Sunday, March 30, 2014


We are having a gloriously beautiful day today, temps are in the mid fifties and people are actually out washing their cars!  I was hopeful that The Husband and I could make the transition back to our own cars, he can always use mine if and when snow is predicted.  Well, he tried to start the little monster awhile ago and the battery is dead.  And our battery charger is 100 miles away at the lake.  I don't even know anyone that has one we could borrow.  Argh...I had lofty plans of going grocery shopping tomorrow and then a run into the Dollar Tree to pick up some glasses.  

Yesterday was very gloomy and a little cold.  Taking a few tips from Penny at The Comforts Of Home, I went out into the backyard and snipped some stems from my forsythia bush.  I usually wait for it to bloom and then cut some to bring indoors, but she explained how to "force" them on her blog.  I just trimmed the cut end up about an inch so it drinks up the water.  I have them in my new French trough.  And...I decided to leave the color of the wood alone.  I think it's beautiful just like this.  Now hopefully I will have some beautiful yellow flowers soon.

I haven't spoke much about the low carb diet.  It was 10 weeks last Friday.  I can't say it's easy, only because discipline and restricting ourselves from certain things is never easy.  Overeating and bad food choices are hard habits to break.  I could give you all the tips and tidbits of how I'm dealing with all this but it's just different for everyone.  And some just don't believe in diets (for lack of a better word).  I simply believe we have to take a serious look at our food and the way we eat, and how  that is causing us to gain weight, and then make the necessary changes.  I've almost hit the 20 pounds off mark and I really want to thank all of the ladies I've been emailing back and forth with for their encouragement, advice and for sharing their stories.  I don't think I could have asked for more cheering on.  :)

This is just a wonky picture I downloaded from the website where our condo is located.  This is pretty much the decor for all of the units.  Yes, everything comes outfitted so all of the units are uniform.  The units are booked out sort of lottery style and unless someone requests a particular unit, or one, for instance by the pool, it's all random,  I think they call the decor "Mountain Rustic".  I'll get a ton of pictures.  We have pretty concrete plans to go for two weeks at the end of May/beginning of June.  We knew that one of the first things we wanted to do was explore the Shenandoah Valley and all of the surrounding historical landmarks.  More so The Husband, I really just want to be in the mountains!  For practical purposes we are going to fly into Washington, D.C. and just make our way down through Virginia driving.  We will stay at a few places on our way to Asheville.  So I am working my way down the map, looking at B&B's and inns and even cabins.  It really has been a long time since we've been away and The Husband and I are very excited.  I'll keep you posted.

I don't know what the weather forecast is for this week, I have pretty much stopped checking it.  I still have three major organizing projects that I want to get done; the den, the office and our big linen closet.  I am trying to devise a way to get The Husband on board with redoing the den.  But, I think I need to take a break from all of that for now and just focus on having a relaxing summer.  

Have a great upcoming week! :)



Steve Finnell said...
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Vel Criste said...

I'm glad the weather is looking up where you are Jane dear, that'll really help get everyone's mood and spirits up for sure!

Sorry about your 'bad' experience, the best part is that she eventually got better. Anesthetic sucks, I always puke with it too! Your do is the sweetest - truly a best friend!

Excited for you and your upcoming vacation, sounds fun, keep on dreaming, keeping' up with your diet and smiling dear!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

We had a similar day here today, Jane. Tomorrow a high of 65! Finally! Oooh, I feel bad for your daughter. I remember when I had my wisdom teeth out and how bad I felt. And that was on pain medication. Hope she is feeling better now.

P.s. Looks like you got some spam in that first comment.

Wanda said...

Oh Sorry for your daughters pain. I went through that year ago with our daughter Julie when she was in her 20's.

Love what you did in the first picture. That perfect.

Have a nice vacation.

Susie said...

Blondie, I have missed some of your posts. I went back to them. I love the little looks better now. Your poor daughter, and the dog staying by her touched my heart. Hope everyone is fine now. We had the best day today...and it had been so long since it was this nice. Loved it. Hope we can continue to stay warm. xoxo,Susie

Sarah said...

Glad Abby is doing better. Sounds like an awful week. Your vacation trip will be wonderful. Destination……Asheville. How perfect!

Heaven's Walk said... have been one busy girl, haven't you, Jane? :) I love how your desk/chair turned out! What a huge difference! Sooo beautiful!

So glad that your daughter is feeling better. My biggest fear has always been going to the dentist, much less having teeth pulled...much less - wisdom teeth! UGH!

Have a fabulous time on your trip - and keep up the great work with your diet!!! I need to lose 20#. Did you just cut way back on your carbs...??

