Monday, February 28, 2011


It has been raining and snowing for the past week and today the sun is finally peeking out from behind the clouds .It makes me think today will be a great day. That vitamin D level is definitely up. And it has been a good couple of days since I last posted, just getting out of the house and having the kids coming through my revolving door. Keeps me on my toes.
I have been looking through my seed catalogs and I decided that in addition to growing a few tomato and pepper plants at the lakehouse, I will attempt a vegetable garden here at home again. I have a nice size plot that has a little fence around it to keep the dogs out, little stones to walk on and full sun most of the day. Forgive me if I sound ambitious, but I used to grow beans, peas, carrots, zucchini, lettuce and eggplant. And of course tomatoes and peppers. Other than the squirrels playing toss with my tomatoes, the garden thrived. Then along came an invasive weed and every spring it would take over and choke all my plants to death. It was impossible to keep up with so I threw in the towel.
Since then I have been content to grow my favorite herbs in a little plot next to the back door and in some pots. I LOVE fresh herbs when I cook. But this year I am putting on the boxing gloves. I am going to turn over the soil in that big garden bed, put down some weed killer and let it go to town for a few weeks before I plant my seeds.
Yes, I am determined this year. Daughter Emily became a vegan about 6 months ago. She has really been learning how to cook with vegetables and herbs and spices. I hope the garden will gain her interest. She was such a big help when she was a little girl...well she was more interested in looking for worms.
And as I continue on with my Weight Watchers diet, totally stuffing my self on healthy foods, it is going to be so nice to eat my own homegrown veggies. Do you have a garden? Big or little?
Friday Emily and I went to a gift shop a couple of blocks away. It's one of my go to places when there is an occasion to buy a gift. She was going to a party and needed something, so I walked around and snapped some pictures.
Look at these cute purses. They are very summer~like to me so maybe I will go back for one in a few months. I think ruffles are going to be in vogue for awhile longer.
And I thought these signs were really fun. They have everything from candles to jewelry. It's a very popular place.

Saturday night we went out with friends to dinner and a play. It was a good time. I have a habit of taking pictures everywhere I go, but the play involved nuns and they have some scary habits of their own. It really was fun, an interactive sort of play in a church setting, complete with the nuns from your catholic school nightmares. I don't think you ever get over that fear. At the end when we got to meet the actors, I found out Sister Bernice was one of the people we go to Las Vegas with every year. I didn't recognize Mary Ann under the habit!
Well, it looks like it is time to get my day started. Layla is not looking too excited about it.
Milo is the sort of "throw anything my way" kind of dog. He'll help me in the garden this spring and Layla will lie in the shade.
In the meantime we have to be content with the last few weeks of winter. I try to take each day as it comes...make every hour happy as they say. There will be days that I am snuggled down in my nest (still trying to make my way through Pride And Prejudice), poring over the seed catalogs and dreaming of warm weather. And before I know it, spring will be here. Yay!

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vintch said...

what a whimsical look into your life!! your planters are darling, and how sweet of you to consider your daughter's diet with the veggies:) my husband is on weight watchers, and we've had a bunch of fun trying out healthy, delicious recipes:) happy eating and have a wonderful monday!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

When I had more time, Jane, I used to have my Burpee order and a perennial order all ready by this time! Now I'm more of a pot gardener and keep my fingers crossed that they stay alive. I enjoyed a good book myself this past weekend and really enjoyed the relaxation it brought me. You're right, before we know it, Spring will be here. It's only a few more weeks away!

Rebecca said...

Be still my heart my friend. I love it all. The planters are darling...truly love the tomato can!

I've currently lost 23 pounds on WW. My hubby has lost 15 but he started about a month after I did. I have about 15 to go (maybe 18) and then I will reach my goal. Not only do I look better but I feel 100000th better. Nothing like being healthy and caring about your own beating heart.

You are such a great mom.

Love to you~


Linda Chapman said...

Glad the sun is out in your neighborhood!
I adore those summer looking purses!

DeAnna said...

I just love the flowers in the tomato can! Precious! I too am going to garden this summer and BLOG about it - Yay! Have a great day!

Maryrose said...

Hi Jane,

I LOVE a post with...a little bit of this and that. Love your flowers in the tomato can...too cute.

I too am looking forward to planting my garden this spring and the warmer weather. For California, the weather is downright frigid. Ice on everything in the mornings.

How are you liking the new WW program? I just started and those fruits and veggies are becoming my best friends. Now if I can only keep off what I lost the first week.

