Monday, January 24, 2011


I can finally say the tree is down and all of the Christmas stuff is put away. Before your round of applause, please know that I paid daughter Emily to do it. Before you groan, please know that Emily is a student and is always looking for ways to earn money. She also loves to clean and organize {I'm not sure where she gets this gene from} and so she had a field day. After a couple of hours out running errands, I came home to my living room cleaned, vacuumed and put back in order. She also made a few new vignettes out of all the junk, err...accessories I have in the den {warehouse}. So I thought I would take a few shots and join Marty at A Stroll Through Life for Table Top Tuesday.
Emily found this little birdcage in the warehouse that I forgot I had. I was thinking of spray painting it white and adding a plant. This will do well for now.
Instead of apples in a bowl on the counter, she added them to my trifle dish...I think they look pretty.
I can't tell you what a help she is and how proud I am of her. She just started her interior design internship at a place called The Chicago Design Team. I can't believe she will be graduating this summer. It has been a long 4 years.
Now that my back is better, I made that long awaited trip to Ikea. I took some pictures for those of you who have never been there. Isn't it odd that this car matches the sign? The Ikea car.
This is the sofa I want. I sat on it and it was very comfortable. I think The Husband agrees but didn't want to say so. Typical of him.
He did like the Billy bookcases and was fiddling around with them for awhile. They are sturdy and they come in sections so that you can create the configuration that you want. I need two. I love the thick glass doors. I like the look of the baskets inside as well...this will be fun to display pieces in.
This is The Husband fantasizing that he has a library this big. Maybe we do...our books are scattered in every room of the house.
Beautiful rooms are set up for display and the prices are fantastic. This kitchen is a little on the modern side, but I did like it.
Modern again, but I loved the open shelving. The counter is a little weird, it reminds me of a restaurant kitchen.
I bought some vases and a beautiful cream colored throw for my couch. No decision on the furniture yet. I think I need to let things simmer for awhile in The Husbands head.

Now all of you must be bored with the trials and tribulations of this room I am trying to redo. So I won't mention anything more until it's done.

Other than out all day outing on Saturday, we had a quiet weekend. Watched a movie Saturday night and went to bed early. Shed a few tears yesterday when the Bears lost in the playoffs. Again, went to bed early. I must be getting old. Going to bed early sometimes causes me to wake up, wide awake, at 3:00 in the morning. Sometimes I get up, put on a pot of coffee and blog for an hour or so. The Husband is an insomniac, sometimes he is already up or joins me. I once received an email from a blogger asking what I was doing at 4:00 a.m...what state did I live in?!! Oh, well...

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is staying warm. The Northeast is in bad shape, keep them in your thoughts. I will see you later in the week! :-)


April said...

Hi Jane...big kudos to Emily for taking your tree down for you...even if you did have to pay her some bucks! I'm sure it was well worth it! I love your birdcage...what a neat addition to any room! IKEA is a FUN place to walk around and dream!

Amy Chalmers said...

Oh My! It was -2 degrees this morning in Boston Jane. I wish I could take a trip around an IKEA. Sometimes a little mix of modern looks good in traditional settings. I think the sofa looks ideal.

Sally said...

Your blog is adorable!

What a great daughter you have. :)

We don't have an Ikea here, so I really enjoyed the visuals.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Yepper, the NE is C-O-L-D, Baby!!!

And I sort-of shed a tear too, but over the Jets losing. Oh well. :-)

Hugs and ♥'s...
'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

Maggie said...

Hi Jane,
Glad to hear that your back is better and that you finally got to IKEA, alas you came home without the sofa!
BTW do you think your daughter would like to come and put all my Christmas "stuff" back in the grenier (attic).
She could stay in Normandy rent free!

ShabbyESP said...

How lucky for you to have a wonderful daughter!!! Even if you did have to pay her, you are so lucky!!
It looks great I love the green apples in the dish she did good!!!

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

I love Ikea! Isn't it overwhelming to go there? For my next visit, I am going to plan a little bit more and take a lunch break at the cafe! There are just too many things to take in! Our house was sad last night after the Bears lost too!

Unknown said...

