Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Friday we leave for two straight weeks at the lake.  I am praying for good weather.  Either that or I will have to just brave the heat because I really don't like sitting indoors.  16 whole days.  I am beyond excited.  Of course I will have to get used to fishing again on the beast, and I have been a real sissy about taking the wave runner or kayak out because of the mean swans on the lake.  They chase you flapping their wings and they are by no means small birds.  

All is good on the home front.  I have so much to do before we leave.  We had son Kevin and Mary Clare over for dinner last week.  I made lasagna and stuffed shells.  Rumor has it that after MC runs in the Chicago Marathon in the fall, they are going to start a family.  I am so excited!  This and Emily getting married in May is just too much!  And...we are putting together a trip to New Mexico for this spring.  We have never been to the Southwest so I'm really happy The Husband is up for this.  I have a girlfriend that I've know since grammar school that lives in Albuquerque and we are going to see each other for the first time in 25 years.  We have been having email marathons and it seems neither of us have changed a bit.  I am really excited.  More on this later.  

I hope all of you had a great weekend.  Let's all hope for an end to the heat and do a little rain dance! :-)


Knitty said...

Wow, lots of exciting things coming up for you!

I agree about the heat, swans and being a chicken on the water. The heat and the fact that our bedroom at the cottage is usually the warmest room there has caused us to stay home a few weekends.

I hope you have great weather and your hubby fishes to his heart's content.

Honey at 2805 said...

It's always so much fun to read your posts, Jane! I do wish the heat would break for you and would do a rain dance if it would help! I've done those many times before without results.

Beth said...

The heat seems to be never ending.

I hope the weather is nice for you and you catch lots of fish.

Diane Mars said...

Sounds like your Summer minus the heat has been filled with Vacation Time! I sure do envy you... we live in California so I guess that is a Vacation! LOL Have fun at the lake and bring yourself a loud clicker or something to scare off the swans! Hugs, Diane

Sue said...

Oh you will love New Mexico, Janie! You know I'm from there, right? Try and get up to Taos and Santa Fe. Both can be very touristy, so find some places for dinner that the locals frequent. the scenery is gorgeous. Hope your pal takes you up to Sandia Peak. take a jacket- the temps drop about 20 degrees!! and go see the miraculous staircase in Santa Fe. Hugs, Sue

Shelia said...

Hi Jane! Oh, it's hot here and out humidity makes if feel even hotter. I just stay indoors! Have fun at your lake house and hope the weather will cooperate for you!
Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Gina said...

The heat has been torture. Try to stay cool & enjoy all the exciting things that will soon be coming your way.


I walked home from the el today and it was a bit too much. Enjoy your 16 days at the lake.

Olive Cooper said...

Jane, your update is filled with good news and darling we all have the heat. I am sitting in the living room of the old house right now and it has no a/c. Sixteen days on the lake sounds wonderful and I would gladly do it in the heat. And a potential grandchild...woohoo. And the is a blessed life. xoxo, olive

Leslie's Garden said...

The lake sounds like fun, I'm heading to my friends place on the lake tomorrow. I can't wait to get in that "bath water":) What a hot summer it's been, and still so much more to go! have fun!

Barbara F. said...

Lots of good stuff going on, Jane! Congrats on the wedding and future grandbaby. I would love to travel around the Southwest. I've been to Arizona for a week but didn't see nearly enough (missed the Grand Canyon!). New Mexico is on the list too, as is Texas. Hope this heat takes a break for the rest of the summer. xo

Marla and Steve said...

Busy lady :) Good busy and it's so exciting - all the good things ahead for your kids.

My sister lives in Albuquerque and I grew up west Texas. Go to Santa Fe for more culture. On my last visit to see my sis I loved seeing her, but the city seemed to have lost some of the cultural charm as it has grown into a huge city. You can't beat a high desert winter and Albuquerque is wonderful that time of year with the sun and snow.

Anonymous said...

thats a snazzy boat, I don't blame you about the swans , they can be nasty!!1 You have lots going on, so exciting, have a wonderful holiday at the lake house!!

Becca said...

My goodness, you sure are busy! I love all of the plans you have going on ... fun, fun! Please take lots of pics ... hope your weather cools off a bit, too! xo

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Sounds like you're having a fun summer! I too am waving the white flag at the heat... Hope it's a little cooler on the lake:@)

Debbie said...

Summer is going way too fast for me. I'll take the heat, as long as we have the lake.
Your hubby's boat looks like the same one my hubby has.
We use the pontoon for the lake, and he uses the small boat for canal fishing, and takes it to the other lakes around here.
Sounds like you are enjoying summer, Jane. I know I am!
Have a great time at your lake house!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh, I hope it will be cool enough for you to sit outside, Jane! It seems a shame to be at your lake house and then you can't enjoy yourelf. LOL ~ I can't shake an image of you being attacked in your kayak by swans. How crazy is that ~ silly swans! We have had unending humidity here. A bit of a boomer and some rain the other night, but nothing of significance. This afternoon a little more, but we need a good full day of rain here.

Shirley said...

Hi Jane, The car said 118 when I started home tonight from work. It has been miserable. We tried to watch the boys ride last weekend, but just to hot for the both of us. I think I would take the 80 degree lake water just to sit in right now. Enjoy your week at the lake and I hope it cools down some for you. Grand babies are so much fun to spoiled. I will keep my fingers crossed. It is so much more involved when a daughter gets married then a son, but they truly are a wonderful event. Have a great weekend Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

I think it is just too hot for the poor fish. My husband has gone fishing twice and caught nothing! Have a wonderful, wonderful time during your 16 days away. Sounds like you are entering an exciting time with your family!

Gretchen said...

