Friday, July 17, 2009


Today I am joining Met Monday for the first time. Yes, yes, I know it is only Friday, but we are starting to stay up at the lake until Monday night (whoo~hoo!!) and I don't always have a signal for my laptop...I will be linking up with Susan at Between Naps On The Porch, who is the hostess of this event. On Monday, go to Susan's blog to see her post and all the others gals joining up.

This post, as a lot of my posts, involves one of my odd but lovable daughters. But let me first ask; have we all have seen Gone With The Wind or read the epic novel by Margaret Mitchell? Let's see a show of hands... Well, one of my favorite scenes is when Scarlett rips the green velvet drapes off the window to have a gown made since she can no longer afford one. Likewise, you may have seen the parody on The Carol Burnett show a zillion years ago. Not only is Scarlett (Carol) wearing the dress, but the curtain rod is also attached! Oh, it can still bring me to my knees with laughter!!!

This is Vivien, not Carol. Well, anyway, take a look at what I saw when I walked in to Abigail's room the other day:

You may remember the two beautiful gowns that she wore for her Senior prom and her graduation, respectively.

Yes, she decided to use them as draperies! Is she out of her mind?? Of course! Is she creative? Er...Yes!! Am I livid? You bet!
What led up to this impulsive act by my daughter is that her curtains were constantly falling down as her bed is up against the window. Finally, the rod broke off and in a moment of inventiveness, she hung the dresses as drapes. So, now I would say that she has a window treatment that cost in the area of $700.00...
In all fairness to Scarlett, wouldn't she have won over more of our momentary compassion that she had accepted her fate if she had come home from the gala and re purposed that dress into drapes for that bare window?? If only Scarlett had had dear Abby's sense of frugality!! Oh, but frankly, who gives a damn!!
So this is my contribution to Met Monday. If you have any formal gowns packed away, perhaps your wedding dress, may I suggest you bring it out of storage and put it to good use?


Now I have something else I want to share and this might just be keeping with Met Monday. I happened to hear about a website called Renee's Garden that specializes in flower, herb and vegetable seeds. These are not your average seeds. They are imported from all over the world and she has many antique varieties. Wouldn't it be lovely to have the same flowers that grandmother or great grandmother had? I originally went to the site to order Sweet Peas. I entered through this gate:

And behold, the most beautiful illustrations of all nature's blessings! Mrs. Scott Elliot Columbine from France, Hummingbirds Choice Color Fountains Cleome (which Thomas Jefferson adored and planted in profusion in his garden at Monticello). I ordered exotic and tropical~ looking Ruby Moon Purple Hyacinth Bean, and Gulf Winds Alyssum that will send honey~scented perfume wafting through the air. And for my friends in the South, suffering from this intolerable heat, there is Maiden's Feather Cypress Vine which is heat~loving and twines up effortlessly in "an exquisite tracery of fine cut feathery foliage".

And of course I ordered Jewels of Albion Sweet Pea which is a "custom blended color palette of especially fragrant antique variety seeds". Ooh la la!! I personally love climbing vines because I love to see color at eye level and above. You can also disguise less than desirable features in your yard such as ugly sheds, fences or outhouses. And in an effort to be a little more frugal these days, I want to start plants from seed and the selection I chose will do very well that way. Some are perennials and some will drop seed and come up the next year. I can then transplant some of the seedlings elsewhere.
I just get so excited when I find a website I love, especially like this one with all it's eye candy.
So I am going to get outdoors today and plant some of these darling little seeds and see what happens!! At $2.79 a pack, I am saving tons of money not buying potted plants. So for a future Met Monday, I will show you some of my perennials that are just plugging along in their barren little spot of my garden, and then I hope to show you a plethora of vines and blooms! Oh, am I optimistic or what? I encourage you to visit Renee"s Garden and dream a little bit!