Hugs to you!

xoxo laurie

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Hi Jane! I agree with you, when warm weather finally comes here in Pa. I'm going to stop doing my regular things and just enjoy the spring/summer weather,it's been a heck of a winter for everyone!
I remember when my daughter had hers pulled not a fun thing at all.

Unknown said...

I know you will enjoy Asheville! That's not very far from us, 140 miles or so.

Poor Abby! The wisdom teeth are such boogers! I remember my Pam having hers out when she was in high school. Hope she's better soon.

Wish you could get your car back! I'd be stir crazy without mine.

We're supposed to have pretty weather this week. I certainly hope so. We're moving my grandson to another suburb of Atlanta (McDonough). He's been hired full time as Praise and Worship Leader at a church there! So happy for him! Hopefully he'll be settled for a while now. He's super excited to start his career.

Have a good evening! Oh, the desk and chair are beautiful!

RURAL said...

That sounds like a wonderful trip, and the scenery will be beautiful.

Hope that your daughter feels so much better soon, it's rough going through that. Poor girl.

And good for you to do this weight loss low carb diet...and for sticking to it!


RURAL said...

That sounds like a wonderful trip, and the scenery will be beautiful.

Hope that your daughter feels so much better soon, it's rough going through that. Poor girl.

And good for you to do this weight loss low carb diet...and for sticking to it!


Melanie said...

Lucky you for having a forsythia bush in your yard. We don't have any flowering bushes or trees in our yard - just some various shrubbery and pine trees. Poor Abby...she looked miserable in those pics. And how sweet is Milo for sticking by her side. The times I've been bed-ridden due to surgeries or illness, my cat, Zippo watches over me like that, too. I'm amazed how quickly Emily painted her desk and chair! She did a good job. Your condo...maybe I don't understand, but you don't get the same condo every time you go there? My parents had a condo in Cancun and they got the same condo every year when they went there. Speaking of a long time having a vacation...Brian and I haven't had one in almost 5 years! Oh well, at least we get to take little weekend getaways once in awhile. xoxo

Marigene said...

There isn't much worse than having a sore mouth, can't imagine the agony of vomiting added to it. Hope Abby is feeling better.
Love how the desk came out...I still haven't worked up the courage to tackle one of the hutches, yet.
Before you know it, it will be time to be packing your bags for your vacation!
In the meantime...have a great week, Jane.

Betsy Brock said...

20 go, girl! That is amazing!

Poor baby with her teeth! I went through that with Taylor in college. He got all four out. It was so much worse than I was expecting. Glad she's better!!!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Oh Jane I feel for your daughter...I know to well whats that's like!! Never happened to me at a dentist visit but happens any time I had a procedure were I needed an anesthetic!! Hope she's feeling better:) Her cake looked yummy!
BIG CONGRATS to you my friend on hitting the 20 go girl!!

Stacey said...

Those wisdom teeth removals are no fun!I hope she's all better for school tomorrow. Maybe the kids will have a little pity on her.

It's a glorious spring here. In the 80s all weekend. We worked in the yard. :)

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

You will love the drive down through VA. Hopefully all the spring flowers and trees will be in bloom. loved Ashville and the Biltmore Home is stunning. So have a wonderful vacation.
Glad your daughter is better now.
Have a good week.

Theresa said...

Well at least the wisdom teeth are gone:) Love the desk transformation! Great job! Enjoy your week and Vacation planning:) HUGS!

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

oh your poor baby! I'm glad she's feeling better. And it doesn't take long to get rusty with the child care and getting up at night. I'm so proud of you for sticking with the diet. I agree, everyone is different and should be respected for their choices! The vacation sounds wonderful.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Thanks for the shout out on the forsythia Jane! I feel so bad for your daughter. That didn't sound like fun at all!

Looking forward to seeing you, when you come down.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Jane, the forsythia is so beautiful. I have a few branches with a pink flowering tree in the kitchen in a large French jar. Hope spring arrives really soon there. xo Lidy@

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Emily did a great job on the desk! It looks great, but I'm sure it was a lot of work. Hope you continue to get warm, spring weather. How fun to be planning an upcoming trip too!

Traci said...

I think the desk looks great. Your poor daughter. I feel awful for her. I hope she's feeling better. Knock on wood our weather has been very, very pretty for a few days. Still a little cool but nothing like it was.

Low Tide High Style said...

Hi Jane! I'm so sorry your baby had a bad experience with getting her wisdom teeth out, but I'm glad she is getting better! And congrats on your weight loss, that is fantastic. I am still doing the low carb thing too and although I had been limiting my carbs and sugars all along, this seems to be doing the trick for me as far as weight loss is concerned.

Your trip at the end of May sounds wonderful and if you have a little time in DC after you land, we could meet up!

xo Kat

It's me said...

I hope your daughter feeling better soon...lovely spring week from me...x !