G'day Jane ~ So glad your back has settle down.

I've never been in an IKEA ... I see a winter walk thru this store coming up.

May we borrow that precious daughter of yours?

Have a beautiful week ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

How nice is that of your daughter?? I was so sick the day the decorations and the tree came down. Thankfully my husband was right there to help! I LOVE IKEA! Our closest one is in Pittsburgh 2 1/2 hrs away.....I can do a lot of damage in there! Love that sofa you are looking at!~Hugs, Patti

Blue Creek Home said...

Wow, everyone needs an Emily!!

I love the sofa and the bookcases.
Isn't it funny that husbands never want to say! I guess they think it would be a verbal commitment!! Now, would we everrrr use something like that as ammunition??? :)

Theresa said...

I have a Niece who is wonderful at helping me! I pay her well and WELL she works like a DOG! I love having someone else doing things that I don't necessarily wnat to do.. LIKE taking down the decorations for you:) Love what Emily did with the apples and the birdcage! Great job Emily!

I have never been to IKEA but sure would like to take a trip there! We have one in Atlanta! Reckon my honey will go with me... we'll see!

Enjoy your day my friend! HUGS!

Unknown said...

I would gladly pay to have someone put all my stuff away!!!! IKEA has so much, sometimes overwhelming. Have fun with the redecorating.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I also would have been glad to pay someone to put my stuff away, especially the toting it down to the basement part. I enjoy IKEA, it's been awhile since I have made a trip there so maybe soon.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

How fun Jane..I never been to Ikea before not sure we have one even..
How great about your daughter and so great that she woud take down the tree plus the clean up ha ha!! Oh girl I wished I had someone to pay to help me around here..

Girl it's been like spring time on my mountain top so that means we will get a heavy snow real soon and not be able to get out of the driveway..Oh well I need the rest..

Love the cage with the candle in it..where did you find the top of the bowl mine didn't come with a top..Take care my Dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Anonymous said...

The vignettes are beautiful, Jane! I love the green apples in the trifle bowl, with lid. Wonderful!

I would like to visit IKEA. Looks like my kind of place.

Barb said...

Hi Jane, Emily is a treasure.

I love the green apples in the clear container and the birdcage. Both are so pretty.

I visited our IKEA not long ago. It is a massive many things it was mind boggling. Ha.

Have a blessed Monday!

Hugs, Barb


Hi Jane ~ Emily sounds delightful, hardworking and creative. (Good job, mom.)

And you made it to IKEA. YEAH.

You asked if I was from Chicago. We moved here (from Seattle) in November.

I was laughing today, because several blogs that I commented on, you had already visited. (2 am explains it all.)

Enjoy your Monday.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your birdcage, Jane! Is that the Ektorp sofa? I have the chairs and they are just as comfortable; well worth buying about 15 years ago. I love the bookcases, too. The only thing that makes me hesitate on those types of things is that you either have to pay them to put it together or spend a day figuring it out yourself! We had a cabinet from them {probably when I bought the chairs} and hubby was teaching me new words that night when he was putting it together! : )

xinex said...

Love the birdcage, Jane. I have a few scattered outside. I have been to the IKEA store in Tampa and it is quite overwhelming but fun to go to. Good luck in your decision. I hope you can sleep well tonight. Our heater in half of the house, our bedroom side was out for the whole weekend so John and I slept in the family room recliners. Funny but I have been sleeping so well until about 9 AM. I guess they are that comfy. Maybe I should sleep there more often..Christine

Annie Joy said...

I really need those Billy bookcases in white! I wish that we had an Ikea close by! Maybe I can talk my daughter and her husband into stopping on their way here from Alabama. He is so handy, I just know he would love to put them together for me!

Pamela said...

Hi Jane!!

That is the couch that I have been wanting!!! Now that we live on the Island there is no Ikea here. Have to travel by ferry to the Mainland which is a huge expense in itself. Back home Ikea was only 1/2 hr away!
I think all husbands are the same by the way lol!!

Pamela xo

Olive said...

