Thursday, February 25, 2016


My pretty tulips finally shed their petals and I found these lilies at the grocery store.  I think a lot of you might think it's funny (or sort of strange) that I mention in most every post about one trip or another to my grocery store.  It's sort of a two fold situation.  Number one is that I'm restless and I feel that getting out each day is something that gives me fresh air and a clear mind.  Sometimes when I'm doing my grocery shopping,  I might think we are a little low on something perhaps like dog food or paper towels.  Then I think, "Nah...I'll come back in a day or two".  So strange.  It gives me something to plan on.  This is more of a winter/cold weather habit.  In the warmer months I get my fix just working or sitting outdoors.  

Another aspect: a long time ago it was so interesting to see my in-laws plan their food shopping around the newspaper store inserts.  I know my parents did the same before they left the city shortly before I was born.  Certain stores---mostly the 'Mom & Pop' types were known to have the best meat, fish or bakery.  So to make it even more involved, people would make separate trips to these individual stores do get the best price and finest choices.  I can still do that but so many of our huge stores have the best of the best.  The store I currently shop at has a food area that has an array of pizza made to order, fresh squeezed fruit and smoothies, a bakery that serves up bread right out of the oven, an area with cheeses from all over the world, a bar that serves anything from wine to elaborate mixed drinks and...a grand piano and player.  In a grocery store!  It may be 'over the top' but I really love all of it, especially the three aisles of international foods with signs that lead you down the pretty little walks with names such as Singapore, Brazil, Tokyo, San fun!

For someone who loves creative cooking, being in stores like all of these may be similar to what a knitter or person who loves to crochet feels like in a yarn shop.  Or a reader in a great bookstore (and I fall under that category as well!).  It's mesmerizing and has our creative minds churning.  Ever feel that?

I have several plants I brought in to try to keep over the winter.  I've always had a lot of luck with geraniums.  These are the annual type and although there is a perennial, these are doing well.  I love their scent as well as a few blooms near a sunny window.  I also have a little Norfolk Island Pine I bought three years ago.  It's probably only grown 2 inches in all of this time but I haven't the heart to toss it.  I have two Boston ferns that should  be put out of their misery but I feel a sense of responsibility to help them through until warm sunny days outdoors.  So I have this whole corner of my family room filled with greenery.  It's actually very pretty and 'alive!'

First pair of frivolous boots for 2016

I made a trip to Marshall's yesterday.  I mentioned The Husband has been home a lot working on his paper to be presented in Vancouver.  Loads of work.  Today was his eighth day here in the home office in the last ten day.  Can you say T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R-N-E-S-S?  I can't say it's terribly annoying, he rarely comes up for air.   Yet sometimes he makes me see red with remarks like, "What's for lunch?"  "We're out of juice".  "Is this all you do all day?"  So yeah, it's not a walk in the park.  Retirement looms ahead...God help us!  I may get a job. 

Much like I escaped to Target last Monday, yesterday I had no appointments or lunches with friends, visits with the pope or jaunts with Emily, so I did the little trip to Marshall's as I needed soap.  Yes, soap.  

Can I sing the praises of these hand pump soaps?  For around $4.99 to $5.99, you can get about 24 oz. of soap to keep in your bath or kitchen.  We go through it like crazy and you can't beat the prices, even if you were to buy economy size refills for high end brands such as Soft Soap.  I stock up every 2 months or so and always enjoy the scents. They switch brands around a lot so it's a little frustrating to consistently find something you've loved.  Still---a tremendous value and the ingredients are usually much more natural and plant based than most on the market.     

Not playing Show and Tell here, I just love a good deal and think it's cool to pass it on.  I found this darling of a bunny for $9.99.  Her right leg is a little wonky but so is my left arm.  Maybe she fell off a chair.  I may give it to a certain little girl but we'll see.  The Husband thinks I'm going to creep her out and give her nightmares when she sees all those bunnies I've accumulated over the years.  All those beady eyes and long ears everywhere you look.  Anyway, I have so many fun ideas for an Easter gift.  Being a grandma is so much fun.  I try to curb on the is what's important.  Signs of our love that last forever don't hurt either.  ;-D  