Finally, this is a show I watched the other night and maybe you did too. The title makes it sound like a reality show, but I really liked it. And I am not a television watcher. There are probably a lot of great shows out there but I am a really addictive person, so I just don't turn the T.V. on. Simple as that. I only have so much life ahead of me and I don't want to spend it in front of the tube. But, it wasn't my fault Sunday night. Abby left it on and I was immediately engrossed in this dramedy. I don't want to drone on about it, but I will. A model wannabe (Deb) meets Heaven's gatekeeper, Fred after being in a fatal car crash. Deb tries to persuade Fred in to returning her to her former shallow existence and instead she ends up in the body of recently deceased Jane (Go Jane!!), a brilliant, thoughtful, plus~sized attorney. So this Jane person is sort of mixed up, hating her new appearance, but also being amazed at her new found intelligence and sensitivity (this is the Deb/Jane mix). It doesn't sound plausible but it works. It is really funny, Fred (the gatekeeper) lurks around keeping Jane's morale up, and then there are parts, such as when Jane sees her fiance mourning her (when she was Deb) and then seeing one of her man~hungry co~workers hit on him and there is nothing she can do!!
Okay, I have droned enough. But this show sort of fits in with Met Monday, don't you think? Skinny, mean person turns into plus~size heroine. Drop Dead Diva is on Sunday nights at 9:00 ET/PT on Lifetime. There is an encore performance on Monday nights. Let me know if you watch it and what you think.
Now, I was going to go out and plant those seeds, but it looks like rain. I think I will have lunch and take a nap. I'll worry about it tomorrow!!
Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Janie, I loved that Carol Burnette episode! It was a scream, and those curtains are a hoot! LOL! Love it! I like the way that girl thinks. :-)

Have fun at the lake...


Sheila :-)

Domestic Designer said...

Cute post. Love the "creative" drapes. :-) The seeds look great...what pretty packaging. I watched Drop Dead Diva too and I liked it. Strange concept but somehow it works. Have a great weekend at the lake!

Stacey said...

I love the new dressy drapes because yes, I loved the Carol Burnett show. That one episode is one of the best!! You know, not many drapes have boobs though.

Kat said...

Jane, that was always one of my favorite Carol Burnett skits - I'm sitting here laughing just thinking about it. Your daughter really is creative,who would have thought (probably the person who DIDN'T spend 700.00 lol!) And I'm going to check out that website. For next spring. There is no way anything can grow here right now, especially that they are getting ready to institute mandatory water conservation. And I've not seen Drop Dead Diva, but someone was telling me about it. Might try to check it out Sunday. Have a great weekend at the lake. Oh, and by the way, I'll take your rain so that you can plant your seeds tee hee! Kathy

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Janie,
Having a daughter that age I think I wouldn't know weather to laugh or cry! I think Katie's last prom dress was $400 so I think I would have cried first. Your daughter certainly has a creative streak, you may have to buy some fabrics to keep around the house, lot's cheaper than $700 prom dresses. LOL, have a wonderful weekend my friend and the seeds are so very cool. Cindy

Lorrie said...

I just love the Carol Burnett episode--makes my laugh until I cry! I think the curtains are a riot!! Hope you have a great weekend at the lake!

xinex said...

Hi Janie, LOL! Your daughter's creativity made me really laugh. I can't wait o see what happens to your seeds. I haven'tbeen successful in growing anything from seeds but I bought the thyme but haven't planted them. I am waiting for the men to start working in the backyard so I can work back there. I am interested in something that climbs for the iron gazebo that we bought. Let me know if you recomment anything, I want colorful flowers in them. Take lots of pics from the lake and join me in some Sightseeing Sat..Christine

Anonymous said...

Now that is one expensive accessory for a window LOL But the idea is wonderful - maybe some vintage nightgowns. Oh like it - - and they are "flowy" too!

Paula@SweetPea said...

At least your daughter is still enjoying her dresses! I had to laugh when I saw what she had done.