Hi Jane, good for your daughter being so organized and helping you out. Mine is not so organized we call her room the "swamp" and she glares at us. The sofa looks wonderful and comfy. I had not seen the bookcase before but it looks bright and functional. I would love to do open shelving in my kitchen but that is many years away from now. It is chilly but bright and sunny here and I bought hollyhocks to plant soon...I am ready to garden. Stay warm. ♥O

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! Oh, how wonderful to have a daughter to put everything in order for you! I know you're proud of her!
The sofa looks good! I know you'll make the right decision! Love your pretty little bird cage with the candle.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kathleen said...

So did you get it??
I haven't been to Ikea in ages. It is over an hour away, so I have to wait till they move the clocks! Don't like to be out alone in the dark! Talk about getting old!
Glad you are feeling better!

Leslie said...

I love Ikea!!!! thanks to you, I have been biten by the ikea bug!
good job getting the tree down.

Karen said...

Love all that you are doing (well, Emily too) ...and I really do like the couch and shelving you are looking at for your living room - I don't think you can go wrong - they are sturdy basic pieces that you can decorate around in any way you choose. Good choices!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Jane Sweetie...
I love it that Emily was willing to hire out and help around the house. I mean she needed the money why not give her something to earn it for doing, rather than just toss the money to her. I love it, and I do it all the time for my daughter Heidi who is a Mom going to college. When she needs a little extra, I find things that need to be done. She doesn't have a house of her own, so she loves redecorating for me.

IKEA, yep we have one here in the valley and I have never made it there. I keep saying I will. Maybe soon perhaps? I love that modern kitchen it is DDG. I am like you, I love the modern kitchens, but like old things as well.

Love the little vignettes that Emily set up for you. How sweet they each are. The birdcage just melts my heart. Love it.

Hope you are doing well sweet friend. I have had you in my prayers. Many hugs and much love to you, Sherry

P.S. It was 70+ degrees here today in the sun. Come on out and play.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jane,
Everything looks so lovely my dear.
Emily did a great job with the vignettes!
Oh, and I love taking a trip to IKEA!
There is one right by the Mall of America that Dan and I frequent when we go there.
Some stuff I love, some is too modern but I usually find something to buy.
I bought your pitcher there!
So I am hoping that Al isn't in too deep of depression over the Bears.
It was a good game and my fave part was the 300lb. packer running for a touchdown. What a sight that was!
Hugs Friend,
And I never tire of hearing about your room re-do, it's fun!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jane,
I feel as though I am the only one in Blogland that has never been to an IKEA store!
Your daughter did a nice job setting up some sweet vingettes. She is going to be a wonderful designer.


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Love Ikea!!! We have one 2 hours from here and when spring comes, I am heading there.

Love the vignettes....

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Hi Jane, I love Ikea but I don't live very close to one. It takes a couple of hours to get there. My daughters are all living on their own so I would be shocked if I came home to find out one of them had cleaned my house. I go to bed early every nite, but then I get up at 4:30a.m. in order to get to work on time. Have a great week Jane!

Tricia said...

What a good daughter. Sometimes it's worth paying someone, just so the job can be over and done with. Love the couch and the bookcase. I'm with ya on that counter, it does seem like a restaurant.

Terri Steffes said...

I have never been to an Ikea. One day I would love to go. Thanks for sharing about it!

Unknown said...

How nice that you had help taking your Christmas decorations down. I was about to pay my daughter and her boyfriend to clean my art room. I love IKEA. Do you know they even have one in Hong Kong. It's a big deal there, because the spaces are so small and IKES always has wonderful solutions. The closest one is about 30 minutes away. I still get a thrill when I go there. I love that sofa.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip! Looking forward to seeing your new room.
We go to bed early, too. Sometimes, as early at 8:30. We figure we can nap better in bed than in our chairs! lol

bj said...

First..I am glad your ole back is better. :)

I wish we had an IKEA near here. I would LOVE to go thru one.

What a sweetie you daughter is. Hug her for us!!
xo bj

Kat said...

Love the apples in the trifle dish - I may have to borrow that idea! And I love that birdcage, I have a thing for them, which Cait just thinks is weird LOL. I'm glad you got to check out the goods at Ikea. I really like the sofa, and those Billy bookcases have always been my favorite. I love all the different ways you can configure them, especially the doors. Hope you are having a good week. Can't wait to see your finished room! Kat

Low Tide High Style said...