I also found these mugs at $1.99 a piece.  Wow!  I love the way they are sort of wavy like something pulled off a potter's wheel before becoming perfect.  I remember when I had a ton of mismatched mugs; different colors and sizes, a few that said things like Las Vegas or Chicago Blackhawks, and I thought I really needed matching mugs to be a grown up.  So I had them, they came with my last set of dishes.  Well, time went on and I slowly wanted to see some color, something different, variety.  Now  I have these and a couple of florals that you see at the likes of Anthropologie.  Just a few matching but something to grab for my morning coffee or tea fix that suits my mood.  I think that's most important, go with your own flow. :)

We had huge warnings for a winter storm and it did start quite heavily this morning.  It was however, a big mix of rain and snow.  The winds were huge and created what we call 'White Outs'.  The snow blows so heavily you can't see either way, walking or driving. I went out to shovel twice, simply trying to stay ahead of any huge accumulation but it was mostly slushy.  The wind was wicked though, the heavy wet flakes hitting my face like little needles.  This is why we are having slippery roads, many car accidents and spin outs.  Right now the horrible snow has moved under and around Lake Michigan and into Indiana and Michigan...I wonder how close it is to our lakehouse.  Say a prayer for Northwest looks bad.  Abby came here after work and I love that.  Wet towels on the floor, her books and bags and laptop dropped randomly in the living room.  Forages through the refrigerator that come up empty depending on her mood for junk or something healthy.  Always fun. 

This is a very cool recipe that Peggy, my partner in crime/Elsie's other grandma made recently and shared with me.  You HAVE to try it!  No matter how la-de-dah and "Oh, I've had something like this before"...TRY IT.  I have way to vary it but I want to give you the original recipe from Peggy which has no name other than, 'Rita's Salad'.

                                                                ****Rita's Salad****

5 slices of bacon, cooked and drained
2 types of lettuce--I used romaine and iceberg---3 cups each
2 pieces scallions (green onion) chopped
4 oz. slivered almonds
3 T Sesame seeds
2 T butter
1 small can Chow Mien noodles


1/2 c canola oil
1/2 c sugar
1/4 c white vinegar
1 t. each S&P
2 T Italian herbs (oregano, basil, rosemary...your choice

Quite simply... in a large bowl, mix lettuce and add scallions.  Set aside.  In a small saute pan heat the butter over low and cook the almonds and sesame seeds until just starting to brown.  Add to bowl with lettuce and mix quickly so lettuce doesn't wilt.  Add bacon (crumbled) and chow mien noodles, toss.  Make dressing.  Shake well and add to salad just before serving.  Best at room temperature.  

I may make this as part of my Easter dinner and I know it will be a mainstay this summer not only for our al fresco dinners at the lake but for company as well.  We truly loved it!  Thanks, Peggy.  And Rita.  Whoever you are.


Finally, I want to announce the winner of the book, Romantic Prairie Style.  I was very surprised by how so many of you do have it...myself, too.  I ended up with an extra because I've never learned to read the fine print.  Still, I was so happy to give a follower my extra book and this goes to Kerry at Sea Washed Living.  Send me an email with your address, my friend!

I'm off to the 'Less Windy-er' city tomorrow for an appointment with a skin specialist.  My eczema is beyond bad and this guy has done a lot of research in this area of dermatology, that makes him a hero to me already.  I truly have my fingers crossed that it won't be the same routine of oral steroids and topical ointments.  I wish I could just have a needle stuck in my arm to make it all go away but life wasn't meant to be easy.  I do mean to have The Husband take me to a nice, warm, heavenly place for lunch no matter the outcome.  That'll give us something to smile about.

That's it for today.  See all of you soon!

                                                                     Jane x


JP A Quiet Corner said...

Jane, I was just in TJ Maxx that place!! Speaking those boots!!! I just bought a pair of combat boots...adorable...glitzy tongue on them for pizzazz!! Even at my age, you've got to look adorable...:)JP

Blogoratti said...

Great thoughts indeed, and clear crisp air always does some good. Greetings!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

Mr. Comforts works out of our house. He has for 14 years. It takes a while to get used to that's for sure! Your grocery store sounds amazing! I would love to shop there.

Seawashed said...

Thank you so much Jane. I am so happy to win this book because it will be my first book by Fifi. I am not like most women who buy every book that comes out because I just cannot afford it. There are too many I want and can never decide which ones to get! So then I do not buy any. My collection is quite small because almost all of them were gifts. So thank you so much because I will savor it.

