Wednesday, November 12, 2014


We visited the town of Blowing Rock about 2 hours away.  It was THE most incredible trip of my life.  The mountains, the valleys, the colors...looking out the car window at the side of the road a few feet away that dropped off a few thousand feet as we rounded curves.  The Husband and I were in such awe we couldn't speak.  Seriously.

Okay, on to the meaty stuff.  I am so miserable I could cry!  For the past two days I have wondered how to write my next post, what viewpoint to take, do I describe my agony or just fluff over it?  So...with my two poor, stiff index fingers, I will just let the words flow.  This last surgery was hell.  I don't know why.  How can your hand be numb and still painful?  My fingers were swollen and turning blue.  And then yesterday was worse because the numbness wore off and it was just real pain.  And of course, the pain pills give me a ironic and just my luck.  This cast is bigger and bulkier than the one I had on my right hand a few weeks ago, making it almost impossible to even peck on the computer.  Since my right hand is still healing and pretty weak from not using it, it just doesn't pick up the slack for the left hand (oh, did I mention, I'm left handed?).  So, I'm learning to use a fork and spoon with my right hand, forget scissors, speaker phone only, no texting.  No driving, online shopping but I've answered a few emails and visited a few blogs I follow by email,  And I made a salad for dinner last night only because I spent two hours the night before the surgery cutting and chopping 10 pounds of lettuce, celery, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli and onion so we could eat for the next few weeks.  

I feel really bad because right now I have a lot of friends and some family members that are not well, and almost all of them in worse shape than I.  I'm not trying to play the martyr but I have a keen sense of guilt.   I walk that tightrope where I lean into the Superwoman side, and back over to the Pity Party side. 

Many years ago I had a friend who had just given birth to her fourth child in 6 years.  One day she came over and slumped in a kitchen chair and said, "I'm sorry, I try to make it look easy."  I nearly slapped her!  All this time she was my Mama Hero.  I was going to have ten kids because she made it look like a breeze.  No matter that the only time I got away from my kids was when I was in the hospital having one.  

So, I've been honest.  It has taken me almost 3 hours to do this post and I really didn't want to at all.  I actually want to lie in my bed in my jammies and probably will.  I may take a pain pill with a Tylenol chaser.  Salad again tonight with a different dressing?

Before I forget, someone asked me if I could send some of my Morning Glory seeds that I offered and I'm so sorry, I forgot who you are!!  Please email me again, and if anyone else wants some, I have plenty.  :)

I am planning to perk up and get into the swing of the holidays.  I have actually made a few craft things, and have a really pretty Thanksgiving tablescape all figured out in my head, so please, have faith in me, I will be back to "normal" soon!   Thanks for your well wishes!

Jane xx


Linda said...

Oh dear Jane....
If I could.....I would come over with a slice of my cake and berries....and a big mug of cinnamon apple tea♥️
Wonder why the second surgery is so much more painful?
Get the husband to fire up the BBQ and make you something delicious to go with that salad!
Thinking of you....get better!
Linda :o)

Stacey said...

I'm so sorry it's hurting so much. It sounds terribly painful. Really though, you do everything with your hands...I can see why it would be a really bad thing. You never know how much a little surgery can hurt. What's nothing one time or for one person can be much worse for another.

Your trip sounds like so much fun! Shopping and good food. Love that combo. :)

podso said...

I'm glad you loved Blowing Rock, I thought you would and loved hearing about it through your eyes. I'm sorry this surgery is so hard. Even the smallest part of our body can cause such horrible pain. I hope you see some real improvement quickly as it sounds miserable. Take care of yourself.

Rita C at Panoply said...

Oh Jane, so sorry you're having issues with the surgery. Let yourself take the time to just recover and slow down. We'll still be here, no worries.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Your trip looks amazing. My daughter and family just moved from south of Ashville further away to Sneadsferry. They love it, praying I get a chance to head out that way in January. I'm so sorry you're suffering, if I could come give you a hug and take your pain away I sure would. Sending virtual hugs and prayers your way. fondly ~lynne~

Julie Marie said...

So sorry you are in so much pain Jane... but I know you are really NOT one who wants pity, so I'll just say get better soon and be happy you are done with it all before Christmas time... I think you are doing amazingly well considering what you have been through!... love your photos of your trip and all the cute Christmas shops.... I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you... xoxo... Julie Marie

Laura Sudderth said...

