Sunday, December 1, 2013


 I have a running joke with my family, it goes like this, "Now, I'm not one to complain..." and this gets a big laugh because I love to complain.  Well, we talk about holiday stress and then something happens and we REALLY know what stress is.  First, I have the ongoing problems with my laptop.  The Husband went and picked a new one out for me (I know...what is she complaining about?).  Well this one I have is almost dead and very slow.  I have to grab The Husband's when he's not using it.  Nothing of mine on his is bookmarked and I can't seem to send emails.  To muck up matters worse, the new computer won't be shipped until the 13th.  Sigh.

Major, major plumbing problems.  Yesterday while using the washing machine, water backed up into a sewer drain in the garage, and I mean this was sewer, 'in the ground' water.  Pee Ewww!  Then today I used the washer and the same thing happened only in the sewer drain in the backyard outside one of the bathrooms.  The Husband thinks that the length of pipes stopped up will equal big money to have cleaned out.  I'm trying to think positively and the only thing I can count on is that the cute, sexy Irish plumbers will be paying a visit tomorrow.  They are the kind of plumbers you like to see in that crouching position most associated with and disliked when it comes to plumbers.  Oh my, did I just say that?  Blush.

Finally, I have a guy coming to do the closet door.  I rely on Home Adviser if I can't get someone by word of mouth and that's how I came upon Pauly from Pauly's Punch List.  I really really like him a lot but he loves to talk!  We have to have the track replaced on the door and with the hardware and labor, it was not what I expected.  And then of course when I find a good handyman, The Husband finds a few other hundred jobs for the guy.  So he's going to be here two days this week.  Even though you are getting problems solved, don't you hate having a stranger in your house?  He's very nice but when he left, The Husband asked, "Where did you find this character?!!"  He's very sweet though, he called Friday to ask how our Thanksgiving went.  And we chatted over an hour.

Emily started buying Christmas decorations and ornaments before she got married last year, hitting the after season sales.  At that time she rattled on to me about how she was going to do her tree.  I'm sorry, it went in one ear and out the other.  I know I change my mind 20 times a day.  I have a mind like a pinball machine.  But this year it was exactly as she told me a year ago.  She said, "As a designer, I have a vision.  I have a gift and the knowledge to see what others can't and I can pass that on."  I hear so many say that they don't need an interior designer to do what they want to do in their own homes.  Oh goodness, it is nothing further from the truth.  Emily goes to homes and looks at what the people already have.  Then she discusses not only what they would like, but their dislikes, taste, family loves, requirements, and space issues.  She sits and has coffee with these people and gets a good handle on their personalities.  Then the fun part comes and she did this with me.  She has access to hundreds of furniture and accessory manufacturers that we aren't privy to. She will put together endless ideas for you that fit your personality and lifestyle until you're happy.  And this is how an interior decorator works.  I have been wanting to clear the air on this because they are hard working individuals that work and work to make clients happy.  They do not sweep in and tell you that you need leopard rugs and fur pillows!!

Oh my, how did I get off on that tangent? 

Holiday Hugs! :)



Debby said...

When it rains it pours. I have always thought that this was the busiest week of the holiday season. When I was working at a day care, the parents and the children were so stressed this week. So of course, this is when everything breaks or goes crazy. Sounds like you have a good handle on the Mr. Fix its. You have to see a picture I posted on my blog. At first I thought it was a butt crack, hah.
It's hard when others don't take our jobs seriously. I have had it in child care....I have a degree.....and in clowning......20 plus years of training and schooling.
Love your daughter's porch. I have an old sled. I like the scarf idea.
Well, falling asleep here.......nope your appt.s go well.

Stacey said...

I just love your posts. It's like sitting with my girlfriend and hearing all about it!

Emily's house looks amazing.

I feel for you and your plumbing problems.

I think your handy man's cousin has worked here at my house.

Your dinner and table were wonderful!!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I love the title of your post! I hope the sexy Irish plumbers can fix your problem quickly and inexpensively. Plumbing issues are not fun. I can't imagine what you went through with losing your sister. That's got to be hard, especially on the anniversary. At least your turkey was done early...we had to wait almost an extra hour for ours to be done. :) I'll be waiting for the cheesecake over chocolate chip cookies recipe. That sounds SO good!! Emily's porch looks lovely! She's a smart girl to use that scarf too. That's a really good tip! You'll have to take some pics at the tree farm. We did that one year and it was a lot of fun. :)

Sue said...