I know what would help your eczema and I am not need to move to California! My Mom grew up in Nebraska and suffered terrible eczema. Moving to California in her 20's cleared it up. Not completely, but she did not suffer as she did in the midwest. Two of my children have mild cases of it and we blame it on Grandma. Lol.

20 North Ora said...

Hope your Dr appointment goes well. The salad sounds delicious! Marshall's is such a fun place to visit. You found some real goodies!!


June said...

I so know what you mean about the husbands being home all the time. Dale's retirement from law enforcement came at age 57 so he has been under foot now for 4 l. o. n. g. yrs :))) Lucky for me, he does keep quite busy with his horse training and playing cowboy. I don't think I could do it if he was inside all day with me.

I love your cute little lame bunny Jane. You crack me up! I'm glad she was rescued from the island of miss-fit toys and went to your house.
I buy those soaps by the bottles too...and I always either go for the scent or the label. It could stink to high heaven, but if the labels cute I will buy it every time. (and then put it in Dale's bathroom) I like reusing them too if they are really awesome.

And btw, your grocery store sounds awesome! A piano---that's amazing!

sending hugs your way...

Kathleen George said...

Bunny gifts to the little bunny:) I've been complaining about our beautiful weather, not much winter rain since the beginning of the year, but after your description of Chicago winters, I'm grateful:) I would love to browse down the aisles at your grocery store. Have a wonderful lunch with your husband. Kathleen in Az

Debra Oliver said...

Hi Jane, your speaking about eczema really got my attention. I used to have it so severely that I was miserable. Then I started taking Thyroid replacement since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease which is auto-immune. I've read that so many skin problems are basicly autoimmune fallout. I hardly ever have a problem since starting the medication. Check on the Internet, didn't know if you've ever had your thyroid hormones tested. there could be a link. xoxo

Linda said...

Hi Jane...
Love reading your are an excellent writer....I feel like I am right there with you...if only...
Enjoy your evening...
Linda :o)

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I had to smile when I read the comments your hubby makes, especially the one about lunch. A friend of mine advised me to NOT get into the habit of making lunch for Fisherman and she was so right. Truth be told, she didn't need to tell me that ;). Habits can be hard to break, so it's best not to start bad ones.

I live your boots Jane. Me thinketh you have a weakness for them lol.

Best of luck with the doctor. Maybe a move to Ashville will help? Of course, I know that won't least not for a long time!

Terra Hangen said...

It sounds like we grocery shop in the same way, continually shopping and rather enjoying it. I have NOT found a grocery store with a grand piano and player in it yet, though! I buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables so it is good to buy often, plus I know my favorite stores and where the bargains are.

Anonymous said...

Jane I have exema on the bottom of my feet and it was so painful I found it hard to walk. I finally found a great doctor who prescribed the regular Clobetasol ointment but . . . . he told me to put it on my feet, wrap my foot in saran wrap and then put a pair of socks on my feet. I could not believe the difference that made. I also have it on my thumbs so do the same thing with the saran wrap. I do that until it clears and then I use Miracle Hand Repair cream and so far so good. I hope this works for you. I had a lot of pain and shame because my skin looked so bad and it hurt a lot!

Pondside said...

I'm trying g to imagine that grocery store and I am having a hard time of it! A BAR and a PIANO?! I would be too distracted to shop and would be making excuses to go by every day.
Of course you couldn't pass up on the Wonky Bunny. She is a keeper! Your granddaughter will be fine with all the bunnies. After all, she is YOUR granddaughter! !

Bluebird49 said...

I'm so in hopes that this doctor will know how to help you, Jane. There must be something!
Thanks for what sounds like a really good salad recipe. Wish hubby would be a salad guy...
...speaking of hubby---he retired before age 62, he'll be 69 in April. Do you know now why I'm crazy?
Trudy xx

Kim said...