Oh Jane, I feel for you. I thought I was going to lose my mind a year ago after falling and breaking my leg in several places. Tiny little spider web breaks. I was all alone, newly separated from the husband and it was a pity party for a long time. I think pain does that, makes you think all kinds of crazy and it made me quite depressed...until the pain went away. Seriously I wanted to cut my leg off kind of pain. I contemplated that alot...I really think I was delusional. Many prayers for you. Stop worrying about dinner. You need to have your phone on speed dial for pizza, pasta, chinese...whatever your heart desires.

SImple and Serene Living said...

So glad you had a wonderful trip but so sorry that you are in so much pain. Pain meds give me a bad headache, too so I completely understand. I hope you feel better. Just rest and don't worry about blogging. We will be here. xo Laura

Susie said...

Blondie, I think you look so pretty in the picture. I love the scenery pictures. Why is it two surgeries that should be similar are so darn different? I have heard this many times. You will be brand new before the Christmas season. Just think that. I tell you I laughed about the horse riding. My Teddy said they had a pony growing up and it was mean. He said it would ride them under low limbs to knock them off his back. LOL. I think it was a smart pony. LOL. Bless you dear friend, xoxo,Susie

Row homes and Cobblestones said...


I warn you, this comment will be long winded, So instead of starting from the top of your post I'm commenting in reverse, I am so sorry you are having pain and numbness with the left hand surgery. I actually thought about you yesterday morning when I woke up at 6:30 to pee and take my Synthroid pill in route back to bed. Comfy in my PJ's you crossed my mind ... Seriously! I thought at less Jane with choosing the surgery will not experience mornings like this.

You see Jane even with sleeping in bi lateral wrist immobilzers at times my 3 fingers on both hands become numb and feel dead. So here I was trying to open my RX bottle and take out one pill with fingers that felt unattached, but tingling with pain. I loss 3 pills down the bathroom drain before one went down my throat.

I waited too long for surgery... Afraid it would take my art talent away... As a result I have channeled my artistic efforts into small projects but found poetry.

I so respect your bravery in having the surgery, now I have pause if you will in time be thankful for being so brave and going through such an ordeal. I hope and prayer that all will turn out well for your efforts Jane.

Layla so reminds me of our Josuha from many years ago while during our gutting of our upstairs and the baseboard missing Joshua found himself loving laying in the hallway absorbing the heat from the radiator from the bathroom on the backside in the hall. Where would we be without our precious fur ones? Layla brought a big smile to me.

I adore the organic fig preserve from Whole-foods and for company serve it with Brie and french baguette, but if there is any left the following morning OMG how wonderful it tastes along side of eggs!!!

Oh do cut wood for your mantel opening, love the look and even with it being seen through the years it's not an over done thing. Adds such warmth and textural interest.

Love the photo of the store decked out in Christmas folly. Displays with little critters so cute! Maybe we all need to spend more leisurely time in our PJs and just mellow and appreciate the beauty in each day.
Sending big hugs and kisses,

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hello Jane,
Hey girl, it's alright to talk about your pain and how bad you feel...we all understand and have been there a few times. Just try and take it easy, (easier said than done, I know) but I do hope you feel better soon.
I loved hearing about your trip. It sounds wonderful. I love those kind of shops too. BTW, you look lovely in that photo.

Take care Sweetie and you can't vent any time you want.


Beth said...

Hi Jane! I loved hearing about your vacation. The shop looked glorious. So sorry you are in so much pain. I'm hoping and praying that you will be good as new very soon.
Hugs, Beth

Balisha said...

My goodness've had two surgeries. Give it time to heal and during that time, don't try to do too much. Just take care of Jane. Now is the time to pamper yourself and the rest of your family will follow along I'm sure.
I'm with the restaurants on speed dial. Remember what you said about you being Superwoman? You just can't do it all right now.
So, find a comfy coverlet, go lie down, and cuddle with your pup, watch an old movie and have a nice cup of something.
Sending healing prayers your way with a big hug from Balisha

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Jane, So sorry you're in so much pain. Surgery is never much fun. I'm hoping you will feel better soon... Glad you were able to go on your trip. Shopping and eating out, sounded like fun.
Sending hugs,

Brenda Pruitt said...

