Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Quiet Sunday

Very quiet day here. Awoke and husband had already gone off to work. Normally he is zipping through the newspaper so he can be ready to watch the Bears game at noon. He is however ready to sign a lease on a new office building downtown and hads loads of paperwork. Wandering around with my coffee I wondered, is this what an empty nest will feel like?? The only sounds , being the dogs snoring contentedly, the bird making an occasional psychotic squawk, the hum of the fridge and the usual old house creaks and groans. Jeffrey, son number one, popped in about noon still wearing the tux from the wedding party he was in yesterday. Not much to say, just grabbing up his things he left here yesterday before changing. Actually had a Mummy moment then, helping him with his tie. So off he went today, I' m sure to climb into his bed for a day or two to sleep off the party. Emily, daughter number three, has been unseen. She is the one I refer to as half out of the nest (maybe I need to give her a little nudge). She and Mikey have been an item since last New Years. She pretty much lives with him (and his mom and dad and brother...) but it is only a few blocks away and ironically, next door to her grandfather. Imagine, practically growing up next door to the love of your life and never thinking more than "yuk" when coming upon one another. Anyway, she will show up some time today to grab her homework and get ready for classes tomorrow. She is almost half through with interior design school. Always the creative one. Have to run for now. Will be back.

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