Lilies in your grocery store? Wow, you have a good store! Truth be told, my store may have them, too, I just never look past the tulips. Maybe I should broaden my horizons!! ;)

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Hi Jane,
Wow a piano and bar in your market? Amazing market I'd say. Your little bunny is a cutie, her wonky leg just makes her more endearing.
John is thinking about retiring and I'm concerned about losing my personal space, I've always been fiercely independent and love private time for my creativity. I guess time will tell... I heard you were going to get a bad snowstorm yesterday, we had lots of rain, very high winds and thunder that lit up the evening sky. Hope all goes well at your doctors appointment.

Sarah said...

Jane, I enjoyed the newsy post. Hope you can find a solution to the eczema. As for the togetherness, I've lived it for the past 17 years of retirement. I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel blessed to live this life. Retirement is great!

Lorrie said...

Congratulations to Kerry who writes such a beautiful blog. I enjoyed all the bits and pieces of your post. I sometimes wonder what we'll do in retirement with all that togetherness, too. I think it will just take some adjusting. Your grocery shopping sounds like an amazing experience!

Linda said...

My dear neighbor, Stephanie, always dressed and LEFT THE HOUSE every day back when our children were young. She said she never felt like the day had 'started' until she left and came back. Sometimes she would just go to the local 7-11 for a coke!
My stepson buys groceries from the newspaper ads! There's only one grocery store in Mart, Texas but there is also a Dollar Store! He says Reed's Grocery has the BEST meat selections!!!
We will be going to Mart in the morning and are certain to shop the grocery store there for the finest food available!!!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Loved the post Jane. The recipe sounds really good and I will have to try it when I have some guests over.

I tend to read the newspaper ads to get the best prices. one of our local grocery stores had Sirloin on sale for $1.99 per lb. so 'I got a couple and chicken was 69 cents per pound for whole chickens and got 2 of those and a grill pack, which I divided up into three portions and that was 99 cent per pound. So it does pay to shop at a few stores, especially if they are having a big sale. Your market sounds really great. We have Whole Foods here which is upscale and lots of international foods.

Love your boots, they looks so comfortable. I waited to long to get a part other than my Ugh boots.

Of course being in Sunny So CA I am out in the yard everyday doing something. So I get a lot of fresh air. But I can understand why you have to get out and about.

I really like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross and Burlington. Always can find some great bargains.

I really like your posts, giving us so much information on what going on in your life.

Have a really great weekend and hopefully the weather will be better.

Rita C. said...

Yea, that's my salad (jk). :). It looks very good! Sounds like your grocery will be a great place to go daily, ESPECIALLY when the husband retires! Those first years are definitely ones of adjustment. Love the boots, hate the winter, and hoping you get the most innovative treatment with your new dermatologist. I'm heading out this morning to mine for a little cyst removal before warm weather begins. Have a great weekend, Jane.

Mereknits said...

I am not in love with grocery stores, as I really don't cook much they are there for essentials and the rare time I do need to cook. Now a yarn store.....don't even get me started on that! Love those boots, you deserve them and many more.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I can't wait till I can live on my retirement and be home everyday and go to the grocery everyday for fresh vegetables and a piece of meat LOL
Now this won't happen till I quit spending so much money now on boots and special soaps at TJ Maxx stores

The salad sounds real good to me because of the bacon

podso said...

Hey Jane I hope you get help with your excema…something new and not steroids, as you said. It certainly is windy here--since the storm two days ago when we had lots of trees down and power out (no snow though). And the wind just cuts through you, it is sooo cold! (not really, in the high 40s but it's the wind). Cute mugs, salad looks good and your boots are cute. I know there's another name for them. My husband works out of a home office so I can understand! Have a good weekend.

Vel Criste said...

You are not alone in going to the grocery store a lot! I go about 3x or more a week! I know, poor planning right? I just don't wanna stock up on fresh produce, I really want them fresh so to speak. And with 2 milk drinkers in the house, I am there a lot! LOL!

I love fresh flowers(see my IG post today), and yes, I go to TJMAXX or HG or Marshalls for hand soap! Their crazy good and cheap! Love the designs on the bottles! I usually buy because of that reason.

As for your TOGETHERNESS, that is great and good and at least you can find someone to cuddle with other than Milo on this dragging winter season! ;-)

Kathleen Grace said...

I LOVE going tot he grocery store, and I don't even have a fancy schmancy one like you do, (it would be date night at the grocery store if mine had a piano player.) I have the same sage and lavender hand soap that you got, doesn't it smell wonderful? Like summer. Those mugs are the coolest, and at 1.99 you can't miss. Have a great weekend Jane!

