is on the mend, we feel so helpless when our pets are sick, give her a big hug from me.
Love the new look mantle,very stylish. Have fun on Saturday and take lots of photos to share.

Maggie said...

Sorry, my Kindle's predictive text wrote Kayla instead of Layla!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

All your preparations look so cute! Love the pale pink. Have fun at the shower :-)

farmhouse-story said...

hope layla feels better soon, jane. have fun with the shower--it would be great if the baby shared you bday, huh?!

Julie Marie said...

Oh, I do hope poor little Layla is better soon, Tessy has been sick for some time now too... and it breaks my heart as well... have fun at the baby shower, all of your preparations look beautiful, and stay warm in those temps... xoxo... Julie Marie

Stacey said...

Poor little Layla! It almost sounds like she has that flu that everyone's getting. You lead the march with creativity and I'll follow...ok? I love what you did to your mantle. :)

Betsy Brock said...

Poor Layla.....aw.

Love all the shower ideas! That stork is lovely from etsy....and the favors are perfect!

That a big baby for 8 months! Oh my!

Hope your hubs is ok.....thinking of you guys!

Theresa said...

You inspire me to get busy:) I also will be hosting a baby shower next month and haven't done a thing! I hope Layla feels better as each day goes by! Love that wreath on the sheet music! Simple and beautiful! Good luck on the shelf! Have a blessed and productive day! HUGS!

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

So much going on! :) We have that cold and snow as well here in Western Pa.

Your fireplace scene looks so warm and cheery, though and I love the little wreath / sheet music project.

Wrapping up / putting away Christmas and on to a baby shower...busy as can be! :)

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Jane, Awww poor Layla, hope she is feeling better...love the mantle display, so warm and cozy. You are a busy bee with the baby shower.Blessings Francine.

Susie said...

Blondie, That poor little dog..she looks so sad. I hate for animals and children to be sick. It's heart breaking. I know that anything can be hung with a cleat method. But you do have to have it nailed into the studs. I loved your sweet favors. Your birthday was my mom's too. :):) I will think of you now on that day. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Lulu said...

You have every incentive to do a project, and as cold as it is it's a good time to get things done. I just stepped outside for the first time today and immediately came back and put on more clothes. I'm still in Maine where it is supposed to drop to -13 tonight. Brrrrr!❄️

Unknown said...

Have fun with the baby shower. We're about to enter the shower business too. My grandson is getting married March 14th, and there are 3 or 4 showers between now and then. I ordered my dress and shoes last night, and bought shower gifts today. So I'm feeling pretty good about that. I know I'll be so busy as the time gets closer, that I need to at least have a few things done. Hope the baby comes on your birthday!! Love how you've decorated your mantel. Love the window. Take care!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Oh Jane all this preparation reminds me of my DIL's...it will be just awesome!!!...:)JP

Vel Criste said...

Happy New Year!Hope the doggies get better soon! I love the driftwood-ish color you added, can't wait to see it all done and up. LOVE your brown and pink theme, macaroons from Trader Joes are also cute and PINK LEMONADE to match your theme + hot cocoa for those who want hot drinks. So excited for all of you, what a big baby already!!! Good luck with everything!

Melanie said...

Poor Laya...she looks miserable. I hope she is better soon. I really like how you stained the pine and I certainly hope those stay up on the wall unlike the floating shelf that you had! Do you have to buy special brackets to hang pieces of wood like that? I love all the little details that you and Emily have going on for the baby shower. Very exciting...I can't wait to see pictures when it's all over!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

It breaks my heart when animals are sick! The worst part is that they can't tell us how they're feeling. Give her lots of hugs and kisses Jane!

As for floating shelves, they can be challenging, but cleats work well provided they're in at least one stud.

Enjoy the shower!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

First I do hope your little dog is much better. IT's so hard when they don't feel good.
The shower sounds like so much fun and you are so organized. Take lots of pictures. How exciting that you are going to be a grandma - you are going to love that little girl to pieces.
Have a wonderful time my friend and stay warm.

Carla from The River said...

I am sorry about Layla.

I am so excited for you and your family. :-)
Have fun this weekend.

cathy@my1929charmer said...

Oh poor Layla, being sick is never easy. It sounds like you have a great baby shower planned, and know with you your will have a great time with all the ladies. Loving the pale pink, don't take this wrong I wouldn't want the baby born on yours, each of you should have your "own" special day! It's really the only day that's sorely ours. Have a fun shower!

Bluebird49 said...