Hi Janie- You crack me up, girl! MY husband says I am the one who over-chats with the help.... I say, don't knock it- it often gets me a freebie or a reduced rate! LOL.
Hope you get your fix with the sexy guys..... Sorry I have been a stranger- work has become my number one fixation. No time to do much else, I'll try to pop in again soon. This holiday season will be a busy one- no way I will get out all my assortment of trees this year! xo Sue

20 North Ora said...

Jane - sounds like a Griswold Christmas to me! LOL. Glad you all had a great Thanksgiving. I really appreciated what you said about Interior Designers. People think we go in planning on spending so much of the client's money and that is so wrong. I've done a room when a client had $500 to spend by reusing lots of stuff they already had. So many of my clients are now life long friends.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Vel Criste said...

I also had faucet problems Jane, a big Eeeew too, but luckily mine was easier to fix, just need a new faucet for my laundry room! your handy man a.k.a. Mr. Chatter is a hoot, really hope he'll fix everything the way you need things fixed!

Your sister Leslie reminds me of you! Not her funny pose but her fun-loving nature! The holidays can be tough when your missing a loved one, I know, in away, living so far from my own family…;-(

Love your decorations! Your all set dear! And your Thanksgiving looked wonderful, so happy for you and your family!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Love this, Janie! You are so funny, and the part about the Irish plumbers had me on the floor. I loved seeing the decorations at both of your homes, and you always inspire me.

I think we are leading parallel lives with plumbers, electronics, etc.



Melanie said...

I am so sorry that you are having major plumbing problems. I hope the pain of the expense will be lessened a little bit by the cute plumbers! Too funny about your handyman guy and his talking up a storm. Send him over to my house when he's done - I have a long list of stuff that needs to be done, too! ;-) Love the picture of Leslie...she is beautiful and yes, you can almost "hear" her laughing in that photo. I can really see the resemblance between the two of you. Your sweet potato casserole and dessert both look wonderful...mmm. And what a beautiful centerpiece you came up with for your table! Tell Emily I love her porch (good deal on the sled, by the way - I saw one at the antique mall today for $45) decor and her tree is fabulous.

Michele said...

Wow, Jane- you know this post kinda made me feel as though you and I were just sitting together at the kitchen table over a cuppa discussing life - makes me get to know you better and I really ♥ that.

Saying a prayer soon as I finish this post for Leslie. I know how much you loved her.

So what's this about sexy Irish? LOL. Take care and have a great week.

Pondside said...

Ah Jane - I missed you during my blog absence! You tell it like it is - and it is often like that at my house too! Have a great week - the plumber will be a bright spot, no doubt.

Lynn said...

Sounds like lots of excitement Jane! Lovin' the pic of the girls at the table and the sled with the pretty plaid scarf! Have a great week:@)

Unknown said...

Oh no! When it rains, it pours!! I hate repair issues!! Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! Ours was good too! I've been crafting and decorating. Up early today, and waiting to see if the daughter needs me to come stay with Rheagan. She had a fever yesterday, so we will see. Blake was home until last night, so we had lots of fun having him around. He graduates from college in 2 weeks (14th), then on to get his Masters. He will be an ordained Minister after that. Great kids!!

I love the picture of your sister. She is beautiful, and love the personality showing through.

Hope you get all your repairs done without spending a huge fortune. Take care and your tree and Emily's decor is beautiful!!

Kathleen Grace said...

Heavens, you are of to the races this week, and what a start to the holiday season! Aren't you glad that if all this had to happen it wasn't the week of Christmas? Besides, any chance to listen to an Irish accent is a treat. Earl went through the dining room ceiling a few years ago and the insurance company sent an Irish plasterer to fix the hole. Oh my goodness, I tried to keep him talking the whle time he was here! Lol
Your Thanksgiving table was gorgeous, I'm not into rustic decor either, give me sparkel and shine any day!

Theresa said...