You can moan in agony and I can moan in agony and perhaps it will become a melody. But probably not. I didn't have heat all night, so the prospect of icing my foot was not good. But they got it fixed thank goodness. Yell, scream, or holler. In my part of the woods, you holler. Let it out. You have that right. No one hears me but the pupsters!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Oh sweet Jane I am so sorry to hear that things are not going well with your hand and I am so glad that you told us. I will be keeping you in my prayers. Just relax, snuggle in bed and put on the Hallmark channel and chill! :)

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I'm so sorry your hand is hurting so much. Not fun at all. Praying you get better really, really soon. :) I've heard such nice things about Blowing Rock. So good to hear you liked it as well. Emily's appetizer sounds SO good and your sandwich looks amazing as well! Now I'm hungry. :)

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Although you had a wonderful time except for not going riding, perhaps it is time to focus on mending...your hand, that is!...:)JP

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Sorry dear friend.
I have thinking about you and your poor little hand.
I got a bit caught up on your trip and sounds like you had a very nice time.
Did you really get up close with a bear? Cause then your sure ready for my house! hehe.
I sure wish I could do something to help you.
I had some bad hand pain once and I will never forget how bad that was.
I can only imagine how much worse your;s must be.
So here's to quick healing. And hugs too.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Jane, I am so sorry you are in such pain. At least you know from experience of the other hand it will get better.

I am also sorry you didn't get a chance to go horse back riding. They have some great places to do it around Asheville, including the Biltmore Estate.

Blowing rock is a great town. I would have recommended a restaurant if I knew you were going there.

Get better soon.

Doreen@househoneys said...

Sometimes we think we 'shouldn't' complain, or that we 'should' be feeling better, but when you're in pain and you're expressing that, it's not complaining, it's being honest, and that's our Jane that we all know and love.

Surgery can be unpredictable. At times it surprises us with how easy it is, but at other times it throws us for a loop. You weren't expecting this surgery, or its aftermath, to go quite this way I'm sure. Hang in there. Things will change, hopefully sooner than later.

I had pizza with figs on it for dinner tonight. There's the most amazing pizza place that I went to with a friend and I've had the pizza before and thought I died and went to heaven. Figs with spinach, cheese and prosciutto on a crispy, thin crust. I know in your neck of the woods thick crusts are all the rage, but I'm a thin and crispy kinda gal.

I adore figs. We used to have a fig tree in our yard growing up. They're kinda a pain to take care of. You have to wrap them in the winter, but so worth the trouble!

Sounds like you went to Ashville at the perfect time of year. I'm putting that on my ever growing bucket list.


Anita Diaz said...

Jane, I'm so sorry we couldn't get together:-( Hopefully, next time when you're here. I sure hate to hear how badly you are feeling and hope you are better soon:-)

Carla from The River said...

I am sorry you are hurting. That is not good to be in such pain. I do hope it gets better soon!!

I am glad you had a great trip.

Cuddle with your sweethearts and get better soon.
xx oo

Terri Steffes said...

I hate to hear you are in pain. Boo. There are many kinds of pain pills. If the one they gave you doesn't help, request a different kind. Pain meds are a necessity for healing. They give your body a break from dealing with pain so that it can focus on healing. I would love some seeds, but only when you are well enough to send them!

RURAL said...

Jane, was there some blogging memo out there that I missed that demanded we keep putting it out if we are suffering?

What you are going through requires that you relax, and take it easy...instead you are typing tons of words, lovely and fulfilling to read as they are, they must not be easy to accomplish.

Take some time WOMAN!

You well deserve it.

And to make your hubs feel better, I stopped riding after the last horse I was on had a heart attack, while I was riding it. The one before that at the race track fell and broke it's leg, it never won by the way. The one before that tossed me against a tree, nearly breaking my arm. And the one before that bit me on the shoulder, leaving a bruise for weeks, the one before that stepped on my toe, it was a Clydesdale, and they weigh a ton...

So you see, some people just shouldn't be near horses. Your husband is smart, not making excuses, LOL.

Feel better.


Gypsy Heart said...

Sweet lady, don't even be concerned about feeling bad or being down. It's all ok! Maybe the left is worse because that's your dominant hand and it gets more of a workout? I so hope it improves quickly! By chance is the pain med Gabapentin? That was prescribed for my back, however, it gives me a migraine ~ no joke! Just cannot take it. I have been so miserable with my back the past week or so and have just been taking the Tylenol Arthritis OTC pills. They help but make me very sleepy. It's better than the migraine though. Alternating ice & heat and resting ~ so boring! I'm really at my wit's end with this. I hesitate to go back for more injections and they say the surgery is bad. This cold weather makes it all worse and that could be affecting you too. Wish I were closer, I'd be glad to help in any way I could. We could both take naps and do drugs! :) You know I'm joking!