Kathleen Ellis said...

What a great way to roll out the welcome mat for spring, Jane! Fresh from the garden veggies ROCK!
I get excited about flowers...trying to figure out how soon I can't put some pansies out in my pots!
Thanks for stopping by....I'm so glad you are enjoying the book...she is an amazing lady!
Have a beautiful week!
;-D Kathleen

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Love the flowers in the tomato can. I have been saving an olive oil can to use this summer on my outside dining table. I want to fill it with sunflowers!

Yes, I have a pretty good size veggie garden. Mine is in raised beds, I grow peas, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, squash, beets, carrots, radishes and more. Nothing like home grown veggies!

April said...

Hi Jane! Those flowers are so pretty! I've been giving some thought to growing my own herbs, but guess I'll wait until we get moved. That gift shop looks very similar to the one we have at our mall...I could spend hours in that place!

Kathleen said...

Hi Jane,
Glad you got some vitamin D!
I went to Catholic school right through to grad school at Villanova. No nightmares. In fact several of my friends entered the convent, and they were really fun gals.
Sorry you had a bad experience. I taught in Public School for 33 years, just as many "characters" there! :)

Fun to think about gardening! I do have to get out and cut my rose bushes down, they say late winter, so that is now!

Low Tide High Style said...

We always had 2 gardens growing up, one on the farm and one at home. It's been awhile since I've done much with veggies but I'm so ready to try again this year! We have a yard big enough to support a garden and I love having fresh organic veggies readily available so I'll give it a go. That shop looks wonderful and it sounds like the play was fun too!

I hope you had a great day!

Kat :)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh those invasive vines are awful!!!! We have Binder Vine which comes over and under, from the "jungle" next door. Bheahhhhh...

Have you considered laying plastic on top of the infested area? To kill everything off... Because of getting no sun/rain. And then getting a load of nice new dirt put down for you? On top of the plastic. And kind of begin again. -sigh-

But! Better yet. Get instructions from someone, who really knows what they're doing, around a garden. ,-)

simply objekts said...

oh jane, your herbs look wonderful. we always have fresh herbs growing somewhere. i l o v e cooking with them, just so much better than dried herbs!
have a wonderful day

SmilingSally said...

Winter will soon be gone, and you'll have home grown goodies to enjoy shortly afterwards.

Life is good, Jane.

Amber Blue Bird said...

I have a bit of a black thumb when it comes to plants so I try to avoid them although I love the way they look. Have a grand Monday

NanaDiana said...

Hi Jane- We have the same lovely weather that you have- snowy and icky. We still have over a foot of snow on the ground here. I know that you are a few weeks ahead of us come Spring.

I have not had a garden in years. When we had the cottage I always had a garden with fresh veggies...and I loved picking lettuce daily for salads..and ripe tomatoes...OH MY!

My dd joined WW today and I have decided that it is time for me to do the same. I am waiting to hear from my hubby about this evening and I am hoping to make a 6pm meeting is on the West side and as far away as it can get from my house (wouldn't you know)..and if something comes up there is another one closer to home tomorrow.

Was the play you saw Nunsense, by any chance? If is hysterical...and a bit

Hope your Monday is a good one. Hugs- Diana

Sarah said...

We don't have a vegetable garden, but I'm busy working on flower beds and pots. It was 86 here yesterday, so needles to say things are beginning to sprout.
Good luck with Weight Watchers. I need to jump back on the wagon. ;-)

Theresa said...

Oh what a fun post, we are itching to plant some things in our garden! Looks like you have some really good plants growing already!

I LOVE the ruffled purses! Enjoy your day my friend! BIG HUGS!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I've been throwing Weight Watchers around in my head. I seriously need to get serious! I love fresh veggies. My daughter who lives next door love to not so much, but I do like to eat what she harvests. Have a great week!

Diane Mars said...

I love the can with the flowers so much a feeling of Spring. Good luck on that garden big plans.. but you will have some help, I am sure your daughter will enjoy fresh picked goodies from your own garden~ Hugs, Diane

Olive Cooper said...

Jane, your garden plans sound wonderful. I only grow way too many flowers at the yellow house and because we are not there all the time I am afraid to commit to veggies just yet. I love fresh vegetables and herbs and will plant rosemary and mint as they do fine. I wish I had a freah tomato right now. hugs♥O

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' your pots of herbs Jane! I have a garden, only looks big when I'm turning it over with the shovel or weeding! I really look forward to it. Have fun planning, we'll be up to our ankles in dirt before we know it:@)

Marigene said...