Jane, I'm so glad your back is feeling better. Having a daughter to put away Christmas would be a dream come true at my house! I just put the last bin away yesterday, because I refused to put them all back in the garage until I sifted through each thing and got rid of anything I hadn't used for took forever but it's finally done!

I'm glad your trip to Ikea was a fruitful one, even if you didn't come home with any furniture...yet!

Kat :)

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

As I looked at the photos of the vignettes that Emily did, I thought WOW! What a great job. She must be studying to be a designer. Well, Duh! She obviously is! Good job Emily! And good job Mom for having such an awesome daughter.
Patricia :o)
Ps: Love the sofa and the white book shelves.

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Jane....isn't it great to pay someone to take down your tree...I have a lady who had been putting mine up and taking mine down for years...SHE IS THE BEST!!!

I have never been to IKEA.....don't know what is wrong with me....but just haven't gone.



Donna said...

Glad you feel better and that your shopping trip could be fun! My living room couch looks a lot like the one you saw and I love it!!
Feels good to have all the Christmas stuff put away and cleaned up, huh? Good luck wiht choosing from Ikea...all your pics of choices were great!!

June said...

Hi Jane girl...
Your Emily is awesome! First, to take down the Christmas decor, and then, to make the beautiful vignettes for her momma!
I want one of those sofas too, for the reading room. My neighbor has one, and I love it. You can't beat the price!
I hope you're are healing up well.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Jane, I'll pay Emily to come work her magic at my house! How fun to come home and find the decorations removed and even pretty new vignettes in your house! You have good reason to be proud of her. I enjoyed my trip to IKEA with you. I can imagine that I would want to spend days in that store. What great stuff they have! laurie

Lori said...

Good for you and good for Emily! If I was not such a type A personality I would have hired someone to put all my stuff away too ~ what a dreaded job. Isn't redoing a room exhausting and that is before you even start on the work. Trev just rolls his eyes and says I am in Martha mode ~ but he knows I want his opinion ~ approval even since he is sharing the space. I dream of Ikea ~ someday soon I hope! Have a fabulous week and take care of that back. xo

Chandy said...

Jane, I love IKEA! Glad you got to go and got inspired somehow. I haven't been in a long while since April and I can't wait just to go and browse! Glad your back is feeling better. Mine's been acting up. Can't wait to see which library set up you'll choose!

Gail said...

Jane, your Emily did an awesome job! I love the bird cage and the green apples in the trifle bowl. Thank Emily for her inspiring ideas. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment about my lampshade makeover. I am looking forward to following your fun projects.

Have a wonderful day,

Monica said...

That is exactly the sofa I want too, for our new home. And the matching chaise longue. Thanks for trying it , glad to know it is comfortable!!! ;)) I am also looking for bookshelves. Actually, I chose another model, but yours is a good suggestion. Will investigate! Thank you!

La said...

You are not boring me.

I wish your daughter was closer, I'd hire her too. She did a fine job with the apple vignette. I love your birdcage. It has great lines.

I still haven't made it to IKEA. I like the look of open kitchen cupboards, but in my kitchen I NEED to hide behind cupboard doors. :o)

Sorry about the Bears. (I'm a Browns fan so I am used to crying over loses) I thought about you Sunday. Have you heard the clip of the little girl crying because the Bears lost? I heard it on the radio this morning. It's just precious. :o)

I'm glad your back is better. Take care! La

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Love your posts Jane! I feel like I'm chatting with you over coffee (but not at 4am). Your daughter did a wonderful job - I've got to train my 3 year old girl early. :)
Good luck with the IKEA decisions!
- Susan

Charlene said...

YOU lucky girl to have someone to do all the organizing & putting away!!!! Oh you do have elves. Or at least an Elf. I think the putting away is the worst. Good luck on the Ikea redo. Glad you got Hubby talked into everyting. Have a great week. Charlene

Debbie said...