Oh girl, too much going on up there! I hope you get it all fixed! I bet that turkey was SO delicious, I can almost taste it now! Love your daughter's decorations, SO pretty and just like she designed it! Have a blessed and trouble-free day! HUGS!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

LOL...loved your heading on this post. Nothing worse than plumbing issues, that is for sure. I know exactly what you mean about having a strange man in the house for a few days...just seems odd.


Julie Marie said...

Hello Janie... first off... and very most important of all... Leslie is such a beautiful lady!... you know I never use the past tense about our loved ones who have gone to Heaven... they are STILL their same beautiful selves... just a bit farther away... but always close by in our hearts... Leslie left the day before my daddy did, six years ago on Thanksgiving Day... and I miss him so very much too... Leslie reminds me so much of my sister Jo, also in Heaven... that carefree spirit... contagious laughter... smile that lights up a room (the sky now)... I think they surely must be best friends now... and your post is the very best place to vent about your broken laptop, backed up plumbing, etc... you can always vent to me... you MUST take a pic of your sexy Irish plumbers!... (take it of their faces though!)... Emily's home is gorgeous!... and I am sure she works very hard as an interior designer... love the doggie bone on her pup's stocking!... your table was beautiful and I love the photo of all the girls... oh, and that sled on Emily's porch... I want to do that with mine... just afraid someone would walk off with it in the night... and I would cry!... enjoy your week, decorating, finding the perfect tree... and loving every minute of the Season!... xoxo Julie Marie ( you think you and your repairman talk alot... I write a book each time I visit you!)...

Karen said...

Love the sister sentiments, she had your spunk and beauty, I see.

And you've got your hands full! Happy Holidays without all the awful H's :-)

PS Love that tree! I'm going to my CVS to search!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Your so funny Jane, I am just chuckling here at the plumber, the turkey, all the fun stuff that is you girlfriend.
Your daughter has done a great job on decorating, love it all!
That sled is just the best!!!
We are going to cut our tree next weekend too. And of course now it's going to be bitter cold then,.
Get out your long under's hehe.
Hugs dear friend,

Low Tide High Style said...

Wow, like someone else said, when it rains it true! I love the picture of your sister and it looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I spent last night rearranging furniture so that I can put up 2 trees this year. I haven't had 2 trees for a few years and now as I think about decorating them I'm wondering if I've lost my mind! Enjoy your week!

xo Kat

Beth said...

I love this post Jane. You are not the first person to have turkey woes. Great comment about the plumber. LOL

podso said...

Wow what a lot going on! When those plumbing problems come up its a real downer. I hope you like your new laptop … and the Thanksgiving looked beautiful and elegant! What a great picture of your sister. I can't imagine losing one, and I can guess you still feel the loss greatly.

Have a good week!

SImple and Serene Living said...

What a gorgeous sister,just like you. I bet she is laughing at all of your antics. Love what Emily has done, and I can't wait to see yours, sweet friend. xo Laura

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jane,
I'm really loving your post today. I felt as though I was there with you for your Thanksgiving celebration. I think your family is so fortunate to have someone as caring as you are. I think your centerpiece is lovely and the way you describe wanting to have an elegant dinner setting...lately I've been feeling the same way. Although I love some of the rustic and farmhouse looks I've been yearning for some sparkle and shine.

I have a plumber coming tomorrow too but believe me he's the type that you don't want to see in the crouched position......ewww, butt crack big time! LOL!

I know you miss your sister so much. My guess is that you are both very much alike.

Now, it's onto the big Christmas
rush so I'm sure there will be lots more to talk about. Can't wait to read the next chapter.


Susie said...

Blondie, That was so touching about your sister. She does look like she's happy in the photo. Your daughter's porch is so cute. I hope your holiday was fun and enjoyable. I think the table looked great. xoxo,Susie

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Emily's tree is so pretty. I really like those cute burlap stockings.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

There are so many things I want to comment on, but first and most important is your lovely sister. She's beautiful and how right you are that her spirit shines through. It's clear you miss her, but make no mistake, she's with you.

I made a sweet potato casserole too, and must say I outdid myself. Maybe we can have a cook off? ;)

You are so right about decorators. I think many people mistakenly think it is not money well spent, but a good decorator will help people save money.

