Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is New Years for the Birds?

I love getting stuff in the mail!! And look what arrived in a big box yesterday! Isn't she cute? (Well I think it looks like a she. Then again I also think it looks like a dove and Abigail says it is a pigeon...)
Here is another view of the the Dove Lamp. I bought this when I was down in Naples over Christmas at a little shop on 5th Avenue called Renaissance Imports. I just flipped out because I love anything with birds.

Please don't tell anyone. Have you ever noticed that when someone sees that you have more of just "one" of something, they think you are starting a collection. I once had a ceramic rooster (oh no, another bird) in my kitchen and slowly I started getting gifts, a rooster picture here, a rooster figurine there... until I said no more roosters! Has that ever happened to anyone?
Well I thought I would share my lamp which we had shipped to us and a few of the other little feathered friends I have. While I was taking my pics I snapped one of Milo looking out into the cold, gray backyard. It's going to be awhile until we hear any birds singing out there!

Stay warm everybody!!


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Blondie,I'm so glad you stopped by to see me.I will pray that your CT scan is a negative sweet Blondie.
I read your post about your sister.My heart breaks for you, so sad .
Come back and see again. I love company.


LOL, isn't that the truth! I did have a pair of real doves that decided to live at my house, they would sit on my fence a make out with each other! Really! I had a covered front patio and she would make a nest on the ceiling fan, I kept turning it on to discourage her. One day I came home a scared her, I switched on the fan and SPLAT! Her little egg flew off. :-( I felt so bad...


kate said...

Im enjoying your blog and post on birds...I saw a pair of Cardinals out side today!!
Please ck out our blog
thanks again

The Quintessential Magpie said...

These are so cute, Janie! I think I would have hugged the mailman! LOL!

If they go missing, you know they might have landed in a magpie nest. ;-)


Sheila :-)

JudyBug said...

Hi Jane...just saw your comment about a tutorial on flowers. On my gosh...if you could see me putting that together, you would die laughing. I put the green holder in the crystal vase (as a holder) and then started playing. I appreciate the vote of confidence! :)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

LOL...love the dove pigeon lamp. Definitely a dove. :-)

I hear you on the roosters...one of the first "decorations" I put in the shore house was an apothecary jar filled with shells...And everyone started bringing me shells and shell things (apron, towels, prints)...Now, I've got a LOT of shells!

Unknown said...

I LOVE that lamp!!!! I see what you mean about having a thing for birds. There is something very sweet and enchanting about them.