So happy you had a wonderful trip even though you didn't get to go horseback riding. Maybe one of these days ~

Please take care of yourself and rest! Have you tried using a pencil with an eraser on it to type? Not sure if it would help but the eraser end might work.

Sending you strength, comfort and healing!


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh my dear Jane, if I were close by I would come over and take care of you. Ask the Dr for some different pain pills. There is no reason for you to suffer. There are many many different kinds of pain medication. I am sure if you called they would send a prescription for you.
the pictures are beautiful. I am from Virginia and it looks much the same and I really miss the beautiful fall foliage there. I had planned to go home for Thanksgiving but the Dr doesn't want me traveling with my blood clot problem. I would be sitting to long. So maybe by Spring I can go home. It's very pretty then - can't take their HOT weather in the summer.
Well my dear, curl up with your warm jammies on, fire in the fireplace and a good book or maybe a good stiff drink would take the pain away or how about a hot toddy and just relax. Feel better soon.

Mary said...

Oh dear, and I was hoping this surgery would be the easier of the two - I want you so much to be well again Jane. Your sense of humor will keep you going. Surely someone can make you some lovely warming soups, salad does not sound comforting - I would be beating on your door with steaming bowls of soup if I was there, you know that! Send A to Costco for their lobster bisque - it's awesome!

Sending hugs and good wishes for a speedy recovery from us both. Don't be typing too much - we can wait!
Mary oxoxoxox

NanaDiana said...

Well, I am glad that you were able to go and enjoy the Caolinas. Aren't they just beautiful this time of year? I am laughing about the horse story. We grew up with a burro and that is really a horse of a different color.

I sure hope the pain subsides soon. Did they tell you anything you can do for it besides the pain pills? Can you wrap a heating pad around it on low?

I had some eye surgery 4 weeks ago tomorrow and it still bothers stings and is very sensitive to the cold. Who knew? It's a good thing we don't know ahead of time just what we are going to be up against or we would never have the strength to move forward. xo Diana

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Jane are you going to call the doctor ? I think you should find out why this one feels so different ...

Loved fig newtons as a kid and love your pup staying warm. Ha ha that is funny.

Take care !

Theresa said...

Beautiful trip even without the horseback riding:) Take care of yourself and I pray that you heal quickly and get full use of both hands back soon! Sending HUGS and Prayers your way!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, love the stores decked out for the Holidays, so bad about the horseback riding but wonderful trip none the less. Blessings Francine.

Traci said...

That gift shop looks like a place I could spend hours in! I hate that you're having so much pain. I hope you start to recover.

Unknown said...

Oh, no!! Hope you improve quickly. So sorry to hear that this surgery was worse. Praying for you.


Lulu said...

Being a leftie, I know how inconvenient not to have use of your favorite side. You are entitled to whine because feet and hands aching make everything else seem wrong, too. It seems that Asheville is agreeing with you. Isn't it fun to have new adventures at this point in life? Take good care.

Vel Criste said...

Hi Jane!!! It's been so long since I've read your posts, I was wondering how the surgery went and now I guess I know how. I feel for you dear, even if it just involves your hand, pain, no matter what part of your body, affects your whole self! The best relief for this is what your trying to do - get distracted and entertained. I think it was good your hubs didn't push thru with the horseback riding too, for now. Anyway, hugs to you dear friend. :-)

Bluebird49 said...

Oh Sweetpea--I wish I was next door---I'd come and chop your veggies, and bring you some food even your hubby could (maybe) heat up! Mine couldn't, of course, but--well, maybe yours?
I just hate to think of you up, chopping, and hurting like that! Honestly, some place nearby must deliver meals, or perhaps Abby could pick up an order and give Mom a hand. (No pun intended, really!)
I am glad you got the surgeries over with, though. I put off seeing my doctor and now, I'm paying for it, I'm afraid.
I can't get "up" about the holidays at all this year. I even tried listening to Christmas music, but it did not have desired effect! Well, there's still time. I haven't shopped at all, I usually have at least some done by now.
(I need a personal assistant, and the money to pay her, too.) :)
Glad you posted; sorry I didn't check til now! :(

Maria Elena said...

Jane, I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your hand. And I know it is hard to rest because you have to use your hands at all times. I had a problem with my right one years ago and it took me over a year to completely heal. Looks like you had a great trip, but I know you are glad to be home. Enjoy your weekend! Maria

Susan Shull said...