I hope it cools down so you can enjoy your time at the lake. We had a huge thunderstorm here this afternoon but we really needed the rain.

Sarah said...

Jane, I'm sorry you are suffering the heat this summer. Oddly, our summer has been rather nice. Of course after last summer's endless triple digits, most anything would be an improvement. But we have had some nice rain this past week and the temps have been in the low 90s. Rather nice!
How exciting that you are going to NM. You will have a great time. Hope you get to spend some of the time in Santa Fe..........Sarah

Heaven's Walk said...

Hasn't this been a blinger of a summer, Jane....? Wow. We finally got about 1/2" of rain last night. First time in four weeks. Have fun on your vacation, girlie! Sounds like you're going to have pretty decent lakeside weather! Just bring an umbrella with you on the boat. You can quick put it up and hide behind it when those swans come flapping at you! lol!

xoxo laurie

NanaDiana said...

Oh- It has been too hot to breathe here, too. I am at the lakeshore of L. Michigan with the 3 little girls and it is hot here, too. Crazy summer. Enjoy your 16 days! How fun!

Sounds like you might be a grandmother sooner rather than later. You won't believe what it is like until you experience it- xo Diana

Mimi said...

You will have a great time at the lake...there is NO way this heat wave will last that will RAIn and be just wonderful!!!
I like the beast...BOAT!!!
It is fun to be out in the middle of the lake...I would love to do that...only I am kind of scared of water!!!
OH MY the desert SW in the spring is wonderful!!!MY MOM lived in Albuquerque for 2 years...of course we think OUR DESERT is so much prettier then theirs!!SANTA FE is a MUST the mountains and so pretty.....more on that trip later......only 6 hours from us AZ girls!!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jane,
This heat has been unreal! I have felt just crappy lately from it.
2 weeks at the lake sounds amazingly fun, I hope the weather cools a bit for you.
I am so excited that you may be a Grandma before long...Love ya girlfriend!
Big Hugs,

Theresa said...

The weather has been unbearable here too! I know that you will enjoy your time at the lake;). Can't wait to hear all about it. Have a blessed day dear friend. Big hugs!!!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

We had a lot of rain last week, and this week we are having typical summer weather. Sunny in the morning and rain in the afternoon.

Enjoy your time at the lake!

lynn said...

we just got back from a trip to a lake--i thought it would be cooler there, boy, was i wrong! love your sweet summer house, jane! you'll love the southwest, so different from the midwest:)

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Well Hello Miss Jane!! Laughing about your husband's fishing brother was going out on Lake Erie last week and wanted to make sure he had a full boat of guys so they could all bring in their quota of perch, so my son went along....they were out early at 6 and got done at 12.....with only limit of perch for ONE of them ~ oh poor things!!
Wishing you a lovely time up at the lake, as well as some really nice weather! We've been over at Cape May NJ all week and it has been heavenly (we went crabbing as well...2 hours and caught 3 crabs ~ lol!! lucky for us they have traps that they set out and we all got to share in the bounty of some beautiful blue crabs!)
Have a super two weeks Jane :)

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm sick of the heat & humidity too! Triple digits are forecast again for Fri-Mon and then back to the high 90's. The only thing I can say is that it's still not as bad as last year.

I hope you have fun at the lake! If I were there, I'd go out fishing with you. :)

I'm so excited that you're planning a trip to NM! See if you can manage to come through DFW and we can meet. I absolutely LOVE northern NM...I hope you go to Santa Fe (take lots of $$$) you will want to stay there, I promise! Taos is wonderful too. So much Native American lore, gorgeous jewelry ~ silver and turquoise. Hey, can I just go too? LOL

Thanks for your kind words today.

Privet and Holly said...

You must, must
visit Sante Fe when
you go to the SW!!
My mom and I went
on one of my b-day
trips and it is just

We've really had a
HOT summer here in
the Midwest, haven't
we? But I love that it
truly FEELS like a summer,
so we will be ready to
embrace fall when it

Enjoy the lake!!

xo Suzanne

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

Have fun!!! Praying for a cool down :) Yikes, those swans would freak me out too!! Chat soon, Laurel

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

2 weeks at the lake sounds like heaven on earth. Enjoy every minute. The heat here in Ohio has let up for a day or so. A very welcome break.

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer.It's been really hot here too and humid. We will have about 6 more weeks of it before things cool down. I wish we could have Spring temps all year round like they do in SoCal.

koralee said...

You are one busy the summer. Hope your weather is amazing for you....I love father would take me out all the time in his fishing boat when I was a girl! Great memories. xoxoxo

Annmarie Pipa said...

we finally got some rain here in pa today...maybe now the grass won't be so crunchy. have fun ..and enjoy your time!!! sounds wonderful...

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Hope your 16 days at the lake are fun and the temps come down for you. I wish i could send you some of our rain.


Penny said...

Hope the weather is cooler for you at the lake. I used to love Michigan summers with all of the farm stands and orchards. Nothing better than Michigan sweet corn.

Ashley ~ said...

Dog days of summer is right. It's HOT down here in Texas too. Stay cool and enjoy the rest of your summer*! _Ashley

Stacey said...

We've been getting rain here everyday for weeks; mostly because it's been so hot!A very big THANK YOU for your soothing words of comfort re the hubby's deployment. They really mean a lot and somehow make me feel less lonely:-). Thanks again my friend. XX

Bunny Jean said...

Hi Jane!

I sure hope the weather cooperates. I think everyone is wanting to escape the heat! It is not only hot here in the desert but humid too!!! That doesn't happen too often.

Have fun and I hope the bugs do eat you alive!

xoxo Bunny Jean

Pondside said...

It sounds like things are fun down by the lake! I love plans for the cocktail party!