Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Good morning...well actually, almost afternoon. I have been so busy but I really wanted to participate in 2nd Time Around Tuesday. I finally figured out a way where I could show all of you some of the things I have been collecting on my thrifting excursions over the past month. I am so excited to hear what you think so...this is my first time doing 2nd Time Around and I'd like you to visit Diane here to see what goodies she has to offer today and to visit all the other participants that want to show off theirs!! Later in my post I will tell you the winner of the Pay~It ~Forward give~away that I have been posting about.

Above is a partial view of my den, or The Antique Store, as everyone in my family is calling it. These are part of all of my recent finds and now I have to find a place to put all of it. ;-D

I think I have mentioned that my house is very old with very small rooms. We have no formal dining room. My den is not used very often as we have a living room and family room. I just keep all of my books in here, an old grandfather clock and an expensive settee and chair that I won't let anyone sit on. So in this corner I am planning to put in some sort of display cabinet for dishes etc., or a hutch and cabinet. We'll see. I have been too busy to look! I am showing only a few things, so if you want to enlarge, you might see more.

The compote on the right I ordered from Lidy at French Garden House. Her website is fabulous and she has an equally fabulous blog~visit her! The two sets of salt and pepper shakers I just picked up this weekend at an antique mall in Niles, Michigan, when we were up at the lake house. The smaller set has no markings, but the larger set, which is very heavy (maybe real silver?) is marked Henley, Oneida Community Ltd. I just love both sets and paid $3.50 each!

This is a chair, a lone chair I bought at a thrift store in a suburb here. It is sturdy and is perfect as is. I think I will use it on my bedroom balcony or front porch at the lake house; maybe put a planter of flowers on it or a stack of good magazines and books for guests. Maybe use it to hold a tray of iced tea or lemonade and glasses. The possibilities are endless and if anyone has any other ideas, let me know (so far those are the only three things I can think of!!! On the chair I have a pretty scalloped table runner and something else that is weird. I should have taken a better picture of it so I could get some feedback from you ladies. I thought it was a table runner, but the lady told me it was a cover for pillows, that it is to be draped over the pillows on your bed to keep them dust free. Hmmmm... It's pretty; cotton with a decorative circle crocheted in the middle and at the ends. But I never heard of such a thing! I will wash it and see how it looks. I also have a yellow pitcher which I think is rather new. By the way, the chair was $20.00.

This is some china I found at an antique store in Chicago a few blocks away. If I find three more tea cups and saucers, I will have place settings for four. The marking is Wedgewood, Made In England, Of Etruria & Barlaston. Got me!! It is pretty and I will probably use it in a tablescape so I didn't take any detailed pictures. I do love it a lot though.

Here I have a nice, heavy tea set and tray, but no markings. It could use a little polishing but I don't think it is very old.

I found this plate just recently and I treasure anything that has to do with Monticello because I want to visit there someday soon so badly. The back says, Old English Staffordshire Ware, England, Imported For Brown's Gift Shop And Monticello Craft House, Charlottsville, Va.

Ooops, I guess you can read this yourself if you click to enlarge! :-D

Here is the first piece of Old Britain Castles that I want to complete a set of. I found three of these bread plates, so that is a start! They were $2.50 a plate. I can't tell you how pleased I was when I found these!!

And finally, an ironstone tea or coffee set that I found for $20.00. It looks to be new and I am so impressed with all the details. Don't you like the lids on the sugar bowl and pot?
Finally, I have the winner of the Pay~It~Forward. I received a several little gifts from Lisa at Another Day Today, who had also won gifts. She contacted me as her winner and now I had to find a winner of my gift. Since I don't know how to work that Random numbers thing, I added up all the bloggers who left comments on the three posts I wrote during the give~away. The Husband picked a random number and that number was....Bo from Blinks 'N Winks From Brown Eyes ! So, Bo will receive a gift from me and then she will do the give~away! Fun!!!
Thanks for visiting me today and for looking at some of my goodies. I hope you have a great day (It is 65 degrees and beautifully sunny here in Chicago!!!) and I will be visiting all of you soon!