Elaine said...

Poor Abby, she does look miserable. Hope she is back to her old self now. Milo looks adorable. Aren't animals the best?

I love the desk. What a great job. It looks fantastic.

Congrats on your weight loss. I have got to get going on my own diet. Keep putting it off. It's been a tough Winter and I've been craving comfort with all the cold weather.

Gina said...

I hope your daughter feels better soon. My daughter had hers out last year & it is so hard to see our children in pain.

I love the desk! Your daughter did a super job on it.

Congrats on the weight loss! That's wonderful news and heaven knows, I know its not easy. Keep up the good work!

Beth said...

Congrats on your weight loss, Jane; you are doing great! Your upcoming vacation sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jane,
Finally I am over to check out some blogging posts.
So sorry for your daughter and her wisdom teeth. Katie has a lot of trouble too, I remember it well.
And that desk, Emily did a great job, it looks so fresh and fun!
And girlfriend, e-mail me some of your dieting tips! Bravo to you Jane, that is a big deal. We hit 65 today, amazing huh. But of course it goes downhill the rest of the week. But finally I can see a dent in our snow.
Big Hugs friend,

podso said...

Hi Jane, it sounds like the weather is improving. And glad your daughter is over with that horrible experience. Congratulations on the weight loss, and I hope your Forsythia blooms well for you. I think I brought mine in a little too late, and didn't have much of a show. But our whole spring seems to be a little mixed up this year.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Jane,
Just read the previous post too, you got some lovely finds there!
I adore that platter! And I want to go to that shopping place with you.
Oh I miss you,

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

oh so sorry that she went through all of that :(

The vaca planning sounds fun! :)

Weather report is looking up here ...I think we are to hit 60 degrees today! :)

farmhouse-story said...

love emily's desk and your french trough, jane! i feel so bad for your daughter--she looks miserable, poor thing. love milo sticking to her, though:) you are doing a fab job with your diet--wtg! and vaca sounds so fun--enjoy the new digs:)

Nancy's Notes said...

Yikes, your poor baby! That is no not fun! Hate to see them in pain...sigh.

Looks like a great and delicious cake!

Yay for vacations and yay for Asheville!

Way to go on your awesome loss! So proud of you, it's not an easy thing to do!

Hugs, sweet lady,

Lynne said...

***I commented on the wrong post! here I am again!***

Kudos and hugs for your discipline and weight loss! Your words keep me encouraged as I pursue my own battle!

I am happy that you kept your French flower stand au natural! It looks wonderful in your new living room environment. It appears that Abigail preferred it's lovely atmosphere to convalesce. I am sorry to hear of her complications. Monseur Milo is a wonderful caregiver!

Emily's desk looks great!

I hope you have your car back. I know you are itching to get to the garden store!
The best of blessings to the "B's"!

Kathleen Grace said...

Your poor girl, she looks miserable in those photos :>( Hope she's right as rain now. I knew those buckets would be perfect for cut branches! Now I need to get out in the yard and cut some to force in here. Your vacation spot looks so pretty, when we went to NC last year I so badly wanted to make it to the Ashville area and finally meet Penny! Our schedule was too full at the Folk School though. I would love to vacation in that area some day!

Jacqueline said...

OH, poor girl! I had mine out as a young mom with two children - so miserable.
I love the photo of your dog sleeping while sitting up like that. Looks like a great guard dog!
The desk and chair look great even if it is the only one that ever happens.
Have a great day.

bj said...

Glad she is feeling better....
You are gonna have such a fun time on vacation !!

Lori E said...

Wisdom teeth really pack a punch on their way out that is for sure.
I love the French flower pots. I wouldn't paint them but the bottom could be filled with some pretty smooth stones and the pots could then sit on that. Use branches as fillers and you won't need to use as many flowers.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Poor Abbey! I remember getting my wisdom teeth out.I think I had three done at once.Not fun.

I have to say you're kickin' my butt in the weight loss dept Jane. I'm holding steady at 10 lbs. I guess it's my body telling me it's not going to take it anymore! I'm pretty much eating what I want, just cutting back on carbs and red meat which is key for me. Everyone is different and yes, it's a constant struggle.

Lucky you with those vacay plans, but now that we're retired, maybe we can finally take some time time away also.

Sounds like we're having similar weather. Yesterday was lovely, today, not so much.

Spring will come (at least that's what I keep telling myself).


mush said...

I think I know where your condo is in Asheville. My husband and I are thinking of staying in one the studio condos in September. It looks like a beautiful place. I hope you take lots of pictures when you are at your new condo.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on achieving a twenty pound loss…that is absolutely wonderful. You were such a good nurse too to your poor daughter, I know she had to appreciate your thoughtfulness and caring.