Laura said...

Good luck at your doctor's appointment.
I pray you get lots of good information.

And another great recipe-
thank you!

Oh- and I want those boots.


Melanie said...

Love your bunny and those cool mugs. Good luck at the dr today. I know how long you've suffered with this bad eczema. It would be nice if the dr could find out what's actually causing the eczema...yes, winter will make it worse with the dry, cold air, but the eczema itself is inflammation caused by an underlying condition - usually allergies. Most doctors will simply treat the symptoms (and steroids have bad side effects and are bad for your heart) and then the eczema comes right back. Have you ever had food allergy testing done or tried an elimination diet? I think I've told you that my husband had terrible eczema all over his ribs and sides. His is 99.9% better with giving up processed sugar and low carbs (I know you do the no-low carb thing, too). Another thing that helped tremendously is using pure liquid lanolin on the eczema. All natural, no chemicals. He uses only natural unscented soap, too (Dr Bronner's). Best of luck to you!!

Susie said...

Blondie, I love your bunny...she needed to come home with you. :)I want to tell you I have eczema on the outside of both ankles. On the ankle bone bump. It started so small. I went to a specialist he gave me cream...then he injected some cortisome just under the skin in that area. It went came back in 6 months bigger. It never itched till I went to bed, I would wake up scratching it. Then my G.P. gave me a mild went away for about 3 months. Now it is really big , covering my whole ankle and itches lots ...I use every kind of cream and I have to change every so often...what a pain in the butt. I can never wade in water, wear sandals. I am afraid to get dirt on those places. I pray you can get some help . If you do will you please tell all of us about it. Please. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

You got a great deal on those mugs! Are the Rae Dunn? I love when I stumble upon a good deal like that. The bunny is so cute too!

Benita Roberts said...

You know girl, I'm trying to muster up some sympathy for you :-) with the hubby being home working, but I have to tell you...the hubster and I sit in a tiny office together ALL. DAY. LONG. Then, we go home together...ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I'm surprised we haven't turned up on the front page of a major newspaper...LOL So yes, I totally understand the "togetherness"....LOL

LOVE those adorable mugs and bunny. And no, you will not give Elsie nightmares...they love that stuff, especially when they can pull they eyes off or something!

I copied, pasted and emailed the recipe to myself. Will print it out and make it next week...YUM!!! I love a good salad.

I have two plants I should send to you so that you can give them the equivalent of "mouth-to-mouth" and revive them. They are my hands!! :-)

Love and hugs to you sweet friend!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jane,
I have that very same cute, adorable bunny! I couldn't resist her. I also have another one that's wearing angel wings. I noticed that Marshall's and TJ's both have the cutest Easter decor. Love those cute boots too.

I wish you well at your doctor's appointment and I hope you get better weather soon.


Lori said...

I remember my Aunt sitting down to plan her grocery day as she would travel from store to store to get in on all the sales. Mom always said that it was a waste of gas ~ lol. I have finally caught up on your posts and I do love coming for a visit. Happy weekend Jane. xo

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

That grocery store sounds trip take some phone pictures! A piano in the! :)

The salad sounds like something I'd like to trip to my mediocre grocery store I'll pick up the ingredients that I am lacking! :)

Theresa said...

My Husband and I are both retired and we have lots of togetherness:) Fortunately he jogs every day for half of the day and I love to shop:) SO... we are apart when we need to be and together when we want to be! That salad looks very good! I love a good salad and will save this recipe! Have a blessed day dear friend, love the snow pic (just a little snow is good with me)!

TiffanyJane said...

Lovely post, love your blog! Thanks for the recipe :)
Happy Sunday!

xinex said...

Hi Janie! Aren't grandbabies so much fun? Your grocery sounds glorious. I wish we had something like that here. I was in Waukegan for a month when my mom was in the hosp and there is a grocery there who sold meat so reasonable. I bought some and froze them before we flew home and they were still frozen when we got here. Hope your exzema gets resolved...Christine

Annesphamily said...