Unknown said...

Oh my all of those things look simply gorgeous! Love it! Stop by and say "hi" soon and enjoy your visit and stay a while there's so much to see.

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Lots of nice goodies. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words. I will probably do as you suggested and paint the sideboard matte and then distress it.

I am a sucker for all glassware--I am drooling over that compote! It is gorgeous. And I collect creamers, so that ironstone is of particular interest (and envy).

I can understand the concept behind the pillow cover. Way back when, people didn't wash their hair as often as we do now. It would have been easier to wash the cover than to clean the pillows or furniture.

Lynn said...

I have enjoyed the last HALF HOUR I have spent in your blog!
I love the antique room and all you have in it. I especially enjoyed the little candle chandeliers. The girls looked SO pretty in their rainbow dresses!
Your flowers in the yard are lovely.
Lucky YOU! A lake house!

xinex said...

Wow! You've been busy, Janie! Love all your finds and great deals! I can't wait to see a tablescape using your new plates. I would love to see your pretty settee someday. I promise, I won't sit on it, LOL! The white scalloped cloth is very pretty too and the coffee set is gorgeous. You did really well!...Christine

Unknown said...

Wow! You have quite a stash of 2nd Time Around treasures!

Thanks for linking and stopping by today!

Candy said...

Wonderful finds for sure. Love all but for some reason that soft yellow pitcher is hanging in my mind.
Thanks for stopping by the garden weeding going on at my place.
I like to make folks smile.


Bo said...

Hey Blondie...First of all, I'm not believing how lucky I am in Blogland...LOL...tell Mr. Blondie thank you for choosing my name!! I will be sending you an email with my address...now, about that stash of goodies you showed us...each & everyone is a treasure...and great prices too. You've done a great job of seeking out some real finds...love them all! Hugs, Bo

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Girl, you have some great finds there! Really neat! I think a display cabinet for all of your pretties sounds like a great idea. Loved everything you found.


Sheila :-)

Anne Marie said...

thanks for stopping by today!

what are you wanting from us? our advice? because I can dish it!

Joyce said...

Those are some great finds. I went to my first tag sale of the season on Saturday with my daughter but we came away empty handed. They have companies do the tag sales and the prices are pricy so we left and spent our $ on lunch instead:) Food always wins with me:) Thanks for looking at my lemon cake recipe. It is EASY.

Charlene said...

WOW look at you Ms. Treasure Hunter! What a great stash! I haven't visited with you lately. Are you warming up? You guys really had a cold winter this year. I just looked at Pat Winters Blog & she was giving information about a great fabric warehouse in Chicago. Have a wonderful week & I can't wait to see what other goodies you have stashed. And I did spy those Blue Willow dishes hiding there.

Barbara Jean said...

tahnk you for coming by to see my clocks.

Wow! You have a lot of great finds there.
I love the chair and the cream pot and sugar/creamer and, and, it all!!

thanks for sharing. Have a super week.

Barbara jean

kate said...

Wow, that was wonderful!!! I esp. love your Wedgewood Dishes....I think why not make that whole room into a Formal dining rm. even if you just have a little table,(like a card table with table cloth to floor (it could be like a TEa Room) where all your pretty pieces are displayed....I love the idea. You could re wallpaper, new wallpaper on bottom and paint on top of chair rail, I have tons of in stock wallpaper real cheap, could make that room Faboulous!!!

Dana and Daisy said...

I have matching Fostoria that goes with that compote. It was my grandma's. She had it forever and then gave it to me as my first wedding present.

I actually have never used it but thought I might set a table with it for an upcoming Tablescape Thursday. It looks like you and I have been bit by the same bug!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Janie,
Oh wow, all the wonderful finds! Where do I begin? I love anything Johnson Bros. and especially that Old British Castles china and the silver settings and s&p shakers are wonderful. Now I can't forget the ironstone or the cute little chair! Congrats to Bo for winning your giveway! she is such a nice gal. My dashboard has not been updating properly and this just came through and mine finally is showing too. Arrg! It will be 90 here today! Same in Chicago? hugs to you, Cindy

Domestic Designer said...