I will have to check out that seed company. The labels are very attractive.

Have fun at the lake this weekend.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Jane!
I buy the French Lemonade at a store called Fresh Market. It is an upscale grocery store. It is yummy!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I would rather see the gowns being used, personally, than stored! I'm like that with quilts and linens also. So many people keep things boxed up or put away and it ends up after their death at an estate or garage sale. I know they were expensive, but the moments of life are even more priceless! I have ordered from Renee's and have a hardy Hyacinth Bean vine that I harvested from last year's vine. Have fun at the lake, and with your seeds!

SmilingSally said...

LOL That drapery has me in chuckles!

I saw the ad for that Drop Dead show, but I couldn't find it. Now I know it's Sunday night so maybe I can catch it this weekend.

Enjoy your lake; I hope to see you Monday.

Laura said...

This was an amzing post. I was laughing and agreeing all at the same time. I loved what you said about an addictive personality and tv watching!
How do we categorize blogging?
Houston, we may have a problem.

Enjoyed visiting as usual.

Lori E said...

I have never seen the movie or read the book but I have seen Carol Burnett's version and seem to recall her saying one time it was her favorite skit too.
Love your daughters draperies. Now what can she use for a valance? Maybe a row of underpants velcroed across the top. Nah these young girls and their thongs, it would take 200 pairs to cross the window.

Tootsie said...

hey girl...great post!
I have no idea what I will use the nest for...but I am glad I got it...tonight we have such bad wind that most of my big pots blew clear across the garden...and the big tree by the treehouse (is in the neighbors yard) broke clean in half! I hope my garden survives these storms!

Sue said...

Hey Jane, Your daughter's quirky sense of desigm/humor is refreshing. Those suckers cost more than my own drapes! LOL
:-) Sue

Dawn said...

Your daughter is in good company. One of the decorating magazines had a wonderful story about a lady using dresses as art on her walls It was lovely.

Kammy said...

Your daughter is too cute - drapes...LOL !
I love your seeds - I can't believe you can start them so late...I planted some in May , here in Colorado and they didn't even come up - It is hard to grow anything here....
Hugs ~ Kammy

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Love your daughter's curtain idea. :)

Blue Creek Home said...

You have a very creative daughter...cute! I just hope this window doesn't get a lot of sun and fade those lovely dresses. (Neither one of my daugthers ever wore their prom dresses a second time. I have a row of expensive "draperies" in the basement!!!)
Enjoyed this post.

susan said...

Jane I loved both the GWTW and Carol Burnett version! More likely your daughter hung it on the first thing that she came across. My husband hangs pants over doors--his eye level, not mine! Think I might have to check out the Lifetime channel tonight. I love to record and watch later!! Thanks for the fun!

"Blossom" said...

Oh, Blondie I love those custom drapes. Thank you for stopping by. I just can't seem to get back to my old self. I have gained 20 lbs since mother pasted away and I just don't have that spark like I use to; the make up doesn't do what it use to do and the hair is thinning out. I know part of it is the grieving that I am doing. I just started walking again with a neighbor and just maybe I will regain my sense of being. Thank you for the visit.

claudie said...

Hi Jane
Couple of things...You have my Sisterhood award that I made..that started with me! I'm glad you have it. It looks good on you.
Second I love your puppy saying about keeping us for ever!! Did you read about my rescues?
Third. My daughter would have done the same thing, for sure.
As for Quebec City. I am a Montreal fan, big time. I always tell my husband, why drive 5 hours when we can be in Old Montreal in one 1/2? You will love it. It's like being in Europe. The cuisine is totally yummy and you must go to Chateau Frontenac. It's on the St. Lawrence River ( I grew up on the St. Lawrence, but in Ontario.
Have a fab time where ever you go.
Love Claudie

Anonymous said...

For sure, I still remember that CB episode too. Now that was good television! Hope you have a wonderful time at the lake.


Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Scarlett curtains! Love them. So much fun reading your post today. Thanks!