Hi! It has been a while since I visited you here. I love your stories. I have been able to pick up right where I left off with you and this terrific blog. My hubby has terrible exzema. He uses a cream that is a prescription and we tried hand made soaps and such but nothing helps too much. The dry winter here has really set it off. I laughed about your hubby bugging you. When I lost my job in November 2014 I felt like everyone here was judging me! Argh.....I really do my own thing while the hubby and adult kids are off to work. SO when my hubby takes a day off and questions me like a little kid, aack...I have to pray hard a lot! It is really hard when I have ordered something and he is hovering over me. Once I jumped off the porch and ran and hid the package in the car, lol! He is very sweet but he likes to stick to a tight budget and some days, you just gotta have some fun! It was fun to catch up with you, have a terrific week. Hugs, Anne

ann said...

Managing one's husband during retirement does take a a lot of patience. I retired almost 3 years ago from teaching freshmen English at a small university. I now volunteer once a week at the Writing Center there, helping students with their writing. No grading, no lesson planning, no whiny students. I went back last fall to teach two classes then realized why I retired in the first place. Your Rabbit Lady is quite the find find, very cute. Have a wonderful week. More trips to Target? Target is the best.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Jane, the bunny is adorable. My husband and I are both retired and we spend lots of time together. We both have our computers in the same room. I do wish he would take up a hobby....LOL The salad looks fantastic. I have been trying to eat more salad lately. Happy Monday. xo

Stacey said...

Jane, how did I miss this post the other day?

I've been making a few field trips out shopping lately too. Target, Stein Mart, and Belk have been on my list. I've found some cute things for spring. That surely makes me smile. I do want some boots like the ones you found though. Bet they are super cute with skinny jean.s

I would totally be spoiling a grandchild too. My best friend's daughter is having a baby today or tomorrow. We are waiting with baited breath. Yes, I might spoil her too.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jane, It is always fun to catch up with you. I can relate to the managing of the hubby in retirement. We are together a lot but it works out since we both work our own businesses at different ends of the house. haha Only thing is, I do a lot of work for him in operations so somehow I am suddenly way too busy.
Love your darling bunny. So cute for Easter and on into the spring too. Love the salad. Thanks for the recipe.
Thanks for stopping by and your sweet visits. Have a great week. xo

thistlewoodfarm said...

You were right about the bacon! Perfect recipe. :)

And I just love your blog....I always feel like we are having coffee!

Happy day friend!

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

Oh how I would love to have a grocery store with three international aisles. I was so in hopes that the stores here in Florida would have good selections but I had more choices in small town New Hampshire. That salad with all the crunch going on in it would be popular with my husband who never wants to eat salads. :)

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Jane, love reading all your fun ramblings - my first visit here and so happy to 'meet' you! You have 4 children like me - two girls, two boys - all grown now and living their lives, but still love to come home, plus I am a brand new Gramma this year - a boy. Your flowers, mugs and hand soaps are all great finds and sweet little things to feed the winter-weary soul. My grocery chain, which is local for the Northwest, combines home-goods, hardware, a nursery, clothes, electronics, books, and grocery. I can spend hours in there.....and I do! The salad looks wonderful and thank you for sharing that. I am your newest follower and look forward to getting to know you better. xo Karen

susan said...

I'd love to take a trip to your grocery store - sounds like they have everything and then some! I'm sure I could wander around in there for hours. No wonder you go several times a week!
And don't you just love the whole Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Homegoods experience. I bought the same soap as you (the on on the left) recently. I can never walk out of those stores empty handed. Love the boots!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Jane. Coming from the Bay area of California, we always had geraniums in our yards all year long. I love that spicy smell but it is colder here and they won't grow in the winter. I will have to try them inside and see how that goes, although I don't have the greatest luck with house plants, unless I can root them in water and let them grow that way. That salad sounds very good and looks delicious too. We have fun now that we are both retired, BUT, I do have to agree, that sometimes I miss my along time~! I hate grocery shopping but our store is pretty large and it does have a section of dishes and pretty things, that part I like!!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Traci said...

I'm the exact opposite when it comes to grocery shopping. I hate every last second of it. Probably because I mainly shop at Walmart. I've tried a couple of other stores but when I see the prices & know I can buy the same thing for way less I end up back at Walmart. We go once a week - on Sunday's. I REALLY have to need something bad in order to stop on my way home from work! We're having tons of wind here. No snow but we're getting some rain & it's in the high 70's. Hopefully, spring is here!

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