Wow! You did great. I love it all, especially the silver. I have never heard of a dust cover for a pillow either but it is really pretty. Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot! :-)Love the glass cake stand(?) Pretty pretty. Next project is to look for an open case to display the goodies? :-)

Jane, about the steamed cake: Boil water in a deep pan with cover - place a rack too. When water boils, place the cake pan in the rack and cover. The cake will cook in about 30 mins. But you can check and do the "toothpick" test just to be sure. I'm not good at baking too so this is a good alternative for me. I can assure you, a moist cake result and no burnt ones :-)

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Okay.....I am in some serious pain here because I WANT everything you got!! I LOVE ironstone! LOVE IT!! And silver, especially tarnished....(sniff, sniff) I love that too!

I have seen silver teapots filled with hydrangeas (my favorite flower) and it looks FABULOUS!!

The silver salt and pepper shakers! I have been looking for a set! $3.50!!! I am so envious!

OH! And those wedgewood dishes.....I can't even speak!

You have done WELL my friend!!!

Lou Cinda :)

Rhondi said...

You sure got a lot of treaures there! I love the wedgewood china. I'd be thrilled if you joined my porch party.Let me know if you decide to and I'll add you to the list.
Hugs, Rhondi

Unknown said...

You have been very busy shopping! What great finds you made! I see many beautiful tablescapes in your future!!

"Blossom" said...

I love, love, love those white ironstone dishes; well all the dishes. Your blog is so beautiful and this is one of my favorites as far as the color schemes. You did an amazing job on your blog.

Kat said...

Look at all of the beautiful things! I could spend hours in this room, it's better than an antique store! I love, love, love the wedgewood. I had no idea that your lake house was near Niles - I went to a lot of motocross races there when I was in high school. Can't wait to see what great things you do with all these goodies. Hugs, Kathy

April said...

I always enjoy taking a peek at all of your treasures! I'm living vicariously through you, you know?

Casabella Cottage said...

I loved your finds...I think I am going to have to have a corner like yours. Liz

Kathy said...

Oh my Jane, what a wonderful collection of treasures, I am drooling over your dishes, I was very intrigued and searched the web and found this little bit of info.

Etruria is a suburb in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, home of all the wonderful English china and pottery.

Etruria was the fourth and penultimate site for the Wedgwood pottery business. Josiah Wedgwood, who was previously based in Burslem, opened his new works in 1769. It was named after the Italian district of Etruria, home of the Etruscan people who were renowned for their artistic products. the company eventually moved to Barlaston.

I will also tell you a funny little story, I used to spell Wedgwood with the extra e in the middle (like millions of others) until a friend pointed out that the was only on e in wedgwood, I did not believe them haha and went to look at the bottom of my plates and low and behold it was true, It was quite strange to see it without the middle e and now my eye goes straight to that extra e if it's there.

Many congrats to one of the nicest ladies in blog-land on winning your give away, whoo hoo Bo.
Happy Wednesday, Kathy.

2 Dogs said...

Last night I told John I'd wouldn't mind painting the shutters black and he pooh poohed it. I think it would look good.

Laura said...

Oh my gosh! What a wonderful collection of beautiful things.




susan said...

I think everybody around here keeps their good stuff :)--just junk and jelly jars in our thrift stores. I love that blue and white china you found in the antique store.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

You found some amazing things! I love everything. If I had those dishes and silver, I would be breaking plates and covering the silver with mosaics - lol...

sunnymama said...

What a lot of fabulous treasures you have in your antique store! I adore the chair :)

Carrie said...

Those are some excellent finds...you have great shopping in your area!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I'm quite late to the game here but...BRAVA! You are a thrifty goddess after my own heart. :-) You do soooooo well. I am in love with everything here, but I have to say that sweet Johnson Bros dish caught my eye...I love the shape of it. I picked up a Johnson Bros platter at a church rummage sale the other week for $2.50 and you'd have thought I hit the jackpot. :-)