Love your table, and it looks like you have such a lovely family,


Such a darling picture of your sister. I think about her when I see her picture on your blog and am glad you mentioned her.

Your Thanksgiving sound wonderful. I am thinking of cooking the turkey the day before next year.

But ... boo on all the expensive problems.


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

You crack me up! Loved your TG pics (all the gorgeous girls!)Redheads! I'm so sorry about the plumbing, etc.! For us it's a leaky roof. In the office! Anyway your centerpiece was gorgeous. The food dishes make me want to have it all over again. And everybody does seem to love crowding around.

Lori said...

Oh Jane ~ I snort laughed a couple of times there. Plumbing problems just suck and the turkey dilemma ~ I remember that happened once to Mom and we ate dinner earlier than our usual time. We are going to get our tree this weekend and I think I will wait and put it up on the 14th.

Debbie said...

I have a feeling you are a lot like your sister,, and sassy!
You are both beautiful, for sure.
Thanksgiving at your house sounds like something out of a Lifetime movie. I'm so glad everyone had a good time. How could they not..with a hostess with so much love in her heart??!!
Your Irish plummer sounds VERY maiden name is Fitzgerald, so I'm a little partial to Irishmen. Especially those with a bit of an accent, green eyes, and strawberry locks.
I might be flushin' somethin' down the bowl just to get him to come for a visit.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

This post was an absolute blast! Thank goodness the turkey was ok! :)

I hope that your plumbing issues are simply something to do with getting the interior pipes cleaned out ( I have to have the main floor drain done about every two years here...Close to 300.00 just two months or so ago! ) and not anything worse such as the outside pipes ...I also had THAT within a year of moving here, ugh...

Emily's tree is gorgeous! And I like your little cutie pie tree too...I miss having a large live tree and the wonderful scent that goes with it.

Well we'll look forward to the sexy plumber story coming next :)

At Home in English Valley said...

Jane I love your appreciation for your sexy Irish plumbers, my family laughs when I tell them I saw a cute guy. Seems only girlfriends appreciate this kind of thing. I hope everything gets squared away before the holidays. I could use a handyman myself... for maybe a week;-). Your holiday looked beautiful. Love, Penny

Bliss said...

Well s***! How about a year where you miscalculated the turkey and it wasn't done on time? Yeah I did that. We ate 2 hours late that year. Think I said something like sonofabeech.

Traci said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We fry our turkeys down south!! I can't believe you talked to the handyman so long on the phone! That's hysterical!

must love junk said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day with family! I can sympathize with you-we had a toilet overflow a couple weeks ago (tree roots) and cause a BIG ol' mess!! Not fun. (And we did NOT have a hottie plumber ;)
Hopefully things will be calm for you here on out (ha!)

Sue said...

One post read and I feel like we have caught up. Your sister looks like someone fun to know, I am sure you miss her every day.

I had to laugh at the turkey spending the night in the car...somehow that hit me as funny! Your table looks beautiful. We had Cracker Barrel with a few additions, imagine that. On TV trays. Tradition just doesn't exist at our house anymore and not by my doing!

I think all of your projects might end up as expensive as our roof!

Kathleen said...

Wow, you cover a lot of ground! DD's decos look great, love the scarf idea too!
Irish plumbers, cead mile failte!
My sis died when she was 26, so I understand you missing yours! God bless them!
Be well, Blondie!

Susan Shull said...

Love Emily's decorations! Not a single decoration out here, but maybe tomorrow. Good luck with the plumbers-hope you get your wish that they are cute and the job is inexpensive!

Kelly said...

No wonder you don't have much Christmas decor up right now. You've been very busy! So sorry to hear about your problems with the computer and your plumbing. Sometimes it seems that when it rains it pours! Emily's home looks pretty all decked out for Christmas. I love how she used the sled outside.

Deserae said...

I'm sorry to hear about your plumbing problems....I hope they get you fixed up soon and it doesn't cost a fortune. My MIL miscalculated when the turkey would be done one year. She forgot to thaw it out so it was still frozen in the middle!!! My FIL thru a huge fit and made an ass out of himself. I was so embarrassed for my MIL....I suggested we have a snack while we wait and pointed out that none of us had missed any meals and would most likely not starve to death while waiting. Love your daughters beautiful :o)