Ahhh, Jane. I'm sorry that you are suffering with your hand. Suffering is suffering and you are allowed to feel bad about it. Take care and don't feel guilty. Your trip sounds so fun! Is Blowing Rock the town that the Mitford series is based on? SEems like I remember that from somewhere. I just finished "Somewhere Safe With Somebody good!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

SOunds like a fabulous trip! My brother has a fig tree so we get spoiled during this time. I'm so sorry you are in pain, take a rest so you can enjoy the holidays. Xo

Kit said...

Oh sweetie! I am so sorry that it is not going well for you. Sending lots of hugs to you. I am glad you vented. We are your friends and that are we are here for. Just remember it will get better. It will. :) Kit

Elaine said...

I think you are entitled to a pity party. You are very brave to have two surgeries back to back.

Thank you for posting. I was wondering how you were doing and it was nice to hear about your trip.

Now about that polar vortex...

Unknown said...

I am so sorry. It is miserable to be in pain all the time. I don't think you are being a martyr at all. Three hours to write this post, must be so frustrating. Once when we moved into a large home in Toronto, I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle AGAIN. I fell into a depression because I knew the long haul of recovery. But I wasn't in pain, it was just so difficult and frustrating.

I love Blowing Rock. My husband and I visited Asheville last Sunday and then on Tuesday, we took the Blue Ridge Parkway trip.

Maybe one of these days we can meet up. I am in Winston-Salem for Ned's work most of the time. Then I travel back for to visit my old home in Massachusetts. My girls live there with their husbands and my grandchildren.

I will say a prayer that your pain leaves and that you recover the use of your hand fully.

Have a beautiful weekend. Now I am off to read your post on Asheville.


Donna said...

I just love the Asheville area! You are so lucky to heave a place there. Your photos are wonderful, sounds like a great trip!

Sonia said...

OH what beautiful pictures! I have heard of Blowing Rock, my son and his wife and family go there every fall. Would love to visit there sometime too. Hope you get some relief of your pain...not fun to suffer during the holidays! So a BIG GET WELL SOON to you!
Miss Bloomers

xinex said...

I am so sorry about your hand, Janie. Did you call the doctor to find out why it is hurting so much? I am so glad that you really enjoyed your trip. I am imagining the beauty of that place and it is making me think of when we were in Utah. Hope you feel better soon!...Christine

bj said...

Oh, Blondie, I think you get prettier with ea picture you show us.
So sorry for all the pain. I just hate pain...feel better soon, dear heart. Take good care.

Anonymous said...

Jane, People who love to read and who admire great writers are usually very good writers themselves. I have learned that about you already. And, you are funny. Cripes, you had me practically crying and laughing on the first post. Getting emotional over those fabulous snippets of literature and the picture of your sister and then laughing at your sense of humor in the post (about the meds). In fact, I was on such an emotional roller coaster that I have to go take a hot bath. I can see I'm going to enjoy your blog.

Betsy Brock said...

Sending kisses and hugs your way....hope the hand is improving every day. Think happy how GORGEOUS you look in that photo here in your post. :)

TexWisGirl said...

your pups are too cute - in the last post, too.

glad you enjoyed your trip but so sorry about the hand/fingers.

Penny said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery Jane. I am just sorry we didn't get a chance to see you in Asheville. Blowing Rock is one of my favorite small towns. The shops are so upscale and unique. By the way, if you want some good reads, read Jan Karon's books. She modeled her fictional town on Blowing Rock. But start with the first book and read them in order. Take care. Wishing you a great holiday season. xo, Penny

Anonymous said...

Oh, Janie! I'm so sorry you're hurting and feeling so bad. I'll be praying you'll heal fast and the pain will go away! I did enjoy the tour of the little town. Take care of yourself and just go to bed. We'll be here when you feel like posting again.
Shelia ;)

A Joyful Cottage said...

Jane, I'm so sorry you're experiencing so much pain. Nothing I can say will alleviate that, so please know that I'm praying for you. I'm sure you must be so frustrated. I'm surprised you were able to blog at all. You are one determined lady. Hugs, Nancy

Debbie said...

I love reading your blog. Straight forward everyday life is how you present it. I would love some of your morning glory seeds. Name and address is:

Debbie Lorson
1542 Shadow Ln.
St.Charles, MO 63303

Thanks so much and hope the healing continues.

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

I'm so sorry that your two surgeries haven't gone as well as they could have between the infection and now the pain. Hopefully this will be behind you soon and you can get to enjoy the holidays. What is so bad is that our hands are so important to us and we use them all the time. So glad you got to get away to a lovely spot to take your mind off the pain to some degree.