Deb said...

Such a gorgeous post Janie!
The plant in the collage I think is Astilbe. I took that photo from a trip to Stratford Ont where they had the most gorgeous gardens (unfortunately most of the plants were unmarked) so I had to guess. The Lily, Daisies, and Bee on the Salvia are from my front garden :-)

Knitty said...

What a great post! Like others, that episode of Carol Burnett is a favorite here too.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Well, look on the bright side -- at least she/you get(s) to look at the gowns every day? Most just sit in a closet forever. :-)

xo, Laura

Bonnie said...

Carol Burnette episode was hilarious! She's a hoot.

Great idea for curtains!

Kathleen said...

That was too funny! Thank goodness they weren't gone with wind type gowns with big hoops..but then she could hang her belts on that!

I don't have luck with seeds, but that looks like a great catalog..
Actually, I have to fend the deer off every night! They eat so is hardly worth planting veggies..

Susie Q said...

That is my very favorite CB episode and still laugh til I cry over it. And Drop Dead that not the funniest thing? I get a huge kick out of it and it will be fun watching Jane/Deb assimilate!

Four Paws and Co said...

Abby's so clever! Perhaps Mom needs to look into a different type of curtain though?!?

Yep, I watched it too & got a chuckle. I need to catch up with tho. I'm a TV-aholic & I'm so hooked on way too many shows...

I'm also a major Farm Town a holic. Oh my - you should see me farm! I planted crops in quilt patterns. Too cool.

The seed packets are so pretty. Can you mat & frame them?

☺♥☺ Diane

susan said...

Jane--I had to tell you--On your advice I watched Drop Dead Diva last night--2 back to back! I love it--so glad you suggested it!I needed a break from reruns!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Jane, thanks for your very sweet comments about my parents! I posted a recipe last year that is probably identical to the way my mom makes her cornbread, so go here to find it:

This is an AL recipe that I tried & it's really good buttermilk cornbread. I'm not even sure my mom has hers written down, it's all in her head.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Your daughter isn't a frugal make over artist, but it is very inventive. And it solved the problem of NO drapes.

Tracy said...

Hi Blondie - hope you had fun at the lake! I loved Carol Burnett, but I didn't completely get that skit when I first saw it, because I had not yet seen Gone With the Wind at the time. It was much funnier after I had! I guess you could look on the bright side that your daughter found a new use for her dresses, all the ones my girls wore are stuffed in a suitcase in my closet!

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you liked the buffet and side table that I refinished.
Goodwill is a great place to get old furniture. Some pieces aren't worth a second glance, but every now and then I find a diamond in the rough. You just have to look for "potential". I chose the Valspar Mocha glaze because my cousin had used it on her kitchen cabinets and I loved it. It just gives it an old look and you can put it on as thick or light as you like. I have not tried other glazes, but would love to experiment.
Thanks for becoming a follower. I have added your name to my final TWO Christmas in July giveaways for my personalized gingerbread family ornament. It would be adorable with your four good looking kids' names on it. You have a precious family.
I love your daughter's creative draperies! What a gal!
And Gone with the Wind is my all time favorite movie. I used to watch it with my mom all the time when I was a kid. I swear that I have a little of "Scarlet" in me!
It's so nice to meet you!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hi Jane, I laughed OUT LOUD at your daughter's creative uses for her prom and grad gowns. That's when you don't know whether to kiss her or kill her, right?

BTW that GWTW sketch is my all time favorite carol burnett bit -- along with the Sunset Blvd one with the saggy, swingy boobs.

I'll check out the seed website -- old flowers are just what That Old House needs!