The potted herbs look so nice and healthy...I usually plant tomatoes and jalapeño peppers in with my flowers...maybe this year I will plant a small garden. I have tons of herbs, too...they are a must.
Your dogs are adorable!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Girl, let me tell you, I have my own set of Catholic school nightmares. It's a wonder I survived. LOL.

Such a bummer about the weeds. What is about weeds? You would think the slugs and snails would eat those down but noooooo they go after everything else. Good luck with your garden this year. There is nothing better in this whole wide world then home grown veggies and fruit.
Hugs, Sue
P.S. Glad to hear the Vitamin D levels are up. It really does make a differnce. :)

Karen said...

Love the planters!!! and the flowers in the tomato can, great touch.

Great WW muffins - a box of devilsfood cake mix (none of the stuff that you add to it) and a 15 oz. can of pumpkin pie filling. Mix two ingredients together, bake 20 minutes in muffin cups- yum! The whole recipe is a few posts back.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Jane, I am excited you are going to plant a vegetable garden again!... there is just nothing better than home grown veggies!... I have always had a vegetable and herb garden, and they make me so happy... I am glad you are enjoying weight watchers too... I hate the word diet, and ww is not a diet but a healthy lifestyle... I remember my mama being on it years ago and she got to eat sooo many yummy things!... The dogs are adorable, and yes, Milo does look kind of like a mini Tessy!... that gift shop looks fun too, love the purses!... xoxo Julie Marie

Kat said...

First off, I LOVE the bouquet of flowers in the can! Good luck with your garden. Every year we say we are going to plant one, and then time just slips away. We have to start so early here, and by July it ends up being a ton of work because it's so hot and dry. Maybe this year:) The freeze that we had pretty much killed my jasmine, so I have to cut it all the way down and hope that it comes back. Have a wonderful week! Kat

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Jane....Yes! We do a vegetable garden every year now! It is not huge but just what we need. We grow peppers, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, a few herbs, zuchinni, and cucumber. It is a raised bed garden and yes, it is a battle every year with the weeds but we did find something to put down before the weeds start growing. I think it is called "Preen Weed preventer" for vegetable gardens. I am so anxious for Spring.....trying to be patient but it is hard!~Hugs, Patti

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

If we have a summer like last one we will have lots of tomatoes in the garden, Jane! I have a small garden myself, so it will be fun to compare notes.

bj said...

OOO, You KNOW I love your cute can of flowers. Can I put it on my sidebar for awhile, just to dres things up...a link back to your blog, OF COURSE. :))
I don't have a garden. We are too old to have to fight weeds and hot sun anymore. We used to always do a small plot in our alley, beside our fence, facing South. Oh, we did grow some fantastic things. Just got crowded out by the grass and weeds. I plant onions and tomatoes in containers and they do fairly well. Not great, tho. *sigh
I am proud of you and your healthy eating. You are going to be so healthy.:)

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Love your tomato can full of flowers cute!

I'm a vegetarian, so a garden would be wonderful, but we have so many rabbits and deer around here that I feel like I would be feeding them instead of me. Perhaps I could search a seed catalog for some flowers. Spring is right around the corner...can't wait :)

Shelia said...

Hi Jane! I just love coming to see you and see what you're up to! ;) That tomato can vase is adorable and the flowers look wonderful! I'm like you and I'm ready to get my most dainty fingers dirty! :) Those doggys are so cute!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

hummer said...

I love the planters too. I think this winter has encouraged all of us to look forward to green and growing food. At least having herbs on the window sill makes you feel the green. ; )
Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. I had not realized how long it has been since I have been visiting. Love your winter months.

Pondside said...

Jane, you've discovered the secret to getting through the last, messy gasp of winter - a little shopping, a little garden dreaming, a good book and dreams of summer!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Cute planters Jane...I love them. I tried to grow some herbs last summer and I just stink...I hope you have luck. And I hope the sun will come out tomorrow for you:) XO

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Jane,
We had a sunny day too! And although it was still pretty cold, that sun sure felt nice!
I want a veggie garden so bad, but the deer eat everything and it's a losing battle here. If we put up a fence, it may work.
Love your pics girlfriend!
And your herbs look so healthy!
Have a lovely week!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Jane, I've been there and done that with the veg. garden. It became overwhelming. I think the secret is to try to not go too big. Even harvesting all of it when everything came in at the same time was a huge job. I'll look forward to seeing the progress of your garden, and I know I'll be wishing I had all of the pretty veggies that you are going to have. What a great store. I definitely think you should go get one of those purses-love those! Your friend must have done a good acting job if you didn't even know it was her. Sounds like fun. laurie

Raine and Sage said...