Hi Janie....your daughter did a great job on the vignettes! She takes after her mom.
That couch at Ikea is the exact one I'm interested in...LOVE it! and that store is so amazing!
Hoping to get to Canton this spring for an Ikea day.
Glad your back is getting better.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I love it that Emily has your talents, too. I have paid my daughter, Alie to help with dinner parties, serve and clean-up and at the end we have a spotless kitchen.
Mary Ann
PS. Following you! Have a great Tuesday.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

How sweet of Emily to take care of this!! I would gladly pay one of my BOYS to do this for takers! MEN!

Looks fabulous!

I have NEVER been to an Ikea! Can you believe that? The closest one is in Atlanta and I may have to make a trek over there when I go back to Scotts in early Spring!

Speaking of Spring....I AM READY FOR IT!!!

Lou Cinda

P.S. I vote YES for the sofa and bookshelves! Think that will sway The Husband???...I didn't think so...

Honey at 2805 said...

Cute vignette and great birdcage! I am a book lover too so have just become a friend and follower.

If you have time, please stop by for my $30 Gift Card Giveaway.

Unknown said...

I need to pay someone too ...Hmmm
Love IKEA i have not been there for a long time.
I love their price.
I am an insomniac too. Working at it though because getting up at 7 to get the kids ready is so hard if i can't fall asleep. it's a battle. Doing better though.
Love bird cages...I want a collection.:)
Beautiful vignette i must saY !
Hugs from me ! said...

Wish I had thought to pay someone to take my Christmas down!I love those bookcases!I am like you ,no matter what time I go to bed I am up at four almost every morning.

Linda said...

Looks exactly like our IKEA in Edinburgh. I wonder if there are any local touches, or if they're the same in every detail the world over. We do get slightly different food in the cafeteria sometimes to what you would get in Sweden.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love the birdcage and of course I love apples under a cloche. Idea is so fun, I always drool. Thanks so much for joining TTT Hugs, Marty

Brenda Pruitt said...

Very pretty couch. I think I'm on the hunt for one again for my garden room. I sold my couch and got chairs. But I miss my couch with the quilts and pillows. Wish we had an IKEA here. But its only a 90 mile trip to Dallas.

Tracy said...

Isn't IKEA great? My closest one is about an hour away and I rarely get there, but it's so fun to spend a couple hours walking around. Love the sofa, hope the hubby comes around on it.

Privet and Holly said...

Funny, I just whispered
to my friend in photography
class today that I needed
an IKEA fix!! We were talking
about things we could do
to spruce up our project
work spaces {mine is part of
the furnace room} and naturally,
IKEA came to mind. I LOVE
hearing about room re-do's,
so keep it coming, friend!
xx Suzanne

The Charm of Home said...

Emily did a really nice job with the display. I am jealous that you guys have all the neat stores. I have never seen an IKEA. I haven't even been in a Pottery Barn. Hope to visit one on vacation. Thanks for stopping by.

hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

ikea is a blast! go get the couch!! ;)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Emily, did a "great" job!! She's definetly in the right field of work. :-)) Thanks for taking us along on the trip I've never been to an IKEA store. Looking forward to seeing what your decisions were. hugs ~lynne~

Sharing with Sherri said...

Jane you're very blessed to have such an ambitious daughter! I wished you lived nearby maybe I could borrow her to help me with a storage closet I need to clean out and organize!

The birdcage is so cute, and I love the green apples in the glass container too! So fresh looking!
Good luck also with your furniture shopping!

Hugs, Sherri:)

koralee said...

Oh I love Ikea...thats my must get it ...I adore it and the big chairs that match...have fun! xoxoxo

Sarah said...

Jane, happy to know that your back is better. How nice to have a daughter who is so helpful. I needed an Emily a few weeks ago. ;-)
Glad you got to Ikea. Hope you get your sofa.

Martha said...

We love IKEA but none is close to us, however, evertime we visit DD in Minneapolis we go. they have the best stuff and it is so reasonable -- our butcher block part of our countertop came from there as did our faucet!

Rettabug said...