Wow! There'snot enough of little Layla to get sick...so I hope those meds work this time. Milo just shook it off, huh? Now there's not much time til Saturday. Nothing like a gathering to get the house aoll spiffy, is it?
I knew you and Emily (and Abby, too of course!)--would have things in hand for the shower. Everything so pretty in pink for that very healthy sounding baby. (And--hey, I love M&M's myself, pink and every other color--and someone has to stand around, look pretty and nod, right?) Everything is going to be gorgeous, including you--I just hope that will include the weather, since you haven't had very much snow, yet. You Chicagoans knoq how to deal with massive amounts of it, though. You know, I scrolled down and read both posts below this again, tonight, just to remember again your last year---and realized my comment did not post for your first New Year's Posting--which has happened to me a couple of times at other blogs, and maybe even here! I don't know why that happens--but at least we keep up for the most part. :) I loved everything from Milo romping out in the green grass to the recipes--but I can't remember everything I wrote to you before!
Enjoy the rest of your week, and Saturday--and nope, you will not have months to do nothing--'cause after the grandbaby is born, things are gonna heat up for all the family!!


You have definitely reached your goal to be more creative this year ... and the year has just begun. Bravo, Jane.


Lynne said...

OMGoodness! Poor Layla!
Passing people germs during the Holidays is a "given", but the added stress of K9 germs? Layla is not a puppy...older doggies seem to take longer to recover. Give her a hug from me and The Chocolate Gousse!

The shower favors are adorable. I am sitting on the edge of joy and jubilation right now as you and your family await the arrival of this precious baby girl!

Holland and Ben will call Mr D and I after dinner...before bath and bed. Their energy and tiny voices are always a lift after a long and sometimes trying day.

Ben calls me Bah-ma...which sometimes comes out O Bah-ma when he is excited. It cracks everyone up!

Your resolution rings clear in this post, my friend. Your home is looking lovely in it's winter transition.

I have been watching the "temps" and saying warm prayers for my blog friends. We are steeped in rain and fog at the present.
Blessings to the "B's"!

Jacqueline said...

Wow, send some of that creativity and energy over her! That is amazing. The clock is fabulous!
Yes, I organize by rooms and it makes Christmas so fast to put up and take down. Sometimes I change things around a bit but no one can believe how quickly I can do the decorating! Hope it works well for you too.
Hope sweet Layla feels better!
Sounds super duper cold to me!!! Yikes!!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Oh, poor sweet Layla! I hate that they can't tell us what's wrong. Sending up lots of healing prayers for her. Sounds like the baby shower is going to be so much fun! Love all the pink!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

My Ben was 10.3 lbs and I had a C-section because of it. We went up until a week before due date but no effacing- no dilating..so they induced for 9 hours knowing he was at least 9 lbs....not one contraction. His head was so big he just could not drop down! lol
In the nursery he looked about 3 months compared to the others.

Just saying i would be prepared for an earlier arrival date. Make sure her suitcase is at the shower. Babies have a way of arriving at inconvenient times :D like when Mama is busy doing something else....

and yes learn to use a drill, and wall anchors etc... These things are not man's work but HOUSE work... <3

Congratulations and best wishes for a healthy happy new family

Kathleen Grace said...

How fun to be planning a baby shower! Your theme is adorable and I really can't wait to see the whole thing put together. I am not currently expecting any grandchildren, but with both girls married it isn't out of the question now is it? I have already started a Pinterest board with ideas:>)
Stay warm!

Unknown said...

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chateau chic said...

The baby shower sounds like it will be absolutely delightful...can't wait to see pictures. Having extra planning and prep help from your girls makes it all that more fun.
Mary Alice

Debby said...

Poor baby really looks downright pitiful. So surprised that all the dogs got sick. One of my dogs used to get all kinds of ear infections. She still does. She has always had bad teeth which doesn't help. She has had several pulled/ She has some breathing problems because of a collapsed trachea so the vet and I agreed not to put her to sleep to clean her teeth. She took a round of antibiotics and may have to go on a maintenance.
The baby shower is going to be so nice. I like all the sweet and simple decorations. I can't wait to see your new little baby. You are going to be so excited. Stay warm, it is freezing out.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Poor little Layla. Hope she is feeling much better very soon. I am sure she is getting lots of hugs and cuddles from her mama. :) The baby shower sounds like it is coming together nicely. I like that "A baby is brewing" and the gift of tea. Nice. Best wishes, Tammy

Unknown said...

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Helen Philipps said...

Oh dear poor Layla, I hope she feels better soon! Your new décor ideas are looking lovely, the painted clock is gorgeous! I love all the plans for the baby shower, such sweet ideas....and not long to wait now :)
Happy weekend.
Helen xox

Unknown said...

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Gerlinde de Broekert said...

Hi I just found your blog and I enjoy reading it. Have a happy and healthy New Year,

Ricki Treleaven said...

Oh, how exciting! I've enjoyed reading your baby shower posts. I love the theme! I can't get over the scale…how perfect is that!

How is Layla?

BTW the shower photos are great, and I know y'all had a great time. WHat an exciting time for you and your sweet family! :)

Ricki Jill