What a great stroll through your life. Ilove the first image with the can of tomatoes as a vase.
I too love my own herbs/vegies grown in the garden. I seem to have hit and miss though, and you've reminded me to get on with it again. It's really such an easy thing to do with a little bit of time each day. Look forward to seeing how you get on. My garden was diabolical when we bought our renovator so I've a lot of work to do just to bring it up to looking 'nice & normal'.

Maggie said...

Hi Jane,
Thoughts do tend to turn towards gardening as the days grow longer and warmer.
Good luck with your kitchen garden, I'll be planting up some pots with runner bean, tomato and zucchini seeds this week ready for planting out in April.
I've never grown eggplant/aubergines here though, perhaps you'll give me some tips? Do you have a greenhouse?

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Pretty plants and precious pups.. I so enjoyed seeing this post, Jane.
WW has worked well for so many folks and I wish you the best on this journey..


Kelly_Deal said...

Hi Jane! Ok, I'm sooooo snagging that Gold Tomato can idea. That is super cute and I love your bird cloche. Adorable!

Sherry said...

I love to "garden" in winter! It all has to start with a dream.:) I have a small garden and it will continue to evolve each year. I am working on making better soil. Love your cloche with the nest! Very cute.

Janie's World said...

Good Luck on Weight Watchers, it is a great program and really works.

I love that you are starting a big garden this year. I grow two types of tomatos, bell pepper and basil every year. It is all I have room for, I would love a big garden.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Your flower vase is so cute and colorful! I don't have a good south window for plants. Wish I did. I love seeing herbs nearby. Have fun with your garden!

Anonymous said...

I love this post Jane! And I adore the flowers in the tomato can.

I am determined to grow a moveable herb garden this year, so I don't have to leave it home when we go to the lake.

Today was my first day for meat of any kind since last Thursday. Have eaten other forms of protein. I am trying to eat less meat. In fact, I told J I am going to start eating like Drew. Our daughter has to find other ways of getting protrein into him as he refuses to eat meat...and this from the time he was a baby, just starting solid foods. At 5, he is extremely healthy. A lean mean machine. Of course, G'ma knows her days for being lean and mean are far behind, but I can try.:-) Feeling better and that is what counts with me.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Sweet little shop! No way, no how do I have a garden. I'm too lazy! But fresh veggies do sound wonderful! Good things come to those who work right?
Love your can of flowers! Precious.

Debbie @ said...

Hello Miss Jane, love all the cuteness in your post. I am so ready to plant a bit for spring...but there still remains a bit of snow around our property. It will come soon enough. All my planters are lonely!
blessings to you.

Pamela said...

I love that first photo Jane with the flowers in the tomato can! Perfect!
How is your daughter making out being a Vegan? I could never give up my cheese!
I love a herb garden. Maybe this year I will grow some cherry tomatoes in the planter with my herbs. One year I threw in swiss chard with the herbs and it was so pretty. Good to eat too!

Love your cute!!
I cannot wait for summer!!

Pamela xo

Sonia said...

I love that fun "vase" you used for your cute is that!!
How cute would it be to have a line of vegie cans with flowers in it for an outdoor party table!! You just gave me such great ideas!!
Thanks for your sweet visit and I do love orchids so much..I used to have quite a few and when we moved across country I gave them I only have one that was given to me. Yes they are a bit hard..any only only bloom about once a year so you have to keep several of them to enjoy blooms...I have gotten sneaky and put a silk flower in with the real one can tell if it's really blooming or not..then when it does bloom I just take out the silk one! BTW your doggies are so cute...the darker one reminds me of my rat terrier! Have a great week..and happy garden planning!!

Miss Bloomers

Chatelaine said...

Yay, it's March! I have never been more anxious for Spring than I have been this year. I truly think this Winter was the worst in my lifetime!

Love your little plant container, cute! Sounds like you are quite the gardener. I have no garden at the condo and the cats would eat plants if I had them indoors so sadly no home grown veggies in my household. I am thinking of doing a community share at a local farm. It will be my first time trying it.

Vicki said...

Come on spring! I love the idea of growing a garden. I grow a few fresh herbs. The hot Florida afternoons make it difficult to keep them from wilting away without lots of watering and attention. Love your post today and your pics. The dogs are a hoot! Take care, Jane!