I came to extend my deepest sympathies on your Bear's team's loss. :(
Believe me, we weren't very happy to see the Steelers win in the other game. (big rivalry here)

I think your DD did a great job on accessorizing with things on hand. She is obviously going into the right field for herself. I have a very similar birdcage & was also thinking of painting it. LOL GMTA

Glad to know your back is better. no fun at all to be in such pain! Stay warm....spring isn't too far away.


sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hi lovely to hear from you.
Is Emily available to come to Kent and help me de-clutter!!!!

Happy Mid-week to you,

Sarah x

René said...

What a treat on this rainy day Jane! The nearest ikea is 1 1/2 hours from here and now I feel as though I went with you. I think I have told you before that we have the Ektop and love it so tell your husband :)


chickory said...

I always have design overload at IKEA> its a guaranteed headache! but i have to say -whenever i have a party -i make the IKEA swedish meatballs and put them in a crock pot. they are gone fast. delicious.

pretty blog!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Oh, I love Ikea. I've been trying to get my hubby to take me. It's only about 30 minutes'd think it was in another state!

I have the Ikea sofa and loveseat. I found them at a great price on Craigslist. They had the black slips on them, so for less than $100, I was able to buy the white....and...sold the black sets on Ebay!

Have a great week,

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

How nice of your daughter to get everything put away so nice for you! I always forget how much I love a bunch of green apples together, such a great color.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Jane! Love that birdcage! IKEA is a fun spot...but I always go into visual overload and freeze up! I do want a pair of their slip-covered love seats! Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

Debbiedoos said...

Hi Jane! I am a little behind my regular scheduled programming. My pet party took over, but in a great way. I bet it feels good to get life back to normal again. Love that couch from IkEA. My boys need a new one for their sitting room...white no good, but I love it.Stay warm my friend. Debbie xxx000

Linda said...

Yay for Emily! You can tell she has an eye for decorating and she sounds like such a sweet girl! I don't even think $ would entice my daughter to take down the tree!

Ikea is so fun to browse around in. We completely furnished my son's apt with Ikea furniture, bedding, dishes, etc., and everything looks GREAT! My son got a leather sectional that is fantastic and made very well. I wouldn't mind having it myself!

Designs on 47th Street said...

Your daughter did a great job redecorating. I'm sure you are excited for her to get going with her design degree!

I bet I have been to your same IKEA. My daughter and I have gone a couple of times together when I visit her in Chicago.

Thanks for your comments today on my dishes and cookbooks.


Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

First congrats on your daughter's upcoming graduation! You'll have access to a designer! I started to say for free, but close enough. I've never been to an Ikea and have always wanted to. Thanks for the little field trip! Lovin' that sofa too.

Rustic and White said...

I have just discovered your journal. I love the way you right...kind of like I think;o) I have 4 children too...only mine are all boys...but I love them nonetheless. Your Emily sounds like a peach...and don't worry I pay one of my boys to clean my house when he is need of money too. I bought the love seat that matches the couch you want from Ikea. My husband had to think that it was his idea for me to buy it and then I could. He now enjoys is afternoon naps on my beautiful loveseat.


Kathleen Grace said...

It sounds like your arrangement with Emily is good for everyone involved! Can she come to my house next?:>) said...

Hi Jane:) Emily did a fabulous job! She is creative like her mom. I have only been to Ikea once. I think I need to go back. The sofa you like is great.(Hope you get it;). Have fun. Hope you are not getting the snow we are getting AT THIS VERY MOMENT. But I digress;)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Deserae said...

Hey, I think it was money well spent..and for a good cause :o) Can't wait to see the Ektorp sofa in your will LOVE it!

Heaven's Walk said...

LOl! You are so funny, Jane! You FINALLY got your Christmas stuff put away? hahaha! BUT what a blessing your interior design daughter must be to have around!!!! She must be a huge help in deciding where things should go. Maybe she needs to work on her papa a little regarding that sweeeeeet sofa and bookcases! lol! I'm just truly amazed that you got your hubby inside of a store. That's one place you'd never ever find mine..... lol! Sure hope that you can talk him into it all. Tell him you'll let him have all the bookcases he wants for your new library if you can get your sofa..... lolol!

xoxo laurie

La Dolfina said...