Tootsie said...

this post is fantastic! I will absolutely check out that seed catalog! asked about that dresser and the stain>....okay...the before what it looked like when I got it. It had originally been white...and my sister primed and painted it with several washes of different colors to look old and faded and worn. Her paint I believe was latex. I just washed it to remove the dust...and then rubbed my stain right over the paint! Otherwise it would have taken me a lot longer and would not have been so easy!
If you want to do a "proper" see the real wood will need to sand it down...(I am a corner cutter when I do things to Junk finds!)
did that help?

abeachcottage said...

love the drapes!!!

I laughed and smiled all the way through this...

Tamara Jansen said...

I watched both....the movie and the parody. Cried with the first and laughed my guts out with the second.

Carol Burnette is amazing!

Tamara Jansen said...

oh, and I was glad to see that your daughter did no damage to the dresses when hanging them as curtains. Perfection! :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, sugar! I just wanted you to know that I left you a little note on my sidebar. I picked my three favorite cute quotes from three of my fave bloggers and put on my sidebar. Yours, naturally, was one of them. See if you can find it! LOL!

Hope you're having fun at the lake. I'm getting ready for Friday. I want to pull the covers over my head, but my family won't let me. I'm old as the hills, Janie, older than dirt! ;-)


Sheila :-)

Barb said...

Hi Jane, I love is entirely and completely original. What a hoot. Thanks for sharing and making me smile.


Julia said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Jane! Oh - and I appreciate the suggestion - it's a good idea.

Paula said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Those are some pretty expensive window treatments. But hey, at least she is getting more than one use out of them! LOL. I have been thinking about using my prom and bridesmaids dresses as pillows or something just to get them out of my closet.

Ashley ~ said...

Hey there pretty lady*! First of all, thank your sweet daughter for the new idea in window treatments. ((SMILE)) Second, thank you for your sweet comments that ALWAYS put a smile on my face and helps me make it through my day*! You are so sweet*! (((HUGS TO YOU)))

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Jane! I loved this post! Yes, you are so does make me think of that Carol Burnett skit! Too funny! What a creative daughter you have! And thanks for coming by to wish Baby Kitty a happy birthday! Have fun at the lake...hugs...Debbie

Martha said...

I'll have to check out Renee's Garden -- I love old fashioned gardens.

What creative drapes -- my DD hung her clothes from her bed post -- I HATED that!

Be patient, and you'll soon find the recipe for the Lemon Blueberry cake! It was yummy -- tart and then sweet with blueberries!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love the dresses as drapes. I so remember that scene and then the Carol Burnett show. I think she has the right idea. The dresses are just too pretty to hang in the closet, and on the window they look fabulous. Thanks also for stopping by and leaving such gracious comments on my TT. I really appreciate your visits. Hugs, Marty

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for your visit today, and your sweet message and prayers for my sister.

Thats was so cute and creative of your daughter to use her dresses as drapes!
Well at least you can get more for money out of them!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Dear Blondie,
I'm so sorry you didn't know why I have 'Aunt Amelia's Attic' set to No Comments. Please go to the top of my Sidebar. I have my reason, told there.

And back on July 6th, I posted about it. You can click here and read that post.

It's just where I am, at the time being. Not into Blog Land, in the usual way. :-) I hope you'll understand.

Gentle hugs,
Aunt Amelia

Sue said...

Tag, you're it!! Stop by my blog to see what you've been tagged for, Jane. I hope you'll play.


Dana and Daisy said...

I think the drapes are a splendid idea and you should encourage it by finding prettier hangers for her to display them on!

She just loves them so much she wants to see them every day! At least she didn't cut them into quilt squares and make a patchwork quilt with them.

hey I might be on to something though!

Lynn said...

Thanks for BOTH of your hot tips!
Seeds and TV!!

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Came back to answer your question about my magnetic boards I made.
I just bought a 12x18 sheet of metal from Lowe's. Only $4.66 a sheet!

Anonymous said...

Well now if that puppy isn't the cutest thing I've ever seen. So is he/she blogging too? Lol. Loved me some Carol Burnett. That's a cute bottle in the pic too.

So what's happening on Monday?

Anonymous said...