High Street Cottage said...

Jane, I just love your little can of flowers, how entirely sweet! So creative too!

koralee said...

Oh I so agree...the sun makes us all happy. Sending you oodles of midweek love. xoxo

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Blondie Sweetie...
As always such a beautiful share. I thank you SO much for letting me tag along shopping. Oh my gosh, those purses are SO darn dreamy. I would take the red one. I love flowers and a toss bag is all that I carry. I love being able to toss everything into one place and go. It has to have room for the camera as well.

Loved the signs too. So stinkin cute.

Now that vegetable garden sounds wonderful. They are a lot of work, but if you keep at it, it will pay off, and like you said maybe you can get the daughter to help, especially if she has became a vegetarian. She will love the freshness. I totally love your large pots growing in the house though, having herbs at you beck and call. How wonderful is that?

I have been on a no carb to low carb diet, eating meats and vegetables (specific ones) and also fruits in between meals to balance my diabetes, and have successfully now last 62 pounds. I have another 40 plus to go, but I am going to get there. It has taken me approximately 6 months so far. I am feeling better, and trying to get off of insulin. We will see in 4 months when I go back. Keep your fingers crossed.

Have a glorious Wednesday sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Shirley said...

Hi Jane, Aren't we ready for Spring to get here after all of the creazy weather here in the midwest. Your flowers in your tomato can makes me wish that Spring was closer, but it is getting here. My garden is making a drive to the farm where my brother plants a lot more garden than he needs or he drops off fresh veggies on my door step as he is on his way to the city being Liberty, Mo. He always looks out for sis. Have a great week. Your Missouri Friend.

Frenchy said...

I want a garden so bad !! I am happy for you ! It will be fun !
I got some flower seeds today for the front but the dogs are in the no garden...Maybe i will do some tomatoes on the side...Will see. love your herbs ! WOW.
Thanks for your support and comments on my blog. You are wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, what a lovely post. I love your herbs in pots. I recently bought a couple for the kitchen. We have a great veggie and herb garden. I don't get out in it as much as I'd like, but am planning on doing more out there. I'm sure I'll be looking for ideas from your blog.

Lisa x

My Vintage Blankie said...

I saw 4 robins within the last few days. Spring is on the way! You've got the right idea though to pass time until spring has actually arrived! Good luck ahead of time with your garden!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Jane! How fun to have a garden! I don't realy have a place here without making raised beds. Your fur babies will make good helpers! I was shopping your thrift store pics! lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Morning Jane, Yes I did have a veggie garden and found it was less work to buy them at the store..the tomatoes costed me more in water bills than what I got ha ha!! I do love fresh herbs to cook with and have my own in the sun room...May you have a GREAT day my Dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Charlene said...

I LOVE your attitude about things. Enjoy each day for it's own! And yes, YOU must be patient for spring for you are not out of the woods for winter! Your garden sounds wonderful. I used to have a veggie garden but, haven't in about 12 years. ENJOY! I'll live through you. HUGS!

Denise said...

see all those pretty flowers and herbs makes me want to get out in my garden... but it's a mess out there :-/ needs some work first.

Susan said...

Best of luck with your garden, Jane. I admire your ambition and wish I could cultivate vegetables, too. I barely do alright with flowers.
Sounds like that play was entertaining!
Take care,

xinex said...

That was so much fun shopping with you, Janie. Your photos of the herbs are really nice. Is it still cold there now? It feels like summer here, not even spring, lol....Christine

xinex said...

That was so much fun shopping with you, Janie. Your photos of the herbs are really nice. Is it still cold there now? It feels like summer here, not even spring, lol....Christine

Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie!

I've given up backyard gardening...I got tired of fighting the ground hogs...plants are to expensive to provide them a buffet! {stomping foot}

Love those ruffled anything with ruffles!!! ;-D

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

We always had small gardens until we moved here and this yard just isn't built for it. It is smaller than our other large yards and between the deck, patio and room. We plant herbs, tomatoes and peppers in pots but I really miss having more choices.

I have also been enjoying the moments of sunshine. While you have poured over the seed catalogs, I've been reading some travel brochures to have something to escape the gloomy days! I think we've almost made it, but it is Illinois...we will have at least one more big snow.

Deanna said...

I'd love to start a vegetable garden but I just can't bear to tear up my beautiful backyard. Maybe next year when I have time to plot things out better. For now, flowers are on my agenda!

Deanna :D

Morning T said...

Love those first pictures of your flowers in the tomato can!!!

VICKYFF said...

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