I hope you show your sweet Emily all the wonderful comments she got and deserved. What an awesome daughter you have there Jane!!
I haven't been to IKEA for the longest time and now you've gone and tempted me :)
I've been a good girl saving my $ for the Annual White Elephant Sale this Sunday!! I can't wait!!
Thank you for all the sweet comments you've been leaving me lately.
No wonder your daughter is an angel, she takes after her MOM!!!

Vicki said...

Jane I would totally pay to have my Xmas put away. If I hit my head one more time on a nail in that attic! lol We have an Ikea close to us now too. I let the kids redo their playroom with furniture from there. We found lots of things we all liked for this really small room. It is now their den. The couch looks cozy!Glad the back is better!

Gypsy Heart said...

I think you should go ahead and get the sofa and bookcases and be done with it! He knows he wants them ~

Your daughter did a fabulous job with your decor. Can she come here and help clean, organize, etc? :-)

Hope you're having a great week!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Jane...

Oh my goodness, sound just like me! We could keep each other company in the middle of the night! Hehe! I'm often up and end up doing a bunch of catching up with my blogs! I think our dear friend, Cindy...could join us as well. She's always up in the wee hours! Hehe!

Well, dear lady...I'm so happy to hear that your back is doing much better! I'm so glad that you took us along on your shopping trip to IKEA. I have never been to one and would love to go. I'm not sure if Colorado even has an IKEA...hmmm, must check on that! wink! I love the sofa that you are looking would be awesome to have a beautiful white sofa such as that one! Ohh...and I love the shelving as well! Love the glass door pretty! I also really like your beautiful metal's gorgeous...such a pretty shape! How very nice that your daughter Emily helps you with your house cleaning! I sure miss my three daughters...they're to far away to help me in that way. You must be ecstatic and so proud that Emily is about to graduate...what a fabulous milestone, my friend! Of course, I wish her the very best! I'm so envious...I wished that I were 30yrs. younger and embarking on an interior design career! I do hope that my note is finding your well, dear friend! Thanks so much for coming by today...I always enjoy your sweet visits!

Warmest winter wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I recently went to Ikea after a looonnngggg hiatus (like, years) and was pleasantly surprised how much better the quality of the furniture is now. We wound up getting a sectional for our (almost finished!) attic because we knew it would come in a million pieces and fit up the tight stairs, lol. And you know what? It is SO comfortable!

p.s. Emily is welcome at the shorehouse any time. ;-)

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Jane,
Looks like a good day full of lots of ideas. Ikea is very big in France, they have a good selection of storage solutions since that is such a premium here with all the old (ancient )buildings.
Emily created some wonderful vignettes, you must be proud of her hard work. Glad to hear your back is better. Take it easy.
Thank you for coming by to visit, it is always a treat for me.
Wishing you a marvelous day,

bj said...

Just coming back by to say g'morning.
And, to see if you had posted that new SOFA in YOUR living room. Hope you get it if this is what you want. I just love it.
Stay warm, girl....

Barb said...

Hi Jane,

It has been a while and I've missed you. I used to pay Jeff to put the tree and take it down.
Your daughter did a fantastic job. I know she has a bright future.

The sofa is comfy- I've sat on one and wouldn't mind it at all. Hubby breaks out in a sweat when i mention Ikea. I have a couple shelves in my workroom/office that came from there.

Please say a little prayer for Annika. She has had some health issues and is having a colonoscopy(?) next week. She is so young-4, I am a little freaked out.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Big hugs,

P.S. If you should go to Greece, I will be happy to carry bags, fetch food, etc.

Together We Save said...

I love the birdage!! So pretty!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

In looking at your vignette with the apples, Janie, is the piece next to it a twig ice bucket with the glass container inside? If so, we are twins! :-)

I'm working my way through my Blogger Reader, and I am getting slap happy in the process. I am not so slap happy, however that I fail to see Ikea in the process. OH, I wish we had one nearby. The closest is in Orlando where I would prefer not to drive. I hate that type of traffic. But I do love Ikea and all of their goodies, so who knows???

Your birdcage is so cute! You know my magpie eye would land on that and fall in love, now didn't you???


Sheila :-)